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got a great response because of celebrity

hit. Also, celebrities add little value to the

branding. Celebrities act as channels

ads in which they are irrelevant to the

through which new products are launched

product’s context and target market. It

and sold.

would be a bad idea to feature a celebrity

An ad featuring a celebrity relevant to its

who has good image only in the masses in

product would indicate the trust of the

an ad that promotes business class

celebrity on the product and the quality it


has got to offer. For example, if M.S.Dhoni

positioning of a celebrity would result in

endorses a company that manufactures

high costs and low sales.

cricket bats or wicket keepers’ gloves, it

To sum up, sensible usage of the presence

would indicate that these products are

of a celebrity can help in building a

suggested by Dhoni and hence his

product’s brand and in return the sales of

presence would impact the sales.

a product. However, celebrity can open

However, there is an important aspect

the first and second doors but it is the

that should not be forgotten. If the

product itself that has to unlock the final

product is not liked by the consumers or if

door of success.

the product does not meet the needs of





Vangara Sravanth

the target market, then irrespective of the

Batch 2013-15

presence of a celebrity, its sales would be


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Iblitz magazine 2013 final  

iBlitz the quarterly campus magazine at IIFT