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APRIL 2013 - NUMBER 10

Dr. Eduardo Backhoff is appointed member of the Governing Board of the INEE. Page 3 The IIDE guides parents to improve educational outcomes for their children. Page 6 UEE Works in project to characterize good practices in Baja California high schools. Page 7 Researcher from the IIDE makes academic research stay at the Virtual University of Chiapas. Page 8

CONACYT recognizes the Doctorate in Educational Sciences Pรกg. 35 as a Consolidated Program. Page

The Prof. Fausto Medina, presented his doctoral research. Page 10



This issue of the newsletter IIDENTIDAD highlights the community activities of the Institute during the months of April and May. In IIDENTIDAD No. 10 the activities in cooperation and linkage made by the IIDE with other institutions are remarked. It documents the academic collaboration with the Universidad Iberoamericana Campus León, Autonomous University of Chiapas, State Councils and Social Participation in Baja California, CETYS University, Educational System and Baja California State Secretary of Public Education.

Dr. Felipe Cuamea Velázquez Rector Dr. Óscar Roberto López Bonilla Vice-Rector Ensenada

In the opening pages of the newsletter the appointment of Dr. Eduardo Backhoff Escudero as a member of the Governing Board of the National Institute for Educational Evaluation, is highlighted, distinction made by his remarkable academic record. It highlights the first year of the uninterrupted publication of this newsletter, which has resulted in the edition of 10 copies and more than 150 notes, whose content reflects the activity of all those who integrate the community of the IIDE.

Dr. Joaquín Caso Niebla It also describes the activities of the IIDE' students, actions involving academic Principal mobility and participation in research projects and outreach. M.T.R.I. Julio César Cano Gutiérrez Principal Assistant L.A.E. Iván Contreras Espinoza Administrator Dr. Lewis McAnally Salas Coordinator of Post graduate programs

L.C.C. Ana Gabriela Zaragoza Peralta Editor


Dr. Eduardo Backhoff is appointed member of the Governing Board of the INEE. On April 30th, Dr. Eduardo Backhoff Escudero, IIDE researcher, was chosen member of the Governing Board of the National Institute for Educational Evaluation (INEE) for the period 2013-2018. This Institute is mandated by the Constitution to assess the quality, performance and results of the national education system measurement at preschool, primary, secondary and upper middle. Among the main tasks assigned to the INEE is coordinating the National Educational Assessment System, evaluate the components of the National Research educational system regarding national Basic Education and Higher Secondary Education, as well as computerassisted assessment. According to the opinion of Dr. Backhoff, evaluating teachers is one of the biggest challenges for the INEE, this due to the two major positions that are in favor and against it. Teacher evaluation should be allowed to know the teachers' situation and improve it, preventing it to be punitive or violate labor rights of teachers. He will be joined in this task by Margarita Zorrilla Fierro, Drs. Teresa Bracho, Gilberto Guevara Niebla and Silvia Irene Schmelkes, the latter acting as president.

Dr. Eduardo Backhoff Escudero, IIDE researcher.

Dr. Backhoff Eduardo Escudero, who was founder and director of the IIDE's Test and Measurement, holds a degree in Psychology from the UNAM, Master in Education from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Education from the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes. He is member of the National System of Researchers since 1990 and currently has level II. His field of interest is the development and validation of tests of large-scale learning and computer-assisted assessment. He co-authored the Examen de Habilidades y de Conocimientos Basicos (EXHCOBA) and is responsible for the initial design of the Quality Testing Educational Achievement (EXCALE) used to evaluate the quality of the national education system. He belongs to the group of specialists on questionnaires context of the PISA-2012 test. Recently, he coordinated the preparation of the national report International Study of Teaching and Learning (TALIS).


Project of the month “Estados de Conocimiento del COMIE, 2002-2011. Conocimientos disciplinares: Lenguaje y educación”. With the purpose of making a state of knowledge of investigations language and education conducted in Mexico during the period of 20022011, Dr. Guadalupe Lopez Bonilla, IIDE researcher and Dr. Alma Carrasco Altamirano, a professor from the Autonomous University of Puebla (UAP), coordinated the research entitled "Knowledge States COMIE, 2002-2011. Disciplinary knowledge: Language and education. " During this project, doctors worked with a group of 19 researchers in the country in the construction and analysis of a database of 418 investigations under eight themes: conceptual works, acquisition, curriculum, assessment, academic literacy, languages originating, vernacular practices and promotion of reading. In this research also participating as authors were Drs. Carmen Perez Fragoso and Guadalupe Tinajero Villavicencio, members of the Academic "Discourse, identity and educational practice", from the IIDE. With the results of this investigation, it was possible to provide an overview of the approaches, issues, methods, and the research conducted in Mexico from 2002-2011 on these topics. Note that this research was conducted at the request of the Mexican Council for Educational Research (COMIE), and integrates the first state of knowledge about language in the country.


Dr. Guadalupe López Bonilla, researcher from the IIDE.

This research was carried out in conjunction with the coordinators of the areas of math, science and foreign languages. The research results were reflected in the book: A decade of educational research in disciplinary knowledge in Mexico (2002-2011): math, science, language, and foreign languages, to be published by the National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education (ANUIES), in a special series for the COMIE. This publication will be presented at the next COMIE research congress, unprecedented fact for this event, as it is the first time the COMIE includes a section on language.

News of the month CONACYT recognizes the Doctorate in Educational Sciences as a Consolidated Program. On May 24th, the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT) awarded the consolidated level to the Doctoral Program in Educational Sciences offered by the Institute for Educational Research and Development in coordination with the DES of Education and Humanities at the UABC. The PhD in Educational Sciences joins the select group of programs that are part of the National Register of Graduate Programs (PNPC), and together with the UNAM-CINVESTAV IPN and the University of Guadalajara, are the only ones that offer counseling training for research at a doctoral level and that have this level of consolidation.

Has graduated 19 Ph.D. scholars

The PhD program in Educational Sciences is offered for the first time in 2004 and to date has awarded a PhD to 19 scholars. Applicants who will make up the 2013 Class are currently being evaluated.

The current recognition is valid for three years so it will be evaluated again in late 2016.

The IIDE Community receives course on databases management. On April 17th, the IIDE academic community participated in the course "Information Literacy" by Catherine Harris Grundger responsible for the archive of UABC Campus Ensenada. The course was aimed to train participants in the use of search lines, methods for information retrieval and other general functions of the specialized databases. The course lasted four hours.

IIDE members during course.


The IIDE guides parents to improve educational outcomes for their children. Under the Fourth Forum of State Councils and Social Participation, held on April 25 and 26 in San Quintin, the talk "How to help our children to do better in school" was offered, which translates the results of a set of research conducted by the Educational Assessment Unit (UEE) between 2011 and 2012. During this event, attended by about a hundred parents, Dr. Alicia Chaparro Caso Lopez, coordinator of the UEE emphasized those factors that promote academic achievement of high school students in ENLACE tests. Among the aspects that Dr. Chaparro highlighted as elements that promote best educational outcomes are performing at least one hour of homework at home, the love of reading, attending classes and the desire to continue studying. In contrast, stressed that school discipline, low levels of violence in schools and the punctuality and attendance of teachers, tend to favor the performance of students in both Spanish and mathematics subjects.

Dr. Alicia Chaparro during the presentation of research.

In the session all the attendees were given a booklet that summarizes the results of this research and is available on The event was chaired by Mr. Carlos Alberto Ruiz Rodriguez General Director of Social Participation and Values ​Training of Baja California and state education system authorities of the five boroughs.

Researchers from the IIDE visiting Secretary of Basic Education to the SEP. On May 17th, doctors Graciela Cordero and Joaquin Caso held a working meeting with Dr. Alba Martinez, Assistant Secretary Basic Education Secretariat (SEP), which presented a summary of the results of various projects that have recently linked the IIDE to this federal agency. The meeting also provided insights of activities being promoted by the SEP in educational assessment and teacher training thereof that could be part of future collaborative projects between the two institutions.


The meeting was held in the premises of the SEP, DF

The meeting was also attended by Prof. Javier Santillan and Alvaro Mayoral, Holder and Secretary of Basic Education from the State Education System of Baja California.

The IIDE community participates in UABC Radio. As part of the promotion and dissemination activities in which the IIDE participates, its professors are contributing in the programming of UABC Radio, through interviews that share the activity related to their research projects. The purpose of these interviews is to show the general public the activities carried out in the Institute as well as the presentation of the results of recent research. From February to date, UABC Radio has had the participation of Drs. Joaquin Caso Niebla, LucĂ­a MuĂąoz Aguirre, Eduardo Backhoff Escudero, Lewis McAnally Salas, Edna Luna Serrano and Gilles Lavigne.

Dr. Edna Luna Serrano during her interview.

The interviews are part of the program "Sobrerruedas" which airs Monday to Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 hours at the 95.5 FM.

UEE Works in project to characterize good practices in Baja California high schools. As part of the initial stage of the project "Characterization of good practices in secondary schools with high added value in Baja California", on April 19th was held in the City of Tijuana a work meeting between researchers and members of the UEE and the State Education System.

UEE members during meeting with SEE staff.

The working session allowed to review and analyze various aspects to be considered in the evaluation of high value-added schools participating in this project, and identify cultural, linguistic and administrative operation that should be considered in its operation and development. The project, coordinated by Dr. Joaquin Caso Niebla and Alicia Chaparro Caso-Lopez, is a systematic replication of research currently carrying a group of Spanish researchers coordinated by Dr. Luis Lizasoain, professor at the University of the Basque Country. 7

Researcher from the IIDE makes academic research stay at the Virtual University of Chiapas. From April 19th to May 3rd, Dr. Gilles Lavigne, professor from the IIDE of UABC, conducted a research stay at the Virtual University of the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH), with the aim of developing a collaborative environment and academic cooperation between the two universities. This stay also allowed to support and direct the corresponding fieldwork research projects from Marcela Morales Paez and Liliana Quintero Moreno, students of the Master in Educational Sciences form the IIDE, who work in the appropriation of information technology and communication as well as in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the 12 pedagogical multimedia tools in virtual learning environment, respectively.

IIDE members whit UNACH staff.

For 22 years he was professor at the Teleuniversité of the evaluation of the educational effectiveness of the Université de Québec (Canada). He has over 12 years experience in international cooperation with universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Since 2002 researcher at the IIDE.

Scholarships for doctoral teaching approved. At a meeting held on May 16th, the IIDE academic community held a work session to review and discuss various aspects related to the admission process to the PhD in Education (DCE) for 2013 Class, those responsible for defining required courses and electives in the graduate for the next semester, and analyze an institutional proposal for the allocation of scholarships for students, generation DCE 2010. In particular, and in order to encourage early degree students and consequently the terminal efficiency DCE program, we determined the granting of scholarships with amounts equivalent to those granted by CONACYT, for a maximum of three months, to students who meet, among other requirements, have completed or be enrolled in the Thesis Seminar, having published a research article in a refereed journal, and have at least 90 in 8

IIDE members during meeting.

their GPA. This strategy, funded with resources from the IIDE itself is a new experience in the history of this program. In subsequent meetings will cover areas related to programming of the academic sabbaticals, and the revision of the criteria for inclusion and the dynamics of the subject of Thesis Seminar. The session lasted three hours.

Researcher from the IIDE participates in book launch. On May 11th, Dr. Lucia Coral Aguirre Muñoz, IIDE researcher participated as a commentator during the presentation of the book "Educating from insecurity. the Other possible Education", coauthored by Drs Alberto Garate Rivera, professor at CETYS and Pedro Ortega Ruiz, professor at the University of Murcia. The work documents life stories of teachers and students from Baja California living in vulnerable situations, and examines the question "Why to educate?".

Dra. Lucía Aguirre during book presentation.

The event took place at the premises of CETYS campus Ensenada with the assistance of professos, students, staff of the state education system and general public.

The IIDE offers workshop to prepare test for scholars of the Latin American School Coexistence. Under the collaboration agreement between the Universidad Iberoamericana campus Léon and the IIDE, which committed the development and validation of an instrument for assessing school life, Dr. Alicia Chaparro Caso-López, coordinator of the Educational Assessment Unit, and Mr. Carlos Diaz Lopez, student of the Master in Educational Sciences, gave a workshop for the production of questionnaires on April 3rd, 4th and 5th at the university facilities.

The workshop was held in facilities at the Universidad Iberoamericana León campus.

The workshop attendees participating were researchers from the ITESO, La Salle Universidad Bajio and their own Iberomericana University.

Others activities June 14th | Publication of the results of

entering the Ph.D. Class of 2013.

June 21th | Holiday period beginning

academic and administrative staff. 9

Thesis Project of the month “Analysis of coaching and mentoring services offered by Schools of Ensenada, Baja California." Fausto Medina Esparza, a PhD student in Educational Sciences is conducting a research "Analysis of coaching and mentoring services offered by secondary schools in Ensenada, Baja California."

Prof. Fausto Medina Esparza, DCE student.

This research aims to identify the activities that counselors and tutors at high school develop as well as to ​know the relation of these with the provisions of the Education Reform and its impact on the education of the student. This research involved seven local high schools, 225 high school students, 4 tutors and 3 counselors. At the stage of data collection questionnaires to students were applied and scholars were interviewed.

Fausto Medina Esparza has a degree in Pedagogy from the Universidad Veracruzana, and graduated in 2010 from the Master in Educational Sciences from the IIDE. He earned his degree with a thesis project "Academic Recovery for high school students at risk of disapproval" under the direction of Dr.Lucia Coral Aguirre Muñoz.

The results of this study emphasize that mentoring and guidance services offered in these schools do comply with the activities stipulated in the Education Reform however, shown a discrepancy between the mentoring approach in practice and what established by the current educational model. Fausto Medina recently presented preliminary results of this study in the framework of the conference "International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education", held last April in Florence, Italy. In short an article derived from this project will be published in the Journal of Educational Guidance (REMO), coauthored with Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Macias, head of the project and direction of the thesis.


First anniversary of IIDENTIDAD spreading the IIDE activities. On May 30th was the first year without interruption issuing this publication, which it is born with the aim of reporting on projects, programs and activities of the Institute and to provide it with greater visibility to conduct their academic work, their students and the academic community to which they are related. With this issue, the numbers are now ten and over 150 briefs published this year, distributed in sections Project of the month, the month Post, News of the CIE and the IIDE's Agenda. The responsibility for the current issue rests on B.A. Ana Gabriela Zaragoza, coordinator of the Institute's dissemination.

To date we have published 10 issues and over 150 notes.

Currently the newsletter is distributed to all the IIDE community and the educational community in general. Its 10 copies are available at the website. Right now we are working on the migration of the newsletter into a format flipbook format and to the new webpage of the IIDE, which will operate as of the month of August.

Newness in the CIE A codecentered approach to user interface design. jQuery UI (2012). Eric Sarrion.

SPSS Demystified. A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Data Analysis (2011). Ronald D. Yockey.

College Students in the United States. Characteristics, Experiences and Outcomes (2013). Kristen A. Renn y Robert D. Reason.


IIDE’S Agenda National and International Coming Conferences Ensenada, México, del 31 de julio al 2 de agosto de 2013. 10º Congreso Iberoamericano de Informática Educativa Especial. Honolulu, Hawaii, del 31 de julio al 4 de agosto de 2013 121st American Psychological Association Annual Convention. Oxford, Reino Unido, del 10 al 12 de septiembre de 2013. 12th UKFIET International Conference on Education and Development. Lisboa, Portugal, del 10 al 13 de septiembre de 2013. IX Iberoamerican Congress of Psychology.

Lodz, Polonia, del 23 al 25 de septiembre de 2013. The Second International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies in Education. Santander, España, del 8 al 11 de octubre de 2013. I Congreso Internacional de Ciencias de la Educación y del Desarrollo.

Guadalajara, México, del 9 al 11 de octubre de 2013. XXI Congreso Mexicano de Psicología. /images/stories/PDFs/convocatoriaxxi%20cmp. pdf. Niza, Francia 30 y 31 de octubre de 2013. 12th European Conference on eLearning ECEL 2013. Mexicali, México, del 13 al 15 de noviembre de 2013. V Congreso Internacional de Educación, II Congreso Latinoamericano de Ciencias de la Educación, y IV Coloquio “Prácticas docentes con apoyo de las TICC. Antalya, Turquía, del 7 al 9 de noviembre de 2013. 2nd World Conference on Educational and Instructional Studies - WCEIS - 2013. Sarawak, Malasia, 9 y 10 de diciembre de 2013. 2nd International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference 2013.

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