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The IIDE organizes the First Latin American Forum for Educational Evaluation. Page 6 The REDIE confirms its permanence in the Index of Quality Journals of Conacyt. Page 10 Researchers from the IIDE involved in the creation of the Network of Written Culture and Discursive Communities. Page 8 Researcher of the Mexican Academy of Sciences present in meeting with post graduate students from the IIDE. Page 4

“New Master class starts at the IIDE.”

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Researchers gather at the IIDE to advance the project of translating INEE tests. Page 5



This number informs about the most important activities registered in the IIDE during the month of September. As can be seen, all of the notes that comprise IIDENTIDAD no. 4 illustrate the substantial functions that guide the work of the Institute. First of all, it is remarked the start of activities of the new generation of the Master in Educational Sciences whose performance is expected to be better than pasts generations. It also documents the progress and results of two research projects, one involving the adaptation and translation of educational achievement tests into Mayan language in preschool, and another in which a set of factors related to educational achievement in high school students in the state are being identify.

Dr. Felipe Cuamea Velázquez Rector Dr. Óscar Roberto López Bonilla Vice-Rector Ensenada

Dr. Joaquín Caso Niebla Principal M.T.R.I. Julio César Cano Gutiérrez Principal Assistant M.C. Estrella Velasco López Administrator

Dr. Lewis McAnally Salas Coordinator of Post graduate programs

L.C.C. Ana Gabriela Zaragoza Peralta Editora


In one of the news the IIDE´s participation in the Network of Written Culture and Discursive Communities, recently formalized, and which also involved other institutions of higher education in the country is described. In another note the recent consult offered to the Faculty of Engineering, Mexicali on education and competency assessment matters, as well as the specific actions of collaboration committed to universities such as the UADY and the UAQROO, product of the visit of two of its teachers-researchers is documented. Finally, in this issue is highlighted the organization of a workshop on the editing and publishing electronic journals and the Iberoamerican Forum of Educational Evaluation, events that besides representing training spaces for our researchers and students, also represent outreach activities targeted to other academic actors of the UABC, the entity and from other parts of the country. In summary, the activity recorded last month not only aims to address the substantive functions of the UABC, but also to serve the activities and goals involved in our Institutional Development Plan. Serve this bulletin to give account of it.

Project of month “Opportunities to learn Spanish and Mathematics: multilevel analysis applied to a sample of high school students in first and second grade." In order to propose a model explaining the importance of learning opportunities (ODAS) in the academic performance of high school students in Baja California, in the subjects of Spanish and Mathematics, Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Macias presented the results of a study involving a sample of 21,650 students enrolled in 88 schools of the state. For data collection was necessary to apply a set of questionnaires, scales and inventories developed by the UEE in 2010, which allow to explore the factors associated with educational attainment that involves both personal variables, student's home and school, as variables related to the learning opportunities provided by the principal and the teacher. From the analysis of the variables considered in this study, Dr. Rodriguez Macias identified those variables that explain better the educational outcomes of students, being the student's educational expectations, socioeconomic status and school motivation, among others, those explaining better the achievement of students in Spanish and Math.

Dr. Juan Carlos Rodríguez Macías investigador de la UEE.

that negatively influence academic performance, as well as in curriculum coverage and time devoted to the content review. Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez Macias, a member of the National System of Researchers, completed his doctoral studies in Social Sciences with specialization in Regional Development at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte. He is a member of the UEE and teacher of Master's and Doctoral programs at the IIDE.

Meanwhile, the absence and lateness of teachers, according to the students report, are two factors

Newness in the CIE Android in action (2011). Frank Ableson, Robi Sen, Chris King y Enrique Ortiz.

La educación superior en el proceso histórico de México. Tomo IV (2002). David Piñera Ramírez.

Beautiful Visualization (2010). M.D. Gall y Keith A. Acheson.


News of the month New Master class starts at the IIDE. With a total of 25 students, on Monday September 3rd began the classes of the Master in Educational Sciences (MCE) of the Institute, class 2012El proceso de la convergencia digital: 2014.The una curriculum of this program considers propuesta estrat茅gica para that from the beginning the students should start working with their tutors on their title, to ensure Mayer Cabrera y Arturo Serrano Santoyo. theAutores: fulfillment of Flores the orientation program in the facultyPresentaci贸n: of educational research. 13 de abril de 2012 en la Facultad de Ciencias Administrativas y Sociales, UABC.

Members of class 2012-2014.

program content and the academic ability of the teaching staff who is in charge of its operation and development Presentaci贸n: 13 de abril de 2012 en instalaciones del IIDE.

The MCE is offered every two years, and this generation is one of the most numerous. The MCE program is recognized as a consolidated program from CONACYT in the register of the National Postgraduate Quality since 2006, a title that has been preserved by the quality of the

Researcher of the Mexican Academy of Sciences present in meeting with post graduate students from the IIDE. Under the Educational Research Seminar offered by the Institute for Educational Research and Development (IIDE) from UABC, we have the participation of Dr. Pedro Canto Herrera, a researcher from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan and member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. Dr. Canto, presented the conference "Education Life stories" exhibition in which he presented to a large group of post graduate students the nature and importance of social research, and the implications and usefulness of their results in the University solving existing social problems. As part of a set of activities performed in this city, Dr. Canto also presented to students and primary school teachers with whom he exchanged points of view about the importance of the use of new information technologies in the teaching-learning processes. Dr. Canto is a member of the Mexican Academy of 4

Dr. Pedro Canto Herrera.

Sciences, Doctor in Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan and Ohio University and post doctorate from the University of Barcelona. He is a member of the National System of Researchers. With the presence of researchers such as Dr. Canto, the Mexican Academy of Science, the UABC and the IIDE are looking to endorse the commitment with the scientific development of the country, raising awareness to diverse populations to bring these closer and keep them interested in science, and in this particular case, on issues related to educational research.

Investigadora del IIDE asesora a académicos de la Facultad de Ingeniería. El pasado 27 de septiembre el IIDE contó con la visita de un grupo de académicos de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la UABC campus Mexicali, quienes recibieron asesoría de la doctora Edna Luna Serrano en el tema de “Educación y evaluación por competencias” por parte de la Dra. Edna Luna Serrano, investigadora de este Instituto. Dicha solicitud se da en el marco del proyecto “Investigación para definir las funciones académico-administrativas a nivel directivo en las Instituciones Educativas de Ingeniería, bajo el modelo de competencias”, mismo que contará con el acompañamiento de la Dra. Luna.

Académicos de la Facultad de Ingeniería.

Aportaciones de la investigación a la La Dra. Luna, miembro del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, es especialista en el tema de la evaluación de la docencia y evaluación de la formación profesional. Actualmente funge como Coordinadora de la Red de Investigadores sobre Evaluación de la Docencia (RIED) y como Editora científica de la Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa (REDIE).

Researchers gather at the IIDE to advance the project of translating INEE tests. Recently at the IIDE facilities, Dr. Guillermo Solano Flores, University of Colorado (USA), Prof. Alejandro Ruiz, from the Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, and Drs. Luis Ángel Contreras Niño and Eduardo Backhoff Escudero, researchers from the IIDE, met in order to review the progress on the study of the relevance of the Mayan preschool tests translation, funded by the INEE and coordinated by Dr. Backhoff. At the meeting the data collected in July related to the answers to the tests that were applied to approximately 360 preschool children in various communities in the state of Yucatan was analyzed. They also committed and distributed the tasks related to the specific statistical analysis and other activities associated with the description of the project results.

Dr. Backhoff project coordinator.

After the stage of results, researchers will gather in Mexico City with a group of external consultants who will issue observations and recommendations to be integrated in the final report which will become a book to be published shortly by the INEE.


The IIDE organizes the First Latin American Forum for Educational Evaluation. The Universidad Autonoma of Baja California and the Educational System of Baja California organized the FIRST AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL EVALUATION FORUM on November 5th, 6th and 7th, 2012, to be held at the Arts Center of Ensenada (CEARTE). The forum involved specialists in the area of ​educational evaluation such as Drs. José Luis Gaviria (UCM, Spain), Felipe Martínez Rizo (UAA-Mexico), Ana Maria Aceves (SEP-Mexico), Guillermo Solano Flores (University of Colorado-USA), Manuel González Montesinos (UNISON-Mexico), Arturo de la Orden (UCM, Spain), Margarita Zorrilla (INEE-Mexico), Jesus Jornet (UV-Spain), Luis Lizasoain (UPV, Spain), Yolanda Leyva (UNITEC-Mexico), Eduardo Backhoff (UABC-Mexico), Norma Larranzolo, Felipe Tirado (UNAM-Mexico), Edna Luna (UABC-Mexico) and Lorenzo Gomez-Morin (FLACSO-Mexico), Luis Angel Contreras (UABCMexico ), Juan Carlos Rodríguez (UABC-Mexico) and Coral Gonzalez (UCM, Spain). Simultaneously, the Latin American Network of Educational Evaluation will be integrated. All the conferences that make up this program will be transmitted via USTREAM system in the link More information at the Educational Assessment Unit on mobile (646) 1750707 and e-mail .



Researchers from the IIDE involved in the creation of the Network of Written Culture and Discursive Communities. In recent days the signing of the agreement for the creation, establishment, operation and functioning of the Network of Written Culture and Discursive Communities (RECECD) was signed; in this project the UABC participates through the Academic Discourse, Identity and Educational Practices Department, integrated by Drs. Guadalupe Tinajero Villavicencio, Carmen Perez Fragoso and Guadalupe Lopez Bonilla, researchers from the IIDE. The RECECD consolidation aims to create spaces to identify academic problems and design solutions to ensure the improvement of the quality and equity of education in our country at all educational levels of both the public and private system.

Members of Academic Discourse, Identity and Educational Practices Department.

Puebla, the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, the Universidad Autonoma de Tlaxcala, the Consejo de Lectura de Puebla, the National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics, and the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico.

This network also involves the Universidad de Tamaulipas, the Universidad Autonoma de

The UEE participates in a regular session of the State Council of Social Participation in Education. Last September 28th, at the headquarters of the Centro de Alto Rendimiento (CAR) of Ensenada, the Social Participation State Board of Education (COPASE) met, organization formed by various bodies from public, private and social sectors of Baja California, remarking the Educational System of the State (SEEBC), the Institute of Culture, the Parents Association, the Business Coordinating Council and the UABC itself. At that meeting the SEEBC presented the results of the ENLACE tests, highlighting the registered progress and identifying challenges ahead to society of Baja California for the next years. In this framework, Dr. Alicia Chaparro and Dr. Joaquín Caso Niebla, researchers from the IIDE, were asked to describe the actions that UABC have made to promote an

25 y 26 de junio |


B.A. Álvaro Mayoral Miranda and Juan Gálvez Lugo.

evaluation culture in the state and in the explanation of such educational outcomes. This working session was also attended by B.A. Javier Santillan, head of the Ministry of Education of Baja California, Alvaro Mayoral and Miguel Angel Esposito, Sub-secretaries of education, and B.A. Juan Galvez, Director of Educational Assessment from the SEEBC.

The IIDE receives a researcher from the University of Quintana Roo. As part of the program of the Educational Research Seminar, on September 18th Dr. Moises Perales Escudero, professor and researcher at the University of Quintana Roo, presented the lecture "Rhetorical movements on the findings of two undergraduate thesis in the social sciences field", in which he set research developments currently being undertaken. While in the IIDE, Dr. Moises performed various academic activities with the Academic Discourse, Identity and Educational Practices Department and postgraduate students of the IIDE. At the same time his staying allowed to establish the basis for the collaboration of this group of researchers to develop the state of knowledge of language to be published by the Mexican Council for Educational Research (COMIE).

Dr. Moisés Perales Escudero.

Dr. Moises Perales Escudero has a B.A. in Languages ​​by the Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco; a Master in Applied Linguistics from the State University of Iowa (USA) and a PhD in English and Education from the University of Michigan (USA). He has over 20 publications in the areas of educational linguistics, literacy research, and discourse analysis.

Workshop on editing and publishing electronic journals organized at the IIDE. In order to contribute to the strengthening of the production and dissemination on the Internet of academic journals from institutions of higher education in the country's northwest, the IIDEUABC, the General Directorate of Computer and Information Technology and Communication of the UNAM and Regional Information System for Scientific Online Journals in Latin America, Spain and Portugal (LATINDEX) organized the workshop of editing and publishing academic journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS).

The workshop will involve those responsible for the editing of journals from UABC itself, other editors of the entities of Sonora, Sinaloa and Chihuahua, having as organizers to the Editorial Board of the Educational Research Journal (REDIE).

The workshop will take place on October 29th, 30th and 31st at the IIDE facilities and will address issues related to the editorial process, administration, configuration and electronic journal publishing, among others.


The REDIE confirms its permanence in the Index of Quality Journals of Conacyt. The Revista Eléctronica de Investigación Educativa (REDIE), published by the IIDE, confirms the quality of its processes after completing the 2012 evaluation to remain in the Index of Quality Journals of CONACYT.

REDIE: first magazine of its kind in Latin America

Approving the general evaluation criteria of CONACYT, the REDIE, currently led by Dr. Edna Luna Serrano, achieved its 5-year tenure in the Index of Mexican Journals on Scientific and Technological Research.

Academic community of the IIDE participates in teaching meeting. On Thursday September 13th, the IIDE academic community met in a work session in which outstanding issues relating to the August meeting were resolved. A variety of aspects of criteria for granting honorable mention, academic mobility with PIFI resource; student mobility calls from the Coordination of International Cooperation and Academic Exchange, aspects of the academic staff for 2013, and elective subjects of the Master and Doctorate in Educational Sciences were reviewed and discussed. At a subsequent meeting will be discuss the possibility of uniting the Masters and Doctorate. The meeting will be attended by Prof. Dolores Sánchez Soler who will advise as to the relevance of the topic.

Academic community during meeting.

Others activities From 29th to October 31th | Workshop Editing and Publishing journals with Open Journal System (OJS)


Students of the IIDE earn a Master's degree in Educational Sciences. With unanimous approval verdicts, on September 20th and 25th, Juan Gabriel Haro Beltran and Vicente Munguia Ornelas, obtained the degree of Master in Educational Sciences when presenting their answers at their master boards. The research presented by Juan Gabriel Haro Beltran is entitled "Development of an online course as an alternative for regularization in the Administration minor in CETis 74", while Vicente Munguia Ornelas thesis is called "Getting evidence of validity and reliability of measurement scales on learning opportunities provided by teachers of Spanish and Mathematics to ninth grade students in Baja California". The two tests were conducted at the IIDE facilities in the presence of members of their dissertation committees counting, in the first case, with the

Vicente Munguía Ornelas .

participation of Drs. Nahara Ayala Sanchez, Faculty of Sciences UABC, Javier Organista Sandoval and Lewis McAnally Salas from the IIDE; for the second case Drs. Guadalupe Tinajero Villavicencio, Luis Angel Contreras Niño and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Macias, researchers from the IIDE were present.

From 5th to .November 7th| First International Forum of Educational Evaluation.


The IIDE'S recent numbers

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Coordinadora: Edna Luna Serrano.

Coordinadora: Lucía Coral Aguirre Muñoz.

IIDE’S Agenda National and International Coming Conferences Buenos Aires, Argentina, 10 y 11 de octubre de 2012. Políticas Docentes. Formación, regulaciones y desarrollo profesional.

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Madrid, España, del 3 al 5 de julio de 2013. III Congreso Internacional de Etnografía y Educación.

IIDENTIDAD 4. Versión en inglés.