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chapter insight inside: Student Conference13 Design Educators and Research METROCON13

Spring/Summer 2013

Board of Directors President Paul LaBrant, IIDA, LEED AP - Parkhill Smith & Cooper President Elect Vivian Featherston, IIDA - GSC Architects Past President Megan Ebert, IIDA, RID - Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc. Vice President of Professional Development Carrie Condry, IIDA, LEED AP ID+C - Gene Burton & Associates Vice President of Membership Ashley White, IIDA, LEED AP, RID - Mdn Architects Vice President of Communications Shannon Mitchener, IIDA, LEED AP - Matrix

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2013 - 2014 Chapter Board


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Student Conference13 Recap

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Vice President of Associates Jill Hair, IIDA, RID - G.L. Seaman & Company Vice President of GRA, Oklahoma Laura Tribble Ransom, IIDA - Tribble Design, Inc. Vice President of GRA, Texas Inda Hahn, IIDA, LEED AP Vice President of Campus Centers Karina Garza, IIDA, RID - Insite Architects Director of Education Melinda Lyon, IIDA - Oklahoma State University Director of Industry Ingrid Bender, Industry IIDA - Standard Textile Company Director Austin City Center Joy Turman, IIDA - Steelcase Director Dallas Fort Worth City Center Randy Malone, IIDA - Interprise

22 Members News

Director Houston City Center Kristy Emmrich, IIDA, RID, LEED AP - Gensler

chapter insight team

Director Oklahoma City City Center Amanda Lee, IIDA - Workplace Resource

VP of Communications | Shannon Mitchener, IIDA President | Paul LaBrant, IIDA, LEED AP Past President | Megan Ebert, IIDA, RID Chapter Administrator | Megan Carneiro

On the cover:

Sustainability Design Excellence Award Winner Gensler Berry Elementary School

Director San Antonio City Center Ashley Voss, IIDA, RID - Villa Park Architecture/Planning/Interiors P..L.L.C. Director Tulsa City Center Samantha Zitter, IIDA, LEED AP (ID+C) - W Design Architecture & Interiors Director West Texas City Center Lacy Mangum, IIDA, AAHID, LVN - Parkhill Smith & Cooper

president As interior designers, we all have gone through a formal education process. To most of us, this instruction was directly related to interior design at the collegiate level with much interaction and tutelage from our college professors. And much of what we recall about these individuals alludes to teaching methods, specific studio projects, trips, rendering techniques, quirks, accents or a myriad of other memories. However, there is more to this story: an increasing number of university programs require faculty research. The TX OK Chapter is excited to delve further into the Educator Member with this issue of the Chapter Insight. Additionally, over the next year, IIDA will work with industry partners and educators to provide a platform to promote the importance of Interior Design Research through publication and financial research awards. This term year, 2012-2013, provided some great achievements. Texas RID’s battled deregulation through Sunset Review, the House, the Senate, and back through the House … and it was a fight all the way! Additionally, we expanded the IIDA Student Conference presented by Haworth in 2013 to include students from outside our Chapter and a full two-day event! Besides the huge numbers, our City Centers provide some of the best programming and educational opportunities throughout the Association: 180 events, CEU’s, classes and tours! To date, our Members have logged 788 volunteer hours in the community. Our Chapter goal is to reach 2080 hours, which equals one full-time advocate for our profession. There is still time to volunteer in your community as an Interior Designer or for the profession! Deadline is Dec. 31, 2013. Many have said it in as many different ways – but the true value of sharing has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give, and that is everything. I was fortunate this year to visit each of our 7 City Centers to see, first hand, the diversity of our Membership and the united efforts behind quality educational/event programming, our political activism, and the huge hearts of our volunteers. Of all the opportunities I have had as President of this Chapter, meeting you has been the highlight of my career and has enriched me beyond description. I encourage each of you to step out and be involved. Your design community needs you – and IIDA is a valued part of your professional experience. Regards,


TBD 18 25 31

July Houston City Center Barrier Free CEU Dallas Fort Worth City Center Architecture on Tap with AIA Dallas Houston City Center Volunteer Informational Meeting METROCON13 Registration Closes

August 15-16 METROCON13 16 IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Annual Awards Gala TBD

September Austin City Center Revolution

TBD 4 18

October Houston City Center Art & Artifacts Leaders Breakfast - Dallas Oklahoma City City Center CEU Luncheon


November Oklahoma City City Center Project Tour

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The 2012 IIDA TX OK Chapter Annual Awards Gala

Spring/Summer 2013 3

IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter 2013-2014 Chapter Board


The IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter 2013-2014 Board will be inducted on July 12th at our Chapter Retreat. The Chapter Board is looking forward to working together and serving our membership in the coming year.

President Vivian Featherston, IIDA GSC Architects Austin

VP of Communications Shannon Mitchener, IIDA, LEED AP Matrix AE Tulsa

VP of GRA Oklahoma Laura Tribble Ransom, IIDA Tribble Design, Inc. Oklahoma City

Director Austin City Center Ashley Barnett Griffith, IIDA, LEED AP BD+C, RID, EDAC Perkins + Will Austin

Past President Paul LaBrant, IIDA, LEED AP Parkhill Smith & Cooper West Texas

VP of Membership Erin Rinehardt, IIDA Leo A Daly Dallas Fort Worth

VP of Campus Centers Stephanie McPeak, IIDA Texas Christian University Dallas Fort Worth

Director Dallas Fort Worth City Center Angela Crum, IIDA RTKL Associates, Inc. Dallas Fort Worth

President-Elect Keesha Erdmann, IIDA Cronan Associates West Texas

VP of Professional Development Kelly Ryan, IIDA Intertech Flooring Dallas Fort Worth

VP of Associates Kristy Emmrich, IIDA, LEED AP Gensler Houston

VP of GRA Texas Becky Blackhall, IIDA SixthRiver Architects Austin

Director of Education Bill Lassiter, IIDA University of Texas at SA San Antonio

Director Houston City Center Joanna Prazak, IIDA Contract Resource Group Houston

Director of Industry Allison Vaughan, Ind. IIDA Humanscale Dallas Fort Worth

Director Oklahoma City City Center Laura Sesock, Ind. IIDA Office Interiors Oklahoma City

Director West Texas City Center Chapter Administrator Director San Antonio City Center Director Tulsa City Center Samantha Zitter, IIDA, LEED AP Stephanie Laughlin, IIDA, RID Jannifer Abilez, IIDA Megan Carneiro W Design Architecture & Interiors TTU Houston Services Facility Schlotzsky’s Tulsa West Texas San Antonio City Center Spring/Summer 2013 4



Number of

Members per City Center






















231 500

Spring/Summer 2013 5




Professional Member

Industry Member

Honorary Member


Dealer Rep






TOTAL VOLUNTEER HOURS TO DATE: 788 Each of us has an opportunity – should you choose to accept it. Our Texas Oklahoma Members are integrated in their communities, volunteering for many efforts – both related to Interior Design / IIDA and those personally driven. The Chapter Board recently initiated a volunteer program titled: 2 / 2080. The basis of this program is for our Members to volunteer in their community AS a Registered Interior Designer or representing the Interior Design Profession for 2 hours over the next calendar year. That’s right, just two hours. This could be for your child’s school, a homeless shelter, charitable fundraiser, Interior Design Day at the Capitol – anything you are already involved with where you can rub shoulders with others in your community. Share what you do with others! Additionally, each of our City Centers works with local charitable organizations that have volunteer days. Your options are endless! Through the balance of 2013 the Chapter will track these individual efforts to reach (and exceed) 2080 hours of volunteer effort. This number represents a full time employee – 2080 hours of Interior Design Advocacy! You are our profession’s best voice. Simply email our Chapter Administrator your name / City Center / hours and volunteer effort – and we will do the rest: No forms. No signatures…just a simple email. Your help and participation is needed in order to make a difference! We will keep you posted each week in the new IIDA TX OK Chapter weekly connect. Spring/Summer 2013 6

colloge of fellows

IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Welcomes Judy Pesek, FIIDA to the IIDA College of Fellows The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) named Judy Pesek of Gensler to the prestigious College of Fellows . Admission to the College of Fellows is the highest honor paid by IIDA to its professional members, recognizing those whose activities and efforts have benefitted and enhanced IIDA, and whose design works have influenced and enhanced the Interior Design profession. Judy was one of three inductees. Judy Pesek, FIIDA, LEED AP, Regional Managing Principal, is dedicated to making the most of her leadership positions. In her 25 years with Gensler, she has been instrumental in growing the business of the D.C., Houston, Charlotte and Dallas offices. And in the 11 years she has served the Dallas office, she helped to guide it to two IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Pinnacle Awards. In 2011 Judy was honored by IIDA at the IIDA Leaders Breakfast in Dallas for her leadership within the Dallas design community and beyond. As an IIDA Fellow, she aspires to connect to universities to mentor the next generation of designers, and to continue to use the power of design to effect positive change in the community. Judy is a trusted advisor to such leading corporations as Devon Energy, Marathon Oil Company, Hunt Oil Company, Duke Energy, AT & T and Perot Systems (Now Dell) many of whom she has worked with for 30 years. “I am thrilled to be named as an IIDA Fellow and proud to contribute to the enhancement of our profession and the mentorship of the next generation of interior designers,” said Judy. “I look forward to collaborating with my Fellow peers to further IIDA’s mission.” “The College of Fellows is honored to receive these three proven leaders in the profession,” said Peggy Noakes, FIIDA, IIDA College of Fellows Chair. “Their outstanding dedication, the exemplary standard of their work and their achievements in the field speak to their commitment to Interior Design and to the goals of IIDA.” Judy was introduced and celebrated with the other 2013 IIDA Fellows at the IIDA Annual Meeting, Sunday, June 9, 2013, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. For more information on the IIDA Fellow program, please visit Congratulations Judy, we are so happy to have you represent the IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter!

Jim Williamson, Barbara Dellinger and Judy Pesek was inducted into the IIDA College of Fellows on June 9th in Chicago at the IIDA Annual Meeting. Spring/Summer 2013 7

Oklahoma GRA Update

Texas GRA Update

Laura Tribble, IIDA VP of GRA - Oklahoma


Inda Hahn, IIDA VP of GRA - Texas

Oklahoma GRA 2013 legislative recap: 2013 legislative session: Feb 4th-May 31 Opening of session: Interior Designers incorporated with American Institute of Architects (AIA) on SB 784. We planned to include CEU requirements for RID. We apparently had no opposition from the AIA. An excerpt from an email from our lobbyist Jim Newport about our bill: “I’m sorry to report some serious concerns about SB 784. I have just learned from Senator Newberry that he may not be moving SB 784 forward. His concern has nothing to do with the OIDC portions. Apparently, he was lead to believe consensus would be made within the architects and with the Board (State governing board). He expressed his frustration of being mis-lead by them.” 3/26/13 Email from Anthony McDermid (AIA OK Chap. President): “We pulled the Bill after reaching an impasse with the BoG on the subject of qualifications/equivalency standards required prior to licensure and mounting opposition from the construction industry to “building types.” We will run a Bill next year and work the rest of this year to try and disseminate the Bill’s contents and intent more widely after getting what most of us thought was a late start for this session” 4/2/13 Capital Day - With the AIA Senate bill no longer in play this legislative session (their bill died in committee) and the fact that AIA will introduce a similar bill again next year, the focus of this Capitol Day event is to: 1. Raise awareness of the ID profession, in particular Registered Interior Designers 2. Demonstrate through examples of student work, the rigorous ID education in the 4 accredited OK university programs 3. Educate legislators that RID do indeed protect the HSW of the public and continuing education is necessary to maintain a minimum level of competency. As of 5/30/13 the BOG and AIA were working collaboratively on qualifications/equivalency stand bill language. Note however, the BOG is strongly discouraging a bill in 2014 due to sunset review. AIA has not made a decision whether they will submit a bill or not

140 days of the Texas Legislative Session are over and you are STILL a REGISTERED INTERIOR DESIGNER. We remain intact under TBAE with only one major change. Registered Interior Designers who were grandfathered in are now required to sit for and pass the NCIDQ exam. Our opponents are hoping that many will not bother to take the NCIDQ thus greatly reducing the numbers of RID’s and “Creating an economic burden for the state to continue to fund the board, thereby making it easier to try and get it repealed in the near future.” They are already preparing for the next session and we should be as well. What can we do? Reach out to those who helped you prepare for the exam, signed off on work credit, and have tirelessly fought for our profession over the years. Let them know their choices could affect all of us next session. Let’s acknowledge this change and move forward knowing if we are successful we will be stronger and more unified then before. We all have a decision to make and I hope you join with me in choosing to act with hope, empathy, and self-efficacy. The Texas Oklahoma Chapter is currently working on programs to support these individuals taking the exam and ways that we can all help ensure next session we have just as many (if not more) Registered Interior Designers. We had a busy yet successful session. Thank you again to all who showed up to the capital, emailed/called representatives, signed petitions, donated money and or their time. We would not be where we are without that support.

In either eventuality, new legislation in 2014 or 2015, OIDC expects the inclusion of a CEU requirement for RID. OIDC’s Strategic Planning Meeting held Friday, June 7, included development of action plans to be prepared for new legislation. Those plans include consideration of broadening our law further than just a CEU requirement if new legislation is deferred to 2015.

Interior Designers meet weith Governor Rick Perry at the annual Texas Legilsative Day in March

Spring/Summer 2013 8



past events

IIDA Student Conference the future of design

February 21-22, 2013 CITYCENTRE, Houston IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter

IIDA TX OK Chapter 13th Annual Student Conference Presented by Haworth February 21-22 2013 | Houston, Texas

IIDA TX OK SC13 = SUCCESS! The future of design gathered for another year of IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter’s two-day Student Conference in Houston, celebrating learning and the profession of interior design. This year IIDA TX OK Chapter was pleased to have Haworth be the event underwriter and partner to make this event such a success. [DAY ONE] The day started with 44 students, from this year’s IIDA TX OK Campus Centers that kicked off the event with an early morning Design Charrette on Thursday, February 21, 2013. IIDA Houston City Center generously underwrote the Charrette, while Ziegler Cooper provided a full program, client + mission, floorplans, and guidelines for the four hour Design Charrette. Jim Hanlin, Janet Rogers, and Lindsey Kowalkowski of Ziegler Cooper, as well as Meghan Simecek from Kirksey, spent their morning with the students, giving feedback and working through the development process. While 44 students participated in the Design Charrette the remaining 79 students participated in several workshops which included, “Oh the Places you will go”, Haworth Intermission of Calisthenics, “Social Networking”, “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About The Real World” by Inventure, and Etiquette presented by Haworth. Thursday afternoon, 5 tour buses left City Centre for 15 Firm & Project Tours with just around 123 students and professors in tow. Buses were underwritten and chaperoned by HBF/M Jarvie Partnership, Humanscale, Interface, JMC Associates, Tandus. Tours were underwritten and guided by Allsteel/CRG | Gensler | Haworth | Herman Miller | Inventure Design | J.Tyler + Kirksey | Perkins+Will | Steelcase/McCoy | Teknion | The Kip Co | Ziegler Cooper. Each bus toured three locations, generally a design firm, dealership, and project tour. Thank you to those who underwrote tours and provided this valuable experience to our students! Jim Hanlin, IIDA with Ziegler Cooper speaks with students during the charrette

Tours included: Architecture + Design Firm Tours Gensler | Inventure | Page Southerland Page, The Kip Co | Ziegler Cooper | Ziegler Cooper, Teknion Showroom Tours: Allsteel/CRG: Contract Resource Group Showroom | Contempo Designs Showroom | Haworth/FMG Showroom | Herman Miller Showroom | J. Tyler Services Showroom | Steelcase/McCoy Workplace Solutions Showroom Project Tours: 4807 Bellview Residence, Murphy Mears Architects + Wm. T. Cannady | Built by Gabriel Home Builders | ENI Petroleum, Kirksey | Weatherford, Ziegler Cooper | Walter P. Moore, Gensler Thursday evening wrapped up with a lively Industry Tabletop Expo with over 30 tabletops showcasing products, services, graduate programs, IIDA benefits, and legislative information. Thank you to those vendors and educators who participated (see website link). IIDA Houston City Center also hosted our first ever CEU in concurrence with the Industry Tabletop Expo, with the help of underwriter The Kip Co.

Just a sampling of members of the SC13 Committee (L-R) Kip Altstaetter, Megan Ebert, Kristy Emmrich Paul LaBrant, Jessy Fuller, Toni Cosper, Jenny Conditt, Alli Vaughan Joanna Prazak, Karina Garza, Lindsey Craig, Megan Carneiro

Spring/Sumer 2013 9

[DAY TWO] Friday morning started strong with an interactive Panel Breakfast, underwritten by Gensler and Herman Miller. Panelists: Sarah Miracle, LEED AP BD+C, Gensler | Jenny Conditt, Industry IIDA, Herman Miller | Paul LaBrant, IIDA, LEED AP, Parkhill Smith & Cooper | Karina Garza, Insite Architects, IIDA, RID Panel Moderator: Melinda Lyon, IIDA, Oklahoma State University Students left the panel breakfast with their hunger quenched and great real-life insights into the industry. They then proceeded to a one-on-one Portfolio Review with professionals from throughout TX OK, or one of three 101 Topics: “Interviews: Setting Yourself Apart!” presented by Joanna Prazak + Shannon Meek of CRG, “GRA: What a Regulated Profession Means” with Donna Vining, or “Arch/Tech: Know what you Know” with Suzanne Miks + Scott DeWoody of Gensler Houston A special thanks to Allsteel/CRG and Teknion Dallas for underwriting this portion of the conference. The Keynote Luncheon was underwritten by Perkins+Will + Steelcase/McCoy. Principal and Global Discipline Leader for Perkins+Will Branded Environments, Eileen Jones gave the Keynote Address, and focused on other ways to brand yourself within the interior design community. We couldn’t wrap up the luncheon without awarding IIDA TX OK Chapter’s first Travel Reimbursement, whose recipients were: Adrian Cardenas – University of North Texas | Allison Lutz – Baylor University | Amy Wallace – Oklahoma State University | Blair Vo-Le – University of Texas at San Antonio | Katherine Voyce – Baylor University | Stacie Grimes – Baylor University Last but not least the winners of the charrette competition that had taken place the day before were announced. . . Charrette Winners: 3rd Place | Team #5: Elizabeth Pyburn – Texas Tech University | Carolyn Allain – Louisiana State University | Miranda Ward – University of North Texas | Courtney Cerza – University of Oklahoma 2nd Place | Team #6: Megan Duff – University of Texas at Arlington | Blair Vo-le – University of Texas at San Antonio | Natalie Tiller – Art Institute of Houston | Allison Lutz – Baylor University And, finally: drum roll please… 1st Place | Team #2: McKenna Greer – Texas State University | John Botello – Texas Tech University | Madeleine Drone – Louisiana State University Clare Fritchie – University of North Texas Finally, we concluded the event with added programming of The Whole Package. This session covered interview practice and branding tips and tricks on cover letters, resumes, and portfolios, and was presented by Toni Cosper, Kristy Emmrich, Stephanie Fallon, and Jessy Fuller. Thank you to the 123 students and professors who made this event worthwhile by attending. It took over 80 volunteers and underwriters to make the 13th annual IIDA TX OK Student Conference possible. Thank you for your generous support of this event and of the future of design! Special thanks to our event underwriter Haworth - without their involvement and support this event would not have been possible! Thank you also to the following leadership, who was instrumental in planning, organizing, and executing the event: Jessy Fuller, IIDA, RID, EDAC, LEED AP ID+C, J.Tyler | Stephanie Fallon, M.S., Associate IIDA , FKP | Karina Garza, IIDA, RID , Insite Architects | Melinda Lyons, IIDA, Oklahoma State University Photography by Mileslove Studios. Spring/Summer 2013 10

Keynote Speaker Eileen Jones talks to the students and attendees about Brandend Environments









Design Educators and Research Theodore Drab, IIDA, ASID, IDEC Associate Professor and Interior Design Program Coordinator Oklahoma State University Depending upon the type of institution and the specifics of their faculty appointment, interior design educators are often expected to perform research and disseminate it through presentations at conferences and symposia or through publication in scholarly journals or professional periodicals. In a nutshell, the researcher’s role is to provide the evidence in “Evidence Based Design”, to generate new knowledge that can be productively used by practicing interior designers. As the interior design body of knowledge grows, the quality of spaces designed by professionals is enhanced, elevating the stature of the profession. Faculty from the nearly 20 programs accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) located in Texas and Oklahoma represent a variety of research agendas. A review of the research some faculty members have been engaged in might inform IIDA members of resources available within the chapter as well as opportunities for collaboration between interior design practitioners and researchers. It is not surprising that interior design educators conduct research in how to improve interior design education. At this year’s Interior Design Educators Council national conference in Indianapolis Rosemary Peggram and Abigail Dickinson of Texas Tech presented a study about the impact of service learning projects on interior design undergraduates, and Sally Ann Swearingen, Leisha Bridwell, Mitzi Perritt and their associates at Stephen F. Austin University reported on student internship opportunities on campus. Greta Buerle and Mary Simpson of Baylor discussed a collaborative project between interior design and apparel design students, bringing fresh insight to the opportunities that interdisciplinary efforts provide. Working collaboratively with experts in gerontology, Hepi Wachter of OU presented a paper on aging in place at the IDEC conference, and Melinda Lyon of OSU presented at both the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference in Seattle as well as at the 27th annual Q Methodology conference in Birmingham, England. Her EDRA paper dealt with senior cohousing while the other focused on residential design characteristics favored by women. A team from Texas Christian University exhibited a 2300 square foot residence for aging in place at the IDEC conference. Entitled “Belying Age”, the submission was designed by Gayla Jett Shannon, Stacie McCarey, Michael Shanna and Robbin Lyon, and was one of the many examples of creative scholarship juried and exhibited at the conference. Others were “Palo Verde”, a house designed by Carl Matthews of UT Austin, the renovation of an underground house by Elizabeth Pober of OU, and a sculptural installation entitled “Bayou Luminescence” by Igor Siddiqui and Matt Hutchinson, also of UT Austin. Igor Siddiqui also presented a paper on organizational patterns in digital technology, and his colleague Tamie Glass reported on her research on the importance of the sense of touch in “Experiential Interiors: Feeling Space”. Additional research focused on human factors was presented by a team from Texas Tech.”Neuro Imaging and Interior Design: Symbiosis Spring/Summer 2013 11



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Spring/Summer 2013 12

sustainable decision maki

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IIDA members outside the academe can benefit from as well as benefit educators and students. Making use of research findings provided by educators, practitioners can participate in the evidence based design phenomenon while giving researchers additional cases to study. Enlisting the expertise of a researcher at the start of a project, whether a senior faculty member or a graduate student, could enhance the subsequent design and potentially add to the body of knowledge. The IIDA Texas/Oklahoma Chapter has a rich resource in its many university-based interior design programs. It is a resource that should be utilized more effectively to benefit the interior design profession.


Sustainability, a topic that remains at the forefront of the profession’s consciousness, remains a focal area for research as well. Johnnie Stark of UNT presented “Sustainable Decision Making: How multidisciplinary modes reinvigorate design research and promote change”, and Lois Weinthal of UT presented “Sustainable Interiors: Integrating professional voices in the classroom”. Similarly linking sustainability and pedagogy was a presentation by Amy Jacobson Peters of UCO entitled “Trash to Treasure: Environmental Responsibility through furniture design”. Valerie Settles, also of UCO, presented a paper at the IDEC conference highlighting the linkages between historic preservation and environmental responsibility, and Ted Drab of OSU made a presentation at EDRA focused on the linkages between historic preservation and tourism’s contribution to municipal economies.


between Design and Brain mapping” was co-authored by Debajyoti Pati, Cherif Amor, Michael O’Byle, and Shabboo Valipoor.





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Past Events

Cave To Some Positive Peer Pressure: Exhibitors, Sponsors & Speakers Have Flocked To METROCON13 Expo & Conference, So YOU Should Too! Laura McDonald Stewart, RID, ASID, IIDA, LEED AP METROCON Administrator/PR & Marketing

Interior designers, architects, facility managers, design students and other vital design industry members – come join your peers at METROCON13 Expo & Conference to learn more about, establish contacts within and see what’s new in the corporate, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, residential, retail, and multifamily design fields. If the speed of sponsorship and exhibitor sales are any indication, Dallas Market Hall [2200 Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX] will be buzzing with energy, optimism and commerce on Thursday, August 15 & Friday, August 16, 2013, when it plays host to METROCON13, the exceptionally affordable and vital business- and career-building venue for the Architecture & Design industry. All but one of the event’s 45 sponsorships sold in less than 90 days, and by the end of the seventh week of booth sales (the time of this writing), 385 out of the 400 available booths had been purchased. Respect for the annual show, now in its 11th year, is growing and evident in the fact that the great majority of 2012 exhibitors are returning for 2013, and word about METROCON’s merits has apparently spread because 60+

manufacturers and service providers have joined the exhibitor list for the first time. Because this annual event is organized through landmark volunteer collaboration between the Texas Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA and the Texas Chapter of ASID, members of these two organizations get on the trade show floor for free and may take any amount of CEUs for a flat fee of $50. All other attendees get access to the trade show for $25 and may take any amount of CEUs for a flat fee of $125. Online attendee pre-registration runs between May 31 - August 2, 2013, and on-site registration is available for $10 more than online registration fees. Due to the extreme dedication of a handful of volunteers who make up the METROCON Committee, as well as the generosity of a variety of show sponsors – including 2013 Landmark Sponsor, Business Interiors by Staples, and 2013 Media Sponsor, Design Guide Texas – prices for both Exhibitors and Attendees are exceedingly low relative to similar events around the USA. METROCON13 will allow an attendee up to nine continuing education hours over two days while still providing eight hours on the trade show floor to engage with vendors and to network with peers. All 50+ CEUs are IDCEC approved, with 20+ qualifying for AIA credit. Event organizers know that after several years of little or no growth those doing business within the built environment are ready to move forward, and this event – with 250+ vendors and 50+ CEUs – is the perfect networking hub for the region and beyond. Visit to register for the event and to find out more details, including the exhibitor list, two-day schedule, discount travel information, and more. For daily developments, follow us at &

Spring/Summer 2013 13

upcoming events

IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Annual Awards Gala This years Annual Awards Gala will have a new venue! Join us at the Omni Dallas on Friday, August 16, 2013. We will present the Design Excellence Awards as well as present the Chapter Volunteers of the Year, City Center Volunteers of the Year, City Center Underwriters of the Year, Chapter Partner of the Year Award, and the highly coveted Pinnacle Award. After the awards join us on the dance floor overlooking downtown Dallas! Once again, we will have fashions from around the Chapter’s fashion shows showcased at the beginning of the evening. Register online at https://iida.ejoinme. org/iidagala2013

IIDA Leaders Breakfast - Dallas Join us on October 4, 2013 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dallas for IIDA Leaders Breakfast 2013. The Keynote Speaker will be Todd Henry. Todd is the founder and CEO of Accidental Creative, a company that helps creative people and teams generate brilliant ideas. He regularly speaks and consults with companies, both large and small, about how to develop practices and systems that lead to everyday brilliance. Todd’s work has been featured by Fast Company, Fortune, Forbes,, US News & World Report, and many other major media outlets. Todd’s book, The Accidental Creative: How To Be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice (published July 2011) offers strategies for how to thrive in the creative marketplace and has been called “one of the best books to date on how to structure your ideas, and manage the creative process and work that comes out of it” by Jack Covert, author of The 100 Best Business Books of All Time and founder of 800-CEO-READ. The Texas Oklahoma Chapter will be honoring Donna Vining, FASID, IIDA,RID, CAPS, REGREEN Trained™. Donna is a Past-President of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). She is also a Past- President of the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of ASID, served on the national board of ASID and currently serves as the Chair of the ASID Foundation. Donna is also the Executive Director for her state coalition, Texas Association for Interior Design (TAID). Donna graduated from North Texas State University with a double major in Interior Design and Business. She is President of Vining Design Associates, Inc., in Houston. She won first place in the first Southern Accents/ASID kitchen contest, among other awards, and is published frequently in local and national publications. In addition to her interior consulting business, Donna is a partner in Seminars by Design, a company that provides continuing education for interior designers. Donna received her CAPS, Certified Aging In Place Specialist designation from the National Association of Home Builders. She is a member of the USGBC. Her philosophy is that all interiors should be universally designed with the environment in mind. It is all about protecting the Health, Safety and Welfare of the public. Dallas is fortunate to be one of nine cities across the US and Canada participating in the series, which benefits the IIDA Foundation. The IIDA Foundation is a not-for-profit (501c3), philanthropic organization whose primary mission is to advance Interior Design through education, research, and knowledge to benefit IIDA and the Interior Design profession. Within the Texas Oklahoma Chapter, the Education Fund supports activities directly related to the advancement of students pursuing degrees in Interior Design in the states of Texas and Oklahoma. Since its establishment in 2006, the Texas Oklahoma Education Fund has awarded over $85,000 in scholarship monies to 30 aspiring Interior Designers. Spring/Summer 2013 14

IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Design Excellence Awards and Pinnacle Awards


Each year, the Texas Oklahoma Chapter celebrates all of the amazing accomplishments achieved throughout the year at the annual IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Awards Gala. Among those presented with awards, the Design Excellence Awards (DEAs) provide the opportunity to honor designs created by Texas and Oklahoma interior designers. The DEAs are comprised of eight categories: Corporate, Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Institutional/Educational, Residential, Retail and Sustainability as well as two student categories: Commercial and Residential. Firms throughout the Chapter are encouraged to submit their best projects within each category giving them the opportunity to be showcased and displayed at the Gala as well as the website and various publications that circulate throughout the Chapter. The DEAs are judged by a panel of influential IIDA members, all College of Fellows honorees. The College of Fellows is comprised of those members that have established commendable leadership within the organization and are focused on furthering the future of the interior design proffession by serving as mentors, educator implementers, committee members and other active involvement. This year’s judge’s panel is made up of an exemplary group of designers: Viveca Bissonnette, FIIDA is a member of the South California Chapter and works for Hollander Design Group in La Jolla, CA. Jaime Velez, FIIDA is a member of the Illinois Chapter. He is the Director of Interiors at SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP) out of Chicago. Dorothy L. Fowles, PhD, FIIDA is a member of the Great Plains Chapter with Fowles Design, she is also a professor within the College of Design for Iowa State University. Barbara Dellinger, FIIDA is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Associate Vice President and Director of Interiors for HDR Architecture, Inc. in Alexandria, VA. Carol Disrud, FIIDA is a member of the Northern California Chapter with the firm Disrud & Associates out of San Francisco, CA. The IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Pinnacle award represents the highest honor pthat the Chapter can bestow upon a design firm and is granted only to firms that have consistently contributed to the highest aspirations of the profession. The nomination itself is a great honor and indicates that a firm has indeed reached a “Pinnacle” with its reputation for service to the community, the Interior Design profession, and to IIDA. Each year each City Center is asked to nominate up to 2013 Design Excellence Honorable Mention three firms in three cagetogores; small, medium and large. The list of nominated Gensler - TM Advertising - Dallas firms for 2013 are below.


CITY CENTER FIRM SIZE FIRM Dallas Fort Worth Large Corgan Houston Large PBK Oklahoma City Large Guernsey West Texas Large Parkhill Smith & Cooper Inc. Austin Medium SixthRiver Architects Dallas Fort Worth Medium HOK Houston Medium Abel Design Group Houston Medium Inventure Design Group Oklahoma City Medium ADG San Antonio Medium RVK Tulsa Small W Design Architecture & Interiors Austin Small The Bommarito Group Austin Small PPDS Oklahoma City Small Tribble Design Associates Inc. San Antonio Small Carson Design West Texas Small Condray Design Group Spring/Summer 2013 15


(events, programs, volunteer)


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Spring/Summer 2013 16




























city centers

Joy Turman, IIDA City Center Director Steelcase

About 200 people came out to support IIDA’s Second Annual Designer’s Auction Bazaar on April 11th at Vuka Co-op. Attendees enjoyed bidding on great items in the silent and live auction, live music by Shawn Nelsen, a fun photo booth, valet parking, drinks and a taco bar. A portion of the proceeds will go to IIDA’s Education Fund, TAID and TreeFolks. The main event underwriter was Anderson Shoal/HON. Other underwriters included Steelcase/Rockford, Humanscale, Haworth/FMG.

IIDA CRE8 Challenge Photo Courtesy of Granada Theater

Jen Holub, IIDA City Center Communications Chair ReachLocal

What’s your sign? On April 26th, the stars aligned for a good vs. evil showdown on the runway! The DFW City Center hosted its 2nd annual CRE8 Design Challenge and Fashion Show at the Granada Theater, accompanied by local band ISHI. 24 Design teams (consisting of five members of an architectural firm, interior design firm, dealership, organization, or school) participated to create high fashion following this year’s theme of Zodiac Signs. Each sign (one good, one bad) possessed a distinct set of personality traits that set it apart from the rest. This event benefited the IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Education Fund. On July 18th, AIA Dallas presents: Architecture On Tap. Enjoy an architectural & designer panel discussion at a local bar! The DFW City Center will be providing a designers point of view along with AIA’s panel of speakers. We invite you to join us from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at The Mason Bar, where appetizers and drinks will also be served. IIDA’s Austin Designer’s Auction Bazaar at Vuka Co-op Spring/Summer 2013 18

city centers

Kristy Emmrich, IIDA, RID, LEED AP City Center Director Gensler In April, over 1300 people gathered to celebrate the IIDA Houston City Center’s Fifth Annual Product Runway. Benefiting the Houston Furniture Bank and TAID, this year’s theme was “Animation Fabrication” highlighting well-known animated movies. More than twenty teams from various interior design and architecture firms, as well as design students, constructed couture garments fashioned out of products they specify daily, such as carpet, tile, plastic laminate and vinyl flooring. Congratulations to PBK for taking home the top prize - and to all the teams who participated! For all of those still in need of continuing education units for licensing, Houston will be hosting it’s annual Barrier-Free CEU course in July. Keep an eye on the weekly calendar for updated information!

5th Annual IIDA Product Runway Fashion Show

Winner of the People’s Choice Award and Designer’s Choice Award at the IIDA Colour and Courture Fashion Show! Feverish Pink by Neely Design Associates, using MDC Wallcovering.

Kelly Swaim, Assoc. IIDA City Center Communications Chair Workplace Resource The OKC City Center is having a great spring and summer season! We started spring with our IIDA Colour and Couture Fashion Show in April and raised $3,400 to donate to Youth Services of Oklahoma County. With 250 people in attendance and 14 teams participating, we had a fantastic display of couture fashion and inspiring design. We have had 2 great June events: the Devon Energy Project Tour, and our annual Bowl-A-Rama, benefiting the Oklahoma Interior Design Coalition. The 52 story skyscraper has completely transformed OKC’s downtown district and we were fortunate to partner with our special event underwriters Scott Rice, Steelcase and Coalesse for this IIDA member only tour. Our last June event is our annual Bowl-A-Rama! We are spicing up our classic OIDC fundraising event with our special event underwriters, InterfaceFlor. We are looking forward to another great season of events for 2013-2014, stay tuned for more excitement coming from OKC!

Spring/Summer 2013 19

Ashley Voss, IIDA City Center Director Villa Park Architecture, PLLC

This year’s Imagine That-Reduce, Reuse, Restyle was held on Friday, May 3rd at the Quarry Golf Club where we went green for a higher cause! This was a positive impact, white box design challenge for IIDA San Antonio which benefited our local charity, the San Antonio Furniture Bank. Teams were paired with a fabric and carpet underwriter and then each team chose a couch from the SA Furniture Bank to be re-upholstered by Mangold & Mangold Upholstery. Each team also created a coffee table out of recyclable items and an accessory item. After being displayed at the event, each room design were donated to a family in need. The living room spaces was reviewed by a panel of judges based on criteria like concept, craftsmanship, and mixed use of furniture and accessory items to determine the best design. Both winning teams received custom designed trophies and a team happy hour. Thank you again to all of our terrific underwriters who make events like this possible!

The IIDA Texas Oklahoma Chapter Board Members enjoyed a few bourbons from Tulsa’s Bourbon, Blues, and Barbeque Event. (L-R) Paul LaBrant, Inda Hahn, Randy Malone and Megan Ebert

Samantha Zitter, IIDA, LEED AP (ID+C) City Center Director W Design On May 17th, the Tulsa IIDA City Center hosted a very successful bourbon tasting event. At this networking function, our guests got to sample 5 different bourbon’s while enjoying some great blues music. With the help of our guests, Tulsa was able to make an impressive donation to the Dress for Success foundation which will help benefit many less fortunate women. We are so greatful for the support from our event underwriters, L&M, Shaw, Tandus, Daltile, ISC Surfaces, Crossville Tile, Coalesse/Steelcase, 3Form, MDC Wallcovering, National Furniture, HON, & Allsteel, whom we could not have hosted such a successful event without! With the recent tornado devastation that Moore, OK has faced, the Tulsa City Center along with the help from Scott Rice were able to organize a donation fundraiser to help support the victims of the tornado damage. Thank you to all those that helped make this a successful event.

Room by Team Piranhas of Drewry Martin

Spring/Summer 2013 20


NCIDQ and Credentialing Awards

Lacy Mangum, IIDA, LVN City Center Director Parkhill Smith & Cooper

The Texas Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA is offering financial assistance for those members taking an active role in advancing their professional development by passing the NCIDQ exam AND/OR credentialing exams. NCIDQ REIMBURSEMENT AWARD QUALIFYING CRITERIA INCLUDES: Associate or Professional IIDA member status Taken/Passed exam within the last 3 years Passed all 3 sections of exam

West Texas City Center’s Emerald City Benefit Auction was the highlight of the year! With over 50 people in attendance, we danced, bid, and laughed the night away! Our upcoming Council has a lot planned for next year and we are very much looking forward to seeing everyone! We anticipate our next event to be held in August for our annual kickoff meeting, more information coming soon! Followed by them Membership social and TTU Design Expo scheduled for the first week in October.

REIMBURSEMENT INCLUDES: Up to $835 for cost of exam (portion not covered by employer ) OR up to $300 towards: IIDA or ASID study courses Study material purchased at Travel to/from exam (if more than 125 miles) CREDENTIALING AWARD QUALIFYING CRITERIA INCLUDES: IIDA member status in good standing Passed exam within the 12 months Passed all sections of exam REIMBURSEMENT INCLUDES: Up to $550 for cost of exam (portion not covered by employer) FOR MORE INFORMATION AND APPLICATION VISIT: Application Deadline Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Award notification will go out the week of August 19th.

This group paused their dancing frenzy for a quick photo opportunity!

Spring/Summer 2013 21

industry news

members news

Erin Rinehardt has accepted an Interior Design position at Leo A. Daly in Dallas Gus Hinojosa, AIA, IIDA, LEED AP, has joined HKS as vice president and director of commercial interiors.  The id Group is excited to announce the following additions to our staff: Cindy Karney as Project Director of Tenant Development | Elizabeth Wampler as Designer | Chasity Whyte as Designer | Emily Killoran as Designer. This brings our staff count to a total of 57! The id Group is proud to announce the following promotions. Lisa Lowrie - Project Director | Katy Streder - Project Manager | Stacey Deamer - Project Manager | Traci Baar – Coordinator | Amanda Elfervig – Coordinator | Matt Dello Russo – Coordinator Lauck Group – Austin has recently hired the following talented design professionals: Raul Baeza, Stephanie Fleeman, Megan Funni, Rebekka Glass (RID, IIDA, LEED AP), Bill Huie, Heather Williams (RID) & Manuel Navarro (RID, LEED AP). We’ve also recently hired the follwing talented student intern: McKenna Greer. Lauck Group – Dallas recently hired the following talented design professionals: Ty Lee (LEED AP), Staci Tave (LEED AP), Thomas Nguyen (RA), Poonam Patel, Sara Lewis (RID, IIDA) & Michael Horton (LEED AP). We’ve also recently hired the follwing talented student interns: Josh Hallett, Sandy Dao & Daniel Kim. KSQ recently won a project for the all-girls Kent Place School in Summit, New Jersey. Other wins include a new student housing village for University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and a multifamily apartment home project for Essex Capital on 1614 Madison Street in Queens, New York. MatchLine Design Group of Dallas is pleased to announce their selection as Interior Designer for a new Homewood Suites in Midland, TX, scheduled to open early 2014. The groundbreaking of their Comanche Red River Casino Hotel project in Oklahoma occurred in April and is set to open February 2014. Perkins+Will strengthened it’s interiors leadership group with the following promotions of IIDA professionals: Courtney Johnston was promoted to Associate Principal; Garder Vass and Jordan Thompson were both promoted to Senior Associate; Mary Dickinson was promoted to Associate. FKP Architects welcomes Shannon Dupras to the interior design team. Shannon has specific experience within the healthcare sector but will support the design and construction process for all project types at FKP. Shannon earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from Louisiana State University.

Jeff Gobbell is now the Houston area representative for Armstrong Commercial Flooring. Contact today at or 281.593.5405 to arrange for product review BethAnn Kessel, the newest member of the bauhaus Sales Team. Her focus is on both commercial and higher education projects. Laura Chancellor is the new Architect and Design Relations contact at bauhaus. Her main focus is the A&D community thus working alongside the Sales Team. USG is proud to announce that BEN BEARDEN Assoc. AIA, CDT, LEED AP has accepted employment as the Senior Architectural Account Representative based in N Texas. His Territory comprises Austin, Central Texas & East Texas with assigned accounts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. Mobile: (817) 938-8325 Corporate Floors is expanding our product business throughout the State of Texas and is excited to welcome Stacy Dobbs as our Product Solutionist for the Houston market. Metropolitan Gallery Fine Art Consulting hosted their first CEU and welcomed the IIDA community to their new space at Canopy in May. Mia Abigail Baxter, owner and operator of Metropolitan Gallery, is the Membership Chair for the Austin City Center. Metropolitan Gallery Fine Art Consulting has moved to Canopy, a mixed-use space dedicated to artist studios, galleries, and creative businesses located at 916 Springdale Road. Canopy is the headquarters for E.A.S.T. and Metropolitan Gallery is excited to participate in this year’s production. Crossville is pleased to announce Natasha Appel as our newest addition to the Crossville Inc. She will be an A&D representative in the Houston and San Antonio TX market. Natasha comes to Crossville Inc with a professional background in Architecture in domestic and international projects. Kerry Wallace, IIDA, has recently relocated from the Washington DC office to the Fort Worth office of Jacobs in an Inside Sales role for the Corporate/Commercial market and support for our Texas offices. Sherry Michna is the Architectural Rep providing Brand Awareness and territory support for LG Hausys Hi-Macs and Viatera Quartz Surfaces. Sherry works with many Fortune 500 companies specifying solid surface and quartz in healthcare, energy, education and hospitality.

Spring/Summer 2013 22

1909 Woodall Rodgers Fwy Ste 100 Dallas TX 75201



Steelcase, USG Interiors, LLC


CRG: Contract Resource Group, Crossville, Inc., DuPont Surfaces Group, Furniture Marketing Group, G.L. Seaman & Company, Herman Miller, Hossley Lighting Associates, J. Tyler, The Mohawk Group/Daltile, McCoy Workplace Solutions/McCoy Floor Covering/Rockford Business Interiors, Patcraft, Professional Furniture Consultants, Shaw Contract Group, Tandus Flooring, Teknion, Wilson Office Interiors, Workplace Resource LLC


3form, 3M Architectural Markets, Cronan & Associates, Horizon Italian Tile, Interface, J&J/Invision, KI, LG Hausys, Milliken, Paoli, Inc., Philadelphia & Queen Commercial by Shaw, Southwest Solutions Group, TRI-KES

SILVER Armstrong, Art + Artisans Consulting, Bauhuas bkm Total Office of Texas, Business Interiors, Business Interiors by Staples, Columbia Forest Products, Concept Surfaces, Corporate Source, Ltd., Debner + Company, Forbo Flooring Systems, The Gunlocke Company, hart[associates], HAWA Americas, Haworth, Intensa Medical, J Fyffe Company, Kenmark, Inc., Kimball Office, Knoll, Inc., KSM Associates, LESCO Architectural Lighting, National Office Furniture, Office Pavilion, The OFIS, OFS Brands, P.S. Gerry, Inc., Reid Cooper Associates, The Spencer Company, Skyline Art Services, Texas Wilson Office Furniture, Vanguard Environments, Inc., Vector Concepts, WRG

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