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Marcello Marcello Switzerland, 2008, color Embassy of Italy Washington, DC

Director: Denis Rabaglia Original Screenplay: Mark David Hatwood Cast: Francesco Mistichelli (Marcello), Elena Cucci (Elena), Alfio Alessi (Armando), Luigi Petrazzuolo (Pasquale), Luca Sepe (Diego), Renato Scarpa (Don Tommaso), Antonio Pennarella (Mariano Romei), Roberto Bestazzoni (Prof. Pizzuti), Rosa Masciopinto (Bernardina Palmieri), Teresa Del Vecchio (Rosetta Palmieri) Director of Photography: Filip Zumbrunn Music: Henning Lohenr, Louis Crelier Language: Italian, with English subtitles Duration: 95 minutes

a film by Denis Rabaglia Jointly organized by The Embassy of Switzerland The Italian Cultural Institute / Embassy of Italy EMBASSY OF ITALY – ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE

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Marcello Marcello By Denis Rabaglia

The Movie Italy, 1956. In the picturesque island of Amatrello, a unique custom keeps the young men of the village busy: when a girl turns eighteen, every boy is invited to bring a gift for her first date. However the gift is not for the girl, but for the father… who will ultimately determine which boy takes her on her first rendezvous! The 18-year-old fisherman’s son, Marcello, doesn’t care about this tradition until he sets eyes on the enchanting Elena, the daughter of the Mayor, who has returned to the island and has come of age. As time runs out and competition rises, Marcello comes up with the perfect gift for the Mayor. But getting that gift isn't easy… Soon, he is forced to barter with the entire village, as everyone seems to want something from someone else… Marcello's frantic quest ensues, evolving into a process of reconciliation among the village’s inhabitants.

The Director Born in 1966, Denis Rabaglia is an Italian Swiss writer and director with four film credits: two French-speaking television comedies (Grossesse Nerveuse – Max Ophüls Prize 1994 starring Tom Novembre and Patrick Braoudé; Pas de Panique – Best Swiss TV Movie 2007, starring Frédérick Diefenthal and Roland Giraud) and two Italian-speaking feature films (Azzurro – Best Swiss Feature Film 2001, starring Paolo Villaggio and Jean-Luc Bideau; Marcello Marcello – 2008). With Azzurro he holds the record of the biggest box office success in Switzerland for a feature film by a French speaking Swiss director in the last 20 years. He also has been working as screenwriter for other directors, as playwright for EXPO.02, and as stage director. He is the Head of Studies of Production Value – The European Scheduling and Budgeting Workshop.

Marcello Marcello  

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