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Farm and Small Town Conference February 15-16, 2012 Cedar Shores Resort & Hotel Chamberlain, SD Call for motel information: (605) 734-6376

MERRY CHRISTMAS! FROM THE INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENTS OF SD INSIDE: Executive V.P. Jerry Diamond- Page 4 IIASD Welcomes New Board Member-Page 11 Can You Help Me Out?-Dale Heesch-Page 12 Upcoming Events-Page 20

Big “I” Markets

Hunts Down

Outdoor Markets

Partnership with Markel opens door to insuring sportsmen Big “I” Markets was created primarily to offer member agents access to specialty niche markets that they otherwise might not want, need, or could not find access to through a direct carrier appointment. The recent expansion of new markets fits that strategy perfectly. Big “I” Markets, in partnership with Markel Insurance Company, is pleased to introduce its new niche program for Outfitters & Guides, Rod & Gun Clubs (includes shooting clubs) and Hunting and Fishing Lodges & Plantations. Marketed through Big “I” Markets, this outdoor insurance program is available on a licensed and admitted basis in all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Program Features and Coverage Highlights: o Liability limits available: $300,000 occurrence/$900,000 aggregate $500,000 occurrence/$l million aggregate $1 million occurrence/$3 million aggregate o Property insurance forms available are Basic, Broad, and Special. Deductibles start at $1,000. o Inland Marine coverage for insureds’ and customers’ personal property, equipment, etc. o Excess liability limits to $5 million, umbrella, business interruption, and equipment breakdown. o No liability deductibles.


October 2011 IIASD PO Box 327 Pierre SD 57501

Jerry Diamond, Editor (605) 224-6234 Fax (605) 224-6235 e-mail:

Our Wishes for a Very Merry Christmas and Peaceful, Prosperous and Happy New Year!

To all our Members & Company Partners Thank you for your support of our Association, its programs, and services. We look forward to working with you in the coming year. Jerry Diamond - Carolyn HoferKayla Longbrake




Independent agents are the backbone of our insurance business. So, when you talk, we listen. Your requests have prompted us to provide real-time technologies for your convenience. We know you have better things to do with your time than perform tedious data entry. That’s why we’re using the latest technology to provide you with real-time access to your customers’ account information on Transformation Station and Transact Now™ make real-time inquiry available for: • Policy • Billing • Claims • Loss runs Renewals, endorsements, new business, cancellations, reinstatements—automatically downloaded into your agency management system with updates downloaded nightly. Contact our United Fire marketing team at 800-828-2705 to learn more about these real-time technologies. Go ahead . . . we’re listening! ®

The Executive Corner Jerry Diamond, Exec VP The IIASD staff and I have been very busy with year-end reports and preparing for exciting events in 2012. As 2011 comes to a close, I look back and can only say” What a learning experience!” The staff has had a lot of trial and error projects and with the Boards’ help and advice, you can be assured the Association is in good hands. Some of the accomplishments were: (1)Assembling an efficient and friendly staff. (2)Establishing a paperless environment (3)Publishing an electronic newsletter. (4)Growth in both IIASD membership and E &O members. (5) Lastly we pulled off a great Convention without any of the staff having a heart attack. IIASD Goals for 2012 are: (1)Quality speakers at all events. (2)Increase IIASD membership (3)Increase E & O members (4)More participation by Members, Associate Members and Company Partners. The staff and I welcome all comments that will help guide us in building a stronger and proactive Association.

Merry Christmas and God bless each and every one of you.

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E&O EDGE – Carolyn Hofer, E&O Administrator Acquisitions, Mergers & Ownership Changes Year’s end finds business owners analyzing their productivity and looking for ways to operate more efficiently and profitably. Major changes in agency ownership, legal entity organization and acquisitions and mergers most often take place in the months of December, January and July. There are many important steps to remember when considering an acquisition, merger or ownership change: •Notify your E&O carrier/administrator of your intent to merge, purchase or change ownership •Carefully review the book of business being acquired •Review retention percentages of selling agency •Review agency-company relationships of selling agency •Request E&O Loss Runs on selling agency •Does the selling agency have an above average staff turnover rate? •Audit documentation and file retention practices of selling agency •Engage a lawyer who is experienced in handling the purchase and sale of insurance agencies •Does the purchase contract include a hold harmless clause for the buyer to protect your agency from claims relating to errors made prior to the sale closing? •Is the seller required to purchase an Extended Reporting Form endorsement on their E&O? •Has your E&O carrier agreed to accept the risk of the acquired or merged operation? •Has a timeline been defined to integrate the acquired agency into the existing practices and procedures of your agency? Note the first item on the list above is “notify your E&O carrier/administrator of the potential acquisition/merger/ ownership change.” This is often the last thing agency owners think of – many times changes are made and it is only at renewal of the E&O coverage that notification is made. REMEMBER – your E&O policy is a legal document and you are a party to this binding agreement. Policy language usually defines the coverage provided automatically for Newly Acquired exposures. Westport Insurance Company’s policy states that coverage is afforded only until the 90th day after you acquire or form the organization. Fireman’s Fund states that coverage automatically applies to any claim involving the acquired, merged, formed or consolidated entity for a period of sixty (60) days.

Independent Claims Services to the Insurance Industry


P.O. Box 291 Aberdeen, SD 57402-0291 (605) 225-0725 Fax (605) 226-1618 Email:


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P.O. Box 400 Pierre, SD 57501 (605) 224-6155 Fax (605) 224-4735 Email:


P.O. Box 2138 Rapid City, SD 57709 (605) 343-3764 Fax (605) 343-1274 Email:


P.O. Box 611 Sioux Falls, SD 57101 (605) 338-3561 Fax (605) 338-0257 Email:


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P.O. Box 203 Watertown, SD 57201 (605) 886-2318 Fax (605) 886-2335 Email:


P.O. Box 265 Yankton, SD 57078 (605) 665-3886 Fax (605) 665-3899 Email: They also go on to say that you must notify them as soon as practicable but in no event, later than 60 days following the effective date of the transaction. How can failure to report affect your coverage? It is common to find out about an acquisition/merger or ownership change when the renewal application comes in – many times more than 6 or 9 months after the fact. There have been situations where the carrier has refused to provide coverage back to the date of transaction. Confidentiality – All information shared with your E&O Administrator is treated with the utmost confidence and is only shared with the underwriter who needs to approve any changes You must notify your E&O carrier of any change in legal status of your agency –Aquisition/merger, Ownership change or even Nname change. These legal changes must be underwritten and the policy endorsed or rewritten at the time the transaction occurs.


Division of Insurance News and Views Meet the Division of Insurance The South Dakota Division of Insurance consists of 29 individuals whose goal is to protect the public and make insurance available and affordable by efficiently providing quality assistance, providing fair regulation for industry, and promoting a healthy, competitive insurance market. The various sections of the Division include Financial, Licensing and Continuing Education, Health/Life, Property/ Casualty, Administrative Services, Legal Counsel, Compliance, and Market Conduct. This month we will take a closer look at Financial, Licensing, Continuing Education, and Administrative Services. Wendell Malsam is the Assistant Director who oversees Financial and Licensing and has been with the Division for 21 years. He supervises a staff of 7 employees. Financial is responsible for analyzing domestic insurance companies’ financial reports to determine financial condition and to ensure compliance with South Dakota statutes. At least once every five years, a financial examination is performed to confirm what the companies have reported and to determine compliance with statutes and assess their financial future. Seth Doyle and Andrew Smith are financial analysts responsible for reviewing quarterly and year-end financial statements submitted by insurance companies to determine compliance with accounting practices and procedures and our statutes. Charlene Squires Keller is responsible for new company admissions, surplus lines premium tax, security deposits for insurance companies, registration of risk purchasing and risk retention groups, and Farm Mutual Insurance Company financial statements. Luann Johnson manages premium tax on insurance companies and maintains an insurance company database regarding name changes, company mergers, and change of domicile. Agent licensing consists of Terra Zeller and Penney Wagoner with Jo Mikkelsen coordinating continuing education. South Dakota currently has 7,850 resident agents, 41,586 non-resident agents, and 6,038 resident and nonresident business entity licenses. Licenses are generated electronically and are generally issued immediately after the completion of the application process. Terra and Penney assist numerous callers regarding agent licensing study materials and the agent electronic licensing process on Sircon and NIPR. They also routinely assist consumers looking for licensed insurance agents.

Jo Mikkelsen is responsible for approving continuing education classes. Agents must complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education biennially to remain in good standing; crop-only agents must complete 4 hours. Melissa Klemann is the Division Affairs Manager who oversees Administrative Services. She has been with the Division for 6 years and supervises a staff of 4 employees. Eva Briggs and Tammy Johnson are the Division’s secretaries. They perform a wide variety of administrative duties including assisting callers and visitors, handling Service of Process and Medical Malpractice Reports, making travel arrangements, and any additional support the staff may need. Gretchen Brodkorb is a Compliance Specialist who is responsible for licensing, registering and compliance of third party administrators, managed care entities and other similar entities. She also ensures compliance of agents and agencies reporting other states’ administrative actions, facilitates the External Review Process, and assists in the Administrative Rule change process. Linda Robinson is a Legal Assistant/Data Coordinator and is the Division’s program analyst for the Sircon database. Linda works to maintain the integrity of the information stored in the database and assists in the development of improvements to the system. She is also responsible for subsequent injury fund claims.

Whether your customers drive it, ride it, or boat it. We can insure it. HELPING YOUR CUSTOMERS FIND THE RIGHT POLICY HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER. Partner with a leader. It’s no secret why drivers use independent agents. You offer quality service, and a convenience second to none. But Progressive can help too. Because Progressive is not only a leader in auto insurance, but also truck, boat, motorcycle and RV. Plus, drivers who switch to Progressive save an average of $550 on their auto insurance. So no matter what you’re helping your customers insure, together — we can help them insure it for less.





Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. and its affiliates, Mayfield Village, OH. Auto insurance prices and products are different when purchased directly from Progressive or through independent agents/brokers. Not available in all states. Market positions from Highline Data’s 2007 written premium data, NAIC 2008 market share data, and 2008 Millward Brown & Harris Interactive survey data. 10A00065.A11 (08/10)


Kayla’s Computer Advice How to Protect Your Information By: Kayla Longbrake Administrative Coordinator The holiday season is a season for giving, but this is not always the case. The holiday season is also a peak stealing season for identity thieves and con artists. During this holiday season these criminals are always out in full force this is the biggest shopping season of the year. These types of people are just waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of distracted and stressed out shoppers. To prevent something like this happening to you, here are a few tips to protect your personal information and credit card information as well. Tips for shopping online. • Use only authenticated websites when doing your shopping online. If you don’t know if the website is secure and safe then before you submit your personal or financial information check for a padlock image on your browser’s status bar or look for https:// (rather than http://) in your browser window at the top of your screen. • Make sure that you use strong passwords that contain both letters and numbers and try to change these frequently so someone doesn’t figure out your password and order things in your name and then you get stuck paying the bill. • Make sure that you are aware of phishing and pharming scams. These types of scams are when criminals use fake emails and websites to impersonate authenticated websites. Be cautious when opening any emails and instant messages from people that you do not know. Next there are other ways that your personal information or even financial information can be stolen from you as well and that can be as easy as you just shopping at the mall. Here are some things that you can remember to do as well to protect your information when shopping in stores. • Use caution when people are standing beside you when you are in a check-out line. Always make sure you look over your shoulder when you are making purchases. Identity thieves have been known to copy credit card information or even go as far as taking pictures of your card with their cell phone. • Make sure you carry your wallet or purse securely. Leave your social security card at home or somewhere safe just not in your purse or wallet. Only carry the things that you are going to need to make your purchases, because the less that you have with your information on it the better.

• On the back of your credit cards write “Check Photo ID” in permanent ink near your signature. This is one effective way to remind cashiers to check your identity before processing your card. • After the holidays are over you may not want to see your credit card statements, but it is important to look over them and make sure that everything that has been purchased with your credit card are purchases that you have made and nobody else has. Also you can save you holiday shopping receipts in one place so that you can compare the purchases you made to the credit card statement that you receive after the holiday.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years and I hope that these little tips will help you protect your personal information.

It’s time to upgrade to Big “I” Flood. Individual attention. Education and guidance. Timely response. Going above and beyond. These are the hallmarks of excellent service you strive to provide your clients every day. Are you getting the same kind of treatment from your current flood carrier? Big “I” Flood provides: ACCESS - In, Above & Outside of the NFIP! EDUCATION - Classroom CE or the new Flood Learning Center on VU ADVOCACY - Representation on Capitol Hill & NFIP advisory committees Learn more at, or contact Big “I” Flood Program Manager Linda Mackey at or (800) 221-7917. Let us explain how we operate in, above, and outside the NFIP!

FLOOD In, Above, and Outside the NFIP!




Gary Van Zee, 64, of Sioux Falls, died Thursday, November 17, 2011 at home with his family after a courageous 4 month battle with cancer. Gary Pierce Van Zee was born November 2, 1947 at New Holland, South Dakota. He received his education at Dakota Christian School in New Holland, and graduated from Platte High School in 1966. Following high school, he enlisted in the Army National Guard. While in the Guard, he was a member of the 200th Engineers out of Platte, SD, where he built suspension bridges, particularly during the time of the Rapid City Flood in 1972. After he completed basic training, he worked at the Corsica Co-op doing plumbing and heating. In 1969, he started his career in the insurance profession working for Farmer’s Union Insurance in Corsica. He later transferred his office to Sioux Falls and worked for several agencies, spending the last decade with The Insurance Connection. On October 26, 1974, he was united in marriage with Marcine Mudder in Sioux Falls, SD. As a resident of Sioux Falls, Gary was a member of the Sioux Falls Homebuilders Association and the El Riad Shrine. Hunting and golfing were favorite hobbies for Gary, however he mostly enjoyed the 33 plus years of owning a home on Brandt Lake. Family and friends would gather for water activities and evening campfires. Gary and Marcine had future plans of retiring there.

Main Street

Work Comp Product A better way for our South Dakota Agents to write small business...

Time is money and in today’s competitive marketplace RAS can help you grow and retain your small work comp business. With these features, our product is a simple and fast way to meet your small employer’s needs. Available for accounts up to $10,000 in premium Co mmiss ion inc reas e to 12% on n ew bus ine ss Co mpe titi ve pricin g thro ugh Fir s t Da kot a Inde mnity Small account dividend available for accounts starting at $1,000 premium with dividends paid directly to the account No Association membership requirement SM myRAS - insured on-line access to account information and the option of on-line First Report of Injury (FROI)






Artisan Contractors Services

Our Focus. Your Opportunity. SM

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Your Decision Saves Lives As auto insurance agents we have a special opportunity to share the life-saving message of donation with our communities. All of our auto insurance clients hold a valid driver’s license. They may not remember whether or not they themselves have volunteered to be a donor. By briefly talking about the message that “Everyone Shares the Gift of Life” through organ and tissue donation we help build a relationship between our Trusted Choice agency and the client. Our agent force can also help by making donation brochures and donor registry applications easily available, by including an ad about donation on their website or by sharing the link to the South Dakota donation website in our email signatures. Each agency can decide how much they want to promote donation – it is intended to be an opportunity, not an obligation. Life-Source is a non-profit organization that facilitates organ and tissue donation in South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota. Their mission statement is, “We save lives and offer hope and healing through excellence in organ and tissue donation.” One organ and tissue donor can save and heal up to 60 lives. LifeSource works closely with the South Dakota Department of Public Safety to provide information about donation to the people in our state, both before they apply for their license or ID and in the driver’s license offices. LifeSource can provide resources and information to help us share the message of donation and have fliers, website banner ads, and more available free of charge. Please call LifeSource at 1.888.5.DONATE or visit org for more information. The SD Big I is always looking to add value to the member agents and agencies. We want to help grow the market share in SD for the Independent Agent force. When an agent builds a bond with a new or existing client both benefit. The agency ends up keeping the client longer and referrals to that agent occur more easily. Help us share the message of donation – gifts given with love and received with hope – and create a bond with your clients at the same time. With your commitment we can save lives, together. Written By: Ed Starr IIASD Board Member

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IIASD Announces New Board Member Jesse D Konold, AFIS has been selected by the IIASD Board to replace Roger Larson for Director of District 1. Roger resigned since he was no longer in the insurance business. Jesse is a Partner in the Key Agency at Mobridge. He joined Key Insurance in August of 2006. After attending the University of Mary on a basketball scholarship. He joined the Scheels Sporting Goods Sales Team in Omaha. The longing for the good life drew him back to Mobridge. Having served as the President of the Mobridge Chamber of Commerce, and currently sitting on the boards for the Mobridge Rodeo Association and MP School Foundation he is well ingrained in the community. In addition to those commitments he involved with the Mobridge Rotary, Mobridge Tourism, Mobridge Ambassadors, and the 3B Tax committee. Part of his high energy team is his wife, Katie, and two daughters Tegan (4 yrs.) and Pacey (19 mos.). If you see Jesse at an IIASD event please thank him for taking on this challenge.

We are known for transportation, BUT… Did you know we have a FULL HOUSE? Northern States Agency, a Managing General Agency & Wholesale Broker for over 55 years, providing a wide range of commercial insurance:      

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Our underwriters average over 10 years experience with NSA Same day or next day response on submissions Great Service, Great Products, Great People 2145 Ford Parkway, Suite 202 St. Paul, MN 55116 P: 800-328-0828 • F: 651-646-1971

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CAN YOU HELP ME OUT? By: Dale Heesch, President IIASD It is time for us to support InsurPac. This is a very nice way of asking for a monetary donation. I am no different than the rest of you. When I sign up to do volunteer work for a variety of organizations, I usually end up asking people to help support the cause through some type of fundraiser. It reminds me of when I was kid and I had to sell candy, popcorn-you name it- to help fund some organization or membership activity. Now, I am president of IIASD and I have asked each agency owner and their staff to make donations to InsurPac. InsurPac is the IIABA’s federal political action committee. InsurPac collects voluntary, personal donations from agents across the country and uses that money to support our friends in the U.S. Congress. With all the issues we are facing in the insurance industry, it is more important than ever that we maintain our voice in Washington, D.C. Can I count on you to make a donation ? I don’t care how much you send. I just want everyone who is employed in one of our 260 agencies to get their name on the list of contributors. Our goal for 2011 is $9,850. Through November 2011, our association has received contributions totaling $5,475. I want to thank the individuals who have already given to InsurPac this year. Can I also count on you for support?

Those contributing so far: David Anderson, John Badgley, Brad Bak, Patty Beyers, Craig Blindert, Glenda Blindert, Dave Boehnke, Daniel Coss, Bernice Crew, Grady Crew, Dennis DeWitte, Karl Fischer, Mark Gauer, Maurice Handcock,Tanner Handcock, Spencer Hawley, Dale Heesch, Carolyn Hofer, Tom Husband, Jerry Jacobsen, Mark Jensen, Gary Joyce, Gerrit Juffer,Beverly King, Jerry Diamond, Jesse Konold, Dennis Kronaizl, Keith Lewis, Richard Long, John Meyen, Terry Nielsen, Rusty Olney, Amy Olson-Miller, Richard Puthoff, Jeffery Scherschligt,Michael Steiger, Harlan Temple, Steve Tripp, Robert Whitmore


BIG “I” COMMENDS HOUSE COMMITTEE ACTION ON THE “INSURANCE DATA PROTECTION ACT” Legislation would limit Federal Insurance Office Authority. WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 8, 2011 — The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) today commended the U.S. House of Representatives’ Financial Services Subcommittee on Insurance, Housing, and Community Opportunity for their support of the “Insurance Data Protection Act of 2011.” This legislation, introduced by Rep. Steve Stivers (R-Ohio), would rein in the authority of both the Federal Insurance Office (FIO) and the Office of Financial Research (OFR). “The Big ‘I’ commends the Subcommittee Members, particularly Chairman Biggert and Rep. Stivers, for their work on this legislation to limit the authority of both FIO and OFR,” says Charles Symington, Big “I” senior vice president of government affairs. “Though the legislation does not directly affect Big ‘I’ members, we see strong merit in any legislation that further limits the authority of these new federal offices.” The “Insurance Data Protection Act” would prohibit the FIO and OFR from collecting data directly from insurers by revoking their authority to subpoena information from insurance companies. Under current law, both FIO and OFR are prohibited from collecting data from agents and brokers due to the efforts of the Big “I” during consideration of the Dodd-Frank legislation. Dodd-Frank did, however, allow both FIO and OFR to subpoena data from insurers even though this data is already collected by state insurance regulators and the law requires the state regulators to share the data with the federal entities. “Very simply, the Federal Insurance Office was principally created to be an informational office, and the information that they need is already collected and readily available through state insurance regulators,” says Symington. “It is important to the Big ‘I’ that both the FIO and OFR have no more authority than they absolutely need to complete their very limited Congressionally-mandated duties, and we thank the Committee for their action today in this regard.”


Lessor’s Risk

The Lessor’s Risk insurance your clients need to cover any slip up. When it comes to Lessor’s Risk coverage, Burns & Wilcox is the top banana. We offer coverage for virtually any tenant occupied building. Plus, our unlimited access to admitted and non-admitted markets means we offer the broadest protection possible. So remember, when it comes to Lessor’s Risk, there’s one company who never slips up – Burns & Wilcox, the largest independent wholesale broker and underwriting manager. Minneapolis, Minnesota | 612.564.1880 toll free 800.637.7318 | fax 612.564.1881 • Commercial • Personal • Professional • Brokerage • Binding • Risk Management Services



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We are seeking quality agency appointments to become part of our “Worry Free” family. Simply bundle your customer’s auto, home and business insurance into IMT’s “Worry Free” bucket, and you will be worry free too.


Make This important change in your e-mail contact list.


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“A Personable Company Keeping You on Course’’ Rated “A+ Superior”

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SFM JOINS TRUSTED CHOICE® Minnesota based workers’ compensation insurer is latest brand movement company partner. ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 6, 2011 – SFM–The Work Comp Experts is the newest member of the Trusted Choice® consumer branding program for independent insurance agents and brokers. SFM, headquartered in Bloomington, Minn., has joined 65 other leading insurance companies nationwide as a Trusted Choice® company partner. “Trusted Choice® is proud to welcome SFM as the newest company partner,” says Dave Evans, Trusted Choice® executive director. “SFM’s commitment to workers and their employers has long been hailed in the Midwest and exemplifies the Trusted Choice® Pledge of Performance. We look forward to their continued growth in serving the needs of Trusted Choice® agents and their clients.” SFM was founded in 1883 as a member-owned mutual company and grew rapidly to become Minnesota’s largest workers’ compensation insurer. Today, SFM is a regional insurance group providing Midwest employers with workers’ compensation coverage in 16 states. SFM offers workers’ compensation insurance solutions for employers of all sizes, including claims and disability management, cost containment, legal assistance, and third-party administration. For more, please visit www. “Partnering with independent agents to strengthen client relationships has always been a fundamental commitment of SFM,” says Bob Lund, SFM president and CEO. “We are pleased to participate in and support the association’s Trusted Choice® program.” Trusted Choice® was launched by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”) and several independent agency companies to highlight the benefits independent agencies and brokerage firms offer consumers—choice of companies, customization of policies and advocacy support. It is the premier consumer brand for independent insurance agents and provides national advertising and other strategic tools to reach consumers. Trusted Choice® educates consumers about the benefits of using independent agents and brokers for their insurance needs: choice of companies, customized policies and advocacy support. Trusted Choice® is the consumer marketing identity for more than 22,000 independent insurance agencies and brokerage firms and 66 leading insurance companies. For more information, go to

Tired of waiting for the market to change? At Ringwalt & Liesche, we’re not waiting around. We’re proud to be an agency that can offer stability regardless of market conditions. Check out our website at to learn more, or just give us a call - we’d love to hear from you! • Commercial Auto • Garage Liability • General Liability • Commercial Property • Workers’ Comp • Motor Truck Cargo • Prize Indemnification

Ringwalt & Liesche Send your submissions to: P: 800-708-7448 • F: 402-916-3333 •


November 23, 2011 IIASD PRAISES NAIC

IIASD Praises NAIC for Bold Consumer Protection Step on Medical Loss Ratios IIASD is praising the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for its resolution regarding Medical Loss Ratios. The resolution passed by NAIC asks Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to provide relief for agents and brokers from the medical loss ratios as enacted under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The resolution calls on “Congress (to) should expeditiously consider legislation amending the MLR provisions of the PPACA in order to preserve consumer access to agents and brokers...� and asks HHS to take action to address the problems the MLR have produced. Since the MLR rules went into effect, they have created tremendous upheaval in the marketplace. The effect on agents and brokers in particular has been damaging as many insurance carriers have significantly cut their agent compensation in an effort to meet these new regulations. This has in turn reduced consumer access to agents and brokers, leading to a detrimental impact on essential services provided for consumers, such as guidance in claims processing and tailoring health plans to fit the needs of individuals and small businesses. “We urge Congress and HHS to take note of this important action by the NAIC and move forward with immediate relief from the MLR regulations for agents and brokers,� says Charles E. Symington, IIABA senior vice president for government affairs. “Congress can provide a permanent and proper fix by removing agent compensation from the MLR calculation, but meanwhile HHS has the power to relieve the downward pressure on agent compensation through regulatory action. The Big ‘I’ will continue to work with Congress, HHS and the NAIC as well as other stakeholders to protect consumers and the livelihoods of our small business membership.�

This relief is essential in order for consumers to have continued access to the professional services of agents and brokers. It was our association’s understanding that the Administration looked to the state insurance regulators for their expertise on this issue. For this final regulation to have been issued with no changes to the treatment of agent compensation so quickly on the heels of the NAIC’s resolution is surprising and will not only harm our thousands of small business owners but most importantly the consumers they serve. The Big ‘I’ will continue to forcefully advocate for HR 1206, the ‘Access to Professional Health Insurance Advisors Act of 2011’ by Reps. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and John Barrow (D-Ga.), which will provide the needed relief legislatively.�

Big ‘I’ Responds to HHS Medical Loss Ratios Decision IIASD issued a statement regarding the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announcement on Dec. 2 of the Obama administration’s final rule on Medical Loss Ratios. The recommendations by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which IIABA aggressively pursued, were not accepted.


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Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance Trusted Choice agencies are insurance and financial services firms whose access to multiple companies and commitment to quality service enable us to offer our clients competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and unparalleled advocacy. As a Trusted Choice agency, we are dedicated to you and are committed to treating you as a person, not a policy. This commitment means we shall:

• Work with you to identify the insurance and financial services that are right for you, your family or your business and use our access to multiple companies to deliver those products. • Guide you through the claims process for a prompt and fair resolution of your claim. Help you solve problems related to your coverage or account. • Explain the coverages and options available to you through our agency, at your request. • Return your phone calls and e-mails promptly and respond to your requests in a timely manner. • Provide 24/7 services for our customers, offering any or all of the following: emergency phone numbers,internet account access, e-mail and call center services. • Use our experience and multiple company relationships to customize your coverage in serving you. • Commit our staff to continuing education so they may be more knowledgeable in serving you. • Treat you with respect and courtesy. • Conduct our business in an ethical manner. We pledge this to you, our clients and ask that you let us know if we fail to meet our commitment, so we can take correction action.

EVALUATING THE TRUSTED CHOICE PLEDGE COMPONENTS The “24/7” section of the pledge has raised the most questions among agents. Here is the explanation provided us by Trusted Choice. To review this bullet point of the pledge, it states: “Provide 24/7 services for our customers, offering any or all of the following: emergency phone numbers, Internet account access, e-mail and call center services”. According, there is some latitude for Trusted Choice members to adhere to the spirit of the pledge in a variety of ways, such as posting 800 numbers for carrier call centers on the agency’s website and furnishing them as a recording on the agency’s answering machine for after-work hours. Some members do subscribe to a 24/7 service that will respond to calls after normal working hours and some agencies have personnel equipped with pagers and they rotate covering a time slot after normal working hours. Essentially, the concept behind the 24/7 pledge is meant to provide an avenue to allow a customer some way to access either an agency or carrier resource after normal working hours to convey a request or need. Agents have found that customers increasingly appreciate this capability and it provides an advantage to marketing to potential customers and retaining existing customers. Becoming a Trusted Choice Agency is as easy as requesting a Trusted Choice License Agreement to review and sign. In this agreement, you promise to maintain a current IIASD membership, follow the Pledge of Performance shown below and adhere to Trusted Choice Trademark rules. IIASD Board of Directors voted to pick up the first-year cost of Trusted Choice membership for all IIASD members. All you have to do is agree to follow the pledge and trademark rules and sign the license agreement. Review the Pledge of Performance below and go to our website to download the Trusted Choice License agreement. Sign and return to us at IIASD, Box 327, Pierre, SD 57501 or email to Call if you have questions – 605-224-6234.




Farm and Small Town February 15-16 Cedar Shores Hotel and Conference Center Chamberlain, South Dakota

E & O Loss Control Seminar June 4 - Rapid City, SD June 5- Pierre, SD June 6- Aberdeen, SD June 7- Sioux Falls, SD

September 9-11 Annual Convention The “Big Event” will be held at the Lodge in Deadwood, SD. For room reservations please call 605-584-4800 be sure to tell them you are with the IIASD as we have setup a block of rooms for the event.

Senate Passes Flood Extension

The U.S. Senate passed an extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) running through May 31, 201. The legislation passed the Senate by unanimous consent and must now be taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives to avoid the NFIP’s scheduled expiration on Dec. 16th. The House and Senate are currently working on legislation that would extend the program for five years and make needed reforms. The House overwhelmingly passed their version of the legislation, the “Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2011,” in July. The Senate Committee on Banking has passed their version, the “Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act” but the bill must still be considered by the full Senate. Once the Senate passes its legislation, the House and Senate will still have to agree on a final bill. This current action was a critical step and provided more time for work on the long-term reform and extension effort.


Pre-Licensing Class Announcement IIASD and A.D. Banker of the Dakotas Have Partnered

We are excited to announce that IIASD and A.D. Banker of the Dakota have partnered to provide insurance and securities licensing preparation classes and materials at a 15% IIASD Member Discount. A.D. Banker offers Exam Prep classes each month in Sioux Falls and quarterly classes in Rapid City. Class schedules are listed at: Self-study and online study options for Exam Prep are also available. Materials and classroom instruction have been very successful with an average of 95% of students taking their license exam passing on the first try! Sandy Kost is the Owner/Managing Director of A.D. Bankers of the Dakotas and has worked in the insurance and financial services industry since 1988. She has worked with insurance agents, investment reps, agencies and banks in SD, ND, NE, IA, MN and WI. She has provided training on various products and topics. To register for a class or to order materials, go to: Call: 605-271-4440 or 877-317-3087. Be sure to use the IIASD Promo/Discount Code to receive your 15% Member Discount. Promo Code: 1594626 IIASD 2011 in color FINAL_Layout 1 10/27/2011 3:22 PM Page 1


WHOLESALE ACCESS to First Dakota Indemnity and Dakota Truck Underwriters,


known as the Dakota Group. The Dakota Group is the largest writers of workers’ compenation business in South Dakota and a leading writer in the Midwest.


providing workers’ compensation solutions

Austin’s got you covered.




PO Box 89846 Sioux Falls, SD 57109-9846 P. 605.361.5705 or 866.440.1840 E.

Maple Grove, MN 55369 r"VTUJO.VUVBMDPN


FRAUD CONVICTIONS Devon Lynn Kile wanted to become one of the “Real Housewives of Orange County.” Instead, she is one of the convicted insurance crooks. Kile helped launch one of the largest workers’ comp schemes in California history, a $30 million deluge. She and hubby Michael Vincent Petronella owned a roofing and general contracting firm. They did not report $29 million in payroll to the state workers’ comp commission in order to illegally lower their comp premiums. They also made 42 fraudulent injury claims. Kile and Petronella provided false employee and payroll records when the comp commission audited their books. The con began to unravel when one of their workers fell from a roof and was injured and a payroll stub was submitted to the state comp commission in the name of a firm the commission did not cover. Kile and Petronella lived high. They owned five properties, a Bentley, two Ferraris, and a Range Rover. The pair spent more than $2.1 million with their American Express card, buying luxury shoes, clothes, jewelry, and other goodies. Investigators also found Kile’s application for the reality TV show, “Housewives of Orange County.” Kile received just 10 years of probation Wednesday despite pleading guilty to at least 70 felonies. Petronella was nailed with 10 years in state prison last year.

New Office in Rapid City, SD Bruce Eleeson & John Keffeler Ph: 605-791-5565 Assignments: We commit ourselves to providing you with the highest quality claims and case management services available in our industry. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to serving your needs. Please visit our website for a directory of our staff, services, and coverage area. Jeff Jares, AIC AIM President Adjusters Nancy Almendinger SCLA SDWCS Jennifer Andrisen Selzler, Mgr. SCLA AIC CSRP SDWCS Bill Blackman AIC Lynn Bren SCLA AIC Ron Burmood MBA AIC Kay Greve AIC, INS Dave Johnston SCLA Jerry Matthiesen AIC Chad Moore Wendi Peterson AIC Kimberly Rausch SDWCS Dave Sendelbach CPCU AIC Karl Weber SCLA AIC Tim Wieker SCLA AIC HCRI-R Amy Kvernmo Brad Wilson AIC SDWCS Case Managers Donna Passick RN CCM Kelly Rud RN BA LNCC Deb Whipple RN BA CCM Brenda Whiting RN CCM

driven STeAdY ANd True No company understands the insurance needs of truckers more than Truckers Insurance Associates — created by truckers for truckers. And for 60 years, Truckers Insurance has remained solely focused on transportation industry insurance. So whether your clients include a single owner-operator or a full-fledged fleet, Truckers Insurance will deliver the right coverage at the right price. Even more, as trucking specialists, we’re ready to respond rapidly when needs arise. That’s service you can count on. That’s putting know-how to work. That’s Truckers Insurance. Call your Truckers Insurance account manager at 800.652.9515 for a quote today.

WE DELIVER MORE 800.652.9515


Courts have ordered several convictions of swindlers who tried to cheat Travelers Insurance: Stephvone Chandler told Travelers that someone stole his 1981 Olds Cutlass from a restaurant parking lot in Gwinnett County, GA. The insurer did a database search and discovered that Chandler may have filed 30 auto-related claims involving multiple false towing charges. Chandler finally admitted that only four or five of the towing claims were legit. The court ordered 10 years of probation, and he must repay Travelers nearly $4,000. Joseph Penninger told Travelers he hurt his back while working for Fado Pubs in Dade, County, FL, but Penning had a bigger problem than his purported injury: His ex-girlfriend. She told Florida’s fraud bureau that Penninger was illegally working several jobs and was being paid in cash to hide the evidence. The court ordered Penninger to serve 180 days in county jail and to repay Travelers $1,280. Jerred Weatherby told Travelers he was hurt while lifting a small beam at his Canton, GA, work location. The insurer found that he was working as a contract laborer while collecting comp money from his other employer. Weatherby received five years of probation but was not ordered to pay restitution. Well-planned alibis were not enough for a Texas duo who pled guilty to conspiring to torch a home for easy insurance money. Blaise Hancock gave Clint Allen money to buy a $50,000 home and insure it for $861,000. Six months later, the home burned down while Hancock was conveniently traveling upstate and Allen was visiting his father in Louisiana. Or so they said. Allen had mailed his cellphone to his father in Louisiana, and asked a friend to check into a motel with his credit card. The day after the fire, the pair reconvened and filed $1.2 million in insurance claims, submitting receipts for things they claimed were lost in the fire. They even created a shell restoration company that submitted accompanying invoices. Hancock and Allen were sentenced to 79 months and 51 months, respectively, and together must come up with nearly $300,000 in restitution.

Everything involving the workers’ comp policy

looked real, but the coverage was fake and so was the agent, Florida’s Department of Financial Services says. National Employment Services (NES) paid $2.7 million for what it thought was legit comp coverage through a North Carolina agent named David Walters of Southeast Services, Inc. “Walters” even issued a realistic certificate of coverage. . But the named carrier has no agent named David Walters, and never received premiums on behalf of NES, the state fraud bureau discovered in its investigation. The address used by Southeast Services was a private mail box owned by one Carl Delmas Fuller. He pled guilty and received four years in prison, the fraud bureau announced Tuesday.

A recruiter for a massive $154 million healthinsurance fraud has been sent away. Pancha Keophi-

mone helped bring in patients to an Orange County, CA, clinic for worthless procedures such as hysterectomies, colonoscopies, removal of cysts, and surgery to cure a “sweaty palm” condition. More than 2,800 people were recruited from around the US. They were paid $300$1,000, or received free or discounted cosmetic surgeries. Keophimone was handed a year in county jail.

Fire damaged an apartment complex owned by

Christopher Scott Walters near St. Louis. He made an insurance claim. Citibank was supposed to take the payouts as the complex’s lienholder and disburse the money for repairs. But Walters spent the insurance money on personal expenses such as mortgage payments, a Cadillac Escalade, and Kia Sportage. Walters has pled guilty and will receive up to 30 years in federal prison when sentenced.

A traveling foot doctor charged insurers more than $1 million for clipping seniors’ toenails but lied that

he had performed surgery for ingrown toenails. Richard Behnan trimmed toenails for seniors at facilities in Detroit, Lansing, Bay City, and Flint. Behnan faces up to 10 years in federal prison when sentenced later this month. INSURANCE FOR: Homeowners Farmowners Modular Homeowners Personal Auto Farm Property Dwelling Property Mobile Homes Excess Liability Farm and Personal Liability Classic Vehicle Semi-Truck


Success At age 4 success is not piddling in your pants. At age 12 success is having a friend. At age 17 success is having a driver’s license. At age 35 success is having money. At age 50 success is having money. At age 70 success is having a driver’s license. At age 80 success is having friends. At age 90 success is not piddling in your pants.

Why American West Insurance?


• Local company with over 60 years agriculture insurance experience • Quality products • Competitive pricing • Expert claims and underwriting services

Be Protected. Be Sure®. To learn more about AWI contact Bruce Meyer at or call 605-929-2782.


Agribusiness • Farm & Ranch • Farm & Ranch Auto • Personal Auto Excess Liability • Watercraft • Crop-Hail • Multi-Peril


7 Tips for Building Trust and Rapport Rapidly by John Chapin You’ve probably heard the sayings that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”, and that “people need to know, like, and trust you before they’ll do business with you.” The truth is: until people know you care, most view you simply as a salesperson trying to make a sale. With that in mind, how do you build trust and rapport rapidly and let people know you have their best interest in mind so you can move toward the sale? 1) Treat everyone you meet as if they are a close friend or family member. By treating the prospect as a close friend or family member, you will ensure that you have their best interest in mind. People have a sixth sense and they know when you are more interested in making a sale than you are in helping them out. Thus you need to focus on the other person and what is best for them, as opposed to focusing on you, your company, your product, or the sale. 2) Work on the relationship and the connection before you focus on the sale. Most salespeople are so focused on the sales process, the questions they need to ask, and the points they need to make, that they forget to focus on the prospect and make a personal connection before proceeding with the sale. See each prospect as an individual, each with a unique life experience with distinct needs and desires. Build some solid rapport before moving into the sales portion of the call. 3) Make a friend. Your first objective is to be likeable, agreeable, get along, and make a friend. Your focus is not on showing the prospect how much you know or how little they know, or in getting in a debate over what they think they need versus what you think they need. Before you can educate the prospect and have them listen, or lead the prospect and have them follow, you must have a good connection and rapport.

4) Focus completely on the person to whom you’re speaking. Be present with the person to whom you’re speaking and make sure you are paying close attention, asking good, thoughtful, relevant questions, and listening well.

Do not focus on the phone in your pocket, the siren on the fire engine driving by, or the person who just walked in the door, give the person you’re talking to your undivided attention. 5) Treat each person as the most interesting person in the world. If you ask people who they are most interested in, the majority will say themselves if they answer honestly; treat them as if they are. Ooze caring, empathy, and understanding while keeping in mind that these feelings must be genuine. 6) Have friendly, relaxed conversations. Converse with each prospect as you would with a close friend. For the most part people are mirrors and will return what you send out. If you are relaxed, open, conversational, and show you care, your prospects will tend to mirror that. 7) Make sure everything about you sends the right message. Make sure you are perceived as a consummate professional. Speak professionally and intelligently, in other words, use proper grammar and be knowledgeable about your industry. Dress the part and be well groomed, have a good handshake, make good eye contact, and conduct yourself professionally at all times. The seven tips above will enable you to build trust and rapport rapidly and make a good first impression. Once you’ve made a good first impression, be sure to have strong follow up by doing what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it. After the initial meeting, your next objective is to make a good second, third, fourth impression, etc. John Chapin is an award winning sales speaker, sales trainer, coach, and co-author of the gold-medal winning “Sales Encyclopedia” a comprehensive how-to guide on selling. “Sales Encyclopedia” is written for sales professionals in all industries at any level of experience. Utilizing more than 21 years of sales experience and as a number one salesperson in three industries, John co-founded Complete Selling Incorporated, a company helping salespeople double their sales and find their motivation. If you would like access to John’s free white paper on what it takes to be successful in sales along with a monthly newsletter, you can visit John’s website at For permission to reprint, or to reach John, email him at


Flood Insurance Extension Article by Charles Symington IIABA As you know, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is currently set to expire at midnight this Friday, December 16th. We have been in regular contact with both House and Senate leadership in an effort to ensure that the NFIP receives a short-term extension as part of one of the federal government funding vehicles (continuing resolution and/or “minibus”) to avoid a federal government shutdown. As you may have read in the press, the House and Senate leadership have come to agreement on a federal government funding vehicle (the “minibus” appropriations bill) that will keep the federal government running through Sept 30th, 2012. Included in this agreement is a short-term extension of the NFIP until May 31, 2012. The minibus legislation is scheduled to be voted on in the House at approximately 2-3 p.m. and in the Senate shortly thereafter, and the President is expected to quickly sign it into law. Both the Republican and Democratic leadership are “whipping” a yes vote on this legislation, so passage is expected. Meanwhile, negotiations continue over the payroll tax cut/ unemployment insurance extension package. Latest reports indicate that progress is being made and that a final vote could occur either Saturday or Sunday. While there remains a possibility of the long-term flood reform bill being included in the payroll tax cut deal, it is still questionable as we are hearing conflicting reports from the Hill on the chances. The good news is that, at the very least, we have a 5 and a half month extension of the NFIP. It is also worth noting that the date of May 31st for the extension had been specifically requested by the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee because they plan to spend the first quarter of next year attempting to finish the long-term flood insurance reform bill if need be. This timing could work out very well with IIABA legislative conference scheduled for late April. We will of course continue to advocate for the long-term bill, both in the payroll tax cut deal and as a stand-alone piece of legislation should the deal not end up including it. If there is movement on the long-term bill this weekend as part of any payroll tax cut compromise, we will be sure to send along an update.

Marketing Reimbursement Program Prepares to Close Another Successful Year Trusted Choice® staff continues work to complete members’ reimbursement applications. It’s that time of year again: As the holidays near, many mem-

bers are working on renewals and sending also are turning their focus to submitting their 2011 marketing expenses to company co-ops and the Trusted Choice® Marketing Reimbursement Program. Trusted Choice has recently seen a large influx of Marketing Reimbursement Program requests from members over the last few weeks, and it’s working diligently to catch up on a backlog of applications to ensure that each member receives its due reimbursement. Each application requires a thorough review, and Trusted Choice is focusing extra resources on processing these applications. Trusted Choice asks for members’ patience and cooperation as it closes out this calendar year for the Marketing Reimbursement Program. Questions may be directed to Kevin Brandt, director of operations for Trusted Choice (kevin. Be sure to get your reimbursement expenses in by 12-31-11.

Just a guppy when it comes to selling flood?

Don’t be shy - Big “I” Flood is here to help. There’s a lot to understand when it comes to flood insurance. We admit it! From changing flood zones to determining the best level of protection for our client, there is a lot to navigate. So even though you’re a big fish when it comes to selling other coverages, flood can make you feel like a guppy! But don’t let this prevent you from offering flood coverage to your clients. We’re here to help you understand and sell flood. Big “I” Flood provides: ACCESS - In, Above & Outside of the NFIP! EDUCATION - Classroom CE or the new Flood Learning Center on VU ADVOCACY - Representation on Capitol Hill & NFIP advisory committees Learn more at, or contact Big “I” Flood Program Manager Linda Mackey at or (800) 221-7917. Let us explain how we operate in, above, and outside the NFIP!

FLOOD In, Above, and Outside the NFIP!



Big “I” Risk Management Website Big “I” members whose agency E&O insurance is written by Swiss Re through the Big “I” Professional Liability Program have access to an exclusive risk management web site.

DON’T BE ON THE HOOK FOR: Failing to procure coverage requested by the client Not adequately identifying client exposures Failing to provide timely notice of a claim to the carrier

Log on today to fish for E&O claims frequency data, real-life case studies and analysis, sample client letters, sample agency procedures, agency E&O self assessments, podcasts on important E&O topics, and much more.

Misrepresenting or not explaining policy provisions Providing inaccurate information to carriers Failing to properly add additional insureds or loss payees


If you don’t have a direct appointment with Travelers commercial, but think you would benefit from having online access to its Select Accounts products, then keep reading!

There are dozens of classes that qualify including accountants, dentists, lawyers and…insurance offices!

Big “I” Markets and Travelers Select Accounts are partnering to provide you a complete range of coverage solutions, services, competitive products and pricing that offer your insureds and you both value and flexibility. You can now write the Master Pac SM Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) starting with Office PacSM and soon to be expanded to more than a dozen segments of the commercial marketplace.

As a registered user of Big “I” Markets you have access to Office Pac right now!

Office Pac is designed for a variety of firms providing including insurance offices, medical, legal, financial or other professional services for their clientele. Travelers’ proprietary BOP product, Master Pac, includes a broad array of industry-specific coverage options and coverage extensions that can be tailored to your clients’ needs.

To review a complete listing of eligible classes or to retrieve your Big “I” Markets password, please visit P.S. Why not quote your own agency and see if you can save some money on your own business insurance while paying yourself commission to do so!

Travelers’ exposure-based definition makes it easy for you to prequalify a risk, saving you time and increasing your revenue. Simply review the industry-specific exposure guidelines in the Product Resources section of the Office Pac product on Big “I” Markets to quickly determine accounts that are eligible for Master Pac. The time you save by pre-qualifying accounts can be allocated towards growing your business and servicing larger clients.



4 Seminars Offering Continuing Education Credits (pending approval) Call 605-234-6376 for reservations and let them know you are with the Independent Insurance Agents of SD. The 2012 Farm and Small Town Agents Conference and Spring Crop Update will be held in Oacoma, SD on February 15 and 16 at the Cedar Shores Resort and Convention Center. 2012 South Dakota Legislative Update1 hour General CEC Presenter: Merle Scheiber, Director, Division of Insurance

2012 Spring Crop Insurance Update- (State & Federal) - 4 hours Crop CEC (pending) Instructor: Doug Hagel and Staff of Risk Management Agency

Is Our Homeowners Insurance in Crisis? -

Instructor: A.W. (Jeff) Jeffus, CPCN, CAM, AAM, AIM

Where Have All the Years Gone?

Presenter: Russ Fischer of Fischer Unlimited

3 hours Property/Casualty CEC 1 hour General CEC


12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. - 4:30p.m. 5:00 p.m. - 7:00p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Registration Spring Crop Update - 4 hrs Crop CEC (pending) Where Have All the Years Gone?- Russ Fischer of Fischer Unlimited 1 hr. Gen. Legislative Update -1 hr. Gen. CEC The Brand-The Name- Trusted Choice- Dave Evans IIABA Hospitality Room- Poolside Banquet with Special Farm Columnist/Speaker

7:00 a.m. - 7:45 a.m. 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 11:15 a.m.

Breakfast Buffet Is Our Homeowners Insurance in Crisis? - 3 hrs. P&C CEC Noon Luncheon


Payment must be received with registration. Send form in with payment or you can also go to and register online. Payment must be sent with this form. (Checks payable to IIASD) Payment:

Check Enclosed; or



American Express

Card No. ______________________________________________Card VeriďŹ cation No.______ Exp. Date _______ Billing Address ________________________________________________________________________________ Cardholder Name_____________________________ Signature __________________________________________ Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota, PO Box 327, Pierre, SD 57501 Phone 605-224-6234; Fax 605-224-6235

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2012 FARM & SMALL TOWN AGENTS CONFERENCE NAME/NAMES: __________________________________________________________________________________ AGENCY/CO (if any): ______________________________________PHONE # _____________________________ ADDRESS:____________________________________________CITY & ZIP: _______________________________ _____$75

Choose one of the following:

IIASD Member/Company Registration

_____$150 Non-member Registration

_____$50 Crop Seminar Only _____$50 Crop Seminar with hospitality & banquet


DIAMOND Progressive Insurance Co. PLATINUM Farmers Mutual of Nebraska Risk Administration Services GOLD Allied Insurance Dakota Claims Service EMC Insurance Companies Great American Insurance Company IMT Insurance Company Midwest Family Mutual North Star Mutual Insurance Company Rain & Hail, LLC United Fire Group

SILVER Acuity Insurance ARMtech Insurance Services Continental Western Group Reliamax Insurance Company Risk Placement Services, Inc. SFM-“The Work Comp Experts” State Auto Insurance Swiss Re Western National Insurance BRONZE Auto-Owners Insurance Berkley Risk Administrators LLC Buckeye Insurance Group Cincinnati Insurance Group Columbia Insurance Group Farmers Alliance Group Great Plains Brokerage Insurance Alternatives, LLC Insurance Facilities Inc. Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Co. NAU Country Insurance Northwest GF Mutual Insurance. Pro Ag QBE


December Newsletter 2011  
December Newsletter 2011  

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