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May 2018

The Independent Insurance Agents of South Dakota Association received the Eagle Award for InsurPac donations at the Legislative Conference.

IIASD President Receives InsurPac Young Agent Award

Jesse Konold, Key Insurance, Mobridge, was presented with the InsurPac Young Agent of the Year Award at the IIABA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. Jesse was honored for his initiative and guidance in implementing the mobile ecommerce platform for InsurPac. His leadership in all areas and commitment to legislative advocacy resulted in South Dakota Young Agents increasing their annual InsurPac contributions by more than 200% and IIASD receiving the InsurPac Eagle Award for the first time.




Jesse Konold Key Insurance Inc. Mobridge, SD


Derrick Linn Leavitt Heartland Ins. Services Sturgis, SD





John Meyen Rosholt Insurance Agency Rosholt, SD Annette Conway Black Hills Agency Inc Rapid City, SD


Josh Gilkerson Fischer Rounds & Assoc. Pierre, SD


Josh Gilkerson Fischer Rounds & Assoc. Pierre, SD

Dan Maguire Black Hills Agency Inc Rapid City, SD

DISTRICT # 5 Elizabeth Nepodal Fidelity Agency Platte, SD



Mindy Huntington Fischer Rounds & Assoc. Watertown, SD

John Meyen Rosholt Insurance Agency Rosholt, SD

Melanie Parsons Parsons’ Insurance Agency Viborg, SD

Amy Bailey Starr Insurance Custer, SD





Deana Taylor Agents of Insurance Rapid City, SD

Amy Olson-Miller McKinneyOlson Insurance Sioux Falls, SD



Fly With the Eagles


Legislative Conference 2018 The annual National Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, emphasizes one of the most important resources provided by membership in the Independent Insurance Agent’s Assn. When members attend for the first time, they typically are amazed at the commitment of national staff and independent agents all across the United States….commitment to legislative advocacy and desire to protect the future of our industry and livelihood of its members. They are impressed by the credibility our industry has on Capitol Hill and the respect given to agents by our Senators and Represenative. Granted, South Dakota has light duty when we meet with our three legislators as two have direct ties to insurance and they all understand the importance of preserving the integrity of federally regulated insurance programs. Twelve member agents joined me on this trip with eight of them in the Young Agent category. This was a very special year for South Dakota as the membership received (for the frist time) the InsurPac Eagle Award for achieving an average contribution of $100 per agency. And to top that off, our IIASD Pres, Jesse Konold of Key Agency, Mobridge, was honored to receive the National InsurPac Young Agent of the Year Award for his ecommerce efforts on improving the InsurPac donation process. He was very surprised and we were all very PROUD. It is a privilege to work with so many enthusiastic and innovative SD Young Agents. I know our industry will prosper going forward under their strong leadership. InsurPac Challenge To You – if you were not a contributor to InsurPac in 2017, step up this year and join with other IIASD members in our efforts to make a difference for the future of independent insurance agents. Jesse’s new “text to donate” platform makes it very easy. Text IIASD at 797979 and the InsurPac donation form will come up on your phone. Your contribution will enter your name into the IIASD InsurPac Cash Raffle drawing. You will receive tickets equivalent to your donation - $20 each.

E&O EDGE – Megan Linn, E&O Administrator Crisis Management Coverage CRISIS!!! By Richard F. Lund, JD Crisis! Scandal! Imbroglio! Disaster! What do these words have in common? They all relate to what could happen to your agency if someone or something causes your agency’s reputation to be put on the line due to some outside force. Agencies from time to time will face significant incidents – from a disgruntled customer who turns to social media to damage your agency’s reputation to an employee involved in a local scandal. Every day we see where an individual or company has had an event that suddenly causes a situation where they must deal with what are seemingly unbearable circumstances and they are thrust into the local, regional or even national news. As a result, the general public begins to take a different view of them and that could lead to a serious reputational problem. Examples of what could happen include workplace violence, negative portrayals on social media, negative publicity from civil litigation, or even death of an individual. If you don’t have Olivia Pope (the lead character in the TV show “Scandal” portrayed by Kerry Washington) on your speed dial, what do you do?

What is a “crisis event”? It can include the death or debilitating illness of a sole proprietor; national or regional news exposure regarding the professional services of an agency that is reasonably likely to have a negative impact on its reputation, community relations, public confidence or goodwill; an incident of workplace violence or the filing of an involuntary bankruptcy petition against the named insured. Think of this coverage as something to help protect your people, your assets, and your brand. Here are a few examples: An agency had a disgruntled customer that began a social media campaign to discredit the agency due to their (unfounded) belief that the agency had failed to properly provide coverage for them. The carrier denied the customer’s claim; they sued the agency and lost and then decided to exact their revenge via social media. The agency notified the Swiss Re claims department, and the claims team contacted a crisis management expert to assist in examining the problem and taking action to protect the agency’s reputation. What happens when a sole proprietor passes away and a family member wants to continue the business but is not sure what to do? In this situation, assistance is provided to help the family member take action to publicize the transition and work to develop a plan to let the public know.

You would turn to a crisis management specialist. These specialists can help an agency limit the negative impact of events on their reputation by helping you identify the issues and stakeholders, use clear decision-making to deal with the crisis, develop a plan to deal with the issues, and then proceed with the plan.

Another situation might involve the negative publicity to an agency when it is determined that an employee committed a criminal act, be it fraud, embezzlement, or even some violent crime, that would cause the agency to be put in an unfavorable light. Again, the agency would contact the claims department and they would assist them in contacting a crisis management expert to help them work through the situation and help restore the public’s confidence in the agency.

In 2016, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions implemented a new coverage for agents insured by Westport Insurance Corporation to address just these issues called “Crisis Management.” The coverage provides assistance, up to $20,000 reimbursement per policy period, for fees, costs, and expenses incurred by a named insured in addressing a “crisis event.”

While the policy provision is for reimbursement, in all of these situations, the agency should contact the Swiss Re/Westport claims team at the start and they will assist them in contacting the appropriate party to help them work through the situation. Even if you aren’t sure if there’s a crisis event, contact them and they will be glad to help you work through it. Richard F. Lund, JD, is a Vice President and Senior Underwriter of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, underwriting insurance agents errors and omissions coverage.


Division of Insurance News and Views The South Dakota Division of Insurance has obtained approval from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for veterans to obtain reimbursement for exam fees for insurance producer licenses in the State of South Dakota. The approval for reimbursement for exam fees to veterans has been retroactively applied, effective July 1, 2017. No exams taken prior to that date are eligible for reimbursement. To obtain reimbursement a veteran must complete and submit OMB form 2900-0695. This form can be accessed from the VA at The VA has created a checklist to aid in completing the reimbursement form, available at https:// The VA facility code assigned to South Dakota is 46000041. This code (VA Facility Code 46000041) should be included on the reimbursement form in box 8 (pertaining to organizational information), or in Box 11 – the remarks section. The approved exams eligible for exam cost reimbursement consideration are: • SD Crop Producer • SD Personal Lines Producer • SD Property and Casualty Producer • SD Casualty Producer • SD Property Producer • SD Accident and Health of Sickness Producer • SD Life Producer • SD Bail Bonds Producer • SD Life, Accident and Health or Sickness Producer Additional information on VA benefits for licensing and certification is available at https://www. Questions may be directed to the Department of Veterans Affairs at, select the “Ask a Question” link available under “Contact Us”


Kayla’s Technology Advice If You Can’t Beat ’Em: How to Join the InsurTech Movement By: JASON KECK Although InsurTech was once believed to be a threat to independent agencies, many agency owners now realize they can use technology to get ahead in a competitive market. But finding the right approach isn’t that simple. The right approach to InsurTech can help you overtake your competition, while the wrong choice can set you back years. Agency owners who get this right will be the ones you read about for the next decade. With so many options on the table, owners face a classic strategy question: build, buy or partner? Build. People who feel a strong connection to a solution will always have a natural tendency to want to build, especially if they have entrepreneurship in their bones. They believe their understanding of the problem and solution is superior, and that a custombuilt solution is the best way to get the most value from investing their time and money. But building, supporting and growing a technology product is no small undertaking. To build an effective technology solution, you have to be committed to investing in technology as a core competency, not just a one-off project. And while it’s a huge differentiator when done right, few agencies have the understanding and resources necessary to build and manage an effective product team, as well as provide ongoing support. For most, this path will likely be time-consuming, expensive and risky. Buy. If you’ve realized how challenging it is to build your own technology, but you’re still hell-bent on having a custom-made solution, acquiring a company might be right for you. An acquisition can help you accelerate product development and give you access to a team. But let’s say you’ve opportunistically stumbled upon a company you love. It probably means they’ve done something pretty impressive, so buying them isn’t going to be cheap. Or maybe you’ve found a company that’s flailing, and you can buy their assets for next to nothing. Sounds great in principle, but in my experience, trying to adapt someone else’s code for your own needs takes more work than building from scratch.

If you decide to run a search, you may know exactly what you want, have a budget in mind and know you want to move quickly. But on top of your day job, you need to find the time to manage the acquisition or maybe hire some help, which you may not have budgeted for. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a company that does what you need and is willing to sell at your price. No matter how you reach the end result, you’re going to have to invest time and money, which will be a distraction from your day-to-day operations. If a team of people came with the acquisition, you’re also going to have to find ways to keep them motivated. And in the end, you’re still left with the same challenges as building your own solution from scratch: To make technology a core competency, you must invest in a team that can develop and support the product. In my view, only the largest agencies with the budget and appetite necessary to go through this process should consider buying a technology company. Partner. Companies form partnerships when they both have an asset from which the other can benefit. When I was at Shazam, we brought our patented technology to Apple’s App Store to demonstrate what you could do with an app on the iPhone, and Apple promoted us to millions of people. We had the cool factor; they had the marketing budget. It was a win-win. A comparable example exists in the insurance industry. Carriers have developed products with underwriting guidelines and maintain the balance sheet required to offer those products. They don’t, on the other hand, always have the resources to market those products to businesses or agencies, and they may not be able to service claims. Retail brokers, wholesale brokers and MGAs, on the other hand, do have the time and expertise to market and service products—but not the expertise to create them or the balance sheets to offer them. This partnership benefits all parties involved and has helped the insurance industry operate effectively for years. With InsurTech, partnering is the obvious approach for any size agency. Building or buying likely makes sense only for the larger agencies that have capital and risk tolerance.


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Congress Considers Crop Insurance Changes By: Jennifer Webb Last month, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture voted along party lines to advance H.R. 2, “The Agriculture and Nutrition Act,” by Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-Texas). The House is expected to consider the bill in May. However, controversy related to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other issues make it hard to predict what will happen. The U.S. Senate is also working on its own version of the Farm Bill. The Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP) sees minimal changes in the current version of H.R. 2. The FCIP generally has broad bipartisan support in both the House and Senate at the agriculture committee level. Nonetheless, numerous members of Congress and outside groups are stepping up attacks on the program. For example, the Republican Study Committee, a conservative caucus in the House, recently proposed reducing the premium discount that farmers receive by about 50% and eliminating all administrative and operating reimbursements to crop insurance companies. Insurance agent commissions are paid from administrative and operating reimbursements. Meanwhile, in the Senate, Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire), Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) and Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) recently introduced a new bill to cap premium discounts for farmers. Given these developments, the Big “I” expects that as the 2018 Farm Bill moves through the legislative process, Congress will consider amendments that could be harmful to the FCIP. The Big “I” will oppose any amendment to the Farm Bill, proposal or legislation that would increase the cost of crop insurance to farmers; reduce the number of farmers eligible for crop insurance, thereby destabilizing the FCIP risk pool; or weaken the efficient and effective private-sector delivery of crop insurance. Last week, the Big “I” and more than 60 other insurance and agricultural groups sent a letter to every member of the House urging them to support crop insurance. The Big “I” supports the FCIP because crop insurance is critical for the security of America’s economy and food supply. Independent agents play a vital role in this successful private-public partnership.

Life Insurance as an asset Even though life insurance is often not regarded as an investment that fits within a stylebox representation of a client’s asset allocation, it can still help round out their overall portfolio. Clients want security and guarantees while not giving up growth potential, and life insurance offers the potential for guaranteed growth and protection regardless of market performance. As you look at your client’s asset mix, on top of providing valuable death benefit, life insurance can help protect their overall portfolio, while also helping address other financial concerns.

Call Financial Markets, Inc. today to learn more at 800-888-2829 Opt 2 Life insurance is provided by Ameritas® Life Insurance Corp. and may not be available in all states and may vary in some states. Financial Markets, Inc. does not solicit in the state of New York. Financial Markets, Inc. is not an affiliate of Ameritas or any of its affiliates. AD 527 8-17

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In House P&C Agent Wanted: Missouri River Associates, LLC in Yankton, SD is expanding! Now hiring for an in house P&C agent. Primary dutiesinclude servicing our existing book of business, as well as walk in clients. This individual will need to possess a P&C insurance license, have excellent customer service skills, and be a team player. Benefits available, competitive wages, Growth potential. Please email resumes to

Dr. Matthew Bunkers of Northern Plains Weather Services is a certified consulting meteorologist (CCM) and forensic meteorologist with over 25 years of weather analysis and forecasting experience. He can provide reports, depositions, and testimony in the areas of weather and forecast ing, severe summer and winter storms, flooding, applied climatology and meteorology, agriculture meteorology, and statistics. More information is provided at, and you can contact Matt at or 605.390.7243.


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Independent Insurance Agents Every day, you as independent agents put on a rocking show for your clients. We are proud to give you a standing ovation!



The following members of the Insurance Professionals of Greater Sioux Falls were named at the 2018 International Association of Insurance Professionals Region V Convention in Des Moines IA:

Jennifer Christensen, Sr. Client Service Consultant of Holmes Murphy & Associates of Sioux Falls, was named Insurance Professional of the Year. The award recognizes excellence among those who have been employed in the insurance industry a minimum of ten years. Among the criteria considered in conferring the award are the candidate’s participation in association activities, involvement in the insurance industry, education programs, industry experience, current career position and activities undertaken in the community.

Linda Medenwald, Surplus Lines Underwriter, of Great Plains Brokerage of Sioux Falls, was named Professional Underwriter of the Year. This award recognizes an underwriter who has demonstrated superior knowledge of the UW field, experienced professional advancement through educational pursuits, demonstrated leadership and is an active participant in IAIP activities.

Nachole Gillis, Client Coordinator, of Howalt-McDowell Insurance, A Marsh & McLennan Agency of Sioux Falls was named the Confidence While Communicating speak-off winner. This award recognizes the best speaker completing the CWC educational program. It is designed to teach the skills necessary to prepare and deliver oral presentations.

These winners will now be progressing to the International Convention and competing for international awards in St. Louis.


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Young Agents Corner Leg Conference Comments

Eight IIASD Young Agents attended the IIABA Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, along with hundreds of other Big I Young Agents and members. The focus of the event was to bring insurance industry issues to Capitol Hill. This year’s emphasis was on 1) Flood; 2) Tax Reform 3) Crop Insurance/Farm Bill negotiations; 4) Health Care; 5) Cyber and 6) Insurance Regulation Andy Thomas: “As an insurance agent, it can be easy to get caught up in our own daily tasks within our agencies and not realize how important this industry is nationwide. I was able to see firsthand how involved this organization is at the highest level of government. It’s great to know the national association has smart, hardworking people doing their best to make this industry better for all of us.” Lindsey Weich: “This trip was awesome. Getting to meet with our legislators and listen to their responses to our issues helped me to understand that being involved and communicating with people in these positions is very important to my career and family. The sightseeing was amazing and the networking opportunities will continue to help build our business.” Lisa Rensland: “I have 2 words to explain my impression of the Legislative Conference: Surprising & Motivating. I was surprised at the large number of agents who take the time to represent and support our industry with their knowledge and enthusiasm. It was motivating to me and it makes me want to be more involved in our industry moving forward. Overall, it was a rewarding and amazing experience.” Taylor Jacobson: “The Legislative Conference was a special experience to be able to engage with our peers and industry leaders as well as with political leaders both from South Dakota and across the country. I want to thank our National and State Associations for all they do to enhance our industry.” Betsy Krohmer: Legislative Conference was a great experience. It was great to feel like our opinion mattered and our comments valuable when talking with Thune and Rounds. They understood where we were coming from and why certain issues were important to us as independent agents. I had never been to Washington, DC and doing the night-time monument tour was great. I wish we would have had more time on the Hill to observe the legislative process.” Staci Uzzle: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend the “Big I” Leg Conference in Washington, DC. The entire experience was fun and educational. I would highly recommend any young agent to take advantage of the opportunities provided by IIASD.” First-time young agent attendees included: Andy Thomas, BankWest Ins.; Lisa Rensland, Fischer-Rounds Ins.; Lindsey Weich, Krohmer Ins.; Taylor Jacobsen, McKinney-Olson Ins.; Staci Uzzle, Heartland Financial Services and Betsy Krohmer, Krohmer Ins.


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1st Dakota Insurance offers competitively priced Continuing Education and Exam Prep materials and courses for their members.

Sandy Kost 1st Dakota Insurance School 2601 S Minnesota Ave Suite 105-244 Sioux Falls, SD 57105 605.271.4440 or 877.317.3087

**Licensing Materials and Classes (for Property/Casualty and Life/Health Exam Preparation) **Continuing Education Classes **Online Courses and Webinars We are continuing to offer the materials you are familiar with. Be sure to check out their website at

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CWG® Fire/EMS PAK Announces Your New South Dakota State Directors! WEST of the river

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Dan Maguire Daschle Larsen and Levi Olivier and Taylor Jacobsen Black Hills Insurance Agency, Inc. McKinneyOlson Insurance pak@BlackHil 605.342.5555 605.335.7777


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2018 IIASD’s Schedule of Events

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July 15th – 16th

Five-State Regional Young Agents Conf. Omaha, Nebraska

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And support the great work you do as agents in the agricultural community. By working with us, the nation’s number one farm insurer, you can offer your customers one-of-a-kind protection from an experienced industry leader. Partner with America’s top farm insurer today.

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In Memory of Richard (Dick) Maguire

September 12, 1930 – April 30, 2018 Dick Maguire grew up working for his father in the creamery business and learned at an early age that hard work results in success. He tackled everything he did with enthusiasm and passed this trait onto his children through example. Dick was deeply involved in charitable organizations, industry associations, community and church. Dick’s father opened the Jerry Maguire Insurance Agency in 1949 and Dick joined the agency selling property and casualty insurance in 1951. When Dick’s father suffered a stroke in 1968, Dick purchased Black Hills Agency. His career would not only span a lifetime but the careers of six of his children, as well as six of his grandchildren employed by the company. Dick met his wife Joanne Ament in Rapid City at an insurance convention for “women only” and three days later, he proposed and she accepted. Together they were blessed with 7 children. Dick is survived by his wife, Mary Lou, his children, Jerry Maguire, Mike (Katie) Maguire, Katherine (Kevin) Randall, Daniel (Merry) Maguire, Suzanne (Kyle) Fees, Kelly (Grace) Maguire , Kevin (Tami) Maguire, all of Rapid City, a stepson Drew (Monica) Pearson, Eugene, Oregon, stepdaughter, Shawna Nelson, Rapid City, two brothers, Tom (Marie) Maguire, Littleton, CO and Paul (Darlene Thorson) Maguire, Rapid City, 23 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. He also leaves behind his faithful 7 a.m. Cathedral Family, Morning Coffee Club buddies and his Wednesday Morning Home Group. He is preceded in death by his first wife, Joanne, his parents, and four siblings. Dick Maguire served on the IIASD Board and as President of the Association 1980-81. He impressed on his children the importance of doing your part to protect the industry.

Big ‘I’ Continues Advocacy on Tax Issues By: Jennifer Webb

At the Big “I” Legislative Conference, one of the top issues was implementation of the provisions of the new tax law that relate to pass-through entities. A key provision of the law, which took effect earlier this year, adds a section to the individual tax code (26 U.S.C. §199A) that creates a 20% deduction on “qualified business income” for owners and shareholders of pass-through businesses, such as subchapter S corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships. Two-thirds of Big “I” member agencies are organized as pass-through entities, and many should be able to benefit from the new deduction in whole or in part. However, it is currently unclear whether the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will consider insurance agencies and brokerages a “specified service trade or business” in any implementation regulations or guidance on the new law. This distinction is important because an owner or shareholder of a “specified service trade or business” with annual taxable income above $415,000 (joint) and $207,500 (single) is prohibited from utilizing the new deduction. The Big “I” believes that Congress did not intend to limit insurance agency owners from receiving the full benefits of the pass-through deduction, because Congress specifically excluded the word “insurance” from the new law’s definition of a “specified service trade or business.” Additionally, interpreting the pass-through provisions of the law in a narrow and exclusionary manner is against the broad public policy goals of the law: to create jobs and grow the economy. The Big “I” is working with a coalition of other producer groups to advocate on this issue before the Treasury Department and the IRS. Last week, the coalition sent a letter to key department officials and has also held calls and meetings with the department. The Big “I” is hopeful that any implementation regulations or guidance, expected later this year, will treat agents and brokers appropriately. 19

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FRAUD Convictions

fraud charges

A plumber’s workers’ comp con leaked. Bobby Eugene Stepp lost his right leg in a workplace accident. The King County, Washington, man said he was unable to work and received medical benefits and wage replacement off and on for nearly 10 years. Meanwhile, Stepp worked for two plumbing firms, then ran his own plumbing business installing bathtubs. His firm took in more than $144,000 during that time. Stepp signed official forms stating he could not and was not working, because of his injury. The state AG prosecuted based on an investigation by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. L&I began investigating after a routine crossmatch of Employment Security Department and L&I records showed Stepp was earning wages. Stepp pleaded guilty and received 45 days of detention.

Amanda Lee Banks made the staged burglary of her home seem like a hate crime against her as a black woman, prosecutors charge in Lubbock, Texas. Banks said she spent the night at a local hotel to celebrate a relative’s birthday, returning home to find her home was burglarized. Banks claimed two stolen rings worth $3,300 total, $8,000 of clothes, and additional items. QBE Insurance paid about $18,000. The claimed vandals carved racial slurs into her furniture. One was “#WLM,” apparently meaning “White Lives Matter.” Burglars normally do not take the time to deface an interior like that, seeking a quick entry and exit. Only the furniture was defaced, the walls were suspiciously left alone. Investigators found a framed photo of the famous 1968 human-rights salute by U.S. black Olympians lying on the floor in a bedroom. Seemed the photo merely was taken off the wall and placed on the floor; despite numerous slurs around Banks’ home, the photo was strangely untouched. Investigators also found no evidence of forced entry. Only the kitchen was ransacked — other rooms were tidy. Two TVs were left alone which seemed strange. Stolen TVs have some street value, while women’s clothing generally has little value to burglars. Banks showed receipts for her clothing, yet the store said they were fake. Banks changed her story to say her ex-boyfriend bought the stuff, though he denied it. Banks also has 21 prior insurance claims, including six for burglaries and thefts. A candidate for the school district board, Banks is now a candidate for up to two years in jail if convicted of insurance fraud.

A part-time dentist is now a full-time inmate. Amishi Patel worked part-time at a dental clinic in Daly City, California. She told a teenage girl she needed 16 cavity fillings. Patel did eight fillings before the girl’s father grew suspicious and took her to three other dentists for their opinions. They all agreed the girl had no cavities and did not need the fillings. The eight fillings Patel did perform were so shoddy they needed replacing. A court ordered Patel not to practice dentistry as a condition of bail release. She altered the order to make it seem it was rescinded. Patel used the altered order to get a job at a dental office in Fremont. Patel also used the license number of a local dentist with a similar name to apply for several other dentist jobs in Fremont. She had one interview with an undercover officer. Patel pleaded no contest, receiving 20 months in prison plus eight months of probation. The California insurance department led the investigation.

A sting stopped a doctor from handing out large volumes of unneeded opioids, feds in Modesto, California allege. Sawtantra Kumar Chopra sold large quantities of addictive opioids for cash. Included were Norco (hydrocodone) and Xanax (alprazolam). Several pharmacies contacted the state with their suspicions. Four undercover agents descended on Chopra’s office to seek pills. An agent claimed his elbow hurt and was given a script without a physical exam to confirm an ailment. The agent later brought Chopra an X-ray of a different body part, completely healthy, and Chopra still prescribed opioids. The agents scored hydrocodone from Chopra 14 times. They bought scripts for Xanax six times, and twice got cough syrup with codeine. Chopra could spend 20 years in federal prison if convicted.

21 Jeff Jares, AIC AIM, President Christopher W. Madsen, J.D., General Counsel Dan Eggers, Finance/HR/IT Adjusters – Sioux Falls Nancy Almendinger Cory Beck Blake Dykstra Joe Jares Collin Karsky Alex Mentele Wendi Peterson Dave Sendelbach

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Broader appetite for select risks (including Total Insured Property Values as high as $50 million for certain industries and risks).

Our focus on being data-driven and using business intelligence to gain a competitive edge.

A superior combined ratio that (according to A.M. Best) outperforms our peers.

Our commitment to distribution through independent agents!

Higher A.M. Best financial size (i.e., “X”).

Enhanced infrastructure to support growth.



Berkshire Hathaway


Insurance Companies

We have agency appointments available. Go to!





Overflow Hotel for 2018 Convention in Deadwood Insurance Solutions for Fire & Emergency Responders

September 23rd-25th Springhill Suites/ tru Properties Call Today to Reserve Your Rooms

EXCLUSIVELY OFFERED IN SOUTH DAKOTA BY: Fischer Rounds & Associates, Inc. | Shane Lehrkamp | tel: 800.456.2603 | cell: 605.224.9223 A Member of OneBeacon Insurance Group These policies may be underwritten by Atlantic Specialty Insurance Company or OBI National Insurance Company.

1-605-571-2203 Room Rate of $79-89

Career Opportunity for

We can help.

Insurance Agent/Customer Service Agent


Dacotah Insurance is hiring Insurance Agents in our Aberdeen, Webster/Sisseton, Watertown/Clark and Dickinson, ND markets, along with an Insurance Customer Service Agent in Sioux Falls, SD. Primary focus commercial and farm insurance. The successful individuals will currently hold licenses in property casualty and life and health. Along with being a team player, and having superb customer service and communication skills. We offer an excellent benefits package and competitive salary within an outstanding work environment.

restoration services

Sioux FallS

605-334-9716 yankton




Apply online:

Equal Opportunity Employer of women, minorities, protected veterans and individuals with disabilities.


Sales Success Lessons I Learned from my Mom By: John Chapin

My mom passed away recently. As I was writing her eulogy, I realized that a lot of what she stood for, and a lot of what she taught me, led to my sales success. As I looked deeper, I realized that most of her examples also had to do with success in life, not just sales. Here’s what I learned. Mom’s Lessons for Sales and Life Success Perseverance and stick-to-itiveness I remember my first job out of college as a stock broker. I was having a really tough time and I was going to quit. When I called my mom to tell her she said, “John, anything in life worth having isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to be tough. Life will test you to see how serious you are, how badly you want it, how committed you are to your dream. And here’s the thing, all you have to do is hang in there long enough without quitting. If you hang in long enough, eventually the tide will turn in your favor and you’ll win. Every time.” I stayed, and the tide turned shortly thereafter and within two years I was the youngest branch manager in the country. When I started my speaking business in the Fall of 2008 and the economy subsequently dropped off the cliff and the speaking business imploded. I remembered what my mom said, “If you hang in long enough, eventually the tide will turn.” And it did. She was right again. Mom’s lesson: The bigger and more important the endeavor, the more difficult the journey and the more likely there will be temptation to quit at some point. You don’t fail until you quit, and in order to succeed, you need to persevere long enough, and hang on after others have let go. Commitment My mom was a substitute teacher for many years. One time they called her to substitute teach and she was really sick with the flu, but she felt an obligation to help out. So she put herself together as best she could and went to work. Later I asked her why she agreed to teach when she was that sick. She said, “John, people rely on me when other people are sick. I’m not supposed to be sick. In life it doesn’t matter how you feel physically or mentally, what matters is the commitments you make and that you live up to them, in good times and bad, whether you feel like it or not.” Mom’s lesson: Commit and be all-in. The client doesn’t care how you feel, or about any other excuses you have as to why something didn’t get done. They just want what they were promised when they were promised they have it by. Go above and beyond, add that little “extra.” My mom believed if you’re going to do something, you do it right and you do it all out. She always pushed herself to continually improve and be the best she could be. It started in school where she was her high school class valedictorian, and in college where she got straight As. But it wasn’t just the “big” things that she took seriously. She always believed in doing even the smallest things at the highest level. I remember the Halloween I wanted to be a ghost. That’s easy right? A sheet, two holes for the eyes, done. Not my mom’s ghost. I mean, I was the ghost but the ghost outfit was going to represent my mom. She had that sheet on me 4 nights in a row, adjusting, cutting, sewing, tailoring, and changing. The fifth night came, Halloween, she put that sheet on me, and made a few final changes before sending the perfect ghost off into the night. Mom’s lesson: If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Always take it to the next level by doing more than you get paid for and delivering more than people expect. Everything you do reflects back on you. Mom’s lesson: If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Always take it to the next level by doing more than you get paid for and delivering more than people expect. Everything you do reflects back on you.


Be a team player. Make people feel important and special. In public my mom always had a smile on her face and a spring in her step, she was positive and upbeat. She wanted to leave a good impression on people and she wanted to make sure they felt good and important when she was talking to them. What people didn’t see behind the scenes, was the enormous pressure my mom put on herself to be the perfect mom and wife. She never let people see the weight she carried on her shoulders, and regardless of that weight, she put her game face on in public, and got done what needed to get done from coaching softball, to teaching, to everything she did in the church, to everything she did for her family. She always put others first. She was a team player and always wanted to help, as in the example of teaching when she had the flu. She understood that it wasn’t just about her, she had an obligation to her family, those she worked with, and those she made commitments to. Mom’s lesson: At the end of the day it’s all about people and relationships. As Zig Ziglar used to say, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” This is also another great example of commitment. Finally, if you find yourself in a comfort zone because you think you’re making enough money remember: it’s also about being in a position to help others. I always said I got my backbone from my mom. My mom projected a solid character and inner strength. She exemplified in her words and deeds how important it is to have a strong belief in yourself and what you stand for. My mom’s legacy is one of perseverance, commitment, and keeping your priorities straight along with your obligations. Doing what you do what you need to do, what you committed to do, without complaining, and regardless of how you feel physically, or mentally. That you keep going no matter what and never quit until you succeed. That your word is your bond. And at the end of the day, that you help as many people as possible. Thanks mom.

Not a complex point of view. At UFG, we have a national footprint, but operate with the service-oriented personality of a hands-on regional carrier. Our people know your region, and are empowered to make decisions specific to your area. We know your space. It’s that simple.

Visit or call 605-763-8077.


IIASD Young Agents – This Event is for You!

•Two-day exclusive Young Agent Event in the famous “Old Market” Omaha District

•Network and socialize with agents from surrounding Midwest states •Round table and interactive sessions on Sales Techniques & Young Agent topics •Carrier “speed dating” – one-on-one opportunities with carrier representatives •Golf Tournament

Register today: *Registration limited - first 200 - $75/registration - $80 for Golf Outing *Limited room block available at Embassy Suites Olds Market - $129/night – 402-346-9000

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July 15 & 16, 2018

WHERE A HANDSHAKE IS STILL GOLDEN Building on the foundation of Midwestern values, where a handshake is still golden, we take great pride in being a local business and are proud to be the

No. 1 writer of work comp in South Dakota. Risk Management | Injury Prevention | Cost Containment | Claims Management 800.732.1486



We understand the importance of partnerships and take great pride in building strong, stable relationships with our agents and policyholders. Through experienced claims expertise and hightouch customer service, we are there when we are needed most. Learn how you can represent IMT Insurance & Wadena Insurance at


has been insuring businesses for over Our customers | west des moines, iowa

include: • Wholesale Distributors • Small Business Owners • Light Manufacturers

The companies of

Continental Western Group® Your leader in commercial insurance, safety and experience.

CWG is Strong, Local & Trusted.

• Agribusinesses • Bulk Petroleum Companies • Contractors

Products and services are provided by one or more insurance company subsidiaries of W. R. Berkley Corporation. Not all products and services are available in every jurisdiction and the precise coverage afforded by any insurer is subject to the actual terms and conditions of the policies as issued. Continental Western Group is not liable for any loss resulting from use of information in this advertisement. | Copyright © 2016 Continental Western Group®. All rights reserved. | 1688CWG-AD-02-16

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2/16/16 12:57 PM


Hands-free does not mean distraction-free Distracted driving awareness has long focused on the evils of texting and driving. Unfortunately, this has also contributed to the increase in hands-free devices and apps. As a culture, our belief that we can multitask during our commute or while we’re stuck in traffic gives us the false impression that the hands-free method is safe, but that is far from the truth. The National Safety Council (NSC) reports it has compiled several research studies and reports that used a variety of research methods, comparing driver performance while using hand-held phones and hands-free phones. The results? All of the studies show hands-free devices offer no safety benefit when driving as compared to handheld phones. An alarming statistic also comes from proprietary research conducted for United Fire Group (UFG) Insurance, reflecting a common belief among commercial drivers: 84 percent of drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), say using hand-held phones should be considered distracted driving, but only 30 percent say using handsfree phones should be considered distracted driving. So what can be done to help change the idea that hands-free devices are safe? Brian Peck, assistant vice president and loss control audit manager at UFG Insurance says education is a must, particularly in industries where commercial drivers spend their workday behind the wheel. “The cell phone culture is so embedded in our daily activities that education is essential to both business owners and employees to help understand the dangers of using cell phones when driving,” says Peck. “One of the biggest challenges in changing behavior is the belief that hands-free cell phone use does not cause cognitive distraction. Studies have shown that drivers using cell phones, whether hands-free or hand-held, fail to see up to 50 percent of the information in their driving environment.” Peck suggests business owners start with an education program for employees, along with a distracted driving policy that employees must agree to and sign. Most importantly, companies need to set an example across all levels. “Top management is the key to begin with changing behavior of employees,” says Peck. “Management should lead by example and not use cell phones when driving. Management should also encourage changes in work routines and protocols to prevent use of cellphones while driving.” For more statistics, information and educational content regarding distracted driving, visit





Commercial Property




II CGL / Products


III Workers Comp


IV Final Case Presentation


Sa Solu TM

Risk Solutions IQ™ is a comprehensive

and interactive learning experience for P&C professionals to develop participants’ risk assessment and coverage knowledge with practical, skill-based learning. RSIQ™’s advanced ‘Virtual Learning’ instructional design delivers superior knowledge transfer and retention on POWERED BY NEW LEVEL PARTNERS, LLC Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability and Workers Compensation. The program includes short videos, fullynarrated online courses, expert readings, realistic case studies and interactive ‘live learning’ web-sessions. Throughout the 10-week program, participants will acquire and practice new skills to assess risk hazards, exposures and coverage gaps as part of a new client acquisition or existing account management process while incorporating their value proposition.

ales olutions



RSIQ™ is perfect for your SOLUTION new hires – producers and account executives RSIQ™ incorporates multi-dimensional independent study with four (4) New Level Partners’ expert ‘live learning’ web-sessions, expanding the case study work and providing extensive questionand-answer opportunities.

Sales Solu

RSIQ™ learning outcomes are maximized when participants’ managers/mentors are engaged in the learning sequence to answer questions and reinforce the program’s objectives. New Level Partners’ support team provides all user-support, including assignment overviews, ‘help’ support for Virtual Classroom access and individual follow-up to ensure all program elements are completed.


Health Care Insurance Options Trade-Offs in Cost and Regulation Due to the increasing cost of marketplace health insurance, alternative non-ACA compliant options have been proposed at both the state and federal level in an effort to control consumer costs. Below are four proposals: Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance: In February, the Trump administration proposed new regulation that would promote Short-Term Limited Duration health insurance policies (STLD). These policies are generally cheaper than ACA plans because they are not subject to ACA market rules and are exempt from ACA federal standards for individual health insurance coverage. One key aspect of this proposal is to reinstate the “less than 12 months� maximum coverage term (current limit is 90 days). With the individual mandate penalty reduced to $0 in 2019, STLD policies would become an attractive alternative to rapidly unaffordable ACA plans. The comment period ended April 23rd and we await a final ruling. Association Plans Another recent proposal focuses on Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWAs), specifically, Association Health Plan (AHP) coverage for sole proprietors and small businesses. These AHPs would be considered large group plans thus avoiding many non-group and small group ACA requirements. For example, these plans would not be required to cover essential health benefits. This proposal primarily leaves state authority intact, but the DOL has requested comment on whether it should limit state regulation specifically in reference to self-funded AHPs. How this proposal impacts the individual health insurance market depends on whether states retain current authority over AHPs. We await a final ruling. Farm Bureau-Iowa This alternative permits the sale of health coverage by Farm Bureau, which is not a licensed health insurer. The product would not be deemed insurance and would not be subject to the state's insurance regulations. Furthermore, it would not have to meet federal ACA standards as these apply only to policies sold by state licensed health insurers. A state licensed third party administrator would be required to administer coverage. Tennessee enacted a similar law in 1993 and the Iowa version was recently enacted. The disincentive to purchase Farm Bureau plans in Tennessee and Iowa will weaken even more in 2019 when the individual mandate penalty is lowered to $0. Idaho Proposal for New State-Based Health Plans In January, the Idaho Department of Insurance issued a bulletin with provisions for new health insurance products insurance companies could sell under state law. These products would not be required to comply with certain ACA requirement such as: -coverage of essential health benefits -can exclude coverage of pre-existing conditions if 63 day, or more, break in coverage -vary premiums by 3:1 based on health and 5:1 based on age -can have annual dollar limits The insurer would have to offer at least one qualified health plan through the Idaho Marketplace. CMS advised this type of alternative would violate federal law and is not being pursued further. These four alternatives have similar takeaways: 1. Lesser consumer protections which allow insurers to offer less comprehensive coverage at lower premiums. 2. Those individuals that do not qualify for a subsidy and have pre-existing health conditions may find themselves with few, or no, affordable options. 3. ACA compliant markets will become sicklier with higher premiums as healthy individuals opt for these less expensive alternatives, especially once the individual mandate is lowered to $0 in 2019. Summary of Kaiser Family Foundation's Issue Brief Proposals for Insurance Options That Don't Comply with ACA Rules: Trade-offs in Cost and Regulation provided by Graber & Associates. Link: health-reform/issue-brief/proposals-for-insurance-options-that-dont-comply-with-aca-rules-trade-offs-in-costand-regulation/


Izaak Walton Clubhouse, Pierre, SD 1200 Izaak Walton Road YOUNG AGENTS COMMITTEE WELCOMES YOU TO THE IIASD’S RIVER DAYS/ WALLEYE CLASSIC This is a must attend event for our IIASD members! Our Young Agents Committee has put together a great combination of recreation and education that is sure to be complimented by the warmth and welcome of the Pierre community!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 12:00 pm

CE Registration- Drifter’s- Fort Pierre


Education CE— Drifters Conference Center: Cyber Crisis- Are You Prepared? Cyber Security Panel (3hrs General CE)

4:00 pm

Event Registration

5:00 pm

Trapshoot Izaak Walton shells provided

7:00- 8:00 pm

Steak Fry and Rules Meeting- Izaak Walton

Fishing 6:00am-2:00pm 2:00 pm

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Launch anywhere on the Missouri River or Lake Oahe Sack lunch provided Weigh-In at Down’s Marina 800 S. Washington


Hillsview Golf Course 4125 E Highway 34 Pierre, SD

10:00 am

Golf Tournament- Tee times start; Sack lunch provided

3:00 pm

Fish Fry- Izaak Walton Golf & Fishing Prizes Awarded

Rooms: IIASD room blocks at the AmericInn $86.00 rooms 605-223-2358 on or before Friday, May 18th , 2018.


Payment must be sent with this form. Credit Card online registration at NAME:________________________________________________________ AMOUNT ENCLOSED________________ AGENCY/CO:_________________________ PHONE # :_____________________EMAIL:________________________________ ADDRESS:______________________________________



(IIASD Member Agents and Company Partners are considered members) Full Registration includes: steak fry & evening events, continuing education and fish fry

Full Fishing Registration (If bringing your own boat you must notify us 2 weeks in advance)

_______ $135 member

_______ $275 non-member

Full Golf Registration Avg. 9 Hole Score _____

_______ $135 member

_______ $275 non-member

CE Only- Continuing Ed Attendance Only Cyber Crisis Security Panel

_______ $40 member

_______ $80 non-member

Steak Fry Only _______ $30 member Purchase Mulligans for golf and team fish weight at Registration.

_______ $50 non-member

RETURN TO: IIASD 305 Island Drive Fort Pierre SD 57532- PH 224-6234 - FAX 224-6235

E&O Risk Management: Reducing E&O Exposures JUNE 4 – 7, 2018 6 Hours General Continuing Education Credits

June 4, 2018 June 5, 2018 June 6, 2018 June 7, 2018 -

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Sioux Falls, Ramkota – 3200 West Maple St Aberdeen, Ramkota – 1410 8th Ave NW Pierre, RedRossa– 808 W Sioux Ave Ste 200 Rapid City, Holiday Inn– 505 N Fifth St

605-336-0650 605-229-4040 605-494-2599 605-348-4000

Registration 8:30 Class 9:00 - 3:30 $65.00 for Members - $80.00 for Non-Members (Fee includes light breakfast and lunch) This seminar is designed to identify E&O claim triggers and provide practical, real-world E&O loss prevention techniques to reduce E&O exposures. Participants will also be alerted to recent agency E&O claim trends. INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Koches of Wilmington, NC, owner/consultant of Managing Performance, LLC is an insurance educator,

consultant and industry resource. Her background includes serving as assistant director of E&O for Independent Insurance Agents of New Jersey, specializing in commercial lines and professional liability as vice president of an independent insurance agency in New Jersey, and most recently, serving as vice president at the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina. HOW TO QUALIFY FOR IIASD LOSS CONTROL CREDIT: An insured who obtains their professional liability coverage for insurance producers through the IIASD sponsored programs will earn a percentage credit on their total annual premium if they attend an approved loss control seminar and remain loss free after attending. Agency Size 1 2-7 8-20 21-50 51+

LOSS CONTROL CREDIT REQUIREMENTS Required Attendance 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer and 1 producer or CSR 1 active agency principals, owner, partners or officers & 1 active agency principals, owners, partners, officers, operations managers or producer and 2 producers or CSRs 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer & 1 active agency principal, owner, partner, officer, operations manager or producer & 1 CSR and 3 producers or CSRs 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer & 2 active agency principals, owners, partners, officers, operations managers or producers & 2 CSRs and 5 producers or CSRs

Total Attendees Required 1 2 4 6 10

Payment must be received with registration. Send form in with payment or you can also go to and register online. 2018 E&O LOSS CONTROL SEMINAR NAME/NAMES:


AGENCY/COMPANY: _____________________________________________ CITY: __________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________________________________

PHONE: _________________________ I/we will attend at the following location: _____ June 4 Sioux Falls, Ramkota _____ June 5 Aberdeen, Ramkota _____ June 6 Pierre, RedRossa _____ June 7 Rapid City, Holiday Inn

$65 for each IIASD Member $80 for each Non-Member Amount enclosed $ ______________

Return to IIASD 305 Island Drive, Fort Pierre SD 57532 605-224-6234 (phone) 605-224-6235 (fax)


May 2018


Risk Administration Services


Farmers Mutual of Nebraska Financial Markets Inc. Graber & Associates Great Plains Brokerage Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. North Star Mutual Insurance Co. QBE NAU United Fire Group


Acuity CGB Diversified Services, Inc. Columbia Insurance Group Continental Western Group Dakota Claims Service Doss & Associates EMC Insurance Co. Farmers Mutual Hail of Iowa Great American Insurance Co. Intek Cleaning and Restoration IMT Insurance Le Mars Insurance Co. Liberty Mutual Insurance Midwest Family Mutual Pro Ag Rain & Hail, LLC SFM Mutual Insurance Co. Western National Insurance


Accident Fund Ins Co. of America American West Insurance AmTrust Agriculture Insurance Services ArmTech Insurance Services Auto-Owners Insurance Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Concorde Generaal Agency Farmers Alliance Mutual Missouri Valley Mutual Insurance Co. North American Software Associates Northwest GF Mutual Insurance Progressive Insurance Co. Rainbow International Restoration Services Risk Placement Services Rural Community Insurance Services SafeCo Swiss Re State Auto Insurance Co. Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield


AmTrust North America Bjornson/Sentinel E & L

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