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April 2018


MESSAGE FROM IIASD’s VICE PRESIDENT I remember hearing that if you don’t like the weather in South Dakota, just wait and it will change. Earlier this year I was worried about a drought, but we started receiving some precipitation and at this point it certainly doesn’t look like a drought in Northeastern South Dakota. I’ve actually began to wonder if it will ever quit snowing. The calendar said it was spring on March 20th, but Mother Nature seems to disagree! The Canada geese showed up weeks ago, last week we started seeing Robins and Snow Geese, then we had a snow storm! It’s snowing again today and we have a Winter Weather Advisory. I guess Mother Nature is celebrating April Fools Day for more than just one day this year! I just read that in the Midwest there are actually 11 seasons: Winter, Fool’s Spring, Second Winter, Spring of Deception, Third Winter, Mud Season, Actual Spring, Summer, False Fall, Second Summer, Actual Fall. Based on the seasons above I would guess we are at the end of Third Winter and heading in to Mud Season! My wife and I were discussing this morning that in in a multi-lines agency like we have there are more than 4 seasons too: Spring Crop Sales Closing Season, Company Meeting Season, Acreage Reporting Season, Hail Insurance Season, E & O Seminar Season, Fall Crop Sales Closing Season, Crop Production Reporting Season, Open Enrollment Season for Health Insurance, Annual Enrollment for Medicare Supplements and Medicare Part D Plans. In a spare time, we are working on selling and servicing commercial lines and personal lines. Good luck in all of your seasons in 2018! Hopefully our farmers and ranchers will receive the moisture they need and have good in 2018. It is my pleasure to serve as Vice President and District 6 Director which includes agencies located in Brown, Day, Grant, Marshall, Roberts and Spink Counties. John Meyen Rosholt Insurance Agency




Jesse Konold Key Insurance Inc. Mobridge, SD


Derrick Linn Leavitt Heartland Ins. Services Sturgis, SD





John Meyen Rosholt Insurance Agency Rosholt, SD Annette Conway Black Hills Agency Inc Rapid City, SD


Josh Gilkerson Fischer Rounds & Assoc. Pierre, SD


Josh Gilkerson Fischer Rounds & Assoc. Pierre, SD

Dan Maguire Black Hills Agency Inc Rapid City, SD

DISTRICT # 5 Elizabeth Nepodal Fidelity Agency Platte, SD



Mindy Huntington Fischer Rounds & Assoc. Watertown, SD

John Meyen Rosholt Insurance Agency Rosholt, SD

Melanie Parsons Parsons’ Insurance Agency Viborg, SD

Amy Bailey Starr Insurance Custer, SD





Deana Taylor Agents of Insurance Rapid City, SD

Amy Olson-Miller McKinneyOlson Insurance Sioux Falls, SD



You know how the saying goes –Think positive and good things will happen to you! That doesn’t seem to work with the weather…especially this Spring! It’s easy to get stalled in Winter Blues and boredom. Motivate yourself by making plans for a great summer. Get those important dates scheduled on your calendar and make sure they include the IIASD E&O Seminars, River Days and the Midwest Young Agent’s Conference. River Days – June 20th & 21st – This is a favorite event of many of our members and partners. IIASD Young Agents host this event and mix it up with continuing education, trap shoot, steak fry and a fun day of golf or fishing. On-line registration is available on our website or printable form at the end of this newsletter. Register today and reserve your hotel room. Be sure to put River Days on your calendar.

Midwest Young Agents Conference –

July 15th – 16th – Omaha, NE - South Dakota Young Agent’s Committee teamed up with YAC’s from surrounding states to put together the first Midwest Young Agent’s Conference. Their goal is to offer a great motivational, educational and networking opportunity to young agents in the region. It’s a twoday event that is low cost with great benefits. Invest in the young agents in your agency by encouraging them to attend. Allow them to experience the enthusiasm and passion for the industry with young agents from 12 surrounding states. Carriers are supporting this event as they realize young agents are the future of our industry. To view the Conference brochure click MWYA. Register at: aspx?evt=31621 Don’t forget about the E&O Loss Control seminars June 4th – 7th. More information on this event can be found in Megan’s article on Page 4.

Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush! 3

E&O EDGE – Megan Linn, E&O Administrator E&O: Roadmap to Policy Analysis Loss Control Seminar Top 5 Reasons to Attend 1. Agency Loss Control 2. E&O Premium Savings 3. 6 Hours General CE Credits 4. Claim Prevention 5. Real- Life Experiences Did you know that the majority of E&O claims are “product knowledge-based” claims? This year’s Loss Control seminar is designed to guide professionals through the process of reading policy language and use of coverage analysis to identify potential issues and gaps in coverage. This course will also provide suggested procedures and processes to prevent E&O claims, including documentation and checklists. Everyone in your agency should periodically attend the E&O Loss Control seminar. New information and real-life experiences are presented each year, so sending individuals each year is a good strategy to ensure the information is disseminated to your agency. **Register Today** June 4th – Ramkota – Sioux Falls June 5th – Ramkota – Aberdeen June 6th – RedRossa – Pierre June 7th – Holiday Inn – Rapid City

Loss Control Credit Requirements Agency Required Attendance Size 1 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer

Total Attendees Required 1 2-7

1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer and 1 producer or CSR

Total Attendees Required 2 8-20 1 active agency principals, owner, partners or officers & 1 active agency principals, owners, partners, officers, operations managers or producer and 2 producers or CSRs Total Attendees Required 4 21-50 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer & 1 active agency principal, owner, partner, officer, operations manager or producer & 1 CSR and 3 producers or CSRs Total Attendees Required 6 51+

1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer & 2 active agency principals, owners, partners, officers, operations managers or producers & 2 CSRs and 5 producers or CSRs

Total Attendees Required 10


Division of Insurance News and Views By the Numbers…. The South Dakota Division of Insurance provided the following fiscal year performance indicators and revenue information to be included in the Department of Labor and Regulation 2017 Annual Report: Performance Indicators Total Licensed (# of Domestic Companies) Companies Licensed/Approved Mergers Agent Licenses Issued Agent Appointments Issued Agent Licenses Renewed Resident Agent Renewals Renewed Appointments Agent Appointment Cancellations Property/Casualty Filings Reviewed Life/Health Filings Reviewed Consumer Complaints Closed Enforcement/Closed Files Continuing Education Courses Reviewed



1,385 (73) 17/11 16,614 81,665 28,827 1,699 197,247 70,482 6,046 2,828 742 1,195 670

1,390 (71) 29/12 17,668 80,419 28,100 3,621 228,783 62,113 6,293 2,964 545 1,318 691

Revenues Total General Funds Collected

Fees (Insurance Operating Fund)

Continuing Education Fund

Admissions Company Renewal Agent Licensing/Renewal Exam Fees Miscellaneous and Legal Retaliatory/Filing Administrative Penalties Agent Renewal Fees

2016 2017 $84,541,512 $83,020,726 76,488 97,936 81,480 79,880 8,559,141 9,217,424 15,160 16,700 7,949 10,699 1,172,200 1,193,953 554,577 581,287 37,270 69,820 Total* $139,377,029 $141,915,723

*Total includes collections not listed above. Full table is available in DLR 2017 Annual Report.

The department’s annual report is available to the public and can be viewed in its entirety in the “Publications” section of the DLR website at


Kayla’s Technology Advice 6 Things You Need to Know About Insuring Cryptocurrency By: BRIAN H. MUKHERJEE As an alternate method of payment, investment or means of raising corporate capital, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin appear here to stay. In essence, cryptocurrencies are digital money—and they’re associated with significant risks. A quick scan of today’s headlines reveals that cryptocurrency owners have already lost significant amounts of their assets as a result of cyberattacks, negligence and outright fraud. This means insurance coverage for exposures associated with cryptocurrencies should be high on your list of discussion topics with commercial clients. Here are six practical tips for insuring cryptocurrency: 1) Understand underwriting considerations. As a condition of securing insurance coverage for their cryptocurrency exposures, your clients should be prepared to undergo a thorough underwriting process. Expect insurers to ask about security protocols, internal financial controls, use of banks and third-party service providers, the experience of the management team, and the overall financial health of the insured. As a result, the underwriting process can take much longer than for more traditional coverages. The insured should also expect to answer whether it holds its digital currencies in “warm storage”— connected to the internet—or “cold storage”—not internet-connected. Cryptocurrencies held in cold storage are generally considered easier to insure because they are better protected from theft. 2) Assess crime coverage options. Like any asset, cryptocurrencies are at risk of theft—specifically, the theft of “keys” which unlock the digital “wallets” that hold the currency. Theft of these assets can occur in a number of ways, including through scams such as social engineering or “phishing” emails, employee theft, and wallet hacking.

Given the unique nature of cryptocurrencies, typical crime policies may not specifically cover their loss, as these coverages are primarily intended to provide protection for a tangible physical property like cash and securities. But insurance markets are increasingly addressing this potential gap in coverage: At least one U.S. insurer now extends crime coverage to cover bitcoin accepted by insureds as a means of payment. But note that insurers may limit coverage in some cases by only agreeing to insure internal threats, such as theft by an employee, and not theft by outside parties. Valuation of loss can be another challenging issue. Given the volatility in the value of these digital assets, determining fair market value can be more complicated than with the theft of a more traditional asset. 3) Consider D&O insurance for initial coin offerings. Some companies are issuing cryptocurrencies as an alternative to a public offering of equity, commonly referred to as an initial coin offering. But directors & officers insurance coverage for initial coin offering issuers is perhaps the most challenging type of coverage to obtain in the cryptocurrency space. In the current environment, insurers are concerned that disgruntled coin purchasers, the Securities and Exchange Commission or other regulators may scrutinize an initial coin offering as an unregistered offering of securities, which may expose the issuer to federal, state or foreign securities law liability. 4) Partner with the right insurer. This step is key to establishing a strong insurance program. Currently, the insurance market for cryptocurrency and initial coin offering-related coverage is limited. When considering potential insurers, premiums are an important factor, but you and your client should also be comfortable with the insurer’s specific experience with cryptocurrencies and its claims-handling reputation. If limited market offerings necessitate placing insurance with an insurer that does not have a demonstrated track record, let your client know that up front. Don’t wait until the time of loss. Article Continued on Page 8


For light manufacturing, you’ve got it made

with EMC.

EMC offers comprehensive coverage tailored to the needs of 98 different types of light manufacturers producing everything from buttons to bread to electronic components. This line offers optional coverage for manufacturers and delivery errors or omissions, plus employment practices liability. Certain coverages are even bundled automatically — meaning whatever your clients make, EMC makes insuring their businesses easier.

Count on EMC ® to make light work of light manufacturing coverage. ©Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company 2018. All rights reserved.


Article Continued from Page 6 5) Reassess coverages. As with other types of coverages, you should reassess your clients’ coverages with respect to cryptocurrency exposures on an ongoing basis to make sure those coverages and limits continue to be appropriate. Coverage options in the cryptocurrency space will likely improve over time, so it pays to stay current on what coverage options become available. 6) Consider retaining an experienced intermediary. Insuring cryptocurrency exposures is not an area to just dabble in. Until you develop an expertise and understanding in this rapidly evolving area of technology and risk, consider using an intermediary with a deep bench of experience, expertise and focus on cryptocurrency exposures.

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Life Insurance as an asset Even though life insurance is often not regarded as an investment that fits within a stylebox representation of a client’s asset allocation, it can still help round out their overall portfolio. Clients want security and guarantees while not giving up growth potential, and life insurance offers the potential for guaranteed growth and protection regardless of market performance. As you look at your client’s asset mix, on top of providing valuable death benefit, life insurance can help protect their overall portfolio, while also helping address other financial concerns.

Call Financial Markets, Inc. today to learn more at 800-888-2829 Opt 2 Life insurance is provided by Ameritas® Life Insurance Corp. and may not be available in all states and may vary in some states. Financial Markets, Inc. does not solicit in the state of New York. Financial Markets, Inc. is not an affiliate of Ameritas or any of its affiliates. AD 527 8-17

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In House P&C Agent Wanted: Missouri River Associates, LLC in Yankton, SD is expanding! Now hiring for an in house P&C agent. Primary dutiesinclude servicing our existing book of business, as well as walk in clients. This individual will need to possess a P&C insurance license, have excellent customer service skills, and be a team player. Benefits available, competitive wages, Growth potential. Please email resumes to

Dr. Matthew Bunkers of Northern Plains Weather Services is a certified consulting meteorologist (CCM) and forensic meteorologist with over 25 years of weather analysis and forecasting experience. He can provide reports, depositions, and testimony in the areas of weather and forecast ing, severe summer and winter storms, flooding, applied climatology and meteorology, agriculture meteorology, and statistics. More information is provided at, and you can contact Matt at or 605.390.7243.


Andy Kraus, CPCU | Vice President of Agencies | 800.742.7433 |


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Appeals Court Strikes Down Fiduciary Rule BY JENNIFER WEBB On March 15, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit vacated the entire U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) fiduciary rule. The Big “I” is pleased with the decision as the association opposes the rule. However, this decision may not be the final say. Just two days before on March 13, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a more limited challenge to the rule related to fixed-indexed annuities, setting up a potential circuit split. However, those involved in the 5th Circuit litigation contend that the decision applies nationwide and that the fiduciary rule will effectively be “erased from the books” as of May 7, when the decision takes effect. Following the decision, the DOL is taking a position of non-enforcement on the rule as it reviews next steps. The DOL is currently working on changes to the rule and may also continue to pursue litigation in the 5th Circuit or the U.S. Supreme Court. The fiduciary rule was finalized in 2016, but implementation was delayed until June 9, 2017, when the rule took partial effect. Prior to the court ruling, the rule was scheduled to take full effect on July 1, 2019. Now, it is unclear whether that will happen. The fiduciary rule is a complex federal regulation that tightens conflict of interest rules under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and requires insurance agents and brokers who give guidance about certain retirement investments—including some annuities and health savings accounts— to adhere to a fiduciary standard of care. Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission is expected to continue work on its own best interest standard for broker-dealers, scheduled for release later this year. Jennifer Webb is Big “I” federal government affairs counsel.


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WHERE A HANDSHAKE IS STILL GOLDEN We take great pride in being a local business and are proud to be the No. 1 writer of work comp in South Dakota. RAS was launched in 1989 in Sioux Falls, SD — small, focused, and determined. Building on the foundation of Midwestern values, where a handshake is still golden, RAS has grown into a successful, secure organization, providing a broad array of work comp products and services that reach nationwide. At RAS, Workers’ Compensation is what we do, and who we are. Dare we say, no one does it better!

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Young Agents Corner By: Eric Payne

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, in 2017 and my eyes were opened when I realized how big of a deal it really was for me and the other South Dakota agents to meet with our Representative and Senators. I am a farm and crop agent so my focus at this conference was the 2018 Farm Bill and Crop Insurance. I participated in several conversations with our three legislators, but the one that is most memorable was with Senator John Thune on his crop insurance proposal called SOIL. In a nutshell, SOIL is an idea for farmers to remove their poorest acres from production on a 5 or 10-year contract and be paid a small “rent” for removing those acres from production, similar to CRP but on a smaller contract. I pointed out that they needed to make sure farmers were not penalized when they brought those acres back into production and they admittedly had not thought of that provision. He agreed to make sure this was included in their plan when proposing the idea to the Senate Ag Committee. That made me realize how bringing real life situations to the attention of our elected representatives is a very critical part of the process. IIA has an appointed Crop Task Force with agent representation from across the country. They advise and work in cooperation with IIABA Governmental Affairs team, RMA, Crop Carriers, CIRB, NCIS and several other organizations. I was privileged to be invited to the Crop Task Force AIP dinner and their Task Force meeting. I found this to be extremely informational and I was impressed to see how focused our National Association is on preserving the MPCI program in the Farm Bill. I visited with the chairman about some concerns and issues I had with how RMA was interpreting New Breaking rules. He encouraged me to send an email to USDA’s Risk Management Agency outlining my concerns. Two months later, I received a call from RMA asking if I would agree to a conference call on these issues. We had a great discussion and about three months later, when we attended our Fall Crop update meetings, the language with the New Breaking Rule had changed. It was amazing for me to see our grassroots efforts in action at the national level. I learned from this experience how one person can make a difference and when we are connected and work together with people who have the same passion, we can collectively change the course of our industry. Our South Dakota Association offers us many opportunities to get involved. I encourage you all to take advantage and make a difference.

Not a complex point of view. At UFG, we have a national footprint, but operate with the service-oriented personality of a hands-on regional carrier. Our people know your region, and are empowered to make decisions specific to your area. We know your space. It’s that simple.

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1st Dakota Insurance offers competitively priced Continuing Education and Exam Prep materials and courses for their members.

Sandy Kost 1st Dakota Insurance School 2601 S Minnesota Ave Suite 105-244 Sioux Falls, SD 57105 605.271.4440 or 877.317.3087

**Licensing Materials and Classes (for Property/Casualty and Life/Health Exam Preparation) **Continuing Education Classes **Online Courses and Webinars We are continuing to offer the materials you are familiar with. Be sure to check out their website at

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CWG® Fire/EMS PAK Announces Your New South Dakota State Directors! WEST of the river

EAST of the river

Dan Maguire Daschle Larsen and Levi Olivier and Taylor Jacobsen Black Hills Insurance Agency, Inc. McKinneyOlson Insurance pak@BlackHil 605.342.5555 605.335.7777


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Our staff has almost 100 years of industry experience Graber & Associates works closely with our industry’s associations to influence legislation in the State of South Dakota by communicating the agent’s and consumer’s perspective. We work to keep the value of the local insurance agent known. We are proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the Big I in 2018!

Group • Ancillary • Individual Health • Medicare Life • Annuities • Disability • LTC 4310 S Technology Drive • Sioux Falls, SD 57106 • (800) 669-3959 •


2018 IIASD’s Schedule of Events

Why American West Insurance?

April 17th – 21st

• Local company with over 60 years agriculture insurance experience

Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

• Quality products

June 4th – 7th

• Competitive pricing

E&O Seminars in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Pierre, Rapid City

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June 20th – 21st

To learn more about AWI contact Kelly Sunde at or call 605-880-5563.

River Days/Walleye Classic in Pierre Board Meeting

July 15th – 16th

Five-State Regional Young Agents Conf. Omaha, Nebraska

August 22nd – 25th

IIABA Fall Leadership Conference Springfield, MA

September 23rd – 25th

Agribusiness • Farm & Ranch • Farm & Ranch Auto • Personal Auto Excess Liability • Watercraft • Crop Hail • Multi-Peril

Annual Convention The Lodge in Deadwood- The Lodge is Full ***See the top of page 25 for Overflow hotel information***



And support the great work you do as agents in the agricultural community. By working with us, the nation’s number one farm insurer, you can offer your customers one-of-a-kind protection from an experienced industry leader. Partner with America’s top farm insurer today.

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Source: 2013 Munich Re: Report. Based on premium and loss data. Nationwide, the Nationwide N and Eagle and Nationwide is on your side are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. We Stand For You is a service mark of Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company. ©2015 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Products underwritten by Nationwide Agribusiness Insurance Company, Farmland Mutual Insurance Company, Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Company and AMCO Insurance Company. Home Office: 1100 Locust Street Des Moines, IA. GPO-0187AO.1 (01/15)


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InsurPAC - your Big “I” federal political action committee, helps create and maintain relationships with members of Congress. Laws and regulations can make or break the future of this great industry so it is imperative that our IIABA Governmental Affairs team develop relationships with lawmakers who believe in small business and the independent insurance agency system. Donate to InsurPAC and we will enter your name in the IIASD raffle for CASH! and send you the raffle ticket stubs. Five lucky winners – to be drawn at Convention at The Lodge in Deadwood September 24, 2018. Need not be present to win. Donate today at

Spring Training Made Easy!

As you plan to hire new talent, start your spring training with a proven curriculum setup. IIASD offers new hire training for both Commercial Insurance and Personal Insurance team members. Structured online curriculums are easy, affordable and you can track results! Here are some best practices: 1. Start with the basics: Both the Commercial Lines and Personal Lines curriculums, include a 7-course Introduction to the Industry overview bundle. For an individual new to the insurance industry, the Intro bundle provides a great starter to understanding how it all works. Assign two courses per-day for Week One. Give the new hire an assignment at the end of the first week to ask 3-5 questions about the industry or how the business works. 2. Line by Line: Both the Commercial Lines and the Personal Lines insurance curriculums are organized by line of business – Property, Liability, Auto, etc. The courses can be re-taken as often as the individual wants to revisit the content. As an example, assign the courses from one line of business per week and suggest notes are taken as they complete the modules. Plan at least 2-3 one-hour meetings around each coverage line. Ask them to feed back some of the concepts they learned and be sure to ask questions. 3. Take the Coverage Challenge: Once the new hire has completed the Coverage Basics curriculum, suggest the Coverage Challenge be completed. The Challenge randomly picks 25 questions from a 100question base to review the knowledge they have acquired. A true challenge would be to take it together! Having a structured onboarding training sequence will enable your new hire to start off strong and connected to you as their leader. Create accountability from day one and empower your team to learn more! 19

COMMERCIAL COVERAGE IS OUR MIDDLE NAME. Only Burns & Wilcox has the depth and breadth of experience to deliver the right solutions right away. Minneapolis, Minnesota | 612.564.1880 toll free 800.328.1693 | fax 612.564.1881

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14 20

FRAUD Convictions

fraud charges

A former Louisiana cop faked the theft of an ATV and trailer. Donald W. Malray had the owner transfer the machines to him. He then told the guy to report the theft to the Homer, Louisiana police, where Malray was an officer. The insurer paid the owner about $13,000. Investigators found the stuff at the home of Malray’s girlfriend. He will get up to 20 years in prison when sentenced Dec. 6. Malray tossed away a nearly 30-year law-enforcement career and was the Homer department’s assistant chief at one point.

Burglars ransacked Colorado cop Michael Taylor’s home while he was away, the Silt man claimed. A Rolex watch, KitchenAid blender, Sentry safe, passport, valuable jewelry, and other items were stolen, Taylor told his insurer. The insurer paid him more than $50,000, including about $4,000 for the Rolex. Prosecutors now allege the watch was a knockoff worth far less. Taylor also re-booted the claim two years later. His home was robbed while he was at a movie and his wife was out of town, he said. Once again, Taylor claimed the safe, passport, $7,500 diamond ring, and other goodies. The ring never was stolen. He took it to a jeweler before the second claim, had a cubic zirconium stone set in the ring and kept the diamond. Nor was his passport stolen. He used it for a trip to Mexico after making the claim. Three years after that, Taylor falsely claimed thousands of dollars of jewelry was stolen from his wife’s car. He received nearly $10,000. Taylor also stole insurance checks intended for he and his wife. He forged her name to the checks then deposited them without her knowing. Taylor faces multiple charges of insurance fraud and theft.

Rehan Zuberi masterminded the large-scale bribing of doctors to refer patients to his imaging centers for expensive insurer-paid tests. The Morristown, New Jersey-area man paid several million dollars in kickbacks to dozens of doctors and chiropractors for the referrals. The kickbacks were paid from shell companies Zuberi created. The bribe money was delivered in cash, checks, gift cards, lavish dinners, and expensive vacations. Many imaging centers also were listed as co-owners of luxury vehicles, including a Ferrari and multiple Mercedes-Benzes. He will spend up to eight years in state prison when sentenced Dec. 6. Seven con artists paid the price for comp scheming in Ohio. Among the newest convictions the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation lists: Robert Leonard (Niles) failed to comply with repeated attempts by BWC to reinstate lapsed coverage for his business, McMenamy’s LLC. Leonard repaid $13,224. Joseph Stewart of Titusville, Florida was found assembling countertops, kitchen cabinets, and a display case for a market in Toledo while collecting temporary total disability benefits. Investigators caught Michael R. Strickland (Woodville) delivering mail for a trucking firm while collecting BWC benefits. Strickland waited for three months to report his work activity after he left disability and returned to work. BWC has secured 90 convictions so far this year.

Vyacheslav Vizitiv canceled his auto insurance while trying to sell his Acura RSX. The Tacoma, Washington driver collided with another vehicle two weeks later. Vizitiv quickly reinstated his Geico policy and submitted an online claim in his mother’s name. The Acura was damaged while parked at his apartment complex, he said. The owner of the vehicle Vizitiv hit also filed a claim with Geico. The guy used the real accident date and had Vizitiv’s license-plate number. Vizitiv failed to appear in court to answer the ensuing charges. He was plastered on the state insurance fraud unit’s “Most Wanted” list for more than a year. Vizitiv finally was rounded up when detectives found him in a relative’s home. He is charged with a false insurance claim and ID theft, the Washington insurance department says.

21 Jeff Jares, AIC AIM, President Christopher W. Madsen, J.D., General Counsel Dan Eggers, Finance/HR/IT Adjusters – Sioux Falls Nancy Almendinger Cory Beck Blake Dykstra Joe Jares Collin Karsky Alex Mentele Wendi Peterson Dave Sendelbach

Don’t let your clients get stuck in the penalty box. At Western National, our Personal Auto policyholders are never penalized with premium increases for tickets or accidents. That’s our Penalty-Free Promise®, and it’s one we’ve stood behind for over 50 years. For the lasting penalty protection your clients deserve, turn to Western.

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Adjusters – Rapid City John Keffeler

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“Penalty-Free” means an individual’s Personal Auto rates are never increased due to tickets or accidents. Initial and ongoing eligibility for coverage not guaranteed. Coverage not available in every state.

Kelly Rud RN BA LNCC Deb Whipple RN BA CCM

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We commit ourselves to providing the highest quality claims and case management services available in our industry. Please visit our website for complete information.

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Make sure Your Sales Career is the Exception, not the Rule By: John Chapin

To be successful in the world of selling you need to be a contrarian. In every industry successful salespeople are the exception, not the rule. In the insurance field only about 20% of the agents who start are still agents ten years down the road. In real estate, the average Realtor sells three houses a year, and even though some may stay in the business because it’s the family’s second income, and the company allows them to, three houses a year is poverty-level income. In the corporate world, most salespeople don’t make quota and in many cases, even those that do aren’t making six figures. That’s the bad news. The good news is: the top people in sales make tons of money and most have really good lives as a result. The other piece of good news is that success or failure, with rare exception, is completely up to the individual. Sales truly is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work and the reality is: those that don’t make it never make the commitment to put in the necessary work to be successful. All of that said, here are a few thoughts to entertain in order to be successful. Five Ideas for Sales Success Idea #1: You must embrace the suck. Like homework as a kid, or eating your Brussel sprouts, there are some things in life that you don’t want to do but you have to. Sales in the same. Whether it’s paperwork, computer work, planning, or calls sheets, there will be things you don’t want to do but you have to. Even some sales related activities aren’t fun. I don’t know a ton of people who love to prospect or cold call, me included, but if you don’t prospect, ultimately you don’t make the necessary sales. The things you don’t like doing, or even downright hate, aren’t going away and no amount of whining or complaining is going to change the fact that you need to do them, so accept them as necessary evils, get them done, and move on. Idea #2: You must embrace failure and rejection. As human beings this one is tough. Acceptance by others is hardwired into our DNA. Thousands, and perhaps even hundreds, of years ago if we weren’t accepted by the group, we died alone out in the wilderness. In the 21st Century this is no longer true. Yet, most of us, especially salespeople, still have a major need to be liked and accepted. Most of us have moderate to severe approval addiction. Couple with that the sayings we learned as kids such as, “Don’t talk to strangers.” We are no longer small children who can be stolen and yet most people act as if they are and can’t even make eye contact with a stranger walking by. It’s time to recognize these adolescent, false fears and stop acting as if they are real. It’s also time to recognize what lies on the other side of failure and rejection: massive success. We all know the stories about Babe Ruth striking out more than anyone, while also hitting the most homeruns, and Michael Jordan missing the most game-winning shots, while also hitting the most. You must see each failure and rejection as a stepping stone to the next sale. Every call, whether a yes or no, gets you closer. You’ve got to change your definition of failure, just like Edison who saw his missed attempts as education instead of failure. Though Thomas J. Watson probably said it best, “If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.” Idea #3: You must embrace discomfort and fear. What’s interesting is that the psychological fear felt while cold calling causes the same reaction in the body as someone exerting themselves physically, on a long run for example. This feeling is one of self-preservation. It tells the individual to stop cold calling just as it tells the runner to stop running. From a physical standpoint, when running or pushing ourselves physically, this feeling is created by physical discomfort and first kicks in when we have expended about 40% of our physical capacity.In other words, we have another 60% to go. From a psychological standpoint, when exerting ourselves mentally, facing a fear while cold calling for example, this feeling is created by fear and usually kicks in before we even begin our task.


In both cases we need to override the discomfort and fear if we are going to grow, expand, and become more physically and mentally. Everything you want is through your fear and outside of your comfort zone. Idea #4: You must embrace challenges and curveballs. Challenges and curveballs make you better, stronger, smarter, and more resilient. The more you face and overcome, the more you can face and overcome. Just as the strongest trees are made in the strongest winds and adverse weather conditions, the same is true for humans. Obstacles you face, and ultimately overcome, are the like the fire that tempers the steel, they make you tougher and more capable. While I’m not suggesting you hope for the flat tire, the health issue, or any other of lives problems that you will encounter on your journey, do your best to rise to the challenge, embrace them, and let them build a better you. Idea #5: You’ve got to play mind games with yourself. The above ideas are going to require you to fly in the face of a lot of what you’ve been taught over the years. They’re going to force you to be a contrarian and see good in bad, and blessings in hardship. That is the champion’s edge. The ability to turn adversity into motivation. Not just in sales, but everywhere in life. What drives champions, what drives you, is ultimately what you’re fighting for, why you get up in the morning. Is it for the things you want: the cars, houses, money, and the feelings those give you? Is it to prove yourself to yourself and/or others? Or is it for the people in your life: kids, grandkids, parents, friends, or even future generations? Is it about how you’ll be remembered once you’re gone, the mark you left on the world?




Remember, life will pay whatever price you ask but it’s not just going to give you the prize without paying your dues, without being committed, without deserving success, without stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and going after it. Life will test you again and again to make sure you’re worthy. Every single day you’re going to have to put your helmet on, fasten your seatbelt, ride the roller coaster of life, and go get it.

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IIASD Young Agents – This Event is for You!

•Two-day exclusive Young Agent Event in the famous “Old Market” Omaha District

•Network and socialize with agents from surrounding Midwest states •Round table and interactive sessions on Sales Techniques & Young Agent topics •Carrier “speed dating” – one-on-one opportunities with carrier representatives •Golf Tournament

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July 15 & 16, 2018

WHERE A HANDSHAKE IS STILL GOLDEN Building on the foundation of Midwestern values, where a handshake is still golden, we take great pride in being a local business and are proud to be the

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We understand the importance of partnerships and take great pride in building strong, stable relationships with our agents and policyholders. Through experienced claims expertise and hightouch customer service, we are there when we are needed most. Learn how you can represent IMT Insurance & Wadena Insurance at


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include: • Wholesale Distributors • Small Business Owners • Light Manufacturers

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11 Requirements for Management Success By: Chris Boggs

Employees are your greatest expense, but they are also your most valuable asset. The loss of great or even just a "good" employee has a tremendous effect on the agency. A lot of "experts" postulate that good employees don't quit jobs, they quit bosses. I don't fully or always agree with that philosophy. Your employees may love you, but they may not like some of the inconsistencies they feel exist in the agency, or the lack of structure in their work. In essence, you may not manage them the way THEY need to be managed. Two truisms of management are: 1.You can't necessarily manage people the way you like to be managed. Personally, I like to be left alone. Tell me what you want done and when you need it done and then let me do my job. It would be a mistake for me to treat another employee that way if he or she needs and wants constant contact, feedback and confirmation); and 2.You can't manage everyone the same way. If you manage a person that doesn't require much oversight and a person who craves (and even needs) constant attention the same way, you're going to drive one of them nuts – and they will leave. So, the employee may like you personally, they just don't like how they are managed. As a manager, you have to lead on an individualized basis. Don't misunderstand, there must be "corporate" rules, but each person must be guided differently towards compliance with those group or "corporate" rules. Following are 11 "rules" or guidelines around the goal of successful management. Each rule contains nuances not detailed here, but that doesn't diminish their usefulness: 1.Hire smart, ethical, positive, and customer-centric people. All four characteristics are required, three out of four isn't good enough. If any one of these four is lacking, you are hiring a future problem. 2.Teach your employees the history of the agency. This gives them a sense of place and pride that they are now part of the story. To misquote Walt Whitman and Dead Poets Society, everyone wants to contribute a verse. When your employees know the history, they are excited because they are contributing a verse to the agency's story. 3.Create a picture of what you want the agency to accomplish. If you have a vision, the employees need to see the vision, and maybe it will become their vision. When your vision becomes your employee's vision, the agency is guaranteed to reach its goals. 4.Create a clear vision of what you want that person to accomplish. Everyone wants to know their place and how they contribute. Remember, "I need to feel needed." Again, the right employees (back to Rule 1.) want to contribute a verse to your company; help them do that by explaining their place in the agency and your goal for that position (and even them personally). 5.Give them the tools, or access to the tools, necessary to accomplish the vision you have cast for the agency and them personally.


RISK S 6.Be available. Always be there if needed; but balance accessibility with the need for them to learn and do their job. It's too easy and sometimes expedient to just do it for them. If you do that, they don't learn anything; and you won't get your own job done. But the worst part about not letting the employee do his or her own work, there is no sense of accomplishment or contribution. 7.GET OUT OF THE WAY! – While remembering rule 6 (Be available), let them work. 8.STAY out of the way! Yes, you must manage each employee according to their style, but in doing that, don't get in the way of their personal accomplishments. 9.If you think about getting in the way and imposing your will, think, "Is it worth losing this employee just to get my own way?" Of course, don't let them do anything that will get the agency in regulatory, contractual or financial trouble, that's not what I mean. There are still standards that must be followed; I'm talking about style. They may interact and work differently than you, but unless their style disrupts operations – let them work. 10.Praise great results! Notice I said GREAT results. Don't praise someone for just doing their job – praise when they do a great job. When I sold my first policy I was very happy, the agency manager said, "Congratulations on doing your job." He saw no reason to praise me just because I did what I was hired to do. When you overly praise people for simply doing their job, your praise become worthless. It's the "everybody gets a trophy" syndrome. Save praise for extraordinary work. When you do praise, praise in public. 11.Know how and when to discipline. If you are afraid to have the "tough" conversations, your staff will run all over you. It's your agency, you can't be afraid to lead; and sometimes that means disciplining people and even cutting people loose, as harsh as that sounds. But if you did a good job with rule #1, it's less likely you will ever have to do this. But remember, even though you praise in public, you discipline in private. Management is about leadership, not power. Leaders cast the vision, lead by example, and make tough decisions when necessary. You set the course for your agency's success, and your employees are a key to that success – this requires you to manage them well.

Agriculture in South Dakota – Did You Know?

Agriculture is the life-blood of South Dakota and our state’s #1 industry. For farmers who work the land, agriculture is more than a job – it is a career, a passion and a way of life. In preparation to lobby our legislators in Washington, IIABA Governmental Affairs Ag Lobbyist, Jennifer Webb, put together ag statistics for each state. Did You Know: • Agriculture production in SD contributes more than $11.1 billion to the state’s economy • According to last USDA Census of Agriculture in 2012, SD has more than 32,000 farms producing on more than 43 million acres of farmland • 97.6% are non-corporate farms owned by individuals, partners or families • Over 16 million acres of cropland were covered by insurance in SD in 2016 • Over $4 billion in ag liability was protected by crop insurance including Livestock, Nurseries and Diversified Farms through Whole Farm Revenue protection • There are 14 companies with approximately 1,000 agents licensed to sell crop insurance in SD • In 2016, more than $164 million in indemnities were paid to South Dakota farmers for losses they incurred above their deductibles, which average 25% of the crop value. South Dakota farmers paid an estimated $270 million for this coverage.

Farming is a Profession of Hope! 29




Commercial Property




II CGL / Products


III Workers Comp


IV Final Case Presentation


Sa Solu TM

Risk Solutions IQ™ is a comprehensive

and interactive learning experience for P&C professionals to develop participants’ risk assessment and coverage knowledge with practical, skill-based learning. RSIQ™’s advanced ‘Virtual Learning’ instructional design delivers superior knowledge transfer and retention on POWERED BY NEW LEVEL PARTNERS, LLC Commercial Property, Commercial General Liability and Workers Compensation. The program includes short videos, fullynarrated online courses, expert readings, realistic case studies and interactive ‘live learning’ web-sessions. Throughout the 10-week program, participants will acquire and practice new skills to assess risk hazards, exposures and coverage gaps as part of a new client acquisition or existing account management process while incorporating their value proposition.

ales olutions



RSIQ™ is perfect for your SOLUTION new hires – producers and account executives RSIQ™ incorporates multi-dimensional independent study with four (4) New Level Partners’ expert ‘live learning’ web-sessions, expanding the case study work and providing extensive questionand-answer opportunities.

Sales Solu

RSIQ™ learning outcomes are maximized when participants’ managers/mentors are engaged in the learning sequence to answer questions and reinforce the program’s objectives. New Level Partners’ support team provides all user-support, including assignment overviews, ‘help’ support for Virtual Classroom access and individual follow-up to ensure all program elements are completed.



Izaak Walton Clubhouse, Pierre, SD 1200 Izaak Walton Road YOUNG AGENTS COMMITTEE WELCOMES YOU TO THE IIASD’S RIVER DAYS/ WALLEYE CLASSIC This is a must attend event for our IIASD members! Our Young Agents Committee has put together a great combination of recreation and education that is sure to be complimented by the warmth and welcome of the Pierre community!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 12:00 pm

CE Registration- Drifter’s- Fort Pierre


Education CE— Drifters Conference Center: Cyber Crisis- Are You Prepared? Cyber Security Panel (3hrs General CE)

4:00 pm

Event Registration

5:00 pm

Trapshoot Izaak Walton shells provided

7:00- 8:00 pm

Steak Fry and Rules Meeting- Izaak Walton

Fishing 6:00am-2:00pm 2:00 pm

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Launch anywhere on the Missouri River or Lake Oahe Sack lunch provided Weigh-In at Down’s Marina 800 S. Washington


Hillsview Golf Course 4125 E Highway 34 Pierre, SD

10:00 am

Golf Tournament- Tee times start; Sack lunch provided

3:00 pm

Fish Fry- Izaak Walton Golf & Fishing Prizes Awarded

Rooms: IIASD room blocks at the AmericInn $86.00 rooms 605-223-2358 on or before Friday, May 18th , 2018.


Payment must be sent with this form. Credit Card online registration at NAME:________________________________________________________ AMOUNT ENCLOSED________________ AGENCY/CO:_________________________ PHONE # :_____________________EMAIL:________________________________ ADDRESS:______________________________________



(IIASD Member Agents and Company Partners are considered members) Full Registration includes: steak fry & evening events, continuing education and fish fry

Full Fishing Registration (If bringing your own boat you must notify us 2 weeks in advance)

_______ $135 member

_______ $275 non-member

Full Golf Registration Avg. 9 Hole Score _____

_______ $135 member

_______ $275 non-member

CE Only- Continuing Ed Attendance Only Cyber Crisis Security Panel

_______ $40 member

_______ $80 non-member

Steak Fry Only _______ $30 member Purchase Mulligans for golf and team fish weight at Registration.

_______ $50 non-member

RETURN TO: IIASD 305 Island Drive Fort Pierre SD 57532- PH 224-6234 - FAX 224-6235

E&O Risk Management: Reducing E&O Exposures JUNE 4 – 7, 2018 6 Hours General Continuing Education Credits

June 4, 2018 June 5, 2018 June 6, 2018 June 7, 2018 -

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Sioux Falls, Ramkota – 3200 West Maple St Aberdeen, Ramkota – 1410 8th Ave NW Pierre, RedRossa– 808 W Sioux Ave Ste 200 Rapid City, Holiday Inn– 505 N Fifth St

605-336-0650 605-229-4040 605-494-2599 605-348-4000

Registration 8:30 Class 9:00 - 3:30 $65.00 for Members - $80.00 for Non-Members (Fee includes light breakfast and lunch) This seminar is designed to identify E&O claim triggers and provide practical, real-world E&O loss prevention techniques to reduce E&O exposures. Participants will also be alerted to recent agency E&O claim trends. INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Koches of Wilmington, NC, owner/consultant of Managing Performance, LLC is an insurance educator,

consultant and industry resource. Her background includes serving as assistant director of E&O for Independent Insurance Agents of New Jersey, specializing in commercial lines and professional liability as vice president of an independent insurance agency in New Jersey, and most recently, serving as vice president at the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina. HOW TO QUALIFY FOR IIASD LOSS CONTROL CREDIT: An insured who obtains their professional liability coverage for insurance producers through the IIASD sponsored programs will earn a percentage credit on their total annual premium if they attend an approved loss control seminar and remain loss free after attending. Agency Size 1 2-7 8-20 21-50 51+

LOSS CONTROL CREDIT REQUIREMENTS Required Attendance 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer and 1 producer or CSR 1 active agency principals, owner, partners or officers & 1 active agency principals, owners, partners, officers, operations managers or producer and 2 producers or CSRs 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer & 1 active agency principal, owner, partner, officer, operations manager or producer & 1 CSR and 3 producers or CSRs 1 active agency principal, owner, partner or officer & 2 active agency principals, owners, partners, officers, operations managers or producers & 2 CSRs and 5 producers or CSRs

Total Attendees Required 1 2 4 6 10

Payment must be received with registration. Send form in with payment or you can also go to and register online. 2018 E&O LOSS CONTROL SEMINAR NAME/NAMES:


AGENCY/COMPANY: _____________________________________________ CITY: __________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________________________________

PHONE: _________________________ I/we will attend at the following location: _____ June 4 Sioux Falls, Ramkota _____ June 5 Aberdeen, Ramkota _____ June 6 Pierre, RedRossa _____ June 7 Rapid City, Holiday Inn

$65 for each IIASD Member $80 for each Non-Member Amount enclosed $ ______________

Return to IIASD 305 Island Drive, Fort Pierre SD 57532 605-224-6234 (phone) 605-224-6235 (fax)


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