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Cambridge Journals New to Cambridge University Press in 2001:

The China Quarterly

Modern Asian Studies

Published for SOAS, University o f London

Modem Asian Studies promotes an understanding of contemporary Asia and its rich inheritance. Covering South Asia, South-East Asia, China, and Japan, this quarterly journal publishes original research articles concerned with the history, geography, politics, sociology, literature, economics, and social anthropology and culture of the area. It specialises in the longer monographic essay based on archival materials and new field work.

The China Quarterly is the leading scholarly journal in its field, covering all aspects of contemporary china including Taiwan and overseas Chinese. Its interdisciplinary approach covers a range of subjects including art, commerce, economics, geography, history, international affairs, literature, politics and sociology. Edited to rigorous standards the journal publishes high-quality, authoritative research, keeping readers up to date with events in contemporary China. International in readership and scholarship, The China Quarterly provides readers with historical perspectives, in-depth analyses, and a deeper understanding of China and the Chinese. It has a comprehensive Book Review section, an annual special issue and the Quarterly Chronicle, which keeps readers informed of . events in China. The special issue in 2001 will consider Taiwan in the twentieth century.

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies Published for SOAS, University o f London

I he Bulletin o f the School o f Oriental and African Studies is the leading interdisiplinary journal carrying uparalleled studies of the past and present civilizations and cultures of the Near and the Middle East, Asia and Africa. It publishes articles, notes and communications and review articles of the highest academic standard, and also features an extensive and influential reviews section and an annual index. 2001 Volume: 3 issues. Institutions print plus electronic: £100. Individuals print only: £45 Developing countries rate: £60. SOAS copies: £50. ISSN 0041-977X

Volume 34 in 2000: February, May, July and October. Institutions print and electronic: £131/$218. Individuals print only: £61/$98. ISSN 0026-749X

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Published for the Royal Asiatic Society o f Great Britain and Ireland

Journal o f the Royal Asiatic Society has been published by the Society since 1834 and is distinguished not only by its longevity but also by its consistency in providing a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality on the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East and South-East Asia. It publishes articles on history, archaeology, literature, language, religion and art, and reviews of books in these fields.

2001 Volume: 4 issues. Institutions print plus electronic: £80. Individuals print only: £39. Students: £20. ISSN 0009-4439

Journal of African Law

Journal of Southeast Asian Studies

Published for SOAS, University o f London

During the past 45 years Journal o f African Law has established itself as the leading journal in its field. Its wide coverage encompasses the laws of sub-Saharan African countries. Its authoritative and thought-provoking articles address contemporary legal issues and highlight issues of international and comparative significance. The journal contains a separate section on recent legislation, case-law, law reform proposals and recent international developments affecting Africa. Journal o f African Law is essential reading for academics, professional lawyers, development workers and policy-makers.

The Journal o f Southeast Asian Studies is one of the main outlets in the world for scholarly articles dealing with Southeast Asia in the humanities and social sciences. Incorporating a wide range of academic disciplines, the Journal aims to remain accessible to non-specialists, as well as to scholars specializing in a variety of subject areas. The Journal covers all aspects of Southeast Asia, defined as Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition to scholarly research articles, the Journal publishes 60 to 70 book reviews per year, including works written in Southeast Asian languages.

Volume 10 in 2000: April, July and November.

2001 Volume: 3 issues. Institutions print and electronic: £50/$83. Individuals print only: £25/$42 ISSN 0022-4634


Institutions print only: £64/$ 104. Individuals print only: £40/$63 ISSN 1356-1863

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2001 Volume: 2 issues. Institutions print plus electronic: £71. Individuals print only: £30. Developing countries rate: £30. ISSN 0221-8553


rhe Edinburgh Building, Cambridge, 40 West 20 th Street, New York,

NEW Collected Works of Basil Hall Chamberlain: Major Works

Ganesha Publishing Western Historical Sources on Asia

With an introduction by Richard Bowring, University o f Cambridge October 2000 • 1 86210 013 6 • 8 volumes • c. 4050pp • £695/$1110 Series: Collected Works o f Japanologists

NEW The Russo-Japanese War: Reports from Officers Attached to the Japanese Forces in the Field With an introduction by Sebastian Dobson

anesha Publishing is an inde'■■pendent company devoted to republishing Western historical sources on Asia. In addition to further developing our initial series of collect­ ed works in the areas of Japanese stud­ ies and travel writing, we are pleased to announce a new series on the Sources of Orientalism. Our publishing pro­ gramme will shortly be expanding into the sub­ jects of modem Asian history and the religions and philosophies of Asia. I

'-.M m


History of Asian Studies Orientalism !’4- ■i- VjJ Modern Asian History Reference Works Topography and Travel Asian Religions and Philosophy We welcome all proposals and suggestions from researchers in the above areas. Contact/Sales: info@ganesha-publishing.com or write to PO Box 27760, London E5 8UU. For distribution details, newly commissioned introduc­ tions and our latest catalogue please visit our website.

http://www.ganesha-publishing.com 5 6 •

i i as n e w s l e t t e r

N?23 • October 2000

November 2000 • 1 86210 014 4 • 5 volumes • c. 2900pp • £595/ $950 Modern Asian History

N E W Collected Works of Ernest Mason Satow: Collected Papers The second part of the Collected Works of Ernest Satow collects for the first time all his previously published journal and newspaper articles, pamphlets, introductions, and contri­ butions to various books. It will comprise circa 85 such items from the Japan Herald, Japan Weekly Mail, Chinese and Japanese Repository, Japan Times, Transactions o f the Asiatic Society o f Japan, The Phoenix, The Quarterly Review, The New East, and vari­ ous other sources. February 2001 • 1 86210 015 2 • 4 volumes • c. 1800pp • Price tbc Series: Collected Works o f Japanologists

NEW The European Discovery of India: Key Indological Sources of Romanticism With an introduction by Michael Franklin, Cardiff University This set assembles the key literary and devotional texts which accomplished an ‘Oriental Renaissance’ in the West and cul­ tural revolution in India. This set comprises ten works in their first editions, now all exceedingly rare, including Charles Wilkins Bhagvat Geeta (1785) and Heetopades





10011- 4211, USA

(1787), H.H. Wilson Megha Duta (1814) and Vishnu Purana (1840), William Hodges Travels in India (1793), H.T. Colebrooke Essays (1837), and Friedrich von Schlegel On the Language and Wisdom o f the Indians (1808, English translation 1849). April 2001 • 1 86210 016 0 • 6 volumes • c. 2700pp • Price tbc Series: Sources o f Orientalism

NEW Japan in American Fiction, 1880-1905 With an introduction by Charles B. Wordell, Nanzan University, Nagoya This collection contains the most important representations of Japan in American fiction published in the period 1880 to 1905. The works selected form a valuable research col­ lection for scholars engaged in Postcolonialism, Orientalism, Gender and Race studies, and the history of American popular culture. The selection comprises 11 titles, including Edward Howard House Yone Santo (1888), W.E. Griffis Honda the Samurai (1890) and In the Mikado’s Service (1901), John Luther Long Madame Butterfly (1898), and Alice Mabel Bacon In the Land o f the Gods (1905). May 2001 • 1 86210 017 9 • 7 volumes • c. 3250 pp • Price tbc Series: Sources o f Orientalism

Collected Works of William George Aston With an introduction by Peter F. Komicki, University o f Cambridge January 1997 • 1 86210 000 4 • 6 volumes • c. 2930pp • £640/ $995 Series: Collected Works o f Japanologists

James G. R. Forlong,

Cyclopaedia of Religions (1906 edition) November 1997 • 1 86210 005 5 • 3 volumes • c. 1740pp • £225/ $350 Reference

Collected Travel Writings of Isabella Bird With an introduction by Olive Checkland, Fellow (Overseas), Fukuzawa Memorial Centre, Keio University, Tokyo January 1998 • 1 86210 001 2 • 12 volumes • c. 4800pp • £850/ $1325 Series: Collected Works o f Travel Writers

Collected Works of Ernest Mason Satow: Major Works With an introduction by Nigel Brailey, University o f Bristol June 1998 • 1 86210 002 0 • 12 volumes • c. 5240pp • £975/ $1525 Series: Collected Works o f Japanologists

International Congress of Orientalists: Proceedings, 1873-81 October 1998 • 1 86210 004 7 • 11 volumes • c. 5500 pp • £975/ $1550 Reference

Collected Works of Walter Weston With an introduction by Hamish Ion, Royal Military College o f Canada, Kingston, Ontario March 1999 • 1 86210 011 X • 4 volumes • C. 1380pp • £395/ $650 Series: Collected Works o f Travel Writers

Collected Works of Frederick Victor Dickins With an introduction by Peter F. Komicki, University o f Cambridge September 1999 • 1 86210 003 9 • 7 volumes • c. 3550pp • £595/ $950 Series: Collected Works o f Japanologists

Japanese Art & Japonisme: Early English Writings With an introduction by Akiko Mabuchi, Japan Women’s University, Tokyo January 2000 • 1 86210 012 8 • 6 volumes •c. 1600pp • £495/ $795 Series: Sources o f Orientalism

All works are printed on acid-free paper, sewn and bound in a high-quality library buckram.