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Vienna, Austria The ‘Dark Side'o/Life in Asia and the West - night-time and time to sleep M ain organizer: Brigitte Steger D epartm ent o f East Asian Studies, Japanese Studies U niversity ofV ienna U nivetsitatscam pus AAKH, H o f 2, Spitalgasse 2-4 1090 Vienna, A ustria Tel: +43-1-4277 43805 Fax: +43-1-42779438 E-mail: brigitte.steger@ univie.ac.at Category: {4) Value systems and cultural heritage AC-member: Kreiner 2001

Ivry-sur-Seine, France

A gend A The Committee selected 10 workshops [from a total o f 34 applications) which will enjoy its supportjö r 2000/2001. The/allowing proposals received ESF AC fin a n c in g . Abstracts o f these workshops are printed in these Pink Pages. For reports o f some o f the workshops selected in 1999/2000, please turn to pages 6,7,32, and 35. Other reports were published in issues 20, 21, or 22 or will appear in issue 24.

Patronage in Indo-Persian Culture M ain organizer: Dr Franchise ‘N alin i’ Delvoye Monde Iranien C/o CNRS 27 rue Paul Bert 94200 Ivry su r Seine France Tel: +33-1-4954 z356 Fax: +33-1-4954 2676 E-mail: Nalini.Delvoye@ehess.fr Category: {4) Value system s and cu ltu ral heritage AC-member: Gaborieau 29 M A R C H


200 1

Nottingham (pending) United Kingdom Political Parties in South Asia: Astantsation o f a Western Model? M ain organizer: Prof. S.K. M itra D epartm ent o f Political Science South Asia In stitu te U niversity o f Heidelberg Im N euenheim er Feld 330 69120 Heidelberg Germany Tel: +49-6221-548 921 Fax: +49-6221-544 591

Category: (8) ‘A sianisation’ o f politics, democracy an d h u m an rights AC-member: M artinussen 11-14



Kobe, Japan Im m igration tojapan EU and the USA and thejapanese Abroad M ain organizer: Prof. C. Peach Oxford University M ansfield Road Oxford, OX4 4DU U nited Kingdom Tel: +44-1865-271919 Fax: +44-1865-27 1923 E-mail: ceri.peach@geog.ox.ac.uk Category: (2) D em ographic change AC-member: Fagerberg 13-15



Istanbul, Turkey Intellectual and Spiritual Authorities in 20^ century Middle Eurasia. Status, networks, discourse, strategies M ain organizer: D r Stéphane D udoignon CNRS, UMR 7571 Protasi Centre de Recherche su r 1’Asie inférieure, le m onde tu rc e t 1’espace o tto m an 23, rue du Loess - Bat. 50 F-67037 Strasbourg Cedex 02 France Tel: +33-3-8810 6086 Fax: +33-3-8810 6094 E-mail: dudoignon@ aol.com Category: (4) Value systems and cu ltural heritage AC-member: Gaborieau M A Y 2001

Amsterdam, the Netherlands Labour Migration and Socio-Economic Change in Southeast and East M ain organizer: Dr Ratna Saptari (CLARA) IIAS/IISH

NE WS 15-16

C ruquiusw eg 33 1019 AT A m sterdam The N etherlands Tel: +31-20-668 5866 Fax: +31-20-665 4181 E-mail: Chlia@iisg.nl H ttp://w w w .isg.nl/clara

E-mail: subrata.m itra@ nottingham .ac.uk




MAY 2 0 0 1

Heidelberg, Germany Modem Chinese Historiography and Historical Thinking M ain organizer: Dr Axel Schneider In stitu te o f Chinese Studies U niversity o f H eidelberg Akademiestr. 4-8 6 9 ii7 H eid elb erg G erm any Tel: + 49-6221-542 4 76 Fax: +49-6221-542 439 E-mail: sw s@ gw.sino.uni-heidelberg.de

1 6 -1 8 A U G U S T U S 2 0 0 1

Bergen, Norway Asian Welfare Policy Responses to the Crash o f 1997 M ain organizer: Prof. Stein Kuhnle D epartm ent o f Com parative Politics, and Centre for Social Research U niversity o f Bergen Christiesgt. 15 N-5007 Bergen Norw ay

Category: (4) Value system s and cu ltu ral heritage AC-member: Standaert 6-7 JUNE


Imperialism, Medicine and South Asia: a socio-political perspective, 1800-1950 M ain organizer: D r Sanjoy Bhattacharya 12 Kirkby Close M ilton Road Cam bridge CB4 1XP U nited Kingdom Tel: +44-1223-47 44t>7 Fax:+44-1223-474407 E-mail: joygeeta@ hotm ail.com Category: (1) Welfare systems and models o f social security AC-member: Perez

Category: (5) C hanging labour relations in Asia AC-member: Howe 23-27


Cambridge, United Kingdom


Hanoi, Vietnam Participatory Technology Development and Local Knowledge/orSustamable Land use in Southeast Asia M ain organizer: Prof. Franz H eidhues In stitu te o f A gricultural Economics and Social Sciences in th e Tropics and Subtropics U niversity o fH o h en h eim (490 a) 70593 S tu ttg a rt G erm any

Tel: +47-5558 2175 Fax: +47-5558 9425 E-mail: Stein.Kuhnle@ isp.uib.no Category: (1) Welfare systems and models o f social security AC-member: Brem an

ESF ASIA COMMITTEE FELLOW Dr Martin Ram stedt (München)

Tel: +49-7 t i -459 3934 Fax: +49-711-459 3934 E-mail: heidhues@ uni-hohenheim .de

Stationed at: HAS, Leiden, the Netherlands Topic: Hindu Dharma Indonesia The Hindu-Movement in Present-Day

Category: (6) Knowledge systems, environm ent, in tern atio n al business operations, and transm ission o f technology AC-member: S tokhof

Indonesia and its Influence in Relation to the Development of the Indigenous Culture of theToraja (AhtkTodolo) in South Sulawesi Period: December 1997 - December 2000




THE The Asia C om m ittee consists of the following members nominated by their respective National Research Councils: -


Prof. Alessandro Avanzini (Italy) Prof. }an Breman (the Netherlands) Prof. Jean-Luc D om enach (France) Prof. Jan Fagerberg (Norway) Prof. Marc Gaborieau (France) Prof. Carl le Grand (Sweden) Prof. Christopher Howe (United Kingdom) Prof.Terry King (Great Britain) Prof. Josef Kreiner (Germany) Prof. Reijo Luostarinen (Finland) Prof. Wolfgang Marschall (Switzerland) Prof. John Martinussen (Denmark) Prof. Rosa Maria Perez (Portugal) Prof. Nicolas Standaert (Belgium) Prof. Ernst Steinkeilner (Austria) Prof. Wim S tokh of (the Netherlands) (secretary) Prof.Thommy Svensson (Sweden) (chairman) Prof. Rudolf Wagner (Germany)

Observers are: - Prof.Taciana Fisac (Spain) - Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (Taiwan ROC) j - Association for Asian Studies (USA) - Academia Europaea, Prof. Jan Breman (the Netherlands)









APPLICATIO should be acco-

of the European Science Foundation (ESF) invites applications for research travel grants for outstanding young researchers in Asian Studies.

letter o f su p p o rt by th e (former) PhD supervisor, also indicating th e (expected) defence date; - Curriculum Vitae including a list o f publications.

The AC offers ten to twenty research travel grants for short one month minimum visits abroad to young researchers in Asian Studies from ESF member countries* for the year 2001.

The grants (€ 1,900 per person) are intended for 1) PhD students in the Social Sciences and Humanities who are about to finish their dissertations (no longer than one year prior to the defense): and 2) holders of a PhD degree (obtained no longer than three years ago) in the above-mentioned fields.

The grants are provided for scholars intending to visit academic institutions in a country other than their home country. They are established to enable the applicants to acquaint themselves with researchers and research environments of Asian Studies institutes in ESF member countries. Grants will be transferred at the conclusion of visits.




The proposals should be received by th e ESF Asia C om m ittee secretariat in L eiden by 1 January 2001 at th e latest. P roposals m ay b e se n t eith er th r o u g h regular m ail or e-m a il only. Applications sent by fax will n ot be considered. Kindly note th a t the secretariat makes use of university postal services, therefore please allow an extra four days for delivery.



about the Asia Com m ittee may be obtained from the Internet: http://w w w.iias.nl/esfac or from the C om m ittee’s secretariat: ESF Asia C o m m ittee Secretariat c/o International In stitu te for Asian Studies (HAS) P.O. Box 9515, Z300 RA Leiden, th e N eth erla n d s. Tel: +31-71-527 22 27/ E-mail: iias@ rullet.leidenuniv.nl (Fax: +31-71-527 4162) * Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spam, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

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