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Autumn 2013 - Issue 39

Editorial The lambent colours of the Autumn leaves that are still visible here and there are dulled by the leaden skies above us. This is traditionally the time of year for assessment. Most of the major events held by the different entities of the Institute are behind us. In our Summer newsletter, we mentioned the joint IIAS-IASIA conference held in Manama last June. This was followed by the annual EGPA conference which was also a marked success, both in terms of participation (more than 500 participants) and scientific quality. Edinburgh, which hosted this conference, will remain in our memories for a long time to come. MED 6, which took place at the Villa Méditerranée in Marseille, was also very successful, with the participation of all the main actors from around the Mediterranean area. We should also mention the annual meeting of the Latin-American Group for Public Administration (LAGPA) held in Rio de Janeiro from 23 to 25 October on the theme of the Creation of an Observatory of the Latin-American Public Administration. Another activity on the agenda is the African Forum taking place on November 28 and 29, in Yaoundé, Cameroon, dealing with reforms of the administrative structures in Africa. MED 6 and the African forum are steps towards the establishment, in the near future, of an IIAS regional group for the Middle East and Africa. In the meantime, we wish you a glorious Autumn, and look forward to finding you in good form in 2014.

Rolet Loretan Director General

IIAS Knowledge Portal CURRENT THEMES shed light on what is coordination in the public sector, its applications, its successes and failures. The Knowledge Portal of IIAS has been expanded with two new themes that will be continuously studied in greater depth. The first one concerns coordination in the public sector and is developed in collaboration with the COCOPS Group (Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the future), a research group funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. This first wave of information is intended to highlight the first catalogue of case studies on Social Cohesion, which was finalised by COCOPS. An interview with Professor Per Lægreid, a member of COCOPS, accompanied by other resource articles will

The second one, related to the organisation of the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management (MED), is dedicated to the theme of Public Management in the Mediterranean. It aims to focus on cooperation initiatives on the topic of Public Management taken in the Mediterranean region, and especially on the «Young Mediterranean Leaders Initiative» implemented by the European Training Foundation (ETF), through an interview with Mr Basel Natsheh, University of Hebron (Palestine). Basel is participating in the YMLI and recently completed an internship at the IIAS. We discussed the need for governance and public administration in the Mediterranean and the importance of dialogue in this

region. In the coming months, other Young Mediterranean Leaders will also have the opportunity to share their views on developments in public administration in the region and on the effectiveness of public policies for education, training and employability. Other MED partners will also enrich our knowledge portal by sharing their activities and prospects. Through the efforts of our two new interns, Misses Dajana Ostojić (University of Split) and Silvia Walker (Università della Svizerra italianna), the Knowledge Portal will continue to be enhanced. This portal is yours: do not hesitate consult it, share it with others and make comments and observations. n

IRAS - International Review of Administrative Sciences CURRENT THEMES Editor-in-chief: Andrew Massey, University of Exeter Deputy Editors: Yves Emery, IDHEAP; Shamsul Haque, National University of Singapour and Isabella Proeller, Potsdam University Journal manager: Catherine Humblet ( Volume 79 (4) December 2013 consists of a mini symposium on Integrity systems for safeguarding ethics and integrity of governance with Emile Kolthoff, Michael Macaulay and Frank Anechiarico as guest editors, and various articles on contract auditing, human

resource management, multi-level government, strategy and territorial governance, e-government, administration and democracy, citizen participation and accountability. To submit an article (8000 words maximum) to IRAS: please go to New: As soon as an article has been accepted for publication, the English version will be put online first without waiting for the publication in hard copy! Then it will be published in English (hard copy), French (hard copy and online), Spanish (hard copy) and Chinese (hard copy).n

IIAS International Congress, 13-17 June 2014, Ifrane (Morocco) COMING UP IIAS takes great pleasure in informing you that the next congress will be held in Ifrane, Morocco from 13 to 17 June 2014. The event will be organized in collaboration with the University of Al Akhawayn Ifrane, The Ministry of the Interior and ENA Morocco, on the theme Rethinking the Responsibility and Accountability of Public Administration in Times of Globalization, Decentralization and Privatization.

Newsletter 2 Autumn 2013

Practical information and the call for papers will be communicated in due time. We look forward to welcoming you to Morocco! Contact : Anne De Boeck, IIAS Executive Secretary and Events Officer, n

IIAS IIAS African Forum, 28 & 29 November 2013, Yaoundé (Cameroon) COMING UP The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform of Cameroon, the Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT – Aix-Marseille University), the Centre Africain de Recherche Administrative pour le Développement (CAFRAD) and the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) are pleased to invite you to the IIAS African Forum which will be held at the Palace of Congress in

Yaoundé, Cameroon on 28-29 November, 2013 on the theme of The Major Structuring of Administrative Reforms in Africa. The call for papers is now closed and 46 abstract proposals from 20 countries were received. The Scientific Committee is taking care of the revision and a provisional programme with the different sessions will soon be available on the forum’s website.

participants will not be required to pay a registration fee, however, travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants. Further information is available on the website Contact : Anne De Boeck, IIAS Executive Secretary and Events Officer,  n

We look forward to welcoming you. The

IIAS Study Groups - COMING UP The IIAS Study Group on Quality of Governance (QuGo) is organizing sessions at ASPA in Washington, D.C. (March 2014) and during the IIAS Congress in Morocco (June 2014).

available via the following link: QoG_2014.aspx

To this end, the group is soliciting proposals from scholars and practitioners for the preconference workshop at ASPA. The call for papers is

The deadline for entering proposals is 1st December 2013.  n

PERSONNEL New Strategic Projects Officer

In September 2013, Dr. Steve Troupin joined the IIAS team as its new Strategic Projects Officer. Born in 1984 in Verviers (Belgium), Steve Troupin obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Sciences – International Relations from

Newsletter 3 Autumn 2013

the University of Liège (Université de Liège) in 2006 and a Master’s in Public Management and Policy (Master in het Overheidsmanagement en –beleid) from the KU Leuven in 2007. In 2012, he obtained a PhD in Social Sciences from the KU Leuven, for a manuscript entitled “Professionalizing Public Administration: The Cases of Performance Audit in Canada and the Netherlands”, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Geert Bouckaert. Trilingual in French, Dutch and English, he specializes in the steering and coordination of complex networks, performance and other forms of public sector audit, comparative methodology and professional theories. Since 2007, he has been part of the academic staff of the KU Leuven’s Public Management Institute. From October 2012 until June 2013, he was, moreover, Senior Auditor in charge of the coordination of the risk management project at the Internal Audit Service of the Flemish Administration (Interne Audit van de Vlaamse Administratie – IAVA). Since the academic year 2012-2013, he has been in charge of the Research Seminar intended to support students from the Master in European Politics and Policies in the process leading to the

elaboration of their Master’s thesis, at the KU Leuven. In September 2013, he joined IIAS’s staff as Strategic Projects Officer. Steve Troupin, contact : n

marketing New Web Sites COMING soon The secretariat is busy finalising the creation of new web sites. A new look and a new dynamic are on the menu. Soon to be seen at n

IASIA IASIA Annual Conference, 30 June to 4 July 2014, Port Elizabeth (South Africa) - COMING UP The International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration is organizing, in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University, its next conference in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, from 30 June to 4 July 2014 on the theme Good Governance: the position of Students, Scholars and Practitioners. The venue, the provisional programme, the call for papers and any other information will be communicated in due course on the IASIA website.

We look forward to welcoming you in South Africa! Contacts : For any information on the scientific content: Bardhyl Dobra, IASIA Executive Secretary, For any information on the logistics: Anne de Boeck, IIAS Executive Secretary and Events Officer, n

Joint Working International Group IASIA-DESA on «The Human Capital in Service of Territorial Development”, 1-4 October 2013, Rabat (Morocco) - RETROSPECTIVE From October 1st to 4th, the fourth congress of United Cities and Local Government (UCLG) was held in Rabat, Morocco. As an adjunct to the congress proper, the Direction of Training of Administrative and Technical Executives from the Ministry of Interior organized a side-event on the theme of“The Human Capital in Service of Territorial Development». Within this framework, Mr. Steve Troupin, strategic projects officer at IIAS, was invited to present the work of the IASIA-UNDESA Taskforce on Strengthening Public Administration and Leadership at Local Level for the Achievement of Development Agendas. The Taskforce is a joint initiative of the International Association of Institutes and Schools of Administration and of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Na-

tions. Initiated in 2011, the Taskforce aims to create capacity in local government, in order to attain Millenium Development Goals. Within this framework, the Taskforce is currently developing a publication project, analyzing the demand for training, flowing from decentralization policies, in local governments all over the world, comparing it with the available training supply, and formulating recommendations to adapt supply to demand. In this way, IIAS was able to contribute to the success of the UCLG Congress and related side-events, and to local governance in general. n

PUBLICATIONS Training for Leadership Edited by Geert Bouckaert and Michiel S. de Vries Collection: Administration publique aujourd’hui Editor: Bruylant This book addresses training for leadership in the second decade of the 21st century. If the need for training for leadership is recognized as urgent, we need to ask whether training institutes are doing the right things and we also need to question the effectiveness of training institutions. This book calls for serious and critical reflection on the way in which we conceptualize training for leadership in the second decade of the 21st century. The various chapters reflect the ideas, theories and practices that are dominant today. The thread of the contents shows that something is amiss in such training. In general it does not have the expected effect and it often does not address the needs of recipients. The implication is that training for leadership in the future has to be redefined, taking into account the specific contingencies, problems and complexities that leaders – especially in developing countries – Newsletter 4 Autumn 2013

have to deal with. Leadership cannot be seen as an isolated factor. The different chapters in this book argue that training for effective leadership and good governance practices needs to be combined. All ask for leadership that is less hierarchical and more interactive and collaborative, and that also takes stakeholders outside the public sector seriously. This has serious implications for how leadership training is organized; the different chapters in this volume address this issue from a theoretical as well as from an empirical point of view: developments in theory of leadership, styles of public sector leadership, leadership in turbulent times and the importance of contingences on leadership in changing times. To order the book: titres/131159_0_0/training-for-leadership. html n

LAGPA Annual Conference of LAGPA and the National Section of the INAP, 24-30 October 2013, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) RETROSPECTIVE Third Plenary session of the LatinAmerican Group for Public Administration (LAGPA). The LAGPA organised its third plenary session from October 23 to 25 at the headquarters of the Fondation Getulio Vargas, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) The co-ordinator of LAGPA, M. José R. Castelazo, presided, and 30 experts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru were able to meet. The President of IASIA, Prof. Michiel de Vries and the Director General of the IIAS, Mr Rolet Loretan, were also invited to participate in the debates which centered essentially on the question of the creation of a Latin-American Observatory for Public Administration. At the end of these debates, it was unanimously decided to create such an Observatory and to base it in Mexico City. Incidentally, a new LAGPA co-ordinator in the person of Prof. Bianor Cavalcanti (FGV, Brazil) was designated, succeeding Mr José Castelazo, who has been Coordinator of LAGPA since its inception in 2010. During this meeting, Mr Rolet Loretan, Director General of the IIAS, and the President of INAP Mexico, Mr José Castelazo, signed an MoU governing the resumption of the translation into Spanish and publication of the RISA by INAP Mexico, retroactive from the September 2013 issue. n

EGPA EGPA Annual Conference, 11-13 September 2013 & PhD Symposium, 9-10 September 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom) RETROSPECTIVE The 2013 Annual EGPA Conference took place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 11 to 13 September. It was organized by Edinburgh University and Professor Charlie Jeffery welcomed the EGPA network members, on behalf of the local organizing committee. More than 500 participants contributed to the different sessions organized by the 19 EGPA permanent study groups (PSGs). More than 371 papers were presented during the workshops organized on the PSGs’topics. During the opening ceremony, Professor Victor Bekkers gave a keynote speech on the theme of “Social Innovation in the Public Sector”. The Conference was preceded by the PhD Symposium on 9 and 10 September 2013 with the presence of 29 PhD Students who presented the research framework and the first results of their PhD theses during 3

EGPA Steering Committee – Elections and Renewal, 13 September 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom) RETROSPECTIVE The new EGPA President, Professor Edoardo Ongaro, was elected during the EGPA General Assembly in Edinburgh on Friday, 13 September 2013. The composition of the new steering committee was approved. Two members joined the Steering Committee as members: Emil Turc (France) and Karen Miller (United Kingdom). For more information, please consult the steering committee webpage at: about/management/Pages/steering-committee.aspx. The next EGPA Steering Committee meeting will be held in Brussels on January 31st – February 1st, 2014. n

Newsletter 5 Autumn 2013

parallel sessions on the following Themes: Politics and Administration; Society and Administration and Performance and Efficiency in the Public Sector. The Symposium was coordinated by Professors Christoph Reichard, Eckhard Schroeter and Patrick Von Maravic. During the Conference opening and closing sessions, two PhD Students who had taken part in the Bergen Symposium received the PhD Symposium 2012 Best Paper Award: • Andreas Danielsen: «Compound governance and the transnationalization of regulation: the case of transnational competition governance»; • Maryse Tremblay: «Promoting Probity among Public Officials: The Study of the Application of the Modes of Regulation of Behaviours in the Formulation of Anticorruption Programs in Germany and Canada».

During the Conference, a French-Speaking Seminar was successfully organized on the theme: Public Manager under Pressure: New Trends in Public Decision-making; in collaboration with IGPDE, the Institute for public management and economic development - an agency of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (Paris, Bercy, France) dedicated to research, the training of civil servants, and to providing support for public policies and reforms. Four EGPA partners also organized their Meetings and Committees during that week: •  EAPAA – the European Association for Public Administration Accreditation; •  COCOPS – Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future; • LIPSE – Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments; • COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology. n

EGPA Annual Conference, 10-12 September 2014 & PhD Symposium, 8-9 September 2014, Speyer (Germany) - COMING UP The next annual conference will be held in Speyer (Germany). The different permanent study groups will hold their sessions in the building of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer and the German Research Institute for Public Administration. The conference will be preceded on 8 and 9 September by the PhD Symposium which will bring PhD Students and Researchers together. Practical information and the call for papers will be progressively added to the conference website:

Contacts : For any information on the scientific content: Fabienne Maron, EGPA Executive Secretary, For any information on the logistics: Anne de Boeck, IIAS Executive Secretary and Events Offcier, n

EGPA MED 6 - Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue, 6-9 October 2014, Marseille (France) RETROSPECTIVE

The 6th Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management took place in Marseille on the theme:“Cultures for change, changes through Culture”. More than 160 participants addressed the following themes: Culture and organisational change, Cultures, territory and economical and societal changes, Culture, Political and Democratic Changes, Cultural Activities, evolution and change, Education by Culture, Cultures of Education and Vocational Training Systems and Training for the Cultural Sector. Prior to the Dialogue, the European Training Foundation organised, on October 6, its Policy Leaders Forum on the theme: Public Management of Education, Training and Employment Policies. Ministers and senior policymakers from the Arab States of the Mediterranean region discussed this important topic for the region. Professor Geert Bouckaert and Professor Robert Fouchet presented a policy note on the effective policies for youth through education, training and employment; they focussed on three major dimensions: actors, policy instruments and

information. For these three dimensions of policies to be effective, they underlined that a culture of change is needed which, ultimately, may lead to a change of culture which will have an impact on effectiveness. This 6th MED conference on the theme of culture alternated roundtables with experts and professionals, and, in parallel, workshops presenting selected papers and testimonies. An institutional panel took also place and the representatives of the MED partners presented their key projects in the Mediterranean zone: ARADO, ENA, ETF, SNA-OECD, BIPA, OCEMO and EGPA/IIAS. A doctoral workshop was also organised on October 9th, 2013 with young researchers from the both sides of the Mediterranean. The 2013 MED opened new perspectives and emphasised new projects of cooperation. The 7th MED will take place in Lebanon, at the Antonine University, in October 2014. n

TAD 10 - Transatlantic Dialogue, 5-7 June 2014, Lugano (Switzerland) - COMING UP

The 10th Transatlantic Dialogue will take place at the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland from 5 to 7 June 2014 on the theme: From Public Administration to XXI Century Collaborative Administration – The role of public networks. The 10 TAD will be structured around five workshops: Workshop 1: Metrics and methods in collaborative settings. Workshop 2: Institutional relations, network structure and network management: what does it matter? Workshop 3: Social and cognitive boundaries in collaborative administration. Workshop 4: Where is the pivot of networks? The role of the network manager. Workshop 5: Networks in the social, welfare, cultural and emergency fields: Solution or a symptom of a rising complexity? For more information: n Newsletter 6 Autumn 2013

TED 7 – TransEuropean Dialogue, 6-7 February 2014, EGPA/NISPACee, Cluj (Romania) COMING UP

The 7th Trans-European Dialogue will focus on issues of strengthening the link between local governments and the communities they represent, govern and serve. Though local government is perceived differently in different European countries/administrative systems, there seems to be a disconnection between citizens who no longer feel part of only one community but rather of a variety of localities/territorial units with which they have functional relations. In this context, the topic is very important for all EU States: The capacity of local governments to connect with the community, to put together viable strategies for local development and to integrate within the (supposed) European common framework is a key factor for the development of public administration and democracy within Europe. Participants are invited to debate the role and function of the relationship local government has with communities in an era of global governance and to address specific challenges within the framework of representative democracy. For more information: n

AGPA 3rd Annual Conference of AGPA, 26-28 September 2013, Singapore Nanyang Technological University, (Singapore) - RETROSPECTIVE

On September 26-29, 2013, the 2013 AGPA Annual Conference was held in Singapore. Sixty five experts and academics from 16 countries including China, India, Japan, Korea, Nepal and Indonesia participated in the Conference. Led by President Jiang Wu, a delegation of 5 participants from CAPS attended the Conference. The Conference had received 61 abstracts and 28 full papers. 33 participants delivered presentations at the plenary session and parallel sessions. Four experts served as the general rapporteur and assistant rapporteurs. AGPA President, Professor Jiang Wu, awarded certificates to all the speakers and rapporteurs of the Conference. This Annual Conference was jointly organized by Chinese Academy of Personnel Science (CAPS) and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. The theme of this Annual Conference is Local and Regional Cooperation and Public Governance. The Conference consisted of one plenary session with 3 keynote speeches and 3 parallel sessions on 3 sub-themes. At parallel session 1, 9 participants made presentations on the sub-theme of Intergovernmental Relationships and Quest for Models of Government Newsletter 7 Autumn 2013

Cooperation. At parallel session 2, 11 participants made presentations on the sub-theme of Good Governance and Cross-border/ Cross-regional Cooperation. At parallel session 3, 10 participants made presentations on the sub-theme of Good Practices on Better Public Service Delivery in Asia. Coordinated and organized by CAPS, 20 Chinese academics and government representatives participated in this Annual Conference. In academic exchanges during the Conference, Chinese participants took an active part and played an important role. Chinese participants gave their presentations in every session of the Conference. Among the 33 speakers, 7 of them were Chinese. In the meantime, 4 Chinese experts served as moderators and discussants at parallel sessions. Among them, Professor Jiannan Wu, Associate Dean of School of Public Policy and Administration of Xi’an Jiaotong University served as one of the rapporteurs. Professor Changzheng Dai, Dean of the School of International Relations at UIBE delivered a keynote speech at the plenary session. The CAPS also edited a 10-minute video to promote AGPA by reviewing the establishment, academic events and the past two

Annual Conferences. The video was played at the beginning of the Conference and was well-received. To highlight contributions made by President Jiang Wu to AGPA in the past 3 years since he took the position as the Coordinator, the AGPA Steering Committee proposed and finally decided to change the title of “AGPA Coordinator” into “AGPA President”. IIAS Director-General Mr. Rolet Loretan, the IIAS past President Professor Pan Suk Kim and Alan Chan, Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Professor attended the opening ceremony and delivered welcome addresses. Professor Jiang Wu, as IIAS first Vice-president and AGPA President, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech to summarize the Conference at the closing ceremony. n


Agenda 30 October – 1 November 2013 XVIII International Congress of CLAD Montevideo (Uruguay) 14-15 November 2013

2nd Conference AMEPPA Ankara (Turkey)

18-22 November 2013 35th Conference Roundtable AAPAM : Leadership quality for efficient and effective management of the Public Service in Africa Kigali Serena (Republic of Rwanda) 28-29 November 2013

IIAS 2nd African Forum Yaounde (Cameroon)

31 January – 1 February 2014 Meeting of the EGPA Steering Committee Brussels (Belgium) 6-7 February 2014 TED 7: Trans-European Dialogue EGPA / NISPACEE Cluj (Romania) 10-11 February 2014

IASIA Board of Management Meeting IASIA Brussels (Belgium)

12 February 2014

IIAS Statutory Meetings Strategy Committee and Scientific Program Committee, Finance Committee Brussels (Belgium)

13-14 February 2014

IIAS Council of Administration Brussels (Belgium)

13-18 March 2014

ASPA Annual Conference (75th Anniversary Conference) Washington, DC (United States)

1-4 June 2014 66th Annual National IPAC Conference : Reinventing government Montreal, Quebec (Canada) 5-7 June 2014 TAD 10: Transatlantic Dialogue EGPA Lugano (Switzerland) 13-17 June 2014

IIAS International Congress Ifrane (Morocco)

30 June – 4 July 4 2014

IASIA Annual Conference Port Elizabeth (South Africa)

8-9 September 2014

EGPA Symposium pre-conference for PhD students Speyer (Germany)

10-12 September 2014

EGPA Annual Conference Speyer (Germany)

October 2014 MED 7: Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue EGPA Antonine University (Lebanon)

Newsletter 8 Autumn 2013

IIAS Newsletter - Nr 39 - Autumn 2013  
IIAS Newsletter - Nr 39 - Autumn 2013  

Newsletter of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Nr 39 - Autumn 2013