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Summer 2013 - Issue 38

Editorial The IIAS/IASIA family invited you to join us at our joint Congress held in the heat of Manama (Bahrain) at the beginning of June where we elected our new «leaders». The newly-elected statutory bodies, with the support of the General Directorate in Brussels, will face several challenges. For the IIAS, first of all, there is the need to implement inclusive governance, reflecting the regional diversity. The players in the Administration need to deal with increasing regionalisation against a background of world crises of an economic, financial political, social and environmental nature. The key to dealing successfully with these crises is obviously for players across the world, whether at local or at an international level, to take increasingly complex and difficult decisions. The development at the heart of the IIAS family of regional groups offers us an opportunity to put our heads together and come up with solutions based on a diversity of regional responses. The European Group (EGPA) has made huge contributions since the 1970s and the Asian Group (AGPA) and the Latin American Group (LAGPA) recently joined them in this effort. The possibility of creating regional groups in the Middle East and Africa will no doubt enhance this approach and will put the multifaceted challenges into perspective. The grouping of these entities at the heart of the IIAS family represents a unique opportunity for us to progress side by side while benefitting from the experiences of each member of the group. Another challenge, faced by both the IIAS and its specialised organ, the IASIA, as well as their regional groups, is to consolidate and enlarge our network of members, academics and practitioners in public administration in the various parts of the world, particularly in those places where we are not well represented at present. Places such as Central Asia, Australia and Latin America. By placing these preoccupations of our members in the forefront of the activities of the Institute, we can build the future of public administration together. So, as can be seen, we are not short of projects! But, in the words of Jules Renard : «The project is the draft of the future. Sometimes the future requires hundreds of drafts»

Rolet Loretan Director General Rue Defacqz 1, box 11 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium tel: +32 2 536 08 80 - fax: +32 2 537 97 02 e-mail: Newsletter 1 Summer 2013


Since the last IIAS newsletter, we made researches on the news in public administration in the IIAS Member States as well as potential members and updates will be published. During the summer, IIAS welcomes new interns from ENAP Canada, the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (France) and the University of Lugano (Switzerland). They are developing researches on the main trends in Public Administration: Berlitz Loriston (ENAP) is doing research on the administrative profile of Canada: the legal framework, the structure of administration, the public service, the role of civil society, mapping universities and schools in public administration. He is also looking at the current issues and main trends in reforming the Canadian public sector. Kastriot Gjoni (Reims University) is working on the administrative profiles of Kosovo and Slovenia. His researches allow him to follow the administrative reforms being implemented by the governments of both countries, to see what are the state institutions responsible for the implementation of various reforms in public administration, and to discover which are the non-governmental institutions implicated in the monitoring of the implementation of reforms in the public administration. Anna Kulakovskaya (Reims University) is doing research on the administrative pro-

files and public administration reforms in two countries: Russia and Belarus. This research focus on the current developments in public administration in these countries including the issues of innovation in public sector, the professional training of managerial personnel, the latest reforms in the fight against corruption initiated by the Governments of these two countries. All our interns are contributing to the development of our Knowledge Portal! Focus on the Coordination in the Public Sector We have also dedicated a focus to the Coordination in the Public sector. Further to the proposal of our partner, we started to publish the results of researches managed on this theme by the COCOPS (Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future) research Group: How do public sectors deal with problems of fragmentation following NPM reforms? In addition to an introduction to the topic, we also referred to case studies on about 12 different countries and 23 different government initiatives. An interview with Professor Per Lægreid, member of the team coordinators of the COCOPS project (WP 5 team) is now available online. This interview addresses fundamental questions about coordination in the public sector such as: 1. What is coordination in the Public sector? 2. Why is coordination so important? 3.  How do various coordination practices function, is it a success? 4. Could you kindly provide us with successful and failure cases of coordination in the

Public Sector? And explain why it works or not? 5. What will be the future of coordination and research? We invite you to interact in contributing in our forum with your comments and your contributions to this important theme for the future of the public sector

Focus on Innovations in the public sector On the theme of Innovation in the public sector, we will benefit from the expertise of the members of the Study Group of IIAS. We will also establish links with LIPSE project (Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments) that aims to collect information on the following issues: Innovation environments, Innovation inputs, Innovation tools and processes, Innovation outcomes, feedback loops, innovative systems and evaluation Your contributions are essential to improve the content of our Knowledge Portal. Share your studies and your news by contacting us through the Knowledge Portal of IIAS. Share this invitation with your networks. Contact: Dr. Fabienne Maron, IIAS Scientific Administrator at: n

IRAS - International Review of Administrative Sciences - CURRENT THEMES A new Editor-in-chief at the IRAS Andrew Massey is replacing Christopher Pollitt as Editor-in-chief of IRAS. Andrew Massey is Professor of Politics and Head of Department of Politics at the University of Exeter. In the June issue, you will find the farewell editorial of Professor Pollitt and the Editorial of Andrew Massey. This issue edited by Per Lægreid and Paola Mattei studies the Reforming the Welfare State and implications for accountability relations in a comparative perspective. The main focus of the authors is on administrative reforms and to

Newsletter 2 Summer 2013

what extent they have affected accountability relations in specific sectors—hospitals, the welfare administration, and immigration—in Norway, Denmark and Germany. They also cover education reforms in Europe and administrative reforms in Central and Eastern Europe with respect to their impact on accountability relations. Moreover, three other articles are published on the role of ministerial cabinets in Italy; on the reform of Portuguese notaries and on the limits to participatory development in South Africa. For further information go on:

IIAS IIAS Statutory meetings, during the IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress, 1-2 June 2013, Manama (Bahrain) - RETROSPECTIVE The IIAS Statutory meetings were held during the congress. The IIAS is pleased to communicate the election of its new President Professor Dr Geert Bouckaert from the Public Management Institute of KU Leuven (Belgium) by the General Assembly that was held on 2 June 2013. He took his functions at the end of the Congress and is elected for a three year mandate. The next meeting of the Council of Administration will be held in Brussels in February 2014. More information will follow soon. The new members of the IIAS Council of Administration were also elected for a three year mandate from 2013 to 2016. You will find the members list via the following link: We also would like to inform you on the following new corporate membership: • China – The College of Administration of Jilin University •  Morocco – Université Al Akhawayn A Ifrane

IIAS International Congress, 2014, June 2014, Ifrane (Morocco) COMING UP The IIAS has the pleasure to announce you that the next congress will be held in Ifrane, Morocco. The event will be organised in collaboration with our Member State. The dates, the venue and further information will be communicated in due time on the IIAS website. We look forward to welcome you in Morocco! Contact: Anne De Boeck, IIAS Executive Secretary and Events Officer,

Newsletter 3 Summer 2013

The IIAS counts today 36 State members, 29 National Sections, 61 Corporate members and 4 International Organizations. The list of members is available through the following link : Pages/default.aspx Biography of the 2013-2016 President: Prof. Dr. Geert Bouckaert Professor Geert Bouckaert is the current President of International Institute of Administrative Sciences. He was a President of the European Group for Public Administration (2004-2010). He graduated from the Catholic University of Leuven with degrees in Business Administration (1980), Political Science (1983) and Philosophy (1984). He received a PhD in Social Sciences in 1990 (Public Management Centre, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Leuven). He taught at the University of Twente, Netherlands, the University

of Potsdam and the Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften, Speyer, Germany. He was a Director of the Public Management Institute, Catholic University of Leuven (1998-2013). He was appointed Adviser to the Government of Finland (1999-2000), the Flemish Government for the modernization program (1992-1998), to the OECD for the «Performance, Accountability and Control» (1992-1993), and «Quality in the Public Sector» (1994) projects. He is a Member of the Scientific Council of the French Review of Public Administration, ENA, Paris (2003), Member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Public Management and Economic Development at the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry (2002) and Member of Scientific Committee of EPAN (2002). In 2003, he received the Tocqueville Award of EIPA and sevarl titles of docteor honoris causa (Université Paul Cézanne AixMarseille III, Tallinn Technical University, Corvinus University Budapest and the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration of Romania. Geert Bouckaert has published numerous articles mainly on administrative reforms.. n

MoU Signed Between the IIAS and the Academy of Public Administration of Kazakhstan, 20-23 May 2013, Astana (Kazakhstan) - RETROSPECTIVE On 22 May, 2013, the International Institute of Administrative Sciences and the Academy of Public Administration of the President of Kazakhstan signed an MoU. The objective of this MoU is to provide a framework within which the parties can collaborate on activities and projects and also to facilitate the exchange of experiences with the aim of improving the organisation and functioning of the Public Administration. The MoU was signed in Astana, Kazakhstan under the auspices of the 6th Economic Forum of Astana, with the support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Director General of IIAS, Rolet Loretan, was invited to deliver a speech to the panel on the subject of: Modernising the Public Service: Improving Efficiency for Sustainable Development.

The Director General outlined the Perspectives of the IIAS on the main trends and major issues facing governance in the public sector: «Leadership and professionalism, innovation in the public sector, coordination in the public sector, co-production of public services» during the morning session. In the afternoon, he chaired a session on the Management of Knowledge in the Public Service. The Director General also attended high-level meetings during his trip to Kazakhstan, with the aim of promoting the collaboration partnership between the IIAS and Kazakhstan. He attended a working breakfast with the Minister of Transport and Communication of Kazakhstan, M. Askar Jumagaliev, as well as a bilateral meeting with the Rector of the Academy of Public Administration. n

Project Groups Supranational Administration, 22-24 May 2013, Geneve (Switzerland) - RETROSPECTIVE The project group met in Geneva from 22 to 24 May 2013. The meeting took place at the WTO (World Trade Organization) in the presence of 93 participants representing 51 international organizations. The main topics discussed were: • Privileges and immunities. • Governance • The impact of Article 41 of the EU’s new Data Protection Regulation for international organizations • Staff Rules • Dispute resolution • Standard of review in disciplinary procedures • New (types of) international organizations • Codes of conduct • Archives of international organizations

After several years as chairman of the group, Chris de Cooker, decided to withdraw. We would like, on behalf of IIAS to thank him for his actions, his motivation and ongoing work to expand the network. Throughout his years, he has contributed to the evolution of the group and its discussions. Thank you! For the year 2013-2014, Ursula Wellen, Lead Counsel, Department of Human Resources and Administration, Office of the General Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), will chair the group. n

Security and Safety, during the IIAS-IASIA Joint Conference, 1-2 June 2013, Manama (Bahrain) RETROSPECTIVE The group had its last meeting during the IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress in 2013. Further information on the works of the group are available via the following link: security/Pages/default.aspx Expressions of interest and questions may also be addressed to the project group Rapporteur, David Brown at davidcg. n

PUBLICATIONS La France et ses administrations. Un état des savoirs / France and its public administrations. A state of the art Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans, Geert Bouckaert (Dir.) Series: Administration publique aujourd’hui – Public Administration Today Publisher: Bruylant, De Boeck Group, 2013 This book is a genuinely original undertaking. In full compliance with the ambition of the European Group for Public Administration to encourage cross-cultural exchanges, it is a hybrid Anglophone-Francophone product. Being the editorial outcome of EGPA 2010 Conference held on the French soil, in Toulouse, its purpose is to bridge a regrettable gap. On the one hand, public administration scholars always refer to France since this country gave a major contribution to the invention of modern State and bureaucracy, but many of them do not read French anymore and often refer to the “French case” in a stereotyped way as the heritage of a “Napoleonic model” now obsolete to large extent. On the other hand, French social sciences are very productive, and the study of public administration in particular has enjoyed a remarkable recent revival, made of original methods, peculiar perspectives and fine-grained field research… but the international visibility of that flourishing remains too low. Thus, this book, which combines 18 chapters written in French by an interdisciplinary team (political scientists, sociologists, historians, socio-historians, jurists) with a hundred pages in English (overall introduction, four section introductions plus detailed summaries of each chapter) and a vast unified bibliography, offers to all students of public administration in the world a unique entry gate to the latest state of the art of administrative studies in France – this country where the State is to be spelled with a capital S. n

Newsletter 4 Summer 2013

IIAS - IASIA IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress, 1-2 June 2013, Manama (Bahrain) RETROSPECTIVE

The Joint Congress of IIAS-IASIA was held in Manama, Bahrain from 1 to 6 June 2013 on the major theme « Public Administration Futures: Professionalism and Leadership » The following subthemes have also been addressed during the event: Future Risks and Strategies, Leadership for the future, Innovative service delivery for the future and Building Capacity for the future. The scientific programme was composed of: • Sessions of the IIAS Study Groups : the Project Group on Security; the Study Group on Quality of Governance and the Kick-off Panel Introducing the New IIAS Study Group on Civil Service and Politics – New Political Governance • The Third Intercontinental Administrative Forum on “Public Administration Reforms - Who Is More Useful: Internal or External Advisors?”. The debates animated by Katju Holkeri, Counsellor Department of Public Administration - Ministry of Finance, Finland, addressed mainly the following themes : Between internal and external advisors: who knows more about PA reforms? Who benefits more from the consultancy system: the public sector or the consultants? Academics and professional consultants: Who provides the most relevant recommendations for conducting PA reforms? In the name of a specific ideology, governments have pushed PA leaders to contract out consultancy service? What is the value for money of this strategy? How to strengthen the external support available to Ministers/administrative leaders without compromising the principles of permanent and neutral administration? The Forum has benefited from the presence of high level speakers like Frannie Leautier - Executive Secretary of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) – Zimbabwe; Ahmed Al-Bahar – Former President Civil Service Bureau; Huang Wenping, Vice-Minister, China; Andrew Podger - Professor of Public Policy at Australia National University, former Head Newsletter 5 Summer 2013

of the Departments of Health and Housing, and Former Public Service Commissioner for Australian Government and Thamir Almotairi - Higher Committee for Administration Organization, Saudi Arabia •  Policy Platforms related to the themes “Future Risks and Strategies”, “Leadership for the future” and “Innovative service delivery for the future” - a « Bridge » between the Scientific and the Practitioner. Combining these perspectives, the debate presents knowledge of public administration issues on the topic of Future risks and strategies by providing a range of points of view in a contradictory debate. • The Braibant Lecture was presented by the Professor Gavin Drewry on « The Administrative Sciences from the Past to the Future (By a Roundabout Route) ». •  The IASIA Permanent Working dealt with the themes on Education and Training Programme: aligning missions and quality; State-Market Partnerships and Enterprise Management; Public Sector Reform; Local Governance and Development; Accountability, Culture & Trust; Public Sector Financial, Information and Performance Management; Leadership, Governance and Public Policy; Management of Energy, Food Security and Welfare; Diversity and Gender in the Public Service Plenary sessions and panels respecti •  vely : -  Middle East Administrative Forum present situation with respect to Public Administration in the Arab region with a special focus on the region to provide the audience with a broad spectrum of views thereby providing food for thought for a fruitful debate. -  Scholars on political administrative relations and leadership – addressing the nature of and developments in the relations and interactions between politicians and top civil servants, and the (in)formal arrangements that shape how they relate to one another. - Training for future public sector capabilities - Training constitutes a major

leeway for the improvement of the performance of the public sector, the speakers may consider the following questions: •  Which knowledge, skills and capabilities are needed in an increasingly complex environment in which governments and their public services are called on to operate? • Does the training offer of today correspond to the future needs of the public sector? How can this be effectively assessed? •  Which concrete measures have been taken in your country/region to fill-in the possible existing gap between the public sector needs and the training offer? -  Commemorative panel on O.P Dwivedi, former member of the IASIA Board of Management - How to get published in Public Administration – Do’s and Don’t. IASIA Awards During the IASIA opening ceremonies, the following awards were presented: • The OP Dwivedi Award – Barbara Kudrycka, Minister of Sciences and Higher Education of Poland, for her remarkable contribution to public administration and the advancement of public policies. • The DC Stone Award – Allan Rosenbaum, Director of the Institute of Public Management and Community Services, Florida International University, United States, for his contribution to the IASIA. • The Pierre de Celles Award– Frank Naert and Stijn Goeminne (University College Ghent, Belgium, for their paper presented at the IASIA annual conference in Bangkok 2012.n

We would like to greet the local organizing committee, the speakers and the participants that have contributed to the success of the congress. n

IASIA Board of Management of IASIA and Annual General Assembly, during the IIAS-IASIA Joint Congress, 1-2 June 2013, Manama (Bahrain) RETROSPECTIVE Assemblée générale – Election du Conseil de gestion The IASIA’s Annual General Assembly met on 2 June 2013 in Manama, Bahrain, to elect the new Board of Management of the IASIA for 20132016. The list of the new members of the Board of Management Council is now available on the web page of the IASIA : http://www.iias-iisa. org/iasia/e/about/management/Pages/ bom.aspx Réunions du Conseil de gestion The latest meetings of the Board of Management of the IASIA were held in Manama on 1 - 3 June 2013. The IASIA is happy to announce that Professor Michiel S. de Vries (Faculty of Management Sciences, Radboud University, Nijmegen) was unanimously elected President of the IASIA by the new Board of Management during the meeting on 3 June 2013. The Board of Management published information about the various activities of the IASIA (Revision of the IASIA mission statement, implementation of a database of experts, programme of forthcoming events, and the progress of the work of the International Commission on International Accreditation of Public Administration Education and Training Programs, the day-today management of the association…). The applications of two new members were

approved by the Board: The Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs (TASPAA), Taiwan, China, and The College of Public Administrators (Chile). The IASIA network now consists of 183 members from 72 countries. The list of members is available via the following link: list/Pages/default.aspx. The next meeting of the Management Council will be held in Brussels in February 2014. Further information will soon be available. Biography of the 2013-2016 President: Prof. Dr. Michiel S. de Vries Michiel S. de Vries holds the chair in Public Administration at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, the governor’s chair in Public Governance in Small Systems of Law at the University of Aruba, and is visiting professor at the Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic). His research concentrates on local government,

policy evaluation, policy change and comparative public administration. His latest books are The Importance of Neglect in Policy Making (Palgrave, 2010), The Story behind Western Advice to Central Europe during its Transition (Nispacee press, 2010), Value and Virtue in Public Administration (Palgrave, 2011), Was Ella Fitzgerald right? Good enough governance and the effectiveness of government (University of Aruba, 2011) Global Trends in Public Sector Reform. (Bruylant, 2012) and Public Sector Dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe, (Nispacee, 2012). Michiel S. de Vries (1957) studied Sociology at the University of Groningen. He worked previously at the University of Amsterdam, Thorbecke Academy in Leeuwarden, and the Free University Amsterdam. He has a PhD in Law (Utrecht University) Michiel S. de Vries is currently on sabbatical, but normally teaches the courses: • Kernthema’s van de Bestuurskunde (Core themes in Public Administration, First year course) • Project vergelijkende analyse (Project in comparative policy analysis, Second year course) • Geschiedenis van de bestuurskunde (History of Public Administration, Third year course) n

PERSONNEL Executive Secretary of the IASIA Virginie Delattre Escudié, Executive Secretary of the IASIA has left her position for family reasons. We would like to express our sincere thanks to her for all her contributions and we wish her happiness in her new life as a mother and every success in her future professional activities. Mr. Bardhyl Dobra will take over as Executive Secretary from July 2013. Bardhyl was born in Kosovo and lived in France for 14 years, before moving to Belgium. After obtaining a degree in Political Science and Economy from the University of Reims, he spent a year at the

University of Pittsburg in the United States and at the University of Western Scotland in the United Kingdom. During his studies, he carried out an internship as Head of Mission in the Political Chancellery of the French Embassy in Pristina in Kosovo. He was also very involved with the university associations and speaks French, English and Albanian fluently. Mr Dobra joined the administrative team of the IIAS in Brussels as an intern. After 7 months of immersion, he has already acquired an impressive set of skills which will serve him well in his new function as Executive Secretary. Contact : n

Developpement Officer We wish to inform you that Ms Munira Aminova will no longer be occupying the post of Developpement Officer. Ms Aminova and the management agreed to end their collaboration amicably at the end of June. We wish her every success in her future activities in the academic world and thank her for her contribution. We will keep you informed of developments concerning her replacement. n Newsletter 6 Summer 2013

EGPA TED 6 – Trans-European Dialogue, 6-8 February 2013, EGPA/NISPACee, University of Potsdam (Germany) - RETROSPECTIVE

The 6th Trans-European Dialogue (TED) was organised in Potsdam, Germany from 6-8 February 2013 on the theme: Education and Training in the European Public Sector. TED6 discussions focused on issues of education and training in public administration

TAD 9 Transatlantic Dialogue, 12-15 June 2013, Baltimore (Maryland) RETROSPECTIVE

More than 90 participants took part in the 9th Transatlantic Dialogue organised at the School of Public and International Affairs - University of Baltimore on 12-15 June 2013 on the theme: “Rebuilding Capacities for Urban Governance”. The participants shared their views and presented their papers on the following sub-themes: All politics is glocal: urban issues, solutions, and outcomes in a multi-levelled, networked globalized society, How Do We Know We’re “Improving” Governance?: Representing the Public Interest in Pluralistic, Urban Societies, Remaining competitive: managing performance for efficient and effective urban service delivery, Leveraging Urban Partnerships: Universities and other nongovernmental organizations as Change Agents in Urban Communities, Cities of the future: How can technology make urban living and governance smarter? , Do Pro-Business Policies Improve Urban Fiscal Health? Revisiting the Orthodox View of Urban Public Finance by Improving Financial Management. The co-chairs of the workshops summarized the discussions during the closing session and their final presentations are now available on the TAD9 website. n

Newsletter 7 Summer 2013

throughout Europe. Education and training is one of the core issues for ensuring the future institutional capacity of public administration and for stabilizing the future availability of qualified human resources. Although the Bologna reforms have achieved some streamlining of formal educational structures, there is still a high degree of diversity between educational programs and concepts in the field of public administration education. The participants underlined the current trends in both academic and professional

education and training and compared the different educational approaches. We also discussed the need to define the governance system and principles of accreditation for ensuring the quality of education and training for the future leaders. The question whether the field of public administration education is prepared for the future of the public sector was discussed and some recommendations were made in this perspective. n

MED 6 – Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue, 7-9 October 2013, Marseille (France) COMING UP

The Sixth Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management will take place in Marseille, France on 7, 8 and 9 October, 2013 on the theme: “Cultures for change, changes through Culture”. The theme selected for the sixth Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue is the place and role of culture as a fertilizer for change, and focuses on the use of culture in shaping change processes. Several workshops will be organised around the following five axes: Reflections on the place and role of culture in organisational change, in the economic and societal changes of a territory, and in the political and democratic changes. This requires also questioning the evolution of culture and the cultural sector and the role of vocational and education training. This conference will host round tables with government representatives, social partners and civil society members of the Euro-Mediterranean area and will be preceded by the high level forum for Ministers organised by the European Training Foundation (ETF) on October 6. A PhD workshop organised on October 9 will bring together young researchers in public management who are involved in work

on the Euro-Mediterranean zone and who comes from both the North and South of the Mediterranean. MED 6 Doctoral Workshop will offer PhDs students a unique opportunity to present their work to well-known professors in the Euro-Mediterranean zone, experts in public management and in cultural sector. MED 6 Doctoral Workshop will allow them sharing, learning experiences and knowledge. This 6th PhD workshop will also consolidate the community of young researchers from the Mediterranean Basin initiated from the first MED. More information on the MED Platform: n

EGPA EGPA Annual Conference, 11-13 September & PhD Symposium, 9-10 September 2013, Edinburg, Scotland (United Kingdom) - COMING UP

The European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) organizes in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, its annual conference, 2013, that will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom from 11 to 13 September. The EGPA Conference, opened to academics, young researchers and practitioners, will be an opportunity to convene together and to gather all the Permanent Study Groups and the EGPA Partners. There will be special sessions dedicated to the initiatives managed by the members of EGPA networks: COST action meeting on Local Governments and LIPSE meeting (Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments). The EGPA PhD Symposium will be organised prior to the Conference on 9-10 September 2013. Thirty-two young researchers will convene and will share the results of their

PhD research projects at this occasion. As for the previous Conferences, young generation of researchers will be welcomed and will provide the audience with their views on the Public Administration future. PhD Seminar best papers awards will be given to the 2012 selected candidates who will present us the results of their research during the opening and the closing sessions. Further to the abstracts’ selection, the Chairs of the 19 Permanent Study Groups will prepare the provisional programmes to be available on the Conference website. The sessions of the conference will be organised around the key topics of the EGPA Permanent Study Groups. There will be special sessions of the French speaking seminar on the theme: “Public Manager under Pressure: New Trends in Public Decision-making” which will be organised this year in cooperation with

IGPDE, the Institute for public management and economic development, an agency of the Ministry of Economy and Finance dedicated to research and civil service training (France). A round table will be organised on the theme: «When all things ‘new’ jostle the public manager: New technologies, new generations, new public management, and new organizational forms». We will also have the pleasure to welcome the accreditation sessions of EAPAA and to have debates about Education and Training in Public Administration. These sessions will highlight the key issues for the future of training future leaders in the Public sector. You can download the invitation brochure via the following link: Online registration for the congress is now open! Information on how to register can be found via the following link www.conftool. pro/egpa2013.n

AGPA 3rd Annual Conference of AGPA, 26-28 September 2013, Singapore Nanyang Technological University, (Singapore) - COMING UP

The 3rd Annual Conference of the Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA)Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, September 26-28, 2013 We are pleased to announce that the Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA) shall hold its 2013 Annual Conference in Singapore between September 26-28, 2013 in collaboration with Public Policy and Global Affairs program at Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The main theme is: Local and Regional Cooperation and Public Governance. The three sub-themes are: (1) Intergovernmental Relationships and Quest for Models of Government Cooperation; (2) Good Governance and Cross-border/Cross-regional Cooperation; (3) Good Practices on Better Public Service Delivery in Asia. Newsletter 8 Summer 2013

The conference venue is the Nanyang Executive Centre (NEC) and it is strategically located in a quiet corner of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus, tucked away discreetly yet easily accessible by private or public transport. For more information, please visit our AGPA website Or contact the AGPA Executive Office / Chinese Academy of Personnel Science Contact: Ms. Ying Xiong / Ms. Xiaoping Geng Tel & Fax: 0086-10-84639741 Email: n

LAGPA Annual Conference of LAGPA and the National Section of the INAP, October 2013, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - COMING UP LAGPA’s Coordinator and INAP have worked in close collaboration with the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV-Brazil) in order to plan the upcoming Plenary Meeting. The consolidation and thematic definition of the Observatory will be considered in the programme of this meeting. The specific activities derived from the Working Group will be presented in LAGPA’s next venue in Rio de Janeiro in October 2013: • Articulation of an Information system (IS). It will collect data, build indicators, order the information, set out frames for analysis and

build conceptual models and produce reports and information. • Comparative study on public policies in security matters in four countries: Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. • Development of a communication and financial strategies, as well as a legal framework. Further information will be communicated in due time. n

IIAS IIAS African Forum, 28-29 November 2013, Yaoundé (Cameroon) Coming up Call for Papers

The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reform of Cameroon, the Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale (IMPGT), the Centre Africain de Recherche Administrative pour le Développement (CAFRAD) and the African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM) have the pleasure to invite you to the IIAS African Forum which will be held at the Palace of Congresses of Yaoundé, Cameroon on 28-29 November, 2013.

Improving Administrative Sciences Worldwide

The theme of the Forum will be The Major Structuring Administrative Reforms in Africa. Partners

A call for papers has been prepared and can be downloaded via the following link: IIAS_Call_for_Paper_Africa_GB.pdf Yaoundé, Cameroon

Further information on the forum can be found on the website: n

28 and 29 November 2013 Rue Defacqz 1, box 11 B-1000 Brussels, Belgium tel: +32 2 536 08 80 fax: +32 2 537 97 02 e-mail:

International Institute of Administrative Sciencess (IIAS)

marketing Annual Report The IIAS and its entities (IASIA, EGPA, LAGPA and AGPA) are pleased to announce the publication of its 1st Annual Report.

Improving Administrative Sciences Worldwide

annual report


In this document, covering the year 2012, you will find valuable information concerning the world of Administrative Sciences (Interviews, activities, summaries of debates from our events, publications, the knowledge por-

tal, current and future projects, financial statements, and much more...) Since we are committed to doing things in an ecological way, we have chosen to offer this report in an electronic format. You can download it from our web site. Happy reading ! n

Websites Conscious of the fact that our image depends partly on our visibility, we have given a new professional look to our sites. You will soon be able to see our brand new website with its more user-friendly menus: n

Newsletter 9 Summer 2013


Agenda 18-21 August 2013 65th Annual National Conference IPAC: Reinventing Government IPAC Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

9-10 September 2013 Pre-Conference PhD Symposium EGPA Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)

11-13 September 2013 Annual Conference EGPA EGPA Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)

22 September 2013

Seminar Beijing (China)

26-28 September 2013 AGPA Annual Conference AGPA Technlogical Nanyang University (Singapore)

6-9 October 2013 6th MED: Euro Mediterranean Dialogue on Public Management EGPA Marseille (France)

16 or 17 October 2013 Forum government building: Partnership Civil Society (Uzbekistan) IIAS Office IIAS, Brussels (Belgium)

End October 2013 ENAP & LAGPA Annual Conference LAGPA Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

30 October - XVIII International Congress of CLAD 1 November 2013 CLAD Montevideo (Uruguay)

11-15 November 2013 35th Conference Roundtable AAPAM: Leadership quality for efficient and effective management of the Public Service in Africa AAPAM Kigali Serena (Republic of Rwanda)

14-15 November 2013 2nd Conference AMEPPA AMEPPA Ankara (Turkey)

28-29 November 2013

Newsletter 10 Summer 2013

IIAS African Forum Yaounde (Cameroon)

IIAS Newsletter - Nr 38 - Summer 2013  
IIAS Newsletter - Nr 38 - Summer 2013  

Newsletter of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences - Nr 38 - Summer 2013