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presidential address

The Patterson File ...............................

Hiory: I was born in Oklahoma City ‡ile my faer, Ron,


s I begin my year as President of e Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas, I reflect on e ri hiory of our associaon. The IIAD is e olde professional associaon in e city of Dallas and has been big pa in Dallas becoming one of e ronge business hubs in e United �ates. In reflecng on is, we connue to have a tremendous oppo unity to build on our ri heritage.

worked in e Oklahoma City office for Safeco as a markeng representave. I moved to Texas ‡en I was six mons old and grew up in Garland, ‡ere I graduated from Naaman Fore High Sƒl.

Educaon: I received my BBA in Markeng from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas. Fir Job: I cleaned horse alls for an equerian ran in Â?. Paul, Texas. It was all e movaon I needed to get my degree.

Be Business Lesson You’ve Learned: Always get e money fir. Never extend credit, because you never know ‡at will happen after you’ve co¥i¢ed financially to someing for a client if you don’t have eir payment.

Re assured at your board is working hard! Yeerday, we spent Your Definion of Success: It is not necessarily e e afternƒn going rough our board money in your bank account, alough at is a measure of orientaon/re-orientaon. The success per se. Mo impo antly, it is e view your ildren meeng was excellent and has helped and spouse have of you, along wi your reputaon in e eablish e foundaon for ‡at will public. be a producve year. We idenfied oppo unies and reats our associaon faces but we need to hear from you individually in your businesses at you see as oppo unies and reats in e near and far future as we as a board need to respond to your needs. The market also connues to ange ‡i brings allenges and oppo unies to all of us. Wi at said, it is mes like ese at being pa of e associaon bring tremendous value. Šeer you learn someing from a peer in an informal conversaon or you cross pas wi a carrier ‡o you would like to represent, ere is tremendous value in not only being a member of e associaon but also being involved. As you cross pas wi oer agents and agency personnel, if ey are not a member of our associaon, encourage em to join. There is reng in numbers and we need all e help we can get as we work rough is year.

Your President,

Ben Patterson 7

It pains me to say I am a member of one of the oldest generations in the workforce: The Baby Boomers II or “Generation Jones”. I don’t mind being associated with The Boomers; I just don’t like to use the “old” word when referring to myself. But, I am what I am and I can still enjoy watching Saturday Night Live with my teenager. I personally think the show was better back in the day of Akroid, Belushi, Radner and Murray, but it is still relevant and reaching across generations. So we can all be on the same page, I am seeing the generations in the workforce as broken into these categories: Tammy Land, Executive Director of IIAD

Post-War Cohort Born: 1928-1945, coming of age in 1946-1963. Age in 2013: 68 – 85. Current population = 41 million. This generation had significant opportunities in jobs and education as the War ended and post-war economic boom struck America. However, the growth in Cold War tensions and uncertainty regarding the threat of nuclear war led to levels of discomfort and uncertainty throughout the generation. Members of this group value security, comfort and familiar known activities and environments. We are blessed to still have some members of this group in our workforce and attending our functions.


Boomers I or The Baby Boomers Born: 1946-1954, coming of age in 1963-1972. Age in 2013: 59-67. Current population = 33 million. For a long time, the Baby Boomers were defined as those born between 1945 and 1964. That would make the generation huge (71 million) and encompass people who were 20 years apart in age, which did not compute. This segment is bounded by the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations, the Civil Rights movements and the Vietnam War. Boomers I were either fighting in or protesting against the War. Boomers 2 missed much of it.


Boomer II or Generation Jones Born: 1955-1965, coming of age in 1973-1983. Age in 2013: 48 to 58. Current population = 49 million. This first post-Watergate generation lost much of its trust in government and optimistic views the Boomers I maintained. Economic struggles including the oil embargo of 1979 reinforced a sense of “I’m out for me” and a focus on self-help. Many of the best jobs, opportunities, housing, etc. were taken by the larger, earlier group. Both Gen x and Boomer II suffer from this long shadow cast by Boomers I. Generation X Born 1966-1976, coming of age in 1988-1994. Age in 2013: 37-47. Current population = 41 million. Sometimes referred to as the “lost” generation, this was the first generation of “latchkey” kids, exposed to lots of daycare and divorce. They are the best educated generation with 29% obtaining bachelor’s degrees or higher. With their education and growing maturity, they are starting to form families with a higher level of caution and pragmatism than their parents demonstrated. Generation Y Born 1977-1994, coming of age in 1998-2006. Age in 2013: 19-36. Current population = 71 million. This is the largest cohort since the Baby Boomers, a reflection of the large population of their Boomer parents. Gen Y kids are known as incredibly sophisticated, technology wise and immune to most traditional marketing and sales pitches. They are not brand loyal and the speed of the Internet has led this cohort to be flexible with rapid changes in fashion and ideas. Generation Z Born 1995-2012, coming of age in 2013-2020. Age in 2013: 1-18. Current population = 23 million and growing rapidly. While we don’t know much about Gen Z yet, we do know that they will grow up in a fast-paced, technologically dominant environment. When we interviewed Bill Henry for the previous edition’s article about his life, we asked him what he thought about the generational changes. He surprised me a little by stating that he really didn’t think any of the generations were different. His point was that we are all humans with basic needs and wants. It’s a valid point, and while we may have different styles of communication, based on the environments and technology that was available when we were growing, we are all the same. We can come together on issues and share perspectives. We are exploring the differences and similarities of the generations on November 5th at the IIAD 2013 All Industry Day at the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas. The theme is “Come Together”. Please come out and share your perspective with us. 9 -Tammy Land

The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America and Reagan Consulting are proud to present‌

Special thanks to our Sponsors for their commitment to the Best Practices initiative: 2013 Best Practices Study Sponsors

New Day, New Possibilities

Listed above are the agencies that were named best practices in the Dallas Metroplex. All ďŹ ve companies To order your copy of the 2013 Best Practices Study, are members of IIAD. call 1-800-221-7917 or visit the Best Practices Gateway at The Best Practices Study and Best Practices Gateway are joint projects of: your link to valuable tools for improving agency performance.

Congratulations on your continued success! 10

THE 2013 BEST PRACTICES AGENCIES ALABAMA Cobbs, Allen & Hall, Birmingham Crawford Skinner Agency, Springville Fountain, Parker, Harbarger & Associates, Huntsville Peck-Glasgow Agency, Hartselle Starke Agency, Montgomery Thames Batre, Mobile ARIZONA Minard-Ames Insurance Services, Phoenix Meridian Insurance Services, Scottsdale CALIFORNIA Barney & Barney, San Diego BH Gold Insurance Agency, San Diego Bolton & Company, Pasadena Cavignac & Associates Insurance Brokers, San Diego DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Brokers, Fresno GNW-Evergreen Insurance Services, Encino G S Levine Insurance Services, San Diego Integra Insurance Solutions, Los Gatos InterWest Insurance Services, Sacramento Navion Insurance Associates, Anaheim Hills Rancho Mesa Insurance Services, Santee SGB-NIA Insurance Brokers, Woodland Hills Stratton Agency, San Carlos Teague Insurance Agency, La Mesa Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers, Santa Monica Woodruff-Sawyer & Co, San Francisco

J.K. Olivieri Insurance Agency, Middleboro Kaplansky Insurance, Brookline Mid-State Insurance Agency, Worcester T. Edmund Garrity & Co, Cambridge Tetrault Insurance Agency, New Bedford MARYLAND Joseph W. McCartin Insurance, Beltsville

OREGON Assurety NW, Portland The Partners Group, Portland

MAINE Cheney Insurance Agency, Damariscotta F.A. Peabody, Houlton GHM Insurance Agency, Waterville

PENNSYLVANIA Gannon Associates, Towanda NexTier Insurance Services, Butler William B. Parry & Son, Langhorne

MICHIGAN Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance Agency, Grandville Cobb-Hall Insurance Agencies, Howell Global Marine Insurance Agency, Traverse City Hartland Insurance Agency, Hartland Hershey Insurance Group, Troy Kapnick & Company, Adrian The Regency Insurance Group, East Lansing VAST, Marquette

RHODE ISLAND Apple Valley Agency, Greenville Loiselle Insurance Agency, Pawtucket Raymond Insurance Agency, Coventry

MINNESOTA Christensen Group, Minneapolis Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann, Minneapolis Cornerstone Insurance Agency, Chaska Stearns Insurance Services, St. Cloud

COLORADO Centennial Insurance Agency, Pueblo Cherry Creek Insurance Group, Greenwood Village Colorado Insurors Service, Englewood

MISSOURI BancorpSouth Insurance Services, Inc., Springfield Ollis and Company, Springfield Rackley Insurance Agency, Gainesville

CONNECTICUT AAA Allied Insurance Services, West Hartford Sinclair Insurance Group, Wallingford

MISSISSIPPI Galloway-Chandler-McKinney Insurance, Columbus Ross & Yerger Insurance, Jackson SouthGroup Insurance & Financial Services, Ridgeland Wellington Associates, Flowood

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Clements Worldwide, Washington Howard W. Phillips & Co., Washington FLORIDA Baldwin Risk Partners, Tampa Harden, Jacksonville Herbie Wiles Insurance, St. Augustine ThompsonBaker Agency, St. Augustine GEORGIA Holman and Company, Alpharetta Prime Financial Services, Fayetteville Pritchard & Jerden, Atlanta Siegel Insurance, Atlanta IOWA A & J Petersburg Agenc, Decorah CSB Insurance Group, Johnston LMC Insurance & Risk Management, West Des Moines ILLINOIS Assurance Agency, Schaumburg Brennan & Stuart, LaSalle Esser Hayes Insurance Group, Naperville Nicoud Insurance, Springfield Tave Risk Management, Northbrook INDIANA Cardinal Insurance Services, Indianapolis German American, Jasper Gibson Insurance Agency, South Bend Hupe Insurance Services, Ft. Wayne Midwest Insurance Center, Schererville Rothschild Agency, Merrillville Wetzel Insurance Agency, North Manchester KANSAS Assurance Partners, Salina Bridges Group, Norton The Davidson Agency, Delphos Goodman Gravley Insurance Source, Olathe IMA Financial Group, Wichita The Reilly Company, Leavenworth SBS Insurance Agency, Seneca KENTUCKY Garrett-Stotz Company, Louisville Lawton Insurance, Central City Peel & Holland, Benton Van Meter Insurance, Bowling Green LOUISIANA Blumberg and Associates, Baton Rouge Eagan Insurance Agency, Metairie Louisiana Companies/Querbes & Nelson, Baton Rouge MASSACHUSETTS Baldwin/Welsh & Parker Insurance Agencies, Wayland Chase & Lunt, Newburyport Fair & Yeager Insurance Agency, Natick FBinsure, Taunton

Hub International CFR, Tulsa INSURICA Insurance Management Network, Oklahoma City Professional Insurors Agency, Oklahoma City Wilcox & McGrath Ins, Member of BancFirst Ins Srvc, Oklahoma City

MONTANA Hobson Insurance, Hobson PayneWest Insurance, Missoula NORTH CAROLINA Alliance Insurance Services, Winston Salem Cameron M. Harris & Company, Charlotte Edwards, Church & Muse, Charlotte Lowry, Haywood & Associates, Charlotte O’Connor Insurance Associates, Charlotte SDM&R, Inc. dba Senn Dunn Insurance, Greensboro Twin City Insurance Agency, Newton NORTH DAKOTA Mostad Insurance Services, Langdon Vaaler Insurance, Grand Forks NEBRASKA Barney Insurance, Kearney Ryder Rosacker McCue & Huston, Grand Island UNICO Group, Lincoln NEW HAMPSHIRE Clark-Mortenson Agency, Keene NEW JERSEY Bogle Agency Insurance, Lyndhurst The Chadler Group, Fairfield Scirocco Financial Group, Hasbrouck Heights Van Dyk Group, Beach Haven Terrace NEW MEXICO Burke Insurance Group, Las Cruces NEVADA Cragin & Pike, Las Vegas Stevens Insurance, Las Vegas NEW YORK Austin & Company, Albany BNC Insurance Agency, Rye Brook First Niagara Risk Management, Rochester Gilroy, Kernan, & Gilroy, New Hartford Lawley Insurance, Buffalo M&T Insurance Agency, Buffalo Mang Insurance Agency, Norwich Merriam Insurance Agency, Schenectady R.J. O’Brien Insurance Agency, Glens Falls Seely & Durland Insurance, Warwick Spain Agency, Mahopac York International Agency, Harrison OHIO Carroll Insurance Group, Maumee Hylant Group, Toledo James B. Oswald Company, Cleveland Leugers Insurance, Maria Stein Wilks Insurance Agency, Hamilton OKLAHOMA Ed Berrong Insurance Agency, Weatherford

SOUTH CAROLINA Anderson Insurance Associates, Charleston The Bynum Company, Sumter Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance, Greenville CWS Insurance Agency, Spartanburg KeenanSuggs, Columbia Peoples Underwriters, Conway Rosenfeld Einstein, A Marsh & McLennan Agency, Greenville TENNESSEE Collier Insurance, Memphis The Crichton Group, Nashville Higgins Insurance & Benefits, Clarksville The Johnson Agency, Madisonville Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance, Memphis McDaniel-Whitley, Memphis Regions Insurance Group, Memphis TIS Insurance Services, Knoxville TEXAS Barnard Insurance Agency, Wichita Falls Bigham Kliewer Chapman & Watts, Killeen Bosworth & Associates, Tyler Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates, Houston Bryan Insurance Agency, Graham CoVerica, Dallas Dean & Draper Insurance Agency, Houston Duncan, Fraser & Bridges Insurance Agency, Pampa Edmond, Deaton & Stephens Insurance Agency, Amarillo Focus Insurance & Financial Services, Houston GEM Insurance Agencies, Houston Hibbs-Hallmark & Company, Tyler MHBT, Dallas Pathfinder/LL&D Insurance Group, Houston Patterson & Associates Insurance Agency, Richardson Pierson & Fendley Insurance Agency, Paris Roach, Howard, Smith & Barton, Dallas Mims & Smith Insurance Associates, Midland Montalvo Insurance Agency, Weslaco Sanford & Tatum Insurance Agency, Lubbock Shepard Walton King Insurance Group, Harlingen Sun West Insurance Agency, Arlington Swingle, Collins & Associates, Dallas Texas Associates Insurors, Austin Watkins Insurance Group, Austin Weatherby-Eisenrich Insurance Agency, Andrews Wortham Insurance & Risk Management, Houston UTAH Fred A Moreton & Company, Salt Lake City The Presidio Group, Salt Lake City Western States Insurance Agency, Spanish Fork VIRGINIA AH&T Insurance, Leesburg DeJarnette Insurance Agency, Nathalie Engle Paxson & Hawthorne Insurance Services, Leesburg Scott Insurance, Lynchburg Short Insurance Associates, Charlottesville S.L. Nusbaum Insurance Agency, Norfolk Towne Insurance Agency, Virginia Beach Trustpoint Insurance, Bristol Ware Insurance, Virginia Beach Welch, Graham Ogden Insurance, Manassas VERMONT Kinney Pike Insurance, Rutland WASHINGTON Davidson & Associates Insurance, Vancouver Parker Smith & Feek, Bellevue The Unity Group, Bellingham WISCONSIN M3 Insurance, Madison The Starr Group, Greenfield WEST VIRGINIA Mountain State Insurance Agency, Charleston WYOMING North Wyoming Insurance, Buffalo



Jose R. Flores, Young Agents President 2013

Jose holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas. He is a proud alumnus of the UNT Risk Management and Insurance Club and an active supporter of UNT. He also is a Certified Insurance Counselor and is pursuing his CPCU. He started his career at Union Standard Insurance a Berkley Company in 2005 as an underwriter intern. He held the positions of Commercial Lines Marketing Representative and Underwriter with Union Standard. In 2013, Jose joined AIG in their World Risk department and has been expanding his knowledge and experience underwriting foreign casualty. Let me start off by thanking all of the supporters of the YA of Dallas and IIAD. All of the activities we

purpose of the Young Agent group. This may make your office reluctant to participate with the YA group.

put on last year could not have been accomplished without your support.

I personally have been part of this group for the past 6 years in some capacity or another. Sometimes, I was just a simple spectator. It was other young professionals who mentored and led me to become more involved. While some of you all who read these newsletters or attend some of our functions are familiar with Young Agents, there maybe some that don’t understand the 12

The purpose of YA is to help perpetuate the independent insurance system in the metroplex. We do this by providing educational opportunities, networking functions, and philanthropical activities. My guesstamation of the breakdown of the group by segment is as follows: Retail Agent/Broker 25%, Wholesale Broker 30%, Carrier 35%, and 10% Service provider.

We have participation from: Personal, Commercial, Life, Health, and Benefits experts in sales, underwriting, marketing, claims, and service. Within the group there are 6 committees: Executive, Education/ Membership, Treasury, Service, Social, and Special Projects. All of the ideas and decisions to do or not to do something are made by this group. Decisions are made on majority vote. The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month, at noon, at the IIAD office. The meetings are usually about one hour. They are open to all IIAD members. This business of insurance is not easy and at times very hard to navigate if you don’t have resources to bounce ideas or questions off. In whatever stage your organization is in, there are always limited resources and monetary funds have to be allocated to where the most maximization can occur. Sometimes we overlook the simple things like education, career development, mentorship, networking, and work life balance. All of this hurts the human potential. The business of insurance to the general population is not very exciting, there may be some of us insurance nerds that live for it, but we are definitely the minority. Forbes 2013 Best Jobs article puts Insurance Underwriters at #74 and Insurance Agents #78 out of 200. To put it into prospective, Brick Layers rank #53. I am optimistic, and that just means there is room for improvement. There are some positives; Actuary ranks #1 and Financial Planner #5. So how do you expect to attract talent to your insurance organization? What are you going to offer of value to retain them? Don’t have a plan? Let us help you with some of that. We don’t have the silver bullet, but we do have a group of young talented individuals that are committed to the industry. We have a full year and expect it to be very conducive to all participants:

Service Work: Blitz Smoke Alarm installation Landscape Project Dallas Fire House InVest: Career Closet

Networking Events: October Social November All Industry Day Social February Whirly Ball tournament March Social March St. Patrick’s Day 5K run May: Impact Fundraiser/Golf Tournament Education: March YA Luncheon /CE

Why Young Agents of Dallas? Because it’s a democratic group of young talented professionals, who encourage, educate, mentor, work together to help others, network to solve business issues, and will perpetuate those exiting the business. To top it off it is free perk if you are and IIAD member, so you have already paid for it. Not a member? Please contact the IIAD office for membership. Also, if you feel compelled to sponsor the YA group, the lovely staff of IIAD will also be able to help you with those opportunities that come with other perks as well.

We encourage constructive ideas and criticism, so please come see us on the first Wednesday of the month for our brownbag luncheons. Visit us on social media; LinkedIn and Instagram. Also, for a full list of committee members and calendar events please visit our website.

Thank You, Jose R. Flores Instagram @IIADYoungAgents LinkedIn: IIAD Young Agents

Opportunities for Young Agents

Participation as a Young Agent exhibits your dedication and commitment to the industry. A wealth of current industry information can be learned from other Young Agents and it’s a great way to strengthen company relationships.

Opportunities for Independent Agents

As an agent, you will gain new ideas from others to give back to your agency as well as develop strong and lasting relationships with IIAD member companies.

Opportunities for Companies and Carriers Young Agents Committee provides an unprecedented opportunity to reach agents in order to achieve strong working relationships.


Young Agents: a

New Business Model for a

New Generation

When Amy Bryan opened Bryan Insurance Agency (New Windsor, NY), in 2004 at the age of 22, she had no clients, no carriers, and no track record. What Amy did have was a well-prepared

business plan. ‘The first thing I did after deciding to start an agency was to research and write a business plan,’ she remembers. ‘I opened during a hard market; many people told me I was crazy. I guess ignorance is bliss,’ she laughs. ‘I don’t go halfway into something, so I was fully committed to starting the agency.’ Amy wasn’t new to the insurance industry — her grandfather, father, aunt and uncle spent their careers as captive agents. Since Amy was 13 years old, she had worked at her dad’s State Farm agency during school breaks, doing customer service work and handling claims. Amy attended State University of New York at Oswego, not interested in pursuing a career in insurance. After graduating in 2003 with degrees in graphic design and marketing, she worked in the graphic design department of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. ‘I loved the creative work, but I really wanted to run my own business and work directly with people,’ she explains. ‘It was actually my dad, Bruce Bryan, who suggested I become an independent agent,’ Amy says. ‘He thought the independent business looked more creative; you get to design individual coverage packages for customers and think outside the box to solve risk management problems. Dad also recognized that the independent side offers both agents and clients more flexibility in products and services. All of this appealed to my creative bent.’

Business Savvy

When Amy embarked on her new career in 2004, the hardening market wasn’t the only challenge for independent agents in New York. At that time, then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer began investigating insurers and brokers for alleged bid rigging, and attacking the practice of contingent commissions. Add the intense competition in New York, and you have the makings of a difficult climb up the insurance career ladder. Undaunted, Amy used her business plan to seek agency appointments with insurance companies. ‘Because I had no history to share with companies, the business plan had to be comprehensive and make companies feel confident about doing business with me,’ she explains. ‘I included demographics of the area where the agency would be located, description of the competition, marketing plans, and expected growth, among other things.’ A friend of Amy’s suggested that she call the Professional Insurance Agents of New York (PIANY) to obtain E&O coverage for her new business. ‘The very next day, I attended my first PIA meeting — a regional conference —bringing copies of my business 14 plan to hand out,’ she recalls. ‘What a jump-start that was for me. I met so many agents and company people that day.

“Insurance is a big and varied industry and there are a lot of directions in which a person can go... If I can bring someone in who has no insurance background but likes people, I can teach him or her the technical part.”

her agency’s operation.

‘I was so green,’ Amy laughs. ‘I met a company rep who asked if I was a wholesaler or retailer. I said, ‘What’s a wholesaler and what’s a retailer?’ I never feel stupid asking questions, though; I keep asking until I understand.’ She says that most people — especially company underwriters — have been very helpful in providing guidance and information in these early years of

At this first PIANY event, Amy met the president of Associated Mutual, a regional company, who appointed her that day. ‘I didn’t quite know what to do. I asked him, ‘Do I come to you?’ and he patiently answered, ‘No, we come to you.’’ With this appointment under her belt, Amy was able to get appointments from other companies more easily. ‘I’m so grateful that Associated Mutual gave me a chance, and it was a chance,’ she laughs. Growing From Scratch Amidst some friendly family rivalry, Bryan Insurance and the family State Farm agency sometimes collaborate to serve their customers better. When she first started the agency, Amy says her focus was on commercial lines. ‘Since my dad’s agency handles mostly personal lines, the State Farm agents could send customers to me for commercial coverage, without fear that I would try to lure them away.’ In the past few years, the Bryan Agency has become 65% personal lines, due mainly to the phenomenal growth of Orange County, New York, where the agency is located. ‘We’re an hour north of New York City; people can live affordably in a nice town yet work in the city,’ Amy explains. She has been able to tap into the many new homebuyers and business owners from this housing boom. Besides Orange County, the agency writes business further downstate in New York, as well as in New Jersey, Connecticut and Georgia. In addition to Amy, agency staff includes a full-time producer/CSR/ ‘everything’ and a part-time CSR/administrative assistant who work in the main office, and a full-time producer in another office about 15 miles away. Amy’s hiring philosophy — which she says she acquired from her dad — differs from that of many agency owners. ‘If I hire someone and they only stay one or two years before going to another agency, that’s okay because I’ve helped perpetuate the industry,’ Amy states. ‘Insurance is a big and varied industry, and there are a lot of directions in which a person can go,’ she continues. ‘If I can bring some15 one in who has no insurance background but likes people, I can teach him or her the technical part.’

A New Kind of Marketing Amy’s progressive attitude might have something to do with the fact that she’s a member of ‘Generation Y,’ the group of Americans born between 1980 and the mid1990s. These ‘Millennials’ are also accurately called the ‘Net Generation,’ because they’re the first generation to grow up with computers and technology. Understanding how these consumers think and respond, Amy uses technology to reach them, especially through social networking. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just a few familiar names whose possible uses many Baby Boomers don’t totally understand. ‘Younger consumers shop for everything online, from toothpaste to clothes to vacations to insurance. They haven’t dealt with an agent or broker and don’t understand why they need one,’ Amy says. ‘Marketing to any specific age group means working with them on the level where they’re comfortable.’ Amy says she uses Facebook and Twitter mostly for consumer education. ‘My Facebook page started out as a personal thing and took a natural turn into a professional way to communicate with insureds and potential customers,’ she explains. Twitter and Facebook icons make it easy for people to use these media to contact her. Through insurance

these social concepts in

networking lay terms.

tools, Amy draws younger people in She has a Facebook group called ‘Bryan

by explaining Agency Group’

coverages and for discussion.

‘I don’t give specific coverage advice through Facebook, but this is a starting point with many clients and potential clients,’ she says. Technology can go only so far, though, Amy acknowledges. ‘I love for people to come in to the office to talk about their insurance needs.’ While a Facebook page can include photos, videos, games and a variety of other fun things, Twitter is a service that allows users to create short, text-based messages (called ‘tweets’) that are supposed to answer the question: ‘What are you doing?’ Amy explains, ‘I’ve used Twitter to explain renters insurance and to give defensive driving updates.’ Besides reaching both current customers and potential customers, Amy says these social networking sites provide a convenient way to network with other insurance professionals. For example, an agent in California used information from one of her tweets for his insureds, giving her credit for it. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site featuring contact details of users and other people they know in business. An example of how this networking tool works: A Starwood employee and former co-worker found Amy on LinkedIn and saw that she knew an employer with whom the Starwood employee was applying for a job. Amy was able to provide a reference and, since there was already a connection between the employer and Amy, the referral was a solid one and enhanced the hiring process.

The Insurance Community As mentioned earlier, when Amy was launching her agency, a friend suggested that she attend a Regional Awareness Program (RAP), sponsored by the PIA of New York. RAPs are one-day conferences that usually include a mini-trade show, educational sessions, panel discussions, award presentations, and networking opportunities. The PIANY sponsors three of these conferences during the year, held in different parts of the state. After that first PIANY meeting, Amy joined the association’s Young Insurance Professionals (YIP), through which she has established invaluable relationships with other young producers, association staff and board members, and company people. If starting a new career from scratch in a different industry just five years ago hasn’t been challenging enough, Amy has immersed herself in the PIANY and YIP, serving on a variety of committees, including government issues, business issues and recruitment.


In 2008 — just four years after becoming an independent agent — Amy became chair of the NY-YIP board. According to Kim Voelker, director of the Young Insurance Professionals Department for the PIAs of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, ‘Amy has a ‘nononsense’ leadership style that’s refreshing and dynamic. ‘She’s not afraid to experiment with new programs and member incentives and often finds creative solutions to the organization’s budget challenges in this rough economy,’ Kim continues. ‘NY-YIP continues to thrive with solid membership and growing involvement. Because Amy is the age of our target membership, she understands how to market to them intuitively.’ Carl Abramson, who works at Associated Mutual and serves on the YIP board with Amy, says that her professionalism and other-centeredness have garnered the respect of her peers, clients and company reps. ‘People can see that Amy’s attitude is ‘It’s not about me,’ so when she speaks, people listen.’ There’s no respite for Amy — this year she’s also serving as chair of the Hudson Valley RAP in October.

Career Success To others who want to start their own agency, Amy says two things are very important: ‘networking and creating a business plan. That was the foundation of my agency.’ Amy adds, ‘At times you get frustrated, but you just have to keep pushing through.’ As a result of this perseverance, most of Amy’s new clients now come from referrals. ‘But don’t worry about getting referrals,’ she suggests. ‘Take care of your customers and the referrals will come.’ Amy believes that working in customer service at her dad’s agency years before has allowed her to better understand the client’s perspective. ‘Customers are buying a promise, and they have to trust you. Whether the claim is large or small, it has the same effect on the client. That problem is the most important thing to them at the moment, and it should be to you as the agent also. ‘You have to be committed to finding the right service, the right product for the customer,’ she continues. ‘Remember, you’re not just selling insurance. Clients may come into the office with an insurance issue, but they really come to talk about everything else,’ she muses. Combining her creativity and business sense, and taking advantage of social networking has been a successful strategy for Amy Bryan in these first five years of her career as a producer and agency owner. It’s not hard to imagine continued success for many years to come for this young insurance professional. Reproduced,








Our expertise is the key to gaining access to exclusive markets.


Enter exclusive markets for healthcare entities through our relationships with over 50 carriers. Whatever the diagnosis, our expertise delivers the fastest quotes. Take advantage of our experience to cover everything from medical malpractice to general liability without any gaps. Why let anything stand between you and the coverages your clients need? At Burns & Wilcox, we make the hard-to-place easy. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas | 817.652.1277 | toll free 800.442.1496 fax 817.385.4911 | Houston, Texas | 713.268.7700 | toll free 800.400.4447 fax 713.782.0445 |


Commercial | Personal | Professional | Brokerage | Binding | Risk Management Services

IIAD Fiscal Update by Brook Crawford


EST. Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas

Over the years our Association has had its ups and downs financially. Not too many years ago we had a financial crisis that did not end well for us and others; however, with time we have rebounded. We have been blessed in the recent past with leadership from our Board of Directors, Officers and Staff with an incredible commitment to a governance structure that leaves the management of the staff and association in the capable hands of out Executive Director Tammy Land and the policy setting, vision and long range planning with the Board. Over the last several years the Board has committed itself with fiscal responsibility in our operations and to that end we are beginning to experience surpluses as opposed to losses that had been eroding our reserves. As you know our Association is comprised of two operating entities; our non-profit IIAD (Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas) and our for-profit IES (Insurance Employment Services). IES was established a number of years ago to provide member employment services for agency staff needs at a discounted basis over industry recruiting firms and also to provide a means to generate revenue for our association. This revenue is passed back to IIAD via an annual management fee and at the same time zero out any profit in IES for tax purposes. I am proud to state that we diligently review and monitor our expenses and expected profits beginning with an annual budget projected for each year with a commitment to profitability of a minimum 10-15% expectancy. Tammy and her staff understand our expectation and are equally committed to a performance to achieve desired results. Please know that this is your association and the Staff, Board and Officers pledge to our members to be good stewards of our funds and govern with best practices in mind operationally.


All Industry Day Brief by Lance Goff

Well, the time is nearly upon us. Join us on November 5th, 2013 as we all “COME TOGETHER” in Irving, Texas. This year we have a new venue as well as a new date. This year, we will hold All Industry Day at the Irving Convention Center. This is an amazing facility and I know you will be impressed with it. Come in the morning and listen to the Property & Casualty Panel discuss the issues of the day as well as how to deal with the different generations in our industry. We will follow that up with the National Alliance Conferment Ceremony. Then join us as we enjoy a great lunch and listen to Ryan Estis our keynote Speaker. Then, spend some time in the trade show and visit our vendors and sponsors. If that isn’t enough for you, come listen to Misty Baker give an update on the Affordable Care Act. Who knows what will be happening by then. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, if your agency uses AMS or Applied, send some of your staff over as they will receive training from the experts on both systems. Classes start at 2:00. Now, that all being said, I thought that since this is my last year doing this (yes Tammy, it really is), I would reflect on All Industry Day. I have had the honor of serving on this committee for 12 years now. More importantly, I have been honored to cochair this event for the last 4-5 years (they run together so I forget how long). In the last 12 years, we have gone through 4 Executive Directors (one Ryan Estis, Business Performance Consultant and Keynote Speaker


quit 30 days before the event), 4 executive assistants, and numerous venue changes. Not to mention a new association president every year. Through all of it, I have served with some of the best volunteers in the industry and I thank them all for allowing me to be a part of it and a part of their lives as we worked together to put on the largest single day insurance event in the South West. You know, that last part is the part that amazes me every day. Here we are in Dallas, and we put on the biggest and best event every year which makes us the envy of the rest of the entire state. Through it all, we tried to keep the integrity of the event and still have a little fun with it. Things like wearing a tuxedo (Ben Patterson looked like a stuffed penguin), dressing up like a game show host and last year having Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders running around. Who knows what this year will bring. I could go on forever, but since we pay by the page I won’t. But, before ending, I want to thank this year’s committee. Many are new to the committee and had a stiff learning curve. I appreciate the dedication you have shown. Many committees may meet a couple of times before an event is held. We start meeting right after the lights are turned out on the previous All Industry Day. This event wouldn’t happen without you or the more than outstanding IIAD staff who do the real work behind the scenes. Once again Thank You, and I look forward to seeing everyone there as we all “COME T O G E T H E R : on November Lance Goff, Assistant Vice President at 5th in Irving. Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Texas Non-Subscriber Policy Highlights:













ų5MP>FDIB 888.743.2628


EST. Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas

Newest Association Members Welcome to IIAD!


EST. Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas

1RZWKDW¶VDEHQH¿W At BenefitMall, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re more than a support system. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a strategic business partner ZLWKWKHODUJHVWSRUWIROLRRIHPSOR\HHEHQH¿W and payroll products. Plus, we provide the latest legislative insight to keep you and your

Tools, Technology

And Above All...


clients compliant and moving forward. Contact Broker Sales Executive Jeremy Mahoney at (469) 791-3448 or MHUHP\PDKRQH\#EHQH¿WPDOOFRP





Newest Members Welcome to IIAD!



Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas

Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas



Why Join IIAD? Hear it from our members! Anne Sheahen of Hotchkiss Insurance Agency is on the Board of Directors of IIAD. “There are so many benefits as a professional and community member. I am much more aware of what’s going on in the local community as far as insurance needs. IIAD helps me see how the industry is developing and how to plan for future development. ” Ron Patterson has been on the Board of Directors of IIAD for many years. “If you belong to your local association, you are going to reap more rewards than you can ever think imaginable. At every event, we form friendships and partnerships. If you get involved, give up your self, and give up your talents, it will reap tenfold to you as a member of IIAD.”


Adam Sammons, Producer at MHBT, has been a member for 3 years and served as president of the Young Agents of IIAD. “Its important for people to know who you are. When you have a personal relationship with an underwriter, wholesaler, and broker, there is a level of trust. To me, that is the biggest benefit.”

Bill Henry is the chairman and CEO of MHBT Inc and served on the IIAD Board of Directors for four years. “If you aren’t a member, you’re operating in a vacuum!” Through IIAD, Bill networked with Dan Bowles, his partner at MHBT.

“A dividend is something a business owner can look at and say to the entire company ‘we did a good job.’” he clients love the dividend program. When they receive a dividend check, that’s “T their reward—the payoff for their hard work and their front line concern about safety.

© 2013 Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Texas Mutual has had a consistent dividend program for years and years. It’s that dedication to giving something back to their customers. That’s what makes them unique.”

Bob Shepard President

Shepard Walton King Insurance Group

To learn more about workers’ comp insurance from Texas Mutual Insurance Company, call (800) 859-5995 or visit Texas Mutual Insurance Company is rated ‘A’ by A.M. Best Company.

Dividends are based on performance, are not guaranteed and must be approved by the Texas Department of Insurance.


Mine the Internet for

You can strike gold if you know where to look. A good place is the Internet.


Insurance is all about making sales. And you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make sales until your producers identify prospects and learn more about them. A good place is the Internet, which contains a wealth of effective marketing tools that can help streamline the process. Here are 6 few valuable resources.

3. Thomas Register (

4. Hoovers (

by Complete Market Editor, Steve Anderson

The Thomas Register site can help you find detailed information about prospects and clients. This site has one of the largest industrial directories, featuring 2.3 million products available on the Web from more than 189,000 manufacturers in the U.S and Canada. You can search for a specific product or service, a specific company, or a brand name, and find the company that produces it. You must register to use the site, but thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no cost. 24

Hooverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s is known for its indepth coverage of companies and industries, accurate lists of key decision makers, and powerful searching and targeting tools. It covers more than 12 million global companies, both public and private, and more than 300 different industries.

InfoUSA (

2. Google ( w w w. g o o g l e . c o m )

This site provides easy access to an extensive database of consumer and business name and address information. You can search for businesses by standard methods such as ZIP code, county, SIC code, number of employees, etc. The list you create can be downloaded in a standard data format and imported into virtually any type of marketing database. Pricing depends on the specific list you select. After you complete the selection process, you’ll receive a price, based on the number of prospects and the amount of data you want to purchase. Use this site when you want to get a broad picture of the prospects you’re targeting.

Although you might not think of Google as a marketing tool, it provides an easy way to gather information about prospects. You can use it as a criss-cross directory to find information when you only have a telephone number. Just type in the phone number and Google will display all Web pages with that number on them. As you learn to use the more advanced search features of the site, you’ll be able to refine your search.

5. DataLister ( w w w. d at a l i s t e r. c om )

6. SEC-EDGAR ( w w w. s e c . g ov )

This site provides specific insurance information about prospects. You can access proprietary DataLister information such as carrier of record, expiration dates, Dun & Bradstreet details, and premium estimates. Each record includes such standard information as Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code, number of employees and chief executive name. Insurance-specific information from a variety of outside sources might include the business’ policy renewal date, current carrier of record, and estimated premium for GL, Property, and Workers Compensation.

Every public corporation is required to file a report, known as a 10-K, with the SEC at least once a year. The EDGAR database contains every report filed since 1996. 10Ks provide very detailed information about companies, including financial information, descriptions of products and services provided, listings of executives and key staff, and a discussion of problems and issues the companies face. If your prospect is a public company, there’s no better source for information about them than a 10-K. And best of all, this information is free.



Interested in sponsoring a Young Agents event? @IIADYoungAgents




Wednesday, August 21st From 5:00pm8:00pm at

Park Tavern 8166 Park Lane, #C310

Dallas, TX 75231


Contact Elizabeth at or at 214-2172900.



Your New Wholesale Family Brokerage. Underwriting. Programs. The new CRC family of companies delivers. Across our eight wholesalededicated brands, we have experts who can place risks of any size for nearly any industry.

Our 54 offices, 1,700 employees, and 300 brokers and underwriters wrote more than $4 billion in premium last year. We are ready to introduce you to our growing family and say, "Welcome home to the new CRC!"

14001 North Dallas Parkway Suite M100 Dallas, TX 75240 972.371.7000 Phone 866.723.6510 Toll Free 972.371.7010 Fax

7557 Rambler Road, Suite 300, Dallas, TX 75231 214.363.7636 Phone 800.522.7867 Toll Free 214.691.5460 Fax

CRC | CRC|CRUMP | SOUTHERN CROSS | 5STAR | HANLEIGH | NEGLEY | TAPCO | TARGET ŠCRC Insurance Services, Inc. CA license 0778135, Crump Insurance Services, Inc. CA license 0F44166


WheN IT comeS To Tough INSurANce rISkS, you Need A TeAm ThAT cAN do All The heAvy lIfTINg. When you work with AmWINS Brokerage of Texas, you’re working with the largest full-service wholesale broker in Texas and the largest property and casualty wholesaler in the country. We provide our clients with the resources of a global organization and the customer service of a small niche firm – a combination that enables us to not only find the most competitive market for your challenging accounts, but to service it locally and effectively. And with the AmWINS team working hard for you behind the scenes, your clients will think you’re simply brilliant.


Property | Casualty | Financial Services Worker Injury | Marine/Energy | MGA Facilities

vAlue Added ServIceS

Market Research | Dependable Service New Programs | Claims Department | Legal Team

5910 N. Central Expressway, Suite 500 Dallas, TX 75206 | 214.528.3999 | 800.528.5544


Bar & Tavern Program

Classes include Sports Bars Nightclubs Lounges Adult Clubs Restaurants Neighborhood Pubs and more....

Contact Us for More Info: Robin Stough 214.702.9389

5501 LBJ Fwy Suite 740 Dallas, TX 75240

A.M. Best â&#x20AC;&#x153;Aâ&#x20AC;? Rated Carrier - Non Admitted

All Industry Day 2013

The National Alliance Conferment Ceremony will be presented by Dr. William T. Hold, cofounder and president of the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. 31

August Officer Installation Luncheon The August CE Officer Installation Luncheon was a success. Greg Rubel of Markel Corporation, September’s CE instructor, lectured on Oil & Gas and IIAD had a record attendance! At the luncheon, Ben Patterson was sworn in as the new president of IIAD. IIAD generously donated $500 to the InVEST Program, which was presented by Ben Patterson and accepted by Errica Rivera. Please see pages 32, 33, and 34 for photos from the CE opportunity and luncheon. To view the CE lecture notes, visit and click on “Resources” For photos from the luncheon, click on “August Luncheon Photos” under the events tab.



September Legislative Update Luncheon Special thanks to Dan Branch, our guest speaker at the luncheon. Dan Branch is a member of the Texas House of Representatives from Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. First elected in 2002, as a Republican, Branch is currently in his sixth term representing District 108, the "heart of Dallas", which includes Downtown, Uptown, Historic East Dallas, Greenland Hills, Lower Greenville, The Village, as well as the town of Highland Park and the city of University Park.

The Honorable Kenneth Sheets, Texas House of Representatives District 107 Occupation: Attorney, Associate with Payne & Blanchard, LLP; Captain in the Marine Corps Reserves Education: B.A., from University of Texas at Arlington, J.D. from Southern Methodist University Hometown: Dallas Party: Republican Jillian Henderson, the office of Representative Cindy Burkett, District 113 Occupation: Business OwnerHighline Enterprises LLC Education: BA Political ScienceUniversity of Texas at Arlington Home Town: Sunnyvale Party: Republican

The Honorable Jason Villalba, Texas House of Representatives District 114 Occupation: Attorney Education: B.B.A., Baylor University; J.D., University of Texas School of Law Hometown: Dallas Party: Republican The Honorable Scott Sanford, Texas House of Representatives District 70 Occupation: Executive Pastor of Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church Education: B.B.A., MTax, Baylor University Hometown: McKinney 35

Special thanks to Leland C. de la Garza of Shackelford Melton & McKinley LLP for instructing our September CE class S h a c ke l fo rd M e l to n A LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP

M c Ki n l e y


Contact information and CE notes available at

IIADâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s August Luncheon was generously sponsored by TSLA, Texas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.


September Luncheon Photos Photos available online at under the “Events” tab

3333 Lee Parkway, Tenth Floor Dallas, Texas 75219 Telephone 214.780.1400 Facsimile 214.780.1401 Martha Hardwick Hofmeister


the largest one day insurance event in the southwest region. This year, IIAD will host the event at the Irving Convention Center on Tuesday, November 5th. The theme is â&#x20AC;&#x153;Come Togetherâ&#x20AC;? and we will explore how the overlapping generations can create synergy in the workforce. 9AM-11AM 9AM-11:30AM 11AM-11:30AM 11:30AM-1:00PM 1PM-2PM 1PM-4PM 1:30PM-2:30PM 2:00PM - 3:00PM 2:00PM - 3:00PM 2:00PM - 4:00 PM 3:30 PM 38

Property & Casualty Panel Trade Show National Alliance Conferment Ceremony Award Luncheon with Keynote Speaker, Ryan Estis VIP Sponsor Reception with Ryan Estis Trade Show Life & Health Panel Applied Systems Update AMS Users Training Networking Opportunity Grand Prize

IIAT 83rd Legislative Session Results

15 Best Bills of the Session 1. SB 1795 by Watson – Navigator Regulation .....................................................9.1.13 SB 1795 authorizes the Texas Department of Insurance to determine whether the navigators in Texas, contracted by the Federal Healthcare Exchange, are qualified to perform their duties, sufficiently trained, and accounted for through a state registration with TDI. The bill prohibits navigators from holding themselves out to be licensed insurance agents or being compensated based on enrollment. Additionally, the bill authorizes TDI to conduct background checks on navigators if necessary. 2. HB 1405 by Smithee – Surplus Lines Requirements .........................................1.1.14 HB 1405 corrected a problem caused by previously passed legislation. Because of the various roles that an agent or surplus lines agent may play, there was uncertainty about who was responsible for filing taxes and retaining information, making the audit process difficult, if not impossible. A retail agent who has a surplus lines license should have a written agreement with the surplus lines agent/broker stating which surplus lines agent/broker is responsible for filing the taxes and all other reporting requirements of a surplus lines agent. 3. HB 500 by Hilderbran – Margins Tax Revisions ..............................................6.14.13 HB 500 provides help to small businesses in Texas, including independent agents. The margins tax exempts the first $1 million of business revenues from taxation, but that exemption was set to expire in January 2014. This legislation makes the exemption permanent and accomplishes other changes in taxation which will be implemented in the next few years. 4. SB 181 by Hegar – Electronic Verification of Auto Insurance ................... Immediately SB 181 changes the Transportation Code to permit the use of a wireless device to verify financial responsibility for the operation of an auto. The image displayed on the device must be provided by the insurer. An officer may not access any other information on the device. A court may require the presentation of a paper copy if there is reason to question the validity of the electronic information. 5. SB 1702 by Taylor – TWIA Waiver Program Extension ............................. Immediately SB 1702 extended until Dec. 31, 2015 the rule that allows non-compliant homes to be eligible for coverage in TWIA with the payment of a surcharge. Without this extension, non-compliant homes would not have been eligible for TWIA coverage after August 2013. SB 1702 only extends the rule to the end of 2015. 6. SB 852 by Taylor – Posting of Policy Information Online ...................................9.1.13 SB 852 allows insurers to post basic policy forms online for personal and commercial auto, inland marine, and residential property coverages. At the request of the insured, the insurer must provide the customer with a copy of the specimen policy that is posted. The insurer must also clearly state on all policies the web address where the policy language is located and explain how the insured can receive a copy. The forms must be able to be saved and copied for up to five years. 7. HB 949 by Smithee – Coverage for Newly Acquired Vehicles ............................9.1.13 HB 949 clarifies the requirement for insurers to add newly acquired or replacement vehicles to a personal auto policy. A replacement private passenger vehicle or pickup truck must be provided the same coverage as existed on the vehicle being replaced. If the insured wants to add coverage or continue physical damage coverage, they must notify the insurer within 20 days of obtaining the replacement vehicle. With any additional vehicle, the insurer must provide the broadest coverage of any vehicle on the policy. > Governmental Affairs > Texas Legislature > 15 Best Bills of the Session


Board Governance Retreat On September 12, IIAD had a Board Governance Retreat at the Eldorado Country Club. The purpose of the meeting was to continue development of our Board of Directors. The meeting was facilitated by Bobbi Bilnoski, President and CEO of Concinnity Network. The board will be focusing on our action items in the next board meetings. The meeting outcomes included the following: •Shared understanding of the Board & Executive roles and responsibilities •Shared understanding of board policies •Shared understanding of how to use policies •Agreement on what is working and what can be improved •Agreement on strategic priorities for 2013-2014 •Agreement on board committee structure and work plans •Agreement on volunteer management structure



EST. Independent Insurance Agents of Dallas

Insurance Employment Services IIAD Staffing Services Dedicated to bringing people and companies together in a working relationship

Finding the person with the right skills and personality for your team is difficult. Posting ads, sorting through applications and rĂŠsumĂŠs, conducting interviews, checking references, and testing skills takes time away from your regular duties. IES empowers you to focus on core job functions while we find you qualified workers. Visit the Staffing Services tab at for more information on job postings, job descriptions, resume and interview tips, and more. Annual Salary

12% Placement Fee IIAD Member Rate

20% Placement Fee

Member Savings

$30,000.00 $35,000.00 $40,000.00 $45,000.00 $50,000.00 $55,000.00 $60,000.00

$3,600.00 $4,200.00 $4,800.00 $5,400.00 $6,000.00 $6,600.00 $7,200.00

$6,000.00 $7,000.00 $8,000.00 $9,000.00 $10,000.00 $11,000.00 $12,000.00

$2,400.00 $2,800.00 $3,200.00 $3,600.00 $4,000.00 $4,400.00 $4,800.00

Jaimee Goehring, CIC, CISR IIAD STAFFING SERVICES - IES (214) 360-0794 - office (214) 360-9989 - fax


Morning Property & Casualty Panel 2 Hour Continuing Education Credit 9:00 am - 11:00 am Moderator: Paul Martin, CPCU

The Panel will begin with an introduction of the panelists who will discuss the state of the industry. Then, there will be a discussion on what agents look for in a company and what companies look for in an agency. This panel will analyze the differences in generations and how to manage the differences, how to attract new people to the industry, technology and the generations, and communicating with different generations. There will be time for questions and comments at the end.

Paul Martin, CPCU is ProjectCAP's State Association Liaison. Martin works with the various Big I associations around the country, helping them communicate the message of how CAP will positively impact the industry. He assists independent insurance associations in their efforts to educate members regarding the goals, resources, benefits and operations of the CAP Project, and gaining adoption by the agencies in the various states. Martin has spent his entire career in the industry serving in a variety of roles including: multi-line adjuster, commercial underwriter, independent agent, company manager, association education 42 director, and industry consultant.

Afternoon Life & Health Panel 1 Hour Continuing Education Credit 1:30 - 2:30 pm Moderator: Misty Baker SGS

This session is designed to. help explain the basics of the Affordable Care Act and what to expect in the next 12 months

Misty Baker is the Director of Health Insurance at IIAT. Baker has been in the insurance industry for 13 years. In 2000, Baker founded Lonestar Benefit Solutions, an independent agency that focused on individual health insurance needs, health savings accounts and small group plans. In 2006, Baker was named to the Texas Health Coverage Awareness and Education Program Task Force by TDI Commissioner Mike Geeslin. Baker has been a member of the Austin Association of Health Underwriters (AAHU) since 1999 where she served as president. She has also served as the director of legislative affairs for the Texas Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU) and is currently president-elect of TAHU. Baker has been the recipient of many awards recognizing her outstanding service to the industry, including: the 2003 Hutzler Award in Austin for outstanding service to the AAHU board, the 2005 and 2011 Tom Schilling Outstanding Texan of the Year awards, the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) state legislative achievement award, the 2006 TAHU legislative award, the 2008 NAHU Spirit of Freedom Award, and the 2010 Shirley Hutzler Legislative Excellence Award. 43

All Industry Day 2013 These IIAD members are almost unrecognizable!

All Industry Day will be held at the Irving Convention Center

Our Keynote Speaker is Ryan Estis, Regarded as one ofTheTop Pictured100 left to right: LanceSpeakers Goff,TammyinLand, Ben Patterson Keynote America

Dress 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s themed! 44

(or business casual)

Gold Sponsorship with booth ($5,000)

20 Registrations + 1 Premium Booth Premium seating for two tables of ten at luncheon 2 VIP tickets to special presentation with Ryan Estis 1 exclusive meeting room for your use to meet with clients or VIP guests Premium Sponsor recognition before, during, and after the event

Gold Sponsorship without booth ($5,000)

25 Registrations Premium seating for two tables of ten at luncheon 2 VIP tickets to special presentation with Ryan Estis 1 exclusive meeting room for your use to meet with clients or VIP guests Premium Sponsor recognition before, during, and after the event

Silver Sponsorship with booth ($2,500) 10 registrations + 1 premium booth location Premium seating for one table of ten at luncheon 1 VIP ticket to special presentation with Ryan Estis Sponsor Logo recognition before, during, and after event

Silver Sponsorship without booth ($2,500) 15 registrations Premium seating for one table of 10 at luncheon 1 VIP ticket to special presentation by Ryan Estis Sponsor Logo recognition before, during, and after the event

Bronze Sponsorship ($1,500) 10 individual registrations - open seating Name recognition

Coffee Sponsorship ($750) 2 individual registrations Company Name Recognition

Parking Sponsorship ($500) Company Name Recognition

Small Agency 10-pack ($1,000) for agencies with 20 or fewer employees 10 individual registrations - open seating

For more information, visit the All Industry Day page on IIADâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website 45

Stay Connected with IIAD! For information and news on upcoming luncheons, events, and more! We will post exclusive All Industry Day news on our facebook and LinkedIn pages, as well as details and insider information!

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