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" The IIAD is committed to serving its members, and nothing is more rewarding than promoting our goodwill through the many charitable causes supported by the IIAD. " hank you to everyone for making the inaugural Jim Millerman Insurance Convention an overwhelming success. I am still laughing at Joel Zeff and the brave volunteers that were subjected to his antics. I don’t know how the IIAD staff and the JMIC Committee do it, but the convention keeps getting better every year. I never thought the 80s could be that fun! With over 1000 insurance professionals in attendance, the “Millerman” is THE event of the year. It is the best opportunity to catch up with your industry friends and to see what’s new in the insurance world. I especially enjoyed all the trade booths. It gives us a chance to meet face to face with people that we often just get to talk with over the phone. As much fun as we had, the highlight for me was seeing the Combs family, and presenting our Trusted Choice check to The Make-a-Wish Foundation. The IIAD is committed to serving its members, and nothing is more rewarding than promoting our goodwill through the many charitable causes supported by the IIAD. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to get involved, please reach out to any of us at the IIAD. We need your help! As we wrap up this year’s event, we are already thinking about next year and how we can make it even better. We would love to see more of our members, so please let us know how we can make it more accessible to your agency. Vince Bell IIAD PRESIDENT



"WISHING YOU ALL A BLESSED CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY SEASON!" I’m also very appreciative for the generous sponsors that enabled us to put on the “Show” that we did. Support came in from many directions and is needed to pay the bill for the venue, speakers, AV & Decorating companies, Spazmatics band and all of the other little expenses that add up to a not-solittle tab. But special “Hats Off” salutes to our three big sponsors: Texas Mutual, AIG and CRC Group. Not only do they provide financial support, but they offer boots on the ground to make the event run.

s I write this in early November, AI’m cognizant that this month offers us a time to stop and give thanks for our veterans, and for the bounty we have been given. I know Thanksgiving will be over and the Christmas season will be fully upon us when this is published, but I need to express my gratitude to the Jim Millerman Insurance Convention Committee.They did an outstanding job of collaborating to offer an event that will be hard to replicate. A listing of the committee can be found in the magazine, but I especially want to thank Laura Shone for her creative work on the decorations, and Lance Goff for keeping me safely on the ledge.

This year marked the thirtieth anniversary of the event, started by then IIAD President Jim Millerman in 1987. Mr. Millerman had the foresight and leadership to begin an annual conference and tradeshow where our members could spend a day networking, engaging, learning and laughing with industry friends. It was initially named “The Dallas Insurance Convention”, followed by “All Industry Day”. To memorialize and recognize Mr. Millerman’s contributions, the event was rebranded this year to the Jim Millerman Insurance Convention. IIAD will be celebrating its 135th birthday this coming year, and the only reason the association has been able to withstand the test of time is because of great leaders like Jim Millerman.

Lastly, I am ever so grateful for the IIAD/IES Staff. Unless you have done event-planning work before, you might not have an idea of all of the little details that must be tended to, and the extreme amount of planning and execution necessary to ensure a smooth day. Jennifer Turner and Noemi Obenhaus are two dedicated souls that are to be commended for their attitudes, work ethic and ability to put up with me. No joke! And John Spicer has worked to elevate IES to an extremely valuable service for our members and people in the community. Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and holiday season!

Tammy Land IIAD Executive Director


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Why Network? In the early days of my career I watched those around me attend networking events and thought “why”. Why take time out of my “me time” or my “family time” to attend a networking event. I spend 40+ hours a week at work and I deserve my free time. This was my thought process for a number of years. I am not exactly sure when that changed but it has shifted. Shifted into “this is IMPORTANT” and I have to dedicate time to it. Everyone networks for different reasons these are some of mine: Connections: It’s not always what you know but who you know in this industry that can help a person be successful. As a young professional in this industry, this is key to helping you launch your career. Advice: One of the things that I love about our networking events is the diverse crowd. These events bring in professionals from all levels of career experience and different industry segments (retail, wholesale, carrier). You can be standing having a conversation with someone about a new prospect or a problem that you might be having with a placement and there is someone there willing to share their experience and give you guidance on how to overcome your challenge.

"One of the things that I love about our networking events is the diverse crowd. These events bring in professionals from all levels of career experience and different industry segments".

Positive Influence: The people that you hang around with and talk to influence who you are and what you do. This is crucial to young professionals. The insurance industry in general for as large as it is can be intimidating and confusing if people don’t have a way to meet people that can help them navigate the waters. I truly feel that our industry has some amazing people. People that will do anything to help out their fellow “insurance peeps”. Networking events give people a chance to see a side of someone that you don’t always get to see during your daily grind. I personally have had the opportunity to learn things about people at our events that I know I would never have learned just emailing and calling them during the regular workday. Increased Confidence: Networking pushes people to talk to people you don’t know. It forces the face to face interaction that we lose in this very digital age. Satisfaction from helping others: Helping others makes everyone feel great. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t take pleasure in how we feel when we help one another. Networking gives you an opportunity to help someone solve a problem. Friendship: I purposefully put this one last. Not because it is the least important but because it is the most important. Many friendships start at networking events. We are all like-minded individuals that want to grow our business and grow personally. Strong friendships result from being able to help one another. Knowing that you can pick up the phone or send an email or text to someone asking for help, personal or business related, provides everyone with a piece of mind that you can’t get anywhere else. SHYLA LANKFORD YA PRESIDENT




he IIAD Jim Millerman Insurance Convention was held November 2, 2017, at the Irving Convention Center. We celebrated our 30th anniversary of the event, started under the direction of then IIAD President, Jim Millerman in 1987.  It was an “80’s Revival” in every sense: decorations, costumes and the best 80’s cover band: The Spazmatics! Gold Sponsor Applied Systems hosted a breakfast meeting for agency leadership on the topic of Digital Disruption.  Steve Badger, partner with Zelle LLP, presented a fascinating look into the terrorist attack of 911, and the resulting subrogation claims.  Joel Zeff was hired for the day to offer a morning workshop on the Tao of Teamwork, along with the Keynote speech on the Tao of Change.  His morning workshop incorporated improv as a way to deliver the ideas of teamwork.  Watching the audience engage and interact with Joel was at times hysterical.   The Keynote Luncheon began with a tribute to our Make-aWish family of 2017.  Porter Combs and his brother Baden, along with their mother Sarah shared their hearts in a poignant video about the gift that Make-a-Wish gives in the granting of wishes.  Porter also provided a precious invocation, and then received the IIAD grant check for $7,500.  IIAD is an honored sponsor of Make-a-Wish and the important wish granting work they do in our community

Awards were given out to the Underwriter of the Year, CSR of the Year and Volunteer of the Year.  Joel Zeff delighted the audience with his keynote speech, again including the audience in improvisation, leading to belly laughing by participants and the crowd watching.  Attendees left with essential business knowledge on handing change and a smile on their face. CRC was the Keynote Speaker Sponsor. The tradeshow was bustling with over 90 exhibitors and a Delorean sponsored by Title Sponsor Texas Mutual.  Premier Sponsor AIG delighted gamers with video games that were popular in the 80’s, and the day climaxed with a 3-hour performance by The Spazmatics.  

By Tammy Land

Article by Tammy Land

Insurance Employment Services (IES)

sends out emails describing the candidates we are currently helping to find new career homes. IES sends these updates out 2 or 3 times a month. The candidate “snap shots” describe their skills sets, experience, and position they are looking for. IES is typically working with 40 to 50 candidates that represent many different skill sets needed within the insurance industry.

If you are not receiving our “snap shot” email updates please ask and we will put you on the list. Many people have stated “we weren’t looking to hire, but the right 'snap shot' was in your email blast that motivated us to interview.” If you wish to receive these, or you have questions please contact John Spicer, IES Director, John Spicer- IES Director

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Jim Millerman Insurance Convention

80's Revival


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Jim Millerman Insurance Convention Committee Members

Beth Kelley- Forest Jones & Company

Lance Goff- Philadelphia (Chairman)

Tammy Land- IIAD

Mira Andreeva- AIG

Phillip Lawson- Patterson & Associates

Vince Bell- Bell Insurance

Genice May- Myron Steves

Scott Bonds- Texas Mutual

Noemi Obenhaus- IIAD

Collin Brence- Swingle Collins & Associates

Jeri Payne- ANBTX

Charla Brown- ATI Restoration

Laura Shone- Independent Insurance Group

Toni Campbell- Midlands

Lori Snelson- Blackmon Mooring

Lori Chadwick- gotoPremium Finance

Jennifer Turner- IIAD

Christina Chiames- AIG

Erin VanGieson- State Auto

Bill Jackson- TX Mutual

Amy Zimmerman- TexCap

DAIP Volunteers Dallas Association of Insurance Professionals

Alice Macik- Philadelphia Tonia Anderson- US Risk Fernando Cruz- Philadelphia Gail Estes- Philadelphia Robin Greenlee- Midlothian Donna Hauser- US Risk

Norma McVay- US Risk Jan Savae- Patriot National Beverly Scolastico- Merkel Shanna Sutton- The Parks Group Martha Teague- Philadelphia



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IT’S HOW YOU PRONOUNCE MORE DIVIDENDS LUBA Workers' Comp offers coverage to businesses in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas. Each year LUBA returns money to its policyholders through dividend checks. Visit our website to learn more or call your insurance agent today. • 888.884.5822

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The IIAD Young Agents volunteered at the October Citysquare food drive.

The IIAD Young Agents "Wine Toss" competition was a huge success again this year at the Jim Millerman Insurance Convention. All proceeds will go to CitySquare, an organization whose mission is to fight the causes and effects of poverty through services, advocacy, and friendship.

YA October Networking Event Blatt Beer & Table. Thank you to Allrisks for sponsoring.

This year, The Young Agents of IIAD and IIATC joined forces to support Make-a-Wish with a fun night of Trivia. Over 70 were on hand at the Arlington craft brewery establishment, “Legal Draft Beer Company”. Teams of 6 competed on trivia challenges throughout the night. Just over $1800 was raised for Make-a-Wish, and the buzz is that we will continue this as an annual joint fundraiser. Trivia Winners“The Brewsual Suspects” from USG Insurance Services.

From L-R: Frederick Janneck, Tiffany Thompson, Carla Delestienne, Aimee Smart, Francisco Lopez, Dori Howard

11/15/17 at Legal Draft in Arlington, TX


Exhibitors AFCO Credit Corp


One Star Insurance

TX Machinery & Equipment Dealers

AFS/IBEX Financial Services

Genesis Resources

Pan American Life Group

TX Medical Group HOT Comp

Agents Alliance Services


Patriot National

TX Mutual Ins.


Great American Insurance

Philadelphia Insurance

TX Oil & Gas Assn


Herb's Paint & Body

Premium Assignment Group

TX Recreation Safety Group

AmWins Group

Hull & Company

Qeo Group

TX Schools Group

Applied Systems


QuestPro Consultants LP

TX Specialty Underwriters

ATI Restoration


Risk Placement Services

The Brokerage

Bankers Ins Group


Risk Transfer Partners

The Hartford

Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Ins. Co


Roberts & Crow

The Insurance Journal


RSI International Inc.

The Insurance Record


Service King Collision Repair Center

The McGowan Companies

Blackmon Mooring Brazos Specialty Risk

The Parks Group

Litchfield Special Risk CapitalSource

Service Master of North TX The Zenith Ins. Co.

LUBA Worker's Comp Care Providers Ins. Services

SW Risk LP Towerstone, Inc.

M D Jensvold & Co. Inc Combined Group CPro/Accident Ins. Services

Special Insurance Services Macafee & Edwards, Mexican Ins.

Trend HR State Auto Mutual Ins.

CRC Insurance Services

Maison Insurance

UPC Ins. Stone Falls Insurance

Cyber adAPT


Employers Ins Group

Midlands Management of TX

Enterprise Rent A Car

National Federation of Ind Business

EPay Policy

U S Risk Ins. STONEMARK, Inc., "Premium Finance Group"

USG Ins.

Summit Holdings

UTD Student Booth



TX Construction Safety Group

Vertical Alliance Group

TX Disaster Restoration

Young Agents

Nationwide Insurance Networked Insurance Agents Nexsure TX Green & TX Home Bldrs.


Jim Millerman Insurance Convention Prize Winners

Pam Brewer (Hotchkiss)Grand Prize Winner

October AMCL Certification Completions Congratulations to the October AMCL attendees for receiving their AMCL certification on October 12, 2017. Thank you to Lynsie Decet and Kelsey Robertson of Swingle Collins & Associates for instructing the class.

Pictured L-R: Presenter Kelsey Robertson and attendees: Page Terry, Mandy Smith, Michelle O'Neil, Taylor Smith, Amber Hardin

November AMPL Certification Completions Congratulations to Baily Lyles for receiving her Account Manager for Personal Lines certification on November 14th, 2017. Thank you Tony Gonzalez with UPC for presenting the class.

Pictured L-R: Presenter Tony Gonzalez, Baily Lyles, Tammy Land


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By Myrna Estrada, Safeco Insurance

I believe in the enduring value of independent agents. After all, in an era of rapid change and new risks, consumers need a trusted advisor who can guide and advocate for them. They need an independent agent.

A growth mindset Agents have identified a compelling mix of strategies to drive growth and they don’t need to tackle this on their own. Not only does leveraging customer service programs satisfy customers’ changing needs and aid retention, but they can also boost efforts to grow the business. I’d like to focus for a moment on two areas: cross-sales and attracting new market segments.

At Safeco Insurance, we’re constantly looking forward to uncover opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the independent agent channel. By knowing what’s around the corner, we can share actionable insights and help develop capabilities that enable you to be an Agent for the Future – one who is not only thriving today but is also continuously evolving to take advantage of new opportunities. Safeco’s recent Agent for the Future survey asked 600 independent agents about how they are adapting to current industry trends and how those trends are expected to shape insurance through the year 2020. One key finding -- agents want to spend substantially less time responding to service needs and shift their focus to growing their business. IAs have new priorities for 2020 I wasn’t surprised by how much time agents currently spend servicing and retaining clients – and I certainly appreciate the challenge of finding time for new business. However, in 2020 – just two years from now – agents indicate they want to make a complete 180° and spend the majority of their time quoting and pursuing new business.

Cross-sales The majority of agents we surveyed believe increasing cross-sales could be a key driver for growth. This is a prime example of where working with a carrier service program can make a big impact. For example, did you know that 1 in 12 customer calls to Safeco Gold leads to a cross-sell opportunity? Better yet, we close nearly 50% of the time. In 2016 the company generated $39 million in new business for Safeco Gold agencies. New market segments For 31 percent of agents surveyed, the path for growth includes pursuing new market segments. Offering online and mobile tools exemplifies how agents are adapting in order to attract new customers such as tech-savvy millennials. Given all of the discussion about the size of the millennial population, it could be easy to overlook the emergence of other important demographics. However, 67 percent of agents surveyed recognize that change in ethnic impact could have some effect on their agency in the next two years. For instance, the United States Census Bureau estimates that there are 55 million Hispanic people in the county, making up more than 17 percent of the U.S. population.

This shift in priorities signals compelling opportunities for growth and the beginning of an exciting new era for the independent agency channel. It also raises the question: how can IAs grow their business without compromising service or jeopardizing retention? The answer: divide and conquer I believe this is where harnessing the power of digital solutions and expanding your partnership with trusted carriers comes in. Leveraging carrier customer service programs will support your customer service needs and aid retention; they can also boost your efforts to grow the business. Today’s consumers want more ways to engage and do business whenever they want, from wherever they are and on whatever devices they have handy. This doesn’t come as a surprise to IAs. Safeco’s Agent for the Future survey revealed that 60 percent of agents recognize consumers’ need for online and mobile solutions is of major importance. Traditionally, it’s been thought that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build long-term loyalty. While that may once have been true, that’s no longer the case. However, the likelihood of an agent building longterm loyalty over low-value transactions – such as sending new ID cards or changing a method of payment – is relatively small. That’s where mobile and online account management tools come in. Customers get the access they expect, and your team can focus on growing the business.

I appreciate that it might seem daunting or cost-prohibitive for agencies to hire to meet the needs of non-English speaking customers. Today, only 25 percent of agents surveyed offer non-English-speaking options and 42 percent say non-English communication tools are not a necessity. This is another example of where carrier service programs can become an extension of your agency and support your efforts to attract new customers.The Safeco Gold team offers Spanish language support, with other languages supported via interpreters. Go Confidently together! Safeco has and will continue to be exclusively focused on independent agents and their success. I believe that working together, we will continue to win in the marketplace. Earlier this year, Safeco launched, a new resource providing all IAs with data, insights and inspiration to help you succeed today and prepare for the future. I invite you to check out the site and read Safeco’s new report -- “Independent Agents Shift Focus from Service to Growth.”


Jim Millerman Insurance Convention 2017


Best 80's attire winners




CSR/Account Manager of the Year Award Winner Sheri Ressman with Davis-Dyer-Max

Underwriter of the Year Award Winner Debbie Massey with United Fire Group-

Volunteer of the Year Award Winner John Moreland with Columbia Insurance Group-



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Finding Charlie by              The Grace of God In connecting with other family members on my mother’s

side I was directed to and I joined DNA detectives so that I could learn more about searching the internet for clues. DNA Detectives is a closed site with DNA Angels that help people find family members. Taking information from the post of other’s experiences and recommendations I read that I needed to get my DNA out on every DNA site possible because you never know which site your closest family member will test on. The other thing I read to do was to have other family members tested in my mother’s line. My half siblings supported me. My brother Joe, and sister Sue as well as my first cousin May (my mom’s sisters daughter) all tested at Ancestry for me. While in the process of my sister Sue ordering her Ancestry DNA test kit, she received a call from a friend of hers. Her friend had gone to a house warming where the owner received two 23 and me DNA kits. The owner of the home thought that the 23 and me test kits was a dumb housewarming gift. So she asked Sue if she wanted the kits. Sue called me and asked if I wanted one of the kits. Wow talk about a gift from God. I took the 23 and me DNA test and mailed it in to 23 and me.

While waiting for my results I started separating matches. Everyone that matches my brother, sister & cousin as well as myself and my daughter I marked as my maternal line. Those that only matched myself and my daughter I marked as my paternal line. The paternal line was a challenge because what I discovered was my paternal line was of Gottschee Heritage. Gottschee County (German: Graftschaft Gottschee, Slovene: Kočevsko) refers to the former German speaking region in the Duchy of Carniola (German: Herzogtum Krain), a crownland of the Habsburg Empire, located in modern day Slovenia. The German speaking population first colonized the area around 1330 and the area remained a German language island within the Slovene Lands until World War II, when the area came under Italian control in accordance with a secret pact between the Third Reich and Italy. Those living in Gottschee were allowed to determine their fate in a referendum in which about 97 percent opted for relocating. That marked the end of Gottschee as a German language island. In my paternal line the closest match was a 3rd cousin Heidi. She had a partial family tree which I copied as a mirror tree, then I worked her tree back as far as I could. I worked on this tree for a year. Unfortunately with no luck as she had missing pieces in her information and believed her great grandmother was adopted.

“It is faith that gives access to grace, and faith only comes by an utterance of God, that is, God must be leading and the person receiving faith must be in submission”. My 23 and me DNA kit arrives, a true free blessing from God because at that time the DNA Kits were $200.00. I took the test and sent it off to be processed. My prayer everyday God I am ready to find the missing piece of me, if you can please send me a half sibling or a first cousin. If you can’t do that please send me someone I can help. (Imagine me telling God if he can’t do something, it’s quite funny!) He did send me people I helped and 4 months after I did the DNA test he sent me a 1st cousin in my paternal line! I am dedicated to God my soul source, my daughter Shannon, my sons Dameon & Nick and to my husband Steve for supporting me in my search for by biological father. “It is faith that gives access to grace, and faith only comes by an utterance of God, that is, God must be leading and the person receiving faith must be in submission” I was born 2/28/1956 in Waco Texas to and raised by Jessie Faye. Fast forwarding my life to age 60… My daughter who was interested in how much Cherokee Indian she was submitted her DNA to We had been told that my Great, Great Grandfather married a full blooded Cherokee Indian woman, which he did and that’s a story all in itself. My daughters results came back much to her surprise she was zero Cherokee Indian. She asked me to submit my DNA so that she could see if my test came back the same. Unwilling to spend the $100 for the test Shannon being the persistent child she has always been gave me an Ancestry DNA test kit for mother’s day. She made a comment Mom maybe we will find your Dad. I had no name, no physical information and only that he had been in Waco Texas in 1955. I thought that no possible way I would ever find my Father. My test results came back in 4 weeks and again the results showed that I had no Cherokee Indian blood in my veins! We did get pages and pages of DNA matches. From immediate family all the way to 6-8th cousins. We discovered relatives on my Moms side which were easy to trace. We soon had matches that we had no idea where the person fit into my Moms family tree. This is it! The possibility I might discover my Fathers family.

Here is what my cousin wrote to me, "Just received results back and you showed up as a potential first cousin related through my mother's side. Their names are Klein, Smith, Resing, and Loescher. Do any of those names seem familiar?" In looking back further, I do see a Mausser or Mauser - Maria Mausser born in 1744 (died 1817). But that seems to be way too far back for anything significant. This part of the family appears to have been from Gottschee Austria, so that looks more possible. However I could not reply as he was signed up with 23 and me as Anonymous. But he could see my surname list so I typed in my surname list to email me at my home email address, which he did. Bill was so willing to help in any way he could. He sent my picture around the family and I soon learned that my father Charlie is alive and lives in Avon Ohio! He will turn 84 on December the 9th. I have been to Ohio twice to spend a week with my father, step Mom and tons of cousins. While walking on the treadmill last night it dawned on me I have a last name now that is truly mine. My father, my step Mom Dorrie and Cousins Mark & his wife Amy are all coming to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with us! All my gratitude goes to God our father who blessed me, my children and grandchildren beyond measure.

Katrina Moore ANBTX Insurance


Thanks for being an

Agent of Hope.

In August, Hurricane Harvey devastated communities along the Gulf coast. We’d like to thank the first responders and volunteers, and offer special thanks to the many agents who continue to work tirelessly through this crisis. When we asked for your help in qualifying affected businesses to receive our pledged $10 million rebuilding grant, you did more than your part to make it happen. In times like these, we’re reminded that our agents provide help and hope when people need it most—and we’re very fortunate to work with the best in the world. To learn more about Texas Mutual’s ongoing Harvey relief efforts, visit

(800) 859 -5995 ★ (l to r) Jim Kohloff, VP Austin Region; Jeff Lentz, VP Underwriting; Curtis Johnson, Jr., VP Claim Operations;

Jeanette Ward, SVP Policyholder Services; Rich Gergasko, President/CEO; Barbara Drollinger, VP Houston Region; Bill Jackson, VP Dallas Region; Steve Math, SVP Underwriting; Mike Barron, CFO and SVP of Financial Services; Eric Bourquin, VP Safety Services. © 2017 Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Thank-full Thursday

For the Thanksgiving Holidays, the IIAD members were asked to share with other IIAD members what they were grateful for. We received many wonderful responses. Click on the video above to view the responses. Thank you to the IIAD Members for sharing what you are grateful for.

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PRESS RELEASE LUBA Workers’ Comp named Company of the Year by The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI)

LUBA Workers’ Comp, a regional casualty insurance company, was named Company of the Year in the 100 employees or less category of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry’s 2017 Free Enterprise Awards. The awards recognize companies with an unparalleled dedication to their clients, employees, and local communities.

Mike DePaul, LUBA Chief Operating Officer, accepted the award on behalf of LUBA Workers’ Comp at a reception where LABI formally recognized the recipients. “Being selected for this award by such a well-respected and highly regarded organization as LABI means a lot to our team,” said DePaul “Everyone at LUBA works hard to deliver an exceptional product and ‘go the extra mile’ every day for the independent insurance agents and policyholders we serve.” The award winners were selected after a statewide nomination and selection process. For more information about Free Enterprise Awards, visit

“We are pleased and proud to recognize these LABI members who steadfastly create jobs, make and export Louisiana products and services, and provide support for their communities to grow and prosper,” said Stephen Waguespack, Learn more about the LUBA difference by visiting LABI president and CEO. PHOTO CAPTION: STEPHEN WAGUESPACK, LABI PRESIDENT AND CEO, PRESENTS MIKE

Holmes Murphy adds to Dallas Team Veteran Leader joins the Property Casualty team Tricia Wilson recently joined the Holmes Murphy team as an Account Executive, specializing in Property Casualty for the Dallas market. Wilson will play a crucial role in the development and ongoing stewardship of new client relationships. “Tricia is an incredible addition to what we are doing to build the most client-‐ centered brokerage in the Metroplex Property and Casualty space,” commented Steve McManus, Senior Vice President and Texas Property Casualty leader at Holmes Murphy. “Her well-‐rounded professional background has prepared her to bring incredible value to our  clients.” “Holmes Murphy’s continued investment in building a market-‐ leading Property Casualty practice to the same scale and quality that the business leaders in North Texas have come to expect from our decades of Employee Benefits leadership is exciting. Adding Tricia to the team only enhances this,” said Chris Boyd, Holmes Murphy Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits.

Wilson comes to Holmes Murphy with a wealth of commercial Property Casualty knowledge spanning more than 18 years. Most recently, Wilson was the Operations Manager at Swingle Collins and Associates, although, over the course of her career she’s developed experience in all facets of the business — sales, insurance placement, service consulting, and leadership. Her role at Swingle Collins and Associates and the expertise she will bring with her to Holmes Murphy will be a game changer for Holmes Murphy in the Dallas Metroplex Property Casualty market. Additionally, Wilson is certified as a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Certified Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS).


PAUL MARTIN JOINS MYRON STEVES IN SAN ANTONIO Paul Martin, CPCU, has joined Myron F. Steves and Company as Director of Education and Development. Paul will also oversee the Company’s operations in San Antonio. Paul’s wide-ranging experience will further Myron Steves’ continuing commitment to professional development and the delivery of critical resources to the independent insurance agents that the Company serves. Paul’s most recent experience as VP of Agency Sales at afforded him the opportunity to advise independent agents throughout the United States and will enhance the Company’s ability to provide strategic perspective to agents and excellent customer service to insureds. Paul developed extensive knowledge and expertise while operating his own company, PZ Martin Education Strategies, where he designed and delivered customized continuing education for insurance agents and brokers as well as specialty insurers. Paul has also served as the Director of Education and CE Programs Manager for IIAT, and AVP of Staff Development for Texas Mutual.

Paul Martin

“I am very blessed to have seen so much of this great industry. It is privilege to now be a part of the Myron Steves family, an organization that has such a long and well-respected reputation for being committed to education and improvement.” – Paul Martin “Paul is a wonderful addition to our organization; he will take our strategy of marketing through education to a higher level.” – Fred Steves

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RHSB restructures its senior leadership team naming Julia Miller Spracklen, J.D. as Chief Operating Officer and Courtney Woodruff as Senior Vice President leading the firm’s Commercial Lines Division. John Losurdo will transition from the role of Chief Operating Office to Chief Administrative Officer. Julia Spracklen joined RHSB in April 2015 as Vice President of Risk Services, the division of RSHB responsible for claims oversight, claims review and audits, loss control coordination, and loss trend analysis. Prior to RHSB, she was a Senior Claims Counsel at Travelers Insurance Company. Courtney Woodruff joined RHSB in 2007 as an Account Executive in the Commercial Lines Division of RHSB’s Dallas office. In 2013 she was promoted to the VP of the Dallas Commercial Lines Division.  Prior to joining RHSB, she was an Account Executive for Travelers Insurance Company. In addition to the noted changes, RHSB’s senior leadership team is also comprised of Tom Hughston, Chief Executive Officer; Bart Tucker, Fort Worth Office Leader; Karen Bitzer, Chief Information Officer; and, Grady Allums, Vice President of Finance/Accounting

Julia Miller Spracklen

RHSB Restructures Senior Leadership RHSB names Julia Miller Spracklen, J.D. as COO and Courtney Woodruff SVP of Commercial Lines

Courtney Woodruff


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DII December 2017 Issue  

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