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Dear Readers, I am so excited to be bringing you this month’s IHU magazine as editor in chief. As uni students, we have been segregated into different universities scattered across Sydney. This magazine will hopefully eliminate this separation, break the barriers and help bring the voice of university students together, this including you!

As you head into your exam period, take a break and see what this magazine has to say to you. Read it during boring lectures, in the sun, in the bath, wherever your heart desires. Most importantly, we now want this magazine to include you. Feel free to write to us and profess your love for your crush in our new section ‘Here’s Looking @ Uni’, send in your artworks, poems, have a bitch, we want it all! We are only uni students once (twice or thrice for some), and being a uni student is all about having fun, a bit of study, partying hard and making

the most of being young and beautiful. So get involved with IHU, the biggest university network in Australia - come to our parties, fashion shows and become one of the family! I hope you love this edition, just as much as the hard working team and I have loved putting it together. Your works are all so funny and creative and clever, you are brilliant, thank you!

Anna O’Young Anna O’Young Editor




Anna O’Young

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Not many people have a famous YouTube video under their belt, but IHU David Webb does… or in this case, red underwear. Who would’ve thought that Superman would have a problem kicking open some fire exit doors. With over 270,000 views on YouTube and honoured Australia’s fourth most viewed video, David shows us that uni isn’t just about listening to boring lectures. IHU Magazine caught up with David and he was happy to talk about his latest news and antics…

Are you a folder or scruncher? I’m a super hero; the only thing I excrete is winning LOL JKS however def love the folding action... goes off… Your video has created an international trend. People are copying the stunts and YouTube personalities are now making reviews about your video. Apparently there is a video from the US of me eating cereal with two girls which is really random and has absolutely nothing to do with

Hi David! Your video now has more than 270, 000 views. Did you expect it to be this big? No not at all, I expected more…only joking! To be honest, I did the stunt because I had won an iPad in an IHU competition…who knew this would be the aftermath? Was the fire door was meant to be locked in the video?

the stunt. I did like the fact that they used a really buff guy to depict me and two incredibly beautiful girls by my side. Another funny fact is that I was the third most viewed video in Greenland, which shocked me; I didn’t even know Greenland had computers. Chinese Youtube...what’s that about? According to my Chinese friends I’ve become

No, it was a genuine stunt, going genuinely

massive on Chinese Youtube (Renren)...

wrong. I kicked the door and when it wouldn’t

Almost 2.3million people in China have viewed

open I was like, ‘I know this is going to end

the Superman

badly’, especially when the only exit was next


to my awe- struck valuations lecturer. Do you consider yourself as a famous guy? I wouldn’t say famous…yet, probably well known. I do get random people coming up to me saying, ‘dude your superman, man you have balls.’ However, given that I am a guy it just seems to me they are merely stating a fact.

8 5

I’m a Super Hero; the only thing I excrete is winning LOL JKS

Have you always wanted to dress up like Superman?

Can we expect anymore stunts from

My friends and I had a drunken revelation one

Did you guys know the opposite of bizarre is

night that one of us should do it. Obviously, I

zar? I didn’t even know that until just then,

drew the short end of the straw. However, I

anyway, what was I saying? But…Yes, I guess

have to thank Ahshan (aka Sri Lankan Prince),

I have to! I have a duty now to make sure

Addy, Michael (Twin) Jeff, Ish, Rafeh, Alex and

there are better videos on YouTube than that

Wenbo ‘Terminator’ Bao. This stunt is only

Rebecca Black song. I’ve already worked out

the tip of the ice-berg, our stuff makes Charlie

what I’m going to do for my next stunt, after

Sheen’s ‘winning’ look like nothing.

minutes of brain storming.

David Webb?

Photography Jordan Chester Salwin Models Mayuka Thomas & David Webb Make Up Kate Hoang, Event Beauty

6 9

wor d on cam pus

Compiled By: Joy Kim

Q u es tion:

Ho w wo u ld y o u spend you r last d a y i f the wor l d w e r e t o e nd i n 20 1 2?


I’d empty out my bank account on useless purchases, have a round of golf with some mates at St Andrews and then probably just go to sleep.

I’d tell the people closest to me how much they truly meant to me and have one final Taekwondo training session, pushing myself to my absolute physical.

Firstly, I would pray that the end of the world wouldn’t be too painful! Then I would give all my family members great big hugs and kisses and say, don’t worry, I’ll be seeing you in Heaven on the other side!

Arnav Dhawan, Bachelor of Economics USYD

Alex Mikaelian Bachelor of Communications (Media) UTS

Amy Henderson Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social sciences USYD

I’d spend it with my family and friends. I’d love to share the love by donating money to charity. Then I would go shopping and spend everything that’s left in my bank account.

I would probably spend my last day playing basketball with my friends. After that, I’d then spend some quality time with my family and have dinner with them at The Quay.

I would spend it surrounded by family and good friends, with a looooot of naughty food and even more bottles of red wine. Gotta go out smiling!

Sharon Lee Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/ Bachelor of Arts UNSW

Kelvin Tang Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce UNSW

Maria Tan Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) USYD


Words Vick Lu With the advent sites like Facebook and Twitter, it is just a little too easy to find out all you need to know about your special someone. But if you sometimes get an itch to rock it old school like we do here at IHU, then keep on reading. This time around, IHU rediscovers the art of the stealthy stalk and we’re here to let you know about the best places and ways to creep on campus.

anywhere in E4A. With that

UWS Nothing draws a student out from the trance of studying more than the allure of hotties or edible delights. UWS provides an impressive combo of these fine elements as campus cafés put forth their best to aid the surreptitious stalk. Take a seat in front of Subway with your sandwich (six-inch or foot long, whatever you prefer) and watch as students stream out of the library. For those more inclined to the outdoors, umbrella shade is provided by the penis tree café.

UTS So who’s checked out the new Green Room at the Haymarket building? If you have, then you know what we’re talking about. This flash new section provides snug study corners and comfy couches for you take in all the sexy (and smart!) guys and girls walking by. Being open 24 hours a day, any student could get ‘lost’ around there, and spend hours catching a glimpse of all the cuties on the comps.

No environment will bring more diverse eye-candy than your uni, and IHU encourages you to bring out your inner stalker – just try to avoid an AVO...

MACQ If stalking were a sport, Macca would be its home grounds. With its unique mix of the urban and the natural, this uni was built for the active stalker. Follow a student down Wally’s Walk and to the central courtyard. There’s no shortage of buildings, trees or bushes to hide behind. If you’re simply too lazy,


however, then pull up a chair

much glass, this building was made to bring out the voyeur in you.

UNSW Stalking at UNSW is more than just an art. It’s a part of the morning routine, with the increasingly copious amounts of time spent lining up for the buses, New Southers can start their morning off ogling their fellow student. Be the first out of the line and onto the bus, take a seat at the back and watch as each student strut down the aisleor stumble on with last night’s hangover.

USYD Eastern Avenue, Sydney Uni’s pre-eminent pedestrian pathway has always been the choiciest of places to people-stalk as students of all faculties must traverse this expanse of road to get from one class to the next. Stalking has never been so stylish, with the opening of the new Taste Baguette Café and Bar. Now you can grab a glass of red, sit back on your high stool and let the people come to you, as only a Sydney University student could and would.

I spy with my little eye...


Tattoo Tales 143



Have you ever looked at your bare arm and wondered what it would look like with a tattoo of a dragon ripping off the head of an angel? Well, probably not. But I’m sure most of us have thought about getting a tat at one time or another. It seems common now to see someone with an arm dedicated to a large ink. However, when getting a tattoo there a few things to know if you want to avoid any regrets. Firstly, look to the future. If you’re becoming a primary school teacher don’t get a tattoo that is visible to an employer. Claire Ryan, 20, considered her tattoo for an entire year before she got it. She acknowledged that the thought process behind the action is extremely important, as it is something that cannot be changed without great effort, expense and pain. Try to find a place with experienced tattoo artists, perhaps watch them with another customer to get an idea of the care they take with each piece. Find

a reputable, clean and careful shop. A rundown place could mean a dirty needle digging into your skin. For first timers, bring someone who can hold your hand if you have a low tolerance for pain. Pick a part of the body that hurts the least (like the lower stomach). Skin with bone directly underneath will hurt the most, so avoid the wrists or ribs.

Rebecca Conquest, 22, said that she hid all her tattoos from her mother after getting them. She explained how addictive the experience can be, and after you have one, you’re immediately thinking about the next.

Save your money, tattoos are expensive and even a small one can set you back. Prices can vary with different artists, and small tattoos can start anywhere from $50 – $80. Large sleeve tattoos that run along the length of an arm can have a starting cost of $800! The important thing to remember is to never enter a tattoo parlour drunk, because you could end up with a face full of inked stars. Think about it for a significant length of time, and remember you’ll be looking at it for life. Also, make sure it means something to you, so there is no way you could get sick of it. Tats are a great way of expressing yourself, and creating life long memories. Just remember, think before you ink. Words: Bradley Mercieca




It’s Sunday morning, you’ve just woken up in a stranger’s bed and hazy memories of grungy alleyways and bars flash through your head. You’ve managed to re-define the big night out. But hey, at least you lasted the distance in your new hi-tops. The Supra Vaiders take the comfort of a skate shoe, and give it a distinctive makeover, crafting a sophisticated mix between 90’s grunge fashion and urban street wear.

If Salt-n-Pepa’s anywhere in your re love Adidas’ take on subdued onyx print m a possible everyday down the tongue rev green for those occa little bit adventurous.


IHU Rating

Yeah, uh-huh, you know what it is. Black and yellow Tigers. This classic design from Japanese brand Onitsuka has experienced renewed popularity in the last ten years, and with good reason. They’re comfortable, stylish, and leave you feeling like you just walked off the set of Tarentino’s latest genre defying hit. So what if you’re not actually Bruce Lee reincarnated - at least now you can complete the look and feel totally bad ass.


IHU Rating

If the All Stars ar for you, complete yo the Vans Authentic r seminal footwear, th anything, and can b suit the occasion. Th growing exponentially while you can. Avoid Jellybean for somethi

IHU Ra 187

Greatest Hits features ecord collection, then you’ll the All Star style hi-top. The makes this shoe versatile, and y sneaker. However, folding veals a bright splash of lime asions when you’re feeling a .

Kicks aren’t for everyone. If you find yourself busking in Newtown, or skipping down to your terrace in Surrey Hills, you’ll feel at home in the fabulously understated Benson chukka boot from British brand, Pointer. Inner city trendies, North Shore Arts students, and unashamed hipsters will appreciate the premium leather and durable sole of the Benson, as they savour the daily grind in Glebe cafes.

IHU Rating


A pair of Converse All Stars is like a good pair of jeans. You can wear them with anything, and they’ll never go out of style. The Chuckie T’s haven’t undergone significant innovation since their inception, but there’s a wonder to their simplicity. The flat bottomed soles aren’t great for support, but there’s no denying their popularity and prominence within our culture.


re a bit too mainstream our outfit with a pair from range. Much like Converse’s he Vans range goes with be dressed up or down to heir popularity seems to be y, so jump on the bandwagon the Classic Blue and try the ing unique.


IHU Rating

We’re heading into the winter months, but that doesn’t mean you should resort to subdued hues. Keep things fresh with the warm lime green detailing of the Adidas Concords. The rounded toe keeps things casual, and the high sides and velcro straps will keep you warm as things get colder, without sacrificing colour and style.

IHU Rating 819

Emma Norris





//Look, we all know that no one pays attention in lectures (at least after the first two anyway). We just go to make ourselves feel like we’re trying harder than last semester. Well, instead of staring blankly at the walls, IHU has come up with the best YouTube videos to make your lecture fly by. Enjoy!

The Count Censored // It’s amazing how one beeped out word can turn an innocent Sesame Street segment into a semi-pornographic YouTube video. This video is ideal for those of us with an immature sense of humor (i.e. every uni student). A word of precaution: do not watch this with a mouth full of drink, as I guarantee it will end up splattered all over your computer screen (I speak from experience). experience).

Die Antwoord- Rich Bitch // There are three types of people in this world. Those who love Die Antwoord, those who hate Die Antwoord, and those who don’t know who the hell Die Antwoord are. These kooky South African rappers are a mesh of ghetto and high class cultures, and this video exemplifies everything that is Die Antwoord: strange, energetic and out of their minds.

Kingsley – Things I Hate // If there is anyone out there that hasn’t watched Kingsley, where have you been! No matter if you love him or hate him, he’s always entertaining. He has an opinion on almost anything and anyone (and most of the time you realise he’s actually right). This video is just an introduction into the flamboyant and fanatical mind of Kingsley.

mboyant and fanatical mind of Kingsley. his video 920



Top 10 iPhone apps that will change your life

By Kieran Watson

Owning an iPhone comes with a great opportunity to fill it with apps that could save your life. At the very least, your iPhone should contain apps that make your life easier and a few simple additions that could do just this. Honestly, is this not the reason we have entrusted our lives with a smart phone in the first place?

TwitJump It is a crime to own an iPhone in 2011 and not have any social networking apps. A must have for all the Tweeple out there is TwitJump from FundingUniverse. Once you have logged in all the important information including followings and @replies, it will be automatically available to view and when your keyword is mentioned a notification will be sent straight to your iPhone! You will never be left in the dark on what your friends ate for breakfast, fuel for great conversation. Cost: Free

Facebook Enough said.

Cost: Free

Angry Birds/Fruit Ninja Another two apps you cannot be caught without! Although you may be bored of the apps yourself, you can guarantee when someone less fortunate spots you with an iPhone in-hand they will be the first games they ask for. It costs you around a dollar to possibly make someone’s day, so why not? Cost: $1.19

Word Lens This app uses your iPhone’s camera to translate written words from another language into English live on your screen. The words morph in the same font within seconds and can be used on street signs, menus or your next Spanish test! Cost: Free

TripView Sydney We all know how frustrating it is waiting for that train CityRail promised us an hour ago. Luckily, this app allows you to have the knowledge of every bus, ferry and train timetable in Sydney, which syncs to CityRail for up-to-datetransport info. This app could be the difference between you missing your major exam or the last train to get you home after a big night out. Cost: Free/$2.49 2211

Words With Friends What could be more important than a few words with your friends? This app has become another staple and must-have for iPhone owners in the know. This addictive crossword game allows you to play up to 20 games simultaneously against your closest friends or complete strangers. This app is a great way to expand your social interactions and stimulate your mind.  Cost: Free/$3.99

Shazam Having the latest music on your iPhone is another crucial responsibility. Do you ever find yourself desperately asking, “Does anyone know what this song is called?!” Well, this app is for you. Simply open the app and hold your iPhone up to the speaker and you will be enlightened. You will be able to then buy the song, tag the song for your friends to hear or even find out tour dates of the tagged artists. A must have for any music buff. Cost: Free/$7.99

TuneIn Radio You will never miss your favourite radio program with TuneIn Radio giving you access to over 40,000 radio stations. The impressive feature with this app is the ability to pause and rewind live radio, as well as being able to record for later playback. Thousands of local AM/FM stations are readily available on demand and easy-to-use navigation tools make this the best mobile radio app on offer. Cost: Free

Pimp Your Screen You can download all these apps but it means nothing if your iPhone is not visually appealing. If you spend a lot of time on your iPhone you want to make sure it is fun to look at, you want this app. Your iPhone will stand tall amongst the rest with the many backgrounds and icon skins available – all with an instant preview feature, putting the cherry on top of your app-packed iPhone. Cost: $1.19

So start downloading, and get all these life changing apps in the palm of your hand! 1223

Am I in the wrong Uni course?

Jason Lee

The awkward moment when you are sitting in a statistical analysis lecture and you realise that you should be studying advertising…Believe it or not, this is a very common situation amongst University Students. Maybe you chose a course that was the ‘cool’ thing to do, but what if you start to wonder ‘what am I doing here?’ Here is a guide to the do’s and don’ts of the dreaded course or university transfer. transfer...



Consult a careers advisor. They can give you instructions and valuable advice and guidance such as personality tests to see what is right for you.

Stay in your course because you have already ‘settled in’. A change of universities can often mean diversifying your social group and experiences. Don’t be afraid of change,

Sit down and ask ‘What makes you tick?’ If you love science, why are you studying business? Ask yourself what are your skills, what interests you and take it from there. It is important to sit back and identify your strengths that can bring you ahead in the workforce. Also seek work experience early to get a feel for the industry you want to be in.

Make a decision based on what others want you to do. Whether it be your parents or your significant other, there will always be people that influence your decisions. Don’t shut out their opinions completely, but after all advice, it is your life and nobody understands yourself and what you want more than you do.

Go on, this site provides you with everything you need for a smooth transfer, with course searches and every deadline involved in the process. UAC can tell you the specifics of how you are to transfer or defer, as different universities and courses have different methods and systems.

Forget to do your research. Research should solidify your big decisions. Research all alternative courses, deadlines and options. At the end of the day you want to make a well-informed change rather than a compulsive one. You would hate to realise you are in the wrong course the second time round!

Changing courses can be a scary thing, but with research and the guidance of others, the transition can be beyond rewarding. It is your life - take a leap for the 2413 better! Good Luck!!!


Work Out Warriors by Gordon D’Mello

Keeping fit and staying trim is something we all think about. It impacts us physically, mentally and emotionally.

a regular at the gym, going between three and four times a week. However, she also notes how one has to be smart when exercising in general.

How can we stay healthy, look good and eat well whilst managing all the stresses of uni and our social life?

It’s one thing listening to stories about great lifestyles – how do YOU make your life a fun, healthy and enjoyable one?

Take Dexter Isaaks for example. The 21-year old, an aerospace engineering student at UNSW, goes to the gym around two to three days a week. But, he notes there is more to gain than just physical results. He maintains that going to the gym tends to be a great social catch up. However there is more to it. “During the week I also play soccer which tests a lot of the work I do at the gym. Lifting weights at the gym never gives you the same experience as individual sport does itself,” he said. But wait what about all of you ladies out there? Dominique Hermo, 19, an arts law student of Notre Dame University is 2615

The Secret Running get’s your whole body going and strengthens your bones, lowering blood pressure and building your arteries, ensuring you’re less likely to contract disease. No time to exercise properly? Stretching is the next best thing to exercise. Focus on core strength which will test your abs. The best stretches include front planks, glute bridges and lunges. Try to hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds. Also, ALWAYS make sure you stretch your entire body before any exercise to lower the risk of injury.


Healthy Eating

They’re great if you don’t have the space, time or environment to exercise the way you want. Yes, they may cost a little bit of cash, but the results will be worth it in the long run.


“Besides going to the gym I also walk for about twenty minutes a day when I go to uni, from Central to uni and back. It fits in easily with my routine.”.

Grapes – Simple, guiltless but effective. They have fibre, protein, zinc and multiple vitamins, lower the risk of cancer and are also primarily made of water. The sugar also gives you a boost. What to eat before exercising? Toast – It’s vital that you don’t exercise on an empty stomach. Toast is a great source of carbs that will turn into glucose – great for working muscles. Jam and honey will increase your blood sugar levels to give you some extra energy. Healthy Dinners Fish or Prawns – Fish is a food that most people don’t have enough in their daily lifestyle. It’s easily digested and perfect if you plan on exercising the following day as it won’t slow you down as much as something like a steak might. Good luck! 1627 16

To the girl that I always get stuck with in group assessments, No, I DO NOT want to come to uni at 7 in the morning. And no, I DO NOT want to start the assessment 6 weeks early. And no, I DO NOT want to stay back after class for 4 hours. Sincerely, the guy that’s going to make sure you fail.

To my lecturer that doesn’t shave her arm pits, Shaving your arm pits is not forced upon us by the media. It is not a form of conformity. It is called PROPER HYGEINE! We’re living in the 21st century lady. But if you refuse to perform simple sanitation practices, could you at least wear shirts with some sleeves (and see-through white shirts don’t count). Much appreciated, the eyes and noses of your entire communications lecture.

To the boy that dresses like K-Fed, Please, take a shower, comb your hair, and go back to school and learn how to speak. “That’s wack” is not actually a cool thing to say when you’re a skinny, white, Australian boy. Sincerely, one of the many people you piss off.

To every mature aged student, at every uni, Just…stop talking. Sincerely, the rest of the uni population.

Have you ever wanted to walk up to someone, and just bitch slap them back to the hole they crawled out from? Well IHU is offering you the next best thing. Get your voice out there and vent your anger! If you want to have a bitch, we want to hear it. Hit us up at 2817

Here’s looking uni


Oracle Arthur is IHU’s resident clairvoyant. When he isn’t stumbling around the UNSW quadrangle sniffing grass, cooing at the UNSW native breed of giant pigeons, or levitating outside the UTS Tower building, he takes the time to scribe his visions for the IHU student body.

UTS You may have noticed improvements in

the landscape and improvements in the building, maybe it’s time to start improving yourself. Try a new look for the week, you’ll be surprised at the new attention you shal receive.


You are always complaining about the difficulty in finding a car park. Why don’t you embrace this dilemma and turn it into a blessingtry public transport and you will meet someone

To the boy with the dragon tattoo in my USYD accounting lecture, would you like to put a fire to my mornings? -Tattoo lover To the freckled girl with big classes in my UNSW biotech class, let’s start some chemistry of our own. -Freckles

To Mister Eye-Flirt at the UNSW gym, I am

who will change your day for the better. .

the Asian guy in the


Move your butt out of Manning, you are there everyday! Your campus has more variety in food (and libraries) than any other in Sydney. Embrace and spice up your variety for the month and you will find yourself experiencing something pleasurable and pleasing!


Your multiple campuses are so secluded from one another…perhaps you can try so seclusion, and you shall come across an important epiphany about your future career path.


Are half your break times spent waiting in the Stockmarket line? Give it a miss for a week and you may find romance on the Library Lawns.

orange shorts. Let’s work out? -Buff

To the leather clad lad who parks his bike at the Macquarie parking area every morning at 11...I will be waiting every Tuesday morning, I am the girl with the red hair and big earings…take me on a ride? -Bikey girl




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