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the London Carriage Works is tablecloth-free! WE’VE GOT A BIT MORE GROWING UP TO DO. We’ve been through the terrible twos, we’re entering our teenage years soon. And we’re looking at how we can deliver maybe some spa elements, maybe a little cinema too. We’re asking our customers what they’d like to see. WE MADE THINGS UP AS WE WENT ALONG. But it was always based on the simple question: how would we liked to be treated? Get that right, and the rest will follow. There’s lots you can learn beforehand but learning as you go is the best way.

was. Now, staff we’ve trained have gone on to become sommeliers of the year, winning ‘best maître d’’ awards, scooping the MasterChef trophy... BEING DISRUPTIVE PAYS OFF. From the start, we questioned everything. Why do you need a trouser press to get four stars? Everyone hates those things. Why do you need a phone in the bathroom? Who wants to speak to someone on the toilet? THE BEST HOTELS UNDERPLAY THINGS. It’s not about the outward appearance of wealth, or opulence. It’s about creating a space where people can kick off their shoes, feel at home, and not worry about ruining the interior decorator’s colour scheme. I DON’T LIKE LINEN TABLE CLOTHS. Dave: My mother brings them out when it’s a big important day, but I don’t like them, I like to strip away all that perception of what posh is supposed to be. That’s why


BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL. It’s the last memory a guest takes away with them, and a real treat. How many of us have the time to enjoy a full English, or an eggs benedict? don’t know

many people who’ll have a full english breakfast. And we don’t over complicate it. There’s a limited number of microshoots you want with your hash browns. FOOD AND DRINK IS AT THE HEART OF ALL HOSPITALITY. As Jeremy Clarkson so elegantly pointed out, if the hotel can’t give you a hot meal at the end of a long day, they’ve failed. LOOK AFTER PEOPLE. Ultimately, we all want to feel special. We want to be metaphorically tucked into our beds at night, in a place that feels safe and secure. Now, we tuck 30,000 people into bed every year. From Nobel Prize winning scientists to pop stars, to holidaying families. And we look after every single guest exactly the same way: the way we’d want to be looked after ourselves. Hope Street Hotel Hope Street, Liverpool


It's Liverpool - Spring 2015  

How do you distill the spirit of Liverpool in springtime into a single magazine? The simple answer is, you can’t. Instead, we’ve hand picked...

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