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December 17, 2009

From left to right: KariAnn Yoshida , Mane Ohanyan, Nidhi Kaul, Surbhi Chopla, Scott Benett, Scott Bennett 2nd row: Alison D’Ambroisa, Ha Le, Christi Guam, Alyssa Glidewell, Chris Williams, Kevin Chan, Rishi Mahendru, Ruth Sekkor 3rd row: Nicholas Yurong, Sumiya Rahman, Katie Moran, Michelle Hong, Manpreet Kaur, Namaha Jain, Jessie Wang

Photos: Shilpa Sharma and Sukhbir Kaur

It’s A Winter Wonderland

Irvington Winter Week Winter Rally

By Sukhbir Kaur

This year’s winter rally left IHS students stunned with the same excitement that is associated with eggnog, gifts, and the holiday season in general. Students gathered in the gym on Friday December 11th to see this spirit in action. Featuring song and dance performances by hip-hop and glee club, this rally was a great success. Junior, Jeff Li says, “This rally was chill. It seemed really organized and had awesome dancing. “Sorry Sorry” was great!” The event started off as a sneaky Captain Global Warming (senior, Ally d’Ambrosio) attempted to put an end to the winter festivities. Fortunately, rally commissioner, Kimmy Denne, thwarted these plans Indiana Jones-style with classic theme music in the background. This was preceded by “snow” falling from gym ceiling and raining down on the performers below. Next, glee club astounded the audience by dancing to “Let It Snow”, sung by junior Donna Huynh and senior Katherine Dela Cruz. Soon after, the entire gym stood for the national anthem, sung

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by junior, Smita Patibanda. Similarly, the dance crew, Soup, rocked the house with their dance to “Sorry Sorry” by Asian pop sensation, Super Junior. The rally continued to feature Hip-Hop Club, Drumline, JV and Varsity Cheerleaders, and several other performances, all of whom presented nearly flawless acts. As a surprising new twist, Varsity Cheer included a few guest football player -turned- male cheerleaders. The event also included a movie made by Mr. Mintey and his sculpture class. This video featured a remix of the entire class playing their artfully crafted didgeridoos. As usual, the rally included a multitude of games. In one particularly popular game, contestants fought to put on as many layers of viking gear before the time limit ran out. The rally ended in dramatic dance-off between Mr. Willer and Ms. Jackson. It was a duel to the end but somehow both finished first in a rally to remember. (We know you p*wned Ms. J!)

Winter Dress Winter Ball By Shilpa Sharma Up By Shilpa Sharma

Should teachers be allowed to evaluate students using social networking sites?

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors showed their Viking spirit in Irvington’s first ever Winter Week to compete for the $100 class prize. Students could be seen sporting all kinds of winter and holiday attire including flannel pajamas, hats, and Irvington’s latest blue and white Viking attire. Seniors were able to just barely snag the $100 prize with a total class participation of 34%. Juniors remained neck and neck with the seniors throughout the entire competition but lost by 2%. “I think the facts pushed the senior class into doing amazing things and showing the entire school how spirited we are!” said senior class president Stephanie Tsoi. “When it comes down to it, I think we were fighting for our pride more than the $100. Once again we pulled through, and showed that we rule the school!” While sophomores finished in third place with a respectable 28% participation, the overall class participation of the freshmen was 22%, placing them fourth in the class competition.

Students crowded into the gym on Saturday, December 19 to attend Irvington’s annual Winterball, ‘A Frosted Affair.’ The gymnasium was transformed into a winter spectacle of ornaments, balloons and lights. Strings of 3-D snowflakes hung from each corner of the room and were linked to the center of the ceiling, where they were joined by a decorative center piece of blue and white balloons. The walls were covered with dark blue tarps and the stage was adorned with blue and white gossamer. Strobe lights shifted across the ceiling, creating various designs, and other colored lights continuously flashed across the floor. While the DJ played several new hits by artists such as Lil’ Wayne and Kesha, many old-school tracks were played as well. Midway through the dance the DJ played an old Micahel Jackson number. “There’s always controversy about the music,” said junior Aashish Bhandari. “Overall, the DJ did well.”





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America’s Favorite Runner Up

By Neetu Puranikmath

Irvington loses America’s Favorite School competition by slim margin The past two months saw Irvington High the most unified it had ever been. Students, teachers, administrators, and even some dedicated parents, were mobilized to win the contest. For those of you who do not remember, the America’s Favorite School Contest, sponsored by Care2 and Campbell’s, determined its winners by the number of online votes per school on its website during the period of September 14th to December 8th. Thus, to ensure that Irvington nicked the 20K extreme publicity and extraordinary school support were needed. Math teacher and computer extraordinaire Mr. Clint Johns managed to win a $50 gift card for being one of the top 20 recruiters. In the beginning, it seemed IHS had no chance of coming in the top 5, let alone winning. The ranks were dominated by New York giants and school confidence was quite low. All that changed, after Principal Pete Murchison made a rather long PA announcement one early October morning. Well, the next morning came and went, and IHS’s rank had greatly From then on, Irvington only climbed higher and higher. Surpassing schools such as San Francisco’s Galileo High School and New York’s

elite Stuyvesant, IHS was the #1 school by late October. At that point, most, if not all, students and staff expected are sure victory. What happened? Well, as the contest drew to a close, Irvington was neck-in-neck with Brooklyn Technical High School. Both schools oscillated between #1 and #2 often with the difference being only a few hundred votes. Many Irvington students between the contest ended at 12:00 A.M. EST November 8th. However, it was later discovered that the contest actually ended at 11:59 PST November 8th. Some students stopped voting at 9:00 PM PST November 7th. Thus, arguably Irvington had a 12 hour window where very little votes were filed in. Whatever the confusion, by the contest’s end, Brooklyn Technical high school had 9400 votes, while we had 8842 votes, thus beating us by 558 votes. Activities Director Ms. Kristina Palos, currently is organizing a committee of students to decide what should be done with the $5000 consolation prize. Could Irvington have lost because of a simple miscommunication and misleading directions from the contest website? Some students and staff believe so, although we will never find out for sure.

MSA Makes Mark on Oakland School By Shajee Syed-Quadri

Two students from Muslim Student Association give insight on their religious background

Anum Ahmed and Misbah Husain

On December 4th, Irvington High School students, senior Misbah Husain and junior Anum Ahmed went with Ms. Susan Piekarski to Piedmont Junior High in Oakland to talk and give students more of an insight on what its like to be a Muslim growing up in the United States. John Weinstein, who organized this event through his organization “Facing History and Ourselves,” hoped to provide the all the different kids of Piedmont different perspective on what it’s like to grow up in the US with a unique and scrutinized religious background. This annual trip has been going on for the last three years with participants coming mainly from IHS Muslim Student Associatin. Piedmont, which is located in the suburbs of Oakland, is not as diverse in terms of race and religion as many of the other California schools; therefore, the intent was to show the junior high students a real-world perspective of different religious

backgrounds. The hope was that the students would be able to benefit from having their questions answered and their doubts cleared about the religion of Islam through a question and answer session with Misbah and Anum. In Misbah and Anum, students got to see and interact with two real-life examples of followers of the religion Islam, a religion often misinterpreted and misconstrued due to the terrorrist attacks that shocked the world on September 11th. Misbah and Anum tackled various questions the students had for them as the students came in groups of 50 to listen to what Misbah and Anum had to say. Topics ranged from specific Islamic dress codes and ethics to the difficulties faced in following these beliefs in the U.S. The first person point of view the students received was no doubt beneficial as the students received a nice gist on what Islam exemplifies and how its actually very different from how the media portrays it at times. Said Misbah Husain, “This was definitely a great experience for me, and the students at this school. I feel like we were able to connect with all the 200 students we spoke to and give them a good idea on what our beliefs are all about and that we are all actually

Art Meets Science in International Competition Irvington students are encouraged to participate in physics photo contest By Kim Ngo categories: natural photos or contrived photos. Natural photos involve everyday instances that naturally show physics concepts in action, while contrived photos are intentionally set up. A third category, photos with multiple images, is also part of the competition, but is only judged for special recognition and not for cash prizes. Each photo entry is followed by an explanation of the physics that is taking place in the photo. This Photo: Kim Ngo contest requires more than just photography skills, but also Raj Tripathi focues the camera before taking taking his potentional picture. knowledge in physics. The annual Physics The contest is open to Photo contest, hosted by The all high school students in grades American Association of Physics nine to twelve. The winners of Teachers, has a numberof the contest are presented with Irvington students interested in cash prizes in recognition for their competing. Mr. Shankar Kumar is extraordinary work. First place currently working with Ms. Shiloh winners of each category receive Burton to encourage students to one hundred dollars, second participate in the contest. place winners receive seventy-five The Photo Physics dollars, and third place winners contest combines the art of receive fifty dollars. The teacher photography with physics of the winning student is also concepts. Participating students awarded a one hundred dollar are asked to photograph pictures Vernier gift certificate and will that demonstrate the many be presented a plaque with the topics studied in physics such students name and photograph. as the motion of objects and Mr. Kumar and Ms. Burton will gravity. Photos that are submitted also be offering extra credit to must pertain to one of the two their students who put a lot of

effort in their entries. Though the competition entries are not due until the spring of next year, Ms. Burton wants her photography students to consider entering the contest now. Senior Raj Tripathi, a student in Ms. Burton’s photo 1 class and an interested competitor says, “Photos is based on physics. Having the chance to do both photo and physics at the same time is a good experience. In the end there is always the chance of winning, and if not, extra credit is a plus.” Raj has been interested in photography for a while but it is his first year taking phot at Irvington for two years now, and really enjoys the class. According to Ms. Burton, the contest will allow students to develop the ability to recognize the similarities in art and science, two subjects that once always came together. She said, “I want my students to understand the connection between art and science. Combining the aspects and motion of physics with photography is a really wonderful way for students to discover a new way of looking at things. Only photography can stop time and defy gravity. And that is what makes the relationship beteen photography and physics so special.


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The Art of Flying Without Wings The “Wonders of China” performance, sponsored by MEChA, awes students with Chinese cultural dance and music By Justine Yan

-Winter Break (12/21- MLK Invitational De1/4) bate (1/18) -FAFSA Deadline (1/1) Ritmo Latino (1/22) -Blood Drive (1/15)

UC Berkeley Riots How state budget cuts pushed UC Berkeley students to take measures into their own hands By Anisha Babbar

Photo: Justine Yan Dancer Yang Yang stimulating “flight without wings”

dance, named after the figures that had been unearthed in a Qin tomb decades ago. The third performance, which drew the greatest audience response, was a Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration. Kung Fu, or Chinese martial arts, includes a variety of styles, many of which imitate animal movements and sounds. The four Shaolin Kung Fu athletes displayed their finesse with everything from the monkey style to the duck style, and wielding swords and staffs. Afterwards, renowned musician Yong Ping Tian played the Chinese instrument, erhu, which has two strings and makes a full sound when a bow is drawn across it. He was accompanied by Duny Lam, who played the

yangqin, a percussion instrument that resounds with the tapping of two bamboo sticks. Finally, principal dancers Yang Yang and Dragon Son appeared once again on the stage for a well-known romantic dance duet, called “Jasmine Flowers”. Moving lightly, their performance captivated the audience. CPAA offers performances in San Jose throughout the year, including major shows such as the longer, more elaborate “New Dream of the Butterfly,” which was on November 14th. It also offers dance, Kung Fu, and music lessons. Through “Wonders of China” students were offered but a brief, but profound glimpse into Chinese performing arts.

Budget cuts have been a hot topic for the past couple months. They’ve been affecting state funded programs, including our public school districts. However, one of the most talked about issues regarding budget cuts is the toll it’s been taking on our California universities. Towards the end of November, the California University Board voted to increase fees by 32% for all University of California schools in response to the extreme funding cuts but the State of California. Protests occurred on many campuses, including Berkeley, which made headlines over the next few days. On Friday, November 21st, 40 individuals (mostly Berkeley students) took over the second floor of a building called Wheeler Hall, refusing to come out unless administration agreed to reinstate 38 laid-off custodians. Texting, emails, and other electronic communications allowed the spectacle to gain widespread attention. As the size

of the crowd grew, panic had set in to the point where Berkeley campus police felt it necessary to being in additional police forces in order to help calm the situation. However, police arrival seemed to aggravate the situation in some ways by creating multiple confrontations between law enforcement and the crowd. The campus security maintained that since over 118 classes were being delayed as a result of the protest, it was their foremost responsibility to ensure that the protest was quickly quelled and ended to these classes can resume. As a result, many UC Berkeley students felt that the police actions at the demonstration showed unnecessary brutality to individuals who posted no imminent harm. The crisis reached new proportions when a group of 20 or so Berkeley students recently vandalized the UC Berkeley president’s house this past weekend. No word has been received if all suspects have been apprehended.

Photos: Alexandra Perlegos

On Monday, December 7th, the San Jose based company, Chinese Performing Arts of America (CPAA), gave a popular guest performance that featured classical dance, kung fu, and traditional music. As students filled up the seats of Valhalla Theatre during fourth period, they wondered what they would see during the next 45 minutes. The show was touted as an “enchanting” celebration on the posters put up around the school. Indeed, Mr. Alberto Ballado had organized this event as part of a series called “Celebrations Around the World,” sponsored by MECHA. The show is the first in this series of events. “I’m really excited working at IHS, where diversity is everywhere. It is always good to open our horizons and awareness of the world around us,” said Mr. Ballado. Once the curtains parted, the first performance, “Flying Apsaras,” began, featuring the principal female dancer, Yang Yang. In a flowing, multi-colored dress with long sleeves, she whirled around gracefully to simulate “flight without wings.” Next, principal male dancer, “Dragon Son,” imitated a Terra Cotta soldier’s forceful yet swift movements in his solo

Upcoming Events

Jingle Bell Ball Choir had two big performances in the last month By Alexandra Perlegos

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IHS Vocal Music department held their annual winter concert, Jingle Bell Ball, on December 3rd. The show was held in Valhalla and featured performances by Chamber Chorale, Concert Choir, Treble Ensemble, Fresco Femme and Viking Jazz. The concert began with a performance of “Puer Natus in Bethelhem” by the entire choir. Then, Chamber Choir was directed to the stage where they sang a “Football!” song that demonstrated a football game in the form of song. The song consisted of the cheers of the fans during a typical football game. Treble, Chamber, Fresco Femme and Viking Jazz, came after Chamber and sang various types of Christmas carols, including songs in other languages. Both Treble and Chamber sang Austrian carols and parts of the songs wee in German. Also Treble sang a traditional Hebrew carol by the name “S’Vivon”. During the performance Smita Patibanda and Sarah Laus did a solo for “I Wonder as I Wonder”. “I was a little bit nervous about the performance at first,” sa sophmore Smita Patibanda, “but I felt better half way through.” Sarah Laus performed

once again along with Sarah Hawks, Frances Delgadillo and Jennifer Zunino in Fresco Femme as they sang “Pine Cones and Holly Berries” and “Little St.Nick”. At the end of the performance the choir director, Mrs. Jennifer Olson, thanked everyone for coming and was given a bouquet of flowers by the choir club officers. She also encouraged everyone to come see the spring choir performance, Music Around the World. IHS Vocal Music department’s second performance was on December 5th. Along with Irvington High School Band, Choir was also invited to perform at the Warm Springs holiday tree lighting. The festival lasted from two until six p.m. The tree lighting included showcases from Horner Junior High Band & Choir and Choi’s martial arts. At 5:30 p.m. “Santa” lit the holiday tree in the parking lot. Irvington High School’s Interact club was also there selling raffle tickets in order to support the organization that put the tree lighting together. “The performances were fun,” says sophomore Theresa Jamie Ho, “but I am even more excited for our spring concert with songs from all around the world.”

Opinions 4 | The Voice 18.3

Has Modern Society’s Outlook on Christmas Changed? Con


Capital “C” in consumerism takes over capital “C” in Christmas By Shajee Syed-Quadri

People change as the world changes. Over the past few decades, consumerism has increased and the value of the dollar bill has become so powerful that the meaning of a cherished holiday is now tarnished. Christmas, originally intended for people to give, love and share a bit of passion, has now turned into a day when the consumer’s greed overshadows the acts of charity that the holiday of Christmas has emphasized throughout its history. Undoubtedly, large corporations have used Christmas as a mantle to make more revenues and take advantage of the consumerism craze. Through this craze for material things, companies have been able to use Christmas as a gimmick to lure the common person to buy more and more. We all know that one of the main colors associated with Christmas is green. Sadly, the only thing green about Christmas today is the color of the dollar bills that

The holiday is the same as ever, just modernized By Xiaoshan Bao

fly into the Christmas. Whenever I hear pockets of of the word large compaChristmas, I nies benefiting think of a from the consumer’s Christwillingness to spend. mas Have you ever wondered what the “Christmas spirit” means now? It is undoubtedly the mindset cleverly created by these large corporations to use Christmas to advertise their products while making consumers believe that the products of the large corporations are worth buying. For example, Coca Cola advertisements sometimes show Santa drinking the company’s products. Isn’t it sad that a figure who is supposed to represent goodness and the charitable act of giving is being used as a gimmick to lure people into buying the soda’s products? The Christmas lights, photos with Santa and storewide sales are all intended to attract the common people and make sure that they buy more than they ever have in their whole

tree and lights adorning the outside of my house. My dad has put up a tree and lights for years, and I doubt that the tradition will change. Christmas has always been a time of elation and reunion since its establishment. With the country at its current state, Christmas is one of the few constants that we have available. Some people say the meaning of Christmas has changed, but I don’t think so. Christmas was originally established as a religious holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ, and people still celebrate it religiously today. Around the world, a lot of churches are packed to the last bench lives. around Christmas time. I Coca myself have attended a C o l a Christian school, and isn’t the the school officials only one; have always put even now you on a pageant see various comand concert about panies taking the

beloved Santa Claus and using him to promote their products and ensure that kids will beg their parents for more and more.

Christ’s birth every year. Eventually, however, the meaning of Christmas has changed a little to also include family and reunion. Christmas is one of the rare times in the year when everyone sets apart time just to enjoy being with their family. Everyone is so busy otherwise that Christmas is a welcome relief from our hectic lives. Since the early days, people remember Christmas as a time of peace, and I don’t think that view is going to change. With the nation in an economic rut, it may seem like Christmas is being commercialized. While that may be the case, Christmas is still Christmas. All the ads and deals and whatnot add to the Christmas spirit. Especially now that we’re in the middle of a recession, it’s important to know that Christmas is a time when we can forget our worries and embrace the Christmas spirit. Cartoon: Shirley Lin

Divorce is Going Downnn

A growing movement in California can really outlaw divorce? By Shilpa Sharma

John Marcotte is a genius. No, not the Einstein kind, but the kind that decides to push for the banning of divorce in order to prove a point. Marcotte, a democrat and former opponent of Proposition 8 wants to place a measure on the ballot next year to outlaw divorce in California altogether. His reasoning is very simple. In the past year, California voters decided to pass Proposition 8, banning gay marriage in order to protect the “sanctity of marriage.” However, Marcotte argues that divorce goes against this idea of traditional marriage and thus should not be lawful either. Although his approach is intended to be slightly satirical, there’s no doubt that he’s getting some serious support for the movement. Currently, he has dozens of signatures, more than 11,000 fans on Facebook, and recognition from several political figures. But will this be

enough to make next year’s ballot? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it. The number of signatures that he does have comes nowhere near the prerequisite of 694,354 signatures that he must have by March in order to take the motion to the federal level. Perhaps this movement was not meant to go through the federal level and get passed but essentially to flip the coin and get people thinking. I mean

he can’t possibly think that the amendment actually has the potential to be ratified into the Constitution. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of political storm this could stir up when all of America’s married couples get the news that they are truly stuck together until “death do them part.” T h e real purpose of his divorce campaign is to draw attention to the hypocrisy of

the situation. The same people who voted for Proposition 8, which stripped gay couples of the right to marriage, may now feel concerned when their own civil liberties are potentially at stake. I, for one, find his approach to be pretty hilarious in the way it lampoons the avid supporters of Proposition 8, who defend the idea of traditional marriage yet fail to recognize the staggering divorce rates as a threat. All in all, if civil liberties are taken away from gay couples in order to protect the “sanctity of marriage,” then is it wrong to take away civil liberties of non gay couples who want a divorce? No, in fact, it seems rather reasonable. However, is this truly conceivable in today’s society? With nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. ending in divorce, it doesn’t seem plausible. Photo:

Romance: The Unexpected Anti-Drug Explanation of the prevalence of romance in American films By Quess Liu One fourth of Americans are afflicted with depression, and as a nation, we are only 69 percent happy. Women are twice as likely to experience depression and are often too embarrassed to seek help. It really makes you wonder: how do they get away from the pressures of daily life? Romance flicks. We all experience stress and pressure from our everyday

lives. That being said, the real purpose of a romance is to provide an escape for women (as well as a small percentage of men). As they sit down on that soft sofa and kick back with a bowl of popcorn, women can temporarily ignore their responsibilities and transport themselves into the movie, pretending to be the damsel in distress. As they watch, they easily relate to the main character, who waits for the handsome Prince Charming to come and rescue them from all their troubles. While Prince Charming isn’t very bright, he almost always has a six-pack. Then comes the perfect yet unrealistic end: “the main characters live happily ever after,” whether they are humans, lions, robots, fish, ants, talking cars or even vampires. The ability to live out this fanta-

sy is a way for some people to find a release from their daily grind. Sadly, this is the reason why trashy films and novels like Twilight are some of the best sellers in the film industry, a spot traditionally reserved for actual movies with actual plots. Now why do men watch romance films? Youtube’s Peter Chao cannot describe it any better, “You bring a girl to the New Moon premiere and it’s a done deal, a guarantee lay. But don’t get turned off by the idea that she will probably be thinking about Jacob or Robert Pattinson the whole time instead of you...” Photo:

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opinion Internet Internet Stalkers Stalkers

What about the Boys?

Irvington administration needs to take Boys volleyball into consideration By Alexandra Perlegos

Teachers tend to watch your every move… even on Facebook? By Anisha Babbar Ah, Facebook. The giant cess pool of humiliating, revealing, oops-Iwish-I-kept that-a-secret moments. We understand. Sort of. Installments like Facebook pages, Myspace profiles, Tumblers, Twitters, etc. all give us a sense of personal ownership of our own little corner of cyberspace. We decorate it liberally with revealing pictures and deep, inner thoughts, but we often fail to realize that despite whatever false sense of security these websites have given us, they are, and will always be, very much public. Even Facebook, with its multitude of security protections and measures, does not keep you totally safe from the damaging effects the internet can have on you. We hear about it all the time. A young teen gets fired from her job based on something she wrote on her Myspace; a woman in Canada gets her health benefits taken away based on the pictures she posted on facebook. For some reason, these warnings don’t seem to affect this generation in internet users because internet careless is on a rampant rise. Facebook and Myspace attempt to offer various security protections, but there is one more universal security option anyone can exercise— common sense. Whether you’re a student or an employee, believe it or not, the things you post on the internet (about you or anyone else) are a public reflection on who you are. You are very much capable of reasoning what does and doesn’t have a place on your internet page, and that’s a capability you should bother exercising when dealing with the internet.

That being said, it’s really no one else’s job to govern internet stupidity but your own. There have been a small but significant number of incidents where teachers and administrators have exercised their administrative authority by punishing students for something they have posted on their Facebook or Myspace or Tumbler. While what you say on the internet is a reflection upon yourself, it’s really nothing more than that. It’s an institution completely separate from our (or any) school. Teachers really have no grounds besides moral bias, to discipline us based on what we put on the internet. While I concede that there are limits to free speech on school grounds (dress codes, profanity, etc.) these restrictions extend only as far as the classroom walls. Teachers have no right to peruse your internet profiles and incriminate you for the things they find there. And if they do, you can argue that it is in fact an infringement to your right of free speech because anything you put on your own internet profile is not under the school’s jurisdiction. What does this all mean? Basically, if Mr. XYZ suspended you for writing that nasty Facebook status about him, you actually have a pretty good case against him. But it doesn’t mean that you should rush out and go and slap another mean thing on your profile. “But that comment was just a joke!” Yeah, we know. But when Mr. XYZ is grading your math test and fails to give you points for the benefit of the doubt; or maybe he’s grading your essay and comes down a little too harshly on your misplaced commas, it kind of

Irvington High School boys have been denied the possibility of taking part in an all boys volleyball team. This sad, but unsurprising, decision by IHS administration is a travesty, a sham and a mockery —a travishamockery. Every other sport offered at IHS has either a co-ed team or two separate boy and girl teams. Except one: volleyball. Throughout Europe, volleyball has been one of the most popular sports, and now in Poland, men’s volleyball is second to soccer. This influence has begun to spread throughout the U.S. as volleyball becomes a more popular sport. There are various colleges in the U.S. that offer men’s volleyball to their students, including Penn State, Stanford, USC, UCLA and Princeton University. Scholarships are provided for men’s volleyball in many universities, but if Irvington does not have a team, then IHS boys are deprived of the financial aid they could receive from a sport that is less competitive than others. Boys volleyball was also offered by Horner Junior High, and they had a complete team of boys who were willing to play. When these students later attend Irvington High School, they are informed with the disappointing news that IHS does not have a boy’s volleyball team for them. “It would be worth the shot,” said girls’ volleyball coach, Coach Martin. “But the only problem is gym time, cost of uniforms and the athletic department may not have the cash flow.” If Irvington is not “fit” to handle another sports team, then how are the five others schools in the Fremont Unified School District, (Mission San Jose, Washington, Kennedy, Logan and American High School) able to have boys volleyball

teams? If these schools have the materials and time for their boys to play volleyball, then what is Irvington doing wrong that inhibits us from making a team. In order to start a boy’s volleyball team here at Irvington, there would have to be some sort of petition that proves to the athletic department that enough boys are interested in trying out for the team in the spring. A compromise would have to be met with the badminton team for gym time, but some sort of agreement could be met in order to work out scheduli n g and game days. IHS should try and see if the boys could practice in the community center across the street or if the smaller gym could be used. Lastly, because the funding towards this new sports t e a m would probably be a low amount, players could fundraise like other teams or ask for help from supportive parents. Making the team is not an impossible thing; it is just up to the faculty and students to get it started. As the world and other schools move forward in creating equality for the students, Irvington should remember not to deny their male athletes an equal opportunity. Photo: Alexandra Perlegos

Fan girls, Fan boys, Precipitation, and the Wave South Korean pop culture is unbelievably popular

By Justine Yan

Did you hear? Another tsunami has hit Asia. It’s been going on for approximately a decade, yet the average American knows nothing about it. Is this fair? No, because the Korean Wave has certainly affected my life. And I live on this “safer,” democratic continent. Over the course of American history, many nerdy, self-conscious Asian girls have wanted to be various things other than Asian. During my American life, I have wanted to be many things other than Chinese. “Koreans are so dang cool.” This has been the theme of my life,

and I trust, many other Asian kids’ lives, since either the start of high school or the fall of N-Sync and the Backstreet Boys. “Bye Bye Bye,” American boy bands. You will never beat DBSK, Super Junior, Shinwa, Shinee or Big Bang! These Korean boy bands have got everything over you – dancing, good looks, fan service. The whole thing. The Korean Wave, or “Hallyu,” is a socio-cultural phenomenon in which South Korean pop culture is exported to (and enthusiastically received by) fan girls (plus grown men and others) all over Asia (and elsewhere, in countries like Mexico and Russia). What it really means is that girls fall in love with Korean pop-stars like Rain, an extremely popular singer/ dancer who was featured in The Colbert Report. It also means that one of our

A Matthew Phillips Advisor dvisor Matthew Phillips

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very own teachers likes Girls Generation, a relatively new girl band whose members are known for dancing and winking. Indeed, I am enamored with the sounds of the Korean language. I also believe that Rain is a gorgeous man. The gals in Girls Generation are, I admit, pretty. And their songs are cute. And South Korea is a democratic country. But I also believe that there is a melody to Chinese that should not be dismissed as “terrible” by unfamiliar ears. I also think that Rain is not a god. I am convinced that the members of Girls Generation are way too cute. Watching K-pop music videos is sometimes overwhelming. Also, having looked into scholars’ analysis of Hallyu over the summer, I’ve learned that this great cultural tsunami has resulted from both economic factors and celebrity packaging. Korean culture

is not “better” than others. In fact, no culture, however popular, can ever be. Have I proven to you that I am NOT your typical fan girl? I don’t go to concerts. I don’t daydream frequently about dancing in the rain with Rain or imagine my life as a movie. But I understand the fan girl mentality. Of course, you probably do too. I think the conclusion here is that we all have a bit of, “I wish I were someone else” in us, no matter how confident we are. Part of the appeal in these fantasies is that we can never be that “someone else.” But daydreaming is awesome. And squealing at Youtube videos for hours is occasionally amazing too. Trust me, you should try it sometime. Maybe ask Mr. Wu for a song recommendation?

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6 | The Voice 18.3




By Johnny Horng

By Karishma Patel

Events: In the months leading up to year 2000, the apoca- Events: September 11th marked one of the most pivotal moments

lyptic Y2K theory stirred paranoia about the upcoming millenium. People feared banks would malfunction and lose all their data because banks’ computers had abbreviated a four-digit year to two digits. However, the century turned, the world survived, and shortly after, the Summer Olympics took place in Sydney, Australia where USA took home 36 gold medals. The year closed with the controversial Supreme Court case, Bush v. Gore, where the Gore campaign demanded a recount due Florida’s close results. This request was ultimately denied by the Supreme Court, marking the beginning of the controversial Bush presidency. Movies: In the year 2000, The Grinch topped the box office, grossing 260 million in total. Another notable movie of 2000 was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, though less fiscally successful, took the Oscar’s by storm, receiving six Academy Awards, including Best Foreign Film and Best Motion Picture. Music: It was the era of Pop. Christina Aguilera, Macy Gray and Britney Spears were all nominated for Best New Artist. The best selling album that year, N’sync’s No Strings Attatched, sold 15 million copies worldwide follwed by Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP, which sold 1.79 million copies in just the first week. Britney’s Spears’ megahit album Oops I Did it Again revolutionized pop music, selling 1.3 million copies in the first week.

of the decade when terrorists hijacked and crashed two passaenger planes into New York’s World Trade Towers, killing thousands of people. Terrorists also crashed a plane into the Pentagon, killing hndreds of civilians in the process. The responses to this attack were only the beginnings of Bush’s famous war on terror. This event stirred one of the Bush administration’s most controversial pieces of legislation: The Patriot Act. Music: It was the year of the boybands. NSYNC’s songs This I Promise You and Gone made it to the top 100 hotlist. Backstreet Boys also topped the charts with their songs, including More Than That and Drowning. Movies: The number one box office movie was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, grossing 317 million dollars, followed by The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Shrek and Monster’s Inc. were also memorable releases. Technology: Apple announced their two newest innovations iTunes, and the iPod. Wikipedia was also first introduced online as a free encyclopedia, revolutionaizing internet research forever. Fashion: Peasant blouses and graphic tees were big hits in women’s fashion. Khaki and army green print also staged a fashion comeback, influenced by the 9/11 attacks.


Think back to what was in your closet ten years ago. Baggy jeans and denim jackets were a popular trend among men while fitted sweatsuits became increasingly popular for women.

It’s the END the of


By Raji Raman

Events: President George W Left Behind Act into law, whic testing to be administered th scores would subsequently det the United Kingdom, Queen E Queen Elizabeth, and sister, P 50th year of ruling. Movies: A Beautiful Mind, s awarded Best Motion Picture a Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me Bourne Identity also released Several sequels were released Potter and the Chamber of Secret Towers, and Men in Black 2. Spi ing film of the year at $403.7 Wars, Episode II: Attack of the C Music: Christina Aguilera re Stripped, which skyrocketed t board. Eminem made his third h which hit number one with his autobiogr an Academy Aw “Lose Yourself.” albums release Park’s first rem Avril Lavigne’s lead single, C Sports: The place in Salt women’s bob duced. Brazil t fifth time at W




By Jennifer Siew


Inventions: The year 2005 started with a bang with the Music:

creation of YouTube, perhaps the greatest interface for video-sharing in the world. When former employees of PayPal Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, formulated the idea of YouTube after having difficulties sharing videos from a dinner party. None of them could have possibly imagined the impact their creation would have on the media, networking, and the world. Today, Youtube gets over millions of hits a day. Events: Pope John Paul II passed away on April 2nd, 2005. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century and is the only Polish Pope to date. His death led to the induction of Pope Benedict XVI on May 13th. Hurricane Katrina, which occured in August 23rd, turned out ot be one of the most disasterous and costliest natural disasters of the decade. It became one of the five deadliest hurricanes in US history, and the sixth strongest recorded of Atlantic hurricanes. Movies: George Lucas kept the force alive with Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. The movie topped the charts for the year, raking in more than 380 million dollars at the box office. Music: Making its second debut in August 2005 with the infamous treadmill music video and the catchy lyrics of “Here It Goes Again,” OK Go stormed the celebrity world with their energetic videos and odd glam/rock-geek fashion sense. Fashion: Perhaps it was the need to go green, or a renewed love for Bohemian style that inflamed the handcrafted bags made of layers of decorative embellishments, that created the “recylced, but trendy” look.

By Sukhbir Kaur

The year 2006 could be called the dawning of modern entertainers in the world of music. The era of the Hillary Duff, Backstreet Boyz and N’sync fangirls had come to close. The pop music of the early 2000’s was beginning to fade. A new generation of music listeners had emerged. This year marked the beginning fame for artists such as Neyo, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. All four topped the charts that year and their popularity skyrocketed from onward. At that point, hip-hop, rap, and R&B took over mainstream music. Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dean Man’s Chest was the most popular movie of the year, making more than 423 million at the box office. (How can you possibly forget Johnny Depp being swallowed by a slimy, 200foot kraken?) The success of this movie sent a massive spasm of pirate-mania. Before the year 2007 even arrived, store shelves were filled with all sorts of piratephilia including posters, bed sheets, lampshades, and even bobble heads. Pirates became and important part of our culture that is still visible today. Other movies that made top dollars in the box office include X-men: The Last Stand, Night at the Museum, The Da Vinci Code, and Cars. Events: On a darker note, Saddam Hussein, the primary dictator of Iraq was hung after he was finally sentenced to death in Baghdad. Many argued that the execution was a barbaric act and not under the jurisdiction of the United States. Others felt it was an entirely necessary act, considering the fact that Hussein had committed far worse crimes and the only way for Iraq to move towards a more stable future was to shed its past. Overall, Hussein’s execution was a turning point for the United States involvement in Iraq.

C 2007

By Dion Wu

Technology: Science advanced faster tha 2007. The first human vaccine against the came out that year. The world’s “going gre ment was also born in 2007 with the G8 c an international forum in which the world’s ei countries debated environment issues. Other technological innovations incl video games for the newest game systems the much hyped Halo 3 and Call of Duty: Mo fare 1 were released for Xbox 360. Events: The year was also plagued by some o horrific incidents this decade. Indonesian ea ruptured the Pacific early September, leaving dead and homeless. Huge southern Californi


W. Bush signed the No Child ch allowed for standardized hroughout the nation. These termined federal funding. In Elizabeth II lost her mother, Princess Margaret during her


luded new s including odern War-

of the most arthquakes thousands ia wildfires


feature By Albert Chin

Events: One year after its debut, American Idol gained incredible popularity and became the most watched TV show that year. The first space rovers that were successfully able to land and keep communications with the NASA, Spirit and Oppurtunity, were launched in 2003. Also, the first, fully functional Toyota Prius hybrid car (NHW11) was sold in 2003 for just under twenty thousand U.S. dollars. Movies: One of the most memorable movies of 2003 was the much anticipated Lord of the Rings: Return of the King which grossed about 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, making it the second-highest grossing film in history. Finding Nemo grossed 860 million U.S. dollars, as the second highest-grossing movie of 2003. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was also released and grossed about 650 million U.S. dollars, engulfing much of the population in Pirate-fever. Music: Hilary Duff’s first album Metamorphosis sold about five million copies worldwide. Linkin Park’s second studio album Meteora was also released and has currently sold about sixteen million copies worldwide. “Numb” came out to be the biggest song of the year on the chart. Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner, also released her first album Thankful in 2003. Her single, “Miss Independent”, became a top ten hit in the U.S. Fashion: Skechers shoes and Heelies were all the rage in 2003. It was fashionable to sport conservative and simple styles. Cargo pants and vests were also a pretty common sight in 2003.


By David Lo

Events: The year 2004 kicked off with the beginning of

the presidential election, the highly anticipated faceoff against John Kerry and George Bush. This nail-biting election ended with Bush winning 50.7% of the popular vote while John Kerry trailed behind with 48.3%. Facebook was launched on February 4th, effectively leading to a boom in the social networking scene. Founded by four Harvard University students, Facebook has provided us with an easy way to network and kill time. The site was originally released as “The Facebook” and was initially restricted to the students of Harvard College; however, after a few months it began expanding to other universities and ultimately the world. Movies: Shrek 2 became the highest grossing film of 2004, earning over $900 million. And who could forget Million Dollar Baby, which won Best Motion Picture at the Academy Awards. The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson, stirred controversy that year as critics questioned the historical accuracy of the movie and criticized its excessive violence. The film was banned in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Music: The world of music had its moments in 2004 as well. American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino became the first artist in history to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with a first record. Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s collaboration “Collision Course” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 list and was deemed the highest selling CD of the year. Last but not least, was the reunion of the group Destiny’s Child for one last world tour. Sports: The summer Olympics in Athens began on August 13th, 2004, where Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps made his mark in history by winning 6 gold medals in 8 events, setting a precedent for what he would achieve four years later.

d A e

starring Russell Crowe, was at the 74th Academy Awards. if You Can, Doug Liman’s successfully that same year. d that year, including Harry ts, Lord of the Kings: The Two ider-Man was the top gross71 million, followed by Star Clones with $310.13 million. eleased her second album, to number two on the Billhit album, The Eminem Show, on the charts. He followed it raphy film, 8 Mile, which won ward for Best Original Song, ” Some of the other famous ed that year included Linkin mix album, Reanimation and s debut album, Let Go, with Complicated. 2002 Winter Olympics took Lake City, Utah, where the bsled event was first introtook home the gold for the World Cup soccer.

an ever in e avian flu een” moveconference, ight richest


December 2009 | 7

destroyed thousands of homes in late October. But one of the most memorable events for the American public was the horrifying shooting at Virginia Tech University, in which a student gunman opened fire and shot down 32 other students before taking his own life. This was the biggest mass shooting to take place on a campus up to date. Music: The year 2007 also brought an unforgettable array of entertainment. The music industry boomed with worldwide phenomena such as Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” and One Republic’s “Apologize” featuring Timbaland. Other memorable hits that year were “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis and “Wait For You” by Elliot Yamin. Movies: This year also included some of the most iconic movies of today, including hit musical Hairspray and children’s favorite, Ratatouille. Action movies such as The Bourne Ultimatum hit theaters andcomedies such as Juno, Superbad and Rush Hour 3 amused the crowd.

Photos:,,,,,,, thequickhour. com,, templecuttingedge.files.wordpress. com,,,,,,,, compstore.,,


By Divya Gowthaman

Events: A racial barrier in politics was defeated when

Barack Obama became the first African-American man to be elected president. Obama won the election in a landslide, 365 electoral votes to 173. In addition, the affair of former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, with campaign employee, Rielle Hunter, was leaked to the public. The affair had happened during Senator Edwards’ presidential campaign and his wife’s remission from breast cancer. Movies: The Dark Knight and Twilight made an unprecedented mark in the movie industry as they dominated the box office for weeks, earning more than 300 million dollars each, largely fueled by scores of Batman fans and teenage girls screaming for Edward. Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow, came in a close second, grossing over 200 million dollars domestically. Heath Ledger’s death was one of the most widely talked about in 2008 as fans mourned him amid talks of a suicide and a drug-related death. Ledger received a posthumous Golden Globe and Academy award for Best Supporting Actor for The Dark Knight. Music: 2008 was riddled with artists such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and even the Jonas Brothers. Kanye West’s song “Love Lockdown” sold more than 2.5 million copies while “Burnin’Up”, written by the Jonas Brothers, debuted at #5 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” became one of the most popular songs of the year and won an MTV Video Award for the Best Video of the Year. Sports: Swimmer Michael Phelps amassed a recordsetting 14 career gold medals during the 2008 Olympics in China, surpassing the previous record of seven medals set by Mark Spitz in the 1972 Olympic Games.


By Selina Mahesri

Events: The entire world was in shock on June 25th

when Michael Jackson died at age 50 after suffering from a cardiac arrest caused by a combination of drugs. The artist has since been recognized by the biographical movie This Is It and a dramatic increase in album sales. Chris Brown was sentenced to five years probation for the assault of singer Rihanna. During the VMAs, Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for the “Video of the Year” award was interrupted by Kanye West. “Taylor, I’m really happy for you,” West said stealing the mic from Swift. “I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!” Swine flu (H1N1) was declared a public health emergency. Since the initial outbreak, there have been 10,074 confirmed deaths worldwide. Movies: Several highly anticipated hits came out such as Twilight: New Moon--the highest grossing film of 2009 with 402 million dollars-- The Half-Blood Prince, and Transformers 2. Other hits that year included The Hangover, Up and Star Trek. Music: The number one album of the year was Fearless by country singer Taylor Swift. Along with Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa made her mark with her first headlining tour and subsequent album The Fame Monster. Her unique style in both fashion and music has made her an icon worldwide. Technology: Twitter, a website that allows users to “tweet” updates, became the third most used social network. Its instant updates in news, sports and politics has dramatically increased news flow.


ntertainment something that looks real.” tlight ate o However, she’s open to all kinds p S and Albert Chin of styles. In fact, she cites her fa-

g an W ne

By Ka th er i

Ar ti s


8 | The Voice 18.3

Senior Ashley Dalrymple may be in high school, but she’s already an accomplished artist. She has been interested in art since she was in 6th grade, and she continues her passion today through taking art classes at Irvington. Ashley enjoys painting the most, but likes to experiment with many types of art. Her favorite style is realism because as Ashley puts it, “it feels good to be able to cre-

vorite artist as Picasso because of his “off-the wall” creations . Of all her works, she is most proud of a sculpture she made: an intricate pot decorated with detailed drawings and splashes of color. Ashley describes coiling it, then making it into a pot. “It’s especially hard to coil the pot,” Ashley said, “because it’s hard to get it in the right shape.” A mosaic of different elements, the pot is colorful, creative, and striking – a true work of art.

Senior Henry Wu believes in a more laidback kind of art style that allows him to draw freely, rather than realistic art. Caricature and other cartoony styles are his favorite styles of art to draw. Anything that strikes Henry as “pretty cool” is a potential candidate for him to draw. “When I play a game, if I see something that I like, I’ll draw it,” said Henry. “I’ll also draw when I have a concept I want to show.” Out of all the people who have influenced his drawing, Henry believes that his sister is probably his artistic hero. Henry’s sister gave encouragement to Henry when he first started doodling, helping shape Henry into the artist he is today.

    The piece of artwork that Henry is most proud of is quite unexpected. “It was a pikachu I drew on an SAT practice test,” explains Henry, “I managed to draw it by looking off a thermos bottle all the way across the room on the teacher’s desk.”

Photos: Katherine Wang and Henry Wu

HOLIDAY TREAT: Pizza Calazone Wreath

Cook Time: 10 min. Prep Time: 30 min.

Ingredients: • • • • • • •

30 square wonton wrappers pepperoni slices 1/3 cup pizza sauce 1 cup shredded mozzarella 1 green pepper cut into strips small bowl of water vegetable oil

Decorations: • •

parsley cherry tomatoes

How to Make It:


Lay wonton wrappers on

Step flat surface. In the center of each wrapper, place one pepperoni slice, ½ teaspoon of cheese, and one pepper strip.


By Anisha Babbar and Johnny Horng

’ Greeting Ca n i p p rd Po Photos and Article By Shirley Lin


The same exact gift I gave away last year. Brenda Ryali, 10

pockets to cool. Step Allow Arrange in a wreath

A used hair tie from my brother. S a l e n a Huang, 11

shape, adorn with parsley, cherry tomatoes, and cheese. Enjoy!

My mom got me a book. Michael Avina, 12

Dip your finger in wa4 edges of the wonton. Fold it in half and press edges to seal it.

Photos: Selina Mahesri


Photos:,,,,,, and Karishma Patel

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel is the sequel to the successful kids movie released two years ago. The singing chipmunks Alvin, Simon and Theodore are challenged to save their school’s music program by winning the $25,000 prize in a battle of the bands. The situation becomes complicated as the Chipmunks are confronted with romantic interests and competition. While this does seem like a good movie for kids, I feel like many will watch this movie due to the success of the first movie. But I feel like not many people in highschool will go see it because of its plot is not very intriuging. But then again, who thought that a movie about a house fling away baloons be interesting. Go watch the movie December 23, 2009, to find out if it lives up to the success of the original.

Walt Disney Animation Studios presents the musical "The Princess and the Frog," an animated comedy set in the great city of New Orleans. It’s a clever, modern twist on a the classic tale, where a beautiful princess kisses a frog, transforming the latter into a handsome prince. The Princess and the Frog stars a beautiful girl named Tiana and a prince who is in the state of a frog who desperately wants to be human again. Their fateful kiss, however, doesn’t turn out as planned when Tiana finds herself in a changed state of a frog herself. The movie narrates their comic and heartwarming adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana. You can watch it with your friends, your parents, or little siblings. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, and keep you entertained throughout. It released on November 25, and it’s currently still playing in theatres.

Sherlock Holmes is an action movie based off the successful book Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes and his partner Watson set off to track down their nemesis who has a plan that could potentially destroy the country of England. The villianous Lord Blackwood gives the movie a haunting feel. While I think Sherlock Holmes will definitely be a success in the box office, I feel as if many of the fans of the book will walk out disappointed because of its many differences than the book. Confirming my fears, many critics who have already watched the movie say that it is not a very accurate depiction of the book, but it’s a good action and mystery movie. My advice is to go to the theaters with an open mind and watch it for the entertainment. The movie will be released to the theathers on Decemeber 25, 2009. It is perfect to watch during the holiday break.

Case 39 is a horror movie with a unique plot. Emily Jenkins is a social worker who saves 10 yearold Lilith, Case 39, from her parents, who try to kill her, and takes her in herself. Then, Emily realizes that the girl isn’t as innocent as she originally thought. I am definitely excited to watch Case 39. While horror movies are generally not my first choice, the plot of Case 39 is too intriguing to pass by. Many horror movies in the theatres have been based off of trite ideas such as supernatural beings, but Case 39 is believable, which makes me interested to find out why her parents try to kill her. Case 39 is rated R and scheduled to release on January 1, 2010 in the US while it has already been released in other countries like Australia and Mexico. Go watch it to find out what happens to Lilith and Emily Jenkins.





• •


1 sheet of construction paper (tree) 1 sheet of card stock (card) pair of scissors glue/tape

in a skillet over medium heat and cook pockets until brown on each side.

What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve

Photos: Jennifer Siew

Step ter and moisten all

Flicks for the holiday season Based on the best selling book by Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones centers on a young girl, Susie Salmon, who has been murdered and watches over her family and killer from heaven. She must weigh her desire for vengeance against her desire for her family to heal. She watches lives of the people around her and how they have changed all while attempting to get someone to find her lost body. Her family, including her father, Mark Wahlberg, and her sister, Rose McIver, take matters into their own hands and race to find Susie’s killer. Among the other people in her life, are friends from school, Ray Singh and Ruth who struggle to cope with Susie’s death. The Lovely Bones is a must-see if you wish to watch a heart-warming, touching, moving film this holiday season. It releases on January 15, 2010.


Step Heat one teaspoon of oil

By Selina Mahesri

I got a rock. Daniel Parsons, 9

An easy-to-make dish that brightens up your dinner table By Jennifer Siew

Question Man

Fold the construction paper in half and cut along the folded line Fold the two halves again and draw half a Christmas tree at the fold* Cut out the two trees and cut a slit along the bottom half of one tree, and a slit along the upper half of the other tree Slip the two trees together

along the slits and tape where the different tree flaps touch each otherTake half a sheet of card stock and fold it in half Cut a slit horizontally at the bottom 1/3 of the paper to around 1/2 across the paper from the folded edge Fold up the cut slit to form a triangle-shaped flap and crease firmly then fold the flap

• • •

back to its original position Push the triangle through to the inside of the card and close the card firmly Open the card and take two flaps of the tree and glue it to the pop-up triangle Take the other half of the piece of paper, fold in half and glue it to the backside of the opened card


entertainmenT December 2009 | 9

Bells on Bob Tails Ring, Cha-Ching! Have fun for less without being the wet blanket this holiday season

For: Mom Instead of buying her some expensive perfume, offer to do her share of the chores. A handmade coupon book is the easiest (and cutest) way of doing this. Simply cut several squares of paper or cardstock, write a different job on each, decorate, staple, and done!

Take a look inside Santa’s sack... he only comes once a year.

Sa n Sa ta’s ck

By Sukhbir Kaur

For: Dad For Dad, stick to the classics. By far, the best gift for him is a traditional coffee mug. A nice way to add a personal touch is to get it personalized with a picture of your dad. Before you wrap it, insert a Starbucks gift card into the mug to jazz up your gift even more.

For: Friend This holiday season get your friend a matching friendship bracelet. Make it at home to save money. For your guy friends, make them a customized duct tape wallet. For directions, go online to Photos: and Sukhbir Kaur

For: GF/BF

Sing them a song, write them a poem- anything that will show how much you love him/her. Just take something you’re good at and present it in a way that’ll impress your sweetheart. If math is your strong point, then create a complex equation to solve together.

By Sri Ravipati The end of the year usually means breaking open that piggy bank and scavenging for all of the change in your coach to treat your loved ones to a good time. And boy, if you’re a senior it’s even worse! Senior portraits, graduation gowns, college applications—you’re already dishing out the big bucks and it has only been three months of school. Here are some ways to show people a fun time without burning a hole in your wallet: The War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco is holding this year’s Nutcracker Ballet. Watch the holidays in the form of art and fancy footwork. The play is open from now until the 27th at the War Memorial Opera House.

Cost: tickets are as low as $18

Grab those skates and go! The Union Square Ice Skating Rink in San Francisco is open until January 18. Skate in the heart of San Francisco with your loved ones!











For: Graduating Senior

What better way to shake up your holiday season that with a bunch of animals? Oakland Zoolights will feature displays to mirror the Oakland Zoo’s fulltime animal residents. Join the fun and listen to holiday music!

Within a few months your favorite senior buddy will graduate and move far far away to the live the crazy college life. A “College for Dummies” guidebook is the best and most useful gift available. Another option could be various degrees of dorm décor such as wall posters, desk lamps, clocks, etc.

Christmas in the Park is celebrating 30 years of holiday tradition. The event calendar includes Santa’s Photo Shop and Christmas in the Park Raffle Drawing. This is a great place to bring the your family because there is plenty to do together! Photos:,, sfgate. com,

Winter Swag Stuff Be cool in the cold, yo By Arjun Panda



Folk Inspired Sweaters

The Bomber Jacket

Whether it be the Peruvian sheep herder h e m p pullovers, or those old school l o o s e sweaters that have that subtle over hang (of fabric, that is) of the waist/sleeves, you’ll be sure to see this stuff around. Oh, and Christmas sweaters.


Again, the cutsie fitted neon “flannels”=ehh. Flannel tops are cool, but it’s all about longer, looser fits.

Sheer Nylons Well gosh darned, tights have left the scene. I guess people’s eyes got too tired from all the colors. These, however, are a bit more *ahem* sexy and natural. With some high waist shorts, these may make you look really, really good. Or bad; you decide.

Clunky Heels These have been showing up on Dior, D&G, and channel runways. So clearly, they are cool. Also, colder days may call for some folk inspired boots; modest tassel-

The real kinds are kind of hard to pull off unless you’re a middle aged biker with a handlebar ‘stache and a Harley. So the fitter, faux bombers from Urban should suffice.

Flannels Yeah, they’re played out, but rock the more sober shades and abandon the hype beast neon ones from H&M. It’s difficult to believe, but the real flannels ACTUALLY keep you warm and look good.

Crew Neck Sweaters

Doddle up to some thrift place and cop some of this. Maybe you’ll find a sweet A’s one; rep the yay and be tight. But maybe you’ll find some random plumbing company’s promo sweaters. It’s all good.

The Lumberjack Hat Yeah, the ones with the ear flaps. Go for the farm animal designs, 90’s geometric shape designs, or the classic flannel style. What happened to the skull cap? People got tired of oily hair, that’s what. Photos: Arjun Panda and Karishma Patel



The Top 4 iPhone Apps

By Dion Wu


1 Facebook

Textfree Unlimited

Speaking of Facebook, the ever popular social networking site has now launched its own application for your iTouch or iPhone. You can access pictures, wallposts and even your inbox. It’s basically the perfect fit for Facebook addicts who are away from the computer.

LOL. Mkay cya tonite? BFFL! <33 Texting has become the new medium for communication these days. For those of you who haven’t tried texting, now is your chance to try it out without the monthly fee. Just a one time purchase can get you free texts, in and out, on your iPhone or iTouch, provided you have wi-fi.

2 I am T-Pain


Ever wonder how T-Pain gets his voice like that? This new autotune app has been the #1 grossing app for the past two weeks. All you need is a mike to record whatever you want, and you can even post your recordings on Facebook!

This application is basically your all-in-one program. It’ll calculate tip, remind you of holidays and anniversaries, and upcoming events. It also includes other nice functions such as unit conversions, and currency exchange formulas.

Photos:,, theappleblog. com,


Happy Holidays From The VOICE Staff!


10 | Voice 18.3


Girl Vikings Goes for the Goal Interview with Varsity Head Basketball Coach: Tim Gerber Varsity girls soccer play their first league game against Mission San Jose 23-year-old Irvington High school graduate tells us about his time as the basketball coach

By Selina Mahesri

By Raji Ramanathan

Photo: Raji Ramanathan

Q: What are your goals this year for the team? A: The past few years the basketball team Photo: Selina Mahesri

Sophomore Katie Lovejoy pushes the ball up the field

On December 8, varsity girls soccer played their first league game against Mission San Jose High School at TAK. The Lady Vikings lost 0-1, but kept up a strong game that gave them confidence for the upcoming season. Irvington had a sloppy beginning that accounted for the loss of the entire game. Mission scored on Irvington within the first thirty seconds of the match, leaving both the players and the spectators in fear for what was coming. But, Irvington immediately picked up their game and evenly matched their opponents for the remainder of the match. The game was bursting with headers, strong crosses, and aggresive attacks on Mission’s goal by forwards juniors Stephanie Lloyd, Heidi Moreno and Jessica Lerma. The unchanging score can be accounted for by the solid defensive line which consisted of senior Kimmy Denne, freshman Danielle Corothers, and sophomore Sarah Hardin along with freshman goalie Kim McLaughlin. Junior Stephanie Lloyd said, “I’m so proud of the way we played in our first league game. We trained really hard over pre-season and it

showed in our game against Mission. League will be intense, but there are no forerunners. It’s anyone’s game this year.” Although many of the calls made by the referee were questionable, the referee loosened up with Irvington by the second half and the Vikings got their fair share of calls against Mission. During the final stages of the second half, Irvington had a couple of chances to even out the score with penalty kicks, but luck wasn’t on their side. Shots were missed, but thanks to the excellent defensive performance, IHS was able to hold off MSJ for the entire duration of the game. Although Irvington did not emerge victorious from the game, they played a well-above average game considering Mission has always been a fierce competitor of their’s. “We look really strong, we have a lot of really good players, but in the MVAL, what it comes down to is which team battles harder” said Coach Nicole Mangiardi. “We need to bring it.” Judging by their unfaltering energy, girls soccer is definitely MVAL material. Irvington’s girls soccer will get the chance to redeem themselves against Mission again on January 14.

Sword Grabbin’ and Back Stabbin’

here has forgotten what it means to play basketball. They have been too worried about not making mistakes, which leads to poor basketball. I’m looking forward to the kids remembering that they are playing because it’s something they love to do.

Photo: Anooj Desai

Junior Simon Tam and sophomore Samir Mehta from the Fencing Club get ready for their practice.

Although not many know about it, the fencing club is making strides and becoming big. Sophomore Samir Mehta joined the club with a couple of friends just to experience some of the things high school had to offer. He did not have prior experience in fencing, but learned skills over time from student instructors like junior Simon Tam, the lead instructor of the team. He also mentioned that if someone was

interested in learning from a professional, some colleges offer fencing classes. The club took part in a tournament last year, and though they have not decided the exact tournament they want to participate in, they plan to do so again sometime this year. The club had about 50 people when the school year started, but only about 10 or 15 people come consistently now. “My greatest accomplishment,” said Samir, “would have to be the time I beat someone 5-0.” He explained how each point is earned by a hit to the torso. When asked why he chose fencing over other sports, his reasons included the fact that fencing does not require too much dedication and time, how it is easy to pick up and how there is always a good balance between the opponents in terms of skill level. The club generally meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM in the 200-wing and practices in the hallway across room 222. Fencing club also runs around the school to warm up and get exercise at the start of each practice. Because it is a student-run club, new members would have a great opportunity to meet new people and learn a unique sport at the same time.

Q: Have you ever coached any other teams? If so, which ones? A: I’ve assisted with several teams prior to coaching at IHS. Millard Elementary School, CYO teams, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) clubs, and helping a few high schools. I also spent a lot of time individually working out high school players, training them on areas they needed help. Then, 2007-2008 I was the freshman coach here at IHS, 2008/2009 junior varsity, and this year 2009/2010 becoming the varsity head coach.

Q: Do you have any pet Q: What is happening different this year peeves when it comes to playing so, which ones? with the team, in comparison to last year? basketball? If A: So far this year the unquestionable A: Guys not hustling. In my mind hustle change has been intensity. The way the kids are getting into the game, and the hustle they show on the court. Leadership is another change from last year. Instead of one guy out there leading by example, we have three. Not just by their play on the court, but also using their voices. Juniors Shaun Ho and Jon Wright, and senior Anthony Dugger, are helping to get this team to where we would like it to be.

Q: Have you personally participated in any basketball competitions before you became a coach? A: I’ve been playing basketball all my life. I played all through Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), then Horner Jr. High, and right here at Irvington High School (2000-2004). I tore my meniscus in my left knee about 2 weeks before our all star game my senior year, and decided to play through it. After surgery I rehab’d [sic] it and tore my right knee’s meniscus

is the most important part of basketball. A player can have all the skill in the world, but without the right mindset, will never be able to display it. There is a lot of talent on this years team, and I’m big on motivating them to use that to their advantage. We have to be a scrappy, intense, high energy team if we want to compete, and so far the players are doing just that. This team hasn’t realized its full potential yet, and many players don’t realize the potential they have in themselves

Q: Who do you think will be your toughest & easiest opponents this year? A: I think every game this year will be tough. Not in the sense that we can’t win, but that this is a new year. Being that it is a new program, we don’t have all the scouting on each team’s plays or tendencies. Yet at the same time they don’t have ours. Each game will be a learning experience for the players.

Gasp! A Tennis Tantrum! Tennis superstar Serena Williams’ breakdown at the 2009 US Open By Vida Bao

Irvington fencing slices its way into the top By Anooj Desai

while playing at Ohlone College. At that point after my second surgery, I knew I wouldn’t be playing anymore college ball, but didn’t want to give up the game, so I found myself coaching.


Serena Williams slandering the ref. Tsk Tsk, Serena.

If you’ve never heard of Serena Williams, you hate sports. That, or you have been living under a rock. Serena Williams is only the decade’s best female singles tennis player. I’ll admit it, Serena is one of my idols. After all, who wouldn’t idolize the woman who won the Grand Slams 11 times? (For all of you people who don’t follow the tennis world, a Grand Slam is the eqivalent of the Superbowl in Football--the World Cup of Soccer.) However, recently Serena hasn’t exactly been the model for good sportsmanship. At the US Open this September, during the semifinals, she was charged a point penalty over a foot fault point penalty. She then screamed “If I could, I would

take this f***ing ball and shove it down your f***ing throat!” at a linesperson over the foot fault point penalty. Because of the tantrum, Serena was charged another point penalty. However, since she was already charged a point penalty over her foot fault, the penalty that occurred over her tantrum cost her the match point. Therefore, Serena had to concede a 6-4, 7-5 loss to her opponent, Kim Clijsters from Belgium. (Again, for all of you non-tennis people, a foot fault is when a player touches the line with his/her foot while serving. A linesperson is in charge of calling the ball in or out and calling foot faults. Match point is the final point of the match.) Afterward, on November 30, Serena was fined $82,500 for her public tantrum in addition to a $10,000 fine that was dealt immediately. However, I personally believe that this fine is useless. Serena earned $350,000 for reaching the semifinals, and her career prizes amounts to more than 28 million. For example, I think that instead of a fine, Serena should have been given“probation”. If she displays bad sportsmanship again, she should be barred from entering the next Grand Slam. This way, Serena will be forced to learn from her mistake instead of merely handing over a wad of cash that she doesn’t need. But since this isn’t going to happen, I guess we’ll just have to hope that no one else in the tennis world will have another temper tantrum.

11 | December2009

sport Collegiate Uniqueness or Utter Stupidity? By Sahil Pandya


4. Cincinatti 3. TCU 2. Texas Horned-Frogs Longhorns Bearcats



1. Alabama Crimson-Tide


Ranking system in the NCAA leads to controversies

5. Florida Gators



College Football Powerhouses

Fun Traditions of Top Five Football Colleges in the nation


By Karishma Patel

University of Alabama: which has one side of the stadium yell game. Other traditions include singing Photo:Johnny Horng

We all know that the National Football League (NFL) uses a playoff system to narrow down its 32 teams to the final two, both of whom battle it out with the Super Bowl in February. However, college football is very different. It doesn’t use a playoff system like the NFL. Instead, it has a complicated ranking system that lands teams in the elite group of ten, known as the Big Ten. But this ranking system has been questioned numerous times in the past due to its imperfections and bias. The actual selection of teams involves a long list of regulations, groupings, and quirks. All college football teams are divided into conferences, similar to the National Football Conference (NFC) and American Football Conference (AFC) in the NFL. Some of these include the Big 12, the Pac-10, and the Big East. A champion from one of these conferences is automatically granted a spot in the BCS bowl bid. Then there are other clauses like, “A special case is made for independent Notre Dame, which receives an automatic berth if it finished in the top eight.” This special provision disregards all other teams, and gives Notre Dame a free ride into the BCS seeding. Numerous other clauses eventually result in 10 dominant teams being the winners, or chosen ones. But in order to get to those ten teams, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has put forth an even more complicated point-ranking system. Points are awarded to teams based on general wins, general losses, wins against higher ranked teams, losses against lower ranked teams, tough schedules, easy schedules and even injuries! In addition, there are different types of polls, including a media poll and coaches’ poll, which ask NCAA viewers to vote for their favorite teams. After all of these factors are accounted for, computers generate the rankings after the points have been totaled and entered. At the end of this selection, the Big Ten teams are ranked from first to tenth. Then, the teams ranked third to tenth are seeded in one of the four bowl games. The remaining two leaders are selected to play in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Championship game, which, for the 2009 season, will take place on January 7, 2010. The two teams competing this year are Alabama and Texas, ranked first and second respectively. So where is the controversy? Maybe it is in the voting system where bias, population, and attendance take away from the actual skill of teams. Many franchises can get easy points from their large viewer base despite their lack of competence. It could be in the overwhelming number of clauses stating who qualifies and who doesn’t, or it could be in the overall points system itself. I mean, you tell me. In math, long processes with a lot of calculations always leave room for error—maybe a missed multiplication sign or negative sign. In cooking, too many ingredients can lead to a distasteful product. In football, too many clauses, too many criteria, too many numbers and too many calculations can only lead to one thing: mistakes.

Traditions have it that Alabama’s Million Dollar marching band, plays during the half-time shows at home games. The fans start chanting “Yea Tide” to get everyone pumped up for the big football game. The biggest game of the year is always against Louisiana State University.

“Texas!” and the other “Fight!” Smokey the cannon is fired during kickoffs and after the Longhorns score at home games. Waving the world’s largest Texas flag before football games is another tradition. Lighting the main building in orange after victories is a tradition that has been followed many years.

Texas University: At the Texas football games, a live Texas longhorn University: named Bevo comes for the game. One of the school’s organizations, the Orange Jackets, comes on the football field during halftime to play the song “The Eyes of Texas,” which is sung to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.” The school also has a hand signal that they sign out during the games—“Hook ‘em Horns.” During the game everyone participates in the “Texas – Fight!” cheer,


For every home game, Frog fans gather outside the University Union before the football team takes the field. Each week the team would come down the stairs and run through all the fans to the stadium.

University of Cincinnati:

One of the traditions at this school is bringing Lucy, a bearcat from the Cincinnati Zoo, to almost every home

“Fight” songs to pump the team up.




Gator fans do the Chomp, which is a hand motion, which is led by the band as they play the theme song from Jaws. A new tradition started which has the Gators empty the team buses on University Avenue and walk through the crowd of fans on their way to the stadium. Another tradition during the game incorporates Gator fans. The fans wrap their arms around their neighbor and sway left to right and sing at the end of the 3rd quarter. The stadium is separated into half “Orange.” a nd half “Blue” to show school spirit.

*Alabama Crimson Tide will be facing the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl at Pasadena, California on January 7, 2010.

Burning Off That Santa-Fat During Break No more extra pounds after eating irresistible holiday goods

By Shirley Lin Everyone’s afraid of eating a bit too much of the roast beef or having one too many of Grandma’s baked cookies. But fear no more—there are ways to enjoy the food without gaining any of that unwanted weight. One suggestion is to give yourself penalties after eating certain fat-saturated or high caloried foods. For example, for every 5 or more chocolate bars, brownies, cookies, etc., do 20 sit-ups, 20 jumping jacks, and one-fourth of a mile. For accurate ways to calculate how much calories burned during exercises or activities, visit sparkpeople. com. At this website, you can choose the

PhotoShirley Lin

Freshman Katie Ng is punishing herself for eating too many brownies.

form of exercise which you have done. Some of the choices include casual exercise and everyday activities like gardening, painting, and even Wii golf. Once the

activity is selected, all you have to do is enter in your weight in pounds and the minutes that you spent doing that activity and the website will calculate the amount of calories burned. Using this, you will know how much exercise is needed to burn off the excess calories you consumed. As a precaution, for those of you who don’t count the calories you consume, start doing exercise everyday. You can use the set of exercise mentioned above, but replace 10 situps with 20, and change the one-fourth of a mile to jogging around, walking your pet around the neighborhood or jogging three-fourths of a mile.

umor H 12 | The Voice 18.3

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus...aww nevermind By Sahil Pandya On December 24, 2009, Saint Nicholas passed away in the confines of his cottage at the North Pole. The press was told that he had finished his rounds on the night of December the 23, after which he got into bed. His wife, Mrs. Claus, said that he never woke up the next morning. “It was bound to happen,” she said. “I had been trying to tell him that he wasn’t okay...I mean the exercise was way too much. There was an increase in seismic activity when he ran!” Born...a long time ago...NichoSanta gets his diet on. las’s life is really unknown to most. However, he had been featured in many recent magazines as the biggest success for Jr. was born on December 18, 2009, just the Jenny Craig diet. His record-breaking six days before his father’s death. Mrs. success of a two hundred pound loss ex- Claus hopes that Nick Junior will be able ceeded even the expectations of leading to take the place of his father, but she isn’t scientits. However, the absence of smoked sure whether he will grow to that size. “There is a chance that Jureindeer from his dinner table and candy nior might not be Saint Nick’s child; the canes from his desert menu led to a large gap between the two men was so short,” decline of his immune system. We were she said when asked about her love life. told that he had shaven two nights be So what does this devastating news fore his death in an attempt to bring a mean to the people of the world today? A new look to Christmas. The exposure more depressing Christmas, that’s what. of his skin to the cold led to pneumonia. No more hearing the sleigh bells through “I told him that his beard was still the night. No more Rudolph’s shiny light. fashionable, but he wouldn’t listen. He told Instead, parents will have to start buying me he wanted to look like George Clooney— I really don’t blame him,” said Mrs. Claus. the gifts for their children. ‘Dear Santa’ let Saint Nicholas is now lived on ters won’t be sent to the North Pole anyby his wife, Mrs. Claus, and the thou- more. Cookies and milk will be left out sands of elves who claim to be his chil- and eaten by adults. The North Pole will dren. The resemblance is unknown. be bought over and turned into an Asian In an Irvington Voice exclusive, we were shopping center by the name of Chinaalso introduced to one of the Claus’s fam- town: Frosted. But, look on the bright side. ily secrets, one they had been keeping for At least Kwanza will be appreciated more... Photo: Sahil Pandya almost nine months now. Saint Nicholas

(Up to 10 pizzas pre-order only valid on Tuesday-pick up only)

(Up To 10 Pizzas Pre-Order Only Valid On Wednesday-Pick Up Only)

The Origami Voice!

By Kim Ngo Honestly, I’m happy to see you go out of your way to open to this page to read my article. I really appreciate it, but I just want you to know that you shouldn’t be intimidated by the other articles of the paper. But if reading about Healthcare and school sports is too difficult a task, I thought of some ways for you to use the paper so it doesn’t go to waste...

Top 10 New Years Resolutions By Shirley Lin and friends

1. Stop making Kanye-at-VMAS references. 2. Leave South Indians alone! 3. Act like you appreciate the news paper and visit at least once this year. Please! 4. Leave ASB alone!

9. Stop getting so many girls/guys (circle one, or two)

6. Quit your business behind Walgreens and get a real job.

10. Stop dressing babys in weird costumes; that includes top hats.

Lamentations of a Myspace Veteran Tom fades away, but not in my heart

By Neetu Puranikmath I remember the good ol’ days way back in the early 2000s. Man, everything was perfect then. Kanye was known for his music, Britney Spears hadn’t gone Screamo on us, and Myspace ruled Cyberspace. Everyone loved us. Myspace was the ultimate in-crowd. We had them all: Whites, Blacks, Yellow Asians, Brown Asians, Yellow Mexicans, Brown Mexicans, you name it. We had the diversity. We REPRESENTED. But as it is with many love tales, ours did not have a happy ending. After the b**tardization and birth of Facebook, things just started to go downhill. At first I didn’t even notice it. Maybe, a little less income, fewer fans online, smaller membership lists. The fans were still there though. I knew it deep down inside. Soon, Myspace would be able to make a bigger comeback than Justin Timberlake. However, the situation got worse instead of better. Facebook decided to install these things called “applications” and “games.” Soon people were raising cows and playing poker. Slowly,

The Ultimate Push-Up Bra – now that the cold season is coming up, its best to conserve all the tissue paper that you can. The Voice is much thicker than ordinary tissue paper. It’ll give you a good lift ;] Food- You can eat paper. Trust me.

Trevor Buswel before enhancement

8. Work on those pecs that have so much potential.

5. Tiger; refill prescription for Viagra.

Toilet Paper - If you’re not going to use The Voice for reading, might as well use it for something totally necessary. I mean who cares if you can’t read The Voice. It’s not like you can read toilet paper, right? Wrong.

A mat – You can use The Voice to meditate on and ponder about how much better everything would be if you were in control, especially of the newspaper.

7. Less laundry, more deodorant.

After The Voice Enhancement

my academically elite brothers and sisters left Myspace. Those nerds -- just because Facebook was started by some Harvard kid, they go running to join. Facebook, TIME magazine gushes, still maintains a “whiff of the Ivy League.” Who needs a whiff of the Ivy League when Myspace shows pictures of you having a whiff ? Now, people say hurtful things to me. They call Myspace the “internet ghetto!” I mean so what if each page gets corrupted with flowers and cheap plastic hearts as screensavers? Sometimes truths are not meant to be told. While the Facebook yuppies get interviewed in TIME and Newsweek, Perez Hilton asked me how my life “in the hood” has been and whether dumpster diving was helping me survive. Myspace is more than a place where friends post photos of their latest beer pong tournament. The next decade will be better than the last for Myspace. I just know it. ¬¬With an emo haircut taken from an awkward angle, Tom, the most popular guy on Myspace

Photos: Kim Ngo

Santa Claus Is(n’t) Coming to Town

Firewood- I know that the newspaper isn’t exactly wood, but it once was on a tree. And plus you know you like the pretty colors that burn when you light it. (Please don’t breathe in the flames. You might burn your nose. I suggest you breathe in Sharpie’s instead).

Voice 18.3  
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