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November 19th, 2009 Photo: Allison Martin-Mcbee

Choir Hits the High Notes An enthusiastic chorale performance in store for Christmas 2009 By Arjun Panda Irvington High School’s vocal music program is a very active, albeit lesser recognized activity that is part of Irvington’s extensive performing arts department. The vocal music program, which is composed of three choirs and several smaller groups, is separate from Irvington’s drama/musical program; however, there are several students who participate in both. Mrs. Jennifer Olson, the choir director, runs the entire vocal music program and organizes two major concerts and numerous smaller, community events throughout the school year.

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Sudden Mid-Quarter Schedule Changes Shock Students District overestimation of student body force administrators to cut several classes By Neetu Puranikmath Around 200 Irvington High school students were notified in midOctober that they would have new teachers, new classes and ultimately new schedules for the remainder of the school year. The class schedule change occurred due to the administration’s decision to cut two teacher’s worth of classes from all of Irvington’s new teachers which is the equivalent of ten individual periods as each teacher has five class periods and one prep. Irvington has ten new teachers and seven

of them were impacted in this decision. The Fremont Unified School District had overestimated the number of students in many of Fremont’s High Schools. For the 2009-2010 school year, they had estimated 2070 students would be enrolled in Irvington. However, October estimates of the student body -- based in part on Wednesday warm body counts -identified the school’s student body to be around 2010 to 2020 individuals. The district told site officials that

this 60-person discrepancy meant that there were too many classrooms open at Irvington. A higher teacher-to-student ratio translates into a loss of money for the district. The re-evaluation gave Irvington very few options: “let go” of two new teachers, cut one teacher and reduce five periods or cut the equivalent of ten periods from the pool of this year’s new teachers as well as last year’s new teachers. With Irvington already two months into the school year, the administrators decided

Love It?

By Sahil Pandya

Irvington High’s Varsity Gymnastics makes NCS

By Katherine Wang While Facebook is generally known as a social network, another aspect of Facebook is becoming increasingly popular: its games. That’s right. Facebook is home to a variety of games, from Texas Hold’em Poker to Mobsters 2, and they’re increasing in popularity at an exponential rate. I’ll admit it, I am absolutely obsessed with Facebook games, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone. In fact, 1.7 million people can be found on the five games created by the company Playfish, one of which is the very popular Farmville.

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By Shilpa Sharma Congratulations to Irvington High’s Gymnastics team. They are undefeated this season! They also are MVAL champions and took the title of JV All-Around, Varsity All-Around, and Varsity Elite All-Around. We stopped to ask them some questions.

1.      What challenges did the team face this season? “The biggest challenge this year was that we started really late in the season.  We almost didn’t have a team this year because we had lost our coach. We started working out with American High in mid September when we usually start in August, so we had to get in shape fast, and choreograph routines within three weeks before our first meet, against mission, our biggest rival.”

Photo: Nicole Furuta

As you sit there waiting for your eggplants to finish growing (they’re actually only 52 percent done), you really should ask yourself what you plan to do with those newly made crops. Sell them? Where? Yet you sit there telling your fictional avatar to harvest some more land. This is the typical scene in the new Facebook game, Farmville. Now categorized with others like Crazy Taxi, Cube Field and Texas Hold’em Poker, Farmville is shooting its way to the top. Although most of us are blinded by a love of social networking, these games are really just a huge waste of time. So how have these games become so popular?

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Gymnastics Leaps High

Facebook Games Hate It?

option three would be best. Most teachers simply had one class period cut and gained another prep period. The sole exception was Mr. Saltzman, a 9th grade College Prep and 11th grade College Prep teacher. As a part-time teacher with only two class periods, he was let go and no longer teaches at Irvington.

2.      Was this unexpected, or did you anticipate it (the challenges)? “We never thought that we would come so close to not having a team, especially because we are the top ranked team in the league.

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Photo: Neetu Puranikmath

CHOIR continued from page 1 The winter concert, one of the two large choir performances held in Valhalla, is on December 3rd. The event begins at 7 p.m. and is free for all audience members. The holidaythemed concert features an array of music from different cultures and time periods. Concert Choir, which is the entry level group, will be singing several songs, one of which is Christmas Kumbaya. Christmas Kumbaya is a smooth blend of the traditional African

With so much scheduled on their big day, it is understandable that members of the vocal music program are currently faced with a lot of stress and anxiousness regarding their performance, “It is a lot of work memorizing the lyrics, notes, dynamics, and all of the little things in the music which make it really special,” says senior Todd Kendrick, who is also the president of Choir Club, the concert organizing committee, “but all the work always pays off Photo: Allison Marin-Mcbee

The New Media Arts Academy Damaged rooms are now the site of Irvington’s own New Media Arts Academy By Xialshan Bao

folk song “Kumbaya” and a joyful Christmas chorus. The all-women’s chorus, the Treble Ensemble, has a repertoire of diverse holiday music, including pieces in Hebrew, German, and traditional English. The group many students know as the “Birthday-gram Deliverers”, the Chamber Chorale, will be performing an array of songs one of which is a spoken word arrangement simulating a football game. There will be performances by the Viking Jazz Ensemble and the female quartet Fresco Femme as well.

when the songs just fall in place. It seems like magic, but really it’s the hard work we put in.” Choir Club puts on bake sales as fundraisers and also helps decorate Valhalla prior to choir recitals. Many ensemble members are part of the club. In addition to the holiday concert, a couple of the ensembles will also be performing at the annual Warm Springs Tree Lighting on December 5th from 2 to 5pm, contributing to the day’s festivities. The entire choir and ensemble is looking forward to these events.

During the last school year, Room 84 and the art department’s storage room were severely damaged by a fire, and were closed off for the remainder of the school year. Instead of being restored to their pre-fire condition, Room 84 and the storage room have been remodeled into a spacious studio, classroom and computer lab for Irvington’s New Media Arts Academy (NMAA). Photography teacher Ms. Shiloh Burton has been managing the renovation. During the renovation, the wall between the art storage room and Room 84 was knocked down, and a set of large double doors was installed. Ms. Burton asked experts in the field of media arts to plan the new layout of the now joined rooms as per her vision of creating a studio. Today, one of the rooms is being prepared to be a “sound booth” for students to record audio for their media projects. The new studio’s shooting room and classroom complete with

a computer lab will be a place for students to learn how to edit podcasts, movies and animations. The fire occurred soon after Ms. Burton had moved $750 worth of lighting equipment into the art department’s storage room. Ms. Burton says that this was a huge loss, but she would like to recognize Athletic Director Mr. Jeff Fern and President of the Irvington High School Athletic Boosters Club Mrs. Michelle Stone for their generous donation of $750 to the photography department for the purchase of new equipment. Irvington High School has established the NMAA in order to prepare students in grades 10 to 12 for future careers in “New Media”, which centers around digital media, while maintaining a fine arts emphasis. New Media also incorporates broadcasting and the internet. Ms. Burton says, “The NMAA is a small school model

that emphasizes project-based learning that leverages students’ interest. This means that NMAA students will make podcasts about history, animations for biology and movies for English.” Opportunities like this are just one way Irvington High’s expanded, extensive Arts program strives to differentiate itself from its peers and its competition. A branch of CCA, the NMAA has 60 students this year, but hopes to have 90 students by next year. NMAA was set up as part of the California Partnership Academies grant from the Department of Education. NMAA is part of the Irvington’s new wave of career oriented programs. Students now have a choice between joining CCA, NMAA, SHAPE (a healthrelated pathway), or a technology pathway. NMAA will open its doors to students beginning second semester in the 2009-2010 school year.

Richmond High Rape Offenders Arrested, Awaiting Charges Rape of Richmond High student opens the public’s eyes about safety By David Lo On October 24th, a fifteen year old girl was raped at Richmond High’s homecoming dance. The girl reportedly left the school dance early to go drinking with her friends, but was accosted by a group of men who assaulted and raped her. A large group of people was said to have been laughing and taking pictures during the rape. Police say as many as twenty people were connected to the brutal event. Doctors say that the victim is in a stable condition and is currently recovering from emotional and physical trauma. Due to privacy issues, the hospital is unable to release any solid information on the victim’s condition. The police have arrested six individuals connected to the rape. Four of them are being tried as adults and if convicted could receive life sentences. Jose Carlos Montano, 18; Manuel Ortega, 19; Ari Abdallah Morales, 16; and Marcelles James Peter, 17 are

expected to appear in court some time this month. In order to prevent this from happening again, Richmond High plans to increase security by installing new lighting. According to Superintendent Bruce Harter, the school will be receiving security cameras and will begin a fencing project as well. Measures have also been taken to make dances safer.

The rape at Richmond has awakened the public to the conditions of their community. In order to take extra precautions, the city of Richmond and the Richmond school district are working to raise enough money to fund the security plans that Richmond High has proposed. If the funding is granted in a timely manner, these plans will go into effect on Saturday, November 7th.

November 2009


Photo: Selina Mahesri

Ms. Snell is a new English teacher who teaches English 10 Honors and College Prep English 12. Ms. Snell’s 2nd period class of 12th grade College Prep English was one of the impacted periods. Her classroom of 28 seniors was moved into other college prep English classes taught by Ms. Jiminez, Mr. Rodocker and Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips, after receiving 23 new students, said, “It’s very frustrating for both the students and myself to switch up classes and teachers near the end of the first quarter. Some students will be re-reading books such as Hamlet. All of my new students missed my earlier lessons and will be at a disadvantage for the rest of the semester.” Senior Sarina Rao said

of the decision, “I didn’t even know about it until a couple of days before I got my schedule.” While the new teachers now have two preps instead of one, most are not rejoicing as their pay also got cut along with their workload. The impacted teachers lost approximately 20 percent of their annual salary. Most seniors had mixed opinions regarding the decision. Many who were used to their classrooms and had friends in their classes were resentful. One student who wished to remain anonymous said, “It doesn’t seem fair that they put us in one class, expect us to sit there, and they just, like [sic] randomly remove us out. Couldn’t they have done it earlier?” Other seniors were

optimistic that moving classrooms would allow them to get out of a class they disliked or start anew on their grades. Perhaps, they got lucky when switching out of a certain teacher’s class, but there is no such “starting over” regarding their grades. Their grades received for the majority of the first quarter will be averaged with their grades in their new teacher’s classroom. For example, if someone has a 60 percent in Class 1 and got an 80 percent in Class 2, then his average grade would be 70 percent. Class disruption was kept to a minimum. Complete changes from one discipline to another were rare. For example, if students were in a nonHonors English class, they were transferred to a non-Honors English class. Only in the cases of electives such as Art were students sometimes shuffled between two entirely different classes. This is the first time in Irvington High School history that such a widespread schedule change has occurred so late in the school year. Schedule changes usually stop after the third week of September and rarely occur afterwards. It is unclear whether these unprecedented events will be repeated in the future. New teachers at Irvington are just a few of the many people hoping that warm body counts will be more accurate in 2010.

Cartoon: Shirley Lin

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Class of 2009 Overspent $4,000 Current seniors remember last year’s mistakes By Shirley Lin This year, ASB received a bill for the bus fares for the senior picnic last year. The bills were not sent until after the seniors graduated. While the tickets for the picnic at Raging Waters were paid for, the bus fares were not. Normally, each class raises enough money to last them for their four years at high school. Any remaining money would then be split four-ways between the four upcoming classes. ASB tries to keep it so that each class spends only what they have.  “The seniors last year had many fund raisers and thought they had additional money to spend,” ASB advisor Ms. Palos said, “they thought that all bills relating to the picnic had been taken care of and done

China, India Smackdown Border disputes cause tension between the two governments Photo:

By Quess Liu

In September, large Chinese and Indian armies were deployed to a stretch of Himalayan Mountains. Although all-out war has not yet been declared, this border has been the cause of major dispute. China insists that the region is part of Tibet, while India believes that the area should be part of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. The current conflict may have been caused by the tensions resulting from a brief 1962 war in which China rapidly captured a large stretch of disputed land. Throughout the conflict, the United States has had difficulty remaining neutral because of the extensive ties to both countries. China owns a majority of the United States’ multi-trillion dollar debt and many American businesses are tied to its economy. However, the US receives many military contracts from India and has recently signed a nuclear-power agreement. The world’s two most populous countries have clashed

throughout history. This past year, the conflict has gotten much worse. When India allowed the Dalai Lama, a spiritual leader, to journey to Tawang, a Tibetan border town, the Chinese were enraged. In response, they used their economic influence to block a $2.9 billion loan to India intended for a water project in Tawang. India then stopped China from building a multibillion dollar power plant near their border. Reminiscent of the Russia-US Cold War of the 1950s, this conflict has been criticized globally. Many believe China, the world’s emerging superpower, is power hungry and eager to exert its dominance in Asia. China’s extensive highways and railroads allow it to transport its armies quickly. India’s government, on the other hand, has been criticized for being chaotic. India, what was once Asia’s dominant power is now being over-shadowed by China, whose economy is more than double of its size and still growing.

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with...So, the remaining money was spent on their senior ball.” The seniors overspent $4,700. Some things the Class of 2009 spent money on were a rap performance, a tattoo booth, and a photo booth. As a result, the current ASB now has $5,000 less to spend on the student body. Now ASB will have to spend less on rallies, dance decorations and lunch blowouts. The only way for ASB to slowly regain their funds is by selling Viking Vendor clothes, dance tickets and ASB stickers. This year, the senior class’s picnic fund account is separate from the class account to make sure the overspending will not happen again. Seniors can only hope that this mistake will not be repeated.

Opinions 4 | The Voice 18.2

Science Over Nudity?

Should TV stations be allowed to broadcast nudity to alert the public of breast cancer self-exams By Albert Chin Nudity is a very controversial topic in today’s society, especially in the case of parenting. Many parents feel that children and teenagers should not be exposed to any nudity at any cost. Scientists argued that in order to give an accurate lesson on how to perform breast cancer self-examinations, they needed to broadcast a live, nude woman. There was much debate over whether the TV station should’ve been allowed to broadcast this. What do I say? I think that it is perfectly fine for nudity to be broadcasted on television as long as it has a good, scientific


“Going Green” starts better habits, but doesn’t necessarily give us a better world By Selina Mahesri

I work under the light of energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs. I drive a car running on biodiesel. I recycle and compost what I can. Then, why does it still feel like I’m not doing enough? The Green Movement has reached a point where consumers have acknowledged the need to lead different lives, but will buying “eco-friendly” products really avert global warming? The original reason our earth has entered a state of “crisis” is due to the effects of dangerously high rates of consumerism. The Green Movement has turned into a different brand of consumerism, defeating its initial purpose altogether. Spending bucketloads of money on a new car or on a pair of jeans made from organic cotton won’t relieve us of carbon emissions or excessive oil drilling. Telling people to consume more

as a method to reduce their impact on the environment is

not only ridiculous, but contradictory to the entire meaning of preserving our planet. The purpose of the movement has been misconstrued as a profitmaking tactic for companies to sell their “green” products. No doubt, our change in lifestyle toward the greener side is excellent, but our efforts are heading down the same route as bell-bottom pants and mullets. At the individual level, the principle we should live by is to use less and not buy more expensive eco-friendly things. There is no action, small or big, that won’t make a difference. Instead of spending more to do less to the environment, vote for policies you believe in and politically shut down the plants and factories that function under less than satisfactory conditions for our planet. In the end, the biggest decisions are left to our world leaders and politicians.

purpose behind it. Broadcasting to people to help raise breast cancer awareness, for example, would be a legitimate reason to broadcast nudity.

Photo: Selina Mahesri

Many parents argue that exposing children and teenagers to nudity will influence them badly, but do the cons really outweigh the pros? Would you rather have your daughter subject to a higher risk of breast cancer, or would you rather have her see a little bit of nudity on television to be aware of it? Clearly, the better decision would be to let her learn about breast cancer by watchi n g the nude woman. These days with use the internet, it is extremely easy for teenagers to be exposed to nudity either b y acci-

about seeing it in the first place. The bot- tom line is that teenage r s will find some way to see n u dity if they want to, but they most likely won’t be searching up breast canc e r self-exams on their own time. Still, there a r e people who will ar- g u e that while they be- l i e v e teenagers are mature enough to see nudity, young children should not be exposed to it. However, if a television station is broadcasting a breast cancer awareness program with a nude woman showing how to do breast cancer s e l f exams, their audience is direct- e d at teenagers. If a young boy or girl happens to see, chances are they either do not care about or do not understand nudity yet. Evidently, the pros easily outweigh the cons of broadcasting nudity on television, and I don’t see why it should be so heavily restricted.

dent or by searching online. Do you really believe that restricting television is going to stop your child from seeing nudity? And chances are they wouldn’t care

Cartoon: Shirley Lin

How to Write a College Application Essay

It’s that time of year when college applications are the only things on our minds By Justine Yan

Hi, s e n i o r. First of all, if you’re r e a d ing this, you’re doing it all wrong. Y o u probably haven’t started on the you-know-what’s, and you’re probably assuming that this column will help you. I am not an advice columnist and these 400 words will

not give you the tips you’ll need to get into an Ivy League college. So stop reading right now if it matters to you that much. I’ve about had it with all the “personal statement workshops” and “essay coaches.” I might blow up (or even throw up) if another person updates me on his or her Stanford supplement topic or Common Application essay theme. I really don’t care. But if you’d like, tell me about your weekend. Tell me about visits to Chinatown or the beach. Tell me about a book you finished on Sunday, when you could have been studying for the

test you bombed Monday morning. Tell me about the epiphany you had about gentrification, globalization, music, poetry and the meaning of love. Tell me about anything except college. We all know that is on our minds. But why live right now for next year? You might say, “Why so critical?! Don’t you do it too?” And my answer is: yes, in fact, I do. I’m also guilty of sitting at my desk, spending hours shaping and reshaping my college application essays like a potter at a wheel with a whole block of clay. Yes, let’s call this clay “inspiration”. By the time it’s been molded and

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by making a painting, drawing, poem, or story. Preserve yourself first. Maybe, spend a day just feeling blessed. Smile a little wider, walk a little lighter, and treat yourself a little bit better. Then sit down at your wheel – fine, your desk – and push and pull and manipulate that chunk of clay until you’ve got a spankin’ essay. But then again, those deadlines are coming up, so maybe you don’t have enough time to go through that whole long process. Oh man, oh man. Lots of luck being sent your way. Photo: Justine Yan

VOICE STAFF 2009-2010

Advisor Matthew Phillips


remolded by your hands, it will be cracked and dry. But maybe you’ll have a good pot by then. I agree that you should not start with statistics and work from there. That is not my advice to you (since when was I an advice columnist?). Your essay would be terrible. But true inspiration – the type that comes privately and makes you feel like something special shouldn’t be immediately transformed or perfectly packaged into an essay marketing your strengths and talents before you’ve had a time to soak it all in. That’s robbing yourself, I think. So the advice here: start


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Should there be salary caps in baseball? Absence of salary caps in baseball makes America’s favorite game unfair and expensive

Hats should be the only caps in baseball

By Sahil Pandya

By Shajee-Syed Quadri


teams only have a certain amount of money to expend on contracts. After that, the money goes into things like building a new stadium, a burden that the already rich Yankees have placed on taxpayers, charging over 25 million dollars in taxes to pay for their new playing grounds. In addition to the economic detriments, the lack of a salary cap system reduces the quality of the game. The less money a team has, the less likely they are to spend on shaping up new players in the minor league knowing that each minor league player will only have a couple years with the franchise before being bought out by another team. Salary caps motivate teams to develop sustainable ability, to make players better over the years, and to develop a team that will maintain superiority for a longer period of time. Do you think that it is fair that teams like the New York Yankees— who have participated in 40 of the 105 total World Series Championships—and the Philadelphia Phillies—both of which were the World Series contenders in 2009—have over 200 million dollars in player contracts while other teams don’t even have 50 million? Of course not! If we want “America’s favorite past-time” to stay that way and not turn into “Pros vs. Joes: the Yankees vs. the MLB,” it is important that a salary cap be placed in the league. After all, we all want cheaper tickets, right?

A Shot of Disaster

Will the government really take it that far? By Xiaoshan Bao Hemagglutinin 1 and neur- aminidase 1 (H1N1), m o r e commonly known a s swine flu, is curr e n t l y a major global epid e m i c since its outbreak in late April of this year. The number of deaths has jumped from 636 to 4,175, according to the World Health Organization on November 3rd. Flu activity is now widespread in 48 states, and swine flu has claimed t h e lives of 95 child r e n in the US alone as of October 23rd. Y o u have probably heard of the new vaccine that has been produced by the government, but what you probably don’t know is that with it are unpleasant side effects. The US government could force students in schools to receive the vaccine. Workers at some individual and state hospitals and private health chains in New York have already been given an ultimatum: get the vaccine or lose their job. Is it really fair for the government to give us no choice? Well, of course not. It’s definitely not right for the government to take away our freedom; this is America. A forced vaccine is going against what the government is supposed to be doing. Instead

of spending money to get us out of this economic depression, the government is spending money on a “vaccine” that could potentially cause more sickness, all while taking away our right to freedom of choice. I’m definitely not getting a vaccine either way. There are way too many risks and uncertain possibilities that the vaccine could cause. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccine shouldn’t be given to people who have allergies to eggs or chicken protein. The vaccines may also have cancer-causing agents. Apparently the vaccine should be given to children six months and older, but parents are not supposed to feed their baby any eggs until the baby is one year or older. Therefore, it would be disastrous if an eightmonth-old child received the vac- cine and became severely sick because she/ he is allergic to eggs. However, I can understand why the government advises us all to receive a vaccination. Still, I don’t think that is enough incentive to take away our choice of whether to take the vaccine or not. It’s a free country, and it’s important to make sure the government doesn’t forget it. Photo: Xiaoshan Bao

Major League Baseball has always been an advocate for strong capitalism. The act of adding a salary cap to baseball would kill this idea of emphasis on free markets where talent can price itself to its highest potential. The frequently used argument that the addition of a salary cap would cause a more even distribution of talent across the league is absurd. Despite the fact that the MLB has no salary cap, there is no one dominant team. In the last seven seasons, seven different teams have won the World Series. Since 1995, 26 of the 30 major league teams have reached the playoffs. Just look at the NBA and the NFL. They are leagues that have salary caps, where teams are only allowed to spend a fixed amount of money. Yet they have “dominant” teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots. Obviously, there are other factors in play, namely team culture, strong management and coaching that help teams win against all odds. Therefore, it is clear that suc- c e s s isn’t guaranteed on money alone. Leagues with salary caps have not necessarily been doing any better than the uncapped MLB. The NBA and NFL haven’t been as successful as the MLB in terms of drawing viewers. Game five of this year’s World Series between the Yankees and Phillies almost set a record for most viewers in Fox channel history. This is even with the Yankees being heavily favored to win. With the expectation of the Yankees to be the champions, you would expect fewer viewers to tune in, yet viewing records were set despite this bad economy.

Extra revenues made that should have been spent on quality players would probably end up being pocketed by the owner; however, the uncapped system encourages owners to spend money on their team rather than keep it for themselves. And when you can freely increase the salary of players without having to worry about the repercussions, teams will increase the risks they take, thus creating more excitement for the game. The fact of the matter is that a salary cap would reduce financial incentives to improve, innovate, and succeed. Capping the league will cause teams to shy away from taking those big risks or making that big splash in the free agent market, making the league more sedate. Players will feel less motivated to put in the time and effort to improve their batting or pitching when they know that their salary will be fixed, and this could cause a steep drop in the quality of baseball games. So with the success of having an uncapped league, why change what doesn’t need to be fixed?


We all know America’s favorite past-time to be the sport where stealing isn’t illegal and numerous stadium songs bring people from all over the country together for three minutes, after which they go back to fighting over the beers and garlic fries. However, something most people aren’t aware of is the real controversy in baseball. In almost every major league sport, including football and soccer, salary caps and team payrolls put restrictions on the amount of money teams can use to pay for players’ contracts. Despite this, baseball seems to bypass the rules, not imposing any such restrictions on its teams. When teams like the New York Yankees have over 200 million dollars to spend on players’ contracts, where do you think that money comes from? From our pockets. Most of the money spent on acquiring players comes from the revenues that a team makes from ticket sales. That means that the more they spend on players for you to watch, the more you spend on tickets to watch them. However, with a salary cap that changes. Ticket prices wouldn’t fluctuate as much because of the fact that

Cartoon: Shirley Lin


6 | The Voice 18.2


shoes and jamz_____________ By Arjun Panda

Shoe trends reflect how the music culture shows us how to be cool

James Dean, the rebel without a cause, the stormy hunk, stood against a stark brick wall with a mean scowl on his face. Shirt half off, he consciously (and successfully) rocks the

look that enthralled so many young ladies of the 1950’s. Look further, past the old school denim jeans, you’ll see something very familiar: Converse sneakers. Until then, the now classic

“Chuck Taylor” style converse shoes were generally confined to the sporting world. In the 1920’s, the sparsely soled sneakers were top of the line basketball shoes, named after player Chuck Taylor. But in the 1950’s, all sorts of music and sub culture groups were embracing the high topped Chucks, most notably the greasers (James Dean-esque characters) and rockabilly bands. Ever since, we’ve associated them with punk bands, skaters, and rebels, and will continue to do so. But to Bay kids, Vans and Chucks will always hint at a little jerk here and a little hyphy there. Goes to show how much influence music has on style, especially on our beloved foot wear. Hip hop artists in particular brag about their kicks, sneaks, timmies, fresh hi-tops, ayejays, snickerdoodles; the list goes on. And yes, I made up that last one while writing this, but if Snoop Dog happens to drop a line with reference to “snickerdoodles” in one of his super “G” songs, it may just catch on. Consider the nickname “ice creams,” donned by Pharell in reference to white shoes. It doesn’t make too much sense, but he’s a rapper, and the general consensus is that we’re not as cool as him. Thus, we embraced it, and occasionally use it when the moment is right. But sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if we (or they) just take it too far, as portrayed by the flamboyant high tops splayed with astro colors and explosive swaggggg. But way before Kanye was rockin’ the Nike Air Yeezys, the cowboy boot was the O.G. of high tops. Designed to shield the ankles from thorns, snakes, brush, and haters, the cowboy boot is still the epitome of cool to lots of people; but when the non-country music listener’s exposure to the culture reaches only as far as Jessica Simpson’s version of “These Boots Were Made for Walkin’,” it’s no wonder why so many country music enthusiasts feel misunderstood. The cowboy boots, however, are more common to most than some of the footwear of smaller subcultures. Laced up, studded, armed-forces looking shoes might reflect the music of a hardcore group of people akin to characters from Metalocalypse (or spunky anime characters, if you happen to go to Irvington,) and moccasins with the stylish hipster elite. But in the end, asking a member of any culture, whether it be punk rock, country, or hip hop, you will hear a common voicing: the shoes don’t make the character or music; the character makes the shoes. Yeah, yeah, everyone knows its all about whats on the inside, but a pair of fresh kicks and a bomber jacket does go a long way in making us look super cool, which of course is all that matters in high school, right?

Kickin’ It Green_____ By Dion Wu

A Greener World Brings Greener...Shoes? Forget your Nikes and Vans and start sporting the newest line of “green” shoes. (And

yes, they come in every color.) As the rest of the world moves to create greener technology by finding means to save resources, the shoe industry is following suit. Well known shoe retailers such as Timberland and Birkenstock are coming out with new lines of “green” shoes – shoes that are made from recycled goods. Such materials include wool, which provides the warmth for your feet; bamboo, which actually wards off smelly odors; and car tires, which give the shoe flexibility. Other materials include plastic bottles, recycled inner tubes, corks, and even coconut! With the abundance of materials available, the question still begs: What kind of shoes can you actually make with these materials? Surprisingly, there is a wide range of green footwear, from open toed shoes to hiking boots, casual wear to formal attire. Green shoe companies such as Simple Shoes and Rocket Dog report that their range of shoes rival most top name companies. Green shoes are currently new in the industry, and thus are a bit more costly than your regular footwear. Prices range from $50 to $300, depending on the type of shoe you purchase. They are definitely affordable, albeit substantially more expensive than what you’re used to. However, you will find that a majority of the shoes, especially the ones made from wool, are very comfortable. You can order online from manufacturing companies, such as Simple Shoes, or browse online at popular green shoe forums such as Not only can this new industry generate money, but it also does its part in shaping our world for the better. Car tires that would normally be left to rot in landfills are now being used in materials that would otherwise be made from non-recyclable goods. Hopefully, the green shoe industry can use its prosperity as a precedent for other industries in a collaborative effort to slowly move our world in the right direction – the greener direction.

In Shoe Biz _______ How shoes are more profitable than you think

By Katherine Wang

You might not realize, but shoes are actually a very profitable business. In fact, the gross margin (the profit) of the average shoe retail store is over 40%, several times higher than other businesses such as gas stations and supermarkets. That means for every shoe you make, you make 40% more money than that of which you spent to make it. Not bad. Just take a look at popular brands. Nike earned over 18 billion dollars last year with a net profit of over a billion, and Adidas also pulls in around 10 billion dollars yearly. And it’s not just the sports brands that are thriving in the business. ECCO, which manufactures a wide range of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes, including more formal footwear, also earns around 5 million dollars per year, and Vans, a popular brand among teens, has a yearly revenue of over 800 million. cause shoes are part of our daily lives. It’s something just about everyone wears and takes for granted. They have also become a core part of fashion, and certain brands are rising above others, Converse, Nike, and Vans among them, to be the most popular and fashionable. Whether you care about shoes or not, one thing’s for sure. Shoes are no little things. In fact, they are a huge industry in themselves. Who knew?

IHS Shoe Poll:

A total of 221 students were surveyed asking to choose what type of shoe they wear the most often. Boots


Basketball Shoes




Skateboarding Shoes Running Shoes



The Legit Check____

By Anooj Desai

How to avoid being laughed at for buying whack kicks

Fakes aren’t fresh, but some shoe makers don’t seem to realize that. There are two types of fakes: the type that claims they are the real thing (which is illegal) and the type that just copies a design or style. Countless websites claim to sell authentic shoes when in reality, they sell illegally made replicas of the original. However, stores like Wal-Mart and Payless often legally copy the general design or shape of a shoe and sell them for less. Shoe molds are often stolen from companies like Nike and used in illegal factories found in China, Turkey, and other countries to produce fake shoes. They fly under the radar by using names like “factory variant” to confuse the general public between what is real and what is fake. These shoes are almost always sold online so it’s hard to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate websites, but there are a few ways to tell whether or not you’re being ripped off for your kicks.

Tips on how to avoid buying fake shoes:

1. A large majority of shoe color schemes found in fakes are not provided by the real companies, so watch out for colors that look too suspicious. 2. The material quality for fake shoes is always worse than the real thing, so cheap looking fabrics are a good indicator. 3. Fake shoe companies often loosely base their own shoe model using the design of the original as a template, so make sure the design your buying matches the ones already in existence. 4. You can tell a lot about a shoe from the box it is in. If the box doesn’t look like the original, the shoe probably isn’t either. 5. A deal that is too good to be true is just that! Don’t convince yourself that you stumbled onto some secret online sale… because you didn’t.

How to identify shoe remakes (and whether or not your should buy them): 1. No, Wal-Mart does not sell real Vans shoes, so stop telling your friends it does. 2. Remakes are not fakes, they are just copies of another companies designs. Therefore, avoid fakes, but it might be worth invested. Even though they may not be the real deal, they can save you anywhere from ten to thirty dollars off the original shoe price. 3. However, remakes tend to be a lot cheaper in the overall quality, so they tend to break down a lot faster and often prove to be uncomfortable 4. Consider your purposes before deciding between a remake and the original deal. Remakes are cheaper but the real shoes have a longer lifespan.

Coming across fake shoes is inevitable, especially when buying from online vendors. Even though the low prices might be attractive, you may not be getting your money’s worth. Be especially careful when buying shoes from popular brands such as Nike, Air Jordan, Vans, and Converse because they tend to come up the most frequently on illegitimate websites. If you consider buying shoes from websites you have not heard of, make sure you research it before hand. For more popular shoes, people often post “legit checks” that show differences between the real and fake shoe through pictures. Follow these tips and you can avoid a faux shoe faux pas.

Did You Know:

There wasn’t a left or right shoe before the 19th century, forcing people to wear identical shoes on both feet

November 2009 | 7



Shoes Around the World____________ By Quess Liu

A glimpse of what the world wears on their feet

Native Americans:


Clogs are traditionally associated with the Scandinavian countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden. They are predominantly made of wood and may have steel reinforcements. These properties contribute to the signature “clack” against the ground when walking. Modern clogs are made of plastic, leather, or cloth and were part of a fashion trend in the 70s and 80s.

Moccasins are shoes made of deerskin or some other soft, flexible leather stitched together at the top. This design protects the foot while allowing the wearer to “feel the ground.” The shoe is often decorated with embroidery or beading. Traditionally, they are associated with Native American tribes in North America. Boot

Northern Africa: Japan:

These shoes are typically worn by the Imazighen people of southeastern Morocco in the Sahara. These sandals are handmade from traditionally processed genuine leather, handcut soles from car tire for long durability and resistance of the harsh and dry Saharan landscapes. These shoes can be strapped to the feet and are airy for comfortable wear.

The geta is a traditional Japanese shoe, characterized by a cloth thong and two “teeth” underneath the wooden clog. It was originally designed to keep feet dry due to the elevation above the ground. It is often worn with traditional Japanese kimono and makes a distinct “clacking” sound when the wearer walks.


Originally developed as soft spa shoes, crocs are now a global phenomenon. They are made of foam resin, which naturally adjusts to cushion the wearer’s feet. Comfortable and cheap, crocs are extremely popular in the United States as well as Asia.


Caligae are heavy-soled military sandals worn by legionary soldiers throughout the history of the Roman Republic. They are modified from traditional Greek sandals and are made of leather laced up on top of the ankle. Iron hobnails are also hammered into the sole to provide durability and Photos:, flickr. com,,,, freefoto. com

Did You Know:

The most expensive pair of shoes was designed by Stuart Weitzman, who charged 3 million dollars for his satin open toe stilettos.

Wear Shoes that Save Soles_____ By Karishma Patel

How to help others by buying shoes

Imagine walking around barefoot, feeling the broken glass crunching under your feet. This is reality for millions of children around the world who can’t afford a pair of shoes. Here are two companies who do their part to make a difference. TOMS, a brand representing “The Shoes for Tomorrow Project,” was created by Blake Mycoskie for one simple reason: to help children without shoes. To achieve Mycoskie’s goal of helping children in need of shoes, his company has pledged to donate a pair of TOMS to a child in need for every pair purchased. So far, over 150,000 children have been blessed with a pair of shoes from this organization. These shoes may be bought online at To get involved with this non-profit organization, you can purchase a pair of shoes (or two), or even work as a summer intern in Santa Monica, California. For more information on the summer intern visit their website at Nike also did its part in giving back. It created a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes known as the Nike SB “Charity Dunk.” The shoe modeled the colors of eBay and used eBay font the Nike label. This pair of shoes was up for auction on eBay to help raise money for the Tim Brauch Foundation and Skaters for Portland Skateparks. An anonymous buyer purchased this pair for $30,000. All the proceeds from the sale of the shoe went to help create safer skate parks in Portland, Oregon. Whether or not you’re an established shoe company, there are many different ways you can use shoes to give back. One way is to organize a shoe drive and collect outgrown or outdated shoes for underprivelaged children. You can also donate your time and effort into promoting special programs such as Soles 4 Souls, a charity to help provide shoes for those in need. Just be creative and you can use something so taken for granted, like shoes, to help others out one step at a time.


Did You Know:


Did You Know Shoes Facts

By Divya Gowthaman *Queen Marie Antoinette had 500 pairs of shoes. One of her servants was especially hired to catalog her shoes by color, date, and style. *Imelda R. Marcos, a public figure in the Philippines, won a Guiness World Record for owning the most pairs of shoes. She owned exactly 2,700 pairs of shoes. *The average American woman owns 27 pairs of shoes, while the average American man owns 17 pairs.


Did You Know:

The world’s largest shoe was created in 2002 by Ernesto Leano in Marikina City, Philippines, widely known for its massive shoe industry. It was measured to be 18 feet long and 9 feet wide. About thirty people could step into the shoe at the same time. The shoe was created to break the previous world record.

ntertainment Photos: Raji Ramanathan


8 | The Voice 18.2

How to Shop Smart on Black Friday

By Ramya Kaushik

Pick it up and go

You don’t have time to think about what you buy. That’s why I advise you to buy it. You can always return it later.


Long not


Memorize the map of the mall

It’s important to know the mall you are going to and the stores inside it. If you are being adventurous and trying a new mall, print out a map of the mall ahead of time and highlight the shops you want to go to.

lines worth

are it 3

If there is a line exiting out the door or has more than 40 people, move on.


Avoid dressing rooms

Make a mental note of your general sizes in pants, shirts and skirts. This will save you time from having to try things on.

Make a schedule 5

Keep a self timer in your head, so you can stay on schedule and not miss a store.


Collect Coupons

Upon the arrival of Black Friday, stores will be sending you coupons. Don’t throw them away at first glance; keep them even if you think you won’t go to the store. Photos: Ramya Kaushik, Raji Ramanathan


By Katherine Wang Just five games can attract a number of people equivalent to twice the number of people living in San Francisco every day! Even more shocking? Playfish has 22 million players who spend 2 billion minutes or approximately 555 or 556 hours on Playfish games every month. And that’s not even counting the people on the hundreds of other games found on the site. Facebook games definitely hold a place in people’s hearts – and their time. Those who haven’t been swept away by the Facebook game craze might wonder why they’re so popular. The answer is really quite simple. They’re addicting – really addicting. Anyone who has spent countless hours collecting ingredients on Restaurant City or training fish on Fish Bowl can testify to it. No matter how simple the games sound,

An Adventure through Middle Earth

Irvington conservatory theatre presents its fall production: The Hobbit By Divya Gowthaman The Hobbit started off with a bang on its opening night as many Irvington students and parents came to watch the play, a version of the acclaimed novel by J.R.R. Tolkien. As an ardent reader of the Tolkien books, I was excited to see the IHS Conservatory Theatre’s interpretation, and I am glad to say that I was not disappointed. The play explores the story of Bilbo Baggins, a conventional hobbit who is called upon by the great wizard, Gandalf, to assist a company of dwarves . On his quest to recover treasure from a ferocious dragon called Smaug, Bilbo transforms from a conservative hobbit to an unexpected hero and triumphs in the face of evil. Senior Allison D’Ambrosio played the lead role as Bilbo Baggins and stayed true to the character. With her prominent face expressions, especially her reactions to the dwarves as they entered Bilbo’s home, Allison essayed the role of Bilbo perfectly. Gandalf, with his colorful, lit-up staff, was

played by senior Nicole Mitchell, who added her own unique twist to the timeless character. The dwarves were another commendable aspect of the play altogether. The audience laughed along with the dwarves’ hilarious antics, especially Bombur, played by junior Natalie Edelman, whose sole concern was to attain food and fill his hungry stomach. In fact, the Hobbit was a debut performance for many of the actors. I was dismayed to see that a considerable amount of the novel that I had looked forward to seeing was cut out of the second half of the play. Bilbo and the dwarves’ encounter with the Wargs and the Lord of the Eagles was edited out along with the character of Beorn, the shape shifter. Even without these events, the second half dragged on. However, the audience was too preoccupied because they received a startling surprise. Smaug had been recre-

Facebook Games Either love it or hate it Continued from Page 1 they can quickly get interesting – and extremely hard to quit. Another reason is the great variety. Whether you’re more interested in gambling, answering trivia, or roleplaying as a Harry Potter character, there’s a game for each and every one of you on Facebook. Want to learn new words? Play Word Challenge. Like arcade games? There’s an app for that. The variety of games allows people with all different interests to find the right game for them. Why play Facebook games? They are fun, addicting and the perfect way to kill time on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Sometimes, you might even gain some skills out of it! But, consider this your warning. You might start out playing it only on the weekends but quickly find that you’re playing even when you have a major test the following morning. After all, you just can’t get enough of those Facebook games.


e it?

Love it?

In Crazy Taxi, we all find ourselves mesmerized by the fact that such a heavy car can jump almost naturally over every car in its path solely with the push of the space button. There are even sound effects! And so we all sit there for hours trying to beat our best friend’s high score. This same story applies to almost every other Facebook game there is. None of us have ever been so thrilled to see an abundance of notifications come up telling us that “Your friend Joe Schmo has just harvested tomatoes! Join him in Farmville today!” Is this where we want our society to go? Is this what we want the next pioneer generation of America to be rooted in? Online time-wasters? According to, the average time spent on Facebook in June of 2009 by 12-18 year olds was four hours. In a world where studies prove that children need 6-8 hours of sleep a

ated with special effects of a fog machine, fire and much more. I was excited to see the immense dragon that must have required many strenuous hours by the crew to build. The makeup and costumes for the actors, especially Gollum, played by Mission San Jose sophomore Ian Kreeger, were also elaborate and impressive. I have to conclude that this is one of the more noteworthy plays by the Irvington Conservatory Theatre that I have attended. The cast displayed a laudable and praiseworthy performance. Even though Allison wasn’t able to pull off the drapes covering the dragon in one scene, she moved on and continued with her part, ignoring the minor setback. “We were extremely nervous, but also confident,” said Allison, “As a result, we had a great performance by the cast.” Make sure to catch a show of The Hobbit, as its cast and crew adequately portray Bilbo and the dwarves’ remarkable journey through Middle Earth. By Sahil Pandya night, where academic levels are constantly increasing, and where nutrition habits have become incessantly more important, we spend hours a day on one website. Not only does this affect our academic careers and the way we perform in school, but it contributes to the change in lifestyle that America has seen since the introduction of these games. Instead of working on that homework that was due yesterday, the common teenager will be seen messaging their new found friend, “It’s your turn to bet, idiot.” The moral of the story is, if you have a problem with the hours of sleep you get in the day, if you have a problem with the time it takes you to do your homework, if you have a problem with your nutritional habits, don’t blame others—save yourself some time in the day and stop playing mindless Facebook games.

Say What?

Many surprising things our teachers did before they became a teacher By Raji Ramanathan

ENGLISH DEPARTMENT: Ms. Cohen bartender, real estate agent Mr. Breiger cannery worker, U.S. Post office, Little League umpire Ms. O’Connor See’s Candy, cashier in a movie theater, actor in plays/T.V. shows Mr. Rodocker advertising agenc y, s t a y - a t - h o m e d a d




Mr. Lee sold hot dogs (high school) Mr. Pierce Burger King, Taco Bell, Longs Drugs (high school) Dr. Zimmerman Stanford staff research associate, assistant professor at Clarkson

Mr. Wu Disney a c t o r, tour g u i d e f o r D i s n e y Wo r l d

Mr. Lewis radio disc jockey Mr. Willer swimming teacher (high school) Ms. Holmberg designer of The San Francisco Chronicle, designer of the Daily Variety Ms. Parker waitress/chef at The Blue Mango Restaurant (college)

Mr. Kumar biophysisics scientist (inventor)

Ms. Rothfuss h o u s e






Ms. Bragg b a r t e n d e r,


Mr. Leinweber f i r e

m a r s h a l l


Mr. Chan b i o t e c h n o l o g i s t Ms. Vila computer programmer for Mermox, gift shop business in Taiwan, house-wife Ms. McAuley camp counselor, veterinary assistant, receptionist Mr. Gomez arcade worker,


November 2009 | 9




What’s in store for your future? By Kim Ngo

Taurus Apr. 20 - May 20

Virgo Aug. 23 - Sept. 22

It’s been prevalent that you’ve been interested in that special someone for a while. Clean yourself up and find the confidence in yourself to make a move. Rejection is not a sign of defeat, but a learning lesson for next time.

Your bright character and intelligence will spark an interest in your future career this month. Try new things and you will discover the path to your future. Avoid drugs or any other illegal substances.

You like to be strong and independent. So your best friend got a new loved one. Don’t be devastated. Take it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself…and your best friend’s new boo. EWWW.

Gemini May 21 - June 21

Libra Sept. 23 - Oct. 22

Drink a lot of water this month. Something will take your breath away. What that something is, is for you to soon find out.

Being depressed this month will only bring tragedy in your academics. The key to success is in your high spirits, and your wallet. If tutoring assistance is needed due to extreme sadness, call (634)739-0129.

Challenges make you want to quit, but success comes to those who persevere. Even though times seem rough, pushing yourself the whole way through will soon be an advantage for you.

Pisces Feb. 19 - Mar. 20

Cancer June 22 - July 22

Karma is in the air, and your moons are caught within its grasp. Be sure to be your best this month, or else it might just come back and pinch you.

Don’t be too crabby this month. The stars have aligned and your window of opportunity has finally opened. Too keep up this luck, read The Voice, as often as possible.

Aries Mar. 21 - Apr. 19

Leo July 23 - Aug. 22

Friendships may fall apart this month. Show great amount of love and care to your friends this month before they disappear out of your lives, and into the lives of your enemies.

You find yourself to be the leader of the pack. Be careful not to take advantage of these powers and find ways to use them wisely. The more you take the more others will rebel.

Aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb. 18


Capricorn Dec. 22 - Jan. 19

Scorpio Oct. 23 - Nov. 21 Your teachers have been noticing your hard work lately. Continue this trend of determination and recognition will be awarded to you.

Sagittarius Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

Your love aura is floating around the school. Expect someone to catch it before the tenth of December. Be prepared to buy a couple’s ticket to Winterball this season.

By Shajee Syed-Quadri

Dear Chris Brown,

Recently, you conducted an interview with a MTV correspondent about the assault you committed against Rihanna in February 2009. You gave us your side of the story and told us why you committed the atrocities that you did. After you were asked what the catalyst was in triggering your regrettable actions, you replied, “Just anger.....Yeah, anger, young people do before they think.” This might be true Mr. Brown, but that does not excuse your indespicable behavior. Striking a woman is an act of cowardice no matter what the situation is. Instead of leading by example, you have taken the fame that society has given to you and abused the power that comes with it. Breaking the morality of civil discourse is something that cannot be compromised under any cost, especially when millions of young teens are looking up to you. Your recent interview does not validate your behavior at all. With so many people watching and emulating you, it is incumbent for you to take more care for your actions and not falter in crucial situations. My advice to you, Mr.Brown, would be to think before you do, keeping in mind that millions of young teens aspire to be just like you.

A very disappointed, Ex-Fan Photos:, Raji Ramanathan

Question Man: What is the kindest act you have ever done? Interview and photos by Alexandra Perlegos

“I found an envelope full of money in a casino before and turned it in.” -Senior Michael Rogers

“I helped a lost five your old at the mall find his parents.” -Sophomore Fahad Manzur

“After witnessing a car crash, my mom and I pulled over to make sure everyone was all right and stayed until the police came.” -Junior Alexandra Fremont

“I volunteered at my aunt’s house and spent a week cleaning her attic and going to the grocery store for her.” -Freshman Paula McCormick


estaurant eview


Exquisite Thai cuisine By Neetu Puranikmath Fellow Vikings, we are lucky enough to live in Fremont, California, a city with diverse cultural cuisines. For those of you who wish to venture out of your normal restaurant bubble, there are many undiscovered restaurants with creative cuisines waiting to be found. This month’s featured restaurant is Sala Thai. It has a wide variety of delectable dishes with every taste and meat imaginable. From Po Piah Tod to Yum Talay and everything in between, you can be sure to taste the savory sauces. This restaurant may be spicy for some, but it gives you the true feeling as to how the Thai really eat. There are two “Sala Thai” restaurants in Fremont. The locations are: 39170 State St. and 44800 S. Grimmer Blvd. Next time you and your friends are questioning where to eat, try Sala Thai for a delectable Thai cuisine.

The most recent Paramore concert was held at the Warfield in San Francisco on November 10. Opening for the band was The Swollen and Paper Route, who blended digital-age pop and rock with ambient electronics. If I were to point out what the event was lacking, I’d start with the odd crowd. I entered the theater only to bump into the back of a sweaty, forty-year-old man. My friends and I went further into the mob of people and saw people who looked like they belonged to the gentleman’s club next door. I thought it was strange how people we’re drinking martinis before the show, but maybe that’s because I’ve never been to a rock concert before. But none of that mattered when Paramore came on

Sala Thai Some of the Delectables:


“I served a mission in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint for two years.” - Te a c h e r M r. B a l l a d o stage. I’ll admit that this concert has turned me into a bit of a fan girl for Paramore, so if you’re looking for an objective review of the concert, this might not be the best source of criticism. The bass resonating from Jeremy Davis’s guitar touched the hearts of every person in the audience—literally. I held my hand to my heart at one point and felt the vibrations so deeply that I was out of breath. The concert was a workout because every song had you out of your seat and belting the lyrics. It was impossible to watch Haley Williams, the lead vocalist, and not dance. The confused collection of creepers and punk rock girls at the concert will not prevent me from standing tall and declaring: I love Paramore. Don’t judge. Rating:

Decoding Paramore Brand New Eyes is better live By Sri Ravipati

Photos: Ilyssa Padrid

S PORTS 10 | Voice 18.2

hletics at a Gl t A n m anc u t e Au

Athlete interviews to highlight the fall season Gymnasts Vault to the Top Senior Priyanka Shah gives recap of memorable season

Water Polo Dives into Stardom Junior Kieran Hassett looks back on an exceptional season

Interviewed by Shilpa Sharma Interviewed by Sri Ravipati

What challenges did the team face this season? The biggest challenge this year was that we started really late in the season. We almost didn’t have a team this year because we had lost our coach. In which meet did you face the toughest competition? Our first meet against Mission was the toughest competition. Both schools have really strong athletes on their team, but this season, our hard work and dedication prevailed. We beat them by 12 full points! What is your best memory of the season? At the end of MVALs during awards, when we found out that we had taken the MVAL title in all three levels of individual AllAround, as well as the overall MVAL Championships; it really felt like we had accomplished our goals and what we have wanted for so long. What was the team’s overall record? Are you guys happy with this? We were UNDEFEATED! We beat Mission, Washington, American, Kennedy, Las Lomas, and Logan. At MVALS, we took the Individual All Around title for all three levels as well. We are extremely happy with this record.

How do you feel about the team making it to NCS? I am extremely proud of our boys. Since the beginning of the season it has always been our goal to reach to NCS. It is also a great way for the graduating seniors to finish. Do you plan on continuing to play water polo at the collegiate level? Since I realized my potential in the sport, reaching the college level has always been my goal. What was your team’s record this year? 14





What was the most memorable event of the season? I would have to say the Newark Tournament against Livermore. We had recently played them (Livermore) and got whooped 15-7. There were fifteen seconds left and we were down by one. Kekoa Wu had the ball and passed it cross cage to teammate Andrew Clark w h o made t h e gametying shot a s time

expired. Although the game was lost in overtime, our team showed resilience and true heart.

Photo: Nicole Furuta

Photo: Kieran Hassett

Lions Tame Vikings Vikings valiant effort comes up short By Kim Ngo

Girls’ volleyball gave Liberty High School quite a challenge

during last Wednesday’s NCS game. Though, Irvington didn’t

It Runs in the Family

Volleyball Finishes With a Smash

Viking Girls Tennis Finish Strong

Siblings make their mark on the XC team as one leaves, and one begins

Senior Morgan Aspelund tells about a successful season

Senior Annie Lou Serves Out information on her last season

Interviewed by Jen Siew

Looking back on the season, what do you think was your greatest achievement? Juan: My greatest achievements were that I loved the sport and tried to make NCS and all-league. Missing state by two spots didn’t m e a n anything compared to my love for the sport. Victoria: My greatest achievements this season were getting seventh place at MVAL’s and being the first freshman varsity girl. Why did you choose cross country over all the other sports? What’s your best personal record? Juan: 16:08 for the 5K at NCS last year. This year, the best I ran was an 18:24 at Coyote Hills after returning from an injury. Victoria: 21:43 for the 5K at Coyote Hills. What is your best memory from Irvington Cross Country? Juan: I have a lot of good memories from XC, from the hot gas station girl, to being a top runner, but my best one would be rating people at the Mt. Sac Invitation with Meena. Victoria: The best part of running with my brother was that he always gave me the best advice, but the worst part was how much he made me run. Photo: Jennifer Siew

take home the win, the game gave their opponents proof that Irvington Girls’ Volleyball was not just any ordinary team. The game starts off fast, as Junior Alexandra Fremont makes the first serve. Liberty scores the first point, but the Vikings come close to tying up the set as Junior Katie Lopez spikes the ball across the net, making the score (2,3). Katie and Senior Morgan Aspelund spike the ball several times, but were unable to catch up to the Lions. The score was (10,15), and the Vikings were determined to keep scoring. The Lions defense was too strong, blocking every shot that the Vikings made. As the game continues, Katie and Junior Lisa Doherty block Liberty’s spikes, but the score still remained (12,19). Sophomore Jinny Yan scores the last point for the

Interviewed by Jon Horng What was your team’s record this year?

Interviewed by Anisha Babbar How did the Girls’ Tennis Team do this season?

Our team record this year for season was 7-3. We came in third only losing to Washington and Mission. But we plan on getting revenge in NCS!

We placed a f t e r America, and (respectively.)

What are some struggles that your team has had to face this season?

What were some of the challenges you had to overcome this season?

Our team has so much talent and so much potential, but sometimes we didn’t quite realize it. Another more technical struggle, was that this year, we lacked experienced setters. A few of our players such as Junior Ali Fremont and Freshman Daniel Cruthers had to step up from other positions. They exceeded expectations though! What are you going to miss the most about being on IHS Volleyball?

f o u r t h Mission, L o g a n

We had a new coach, Dan. Everything changed from practice schedules and other schools, such as Mission, recruited tough players. Having a new coach this season was a bit hard. It took time to find the right rhythm, but we were able to push through and get used to it and it turns out he had a lot of things to teach us. Who were the top players this season?

I ’ m going to m i s s the most about IHS volleyball is the pure spirit of our team and supporters. It’s always so exciting to have other classmates cheering and screaming for us, waving handmade posters, and yelling out “I love you #19!” or Way Chen yelling “muscle drink!” Anyway, I’ll always remember the fun times, and handshakes, we created together. Photo: Kim Ngo

Vikings, ending the first set (16,25). The game continues with long rallies between the teams, both determined to score the point. Katie spikes several times, but each was counteracted by the Lion’s strong defense. After a serve by Junior Teasara Thompson, Lisa sets up the ball for Morgan as she comes in and spikes it across the net. Though the Lions continued to score, the Vikings were behind by six points with a score of (12,18). The last shot was made by Teasara, and the set ended with the score (18,25). The next set continued to be close between the teams. Katie’s serve throws their opponents off, allowing the Vikings to catch up. Katie and Jinny’s spikes allow Irvington to take the lead with a score of (22,20). The Vikings brought themselves

The singles varsity line up was as follows (in order): senior Neetu Puranikmath, senior Annie Lou, senior Lucia Wang, and sophomore Aparna Dhinakaran. We did pretty well. I was recognized as All-League Second Team and the other three girls were given Honorable Mention. The Varsity number one doubles team consisted of junior Shilpa Sharma and senior Sri Ravipati, followed by junior Serena Bui and freshman Vida Bao as number two, and sophomore Hanna Choi and senior Jessica Park played Varsity three doubles. Photo: Anisha Babbar

back into the game, ending the set with a score of (25,20). The fourth set began with three leading points for Liberty, leaving the Vikings behind. Teasara and Morgan score for the Vikings, making the score (4,8), but it seemed that Liberty was ganging up on them. Lisa and Katie worked together and brought the score close with (6,9),but Liberty’s strong offense soon dominated the scoreboard. The Vikings played the best they could, but the Lions were too strong for them to catch up. The set ended with (10,25), Liberty High School taking the win. Though the lost seemed devastating at first, the team came out of the game with their heads high. Photo: Justine Yan

11 | November2009

A Deliciously Sinful Tango of Mango

Treat your wwTongue to Decadence this Thanksgiving

By Neetu Puranikmath Protein shakes are the new craze among both athletes and non-athletes alike. Gatorade has calories, is too sugary, and is so last year. A protein shake has no such negative qualities. It is believed to increase athletic performance by helping to increase stamina. In addition, it provides much needed nutrients and vitamins but has considerably low calories or fat. Many people choose to make their own protein shakes instead of buying readymade ones. According to Medline Health and Sports Illustrated, protein shakes taken in moderation can enhance strength and provide the body with much needed nutrients.

Energize Your Day Which Energy Bar is right for you? By Sukhbir Kaur

One example of a healthy protein powder is “Pure Why Protein Powder” which can be found in several convenience stores such as Safeway. Make Your Own Protein Shake: this creamy mango shake tastes so good you won’t even realize it’s a protein shake. It’s perfect for a healthy breakfast on-the-go or a mid-afternoon snack. This low-sodium smoothie is also a wonderful source of vitamin C and potassium. To prepare this I n g r e d i e n t s : -1 cup frozen or fresh mango cubes -1/2 banana -1/2 cup vanilla yogurt -1/2 cup fruit juice of your choice* -1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder** -1 tablespoon wheat germ *When making the drink I used peach which seemed to work well. **Can be purchased in most large stores (i.e. Safeway) D i r e c t i o n s : Add ingredients to blender or food processor and pulse until you reach a desired consistency. This will usually take 2-4 minutes. For a thicker smoothie add a couple ice cubes. Photo:


Kashi The Kashi bars are designed with the health-conscious athlete in mind. They are generally high in fiber, low in cholesterol, and whole grain. They come in 3 different types: Crunchy, Original, and Roll. With many sub-flavors, including chocolate and oatmeal raisin, the bar ranks high in taste and in value. Generally, they are priced quite reasonably, ranging from $5 to $20 per a box of 12 depending on the flavor and seller.



PowerBar If you’re looking for a quality energy boost, look no further. Power Bar is one of the most popular energy bars out there and is known for its hardcore energy boost. It’s packed with protein and essential nutrients that will help you perform better during practice and on the court. As far as taste, it sits relatively average when compared to other leading bars. It has several different flavors including Wild berry, Banana, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Because of its high quality, PowerBars are priced between $15-$23 per box of 12. The company also sells PowerBar bites, which are bite-size energy bar snacks for those who need a mini-energy boost. This is helpful for people who are just looking for that quick burst of energy.

ClifBar These bars definitely get the blue ribbon for taste. With flavors like chocolate brownie, cookies n cream, and peanut butter, this bar makes playing hard easy. ClifBars are made with all organic ingredients, which make them a relatively healthy alternative to other sugary energy bars. However, if you are looking to lose weight, these bars are not for you. The excess carbohydrates in the ingredients will add several inches to your waste line. Priced at $10-$20 per box of 12 bars, ClifBars are a relatively good deal. ClifBar also will not melt in your backpack like many other leading bars do. Therefore, its considered a huge convenience for the athlete on the go who wants his or her bag clean.


Stay Fit and Enjoy the Holiday Stay Fit While Enjoying the Holiday Spirit By: Karishma Patel Workout: “Mountain Climber” Muscles: abs, legs, and lungs Step 1: Get into push-up posiion Step 2: Bring right leg forward to your chest, while keeping the left leg stretched back. Step 3: Switch right leg with left. Step 4: Repeat with 2 sets of 5 reps.

A guide to body mass index By Anooj Desai BMI, or body mass index, is the number that correlates to the percentage of your body weight that consists of fat. The BMI does not include extra weight attained from your muscle, bone, or organs. A higher BMI means that a person contains a higher percentage of body fat weight as opposed to weight from muscle, bones, or organs. Because muscle is much denser than actual fat, a person that is in good shape may end up weighing more than a person of the same size who is simply overweight. For this case, calculating the actual amount of fat each person has might be harder than usual. Immersion tanks, where the people’s BMI is measured depending on how they float in water, are often used in order to calculate body fat. A person with more fat would be more buoyant than a person with a high percentage of muscle


Workout: “Leg Extensions” Muscles: quadriceps and lower back Step 1: Stand straight and hold onto something for stability. Step 2: Lift right knee to hip, while keeping a straight back. Step 3: Contract the leg by extending it out so it is parallel with the floor. Step 4: Switch right leg with left. Step 5: Repeat for 2 sets with 10 reps each.

Work out: “Side-Lying Leg Lifts” Muscles: hips and thighs Step 1: Lie on your right side with your right elbow bent. Step 2: Balance yourself with your left hand. Step 3: Keeping knees straight, slowly lift your leg up. Step 4: Slowly lower your leg, but don’t let it touch the floor. Step 5: Repeat for 10 reps and then switch to left side and repeat.

mass. The more conventional way of calculating BMI is through the equation:

If you are not too keen on doing the math, websites like have programs that will do it for you. Naturally, women tend to carry more fat in certain parts of their bodies, but their BMI should not be affected by this as long as they utilize the proper methods to calculate it. For average people, a BMI between 20 and 25 is healthy while a BMI over 25 is generally overweight. Having a BMI under 20 can be dangerous depending on your build because the body will consume muscle mass in order to make up for the lack of fat.

Photo: Anooj Desai

Soccer Season Kicks Off Watch out, the soccer ball is rolling and soccer season is well on it’s way. By Ramya Kaushik Last week, girls and guys both ran their hearts out hoping to make it onto either the Irvington girls or boys soccer team. The coaches were all looking for players that could compete on the filed, work hard, and help the team keep possession. The girl’s JV team is led by Lynette Cooper while the girls Varsity team is led by Ms. Mangiardi. Both of the coaches are looking forward to the upcoming season. “This season we are going to bring it all,” says former soccer player sophomore Sachi Patel. The girl’s team expects to have each student athlete make a commitment to their team and plays to the best of their ability at all practices and games. Compared to last year, the team hopes to improve the win-lose ratio and to work harder on conditioning. The coaches love

to see the girl’s improvements throughout the season, and they are looking foreword to it. “Our biggest competition is every game we play,” says Lynette Cooper. The boy’s JV team is led by Scott Hamilton, while the Varsity team is led by Joe Peixoto. This year, the coaches for the boys hope to make it to NCS and to earn the title of being top in the league. They also plan to make

it to the playoffs similarly to last year. But, this year, they plan to work harder on offensive plays. The team’s toughest competition is Newark and Logan. “I’m most excited for the season in general--and the crab feed,” said Coach Joe Peixoto. As the new season starts, former and new players are excited for it to begin. Photo: Ramya Kaushik

Humor 12 | The Voice 18.2

...or maybe not. We don’t judge. By Ramya Kaushik

1) Bracelets for Men There was only one thing that men couldwear on their wrists, and hat was watches. High fashion to day does not want to exclude the male gender in anything, including jewelry. Strands, beads, hemp, WHATEVER, its all cool now, and I don’t mind. Its cute seeing couples match bracelets; sometimes creepy, but generally cute.

Giving Thanks? For What?

Cartoon: Shirley Lin and Johnny Horng

Cool Cloze!

Why I’vew lost hope in the holiday By Dion Wu It’s that time of the season again. Everyone’s always telling me to give thanks for this, give thanks for that. Fine. Thanks for giving me another day to spend with my ridiculous family. You think I’m kidding? Well, let me tell you a little story. Last turkey day, my whole family came over to celebrate. And you know how everybody has that drunk grandpa that comes over just to mess things up. Wait, everyone doesn’t have one of those? Oh, well I do. And he throws up. Well, my grandpa came over last year and barfed all over the livin’ room floor. Of course, out of all the people in the house, my mom just had to call me to clean it up. And we don’t have mops or none of that carpetcleaner stuff, so I had to use a rag and a bottle of Windex. Trust me, Windex works better on windows. Then came my aunt and her twoyear old daughter. Now let me tell you, my Aunt Stella is a great lady, but terribly clueless. On the way to my house, she suddenly realized that this dinner was a potluck and everyone was required to bring something. So she goes out to King’s Eggrolls and brings an order of 12 spring rolls to a Thanksgiving feast for twenty people; okay, a couple less side dishes, things could be worse. Oh, but I almost forgot about the two-year old. She named

2) Lumberjack? BACK.

I feel lame.

3) Boots When I Like! News Alert to Californians: it doesn’t snow here (mostly). When it is seventy-eight degrees outside, people still find the urge to put on their Fuggs, or pull up their boots. Ironically, the person next to them may decide it’s hot enough to wear flip flops. Maybe weed shouldn’t be legalized, we’re confused enough already. Photos: Ramya Kaushik

her Kim. Sounds perfectly fine. But her last name is Chi. Funny, right? Okay, if you’re not into Korean food, you probably didn’t get that. Finally, my Uncle Richard showed up; late, of course. Everyone calls him Rich for short, and he has got to be the stingiest man I have ever met. He once asked me, on the day of Chinese New Years, if I could return the red envelope he just gave me. Anyways, the worst part was that I caught him wrapping some of the twelve spring rolls and putting it in his pockets before the meal even started. THERE’S ONLY TWELVE DAMMIT. If you’re going to steal something, at least steal the cornbread. Enough said. Thanksgiving was a joke. Photo: Dion Wu Ph

They Are Watching Us It happened in 1890, and it’s happening again. Plaid is everywhere. The same plaid that people in lumberyard wear, and the same plaid that you can find on shirts, headbands, shoes, dresses, and even pants. Maybe because Wolverine was a lumberjack. Who knows.

Scrubbin that puke (above).


Tips ‘n tricks to make it seem like your teaching under surveilance






Shajee Syed-Quadri Attention teachers! Your jobs are on the line! Adminitsration is scrutinizing your every move! But don’t worry, Journalism has got your backs! 1.)Get eryone

Jolly loves



Ranchers. Evjolly ranchers. pops



2.)Prepare your questions. Tell them to the students early. Execute the illusion of learning. 3.)Tell your kids to put their phones away. Unless they’re finding out answers that will help them participate. 4.)Have a spare pair of sunglasses for sleepers, stoners, etc…

5.)Don’t hit This one is

on Mrs.Parker. extremely crucial.

6.)Ask your kids to participate a lot so that you look good. You can pay them later. Cash or check; both are acceptable; cash is more acceptable. 7.)Put down your TV meals and take out the clipboard. A pencil on the ear wouldn’t hurt either. 8.)Math teachers: Stick a random question on the board and tell your kids to start playing calculator games.

Letter to the Editor By Justine Yan

9.)Show a little……just kidding. That’s inappropriate. 10.) Break out in song and dance to express the joy teaching gives you. I mean, regardless of the substitute status, huge classes, and minimal prep time, at least you have a group of bright, enthusiastic students, right? Right?


I have tried to pretend like it doesn’t matter. I have smiled and told myself that your newspaper is as awesome as all my friends say it is. I have even gone so far as to avoid possible confrontation with The Voice staff by steering clear of the main hallways and switching out of my honors classes. You think I’m just another face in the crowd, another mindless reader of words. But you’re wrong. I am subversive and my ideas will tear – you – down. The last issue made my face explode, so I had to write this letter to you. Why do I hate The Voice so much? First of all, there should be way more colors in your issues. If I don’t taste the rainbow, you have failed. Second, sports are a waste of time. Replace that section with something worthwhile. Third, no one cares about news; I especially hated that you got all hippy-dippy and environmental by including an article on some green faire thing. The humor section is never funny. Every time I see it, I start to cry. Maybe I am subconsciously trying to make your newspaper a better read because when it is all soaked in tears and the colors blend together, everything is actually funnier. I laugh and cry myself to insanity. Also, next time, do the school a service and fill your newspaper completely with advertisements. It is obvious that more people need to go to driving school (I almost got hit by an idiot adolescent this morning). And you say is up now? Stop lying. I hate you enough already. Love, Angry Reader Have questions or comments? Would you like to tell us about how much you love the newspaper, especially the humor section? We would love to hear from you at And yes, it exists.

...reasons why we (might) lose America’s Favorite School contest -The host company called. We were disqualified because it’s America’s favorite school, not America’s favorite prison. -Someone actually came to give us the award, but they fell through one of our ginormous potholes while walking through the parking lot. Investigations are still underway. -America likes Mission better. Not likely, but Fail. -90% of students had their headphones in during the advisory announcements asking us to vote -Your mom’s face.

By Jen Siew

...things to do with the $20,000 we (might) win -Buy everyone orange jump suits; to complete the look, of course. -Buy Mission. Anyone need good SAT scores? -Give it to ASB. They can buy more balloons and poster paper, because we really need that s***. -Build walls between the boys’ urinals. That’s PERSONAL business, guys! -Pay Mr. Musto more, then maybe he would sound like he cares about what he’s saying. And also because he’s such a great sport ;)

Note from the editor to Ms. Palos: Please don’t hate us. Journalism loves ASB, its just that when we’re around our friends, we say things we don’t mean. We appreciate the cake too. And the banner.

Voice 18.2 fixed  

District overestimation of student body force administrators to cut several classes Continued on GYMNASTICS, Page 7 Continued on SCHEDULES,...

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