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Bilbao Airport, aka La Paloma (The Dove) By Shayna Kapadia

Denver International Airport By Jared Tse

Location: Denver, Colorado, United States of America Date Established: February 25, 1995 Architect: Fentress Architects The roof of The Denver International Airport is designed to look like a carnival tent and is constructed of teflon-coated-fiberglass.

Location: Txorierri Valley near Sondika, Spain Date Established: 1934 Architect: Santiago Calatrava Construction commenced during the civil war for the airport to be used solely as a military base. It was not until 1940 that it was decided to build an airport for civilian transportation. Soon after that, regular flights to Madrid were established. The new design, by Santiago Calatrava, is made to resemble an enormous bird that is just about to take flight.

The Denver international Airport also features the only passenger bridge in the world where passengers can watch airplanes take off underneath them.

Princess Juliana International Airport By Kevin Hsu

Location: Dutch part of the island of St. Martin, Caribbean Date Established: 1943 Architect: NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants)



Due to the short runway length (7,150 ft.), commercial airliners make low approaches over Maho Beach, making it a popular plane spotting location for aviation enthusiasts around the world. The new four-story terminal opened in 2006 designed to handle around 2.5 million passengers and features a full glass exterior.

AIRPORTS AROU Carrasco International Airport By Jenny Lu

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay Date Established: 1947 Architect: Rafael Vinoly Rafael Vinoly’s new terminal, a 1,000-foot-long arc-shaped building, opened in 2009. Vinoly stated that in Uruguay, “friends and family still come to greet you at the airport or see you off,” so the terraces and loungers are intended to be “dramatic and welcoming” for both travelers and guests.

Volume 22, Issue 2  
Volume 22, Issue 2