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Viking TV Spotlight If you have not seen these amazing videos yet you are missing out

The Voice 22.1

Club Spotlight: IHS Girls in Stem By Shonushka Sawant

By Mariam Syeda- Quadri VTV is a series of 2-10 minute episodes that cover various Irvington events. VTV was initially part of ASB. Journalism took over the channel because of ASB’s busy schedule. In 2012-13 Journalism students Iris Lee and Chizo Nwagwu took over the project and integrated this videobased reporting into the Journalism class. Students are assigned episodes along with monthly articles. The entire class works on the videos, but all the video editing is done by the VTV editors for the year, Iris Lee and Jared Tse. So far the class has produced about forty episodes. The Journalism class tries to do a few episodes every month, depending on the frequency of school events. “I“I try my best to balance school and videos, so it’s definitely quality over quantity!” said VTV editor Iris Lee. “It’s an idealistic dream, but I hope that I’ll be able to integrate the student body more closely with the VTV channel and indirectly connect Irvington through these videos.”

Top 5 VTV episodes to check out: 1. We the People Washington, D.C. series: a 3-part segment that covers the seven days that We the People students spent in Washington, D.C. 2. St. Baldrick’s Shave-a-Thon: a video that matches the inspiring atmosphere of the event which helped raise money for childhood cancer 3. Boat Race: Just a lighthearted event with footage of interviews and on-the-spot filming of the actual races. 4. Spirit Week 2013: A series of videos covering skits dances, and dress-up days of all the classes. 5. DECISIONS: AP Science: insight about AP science classes from experienced students. Editors hope to finish series later this year with insight for AP Math, English, and Government classes.

Photo: Shonushka Sawant

Two years ago, Ms. McAuley applied for a grant from American Association of University Women. She received the grant last year to promote women going into STEM fields. After that, the club, Girls in Stem, was founded by Ms. McAuley, Mr. Fung, and some female students. The main use of the grant is so that members of the club can attend various events, such as the Wow! Engineering conference. The group is affiliated with the Association of Women in Science, as some of the officers have done service for the association. “I think that our club will help balance out the male to female ratio in STEM related jobs,” said Treasurer Megh-

na Srivastava. “Our club will help spread awareness of the STEM related opportunities to young females. This will hopefully increase the women interest in STEM fields...!” The officers of the club were active last year, however, this is the club’s first official year as a club of IHS. Though the grant is intended for girls, the club is open to both boys and girls. Vice President Sailakshmi Kumar said: “It’s a good idea, because unless boys understand the unfairness and take a stand alongside the girls, there will never really be equality between men and women.” The club meets in Room 85 every other week.

If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be and why? By Shayna Kapadia Ashutosh A., 9

Approved Club vs Unapproved Clubs Unapproved clubs are not banned from campus

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By Nathan Fu

“I would be SpongeBob because I could live forever.” Sailakshmi K., 10

Inside scoop on our PTSA

PTSA is involved in a lot of activities where their influence goes unnoticed By Sangeetha Srinivasan

IHS PTSA is an association at Irvington High School where parents, teachers, and students work together to improve the overall high school experience for everybody. Much of what the PTSA does is behind the scenes and necessary for the proper functioning of IHS. A part of the PTSA membership and donations go towards programs and training, AP proctors, staff appreciation, volunteer appreciation, teacher grants, PTSA events, and QUEST . “QUEST is the flagship of our school, and PTSA takes an active role in it . We coordinate the community panelists. To appreciate their contribution, we provide hospitality to all panelists,” said Ujjwala Gadgil, the former president and current VP of PTSA. “We appreciate our teachers, and throughout the year we treat them to good food incorporating a multicultural element. “ During the parent-teacher conferences, which coincide with Diwali, we provide a traditional Indian meal coupled with Thanksgiving treats. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, around January we provide an Asian meal,” said Gagdil, “and during May, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we provide an authentic Mexican meal.” Among other programs and volunteering support, PTSA also provides

Question Man

technology, such as turnitin. com, SAT/ACT practice tests, school supplies, and emergency kit supplies. “Integrating the Turn-in-it software to Irvington classes is an expensive task, and we are happy to do it,” said Gadgil. “We want to make sure the students of Irvington are lead in the right direction, away from the temptation of plagiarism.” The PTSA actively helps students by providing coat-checks and food at the school dancesand nourishment during STAR and AP testing. “Student success is a priority for PTSA. And we also want them to have fun. We gladly open the coat check service keeping the comfort of the students in mind,” said Gadgil. “Irvington is one of the few schools in the district that has a coat check.” PTSA occasionally shines a spotlight on students during their Reflections arts program, Irvington Idol contest, and Viking PRIDE student recognitions. “We give 4 scholarships of $500 to seniors who have demonstrated community development,” said Gadgil. PTSA strives to connect parents to the school and to this goal, conducts a ‘Hot Topics with the principal’ – where parents can have an open dialogue with the princi-

One of the many things high school offers to students is the variety of clubs available. Some of the more popular clubs include Key Club, Deca, and Interact. These clubs all have something in common- they’re approved by ASB. Approved clubs have the benefit of being able to participate in Club Rush, a great way to get funds for the

Photo: Sangeetha Srinivasan

For more information, you can contact the Irvington PTSA at pal about any issues related to the school . At the beginning of the year, PTSA holds Navigating IHS for new parents, inviting speakers from the school administration, benchmark coordinators, and counselors. Throughout the year, PTSA also invites speakers to their meetings to inform parents about various topics related to the school. Some examples

club. Also, approved clubs have an easier time publicizing their events and meetings. To get a club approved, Clubs Commissioner Elise Logan explained that clubs need to present a Power Point showing what they are all about and how they are important. After the power point, the club commissioners will then separate clubs into two groups; one group that will be potentially approved and the other group that will be potentially unapproved. ASB then votes on what clubs are meaningful and deserved to be approved. ASB looks for clubs that have strong leadership, an involved advisor, and finally an achievable goal and plan so they can get started right away. However, there are unapproved clubs that stay active, such as Girl Up. Girl Up aims to educate people in foreign countries about women’s rights. Currently, the club president is senior Eva Sinha and the club advisor is Mr. Lewis. are Meet the Shadow staff ( which includes campus security, SRO, and the nurse), Class Selection, Teacher Panel, Teen Driving, and Education after High School.

“I would want to be Spiderman so I could tangle people in spider webs all the time.” Louie C., 11

“I would be Rock Lee because his eyebrows are amazing like mine.” Nivedha R., 12

“I would be Timmy Turner because I think it would be amazing to have fairy god parents.” Photos (all): Shayna Kapadia

Volume 22, Issue 2  
Volume 22, Issue 2