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THE VOICE But This Ship Can't Sink!

Annual boat race sees winning designs, boat selfies, Titanic scenes

Volume 22.9

June 6, 2014

ASB Income and Expenditures Report By Karthik Mayilvahanan Editor-in-Chief


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LINK leaders Jamie Chin, Kathy Phan, Hnin Soe, and Diana Chu show off their Irvington spirit with their freshmen.

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Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2 By Khushi Patel

Spoiler Alert!

Staff Writer

Twenty-six Summer Hacks

Tips to make the most of your days off News Editor


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Rashi Saxena

Passion. That’s the one thing you must know. But the truth is, in high school, we can’t always know. We are young, and we still have the rest of the world in front of us. Finding a passion does not come easily for everyone, and it definitely does not always come soon. But at this age, it’s okay not to know. If you do have a passion, then work on it and move forward with it. But if you have not completely figured it out yet, you will find it sometime. For now, work

on something that interests you and forces you to think beyond your comfort zone. Create a goal and focus on certain areas that catch your attention. As someone who is leaving for college, I still have not decided what my passion is. But I do have goals, and I know that I like to explore and challenge myself. I have an idea of what my passion is and I’m looking to college as a chance to deepen it. That’s how I am going to college: with a focus, a goal, and a determination to solidify my passion. Not having a passion at this moment is okay. Hold on and enjoy the ride of new ideas and adventures. Eventually, we will all find our passion. And if we find it after experiencing so much more of the world, then we will truly know that we love it. The time we will put into it then will be more satisfying and more rewarding.

Volume 22 Issue 9