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Irvington High School - Fremont,California Volume 18.4

February 11th, 2010

Maine-iacs, Tree Huggers and Vikings Unite! America’s Greenest School unveils a new hybrid bus and celebrates with a feature performance by The Maine

Photos: Selina Mahesri

Top Left: The Maine, from left to right John O’Callaghan, Garrett Nickelson, Kennedy Brock, Jared Monaco, and Pat Kirch; Top Right: Alex Chen and Jasper Lin; Bottom Left: The Maine performing; Bottom Right: Alex Chen and Alex Chung

By Neetu Puranikmath and Selina Mahesri Irvington High School was What They Want”. As partners of the nonnamed America’s Greenest School during profit organization America’s Greenest the 2008-2009 school year. Thanks to School, the band flew in from their home the efforts of current Juniors Alex Chen in Phoenix to perform at Irvington. and Jasper Lin, who wrote the winning “America’s Greenest School essay, Irvington was not only honored talked to us about their competition and we with the title of “Greenest School” but thought it was for a great cause so we were also won a $200,000 hybrid bus and glad to help,” drummer Pat Kirch said, “This a feature performance by The Maine. was our first time performing for a high The five person band composed school and we all thought it was really fun.” of John O’Callaghan on vocals, Kennedy The Maine, formed in 2007, Brock on rhythm guitar, Jared Monaco on has one full-length album, Can’t Stop, lead guitar, Garrett Nickelsen on bass and Won’t Stop. In the past, they have toured Pat Kirch on drums played hit singles “I alongside bands Boys Like Girls, Good Must be Dreaming”, “Pour Some Sugar on Charlotte and Metro Station. Me” “Everything I Ask For” and “Girls do A couple of hours earlier, the

plug-in hybrid school bus rolled on campus. Throughout the day, students got to enter the bus and go inside. According to both school administrators and district officials, Irvington does not have the certification or actual resources to house the bus on campus or to own and use it solely for IHS purposes. Instead, the FUSD has assumed control of the bus and will be allowing all schools to use it, for a certain price. Principal Pete Murchison has been working with district officials to award Irvington 12 free trips over the course of the next school year. Several IHS students agree that Irvington should get privileges regarding

bus rides as IHS students won the contest. “I think we deserve the bus more than the other schools, because it was our school that had implemented the energy saving changes that made [Alex and Jasper’s] essay win,” says junior Smitha Machinackial. Regardless of the amount of hybrid bus rides Irvington High eventually receives, one thing is clear: there will be one less yellow school bus spewing greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. To read more about Irvington’s green advisory and Mr John’s experience on the TV show Living With Ed go to

Ritmo Latino: A Celebration of Latin American Culture The sixth Annual Ritmo Latino show raises $5000 for college scholarships and Haiti earthquake victims By Raji Ramanathan On January 22nd and 23rd, parents and students spent an hour and a half inside Valhalla Theater to watch MEChA’s sixth annual Ritmo Latino, a cultural dance recital that showcases the Latin culture with a variety of performances. The different types of Latin dances included Reggaeton, Salsa, Cumbia and Merengue as well as a Bollywood dance by IHS’s Indopak. Junior Nicholas Yurong said, “I liked the different types of dances that they incorporated into Ritmo Latino.” The show kicked off with an introduction from senior Margaret

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“Ritmo Latino, lasting for two days, went very successfully this year,” said Mr. Ballado. “We were almost sold out both nights and instead of just using the money on MEChA student scholarships, we also decided to donate $1,000 to Haiti.” The show raised over $5,000 this year, five times last year’s amount. Act Two started off with a Quinceañera dance which was followed by junior Smitha Patibanda singing “Por Siempre Tu.” Belly dancers danced to “Whenever Wherever,” led by senior Lindsey Ricigliano, sophomore Brenda Gamboa and junior Gabriela Padilla.

A Hip-Hop routine, “Drop it on Me,” was followed by “Tu Sonrisa,” a Merengue dance performed by Mr. Ballado’s period six class. Mr. Ballado’s third period class performed a Bachata dance, “Si Me Dejas Muero.” The final act of the night was a Reggeaton and Cumbia mix known as “Mas Maiz”, which was choreographed by senior Gabriela Padilla, senior Michael Avina and sophomore Mariana Andrade. Junior Priyal Fadadu said, “As Mr. Ballado would say to us, ‘you better be there for next year’s Ritmo Latino, pancho’.”

How is plastic surgery viewed in today’s society? Humor 12| Find out what happened to Tony the Tiger in our Humor section!

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Wong and junior Vansh Jain, the hosts for the night. One of the highlights of the show includes the opening dance, “El Ritmo No Perdona”, a Reggaeton dance, choreographed by MeChA club members senior Julia Cerna and sophomore Maritza Padilla. Mr. Alberto Ballado’s fourth period class performed a classic Merengue piece. Irvington’s Indo-Pak Club came into the limelight to dance for a Latin/Indian fusion song. Led by junior Sonia Patel, dancers hit the stage for a Michael Jackson tribute- “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough,” in Michael Jackson’s classical stage costume.

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Photo: Anooj Desai

Calculus Gets Even More Confusing AP Calculus AB students receive new teachers By Divya Gowthaman Photo: Divya Gowthaman

Text “Haiti” to 90999 and the Red Cross will charge $10 off of your next phone bill toward Haiti relief

Haiti’s Helping Hand Irvington students help Haiti By Anooj Desai What happens when you mix red, white and blue (the colors of the Haitian flag and Irvington’s school colors)? You get students from Irvington High School helping out Haitians in their time of need. A handful of Irvington clubs are doing their part by raising funds to send over to the earthquake-stricken country. The Making Music! Club plans to organize a concert in order to raise money for Haiti. The Asian Club is doing its part by donating some of the money they have earned over the past few years to Haiti as well. The recent earthquake in Haiti, which occurred on January 12, 2010, around five o’ clock, is the strongest that has occurred since 1770. The seven-magnitude quake left three million people in need of emergency attention and aid. Approximately eighty percent of the ten million natives live under the poverty line and are forced to live on less than $2 a day. This developing country was just restored to a constitutional Democratic rule in 2006. Haiti does not have enough money to organize any type of military forces, making foreign aid even more critical. ASB and the French Club are collaborating in order to spread the word. Both are working together to inform the school about Haiti by educating the advisory classes with facts about the country as well as raising money for the impoverished country by placing donation boxes in every classrooms.

“French Club is planning to help Haiti as much as possible,” said club secretary Nicole Gronski, a junior. “Haiti is a French speaking country, so this directly relates to our club. We hope to spread the word and get more people involved.” Key Club plans to sell ribbons in red and white or pink and white in order to raise money for the Haitians. “There is no better way to combine Valentine’s Day and Haiti Relief,” said Key Club Vice President Nidhi Kaul, a junior, “because, after all, Key Club’s main goal is to help children all around the world.” MEChA, Irvington’s Latin American student association, held their annual Ritmo Latino dance on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2010. The proceeds normally go to a senior scholarship, but in lieu with the recent earthquakes in Haiti, they decided to donate a portion of the money to the Haitians. MEChA also made donation buckets available during Ritmo Latino for anybody who wanted to spare a couple dollars for Haiti’s re-development. Irvington students were also able to donate money in their advisory classes, making generosity easier than ever than ever before. ASB also held a two week sale in which a dollar would be donated to Haiti for every item they sold. Numerous students around school are doing their part to help out, so reach into your pockets, get out a spare dollar and help save a life.

Musical Melody for Helping Haiti

Courtesy of Guest Writer, Junior Alex Wang Irvington High Rodda, and the Thornton School’s Making Music! Club Avenue Baptist Church, will be hosting a benefit concert Making Music started hosting on Monday, February 15th, auditions on February 3rd. featuring talented performers “I feel like I am helping from the Fremont community people who really needed it in as a fundraiser for the recent Haiti,” said junior Jaclyn Tseng, Haiti earthquake in January. who will sing in the concert. With a range of The concert will take styles from classical to popular, place at the Thornton Avenue “A Concert for Haiti” will Baptist Church (4500 Thornton emphasize that aid is still Avenue) from 7 to 9 PM. desperately needed to help the Tickets can be ordered from the victims of the Haiti earthquake performers or bought at the door rebuild their lives amidst the for the price of $10 for general rubble of th recent catastrophe. admission and $8 for students, “This is a great seniors and military personnel. opportunity for Irvington All proceeds will be donated to the students to make a difference Red Cross to help rebuild Haiti. for the victims in Haiti,” said “When we saw the senior Deborah Huang, a anguished faces of the victims in pianist. “We really hope you Haiti,” said club president Alex will come join us to make this Wang, “we felt we should take charity concert a success!” action to try to ease the suffering With help from they are enduring. It is a big task, Irvington’s band teacher and but we hope, with music, we club advisor, Mr. Charlie would send our prayers to Haiti.”

Mr. Wu teaching his new Calculus AB students

AP Calculus AB students were in for a surprise when they discovered that they are going to be taught by a new teacher for the rest of the school year. Mr. Gary Leinweber, who taught four periods of Calculus AB, will not be returning for an indefinite period of time due to health issues. “It’s strange,” said junior Janine Myint. “There is a new way of teaching, a new grading system and new tests, so it has been a hard adjustment.” For three weeks after winter break ended, the administration looked for possible qualified math teachers to teach

AP Calculus AB. Mrs. Beth Rothfuss, Mr. Clint Johns and Mr. Vincent Wu were some of the teachers considered for the post. Administrators finally reached a decision after considering these teachers’ schedules, and Mrs. Rothfuss and Mr. Wu began teaching in January. Students were asked to go to their respective new teacher’s classroom instead of their old classroom in Room 219. Meanwhile, Mr. Wu gave up his Algebra 1 class to a substitute and Mrs. Rothfuss gave up her Honors Geometry class. She is now teaching five

AP courses in place of her old class schedule. Honors Geometry is taught by Ms. Anne Chung. Junior Heeral Patel said, “It will be very difficult for us to change teachers for Calculus right before first semester ends, but it’s better to have a qualified teacher teach us than any substitute. Hopefully we’ll be fine by the AP testing time.” As of now, Mrs. Rothfuss is teaching calculus periods three, five and six, while Mr. Wu is teaching period one. Both Mrs. Rothfuss and Mr. Wu will collaborate on making tests, forming lesson plans and getting the students adequately prepared for the AP tests as well as the new curriculum. Mr. Wu said, “It’s never easy to get a new class halfway through the year, but I’m getting to know my Calculus students.” The curriculum remained the same for the rest of the first semester, but the grading policy will be different from Mr. Leinweber’s. Being taught by a new teacher means a different teaching style that students will have to adapt to. Students predict that classes will proceed normally after first semester as the AP Calculus students get ready for AP testing and adjust to having a new teacher.

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The Power of a Dream

Science Bowl Swings to Success

Former Oakland Raider football player Bobby Brooks visits Irvington By Shajee Syed-Quadri Photo: Shajee Syed-Quadri Bobby Brooks speaks to students about his life.

Brooks then told the students about his high school life, where he was a star in football, basketball and track. After being asked by a student the most difficult part of his high school life, Brooks told students that balancing studies with sports was one of the biggest difficulties of his high school life, if not the biggest. “Definitely the most difficult thing was missing out on time with my friends, because I had to hit the books hard to get the grades that I needed,” said Brooks. He talked about how his family had been an amazing “support system” throughout his life, emphasizing throughout his speech how his family was with him through thick and thin. After missing a scholarship by 10 points on his SAT, Brooks told us how he worked hard academically during his freshman year of college to ensure that he got a college football scholarship. He was able to earn a college education at Fresno State without having to pay a dime. After the motivational speech, Brooks was rewarded with a plaque from Irvington as a tribute to him for taking the time to come and talk to the Irvington students. He signed autographs and took pictures with the students. Currently, Brooks is employed as a correctional officer .

IHS places 4th and 5th at Regional Science Bowl By Quess Liu On Saturday January 30th, 24 teams from the Bay Area met at Sandia National Laboratories to compete in the regional qualifiers for the National Science Bowl. At Science Club’s main event of the year, Irvington was represented by two teams of five players each, with Mr. Alex Lee and Mrs. Beth Rothfuss as coaches. The A-team was comprised of sophomore Irving Hsu, juniors Denon Wong (captain) and Vishnu Sundaresan, and seniors Kyle Chiang and Quess Liu. They placed 4th overall behind Mission San Jose’s two teams and Grenada. The B-team was comprised of freshman Andrew Wang, sophomores Aileen Cheng and Anthony Ma (captain), junior Anand Lakshminarayan, and senior Alan Chan. They

variety of science and math related questions. Subjects include all aspects of Earth Science, Astronomy, Physics (inc. particle, quantum, and relativistic), Biology, Chemistry (inc. organic), General Science (inc. computer science) and Math (up to calculus). Both teams are given five seconds for a toss-up question, answered individually without consulting team members. If correct, a team is given a 20-second bonus question. A round-robin format was used in the morning, with the best eight teams later competing in a double-elimination bracket in the afternoon. Only the top team qualifies for the national competition in Washington D.C., while trophies are awarded to the top three teams. This year, Mission San Jose won with a team of underclassmen.

Photo: Ques Lui

On February 3rd, 2010, former Oakland Raider Bobby Brooks came to Irvington during advisory to speak on “The Power of the Dream.” Brooks, who played in the National Football League from 1999-2006 for the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars, gave the students insight on what it was like growing up having to balance sports with academics. Valhalla was a full house as many IHS students did not want to miss this opportune event. Brooks’ 6’2, 240 lb. frame impressed the masses as he showed that he’s still been in shape even after retiring from the NFL. Brooks’ main question throughout his speech to the students was, “What are you willing to do to fight for this dream?”

This “dream” that Brooks was referring to was the dream that many of our students in Irvington aspire to reach, whether it be playing professional sports one day or attaining the goals in life that any average student has. Brooks began his speech talking about how to overcome the different hardships in life that one may encounter. He said, “You will have temporary setbacks in your life, and it depends on you to make sure they are temporary.” Brooks then went on to talk about the temporary setbacks in his very own life and how those setbacks molded him into the person he is today. One of those setbacks included the death of his father during his NFL years. He admitted that he considered quitting football for that very reason, but Brooks went on to explain that he didn’t let his father’s death stop him from what he was doing. Brooks then continued to dedicate every game he played afterward to his father. Another temporary setback in his life was when he broke his hand during one of his seasons with the Oakland Raiders. After noting the seriousness of the injury and the fact that he may miss more than a year, Brooks still told students how he kept on training and how one and a half years later he returned to the field with full strength.

The science bowl team prepares for their first round at the Sandia National Laboratory for the National Science Bowl.

qualified for the afternoon rounds, but placed 5th overall. Both teams remained undefeated until their final match of the round robin, losing against Grenada and California. In a round-robin format, each team plays every other opponent once. The top two teams advance. In the afternoon rounds, both teams were defeated by Grenada’s A-team, which narrowly lost to Mission San Jose in the final round. Science Bowl, sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, is a fast buzzer competition in which two opposing teams answer a

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This year, Irvington had over 30 students join Science Bowl, many of them underclassmen or juniors. In fact, only three seniors from this year’s teams will be graduating. President Kyle Chiang predicts that we will be stronger than ever next year. “Next year, we will take it even further than we did this year,” said Kyle. “As for my goal, I want to be able to make it to the National Science Bowl Competition in D.C. next year. I have also invited promising 8th graders to practice after school with us. That way, our freshmen will be more prepared.”

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Dolls Are Dead

The Internet is Real Life

...If you believe in it

New toys do not compromise the younger generation’s imagination

By Arjun Panda On January 10th, a pleasant Sunday a couple weeks ago, John Smith walked onto BART at the Civic Center stop with the intent of running some errands in the East Bay. He sat down, preoccupied with his own thoughts, when he happened to catch an odd sight with his peripherals; sickeningly pale, hairy appendages. Looking around, eyes widening, he noticed that no one is wearing pants. No, John Smith probably doesn’t exist, but this event actually took place. Organized by Improv Everywhere, a “public acting” organization based in New York, local people are recruited to engage in random acts throughout the country. Sounds cool? Well it wouldn’t be possible without the planning capabilities of the website Yelp, which played a large part in the publicity of the event. Without the internet’s

By Selina Mahesri Whatever happened to the “good old days?” Why can’t today’s children go back to the times where they would sit in their rooms happily pushing a toy car around or dressing up a collection of dolls? It’s probably because with his or her remote control car, today’s child will probably gain better hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness than yesterday’s child. As the world around us is rapidly changing and evolving, the transition from child to adult has become a completely different process. However, while it may seem healthier for children to play with toys that leave room for imagination, modern toys are able to achieve the same feat in modernized form. Although these new toys often tend to include a computer or a remote control and can often alienate people who were in the age of Slinkies and Legos, these modernized toys do not restrict imagination. Statistics show that 60% of students have problems in areas such as speech, short attention span, poor listening, and general learning problems. By exposing children to toys that induce them to use their motor skills, problems in development

odd ability to bring people together, there would be no No Pants Day on BART, or anything else like this. Unfortunately, not everything about our youthful infatuation with the World W i d e Web is so e x c i t i n g. A c cording to a study published by YouthNet, an online c h a r ity group, kids are living in internet-reality “hybrid worlds.” Nothing irks me more than hearing, in the middle of a conversation, “Damn, my iPhone isn’t picking up any wifi here; now how am I going to update my status about how we just ate Taco Truck?” Oh, you’re one of them? One of the pitifully chained, I-texteven-when-there-are-peopleto-talk-to-around-me, d-bags? Well then. This is awkward. No, but there is hope! Not everyone is an internet gang-

banger, a 4chan pervert, or a Facebook junkie. The web makes our real lives more productive, instead of taking away productive time from real life. Irvington’s own ASB tactfully uses the internet to do everything from promotions to election campaigning, getting word out quickly and effectively. Or maybe you have a new dance movement in mind, where one jumps backwards in a very unintuitive manner to music that ‘slaps.’ Start your own blog and Youtube channel, get a following on Twitter, and your idea is suddenly out in the real world! Even if it is terrible! Wowwaweewaah! The internet is like a yin yang; it has a dark side to it. But alas, it is but a reflection of what humans make of it, and since there are more pragmatic, productive humans than sick, obsessive ones, the internet’s effect on humanity must be proportionately similar. But maybe I’m just a romantic. One things for certain, however: trying to get a train full of pant less people, sitting with straight faces on the BART on a Sunday afternoon will prove impossible without the mighty help of the internet. Photo:

may be avoided. In any case, a remote control robot that can move by voice command is much cooler than a robot that has to be pushed around. Some of the bitterness of new toys stems from jealously. The truth is, new toys are much cooler these days. Although new toys may present a more disciplined type of play, they actually present imagination in a different form. While it may seem being exposed to modern toys forces children into one direction, by having toys capable of many different things, children are able to do more with one toy conveniently. Electronic toys also tend to have an educational value, giving it worth in multiple disciplines. Whether it be in a cardboard box or using some intricate gadget, children can always create their own world where they are robots fighting crime in outer space. Often it is the adults who overanalyze and forget the power of imagination. Why not expose toys to children that parallel the world around us? People have an attachment to so-called vintage products and old customs. Not everything old is cool, you know.

Extra-Curriculars for College

Forcing oneself to do extra-curriculars has surprising results By Raji Ramanathan I’m your average student that rushes to class every morning, does my class work, and finishes my day worrying about the load of homework I have. All this hard work for just one thing: a good GPA. In addition to that, colleges also look at a student’s extra curricular activities to see how well rounded he or she is. And for this reason, many students end up doing something

that usually is not in their meaning of fun. Is this a good or bad thing? Obviously, it seems to be a bad thing to force someone to do something, but in the long run, it actually becomes a part daily life. Suddenly, in high school everyone has new talents. Students realize they need to impress colleges and begin school activities. However, I do not blame these students for I am one as well. I have been doing an

excessive amount of service for the community so that colleges will see that I have good morals. But the twist lies here: even though I forced myself to do different types of service activities, I eventually began to enjoy them. I always used to think, “Jeez, can these eight hours just end? I rather be watching The Office right now.” But when I’m spending hours of volunteering and young children ask for help, I don’t grunt

at their faces. In a way, volunteering has brought me to become a good role model. All of a sudden, it wasn’t about college, but instead it was about that good feeling to do service for people. Junior Michelle San, a JV tennis player, was a student that fell into the trap for good college admissions. “At first it was both, I kind of liked tennis and I thought it would be a great addition to my

college résumé,” said Michelle. “But after I playing my heart out everyday, I just felt like it didn’t matter if it was on my application.” In Michelle’s case, it was for the recognition at first, but it soon turned into just pure enjoyment. Many of the activities that students participate in are for a fine college application, but they have a happy ending after all, resulting in new experiences and talents.

My Universal Horoscope

I’ve got you covered for Valentine’s Day and beyond

By Justine Yan

“Horoscopes are colorful.” “I love being a Virgo because the picture is always so cute.” “The predictions always come

true!” “The stars don’t lie…” Whatever the reason for consulting horoscopes, I personally scoff at those little blipsSorry, horoscopes are comforting, but they’re also very unoriginal. And you will probably get differing predictions between any given issue of Seventeen and Women’s Health. What will you do then? I’m sure I could write a horoscope myself. I can remind you of your common sense; I can pat you on the back for accidentally doing things “right.” I can offer you just the boost to get your month off to a great start! Yeah!

After all, horoscopes rely only on generalities and optimism. And I do not lack optimism. In fact, I would enjoy prophesizing about other people’s lives. Thus, I’ve decided to try a little, unconventional horoscope myself. Call me a hypocrite. I did it out of love for my friends Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Rest assured – I promise I won’t contradict any of your fantasies. In the spirit of V-Day, here we go:

A Matthew Phillips Advisor dvisor Matthew Phillips

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Singles, your love life will improve astronomically if you sleep a lot. First of all, you’ll have many delicious dreams. Second of all, you’ll look better, and you’ll know what to say during awkward pauses in a first-date conversation. Also, stay away from hot things, unless the “thing” is a person. This month will be an auspicious one if you make sure to balance your priorities and wash your hair frequently. Try a new look: the universe is on your side. When people compliment you, they actually mean it. Couples, your love life

will be filled with adventure. Midnight is a magical moment; don’t be afraid to howl. Remember to believe in your ideals and make lots of phone calls. A phone text on V-day is probably bad news. Tooth brushing increases your luck. You’re on top of the world. Be nice to singles; all bad things will come from your mockery. C o m p a t ibility: Everyone is compatible with everyone! Enjoy the rest of the month, you adorable celestial beings, you. Photo: Justine Yan

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How is plastic surgery viewed in today’s society? It’s not what you think

The harms and risks of plastic surgery

By Quess Liu

By Katherine Wang

It’s interesting how the media—newspapers, magazines, TV—generates so much publicity for plastic surgery. From Michael Jackson to Heidi Montag, all we h a v e seen are the negative effects of a nosejob or Botox treatment. The truth is, we neglect to see the positive effects of plastic surgery. But the benefits are just too hard to accept when we see so many celebrities develop health problems after getting plastic surgery. However, when properly performed, plastic surgery can improve lifestyle, boost selfconfidence, and even save lives. Medical plastic surgery is used to correct birth defects and deformities caused by accidents. Contrary to popular belief, many patients opt for breast reduction instead of augmentation to reduce strain on the back. The NYU School of Medicine studied the effects of breast reduction surgery on lives of small-boned women. They found that these women reaped significant health benefits from breast reductions. The women in this study reported less lower-back pain, neck pain, headaches and bra strap “grooving” after their breast reduction. After the procedure, the women were able to exercise more, play sports and wear a wider variety of clothing. Cosmetically, plastic surgery also offers a range of benefits. Our looks have always been the first thing people notice about us. Today, the difference is that we

now have the technology to change the things we despise about our bodies. For young adults and teenagers, plastic surgery is not limited to rhinoplasty (a nose-job), but it also includes chemical peels to remove acne scars. Whatever the procedure, to have the option of changing yourself can be a tremendous emotional boost and can also aid in social acceptance. Although slightly expensive, plastic surgery can also be considered an investment. For actors and singers, enhanced physical features can increase popularity and fan base. Even for regular people, studies have shown that physical attractiveness is correlated with job success and has a very biasing effect on employers. Even when there is no medical necessity, plastic surgery can have very positive effects. To dispel a common misconception: many people believe that life-threatening risk is associated with plastic surgery. A survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) found that in 400,000 operations performed in accredited facilities, the rate of serious complications was less 0.5 percent, and the mortality rate was extremely low—one in 57,000 cases. So yes, Michael Jackson, Kanye’s mom, and Heidi Montag probably overdid their plastic surgery and encountered some complications. That doesn’t mean every plastic surgery will turn out like theirs. In fact, most plastic surgeries achieve satisfactory results—why else would they cost so much?

It seems plastic surgery is on the rise. Just in January, Heidi Montag, a celebrity most well-known for her role in The Hills, admitted to undergoing 10 plastic surgeries in a single day. It turns out, she’s not the only one who is willing to pay for a chance to change her appearance. While plastic surgery was first created for medical purposes, studies show that cosmetic surgery is becoming significantly more popular in recent years, with 12.1 million cosmetic procedures reported just in 2008 (3% more than the year before). Plastic surgery ranges from a couple hundred dollars to several thousand and comes not only with a high cost financially, but also physically in some cases. The surgery can lead to other problems, such as skin death, nerve damage, and scarring. As many may know from the passing of Donda West, Kanye West’s mother, in 2007, the surgery can also lead to death. In fact, surveys conducted in 2000 report that more people die from liposuction (a common type of plastic surgery that removes fat) in the United States than automobile accidents every year. It’s simple, really: they want to be beautiful. In fact, as much as 40% of women worldwide would have plastic surgery if given the chance, and an increasingly large amount of people do not feel beautiful as they are now. Much of it can be attributed to the increasing impossible standard of beauty, one that is defined by the beautiful models that grace maga-

zine covers and highway billboards. The truth is, though, the majority of people simply are not models, but as statistics would show, some are willing to pay a great price to look like one. Plastic surgery is not only extremely risky, but it also promotes a distorted view of beauty. Because of the current standard of beauty, many today are left with an unrealistic expectation of how they should look, and plastic surgery is one way they try to attain such beauty. However, a study conducted in 2005 shows that while some surgeries result in positive outcomes, such as improved self-esteem, many patients end up dissatisfied with the surgery and do repeat-surgeries or surgeries to other parts of their body. In fact, 44% of cosmetic patients are repeat patients, and it’s not hard to see why. Someone who would be dissatisfied enough with their body to spend thousands of dollars fixing it is most likely upholding too high a standard of beauty. Pe r sonal choice? Sure. But, plastic surgery affects not only the person but the world, one that is already obsessed with an unrealistic definition of beauty. Perhaps instead of trying to change their looks entirely, people should instead work on fixing their own perception of beauty and realize that it doesn’t take a couple thousand dollars and a knife to be beautiful. Cartoon: Shirley Lin

Say Cheese!

I don’t care if you’re not having fun, smile anyways!

“I absolutely loved the program. The instructor gave me the individual attention I needed both inside and outside the classroom to excel. The methods taught me little tricks for the SAT that I used for school as well. No other program offers that.”

Phone: (510) 490-7000


By Jennifer Siew I remember when I was younger, my dad used to go through rolls and rolls of film, taking pictures of absolutely everything. Look! There’s a statue! Go stand next to it and smile! Oh, oh! There’s a random sign, take a picture with it! Every vacation, my sister and I ended each day with sore cheeks and a newly-found hatred for the camera. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, they invented the digital camera. Thanks a lot. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like to look back and see memories of the good times I’ve had, but am I really supposed to believe that I was that happy visiting a museum, visiting historical sites, or even just walking down random streets? Shouldn’t I be looking at pictures of times that I actually enjoyed? But that’s the thing with taking pictures nowadays. It isn’t about documenting good memories anymore. Continued on Opinions at

Game Sites By Brian Chin

Got time to burn? Then hop on over to where you’ll find a plethora of games to occupy your free time. If you’re a casual gamer you’ll find that this site is perfect for you as it is filled to the brim with pick-up-and-play games. On the other hand, hardcore gamers may not be all too impressed by the selection, as the games offered serve as a nice, quick 15-30 minute distraction and cannot be played for hours on end without becoming extremely stale. From Connect Four to a computer-friendly version of Guitar Hero, Omgpop has a little bit of something for everyone. Fans of fast-paced action games can partake in a little hover cart racing battle while others who prefer games of logic and strategy can enjoy an online game of checkers or chess. Unlike various other game sights, Omgpop only hosts online games meaning that you’ll have the chance to interact with other players so that you won’t just be solving jigsaw puzzles, you’ll be solving jigsaw puzzles with friends and other gamers! Omgpop is also home to many favorites such as Blockles and Letterblox that, for a brief while, were all the rage here at Irvington. And while these classics are certainly fun, I encourage you to try out the other diverse games available as well. When compared to the various other mass-game sites such as, Omgpop’s games tend to be of higher quality. This higher degree of professionalism is also apparent in the appearance of their main page, although why they decided to stick, “Draw My Thing” next to “Fourplay” remains beyond me.

Latest Fashion and Trends

By Karishma Patel is a great site to look at for pictures of new lines features in fashion shows, which are held in various countries in the world. The website also includes a shopper’s guide for high-end fashion. You can view helpful blogs and forums about fashion, beauty and shopping. also features a “look of the day” which gives viewers an opportunity to vote for their favorite look. The quality of the overall website is great; but it caters mainly towards upper-class women and men. However, there are more diverse and universal fashion websites out there as well. If you’re interested in a variety of dsigners, showcases some of the best lines as well as an array of artwork. The different types of artwork displayed include architecture, museums and galleries, design, music and photography. also helps provide services for those interested in the fashion and modeling industry, and it can also help with travel guides. Some of its services include information on special design schools, modeling agencies, artist agencies, fashion shows and traveling accommodations. The website also provides a great list of fashion books. is not just a website about fashion; it goes beyond that to cover all topics related to arts and creativity., and are also websites great websites to check out. Not only do these websites include fashion, but they also include advice on beauty and health.


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Awesome Websites Features Seach Best Sports Websites

By Shajee Syed-Quadri Fantasy No doubt has this website has revolutionized the way we watch our favorite athletes compete. On Fantasy Sports, the user can assemble a hypothetical team of professional players and, based the players’ real life successes, your team earns points. This craze is most commonly found on Yahoo Sports but can also be found on the official website of any professional league, such as,,, etc. Various leagues use the gimmick of giving people who participate in Fantasy Sports the opportunity to win free tickets. Its definitely one of the most popular form of sports entertainment on the internet. Along with its entertainment value, it is also a convenient place for all sorts of statistics and info, making it so that you don’t have to manually hunt them down on the internet. However, if you’re like me, you’d rather just want to know the latest news on what's going on in professional sports. is the way to go. Definitely one of the coolest things about this website is the fact that you can type in for short and it'll lead you directly to its home page. What sets it apart from other websites is the plethora of awesome, high quality pictures. Sports illustrated also provides a thorough, in-depth view on professional sports game with some of the best syndicated columnists, such as Mike Wilbon and Jay Marriotti. However for the most current and updated sports news, trumps all. It is literally updated every few seconds with info on a variety of different sports as well as a variety of events within a specific sport. There, you can catch the latest sports rumors, gossip, and news as quickly as possible.

Like to LOL?

By David Lo Let’s be honest. The majority of a high school teenager’s life is spent wasted on the computer. Sure there’s always AIM, Facebook and Twitter, but the following list is but a sample of what the internet has to offer. find humor in putting down those who are arrogant beyond belief. Tweeting Too Hard takes the most egotistical tweets from Twitter every day and puts them on their website for viewers to enjoy (and mock.) What makes it even funnier is that these people are actually serious about their tweets. With posts like, “Apologies again if you've seen me in public and I haven't acknowledged you - can be quite oblivious at times not being rude :),” it’s hard not to laugh at the ignorance of these people. We all have conversations with our friends that seem to be so incredibly random that we find ourselves laughing hysterically. Imagine a huge chatroom filled with people spouting anything that is on their minds. That essentially sums up the content on Although this type of humor is hit and miss, there is a lot of content to look through and those with a more random sense of humor will enjoy. stands for “That’s what she said stories.” (I kid you not.) Taking on the traditional format of, TWSS is basically a collection of stories people have come up with that ultimately end with the oh-so-popular catch-phrase “that’s what she said.” Needless to say, this site has a particular humor, but it can be enjoyed by most audiences. captures the essence of Facebook and puts it all in one tidy “fail” package. You got it, the biggest fails of Facebook all on one site. One stop on Lamebook will have you literally laughing out loud.


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ng and Memes

By Albert Chin exactly is trolling? Urban Dictionary defines trolling as “being a prick t because you can.” The definition sounds less than promising, but the ad picked up like wildfire. Internet trolls create bogus accounts and post ssages in order to provoke an incendiary reponse. Among the most g sites are: stands for “you’re the man now dog!” and contains the most ranent of pictures, animations, videos, and trolls. Similarly, is ssortment of trolls who troll other trolls by creating troll threads to bait come and troll when in reality they are getting trolled themselves... Enter sk. es can also be seen around the internet. A meme is a meaningless rts out on the interenet and eventually gains popularity. Often times, the mes make, the more popular they become. Popular memes include the fad and the ever famous “Rick Roll.” However, there are several other es that deserve more attention: features a video of a cat (Fatso Schmidt) playing has spawned the huge internet craze revolved s. With pictures of cats on the computer to cats stuffed in drawers, contains the biggest collection of kitty pictures on the inters thousands of hits a day. Go figure.

Music and Downloads

By Shirley Lin If you’re a music fan, you’ll appreciate Purevolume users can download music as well as share their own music with the public. Purevolume features a variety of artists from the big stars of today to ones who are currently making their break in the industry. Free downloads can be found on each artist’s profile page, as well as information about the artist including their genre, bio, albums, photos and blog posts. A media player at the top on the page is convenient for listening to songs while reading along wih lyrics. If you create a Purevolume account, you can add music tracks to your playlist, which you can open up in another window. Other features that make Purevolume a worthwhile website to check out include: recently released albums, featured artists, and an easily-to-navigate homepage. Everything is neatly organized and simple to find; the search button allows you to find songs or artists by genre, name, or and song title. If you feel adventurous and want a taste of new music, click “browse artists.” You can even sort through artists based on your pefered genre. The “events” tab will allow you to be able to track musical apprearances near you. You can regularly check then top songs and downloads on the homepage as well. The downside to this site is that the tracks on artists’ profiles are sometimes taken off without notice, and some songs on some artists’ pages may not be free to download. However, a free membership at PureVolume is worth these few cons. Spare a few seconds someday, and go check the website out. For other music downloads by legal means, is a great website. Users upload their music tracks, videos, photographs, and more and share it with the public. It’s a great place to find less known songs that you wouldn’t be able to find on other download websites, such as “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior. You can listen to each track first, and if you find it to your liking, just click, and the file is yours.

Websites for Education

By Jonathan Horng is an online community with a mission to educate its users, whether they are high school students or teachers. It has over one hundred thousand knowledgeable members available to help you with your academic problems. Cramster is a very useful tool for students because students can ask questions on the Q & A boards as well as take advantage of the online study groups for math, science, and engineering courses which are available at all times of the day. While the Q & A boards and online study groups are undoubtedly valuable, Cramster’s textbook help section is probably the most useful. The textbook help section has step by step explanations for the odd numbered problems in many math, science, and engineering textbooks, many of which are Irvington’s math and science textbooks. By following their step by step solutions to problems in textbooks, you can become more efficient at solving similar problems. If you still don’t understand the problem after viewing it, you can chat live with others about the problem and ask questions about it in forums. It is especially beneficial to ask questions on Cramster it is generally full of many knowledgeable members eager to answer questions of those trying to learn. After you finish studying the textbook problems, you can test your knowledge with the available practice tests and quizzes and then you can determine which areas you still need to work on. Other useful educational sites are and These sites can provide you with the resources you need to tackle the daunting college application process. College Confidential is a forum filled with knowledgeable members who discuss everything from SAT strategies to college choices. Fastweb is another useful website that can help you find a lot of scholarships to help you pay for college. Check them out!

p Blog Spots

By Shilpa Sharma Journals and diaries were tossed out with the turn of the decade and ace, blogging has become an integral part of the online world. With over illion blogs existing today, any newcomer would be baffled by the massive t of online records occupying the blogosphere today. Modern blogs have come more than just online diaries as they serve as powerful media tools bject matters spanning from politics and business to health and lifestyle. er, that being said, only the top blogs are able to get the subscriptions gular attention from their followers—and with good reason. Take a look at Design*Sponge (, a home tion and product design blog run by Grace Bonney. The blog has daily dedicated towards showcasing modern, chic pieces for graphic design, r design and other artwork created by students and professionals interally—any art-lover’s dream! Other features of the site include helpful city which highlight the major style hubs of cities like Beijing and Berlin; and sts, some of which share interesting commentary on trendy food recich as Confetti Cakes and Pomegranate Galette. While Design*Sponge attracts the more artsy and modish type, there is a little bit of something ryone. If anything, the high-quality pictures and elaborate design products rth a glance. If this seems even a little appealing, I suggest you try another blogspot, ittle Things (, which features creative art-making and other ornamental pieces fitting for trend-setters. And of course, if style isn’t your thing—but then again, who’s to judge?— out Angry Asian Man (, a humorous blog ted towards “pointing out racism and noting any and all appearances of in mass media and popular culture.” If you can look past the fact that the really only a mishmash of trivial and frivolous matters, I assure you, the and the not-so-witty) humor will generate some laughter. Check out the he “30 Most Influential Asian Americans Under 30”, in which the not-soman presents television personalities such as actress Brenda Song and tremely cute” Gosselin children. Now, isn’t that something?

Photo Sharing Sites

By Alexandra Perlegos is a photo and video sharing website where amateurs and professionals can display their pictures. You create an account, just like on YouTube or Facebook, and upload your pictures to your profile. Other people can view your pictures, leave comments, and tag different parts of them in order to give you compliments and/or constructive criticism. Flickr is a great way to meet other photographers, because you can join photo groups you are interested in. The wide variety of photo groups make Flickr relateable to all types of photographer. Images are organized using tags, which make it easy to locate a particular type of picture you are looking for. There are two different free accounts you can use which have limited amounts of upload space. However, there is also “Pro”, which has unlimited amounts of uploads. In short, Flickr is a useful, convenient photo scharing site for those who are inerested. As Flickr would say “Share your photos, watch the world.” However, other less known websites may be even a better option if you’re a ore advanced photographer. Unlike Flickr, has no limits on uploading and storing photos. Some features include LightBox, which is like a slide show-like program that allows users to add short audio commentary to photos. Other main features are Notes, Portals and PeopleTags. These applications allow the user to links photos and the name people in them. The feature that most people enjoy on Zooomr is the GeoTagging, which finds the location of the picture that you have taken and allows you to find this location in other pictures. The social networking aspect of Zooomr is “Zipline” which allows users to send messages to and see uploads from their contacts. is a widley enjoyed webstie, however its con is that it lacks the simplicity of other sites. If you’re interested in other photo sites, is partnered with Google, and offers about 1GB of free storage. Picasa works closely with, and is mainly for users who want to send images across the Internet and publish them in their blogs. It includes many features seen on Flickr and Zoomr. Give these three sites a try if you enjoy photos.

entertainment 8 | The Voice 18.4

To: David Lo From: Chi City Hit ‘em with a freeze pop.

To: Urban Ninjas From: Ice Haven HON 8 pm tonight. Bring Jamba Juice and Chipotle.

To: Shernn Linn From: LK You have nice hair. And small eyes. You are a good friend. To: Puukani Tiwinak From: Lina Kudinar HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY JUDITH! nobody loves you <3

To: Dion Wu From: Anson Kid F.O.F.S. You da coobs.

To: Jenny Siew From: Cool Justine Unit 6! Let’s get in our car and drive over speed bumps. Awkward love. To: Anonymous From: Anonymous I like oranges violins elephants yogurt orcas umbrellas :).

To: Alexis Lee From: Robert Kurihara It’s been around a year since we first met, and you’ve made every day special. You’ve given me so many great memories, and I hope it never ends. I love you.

To: Shirley Lin From: Mr. Chowdhury You’re too tall. You need to grow backwards >D

To: Heeral Patel From: Rahul Bhatia Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. So smile honey, cause I lve you! To: Ernest Wong From: Mr. Chowdhury I love you <3____<3

To: Stacey Yi From: Your not-so-secret admirer Happy V-day, Starshine! You blind your enemies from pure AWESOMENESS! Love-sauce.

To: Diane, Kevin Le From: Cathyyy @ Dian: Love you! @ Kevin Le: Best senior Ever!

To: Clayton From: Emily I’ve been spending all my time, just thinking about you. I don’t know what to do, i think I’m falling for you. < :) 3 To: Vivian Tseng From: Anonymous “This is the Greatest Happiness of them All.” I won, You Lost the Game

To: THE TABLE From: JeLi From Lady Gaga duets to apbio stories, we’ve stuck thru it all. Happy Singles Awareness Day.

To: Priyal Fadadu From: Aashish Bhandari There isn’t enough space here for me to tell you how much I love you. :)

To: Awkward Sid From: Cool Justine Members of the BEST UNIT EVER! And you got swag, so you’re definitely a member of my wolf pack.

To: Robert Kurihara From: Alexis Lee Hey Robert, what’s up baby? I wanna be your valentine. You’re my shining Prince Tybalt forever and always. Love you. <0

To: D From: JL Yo D! Happy 4 in 5! “I think that we got something special.” You’re amazing. To: Esther Shin From: Mr. Chowdhury You, me, Adi. Kpop band.

To: Naptime Chieri From: Cool Justine “It’s not a MAN PURSE. It’s a satchel! Indiana Jones has one.” Unit 6 Love!

To: Sarah Hardin From: Lina Kudinar I found a donutella on Valentine’s Day!

To: DECA Club From: Ballado You are amazing. I hope this year we can rock the world at state competition. To: Gabby Wu From: A.N. Roses are red Violets are blue Flowers are pretty And so are you

To: V.M. From: Secret Admirer I love you honey and happy 6 month!

To: Mrs. Cook-Kallio From: Mr. Swagg It’s probably not hard to guess who this is, but on behalf of all of us I’d To: Puukani like to say thanks for From: Brown Brown everything! May there always be women in rubber flirting with you. To: Budget Busters

From: Ballado You guys are really persistent, I am really excited to work with you. You Rock!

To: Jason Lacanlale From: Your secret admirer It’s a love thang its got to be, your heart’s on LOCK and i got the key.

To: Team USA Olympics From: A.C. Good luck in olympics trials. To: Celine Jeremiah Vancouver 2010! From: Lina Kudinar February 12, 2010 I love you hoebo! Happy Valentine’s Day! To: Lavanya Kumar

From: Sharon Lin You have nice hair. And big eyes. You are a great friend. To: Ashley Cheung From: Lina Kudinar Hey wetard! I’m sorry I cut off your leg and your head with a chainsaw. <3

To: Padi From: Nick Jonas A doessa she hassa da gumm? To: Yi Zeng From: Aditya Kumar Will you marry me? I love you!


To: Stanley Ching From: Lina Kudinar Happy Valentine’s Day moose <33 To: Tiffany Lin From: Mr. Chowdhury Korean turtles! ;D <3

To: MEChA Club From:Mr. Ballado Thank you for working so hard. You are amazing. To: Pants From: Pilsey Happy Valentine’s Day!

To: Dion Wu From: kCh3n__ Get money. Get paid.


February 2010 | 9


entertainmen Bring on the Bluegrass Photo: Justine Yan

“Special” music comes to Irvington By Justine Yan Many IHS staff and students showed up to bask in the feel-good tunes, bobbing their heads and stomping their feet. Special Consensus’s joyful lyrics and charismatic stage presence even caused a handful of students – many of whom were clad in fencing gear – to dance. It was a simultaneously funny and interesting sight to see students swing each other around right beneath the stage, as if they were participating in 9th grade Physical Education class square dancing. Even the lead guitarist of Special Consensus, Ryan Roberts, smiled at the sight as he tapped his boot to the beat. “It looks like we brought the rain here with us,” said eldest band member Greg Cahill, who plays banjo and sings baritone and tenor vocals. Mr. Cahill formed Special C in the 1970s, and has even played the Banjo for the Jerry Springer show. Well, the rainy weather might just be the only “blue” thing associated with this Bluegrass band.

By Kim Ngo

In an effort to bring “different types of music” to Irvington High School, math teacher Mr. Ray Spooner invited the professional Bluegrass group, Special Consensus, to Valhalla for a performance on Wednesday night, January 27. A band composed of Irvington’s faculty members, including teachers Mr. Marek Breiger and Mr. Scott Lewis, as well as several Viking students, performed several energetic songs to start off the night of music. Mr. Breiger was featured on the harmonica, and Mr. Lewis played the guitar. The band’s exciting drum solos and interesting lyrics helped warm the audience up for the professionals. The renowned band, Special Consensus, is the “real thing” of bluegrass. Even as an inexperienced music critic, I can say that the members’ soft southern accents and ringing voices seemed to come from anywhere but California. In fact, the members are from Chicago, Nova Scotia, Kansas, and Alabama.

? d i p

A Millionaire’s First Love A Korean movie that will make you tear up their facial expressions and body language. Their actions helped add enjoyment and dramatic effect. The movie is not hard to understand as long as you read the subtitles. Do not let the fact that it is a different ethnic movie discourage you from watching it!


Interview by Sukhbir Kaur

“Peter Pan because he can take me to Wonderland.” - Robin Hu, 10th “Harry Potter because he is a charming wizard.” - Katie Kelly, 9th

“Taylor Lautner because he has really hot abs.” - Lalli Venkat, 12th “Edgar Allen Poe because he can write a psychotic Valentine’s saga for me.” - Wesley Lau, 11th

Ignorance is not bliss in a blood stream

Bloodstream deserves its place among other great medical novels By Xiaoshan Bao If you’re into television shows like House, M.D. or CSI, then you should read the book Bloodstream, by Tess Gerritsen. This is novel comprised of medical and criminal suspense. It features Dr. Claire Elliot and her fourteen-year-old son Noah, who have fairly recently moved to Tranquility, Maine. There, Claire runs a pretty unsuccessful medical practice, but the town is shocked by the news that one of her teenage patients has committed a shockingly violent

act. Other teenagers have also started to have lethal outbursts, but, as Claire finds out, this violence has occurred before. Claire thinks that there is a biological cause, and she believes that the town’s Locust Lake may be part of it. As she tries to save the town from harm, Claire comes across a plot that manipulates nature and slaughters the innocents. The plot and writing style of this book are kind of creepy, yet compelling. There are many twists and turns to the

plot so it may be a bit confusing when the characters start using medical terminology. Even though the book contains a lot of violent scenes, there are also some romantic bits. While the characters were interesting, I think some of them were on the shallow end. Another down side is that it becomes a little difficult to discern who is who, as time goes. Overall, this book is definitely a must-read. Very few novels have plots as intricate and

realistic as this, and the writing style is easy to read. Even though the characters can be overwhelming, they do play an essential role in the book. So don’t be surprised if you stay up all night reading.

“Elvis Presley because he’s awesome, he’s the king, and he’s sexy as heck.” - Mrs. Cohen

Photos: Sukhbir Kaur, Raji Ramanathan and Katherine

graduate, he stumbles upon a young girl with whom he ends up falling in love. The movie ends with a twist, so to find out what really happens you will just have to watch it and see for yourself ! In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be fairly dramatic. Similar to the movie A Walk to Remember, the girl instills hope into the boy, making him change from being selfish to caring. I enjoyed the building suspense, which kept me engaged throughout the movie. The actors and actresses did a great job of showing their emotions by drawing special attention to


By Karishma Patel To venture away from my norm, I decided to watch an “ethnic” movie from a different country—with English subtitles of course. That’s when I came across the South Korean movie, A Millionaire’s First Love. The movie would be considered part of the chick flick and drama genre, but this shouldn’t stop you boys from watching it. A Millionaire’s First Love is about a spoiled young guy named Kang Jae-Kyung who has to complete his schooling and graduate in a small village before he can inherit his grandfather’s fortune for his eighteenth birthday. Throughout his journey to

Which celebrity would be your Valentine?

SPORTS 10 | Voice 18.4

Going up, one shot at a time

Frisbee Frenzy

How to set up and play ultimate frisbee By Dion Wu

Freshman basketball comes up just short

game is for a player on the offensive team to catch a frisbee in the “endzone”, which will score his or her team one point. The first team to get to 15 points wins!

By Shirley Lin


Photo: Shirley Lin

The freshmen boys basketball team played against Washington High School’s Huskies on Tuesday, January 26th at home. The Vikings lost 39-53 but played vigorously and put up a good fight. In the first quarter, the score was close with Irvington being only 2 points behind Washington. Halfway through the first quarter, freshmen Darrelle Canete and Ben Gau and a Washington’s player grappled for the ball. During the last three seconds of the quarter, both teams hustled to score. Freshman Hong Zhou stole the ball, dribbled past multiple Washington defenders and scored. The Vikings got into foul trouble later in the game. This allowed Washington to earn more points at the line adding to their lead. Near the end of the first half, Hong missed a jumper but Darrelle was able to fight for the rebound and put it back up! “I think we did really good in the first half of the game because we had a lot of energy—everybody wanted to play,” said freshman boys basketball Coach Robin Grewal, “but in the second half, there was less energy and I think that’s what killed us.” After the break, the freshmen boys seemed to lose their concentration. The ball was stolen more often as their defense was broken. However, the Vikings continued to play aggressively by driving to the hoop and initiating contact. One of the referees seemed to be extremely critical about Irvington’s aggressive play. Any accidental bumping was called a foul. In the last quarter, both teams grinded it out to finish the game. The Vikings dribbled around Washington’s defense and battled their way past the Huskies trying to score. “It was a competitive game, the effort was there but we were too careless.” said Hong Zhou. Despite their efforts, the Vikings still lost by 14 points. If the Vikings can combine their intensity next game with matched concetration, they have the potential to crush future opposing teams.

Ultimate Frisbee, or commonly known as Ultimate, is a very fast-paced and competitive game that emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. For those of you that don’t know, two teams of any number (normally four or five players on a team) face off against each other, switching from offense to defense very rapidly. The objective of the

Rules 1. Teams start on their respective end zones and the defensive team throws the frisbee towards the offensive team to initiate the game. 2. Once a player is in possession of the frisbee, he or she cannot move, but can pivot around on one foot. (Some people allow the player one or two steps.) 3. A player can only be in possession of the frisbee for ten seconds max (the defending player must count to ten out loud). If, after ten seconds, the player still has possession of the frisbee, the frisbee is “dropped” and the other team will take possession of it from that spot. 4. If a frisbee is thrown out of bounds, dropped from a missed catch, blocked or intercepted by the other team, or if the person has violated the ten-second rule, the team loses possession of the

frisbee and it is turned over at that point. 5. Fouls can be called! If the player in possession of the frisbee is physically fouled, he or she can call it out and the ten-second clock restarts. (Note: sportsmanship and honesty are key to making this game work) How to set up a game! 1. Get all your friends together on a warm sunny afternoon! 2. Get a frisbee. You could use LED-lighted frisbees if you want to play intense Ultimate at night. 3. Find some cones or any type of markers, and find a wide open playing field (grass or concrete) 4. Set up the court similar to a football field. This consists of two end zones on opposite sides of the field and a neutral play field in the middle. You also will want to mark boundaries around the field. 5. Split up into two teams and begin playing! 6. Don’t forget to bring water! And a small snack if you need that energy boost. 7. Bring a boom-box for some music!

Old Favorites Fizzle, New Talent Sizzles

Australian Open 2010 draw results shock tennis community By Neetu Puranikmath There was a time when Maria Sharapova used to be the Kobe Bryant of women’s tennis. Back in the day, the 6’2” blonde diva used to saunter on court, decked in designer brands and expensive earrings. A few sets and dozens of grunts later, Sharapova would smile and wave at the crowd, fluttering about in victory. The Sharapova machine was known for looking good, dressing c l a s s y , and well, winning the tournament. These days, however, Sharapova has shown a tendency to arrive in a rather uncoordinated f a s h i o n

ensemble and rarely makes the finals of the tournaments she plays. Her once Top 5 WTA ranking has fallen to the mid30s. At the 2010 Australian Open, she was out in her first round, succumbing to Maria Kirilenko at 6-7, 6-3, 4-6. Sharapova is not the only star to “pull a Kournikova.” The trend of the old stars to internally combust is becoming apparently rapid. Former #1 Servia Ana Ivanovic, has taken to doing modeling contracts due to the loss of endorsements following her lackluster year. Ivanovic, a childhood friend of ATP #2 Novak Djokovic, was heralded by magazines such as Inside Tennis as the “next big thing.” Now she is struggling to maintain her ranking which has fallen to double digits. Ivanovic also lost in the preliminaries of the Australian Open. On the men’s side, Former #1 (Current #2) Spaniard Rafael Nadal was one of the crowd favorites going into the tournament. His 2009 victory over Current #1 Sweden’s Roger Federer made him almost a shooin for t h e

finals. Well, not quite. Nadal, who is known for his buff physique, suffered a devastating knee injury when he was playing a Quarterfinal match against Great Britain’s Andy Murray. Nadal was forced to withdraw in the third set (6-3, 7-6, 3-0), and Murray went on to the finals before losing in straight sets to Federer. American hopefuls James Blake and Andy Roddick also failed to make the Quarterfinals. Blake who was playing his last match before retirement lost in the prelims to Juan Martin del Potro and Roddick lost to Marin Cilic in the quarterfinals. Roger Federer soared to win his 16th grand slam title with a 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 win over Andy Murray. On the women’s side Venus and Serena Williams made it to the Quarterfinals before Venus lost to China’s Na Li, rank 16th in the world. Li defeated Venus 2-6, 7-6, 7-5 to make it to the semifinals with Serena where Serena defeated her 6-4, 3-6, 6-2. The final results though were pretty much what one would expect. World #1 American Serena Williams beat former world #1 Justine Henin-Hardene. Serena displayed a better courtside manner in Australia and seems to have recovered from her emotional implosion that occurred at the 2009 US Open. In doubles, Americans Bob and Mike Bryan defeated Nestor and Zimoniic 6-3, 6-3. Serena and Venus Williams won the women doubles tournament by defeating Black and Huber 6-4, 6-3.


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SPORT Seek the Quidditch World... In Real Life

Wizarding Quidditch finds way into the Muggle world By Divya Gowthaman It’s true. There are actually colleges that play Quidditch, but with strikingly big differences: no magic and no flying (darn that gravity!). Quidditch, Harry Potter’s favorite sport, was created by J.K. Rowling and soon became a popular craze. Xander Manshel, a student from a college in Vermont, adapted the game from the Harry Potter series into a land-based sport. To make up for the fact that Quidditch is a fantasy sport, students make up their own rules. A playing field for the land-based sport usually contains three hula hoops held up by pipes, which serve as goals. Each team consists of seven players, who include two Beaters, one Keeper, one Seeker and three Chasers. The Keeper must protect

the goalposts, while Chasers score goals by throwing the Quaffle (in this case a volleyball) through the hoops. Dodgeballs take the place of Bludgers, which are hit by Beaters using tennis rackets. The seeker’s job is to capture the Snitch, usually a sock stuffed with tennis balls or, in some versions, an actual person dressed in gold. If a team catches the Snitch, it wins 30 points, and the game ends. In Wizard Quidditch, Chasers score by sending the football-sized Quaffle through the goal hoops. The Keeper then throws the Quaffle back into play. Similar to Muggle Quidditch, the Seeker must capture the Snitch, which is worth 150 points and ends the game. The first Muggle Quidditch World Cup was held two years ago, and since then,

more than 200 colleges have started Quidditch teams. This unique sport even has its own governing body: the Intercollegiate Quidditch Association. Next time you want to play Quidditch, grab a broomstick and hop on because playing Quidditch is definitely possible!


Team plagued with instability puts its foot down

are injured variously, but are managing the injuries and getting out on the mats. One reason why Irvington’s wrestling program has not reached its potential is because of the lack of a solid team show-up, says assistant coach Gary. “We simply need more guys on the mat. Since there are so few freshmen coming out to wrestle, we barely have any fourth year senior wrestlers.” In the last three years, our wrestling program has had a new coach each year; leading to a cycle that’s only detrimental to the team. The instructional instability leads to a weaker team, which in turn leads to a smaller show up.

Sports camaraderie is a lot more important than winning By Sri Ravipati

Photo: Jonny Horng

Irvington Wrocks Wrestling By Arjun Panda Ten seconds left on the clock, senior Kevin Mangat, up 7-2 in the third period in the 215 lb varsity weight class match, finished off his opponent with a dominating pin. Unfortunately, this was the only match of its kind for us in the near shutout Logan at Irvington meet on January 27th. The next closest win was senior Greg Huey’s match, who was up 12-2 at the end of the second period, only to be pinned in the third with 1:30 left on the clock. For those of you who do not know much about competitive high school wrestling, points are rewarded to wrestlers throughout three two-minute periods for takedowns, escapes, and reversals. However, if a wrestler is able to make his or her opponent’s shoulder blades touch the ground for two seconds, the victory goes to him or her regardless of points accumulated. Irvington’s wrestlers are not bad comparatively; on January 20th at a tri meet, Irvington beat Kennedy 48-48 on technicality, while suffering a close loss to Washington. As far as injuries go, senior Dane Burgess has been having a mysterious abdominal problem previously (and incorrectly) thought to be related to the appendix, while senior Renee Tran has been suffering from a prolonged fluerelated sickness. Several other wrestlers

Hip, Hip, Hooray for the Underdog of Dodgeball!

According to several wrestlers, the new coach, Mr. Mike Damaso, seems to be slowly but surely turning around the brittle program with intensive and skilled training. After live wrestling and drill workouts, the team regularly finishes off practice with 100 repititions of sit ups, pushups, and/or squats. Of course this is only a glimpse into the diverse wrestling workouts. Additionally, the team has the second largest group of wrestling girls in the state, which opens up several tournament opportunities for the team. Check out the team as Irvington takes on American this week.

Photo: Lan Hoang

“We’re going to beat Chaos Klan!” “Let’s show them they aren’t all that!” “They’ve just been getting lucky.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard these phrases or some variation of them. First of all, here is my prediction for the 2010 Dogdeball Tournament. (Please don’t eat me after you read this.) After watching previous performances, I believe that Chaos Klan is going to win for their third year in a row. You can’t deny the fact that they have worked hard to get to where they are right now. However, some people will lead you to believe that winning is the most important part of a sport. Have nothing to do with these people. You can also lowse when you play a sport. In fact, losing is one of the most important parts of playing a sport and people do it all of the time. There are many ways that you can lose: shamefully, disgracefully, pathetically, triumphantly, courageously and honorably. I would have to say that losing with humility is the best way to cope with defeat. Dodgeball, like most other team sports, elicits school spirit. I attended the last two dodgeball tournaments (and I plan to go to this year’s too) and I noticed the people who were sitting there in the crowd were not exactly your typical sportsfollowers. The crowd was filled with people from all areas of the student spectrum—all brought together with the common interest of supporting their friends. It was a beautiful sight. What makes a sport worthwhile is that sense of camaraderie and banning together in friendly competition. In addition, if we did not have a team that that ripped their shirts with their bare hands and screamed “we are victorious!” then the sport would be boring. Think about it, in every situation, there needs to be balance. Apollo and Dionysus, Ying and Yang and in this case, brawns and brains. To have a great tournament, we need everyone— winners, losers and friends of both. According to Times sport’s writer Simon Barnes, victory is for wimps: it is in underdog that the true spirit of sport is to be found. This is exactly why I love the underdog. While Chaos Klan will probably win, I will be cheering for the new teams with clever knockoff titles like Underdog Billionaires. Teams like the Organized Klan and the Hard Knocks will be sure to cause an uproar in the crowd as they challenge the two-time defending champions. People often gear themselves toward winning and lose sight of what a school tournament is supposed to do for students. Instead of focusing on bringing down the champions and veterans, get past the inevitability of defeat. And if after doing this you somehow win, victwory will taste all the more sweet. Either way, you will surprise yourself by how much fun you’re having. Sports are a huge part of the high school experience, and nothing should stop students from giving it a try. The sight of a team of freshman being pummeled to the ground by a team of seniors and coming up smiling has never been more endearing and more evident to the idea of camaraderie.


Where Are They Now?

Our favorite childhood icons, and where they are now By Sukhbir Kaur Cartoons by Shirley Lin

Winnie the Pooh

On a recent hunting spree, Sarah Palin somehow found herself in the middle of In the middle the Hundred-Acre Wood (poor thing, she of her 60th thought botox…this she was in week. Hey, it Yosemite). takes some Unforwork to look t u n at e l y, flawless even Pooh just after 90 years happened of picture to be perfect modsauntereldom. I mean, think about it. Without her ing down weekly touchup she would look just like her the road namesake- a raisin. just as Palin was loading her rifle...What remains of Pooh Bear is currently sprawled The Sesame Street Count Unfortunately, the poor old Count has across Palin’s bedroom floor as a doormat. Rest in peace, Pooh, rest in peace. been plagued with Alzhiemers disease, causeing Tony the Tiger him to forIn a recent drug test, the childhood icon get how to was busted for excessive steroid use. He count...and was caught spell. Rered-handed ports state by the CCSF the he (Committee repeatedly for Cartoon Sports Fairleaves out ness), which certain letreported ters in his own name, most often the “o.” that his level of steroid use was Ronald McDonald 20 times that of Barry Bonds. He After a freak now faces up to 10 years behind bars accident inand a suspension of his contract. volving a cow, a deep-fryer Dragon Tales and a 5 tub Turns out that Max and Emmy never acof lard, Rontually traveled to Dragon Land. All those ald finally dragons saw the error peeling off of his ways. He retired the clown shoes and the wall makeup for a quiet life in the suburbs. Soon were simafter, he became a vegan and now lives on ply hallua strict diet of soy and lettuce rolls. Despite cinations these life changes, Ronald still felt his life caused by had very little depth. As a result, he gave up the consumption all his material possessions and set off on a of gradequest for enlightenment. Now he is residing A marijuana. Where, you ask, did two todas a monk in a Buddhist monastery situated dlers get their hands on some quality weed? in the remote Himalayan Mountains. Well…just ask my editor.

The SunMaid Raisin Girl




By Shilpa Sharma You thought your life was bad? Well, it’s nothing when you consider the plight of Irvington Vikings and the ghastly ordeals they must suffer through day to day. Indeed, it makes the starving children in the outskirts of Uzbekistan look cozy in comparison.

Sophomores Aaron Agulay and Kimme Ho

12 | The Voice 18.4


Article and photos by Alexandra Perlegos Valentine’s Day. For so many Irvington students, it means bitter memories and heartless rejections by classmates shocked to learn of your unending love for him or her. Since it is basically unavoidable, I might as well help along the process by helping you out breaking the news. 2.Man: “Want to dance?” Woman: “No, thank you.” Man: “Don’t thank me, thank God somebody asked you.” 3.Man: “What’s your number?” Woman: “It’s in the phone book.” Man: “But I don’t know your name.” Woman: “That’s in the phone book too.” 4.Man: “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” Woman: “Unfertilized.”

1. Man: “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” Woman: “Unfertilized.” 5.Woman: “Wanna go out to lunch tomorrow?” Man: “Uhh..uhm..sorry, my Charmander has swine flu.” ...and the one that takes the prize... 6. Man: “What do you for a living?” Woman: “Female impersonator.”

Burrito Madness There is no free lunch By Ramya Kaushik

There they were, hundreds of them, lined up like savages, pushing and shoving, screaming and pulling the hair of the people in front of them! Sounds like a sadistic orgy? Well, its not. It’s free burrito, that’s what. On Tuesday, January 26th, thanks to some mysterious string-pulling, ASB was able to score free Chipotle burritos for our school (no one asked how, I mean, free burritos. After hearing about the insane offer, students were lined up in hundreds for hours to receive their $5 burrito. Some students rushed a f ter school or left five minutes earlier from their sixth period class, claiming they had a “doctor’s appointment,” others were ahead of the game and camped out in front of Chipotle; they wanted to get the freshest guacamole. In the end, sacrifices were made by all.

“The line gave a new meaning to the holiday Fat Tuesday,” said sophomore Nicole Nelson, “It was better than Black Friday.” Thankfully, in all the bustle, there were only two K.Os. Don’t worry, only one was Mortal Kombat status. Although the burrito-give-away could be determined as a success, few are speculating Chipotle’s motives. While supplying food for IHS students, they also managed to distract college-bound students for their upcoming Wednesday finals. Could this be a plot devised by Chipotle to have high school students fail by distracting them by offering “final food,” when in they are looking for potential Chipotle employees? We’ll never know. Whatever, I got my burrito. Photo Ramya Kaushik

Junior Amit Piple “I told my seven-year old cousin how to flip someone off. And then he chose to show my uncle...on Christmas. FML.”

Freshman Rishi Jethi “My biology notebook was due for a notebook check next day, but I left it on my couch since I was studying there. After school, it wasn’t on the couch. I called my dad and asked where it was, he said it was thrown away. The notebook was worth 50 points. FML.”

Junior Jessica Diesta “Last Wednesday, I thought that the next day was Friday. I was so pumped and ready for the weekend. The next morning I went to school and realized that it was only Thursday. FML.”

Senior Andrew Phung “In sixth grade, I was feeling really nervous and anxious. I was too nervous to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom, so when I finally raised my hand and she called me, I had already peed in my chair. HAHAHAHAH SO EMBARRASSING. FML.”

Staff Writer Shilpa Sharma “I went around trying to get the most outrageous FML moments of all time...and this is all I have to show for it. So much for a good article. FML.”

February 2010  

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