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October 23, 2009

Freshmen Swim to Win Seniors Fly Away Wih By Karishma Patel The freshman class took Spirit Week to a whole new world. This year, the Class of 2013 walked all over the sophomores and juniors and stole second place in benchbuilding. The freshmen also beat the juniors by taking third for skit and dance. The freshman’s performance showed Irvington to not underestimate our younger ones. The freshmen had a scenic “Under the Sea” bench. The courtyard was filled with different scenes from The Little Mermaid and the props ranged from paintings to 3-D mermaids. This class did a great job for their first year. The skit captured the essence of the movie. To portray the homecoming game, the students got creative and made a dance battle between the Vikings and the Warriors. The winner would then be able to keep Ariel’s voice so that she could go back and save her prince charming. In the end the Vikings won and so Ariel was able to go and save prince charming. Their skit ended with a united dance. Many freshmen came down from the stands to join the dance and unite with their class. “Spirit week was a lot of work and totally exhausting but it was worth it!” said Freshmen Class President Melanie Tsoi, “Go freshmen!” Next year the incoming class will have to live up to the news par set by the Class of 2013.

Triple Crown



Skit & Dance: 3rd

Skit & Dance: 1st

Bench: 2nd

Bench: 1st

Spirit: 4th

Spirit: 1st

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Seniors fittingly coined “We Don’t Ever Want to Grow Up,” in accordance with their theme, Peter Pan. Seniors ended Spirit Week with a strong show that knocked out all three other classes. Their bench was elaborate and well thought out with their theme. A particular highlight was the famous Pirates’ Ship from Peter Pan. The ship, built from wood, extended 30 feet long and was designed so that spectators could go inside and stand on the ship’s deck. Seniors blew away the dress up participation points with an astonishing 63 percent participation. The halls were bustling with Peter Pans, Wendys, little Indians, Pirates and other Peter Pan characters. The Senior skit was the journey of Peter Pan in his pursuit to rescue Tinker Bell, held hostage by Captain Hook and his pirates(representing Mission High School). Peter Pan and his crew tried everything from swordfights and Indian rain dances. Mr. Ballado played the chief Indian, who, along with his tribe, performed an Indian rain dance to a Bollywood song. In the end, Irvington’s side of Peter Pan was able to win Tinker Bell back by defeating Mission’s Captain Hook in a football game. The overall combination of skit, bench, and spirit earned seniors the much coveted prize of Triple Crown.

Juniors Go the Distance

Sophomores Unleash Their Inner Beast By Anisha Babbar Sophomores took the stage second with their wild, colorful, junglelike decorations in the courtyard. Their decorations included paw prints and animals scattered across the courtyard, earning them 3rd place in bench decorations, beating out the Juniors who came in 4th. Sophomores dressed in army green, animal outfits, and other jungle attired. Their skit was shot and sweet and brought a huge turnout in sophomore class participation. It seems that everyone wanted to be a part of their circle of life. While the skit was mildly funny and fairly entertaining, the dance took a turn for the worse as a technical difficulty in the music resulted in the large group of dancing sophomores confused and flustered in the middle of the gym floor. However, they were able to regroup well enough to win a 2nd place victory in the skit and dance category. That, in combination with their 3rd place in spirit participation (beating Freshman who placed 4th), earned the roaring lions an overall 2nd place this Spirit Week. Good job, Sophomores! Hakuna matata!

By Anisha Babbar



Skit & Dance: 2nd Skit & Dance: 4th Bench: 3rd

Bench: 4th

Spirit: 3th

Spirit: 2nd

By Karishma Patel Juniors tried to have Hercules help steal triple crown from the seniors, but the scores did not turn out the way they had hoped. They did the best they could in all the categories, yet only managed to place second in the spirit category. The class was presented with fourth place in both the categories bench building and skit and dance. The class had many good quality items for their bench. A great amount of effort was put in to creating props that would fill up the courtyard. Some props that were made were the three headed dragon and Hercules’ chariot. Along with these items were painted pictures of Herculean characters and Greek items. Although there was some confusion in the skit, the camaraderie of the Juniors in the final dance was commendable. Teachers were incorporated in the skit by danwcing to the song “Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer. In the end students were coming off the bleachers to join the enthusiasm down on the floor. Overall Class of 2011 worked hard to beat the Seniors. They tried the best they could in all categories, and even though they were not able to score so high, they can definitely hope for better luck next time!

Photos: Karishma Patel

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Green Fair Kicks Off Greener Year

In Memory of Nick Glasgow

Environmental event successful; marks beginning for similar events By Arjun Panda present, spread the message of eating locally or organically grown foods. Others advocated the use of ‘green mobility’: a local Segway representative came and allowed attendees to test ride their scooter-like machines through the campus, while towards the back of the courtyard there was a raffle for a Toyota Prius, a well known hybrid sedan. The stalls, however, were not solely composed of business owners and adult community organizers; students from Fremont high schools flexed their environmental muscles as well. American High’s science club demonstrated how to recycle paper based materials in a process of pulping and drying

Members of the green advisory monitor waste disposal

newspapers, while Irvington’s Green Advisory applauded every time something was recycled correctly. For junior Alex Chen, chairman of the Go Green Team, the Green Fair was a great stepping stone event. “This event was a great networking opportunity because I met with other green commissioners to discuss future conjoint events,” said Alex. Last year Irvington was donned “America’s Greenest School,” when our solar panels, recycling program, biking accommodations and efficient urinals were recognized as the best around. Irvington’s green programs intend on only strengthening our efficiency in the years ahead. With great power comes great responsibility. Mr. Johns, Go-Green Team advisor and enivornmental aficionado said, “As part of our campaign to become as green as possible...we must begin looking at ways to change our habits to further reduce our waste stream” Going beyond our current achievements as an environmentally friendly school, there are plans to continue collaborating with other schools in Fremont.


On the afternoon of Saturday, September 19th, the Irvington Energy Efficiency Committee (IEEC) and Go Green Team hosted their kickoff event for 2009, the first annual Green Fair. Headed by Irvington’s green advisor and tech administrator, Mr. Clint Johns and juniors Alex Chen and Jasper Lin, local businesses and organizations were invited to set up informational stalls throughout the IHS main courtyard for to spread their message about greenness. Stalls included a wide range of people and causes. The Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF), along with several other organizations

By Neetu Puranikmath

Ever since he contracted aggressive leukemia in March of 2009, Nick Glasgow has been an iconc figure for cancer patients. Nick was ¾ Caucasian and ¼ Japanese American which made it extremely difficult for him to find a potential bone marrow donor. Through Nick Glasgow’s publicized cancer battle, thousands of other Americans became aware of the need for bone-marrow transplants for leukemia patients as well as the shortage of mixed-race donors. The percentage of donors natiowide with mixed Asian/ American race is less than 3%. Instead of listening to the doctors who told her that she had a 0.0% chance of finding a bone marrow donor for Nick, Nick’s mother, Carol Wiengard, publicized a series of bone marrow drives through

the Asian/American donor program, the local news, and even Japantown. Here in Fremont, Nick Glasgow donor notices were posted everywhere from the District Office to Irvington’s senior hallway. In the end, Nick had two matching donors. Thus, it is with great sadness that we learned of Nick’s passing on October 7, 2009. On September 27th, 2009, about 4 weeks after his transplant, Nick’s cancer returned. After the doctor explained that there was no more that could be done, Nick elected to have hospice care. Colleague Mark Fredrickson said, “His memory will live on as a symbol of perseverance against the odds, and as someone who inspired countless people to make their own commitments to help others in their battles against cancer.” Nick Glasgow had an open funeral was held October 17th. In lieu of flowers, Nick’s family requested that donations be made in Nick’s name to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Asian American Donor Program, and Be the Match. Nick Glasgow was truly a martyr for his cause giving inspiration to cancer patients everywhere. May he Rest in Peace.

Locally Stationed Non-Profit Hits Hard Renaissance Now raises over five thousand dollars By Sahil Pandya

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On Friday, October 2nd, non-profit Renaissance Now held a charity event and raised over five thousand dollars through donations. Founded by senior Radhika Mitra and freshman Ritwika Mitra in March of 2009, Renaissance Now (RN) has grown into an international non-profit organization with over 200 members striving to provide training and supplies to underprivileged artists around the world. Their goal is to provide training and free supplies for artists without resources with no middleman sales. Inspired by their personal experiences of poverty in India, the Mitra sisters were driven to start Renaissance Now this year. Since then, they have been surprised by its rapid growth and are working hard to ensure its continuous success In an attempt to raise money to sponsor a team trip to India, RN held a charity event on Friday, October 2nd, called Starting Now 2009. There, for a “donation” price, guests were served a candlelit dinner with entertainment including performances by many new artists in Fremont. The event, held at the Palmdale Estate, also received works of art from local artists that were auctioned off to the guests. “The food was a great accompaniment to the entertainment, including classical piano and folk music. Overall, it was a very elegant evening,” said Matthew Phillips, an attendee of Starting Now 2009. Local rapper Unity

dedicated a song to Renaissane Now. Other performances and speeches were scattered throughout the night. Donations were being collected in order to fund the tools and supplies given to artists. Although RN is partnered with local governments and organizations in the locations they work at, the airfare and supplies all have to be paid for themselves. In order to do so, the money raised from their events and donations are all proceeds towards these funds. Mitra said, “Our efforts in Kolkata seem a lot closer now.” The staff of RN travels to areas around the world and provides supplies and training to artists who are unable to fund their own practices. Their onlocation services this year will be in Kolkata, India, with future hopes of going to Nigeria and Vietnam. However, as RN is a new organization, they do have up and coming troubles. “One of the problems,” said Mitra, “is that once we are done teaching, we have to pull out of the area. We hope to eventually provide sustainable on-location training in the future.” Despite this, Renaissance Now has been able to raise enough money to provide an abundance of tools and supplies to artists and performers around the world, all of which are sustainable and reusable. Artists around the world are giving their thanks to two Fremont teens.

October 2009 | 3


: Can the Academic World Benefit? By Katherine Wang Many sites are banned on school computers, a fact that is inconvenient to students who are trying to access their favorite websites – and as it turns out, to teachers who are simply trying to teach an educational lesson. One site in particular is currently part of a heated debate – the popular, video sharing website, Youtube. In fact, the Fremont school district is currently considering allowing teachers to access the website to show educational videos in class. Such a change could risk losing the funding of E-Rate, a government grant that provides discounts for telecommunication and Internet access for many schools and libraries. For many years, teachers have been complaining of the ban, stating that it censors not only the students, but the teachers as well.

“Who decides what we can teach in the classroom? The fight is more about that than just YouTube,” Mission San Jose teacher Jaime Richards said, speaking out against the ban. He believed that the ban undermined teachers’ right to teach what they want in the classroom. “The district is deciding what’s good for us,” he added. Irvington high teacher Alberto Ballado also agrees that the ban on YouTube is an issue. He said that videos would be a helpful way to expose his students to the accents of Spanish speaking natives as well as teach them about Latin America, a much better alternative to the current textbook pages. Many district board members agree with the teachers. However, they’ve decided to

District, David Hotchkiss, said it had always been the district’s intention to allow teachers to use Youtube, but that the technology to set passwords on websites is taking longer than expected. He also said that teachers can request to unblock sites for their classroom and that these exceptions are often granted. “It’s not the intention of the technology department nor the administration to stifle academic freedom,” Hotchkiss said. “The only intention i s to ensure that we can protect our children and continue to receive the benefits of the E-Rate funding.” It is yet to be seen, however, whether the district will act on the idea to unblock YouTube and what it holds for our school and for both students and teachers.

hold off on a decision until they can figure out whether this change could affect their eligibility for governmental funding. Each year, the Fremont school district receives around $500,000 from the government to help pay for Internet and other telecommunication services. Allowing YouTube on school computers may potentially jeopardize the school’s ability to receive these funding. Another problem that has arisen is that the current networking system used by the district doesn’t allow passwords to be set on sites. In other words, there is currently no way to allow Youtube only for teachers. If the site was unblocked, it would have to be unblocked for everyone – teachers and students alike. The chief technology officer for Fremont Unified School

Upcoming Events Club Rush Day (10/27) ASB Costume Parade (10/30) Trick Or Treating (10/31) Blood Drive (11/6) End of 1st Quarter (11/3)

Irvington Spreads the Love With the French Connexion’s Hug Line By Jonathon Horng

Madam Cayla, the club’s advisor, got the idea of the event from the annual San Francisco Lovefest event, whose purpose is lift people’s spirits and hopes. “The Hug line tradition was created to show the love at Irvington High School and to get

everyone to come together and accept each other” said senior Kaylyn Sung, member of French Connexion. The French Connexion club plans to continue this unique, loving tradition for many years to come.

Photo: Kim Ngo

This year’s hug line, started by Irvington’s French Connexion club, united about one hundred and fifty students in the courtyard on Friday, October 2, 2009. The hug line was initiated last year with the intentions of uniting IHS by spreading love.

Class Ranking: Will its Removal Help Your Admission into the Big Ten? The truth behind MSJ and American High’s No-Rank Policy By Neetu Purankimath AP or honors courses and receive a mixture of As and Bs. What trend MSJ started, American High was soon to follow. In one survey, over 80% of American parents said they wanted class ranking off their children’s transcripts. American is currently ranked 3rd (using API scores) in FUSD, behind

Ashford adds, “Many colleges such as Ivy Leagues do not really need class rank.” Of course, says Ms. Obata, colleges will look at class rank if it is there. Class rank makes the selection process for colleges easier. It allows them to quantify students into neat little boxes while not looking at a

Irvington. American parents, however, have taken several aggressive initiatives to help improve their school. Removing class ranking is just one of them. “It is not even used as a major criteria for college admissions. If left on transcripts, it puts students with Bs or Cs, at a disadvantage when applying to top schools,” said American High parent Carolyn Obata.0 FUSD Secondary School representative Kathy

student’s true achievements. Statistically speaking, the chance for such a student to get into an Ivy League is pretty low. Ivy Leagues like to claim that 90%+ of their class is in the top 10%. The top 10% equals the top 43 students here in Irvington. American High parent Hiu Ng said, “The student’s chances of admission are greatly increased if only GPA is shown.” Many Irvington High students agree. From a student’s

Photo: Raji Ramanathan

It’s late October and to seniors in the Class of 2010 that means only one thing: college apps. Most seniors pay attention to only three pieces of information on their transcript: their GPA, their class rank, and their service learning record. Lately, schools in the Fremont Unified School District have been faced with a choice of whether to remove class rank from the student’s transcript or whether to let it remain. Currently, class rank is unweighted in all FUSD high schools. Many students and parents alike feel that it is not an accurate representation of an AP or honor student’s high school performance. Several weeks ago, a team of Mission San Jose parents went to the school district with a plan to remove class ranking from students’ transcripts. The district acquiesced agreeing that un-weighted class rankings were unrepresentative of the students’ true academic achievements. Unweighted class ranking weighs Bs in AP courses and regular courses as the same. Students who take mostly regular courses and receive As have a higher rank than those who take challenging

perspective, at least, a 3.8 unweighted GPA looks better than a rank of, a 3.94 GPA looks better than a rank of 12. Irvington High School’s principal Pete Murchison said, “Irvington students enjoy class rank. It allows them to see how they compare to other students. MSJ has a special situation…” Is un-weighted class rank truly representative of honors students? Is it a true representation of their competitiveness? “l believe that class rank gives unnecessary stress to students and really hurts our chances to go to a good college,” said Senior vice-president Karishma Patel. One parent of a MSJ valedictorians said, “Even though my son was ranked #1, I support the removal of class rank. Students can always have their counselor or principal note that they were one of the top-GPA students in their recommendation letters and secondary school forms for college admissions.” Parents should be quick to note that this is un-weighted class rank. For parents of students enrolled in many honors and AP courses, it can be noted that a B-

in the hardest honors pre-calculus class available is equal (in current class rank system) to a B- in Algebra I. The decision of class rank ultimately falls to each school. Survey results passed out during advisory to Irvington students on Tuesday October 20th, 2009, passed out to approximately 650 students selected by a stratified random sample of advisory classes were as follows: 358 students wished for class rank to be eliminated 129 students wished for class rank to still be included 158 students marked that they had no opinion or did not have enough information Out of the opinionated students, 74% were in favor of removal of class rank. You decide: Does un-weighted class rank give a misguided picture of a student to college admissions? Or is it beneficial to students? Is it necessary to keep on our transcript? Want to weigh in your opinion? Learn more? Go to

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Are We Really America’s Favorite School?

ble to Live in Spa i s s o P w o N s ce I t’

An astronomic breakthrough predicts the potential of our future By Kim Ngo Attention everyone who exists in the present, something great has been discovered and it just determined the vision of our future. Three space probes have discovered chemical signs of water spanning the surface of the moon. I’ve been hyping up this discovery for weeks, but I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as I am. Most were disappointed that I didn’t bring up the subject of aliens or spacecrafts after I mentioned the moon, but I’m talking about something bigger: being able to live on the moon. Finding water on the moon means that the extent of human life doesn’t stop on the Earth. Colonizing the moon has now become possible. Years and years from now, when Earth’s resources have depleted and

Does Irvington really deserve the title of America’s Favorite School? By Anisha Babbar There’s no escaping it— the pro-Irvington patriotism has been unleashed throughout every corner of our lives. It seems that anyone and everyone on campus has dedicated all of their efforts toward winning Irvington the title that has lately become nearly sacred: America’s Favorite School. Seeing the written phrase only conjures the mental image of those words etched upon a pretty plaque somewhere. Why, wouldn’t it be amazing to be called America’s Favorite School? You let your mind wander to the nebulous glories that would ensue from such a feat until a little tug of reality (or maybe a look at Irvington’s voter comments on the “America’s Favorite School” website) brings you back down to Earth. And when you float back down to the real world, you’re forced to face one minor reality most everyone else has overlooked: Are we really America’s Favorite School? You might think I say this out of some deep hatred for Irvington, but quite the contrary; I have respect for IHS. We are, in fact, a school full of diverse people and diverse opportunities, but the people who run the America’s Favorite School contest will see none of it. They have little interest in whether or not we can live up to its potential title. Ironically, they’re willing to hand out $20,000 to the school that best executes one of the most childish aspects of high school— winning a popularity contest. That, and that alone, will determine whether or not

Irvington deserves this title. And so the hunt is on: students scavenge for meaningless votes wherever they can find any, and the extent of Irvington’s “greatness” is forever left a mystery. Am I suggesting that we forsake a $20,000 boon just because no one’s looking at how “great” a school Irvington is in this contest? No, but there is a point to be made in all this. If the America’s Favorite School contest is not paying attention to the true quality of Irvington, those voting for us care even less. Instead of arbitrarily declaring that we are America’s greatest school, it might be worth mentioning that less effort is invested by our student body as a whole into actually making it into just that. No one has ever been quite as vehement about the things that do matter (test scores, fundraising, school spirit, respecting teachers, etc.) Imagine if we invested this kind of effort in protesting budget cuts, or improving our classes, or anything else that would actually take Irvington in the direction of becoming America’s Favorite School. Sure, it’s nice to see that we can all unite and click a few buttons on a computer screen when we’ve all been hit over the head with “Vote Irvington!” as many times as Mission has lost a football game, but maybe the real secret to becoming America’s Favorite School is maintaining that unity even when there isn’t the enticing incentive of $20,000 dangling before us.

Earth can no longer serve the human race, we may be able to move ourselves into space. First the moon, then Mars! If there’s water on the moon, there’s a good chance to find water on the other planets as well. This will allow us to further travel to other planets. Better yet, water elsewhere means that “life” could be out there too. The funny thing is, when we go to explore these offworld planets, we’ll be the aliens. Granted, the amount of water is quite scarce (about a bottle of water for every baseball diamond field), but the great thing is, this is the start of endless possibilities. The moon is more than a beat-up dry rock. At least we know our tax money used on space research is not going to waste. The billions of dollars used for our space program are being spent for the right

reasons. The great thing about studying space is that we are learning about ourselves more and more. Space research has contributed a lot to technological advances and understanding of our world. In fact, aerospace technology has led to developments in airplanes, clothing military, and agriculture. If you still don’t see why space is such an awesome subject, think of it this way. Everything sounds so much better when you end it with “in space”. I’m eating a pizza…in space. I’m playing golf…in space. I made a fire…in space. I just flushed the toilet…IN SPACE! Though, someone argued ending with “in a strip club” sounds cool, but that’s a whole new discussion. that I really don’t want to get into. Cartoon: Shirley Lin

Obama Be Crazy

Mr. President wants to shorten summer vacation By Dion Wu In the midst of a nationwide healthcare reform and an economic depression, President Barack Obama says that he is moving towards extendi n g b o t h daily school hours and the length of the school year itself. This can only mean one thing: shorter summers, and nobody likes shorter summers. Before you start complaining, let’s get the facts straight. It’s well known that America is ranked as having one of the worst educational systems in the world relative to its abun-

Photo: Katherine Wang

dance of resources. Our math and science proficiency levels are also well below the standards of other countries such as China and Japan. Thus, it’s no surprise that Obama is worried that America’s future generation will not be a competitor in the global economy with its current education status. Clearly, we kids aren’t happy with this idea. I’m definitely against it. High school, as it is, is already very tiring. Waking up at six a.m. and getting home until four pm to six pm is exhausting. Another issue is not only the extension of the school day, but of the entire year. Our summers could potentially be cut down to only one month long! A longer school day means more homework, more projects and less time to work on

them. As a result, kids will work later into the night and obtain less sleep. Any scientist will tell you that sleep deprivation counteracts a proper learning environment. This would contradict Obama’s main reason for extending school. Lastly is the well known fact that Americans already have longer school days than the majority of countries that are beating us in scores. What does this mean? It means that we shouldn’t be focusing on adding more hours, but on finding a way to better utilize the time we already have. Summer is a time for kids to relax and enjoy youth and also a time for teachers to take a break from the constant grading and lecturing. Shorter summers? Longer school days? Mr. President, you crazy. Photo: Samad/ Getty Images

A Slice of Spirit-Week-Awesomeness-Pie

Not just the building of benches... By Justine Yan Sophomore bench building: at my house. Oh, the joy. I love writing essays to the sounds of hammers wackin’ Photo: Justine Yan and sophomores laughin’. They sure put a lot of effort into their bench building. In

fact, they worked so hard that I sometimes experienced the impulse to pick up a paintbrush and start working alongside them. But that would be treason. So I did not. Let me confess, though. I am a senior, and I did not attend one day of bench building. I am a little bit ashamed, because I consider bench building to be a great social experience and definitely productive and edu-

cational and all of that, really. It is difficult when your mother constantly calls bench building “trash making,” and your sophomore sister claims to be “much too busy” to take ten steps out of the front door to help her friends with the building. But I guess I did participate in bench building, in a way. After all, it happened almost every day on my driveway. Not all of my family is anti-spirited.

VOICE STAFF 2009-2010

Advisor Matthew Phillips

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regretful souls when I say that spirit is also embodied in things such as club activity, casting a vote for your school and loving your fellow Vikings for who they are, regardless of class. I think I’ve got spirit. How ‘bout you? And hey, scooter kid. If you’re reading this now, your mode of transportation with the orange handles is still parked in my driveway. Come get it.

We were there with a whole box of band-aids when a girl cut herself with a saw. That’s what they asked for, and that’s what they got. We would totally have called 9-1-1 if they needed it, though. . And I was there to provide moral support. “Hey guys. Looking good,” I told them. So I think spirit doesn’t really have to be “built.” I certainly didn’t help “build” it during spirit week, but I think I speak for many


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Should Medical Marijuana be Legalized? Point


Let’s make money and save lifes!

Yes, deliberately inhaling toxic fumes is wrong

By Sri Ravipati Forget about the movie Paranormal Experience; a real-life horror film is the trafficking of illegal drugs like marijuana. The means that people go by to attain these drugs are unbelieveabe. Whether it’s done directly through drugtrafficking or indirectly from the detrimental side-effects of this drug, thousands of lives are lost amidst this global drug war.. Perhaps the most important reason to legalize medical marijuana is because of economic Recession. In California, marijuana is an extremely large cash crop. As despicable as it may seem, truthfully, the marijuana industry can pull us out of the Recession. There will even be an added bonus left in our wallets to treat China to dinner for all of the financial help they’ve given us. What’s really the difference between marijuana and drugs like tobacco or alcohol? Pot and cigarettes are both addictive and overtime can cause serious damage to your insides. And overtime, marijuana will lose its daredevilappeal in pop-culture, just as tobacco has lost its hype. It’s simple, really. People want what they can’t have, so if you don’t want them to have it, make it available

By Sukhbir Kaur to them! As long as we don’t have athletes smoking before they’re up for bat, then we’re OK. It’s unreasonable to say that marijuana shouldn’t be legalized because it’s detrimental to your health. Any substance that isn’t natural to the body will have some effect of the body—this is inevitable. The people on the streets aren’t exactly the cleanest, most trustworthy people either. To make the baggie seem heavie r than it really is, drug dealers will

“What is really the difference between marijuana and drugs like tobacco or alcohol?”

Cannabis. Pot. Weed. Marijuana. This single plant is one of the most controversial issues in the U.S right now. Many claim it’s completely harmless –– for “medical purposes only” –– and yet others claim that it is the gateway drug to hell on earth. But what IS the big deal with marijuana? In reality, the drug is just as bad as the experts say. Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we?

“... it is the gateway drug to Hell



Car mix contaminates into the too n: S pot, which often kills people. Lehirle y Li galizing marijuana for medical purn poses would cut dealers out of the equation and ensure a safe supply of marijuana to patients. From a medical standpoint, the evidence that marijuana helps to treat the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS is overwhelming. Honestly, if I had AIDS, I would take the risk and choose the weed over pain killers. I wouldn’t be too worried about dying from drug abuse because, well, I’d already be in a pretty bad shape. And psychologically, the appeal of marijuana would at least give the illusion that I’m carefree, like Neil Patrick Harris in Harold and Kumar, which is way better than popping pills like Dr. House M.D., and end up in a mental institution.

According to a recent study from Lancet, marijuana use can increase the risk of developing a psychotic illness by nearly 40 percent. It also shares all the health ailments that tobacco smoking is linked to including cancer, lung infection, heart disease, and addiction. No doubt, this drug is poison for your system. If marijuana is legalized, we may just have a drug epidemic in our hands. Already, around 5.4 million deaths a year are caused by tobacco consumption. The least we can do is not add another factor to heighten this number. But weed is for medical purposes only, right? Wrong. Once it is legalized, the majority of pot addicts will be able to retrieve the drug from friends who have unlimited access to it because of health issues–– hey, all you need is that little card. And where there are addicts, what usually follows is an increased crime rate. Marijuana is just as responsible for car accidents as drunk driving and someone who has had prolonged ex-

posure to marijuana is just as dangerous as someone who has been drinking all night. In addition to health concerns, the drug has also been known to be the culprit behind numerous property damages. Because the plant is extremely flammable, an influx of marijuana grow houses would be one of the main contributors to California fires. This, coupled with the street violence generally associated with the increased consumption of drugs, means that the police and fire departments are going to have their work cut out for them along with the taxpayers who pay for all of it. Many supporters of the drug say that marijuana is no more harmful than alcohol and tobacco and therefore should be legalized. This is true, but when was the last time smoking has ever had a positive impact on society? How does adding another burden help us at all? Other supporters claim that it’s the only way to save the economy and that it will bring millions of dollars of revenue. But we must ask ourselves whether it is really worth it. It really comes down to one moral question. Does the health, safety and wellness of our nation come before or after the wealth and prosperity?

We Were So Close

Does Chicago have what it takes to host the Olympics?

Fremont’s New Times Square

Prepare yourself—a new Asian market has emerged on Warm Springs Blvd By Ramya Kaushik If you have driven past Warm Spring Blvd. in the past three months, you may have noticed a new shopping complex to the left of Jamba Juice. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this new complex, Barry Swenson Building Company has decided to make a “Marina Complex” right next to Ross. Although some people already have their credit cards out and are eager to start spending money here, personally, I believe starting up

a new shopping center is a bad direction to go. Since when did Fremont need a Time’s Square? There are four stoplights right next to the newly built shopping center. As it is, people must wait two to five minutes in order to just get passed that area. Adding a new shopping center would only make matters worse. This complex will have about 23 stores and will consist of mostly Asian-American stores. The ultimate goal for this building company is to make this 90,000 square feet area, into “ Fr e m o n t ’ s Time square.” T h e City of Fremont has recently built a new bridge leading onto Mission Blvd, nearby the shopping center. The

initial purpose of this bridge was to reduce traffic. It seems like the amount of traffic will go in the reverse direction of their goal by building this complex close to the bridge. On top of the congestion, this shopping center will be competing with the Lion’s food center across the street. You would think they would have learned from the AlbertsonSafeway battle that went down a couple of years ago. Since people find the need to keep building new shops in Fremont, they may want to reconsider building other things than supermarkets. Currently, Americans have been criticized on their increasing weight average; building food shops are only going to make it worse. But, the shopping center will be ready in two to three months, so I advise you to avoid Warm Springs Blvd. Until then, enjoy the peace and quiet. Photo: Ramya Kaushik

By Shilpa Sharma When the city of Chicago announced its bid last January for the 2016 Summer Olympics, some of us thought to ourselves: you’ve got to be kidding me. Chicago, the city notorious for its heavy traffic and constant influx of people, actually hosting the Olympics? The idea seems outlandish. However, as the bidding process continued, it turned out that Chicago’s dreams of hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics were short-lived. On October 2, 2009, a few of us let out a sigh of relief when the Olympic Committee eliminated Chicago from the bidding process during the fourth round of selection. But honestly, I was slightly disappointed. The fact that Chicago was selected as the final bidding city for the U.S. is noteworthy. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Chicago has a number of things working in its favor to potentially host the Olympics one day. There are several sporting facilities near the location of where the proposed Olympic stadium was to be built: the United Center, Wrigley Field, Allstate Arena, Sears Centre and the McCormick Place among many others. The McCormick Place

convention center, the second largest in the world, was expected to host 11 events and would have been located nearby the Olympic Village, the housing units for the athletes. This wo u l d h a v e been very convenient because the athletes wo u l d h a v e been able to quickly reach their sporting events and escape Chicago’s heavy traffic. It seems that Chicago’s officials know what they are doing. Chicago has had prior experience in hosting other big sporting events, such as the Special Olympics in 1968 and the AIBA Boxing Championships in 2007. And in the future, they can hopefully host the Olympics with the same efficiency. The Olympics draws in the world’s most renowned athletes and allows them to compete center stage for coveted titles. It truly would have been an honor for the U.S. if Chicago was selected to host the Games. But the reality is that it lost the bid by a close margin, and despite my own protests, Chicago will not be hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics--a major letdown. We can only hope that the city will make the necessary changes and reapply in the coming years. Photo:

biology and intermediate science

Mr. Mann has been teach“My father is my idol. ing for 21 years. He worked He not only overcame at Kennedy High School as a many obstacles and library media teacher, helpsucceeded in what he wanted, but he passed ing other teachers incorpothis trait on to me.” rate technology into their classes. Mr. Mann was into skateboarding in high school and was on the swimming and water polo team. He still participates in open swimming competitions and just finished doing a 5K swim. He is training for a 10K this year. If he wasn’t a teacher, he would want to be a farmer or landowner, as he’s always wanted to purchase land with a completely sustainable farm so he can grow premium class wine grapes. He envisions students working on his farm for service hours. When asked what movie he would want to be in, Mr. Mann says he would like be in Inglorious Basterds with Brad Pitt. interviewed by alexandra perlegos

College Prep English 11, 9th Grade Reading Lab, grade English Standards 12, and College Prep English 12

After graduating from Irvington in 2003, Ms. Jiminez got her degree from San Francisco State. She was very athletic in high school, as she acively participated in four years of softball and basketball, but claims she wasn’t a very good basketball player. Ms. Jiminez loves Des- “I still find it difficult to call perate Housewives because of call Mrs. Brackett-Musto by her its “gossip, drama, and hilarifirst name!” ousness.” “Bree is my favorite character,” she says, “because she goes all psycho-neurotic while trying to maintain a Martha Stewart image.” However, she can’t stand Twilight, Heroes, The Hills, Gossip Girl or Prison Break. An Irvington graduate, Ms. Jiminez is now working with some of her former teachers. interviewed by neetu puranikmath

English 10 Honors, E Language Learner Con

Ms. Teboe graduated high sc as class valedictorian, presid the modern dance club, Sequ High School’s Fashion Board resentative, and also a memb her school newspaper and ye book. She likes all music exc jazz and rap, but she especia loves Broadway musicals. He vorite movies are Phantom o thing interesting about Ms. T an episode of “Dancing with Seabiscuit. When asked what herself under a zombie invas in using violence. I’d probabl black paint, and paint the zo

interviewed by shir

Chemistry and Physics

money management

library media technic

Ms. Ghardhora is coming to Irvington with 17 years of teaching experience under her belt, including teaching at Khalsa College in India and at Vallejo Mill Elementary here in Fremont. Outside of school, she “I like to spend time enjoys going on vaca- with my family whether it’s Cooking, taktions with her faming care of my kids, keeping track of their ily. They’ve been to grades, or going on vacations together.” Switzerland, England, Singapore and different parts of India. Her favorite movie is Cheaper By the Dozen. If given the opportunity to meet any famous person, Ms. Ghardora would meet Leonardo DaVinci. In high school, she liked learning languages, including Hindi, Punjabi and French, and she was also interested in drawings and paintings.

Ms. Veasley is entering her fourteenth year of teaching this year. She has taught at Mission Valley ROP and has also taught at Chabot and Columbia College. Her favorite TV show is Family Court with Judge Penny Reynolds and enjoys listening to jazz, gospel, some country and R&B. On Friday nights Ms. Veasley likes to catch a late night movie. Her favorite candy bar is Snickers and she love to wake up in “If I had one the morning with a nice cup wish, I guess of fresh squeezed juice. If it would be for people in gener- there’s one thing she wants al to find what truly makes them to do before she dies, its happy.” to do a lot more traveling, especially in Europe.

Ms. MacRae was a library med here at Irvington. Before coming favorit to Irvington, she night a dancing was, and still is, a newark lab technician at Warwick Elementary. Ms. MacRae’s dream con would be the Moody Blues. Wh had a choice to star in a movie she said, “Anthony Hopkins. H favorite actors.” Her favorite ic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough vacation would be to spend a ing Europe, especially France a Besides that, she’d like to hit H Grand Canyon once in her life.

interviewed by arjun panda

interviewed by dion wu

interviewed by brian

These pictures were taken by Kim Ngo, Raji Ramanathan, brian chin, and sukh-

English 11, and English nnections

chool dent of ideal vacation: spending one uoia month back in RepBrazil (where she lived for 14 ber of years) cruising earthe Rio Negro and visiting small cept villages near Manaus. ally er faof the Opera and Austraila. SomeTeboe is that she never misses the Stars.” Her favorite book is t weapon she would use to defend sion, she replied, “I don’t believe ly choose a brush and a bucket of ombies ‘out of the picture’.”

rley lin


dia technician

te Friday activity: g at the hilton

ncert to attend hen asked if she e with any actor, He’s one of my ce cream flavor is h and her dream month tourand Germany. Hawaii and the . chin

English 10 Honors and English 12

English 9 and English 11

Ms. Snell is coming to Irvington after having taught at Evergreen Valley High School where she used to coach volleyball. Her favorite hobbies are playing volleyball, wake“i used to tell people that i boarding and playing with her wanted to be a pediatrician or a dog, Sydney. Ms. Snell comes magician. I think from a family of teachers, but i just liked the it sounded as a child she often told people way when i said the two together!” she wanted to be a pediatrician or a magician. She went to Harker for high school, where her world revolved around volleyball. She played for her school team and for clubs during the off-season. Her team set a high standard for future teams since the Harker team was brand new. If she could be any super hero, she would want to be Wonderwoman so she could have an invisible jet. interviewed by jennifer siew

English 10 CCA

Prior to coming to Irvington, Ms. Mazur worked at UC Berkeley preparing university students to be teachers. Before She also taught English at James Logan High School. In high school, she was the school newspaper’s editor, “I really love was involved in dance and tutored reading, writing and helping elementary school students “[Tuothers. Being a teacher is how I toring] was what made me realize can help others why I wanted to be a teacher.” Her love reading and writing too.” dream concert would be to see U2 live because they remind her of her teenage years. If she could be anything but a teacher, she’d be a journalist because she loves to write. If she could be any famous person for a day, she would be Queen Elizabeth because “she was a powerful woman who stood up against a culture that treated women as weak.” interviewed by sukhbir kaur

“My last meal Before coming to Irvington, Mr. would be to go to Saltzman taught at Rolling Hills a restaurant in Middle School, Santa Teresa High the Great Outdoors and have Schoolwww and Evergreen Valthe old 86’er” ley High School. As a student, Mr. Saltzman played football, basketball, and ran track and field. He was also a part of the school newspaper, The Legend. He would have loved to see Michael Jackson or Marvin Gaye in concert, but currently his dream concert is Sade. He likes to shop at Nike outlets, Best Buy, Fry’s, and Target. If he could be in a movie with any actor, he’d want to star with Denzel Washington. His favorite movies include 12 Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird. As a student, one of his goals was to become a professional sports broadcaster. His favorite fruit is peach. His most disliked band is Hansen. He doesn’t like chocolate, and he prefers dogs over cats.

interviewed by raji ramanathan

Digital Drawing, Art Spectrum and Art 1.

Mrs. Holmberg taught moral art classes in East Palo Alto before coming to Irvington. “one of My idols is In high school, she was in Mike Kelly, an LA soft sculpture film/music the ski club, track team and artist. He made the swim team. She was also the movie Heidi with Paul McCartney—need I say Senior Class President and on more?” homecoming court. Today, she would love to see Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Willie Nelson, “X” Dead Prez and Mos Def live in concert. If she could star in a movie with any celebrity, she would choose Wynona Ryder or Lindsay Lohan. If stranded on an island with only one possession, she would choose her horse, Splash. Her number one pet peeve is when people wear slippers in public. One thing she’s always wanted to do is run in the Boston, Chicago or NYC marathons. If she was not a teacher, she would be either a gallery owner or a sword-swallowing contortionist in a travelling circus. interviewed by sri ravipati


8 | The Voice 18.1

ntertainment s een

Kings and Qu

By Shirley Lin and Raji Ramanathan

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to win the title, Homecoming Queen/King?

1. Congratulations! How does it feel to win the title, Homecoming Queen/King?

Ms. Avina:

Kimmy Denne: I feel that it is really an honor to have all my hard work recognized.

I feel very happy that the hard work I have put into this school has been appreciated by the student body.

Andy Chhi: I feel loved, and I feel that my self esteem has gone up with receiving this title.

Mr. Wu:

I almost didn’t come back this year, so I definitely have to share this honor with the administrative team. It was also cool because it was an award Ms. Avina and I could share with our class, the junior class.

2. What was your first reaction when you heard your name as the winner? Kimmy Denne: It was totally shocking. Everyone was unique and had a chance of winning. I had wanted to hug everyone on court.

2. What was your first reaction when you heard your name as the winner? Ms. Avina: I didn’t even hear it at first, and I just looked around at the other teachers, but then I noticed that they were looking at me. I was really surprised and I am thankful for the student body.

Andy Chhi:

I was completely surprised. I had felt really shy, and didn't know what to do in that moment. I had prepared myself not to hear my name, not wanting to feel crushed if my name wasn't chosen. 3. If you could bring any celebrity or superhero with you to Homecoming Dance, who would you take?

Mr. Wu:

I felt extremely honored and touched because it reminded me how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing community.

3. If you could bring any celebrity with you to Homecoming Dance, who would you take? Ms. Avina:

Kimmy Denne: It's a hard decision...but David Beckham, because he's extremely good looking!

Photos: Brian Chin and Shirley Lin

Definitely Brad Pitt- he’s hot and has huge muscles.

Andy Chhi: I would definitely take Mike Conol of The Lost Kids dance company. He has the perfect body and perfectly developed muscles.

Mr. Wu:

Anyone from Girls Generation because they are my favorite girl band. Top Photos:,

Which Irvington Teacher are you? Find out which IHS teacher best matches your personality By Anisha Babbar 1. You’ve just had a long day. What do you do to blow off the steam? a. Take all that stress and put it into a song about your day. b. Take a walk in the park and admire the pretty scenery. c. Organize your desk to make you feel like you’re on top of things. d. Go eat some Chipotle.

Check your results!

2. You’re getting ready to teach your students a boring lesson. How do you make it more interesting for them? a.Take them to SOCAHTOA Is land. b. Students will not find my letures boring if they knew what a terrible state the environment is in right now. c. I make them say really uncom fortable body parts out loud. That usually gets them going d. Buy Chipotle for students to get their brain flowing flowing.

3. What kind of lunch detention would you give your students? a. I don’t give lunch detention. Students love me enough not to cross me. b. Make them clean my tables with an eco-friendly solution. c. Scrape gum off the bottom of my table and write a report on why sticking gum is unhygienic. d. Buy me Chipotle, spin around five times and then complete a scavenger hunt around the school. I make it up as I go along.

4. What kind of activities do you participate in right now? a. Besides being a brilliant student, I spend time in drama/choir/etc. b. I love participating in green activities! c. I like to spend my time on school work and stay organized. d. Eh. It’s kind of what I feel like on a day-to-day basis.

Mostly A’s – You are Mr. Leinweber! You’re fun loving and everyone loves you. You have an amazing stage presence and you love being singing and acting. Despite this, you’re actually quite a math whiz. Congrats, you’re an all rounder! Mostly B’s– You are Ms. Anand! You like to think and you feel strongly about the issues you take interest in. It’s no secret that you love the environment and you devote a lot of your time to protecting it. Mostly C’s – You are Ms. Ryan! You’re super organized. And by super organized, we mean really, really, really organized. You’re all about cleanliness, neatness, and maintaining good health. You have certain goals in life and you know how to achieve them. You know how to keep students in line by being bold and authoritative, but they all love you for it Mostly D’s – You are Mr. Phillips! Uh, you’re quite random aren’t you? We can’t exactly figure you out.

Frightful and Delightful Recipe Easy to make Halloween spider-web treats Photos: Alexandra Perlegos

By Albert Chin

Ingredients: 1. Pretzel sticks 2. White Frosting (in Ziploc bag) 3. 1 chocolate chip or raisin


Lay out the pretzel sticks into the shape of a spider web.

Start sqeezing the frosting from the center of the web and work your way out.

Keep going...

Ta-da! Now enjoy your deliciously frightful creation!

October 2009 | 9


entertainmen A satisfying, terrifying movie experience By Selina Mahesri Paranormal Activity, a low budget documentary-style horror flick, has been critically acclaimed as the “scariest movie of the decade”. After experiencing increased disturbances by a demonic presence, young couple Katie and Micah put their theories to the test by filming the haunting presence when it is most active, in the middle of the night. Paranormal Activity has achieved what most recent horror movies have failed to do: deliver true horror. Instead of using the conventional blood and guts of modern day horror films, Paranormal Activity contains a psychologically terrifying and cleverly suspenseful plot. No other movie has made me squirm in my seat from a creaking door like Paranormal Acitvity did.

This film, containing obvious influences from 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, was filmed on a hand held camera with an ultra low budget of $11,000. It raked in $7.1 million in one weekend and has set records for the highest revenue for a limited release showing. Paranormal Activity, an originally low-buzz indie film, has become the biggest new movie purely by word of mouth. Instead of advertising the movie, the film producers left the advertising to the viewers. It started off with small screenings in colleges and selected theaters, but due to high demand it has grown exponentially since then. Paranormal Activity is now scheduled for a full nationwide release after reaching 1,000,000 online demands by horror movie lovers. What sets Paranormal Activity apart from all of

the other horror films is its profound afteraffect. The actual intensity of the film will come nowhere near to what the hype wants you to believe, but one thing that all viewers have been able to report later is trouble sleeping. Once the lights go off, and your instincts kick in, you’ll almost be able to feel the same haunting presence Katie and Micah felt. After all, the movie is about what happens when you’re asleep.


Quick Costumes for Cheap

Your local Halloween store is now in your very own home By Kim Ngo Tired of buying overpriced costumes that you know you will only wear once? There’s no need to waste time at the Halloween store anymore, when you can find everything you need at a local thrift store or even at home! Here are some quick and easy costume ideas that will surely catch some attention.

Costume: Robber With only a ski mask, a black sweater, black pants, a sack full of pretend cash and a cardboard cut-out of a gun, you can pass as a robber any day (but let’s just keep it on Halloween). You can even have a friend dress as a police officer and chase you in the hallways.

Question Man By Divya Gowthaman

What was the most random thing you ever dressed up as on Halloween?

Costume: Cowboy/Cowgirl Here’s a simple and easy way to make a western costume. All you need is a cowboy hat, a plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. You can even carry a rope as your lasso and put on a western accent. Just be creative and have fun.

“A slot machine.” –Navtej Grewal, 9.

Group costume: Waldo Find red and white striped shirts, jeans, fake glasses and red beanies, and you can have a group of Waldos walking around school. Choose which of you will be the real Waldo and post up pictures all over the school to see if anyone can find the “real” Waldo.

“The floor of a movie theater.” –Kevin Leong, 10.

“I was a toilet paper roll.” –Priyal Fadadu, 11.

Photos: Divya Gowthaman

Photos: Kim Ngo

Carving: A Love Story Irvington High School hosts annual pumpkin carving contest By Anooj Desai The annual Irvington High School pumpkin carving contest occurred on October 10, 2009 at around noon. ASB, who scheduled the contest, did not realize that the 10th was not only a Saturday, but it was also an SAT test day. This eliminated half the students who were planning on coming to the tournament. The competition was judged by the famous Jack O. Landtern, an avid “pumpkinista” since the age of two. The participants went by the pseudo-names Myra Mains, Frank N. Stein, and Drake Yula. The first section of the competition was called the knife throw. Jack made a terrible movie reference saying, “If you can dodge a knife, you can dodge a ball,” as he began to chuck knives at the three contestants. After dodging a couple knives, Frank fell to the ground and left the competition, claiming he had pierced a vein. The next event was the pumpkin toss where participants would pair up and toss the pumpkin to each other until one of the pumpkins broke. Myra accidentally tossed the pumpkin a little too hard, and it

hit a spectator on the head. The kid was rushed to the hospital. Only Myra and Drake made it to the main event…the pumpkin carving! The two were given tiny pumpkins and plastic knives, bought through the ten dollar spending limit Irvington could provide. They sawed their pumpkins for three hours with the plastic knives. Jack, who had dosed off for two and a half hours, decided three hours was more than enough time to carve a pumpkin. Myra made her way up the stage and showed the crowd, consisting of four people, a picture of President Obama with the carved phrase “Voice of a Generation.” Drake came up next with a pumpkin carved into the shape of Soulja Boy’s face claiming the “rapper” was actually talented. Jack fumbled through his notes for a second or two, picked up the microphone and announced that Myra had won the contest. Myra went back to give her thank you speech but was interrupted by a strange man in large glasses, a fake mustache and a shirt that read “No Gills.”

As he ripped the mustache off, and the crowd was surprised to see none other than Kanye West himself ! He snatched the microphone out of Myra’s hands and yelled, “Yo Myra I’m really happy for you and ima let you finish, but I am the greatest voice of a generation of all time….ALL TIME!” A person from the audience responded by throwing half a cup of soda at Kanye and walking out. Then, Myra kicked Kanye in the shin and walked out of the auditorium. Kanye jumped up and down on one leg, and I sat there watching.

Photo: Anooj Desai

“A fab lab worker in a bunny suit.” –Shilpi Mathrani, 12.


10| The Voice 18.1

PORTS Tennis in Trouble, Toughness is Needed

Photo: Umair Ahmed

Vikings Stampede Over Warriors Homecoming Game lopsided as Irvington demolishes rival school Mission By Shajee Syed-Quadri The varsity homecoming game was a success as Irvington beat Mission San Jose by a wide margin. The Irvington varsity football team was on the verge of their first shut-out game of the season. But as Mission drove down the field all the way to the six-yard line during the third quarter, the shut out we were all hoping for seemed like a fantasy. With the game already in the bag, there seemed no reason for the Varsity teams to play on. But our Vikings played with an intensity and swagger as if the game was close, even though the score was a lopsided 47-0, respectively. Mission could only

stand and watch helplessly as their only hope for a touchdown was shattered when Theo Green intercepted Mission quarterback Robin Torres and returned it for a score. On offense, we were unstoppable. With the finesse and agility of Irvington wide receiver Raeshawn Lee, to the power running of Raeshawn’s brother Roman, Mission stood no chance as the brothers combined for four touchdowns. Tyler Cyr, quarterback of Irvington, handled the game beautifully, not letting the pressure of having a few turnovers negatively affect his composure. The Varsity boys showed us the

true meaning of being a Viking by battling and battling, making you believe that each play was their last, and each second was precious despite the one-sided nature of the game. The offense and defense complemented each other perfectly, with the defense preventing big plays and delivering hard, clean hits on all of the Mission ball-carriers. This shut-out should mostly be credited to Irvington’s hardnosed defense, who didn’t let Mission score even a field goal, holding their ground until the final buzzer sounded. JV boys didn’t disappoint either as they ousted Mission 52-7.

Marching Their Way to Success Irvington’s award-winning marching band places second marching band places second By Raji Ramanchan For the first time in two years, Irvington High School’s award-winning marching band placed second at the Delta Band Review, the first competition of the year. On September 26th in Antioch, over eighty Irvington students lined up with their instruments ready to perform. With the exception of one junior high school, fifteen other high schools competed, along with the host, Antioch High School. The schools were divided into three division of A, B, C depending on the size of the marching band. Irvington was placed in the Division B this year. The marching band scored 180 points out of a total of 200, losing first place band by 1.35 points. Although

Concord High School won first place at the Delta Band Review, the band was about seven points behind the Sweepstakes winner, Golden Valley High School. The marching band placed second in their Division B and fourth overall out of the 16 schools. However, drum line and color guard did not place in the competition. “I was so excited,” said senior Andrew Lin, a flutist. “When we found out we weren’t in fourth, everyone gasped. The gasp after the third place was announced was even louder, and then we just screamed when we found out we got second.” Preparation this year was much more rigorous than that of previous years. Junior Angela Song explained how a lot of preparation and training

were given during the Band Camp during the summer. “The majority of our band can march fairly well now, and those who are still working on it get special instruction time from our marching coach,” she said. “We are doing the best we can to gain perfection.” Senior Kenneth Phung emphasized how the strict preparation led to the band’s success. Kenneth, a flute player, believed that the practices were much stricter yet effective this year. The band, along with the drum line and color guard, practices almost everyday after school for several hours. In addition, each section of the band meets during tutorials to create perfection in every student’s performance and fix minor errors.

Photo: Umair Ahmed

Photo: Xiaoshan Bao

Will they pull through ?

By Xiaoshan Bao Although the girls’ tennis team has been working hard, this year has been rough for them from the start. Then, it’s been injury after injury for these girls. Head Coach Dan Leon is coaching the Lady Vikings for the first time. He says, “Consistency, the big C. If we’re consistent, we can beat the other teams, girls.” However, with thirteen seniors from last year gone, and only two freshmen on the team, it’s hard to say where these girls stand. Even worse, numerous injuries have been hampering the team. Both Captain Annie Lou and Captain Lucia Wang have had ankle problems, while senior Jessica Park has been dealing with a bad knee. Other small injuries have been also plaguing the Lady Vikings. . The Lady Vikings lost in a stunning 0-7 loss against Mission on September 22, the first game of the season, with both varsity and junior varsity losing.

The sole win was from senior Kristen Lee and sophomore Karina Uchiumi, who were at the time the junior varsity #1 doubles team. The second match was against American High School, another tough team, on September 24. The score was 2-5, a disappointing loss. The next match was against Logan High School on September 29. The first win, the girls won 5-2. The Lady Vikings had played in the Logan Tournament and lost, but as Coach Dan says, payback is sweet. Against Kennedy High School, the first away game, junior varsity and varsity players won without a single loss. Next was Washington High School, a game won 5-2. Unfortunately, both the number one singles player and the number one doubles team lost. The girls’ tennis season ends on Friday, October 30 with a home game against Newark Memorial High School.

Splashing Away the Competition

Photo: Neetu Purankimath

Water Polo proves themselves a something game By Neetu Puranikmath Water polo is considered by many an underappreciated and unknown sport, but this year, players are attempting to publicize the sport more. Since Irvington doesn’t have an actual water polo pool, practices are usually held at American High. This has diminished the visibility of water polo players a lot as many other athletes do not see the team practicing on Irvington’s campus. “I only found out we had a guys water polo team during Pigskin,” says sophomore Diana Chen, a member of the girls’ tennis team. Both JV and Varsity girls defeated American, and Varsity additionally defeated Logan 7-3. Last year, the Varsity Girls team lost a devastatingly close match against main rival Logan. Each

Varsity team has only 10 players so player absences can hit the team hard. “It was a really satisfying victory for the girls,” said Senior Krista Chan, captain of Girl’s Water Polo. “This team is very unique and has a lot to offer!” said Girls’ Coach Kat Ashley. “They work so hard and everyone of these girls bring something special and valuable to this team. As a coach I couldn’t have asked for better teams.” The Boys teams aren’t doing too shabby either. Varsity Boys have won every single game, save one with JV Boys winning every single game except for Mission and Washington. This year, the Varsity Boys Team managed to defeat Mission, last year’s MVAL Champs.

October 2009 | 11

SPORT S e r v e

S p i k e

i t

i t Photo: Justine Yan

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Girl’s Volleyball off to a good start By Justine Yan Irvington’s varsity girl’s volleyball team finished the first half of its season with a 5-1 record. Irvington’s win over Mission San Jose, the team’s most prominent opponent, early in the season was a big encouragement to many players. Immediately after, the team focused its attention on the upcoming game against another formidable opponent, Washington. “We might actually have a chance at becoming first in the league,” said sophomore hitter Jinny Yan. On Thursday, October 1, Irvington had a home game against the Washington Huskies. Irvington was undefeated, while Washington High School had only lost to Mission San Jose. The game was a nail-biter to dozens of parents, friends, and supporters. After a close

game in which Washington’s new hitter, Konami Yokoyama, made 22 kills, Washington won. However, Irvington’s junior hitter, Katie Lopez, also had a star performance, with 22 kills and three blocks. The Huskies won the first two matches of the game, each time by a close margin. In the third match, the Vikings made a remarkable comeback and went on to win the fourth match, consistently leading by about ten points. The final match came to a close with the Huskies up by 4 points. Though the loss was a disappointment to the Viking players, it showed the team’s resilience and strength. Meanwhile, the volleyball team looks forward to a promising second half of the season. Photo: Christa Chan

Cheer is Soaring High Cheerleaders place in competition By Karishma Patel This year, Viking cheerleading is participating in competitions. The team has a new coach who wants the cheerleaders to showcase their skills to other schools. Varsity cheerleading attended their first competition on September 26th in Santa Cruz. The team was hoping to win first place so that they could be eligible for nationals, but still took silver for second place. The effort tmade by Varsity cheerwas well done for their first time, as they were competing against six other teams, all from different areas of California. The Junior Varsity Cheer Team is attending their

first competition November 8th at Washington High School. The girls are hoping to place as high as Varsity has done earlier this year.

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Running Over The Competition Team’s Hard Work Paying Off By Arjun Panda The Irvington High School Cross Country team is well into its season for this year, led by their new coach David Thomson. The captains for this year include Juan CoronadoRamos and Connor Delang on the boys’ side and Renee Tran and Katie Delang on the girls’ side. According to Thomson, the team is off to a great year since the runners are working hard while having fun doing it. Mondays and Thurdays are usually “hard days” where the team runs a bit slower (but probably faster than you can) for anywhere between six and nine miles. Tuesdays are usually pre meet days, while

Wednesdays are the dual meets. In the races, both the male and female JV teams run a two mile race course, while Varsity runs three. This season is seeing a couple of breakout runners, including freshman Victoria Ramos, who received 3rd place at the Logan dual meet two weeks ago, completing the varsity 5k race in a time of 22:31. At the Crystal Springs invitational race on the 10th of October, the top male runner from our team was junior Connor Delang, who ran a 17:16 three mile race. All the runners are excelling, partly because of the new methods of training coach Thomson has

implemented. “The workout style is quite a bit different from what the runners are used to from previous years,” says Thomson, who is stressing dynamic stretches and intensive interval workouts. David Thomson is also infamous for his exhaustive abdomen training. Ho pefully all this hard work pays off for the team at the Mt. Sac invitational, a varsity race on the last weekend of October. Also, look forward to the November 12th MVAL championships, the final scheduled race for the 2009 cross country season. Photo: Arjun Panda

Humor 12 | The Voice 18.1

Irvington Journalists Play Dirty

How To Maximize Halloween Revenues

Journalists Release Pseudo-Stories and Wreak

Rough economy hits sweet tooth hard

By Anooj Desai Due to a sudden dry spell of interesting news, Irvington High School journalists have gone to great lengths to produce stories people want to read. The first of many attempts occurred last week in the courtyard, where two journalists dressed up as “normal kids” started a fight over unknown circumstances. Students encircled the two, but it was not long before multiple students realized that the “fighters” were throwing false punches and making their own sound effects. Soon, an article about the “fight” was released in The Voice. Students who saw the fight recalled that the very people who started it that had written the article, using words like “intense” and “near-death” to describe it. After their first failed attempt, journalism staff spread rumors that any kids who did not show up to class had swine flu. Additionally, the whole school was supposedly going to be quarantined in a matter of days. Irvington students spread the news in panic until a feuding group (using the alias “Yearbook”) released stolen attendance slips to the public proving that the missing students were just cutting class. A couple slow news days passed by until, one day, a battered and bruised journalist arrived to school, claiming that Chris Brown had attacked him on his way to Irvington. Students knew immediately that this was just a publicity stunt since Chris Brown only beats women (as far as we know). Furious at the school’s retaliation to these potential story opportunities, journalism staff members dressed up as police officers and gave crossing students citations for traffic violations.

This story seemed to stick with most of the school after an announcement was made discussing these traffic violations. The journalism staff was at an all-time high and decided to strike while the iron was hot by implementing a master plan to destroy Irvington’s scheduling system. “Yearbook” tells us that The Voice had a man on the inside by the name of Philips, who had planted a virus into the system just before maze day, ruining the schedules of about one hundred students. Not only did this pose as a great story opportunity, but it also forced the students in the library to visit the only website that was not blocked on the computers: Now that they had the stories, the journalism staff needed to raise popularity within school. They put posters all over the campus claiming that they had a real life “Panda” captive in their classroom during sixth period that could read and write. The effect this “Panda” had on the school is not yet known but “Yearbook” has been keeping us updated with the story through photographs like the one provided below. Photo: Anooj Desai

By Sahil Pandya We all find ourselves in dire need of stocking up on candy every Halloween, especially when parents have started actually listening to dentists. But with the economy being how it is, is it really likely that anyone will give that much candy this year? Of course not! Instead, we will find old junk items being placed in little pumpkin baskets, handed to children as if they’ve come to a late night yard sale of miscellaneous items. So where exactly can you go to fulfill your desires for some sweet, tooth decaying, stomach upsetting, bowel blocking, muck-up-your-mouth goodness? If any of you plan on traveling over to the Mission district to meet up with some friends, I would advise the opposite. If, however, you do decide to go, watch what you eat, because Mission students have been known to hide what they refer to as “brain food,” otherwise known as crack, in small candy wrappers. Instead, head on over to the Weibel district where—oh wait, that’s where all the rich people are. Good luck getting a decent candy bar there. The most you may get out of that is a lucky quarter and a piece of candy that says “Gong Hay Fat Choy 2004-2009” across the side. That is taking

the rough economy to a whole new level. No, indeed, the best place to go for candy this year is to not go at all. Stay at home and take advantage of the large pile your mother has created to distribute to others. Shut the porch light off, put up the “We’re Closed” signs, turn off that light-up pumpkin you have, and take that bag of assorted chocolates up to your room. No one will ever know.

Photo: Anooj Desai

Top Ten Posts on America’s Favorite School By Arjun Panda (and some of you readers)

Sitting in advisory listening to teachers and staff lobby to us the virtues of voting for our school in the America’s Favorite School contest, who would have thought that actors, cartoon characters, and even a certain famous Israelite heard our pleas? Here are a few examples of the most exemplary celebrity endorsements IHS received in the last month on the contest’s message boards:

Journalist beaten unidentifiable by “Chris Brown”

School Dances = Cool Dances Admin reveal plot to make dances cooler. By Sri Ravipati

Photo: Sri Crabypati

Have you  ever wondered  why  school  dances  are  the  coolest,  most  highly  anticipated  social  events  these  days?  Some  say  it’s  because  the  DJ’s  are  better  this  year,  while  others  believe  those  chic  tablecloth  screens  have  done  the  trick.  However,  during  a  recent  press  conference  held  with  the  administration,  the  answer  to  this  burning  question  was  revealed. “Attendance  to  school  dancIrvington cool kids rag on local nerd. es  has  been  steadily  decreasing  over  the  years,”  said  anonymous  district  event  manager  spokesperson.  “We  want  to  make  them  cooler  and  more  alluring, and the only way to do that is to drastically lower nerd attendance rates. ”  Their  master  plan?  Planning  the  school  calendar  so  that  every  dance  is  the  day  before  SAT’s  and  ACT’s  is  brilliant.  No  one  wants  to  dance  around  a  bunch  of   losers.  People  who  are  booksmart  are  really  spirited  for  no  reason.  There’s  an  influx  of   kids  every  year  who  don’t  know  the  difference  between  a  touchdown  and  a  homerun.  now  is  whether  this  uncool  demographic  should  be  allowed  into  dances,  when  they  lack  vital  high  school  knowledge  such  as  football  fundamentals  and  how  to  talk  to  So  the  controversial  question  right       the  opposite  sex (successfully,  of   course).   Dance  atmosphere  also  improves  when  people  feel  more  comfortable,  and  people  feel  a  lot  more  comfortable  when  the  socially-awkward  remain  at  home.   “To be honest, I wouldn’t get my freak on if  the kid next to me was smirking  instead  of   doin’  the  stanky  leg  at  the  dances,”  said  Mr.  Matthew  Phillips.   For  some  reason,  nerds  have  always  been  the  target  of   ridicule  in  high  school.  Their  mommies  can  only  tell  them  so  many  times  that  one  day  the  bullies will work for them before the comfort of  the thought wears off. Due to the recent  scheduling,  these  students  are  angrier  than  ever. “It’s  not  fair!”  shouted  Senior  Jambu  Jambulingam. “We do so much for this school! We raised the API scores and won a freaking bus; we pick up all of  the slack on AP tests—when will it be OUR turn to dance?”  Regardless,  many  teachers  and  students  alike  are  pleased  with  this  filtering  system  and  believe  it  helps  make  dances  more  enjoyable.  You  can  tell  that  their  plan  is  working  because  of   the  high  attendance  at  school  dances  this  year.   Keep  up  the  awesome  job  in  making  the  dances  fun  for  the  (cooler)  half   of   the  student  body!

Osama Vin Taden says, “Vote for Irvington. This is your last warning.” The Glee Cast says, “Don’t stop believing in Irvington.” Zac Effron says, “I want to be 17 again so i can attend this school.” Megan Fox says, “Josh Pangelinan is hot.” Cat Dog says, “Why did my show get canceled?” Jesus Christ says, “Bless this school!” Sarah Palin says, “i can see Canada from Irvington High.” Lenny from Of Mice and Men says, “I like rabbits, George.” Kanye West says, “Ima let you finish, but Irvington is the best school of all time. Of ALL TIME.” Yes, but of course, the title says “Top 10,” but should we really ask for more? I mean, we got the big J.C.’s endorsement, do we need much else? I think not.

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