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$1,200,000 will be granted to Irvington, Kennedy and Washington high schools over the next five years by the Department of Education. This Small Learning Community (SLC) grant is intended to improve the learning atmosphere at the three schools. Irvington has long had SLC components in place, such as tutorial and core class families for underclassmen. School administrators and teachers plan on refining these programs and pushing the mark to make sure students are offered the best education possible. “Irvington is an example for many schools, but we often take for granted the structures that are placed [here],” said Ms. Susan Piekarski, who is in charge of scheduling core families for underclassmen. “The grant gives us the capacity to improve these structures.” Three general goals have been established: to improve personalization, school climate and student achievement. The Irvington High School Career and Information Technology pathways will also be launched this year and will provide interning, job shadowing and QUEST opportunities. Teachers are currently working to improve the SHAPE program for underclassmen to make California Standardized test scores and the senior Quest database accessible via internet, to maintain the newly-instated Youth Advisory Committee and to oversee the Math Intervention program for students who are not meeting requirements. “I think SLCs are the heart of what educators need to focus on for good, quality education,” said SLC Coordinator Ms. Michelle Lau. “The trick to SLCs is that it’s not a program in any sense. It is simply what IHS feels is needed to help the students more. So, if we feel that tutorial is a good thing for IHS, then we will work and make it so.” Ms. Lau added, “If it’s important for IHS to connect learning to a career, then let’s do Career Pathways. The needs stem from what happens between teachers and students in the classroom; SLC is just a formal name for that need and the group of people who make it happen.” To maintain progress on the Small Learning Community project, monthly meetings will be held, and all community members are welcome to attend.


Three Fremont schools come into huge grant By Linda Dong

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Rockin’ the Vote

Big Money

Barack Obama and Ron Paul Capture the Irvington Primaries By Shalika Gupta 1148 students voted in Irvington High School’s first mock primary election on Friday, Jan. 25. Students from Ms. Susan Piekarski’s AP Government class, as well as from Ms. Jennifer Hillier’s world history classes made posters detailing both Republican and Democratic candidates’ views on everything from healthcare to the environment. With 512 votes in the Democratic primary, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Il.) was Irvington students pick, illustrating his strength among youth voters. While Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx.) is not considered as mainstream as other Republican candidates, he won the party’s primary with 69 votes. Sen. Hillary Clinton (DNY) received second place with 269 votes, with John Edwards at a distant third with 65 votes. The

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second place spot was a tie for the Republicans, with Rudy Giuliani and Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee both earning 32 votes each. “I’m glad I got to do this project. As most students are mostly focused on the Democratic side of the election but by doing this project, we get to learn more about the Republican candidates and their positions” said senior Emmeline Lan. Students had the opportunity to vote for either one of the Republican or Democratic candidates, as well as vote on the three ballot measures which dealt which vehicle emissions, mandatory voting and free speech in regards to technology. A master list which ran from floor to ceiling of the new gym, briefly explained each of the top nine candidates’ views, while Ms. Piekarski and Ms. Hillier’s students crafted detailed

poster boards and were available to answer any questions. Both the presenters and the visitors learned more about the political process. “Before when I was thinking about the Iraq War, I thought that it would be best to get our troops out as fast as we could, but after learning about Rudy Giuliani’s plan which wasn’t a set date but a flexible timeline, I realized it was impossible to pull the troops out when you want to,” said senior Asha Vergis, who researched Giuliani’s views. The mock primary program was adopted by Irvington after Secretary of State Debra Bowen asked California high schools to implement such a program through online registration. Her idea caught the attention of the Irvington MyVote coordinator, Ms. Hillier. “I think it went well because the kids went above and

beyond the assignment,” she said. The primary affected many students, allowing students who do not get to vote in the upcoming election a chance to express their opinions, while exposing students who will vote on Feb 5 to many candidates’ views. “I think that it was excellent. Now more people know about the candidates and their views. People were really excited to vote,” said Service Learning Coordinator senior Avni Shah. The primary was a great experience for both teachers and students. It was also quite timely with the California primaries coming up with Super Tuesday right around the corner. “It was really exciting to walk around at lunch and hear kids talking about the candidates independent of their experience,” said Ms. Piekarski.

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DECA is Back! Club Gains Momentum at Recent Conference By Milan Kantaria

Photo: Marlo Yonocruz

Don’t Sweat the Technique

New Technique Dance class shows off their dance moves during advisory By Marlo Yonocruz The new Dance works on developing dance transferred this year to Ms. Lau as Technique class, taught by Ms. techniques for wide variety of a first period class. Michelle Lau, put on their first dance styles, instead of focusing “There aren’t that many performance during advisory on on one particular style. people in the class, but we all In the future, Ms. work hard to make the dances Jan. 25 as a semester final. “The performance was Lau plans to bring in guest look clean and entertaining,” said mainly to let people know of the choreographers to teach the class Candace. class,” said junior Candace Chu. routines in different styles of The class plans to put “Its nice to be able to perform the dance, in order to expand their on more shows in the future. dances that we worked hard on all “dance vocabulary.” An African Irvington dance classes usually dance choreographer is expected have a recital at the end of semester.”w Ms. Lau, who emceed to teach the class within the next the year to showcase some of the show, explained how each few weeks. their best routines. The next Last year, the class had performance will most likely be dance was created with different inspirations. The dance pieces well over 35 students, but has for next semester’s final. ranged from a smooth lyrical been reduced to the small number “We have lots of dances routine to a hard-hitting hip-hop of only 13 students. Also, the in the works,” said Candace. “We class use to be taught by Mrs. can’t wait to show them to the dance. The class normally Linda Jackson-Whitmore, but was school once they’re finished.”

Get on the road to freedom!

The business and various fields. marketing oriented club attended Many Irvington students the first of its competitive returned home with trophies, conferences earlier this month in medals, ribbons, big smiles, and San Ramon and came home with if not a combination of those, a something to smile about. great learning experience. “Truly an allStudents are able encompassing experience,” to choose from categories commented senior Jennifer such as Food Services, Hotel Wang on her first experience at Management, Automotive this year’s DECA (Distributive Services, and Sports and Educational Clubs of America) Entertainment Marketing Northern California Career among many others in which to Development Conference. compete. “It’s just the best It was the first combination of work and fun DECA experience for junior I’ve found Rajan Mittal who anywhere,” placed among continued the Top Eight in Jennifer as his category. she went on “It was an to tell how exceptional she became encounter where a DECA I was able to enthusiast interact with from a oncesimilar-minded skeptic. Along people my with advisor, age. Definitely Mr. Lance something that Brookner, and I suggest for Mr. Alberto anyone and Ballado 20 everyone.” Irvington Irvington students DECA will be (the highest continuing to number in Photo: the State Career any recent Development number of years) competed by Conference in early March participating in impromptu logical from which any students that thinking exercises in their areas are finalists in the categories in of interest and presenting their which they participate will move prepared projects, some of which on to represent California at the had been under construction International Competitions in since school started. Atlanta, Georgia. Focusing on skills used When asked about the in the business world, DECA future of the club, co-president fosters networking skills and Shefali Dujari said, “We have conferences such as this one allow a lot of good lowerclassmen, for opportunities for students of and I hope that next year they like interests to meet each others can bring back a lot of DECA and professionals working in events.”

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February 2008 | 3

Spoken Word Anyone? BSU hosts spoken word performance for artistic souls


By Britney Green and Salman Qasim On Jan. 25, Heather Gurkin presented a Irvington’s own Black recently written Student Union held a poem entitled “I’m spoken word performance Me.” in Valhalla during lunch. Next, David The competition was Byrd performed a meant to let artists memorable spoken express themselves in word piece called a rarely recognized “That Fat Guy.” medium. Jason IP rapped his There were own “Shadow of ten performers who were Love.” encouragingly cheered on Sophia Jiminez by a rather intimate crowd. performed an incredible Junior Vernalee spoken word piece “NonJames the president of existent Audience.” BSU, hosted the event Then, Jesselin which included spoken Narte, who intially dropped word pieces, songs, poems out of the performance, and a rap. came back to perform a Salina Nguyen’s poem called “Unspoken poem “Slip of the Words.” Tongue” is a poem A lot of about love. Jacob people cheered on Siliga sang a Kenta Naoi, after similar song he performed an also about love. untitled spoken Katie Durham word piece followed, inspired by a acting out a Palestinian girl monologue called “Stage he had met. Fright.” Brooke Stevenson read The event was wrapped a poem entitled “Questions”. up with Jacob Siliga singing an

untraditional, surprise “Happy Birthday” to Heather Gurkin. Each of the performaces exemplified what the spoken word competition is meant to convey: feeling, emotion, seamlessly stitched into artistry. Salina and Jacobs’ pieces about love were touching and soulful. Katie’s monologue was very well performed and thought out as well. Heather’s poem was great, and David presented a great example of a meaningful and well written spoken word piece. Sophia’s piece was particularly impressive when it came to soul and emotional reach, and definitely left the crowd wanting more. Jesselin’s performance was a great follow up to Sophia’s piece, followed by Kenta’s unique performace, and Jacob’s happy birthday song wrapped the show up. The show was a a great success, and Vernalee ended by announcing that there may be another spoken word event coming up soon.


Photo Department Hits the Jackpot

New advancements in technology aids photography students By Annie Wang Second-year photo and several new cameras. teacher Ms. Shiloh Burton has “I feel grateful and I amassed quite a new collection couldn’t have done this alone,” of technology to further enhance said Ms. Burton. “It’s pretty the studies of her photo classes. radical for a public high school With the approval of to have this, even though I feel both the Visual and Performing this should be the standard for all Arts Department and after public high schools.” taking advantages of grants She added, “I from ROP, the technology of the appreciate being at a high school photo department has become where this is possible. This new significantly advanced. equipment allows our students With the help of PTSA to fully express themselves more President Valerie Stewart, creatively and reach their highest Principal Pete Murchison, art creative potential.” teachers Ms. Susan Pate and Mr. The new technology Bob Moran, and the entire Visual will aid in photo editing and and Performing Arts Department, any design elements in the class. Ms. Burton has been able to The class was in great need of acquire 20 new enlargers and new cameras, and now many timers for the darkroom, 30 iMac antiquated cameras can be computers, 2 scanners, 2 printers, replaced.

An Unlikely Hero Freshman Nick Marino foils robbery attempt By Raji Ramanathan and Phi Nguyen

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“I absolutely loved the program. The instructor gave me the individual attention I needed both inside and outside the classroom to excel. The methods taught me little tricks for the SAT that I used for school as well. No other program offers that.” -Arjun Naskar ‘05, MIT

Nick Marino is your everyday 14-year old high school freshman. Like many teenagers his age, he takes six classes and participates in sports such as football, basketball and baseball. However, the events that occurred on Dec. 9 completely changed his life. “My friends and I went to go get pizza and play pool at Crispy Crust,” said Nick. “It was just a normal Sunday afternoon for us.” All was normal; that is, until a drunken middle-aged man entered the local pizza shop. He stubled around until he reached a counter. The man, 24-year-old Jeffrey Wayne Klein of Pacifica, attempted to steal a showcase full of watches that had been sitting on the counter. Nick had never seen the man before, and while he was watching television, Nick could hear the man arguing with the owner of the pizzeria. “That’s when I saw the man had his hand inside the showcase,” Nick said. Nick blocked the man as he tried to escape with the

showcase full of watches. In retaliation, Klein attacked Trini Aviles, one of Nick’s friends. Putting his own life at risk, Nick tackled the man down for trying to hurt his friend. Klein bit Nick near the chest, creating a long scar with teeth marks. Nick also endured bite marks on his wrists. Although injured, Nick was able to subdue the perpetrator long enough before the police arrived, immediately arresting the man. “It was something I did for my friend,” Nick said. “I would do the same for any person in trouble.” Although he required a few tetanus shots, Nick was not seriously injured in the incident. Nick said that he now has more respect from his teachers, peers and family. Mr. Ryan Willer, Nick’s math teacher, said, “I just think Nick is one of those ‘all around’ kids. Everything he does, he puts his full heart into it. He really works hard for his grade. It’s not surprising to see a student like him to do something like that. He has really become a hero.”

Opinions 4 | The Voice 16.4

COUNTERPOINT The Older, the Wiser

Should we focus more on contemporary literature?

Old Literature is Outdated

Urban Expression


Isn’t it time we start reading books relevant to this time By Ashwin Shanker “The ledge, where I because the conflicts discussed placed my candle, had a few will be extremely relevant to mildewed books piled up in one current day affairs. corner; and it was covered with Let me be clear that I writing scratched on the paint.” am not suggesting we abolish the This writing, however, was works of such brilliant writers nothing but a name repeated in such as Shakespeare or Charles all kinds of characters, large and Dickens. And I am not just saying small. Catherine Earnshaw, here that because I do not want every and there varied to Catherine English teacher at IHS to hunt Heathcliff, and then again to me down (no seriously, please Catherine Linton.”-Chapter 3 don’t hate me). of Wuthering Heights by Emily Some of the older books Bronte. we read in English classes are Why do I care?! We have truly classics, but I think that all experienced the unpleasant act we should limit the amount that of reading a book in an English we read. It is imperative to be class that is a waste of time. The exposed to their unique writing harsh reality is that more and styles; however, the classic novels more kids are disregarding the often have little relevance to importance of literature, because present day. It seems that many of the books we read in we need to find a healthy class spend pages describing medium. We should something so monotonous and still read some books that irrelevant to the main story that were written many we lose focus. years ago, because I am sick of reading they have survived novels that are written in the test of time. a language so archaic that However, after we understanding what the author understand a little bit is trying to say is a mystery about such classic books, itself. let students choose books In the modern world we that they will truly care live in, I think it’s time to start about. The quality of books diversifying the type of books we written today is noteworthy, read at school. Once in a while, and people need to repudiate it would be nice to read a book by the misconceptions that the only an author who is still alive. Why? books being made right now are Maybe, for some weird reason, if Harry Potter and Gossip Girl. I ever needed to ask the author Choosing more contemporary what his or her inspiration was, works to read in classes will I could have the opportunity to help high school students do so. gain an appreciation for Reading more reading, so that books contemporary books will help can go back to being students feel a closer connection enjoyment instead to the issues and concepts, of a pain.





If art requires talent and creativity, then graffiti should also be considered as art By Rachel Li Art has offended, it artists by the promise of fame: local artist Belk, who is charged angered and pushed peoples’ an artist can be famous on the with four felony counts of illegal limits since its existence. New streets, and fans will not even graffiti. Belk, or Daniel Cortez forms of art have rarely been know what they look like or even Aldama, is from Fremont and was welcomed by the public and the artist’s gender. 18 when he was arrested on Dec. have often been accused of being Graffiti is not meant to 7, 2007. “trash.” We have made a habit out mark gang territory or defame These modern artists of denouncing are not new art forms, roughyouths and graffiti has with the become our agenda to generation’s deface walls favorite art with their form to hate. egos. They are Graffiti merely using style art is not untraditional on the brink mediums that of major some are still p o p u l a r i t y, unfamiliar and but rather, it uncomfortable is already a with. Graffiti movement in is not meant to motion. We be contained can see it in in a picture our graphic frame; it is shirts and even Blah blah blah caption here. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. meant to be computer fonts. part of the city, others; it is intended to be an Tagging, or leaving outlet for creative design and culture and environment. behind the name of the artist, is personal expression. It is tainted Still, we have yet to the most popular form of graffiti. by the rancid connotations gang- accept the simple truth: graffiti We also see cultural murals tagging tells our society, and is art, and the lone person with a on city overpasses, memorials we accept these messages with spray can is an artist. to lost friends and passionate narrow minds. “Some people take political declarations. On legally Most graffiti artists pictures with a camera. Some appropriated locations, the artist avoid using property belonging to people make sculptures out of can also tell our society their point business and private owners. This clay. Some people use brushes to of view anonymously through is done out of respect and to avoid paint pictures, and some people graffiti. being charged with destruction of choose to write their name on Unlike traditional forms private property. walls with spray cans,” said an of art such as sculptures, paintings The fines are not light, anonymous student. “It’s all still and sketches, graffiti does not lure as seen in the recent arrest of art.”

Classic literature withstands the test of time By Linda Dong It’s inevitable to hear of the Hero’s Quest, in which fellow classmates complain the protagonist has to overcome about books they’re currently obstacles in order to succeed. required to read in English Many novels are written in the classes: Tale of Two Cities is same pattern; most moderns ones too long, Shakespeare’s works are set in modern time to make are incomprehensible, the list the messages more relatable. goes on and on. A vast majority Well-known favorites such as the of students neglect reading the Harry Potter series and the Da books, optioning instead to use Vinci Code all fit models that aides such as SparkNotes to save have been set by other authors time and energy. That is the hundreds of years ago. reason why some don’t That said, classic enjoy the classics: some literature is important students never give for the same reason the books a chance. that history is. Aspiring The literary classics writers need to study studied in previous authors’ English works in order to are revered learn from past for reasons. successes and Teachers don’t mistakes. The adage teach them in “history repeats order to waste itself ” applies to their students’ literature too. Modern time. Perhaps novels include many the books possess allusions to the Bible, unique styles or have Shakespeare, and other implicit theses that present older works. Classics are the noteworthy commentaries on foundation: new concepts may be sociological topics. The bottom built upon it, but not without it. line is that every classic has Literature, like most other studies, noteworthy elements and by is constantly evolving, and it’s studying how accomplished necessary to study the foundation writers execute these elements, before one can veer off on a students will master writing tangent, experiment, and create. techniques themselves. So, the next time you’re But because many tempted to SparkNote instead don’t put the time and effort into of read, think twice. For, as studying literature, they emerge the wise Albus Percival Wulfric with only a vague comprehension Brian Dumbledore once said, of the vast amount of knowledge “Remember, if the time should books offer and end up come when you have to make understandably unimpressed. a choice between what is right One element of writing and what is easy. It is our choices, that has stemmed from studies Harry, that show what we truly of classic literature is the pattern are, far more than our abilities.” Photo:


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February 2008 | 5

Have You Had the Black Ghetto Experience?

“The Chitling Test” doesn’t belong in AP Psychology classes By Britney Green First off, what are last month. “chitlings” you might ask. “I read through the test. The proper spelling is actually I couldn’t believe it was ever given chitterlings, however, they have out,” Kayla said. “This test has become known as “chitlins” and no place in a school.” Kayla, as African-Americans have been well as her mother, said that an eating them since the times of apology was in order at the very slavery, when there was nothing least. to eat, except the intestines of a This test contains pig. questions like “If a pimp is uptight When I initially try to with a woman who gets state aid, explain “The Chitling Test” to what does he mean when he my peers who haven’t heard of talks about “Mother’s Day?”, in it, they kind of laugh, but I do addition to “Hattie Mae Johnson not think this is a laughing matter is on the County. She has four at all. Pimps, players, and pickin’ children and her husband is now cotton seem like topics that might in jail for non-support, as he was be discussed among young blacks unemployed and was not able to decades ago, right? What if I told give her any money. Her welfare you a test with these terms was check is now $286 per month. administered to an AP Psychology Last night she went out with the student today? highest player in town. If she got According to pregnant, then nine months from, “The Chitling now how much more will her Test” is a “facetious attempt to welfare check be?” develop an intelligence test that But get this, the test utilizes distinctively black-ghetto is an approved part of the AP experiences.” Even though it was Psychology curriculum! Yes, I created by a Black sociologist, am serious. Therefore, I am not administering it does not justify putting the blame exclusively on it any more or less. “Aware of the the administers of this “test’,” dialect differences, he developed but the people who feel this test is this exam as a half-serious/ appropriate for an AP Psychology humorous attempt to show that class in the 21st century. I support American children are just not all Thomas 100%, and I will be speaking the same language.” writing some letters to important That’s great, but it does people in the school districts very not change the fact that this test soon. is offensive, specifically to young The district later released African Americans of the 21st this statement, “Taking the test century. Though, this test was was a learning activity to help not mandatory, or graded, I students see how cultural basis refused to answer the questions. will influence emotions, feelings Of course, I am going to be more and outcomes. A comprehensive insulted by this test as one of explanation on how this test two African American students illustrates bias was cut short by the in my class, but be rest assured, teacher’s absence due to a death I am not the only one who feels in the family....the teacher and the this way. Senior Kayla Thomas principal agree that a high degree at Klein Collins High School in of sensitivity is necessary in using Texas went public about it just such materials.” No! Really?

The Price of Performance

The New Recession

Why more cash just isn’t enough to stimulate the economy By Yu-Hsuan Lin It was inevitable that the On Jan. 21, following bubble would burst eventually. the sudden drop in worldwide The United States housing stock values, the Federal market, which has been rising at Reserve Board quickly slashed amazing speeds right since around interest rates, hoping to placate the turn of the millennium, saw a investors. Congress has also dramatic dip in 2006. Although been in discussion about a $161 seemingly insignificant, the billion stimulus plan that would five percent nationwide price dump checks into the laps of drop sent ominous ripples of Americans. fear through economists and Free money? What for? investors. What the government wants is The sharp rise in home for Americans to spend their values resulted from an orgy newly-gained money, and spend it of buying and selling, which is fast. The increase in revenue will financed mostly by large banks. hopefully boost the economy and The prospect of easy profits ease our way out of recession. led to irresponsible lending and This plan is asking a borrowing. When the demand lot from the American people. for housing trickled down, With an unsure economy, even homeowners faced enormous those not in debt will hesitate to debts and multiple mortgages. plunk down for another HDTV. Unable to retrieve their loans, American consumers have to stop banks like Citigroup suffered their binge of excessive spending tremendous losses. (American consumers spent $9.5 Everything about this trillion last year, compared to downward spiral screams China and India’s combined $1.6 recession: the infamous 1929 Wall billion) and buying on credit. Street Crash happened partly The feds should redirect funds because of reckless investments into public projects to create job and lending. Similarities between opportunities and enforce stricter the current housing glut and the lending regulations to prevent stock bubble of ‘29 deeply worry another economic crisis. Tossing analysts, and the government has money into the crowd is not a finally decided to respond. realistic solution.

Harmless Enough for an Addiction I am one of the millions of people in America who scour the magazines and the gossip rags, looking for the newest tantalizing story. I know that my reaction should be, “So what? So some person I’ve never met is pregnant and the it-girl of the moment got into a fender bender. It doesn’t affect me. On to real life.” But it’s not just some abstract person whose life is playing out in the glossy magazines. The names celebrities are in our daily conversations; and pictures of them exiting nightclubs and restaurants leak

into the nightly news. Like all lovers of drama, the readers of the glossy magazines flip first to the most sensational “news.” We follow celebrities’ lives like we follow their television series or films, looking for the most gripping story. Why the fascination? As a glossy addict myself, I can give the answer: celebrities are like characters themselves. Their lives are a story I’m reading, and they are living the greatest storylines of all. Even when their lives go completely out of their control, we are fascinated by the fall. The celebrity fascination in itself is fairly harmless. It’s natural to be attracted to the

glamour and pure fantasy that imbues the celebrity lifestyle. Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t think the celebrity culture is causing the problems in society. The celebrity culture, with its super-skinny actors and emphasis on appearances is a more of a mirror of society than a cause for its changes. Celebrity gossip only becomes a real problem when we make it one. Ours is a society of sensationalists; we only grab on to meaningless fluff to be distracted from other issues. I know that global warming, the war and the economy are all more important than reading about a starlet’s latest episode. The truth is, however,


The VOICE is a student-run newspaper with the sole purpose of providing an open forum for student expression. Anything printed represents the opinion of the writer, but not necessarily that of the VOICE staff, the administration or faculty of Irvington High School, or any person affiliated with the Fremont Unified School District. The VOICE does not discriminate against race, political orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Although the VOICE will never refuse to publish student guest submission based on the aforementioned factors, we reserve the right to edit or not publish them.

I’m probably more educated about the state of Hollywood than I am about the state of the union. I know more about Britney Spears’ custody battle than I know about battle in Iraq. I have easy access to information about the issues, and it’s up to me to get it. Entertainment news is just what I turn to when I want to avoid the issues. The answer to cure society ills is not to try to make us stop being fascinated by celebrities- there is nothing wrong with escapist material. It’s only when we cling to our escapist fantasies so hard that we ignore real life that we create a problem. The problem is not the fantasy itself.

Are Entertainers Being Paid Too Much? By Rebeccah Warmack Flipping through TV channels, I catch glimpses of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”, “American Idol,” and, if it’s an exceptionally bad night, I see Paris Hilton on “TMZ.” The question comes to mind, how much are these people paid to look their best and provide momentary amusement to all of America? Ryan Seacrest averages around $12 million annually for his hosting “Idol” and other various “enterprises.” Paris Hilton gets paid $6.5 million for….? $6.5 million? What’s her secret? Is it just being blonde and questionably good-looking? Heck, then I can do it, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Paris. Actors, talk show hosts, athletes, singers. It seems their minimum salaries are about $1 million a year. The average pay for an NFL player is $1.4 million a year. Britney Spears makes $100 million a year, possibly for her singing. The reason for the ludicrously high salaries of entertainers lies in America’s unquenchable thirst for amusement. We. Americans, are paying these people to play a football game for us and to sing and dance in unique ways at the VMA’s- to perform impossible heists while still looking amazingly attractive on the big screen. The more we watch and adore these larger than life figures, the more they get paid. Actors and athletes are given huge contracts to market certain products, especially those who are most in the public eye. A perfect example: David Beckham who is being paid $250 million over a five-year period to play for the LA Galaxy. Is it just the blonde thing again? I want in on that. Are these performances really worth so much of our time and money? My opinion: say no to over-paid, questionably talented entertainers.

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eatures: 2nd the Best... A

Lunar New Year

A Woman to be Remembered

By Kriti Gupta


The beginning of a brand new year is usually marked by the date of Jan. 1. In some cultures, such as the Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean cultures, the auspicious day falls on Feb. 7. One animal of twelve is chosen to represent the year. This year is known to be the “Year of the Rat”. Celebrations for this event are grand. Decorations are centered around the color red because red is associated with good luck. Floral decorations are also prominent, with each flower symbolizing a unique trait. For example, the plum blossom represents luck, while the kumquat and narcissus symbolize prosperity. W h e n preparing for the celebrations, families give the house a thorough cleaning, making physical and personal changes. On this day, families invite their extended families to come enjoy a delicious feast. The dinner often consists of dumplings, which symbolize wealth. Chicken and fish are also common dinner items, along with

long noodles. These foods represent longevity and ensure wealth and success in life. Red packets, which are generally small envelopes filled with money, are given to relatives throughout the fortunate day. The amount of money is usually an even number, because this is considered prosperous. Tradition states that married people, regardless of age, give red packets as gifts. Some trademark traditions are lanterns being lit in the night sky to brighten up the evening, followed by lion dance performances. Lion dances are performed by people in a costume who mime a lion’s movements. Gongs and drums proceed the dance, symbolizing good luck. Celebrations around the Bay Area will include the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade. The Chinese, as well as the Korean and Vietnamese, enjoy this holiday immensely because it is filled with family, bonding, delicious food and gifts. This cultural experience is truly a great festivity to begin a new year with!

Cupid’s Chokehold on Valentine’s Day The history behind our favorite chubby, nudist baby


Asian cultures celebrate the new year in a grand manner

An unforgettable leader who fought for women’s rights By Samiha Baseer

Susan B. Anthony Day, which takes place on Feb. 15, is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of a great leader in the movement for women’s suffrage. Because Susan was hit hard when her family lost their only source of income, she was forced to leave her home to give her family support and lessen their financial burden while gaining some time to propagate her ideas about inequality. She became known for standing at the forefront of movements that supported her stance, such as temperance and abolition rallies. Susan soon met a friend in 1852 who would not only inspire her but also help her move closer to her goal of gender equality. Elizabeth Stanton, a women’s rights advocate, worked with Susan for decades in


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Things You Didn’t Know about Feb. 29th

1. In Scotland on Feb. 29, 1288, women were officially allowed to propose marriage to a man. If he refused, he was required to pay a fine.

2.There is a 1 in 1506 chance that a person will be born on a Leap Day.


in 5 engaged couples in

Greece will avoid planning their weddings during Leap Years due to Greek superstition that bad luck will ensue if married





4. Superman was born on a Leap Day.

5. 4.1 million people in the world were born on a Leap Day.


inspire hatred. He is shown with wings to suggest the flighty nature of love, and he is sometimes depicted carrying a torch that represents the flames of passion he kindles in the heart. Cupid has transformed from a powerful god worthy of worship, to a capricious cherub. Baby Cupid is devoid of any of the sensual power associated with Eros, and is uncoupled from the intellectual element of Psyche. Cupid has no historical connection to the Saint Valentine’s; rather, he is a cartoon representing the emotion of love. He only became associated with the holiday when greeting card companies began to market it to generate more profit. Nowadays, instead of being a powerful god, Cupid is a mischievous little boy, and the subject of many a goopy love song. Though he is now but a convenient mascot for Hallmark, Cupid does retain one of his ancient powers: no one (not even the gods) is immune to his arrows.

Compiled By Shalika

Leap Year

By Tina Karimi

The mischievous cherub armed with his heart-piercing arrows whom we call Cupid has certainly received a huge makeover since the Bronze Age. The god Cupid, adapted into Roman culture from the Greek god Eros, was a cosmic force. He was the god of passion and fertility. The legend of Cupid and Psyche, the story he is best known for, is about the union of body and soul. According to the legend, Psyche (the human soul) goes through harrowing episodes of danger in order to regain Cupid, her true love. Eros was worshipped in the form of a young man in ancient times, but eventually he morphed into a boy and finally as a baby. The holiday figure of Cupid shares few common traits with the ancient god, save for the fact that they can both be vindictive and cruel. Cupid is said to carry two sets of arrows: a set of golden-tipped arrows which inspire tenderness, and a set of lead-tipped arrows, which

trying to change such crucial laws as women’s suffrage by traveling throughout the country, leading small rallies and giving emotional speeches. However, when the 15th amendment was ratified in 1869, Susan, Elizabeth and other women advocates became furious when all male citizens, regardless of race, could now vote while females were denied suffrage. Soon after, Susan and Elizabeth formed the National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA) in hopes of gaining more political attention to the issue of women’s suffrage. Susan went as far as voting in the 1872 presidential election and being fined $100 as punishment. Susan died in 1906 after devoting over 60 years of her life to the cause and giving over 700 speeches across the United States. The women’s suffrage bill that gave women the right to vote was passed in 1920, and is often referred to as the Susan Anthony Bill, crediting her invaluable service to the cause. Susan’s birthday. Feb. 15, is now a memorial day to honor a historical leader who changed America forever.

An Overview of February Photo:

To: Natalie From: Tully

My love... There’s only you in my life. The only thing that’s bright! My first love. You’re every breath that I take, you’re every step I make! And I (I-I-I-I-I) I want to share all my love with you, no one else will do... And your eyes, your eyes, tell me how much you care! Ohh yes, you will always be my endless love... Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one, our lives have just begun! Forever (Ohhhhhh). I’ll hold you close in my arms, I can’t resist your charms! And love, oh love, I’ll be a fool for you! I’m sure, you know I don’t mind, oh you know I don’t mind! Cause you, you mean the world to me! Oh, I know, I know I’ve found in you my endless love! Ooohwoow; boom, boom, boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom, boom boom, boom, boom boom boom boom oooh, and love, oh love, I’ll be that fool for you! I’m sure, you kno I don’t mind, oh you know I don’t mind! And yes! You’ll be the only one, cause no one can deny this love I have inside, and I’ll give it all to you my love (my love, my love) My endless love... Remember that Natalie? It’s our song. The first dance we had as a husband and wife was to these very lyrics. I am so happy we have each other and will be together forever. I love you so much and more than anything! HAPPY V A L E N TINE’S DAY!

e n i t s n ut e l to a V ou Sadie Hawkins Day S h A comic strip joke turned into apopular celebration By Annie Lee

Although Sadie Hawkins Day is traditionally celebrated in November, Irvingtonʼs Sadie Hawkins Dance is happening in February this year, and it would be nice to know how and where Sadie Hawkins Day originated. The actual event made its debut in cartoonist Al Cappʼs “Liʼl Abner” comic strip on Nov. 15, 1937. It commemorates an American folk tale where a girl, Sadie Hawkins, grew tired of waiting for fellows to come courting for her. As she approached the age of 35, even her father became worried that she would be living at home for the rest of her life. Thus, he created Sadie Hawkins Day—a day for unmarried gals to pursue all of the townʼs bachelors and end things with marriage. Over time, this day was added to the calendar because of its popularity and support amongst college students who thought it would be fun to reverse the tradition of boys asking girls out. Just a couple years later, the event became extremely popular across the nation and began to a have a life of its

own. Over 200 colleges began holding Sadie Hawkins Day festivities. When Al Capp first created the event, he did not expect it to become so widespread, or for it to occur on a specific day each year. However, because of its enormous popularity, the event became an annual event in November. The whole point this f this day is to get women and girls to take charge and invite the man or boy of their choice out on a date. Typically, the girl would ask the guy to a dance, in which other bachelors and their female dates would participate. This would prevent women from remaining single for the rest of their lives. Now, many American high schools hold Sadie Hawkins Day dances (like Irvington). These dances are characterized by girls asking boys for dates, similar to how women would ask men to marry them. So all you single ladies out there—donʼt worry about rejection and ask your man out when the day comes!

To: Lilo & Stitch From: Shirish I love you! You’re amazing and I hope our relationship grows with time. To: Anne Chung From: Juan I wish I was sin squared and you were cosine squared, so together we’d make one. To: Melissa Clegg From: Daniel Duran We can never enjoy seafood together and I cannot save you from dance, but at least you’re my valentine :).

To: Her From: Him I loved you once, but you did not. I loved you twice, but you forgot. You never loved me and you never will. I don’t know why I love you still. To: Missy, My Babe, & My Dates ;)

From: Mare I love you guys so much! You make my life so much better. P.S. I hope this is a HOME RUN in your heart.

To: POOcheng, POO & POOPipati :D From: Poodrid “sand down your pants!” + benjie, our dog + our “coo” parents = the best UN/History group <3

To: Black Beast From: Purple Acid gateway OWNS apple :D meet me @ my locker to get your gift!! To: Beccah W. From: Anonymous I love you. You are an amazing woman. I I hope you live out your life to its fullest and treasure every moment of it. To: We The People ‘08 From: Milan Kantaria I love you guys. Thanks for a wonderful year.

To: Salman From: Jose

My love for you burns with the white-hot intensity of 10,000 suns.

To: Monique Garcia From: Nick I love you so much and you mean everything to me. IWLYF. To: J.R. Yonocruz From: Chieri Wada Hey J.R. You know, I’ve been thinking a lot. And y’know, we had a good run but... I think we should just be friends. To: Chieri Wada From: J.R. Yonocruz Never I do not accept. It’s all or nothin’, baby! To: Courtney Z. From: Sara K. I like your face. Let’s enter the realm of pleasure together :) To: Michelle Mapalo From: J.S.

It was nice meeting you. I hope you make more friends, and Happy Valentine’s Day :)

To: Katie Nolan From: Shiantel Fields Happy Valentine’s! We all miss you! To: T.B. From: V.N.

Thank you for being such a good friend. I love you T-N.T.B.

To: J.R. Yonocruz From: Itchy Cow NOT WITH THAT ATTITUDE! To: Sara and Courtney From: Rachel Pfft, we should probably stop taking so many pictures and have an amazing Valentine’s Day! To: Donald Yu From: Casey Hinson Meeooowwww. I love you and make me a sandwich! To: Britney Green From: Heather Gurkin Spreading the love, love you girl! To: Eric Mangan From: T.J. Meyer Hi Eric! I <3 you with all my heart... YES!

To: Haley From: Robert G. Happy Valentine’s Day... Bzzzt. To: Whitney From: Robert M. Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for being the best girlfriend ever! To: Tien Ho From: J-slice Happy Birthday! You better like my present! Even if you don’t, fake it! Luv u! To: Geetha, Peggy, Monisha, Faustine, Michael From: Not So Skinny Butt Will you go out with me? (You better say yes, I paid for this!) Movie at 8pm on Friday. Be there or be square. To: Grey From: Bob and Bib Beep beep boop boop beep bop byp bop. Fork clan. YEAH! To: Her From: Him Whenever it turns 11:11. I try to think of something to wish for, but the thing is, I already have you. To: Club Jimmy From: Prez and VP It started as a joke, but you guys made it possible. Thank you all for the hard work and we love you guys.

To: Nicole Mangiardi From: Michael Bernstein You are my most favoritest teacher. may you have thee bestest valentine’s day ever. To: LISA CHOO From: Bi (Rain) Sarang Hamnida! MAH-SHI-SUH?

entertainment 8 | The Voice 16.4

Oscar Predictions The 80th Annual Academy Awards By Ashwin Shanker

Best Picture

Hand written by: Milan Kantaria

Best Director

Julian Schnabel - The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Jason Reitman- Juno Tony Gilroy- Michael Clayton Joel Coen and Ethan Coen- No Country for Old Men Paul Thomas Anderson- There Will Be Blood Photo:

Atonement Juno Michael Clayton No Country for Old Men There Will Be Blood My Prediction: No Country for Old Men deserves to win, and most likely will. The front runners in the most talked about category are Atonement and No Country for Old Men. To be completely honest, I thought Atonement was an absolute mess and should not even be considered for this award. Juno is the little independent film that could win, but is more here for a comic relief. There Will Be Blood and Michael Clayton are great, but do not stand a chance against the competition.



My Prediction: This field proves to be the least obvious, with no clear frontrunner. A surprise snub was Joe Wright’s direction for Atonement, which instead went to Jason Reitman’s direction for Juno. Most likely to win are either Julian Schnabel for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly or Joel and Ethan Coen for No Country for Old Men. Because Best Director Best Actress is the only major section that this Cate Blanchett -Elizabeth: The film is nominated in, I predict that Golden Age voters will choose Julian Schabel’s Julie Christie -Away from Her direction in order to recognize his Marion Cotillard-La Vie en Rose work in the film. Laura Linney -The Savages Best Actor Ellen Page -Juno George Clooney-Michael Clayton My Prediction: The race for Daniel Day-Lewis -There Will Be best actress is Blood full of surprise Johnny Depp -Sweeney Todd The nominations. I Demon Barber of Fleet Street was pleasantly Tommy Lee Jones-In the Valley of s u r p r i s e d Elah that Laura Viggo Mortensen-Eastern Linney was Promises nominated for Best Actress, My Prediction: This category is filled with but absolutely a m a z i n g shocked that performances, Cate Blanchett but a clear made it. I thought Blanchett’s slot winner still would instead go to Angelina Jolie shines above for A Mighty Heart. Ellen Page the rest. has a slight chance, although Daniel DayAcademy voters will most likely Lewis is my find her performance more prediction lovable than exceptional. Between for the film Julie Christie and Marion There Will Cotillard, I think the Oscar will go to Christie.Cotillard who gave Be Blood, because he is loved an exceptional performance, but by the Academy and has given the fact that the film is completely a powerful performance. The in French might prove to be the biggest surprise in this category barrier between her and the is Tommy Lee Jones nomination, which I personally think should golden man. BestSupporting Actress have instead gone to Josh Brolin for No Country For Old Cate Blanchett -I’m Not There Men. Johnny Depp’s acting in Ruby Dee-American Gangster Sweeney Todd is the closest thing Saoirse Ronan -Atonement to a second possibility for this Amy Ryan-Gone Baby Gone Tilda Swinton -Michael Clayton category, as his strong vocals in one of 2007’s darkest films are M y truly impressive. Prediction: In this Best Supporting Actor category, Cate Casey Affleck -The Assassination Blanchett is of Jesse James by the Coward the frontrunner Robert Ford for her much Javier Bardem-No Country for acclaimed Old Men portrayal of Philip Seymour Hoffman-Charlie Bob Dylan. Wilson’s War Ruby Dee won Hal Holbrook- Into the Wild at the Screen Tom Wilkinson- Michael Clayton Actors Guild Award, but I believe My Prediction: it was more out of respect for the Javier Bardem is actress that has been around for definitely going to decades than for her actual acting win the Oscar for in the film. Amy Ryan brilliantly best supporting plays a foul mouthed mother actor. No other whos daughter is kidnapped, but actor in this the Academy might be turned category even off by the explicit nature of her stands a chance character. Saoirse Ronan and against Bardem’s Tilda Swinton both deserve freaky portrayal there nominations, but are not of a psychopath likely to beat the powerhouse that killer. Blanchett proves to be.

QUESTION MAN By Sri Ravipati

1) Your best friend really wants to set you up on a blind date. What’s the first thing you want to know about your potential new crush? a) Are they as hot as coals? ‘Cause I’d grill that. b) Will they make me laugh like a drain? Cause I’d unclog that. c) Are they paying? 2) Where is the date? a) The hot-spot club where the celebs are known to drop in, drop down, and get freaky. b) The local comedy club. c) A fancy restaurant where the food is expensive and served in teeny-tiny portions. 3) You see your date approaching through the window...They’re totally hot, BUT.....they’re over a foot taller/shorter than you! You: a) Anxiously look for the nearest exit...ahh too late, here they come! b) Fake being angry with them for being late and then apologize for ‘being so short’. c) It doesn’t matter if they’re a foot shorter, as long as they foot the bill....

4) When your date introduces themselves to you, you focus on: a) Their ..ahem…..ah……face b) Their mouth. c) The size of their …ahem…… uh….check 5) So. The evening has progressed, They’re hot, you’re over the height thing, but how do you normally find the conversation going? a) They speak. You’re wet…….with drool. b) Mostly: GREAT. But sometimes when they’re speaking you glaze over... c) Okay, although it would be great if they would pay you a few more compliments.. 6) The next day you decide you really want to see your date again, so you: a) Update your Facebook/Myspace with all your best photos. Yeah. THOSE photos. b) Send them a friendly text with a joke to break the ice. c) Wait for them to send a bouquet of roses to your door.

What would you write on a Sweetheart candy? Sonika Suri, Freshman

“Hey there, sexy.” Greg Huey, Sophomore


Mostly A’s Means... You are attracted to a persons LOOKS. And there is nothing wrong with liking a bit of a hottie. I mean, let’s be honest, we’ve all done our fair share of swooning... and even more to the point, attraction is a really important part in a relationship. Do remember though: often the most attractive people aren’t those with the most attractive personalities....In other words, they may not be the fittest person in sight, but they well be the fittest person inside. Cliche, but true.


Mostly B’s Means... You are most attracted to a person’s PERSONALITY, which quite often is made up of a down to earth attitude and a decent sense of humor; both qualities that you definitely have. You’re not overly worried about the superficial things in a relationship - you know

when you click with someone....just like you know a good joke when you hear one! By not judging people immediately, you allow relationships to form that perhaps otherwise wouldn’t. Those others don’t know what they’re missing. Mostly C’s Means.... You are most attracted to a person’s MONEY and their ABILTY TO IMPRESS you. When it comes to relationships you set your sights pretty high... and often miss what is right in front of your nose. Don’t get us wrong, we are all attracted to a bit of glam, but that doesn’t always sit well in the realm of reality. Perhaps you need to reshuffle your priorities a bit and consider what else could be important in a relationship. Money provides a lot of things, but happiness ain’t necessarily one.

Buy a slice, Get a slice FREE

“You and minutes.”




Tiffany McLaurin, Junior

“We should be jerseys together because you and I are a great team.” Michael Bernstein, Senior


Photos:Sri Ravipati

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February 2008 | 9

entertainmen SS A



HO W 5. Back to basics. If you really want to impress a man from the get-go – raise skirt your inches three and lower your shirt by another three.

“Chivalry is dead- and women killed it.” -Dave�Chappelle-

3. Have Depth. A pretty smile and a cute 3. dress is not a recipe for success anymore. Intrigue him with witty conversation and keep him curious about you. Who am I kidding, skip straight to 4.

Filipino fast food fun for Fridays (or any other day) By Marlo Yonocruz


Photo: Marlo Yonocruz





Rating :★★✩✩✩




Rating :★★★★★

UK soul singer Natasha Beding-field’s new album “Pocketof ful Sunshine” cameout the 22nd of January. With the single “Love Like This” which is not nearly as catchy as her over played Pantene shampoo commercial hit “Unwritten”, it is safe to say that this is not her best work. Although the popularity of her last CD might get people to buy this one, it no where as good as the previous one. Bedingfield’s entire new album has exclusively songs about love. Trust me, it varies from: love lost, love gained, a hope for love, love rejected, the list goes on. But after a while, the fuzzy lyrics got old. It left me wishing for her to sing about anything else; what she had for breakfast, her first grade teacher, maybe even the hobo on the corner! The unoriginality of the album was a disappointment. Her range of voice is a great talent, with soulful tones and hooks that many can not reach. But, these sappy pop wannabe R&B ballads don’t express her talent fully. She should try putting out something not to only sell records next time. If you are trying to compromise over a CD to listen to in the car with your hubby, this is not it. Any guy I know does not appreciate sap anywhere else but a tree. However, if you are looking for happy, girly, The Hills marathon theme music, this one is for you.


and Students locals alike can now enjoy a delectable cuisine Filipino with the opening of Kusina, located near Burger King and Safeway on Fremont Blvd. Kusina differs from the other local Asian fast food joints by catering especially with a Filipino taste. Its close proximity to Irvington makes the restaurant’s location distinct from others of its kind; almost all of the local Filipino-style restaurants are located in Milpitas. The restaurant offers a wide variety of Filipino dishes, ranging from the ever-popular chicken adobo and the iconic lumpia rolls. Even for those who are unsure of the south-asian tastes, dishes such as the barbeque sticks over white rice do not stray far from the American palette. Generous size portions are given at fair prices—depending on the meal—in comparison to similar ethnic restaurants. “Kitchen,” the restaurant name translated into English, has a unique, family friendly setting with its traditional-style theme. The tasteful black and brown colored decor that fills the room compliments the aroma of the savory dishes. The friendly employee recommendations make it easy to choose any combination of their scrumptious dishes. The only complaint I have is regarding the opening times. It is only open from 11 a.m to 8 p.m. from Monday through Saturday. I will not be able to satisfy my beef stew cravings on Sundays or early in the morning. Its new flavor and close location make Kusina a great place to try something new if you are looking for convenience and a unique taste easy that satisfies almost all palettes.

Photo: Ashwin Shanker

The Rest is Still Unwritten ... Thank God Natasha Bedingfield, glad I never found the Love she’s talking about By Teresa De Luz


the With recent trend dance of like movies Stomp the and Yard Step Up, How Move She seems to be nothing less than the usual practice-comepete-win routine. However, How She Move boasts a strong plot, and the hardcore stepping performances take it over the top. The story follows Raya, played by Rutina Weasley, who comes home for her older sister Pamela’s funeral. Because her parents spent all their money trying to fight Pamela’s drug addiction, Raya is kicked out of the private school she dreamed would be her escape out of a doomed future. As she struggles to pick up old relationships, she tries to stay clear of what she thinks is a stagnant neighborhood. She warns anyone who meets her to avoid making the same mistakes Pamela did and stresses the importance of doing something with one’s life. To make money for school, Raya soon joins a stepping team. Although her motives are solely monetary at first, she soon finds herself in love with the dancing that was part of her childhood. Although audiences have seen stepping before, the choreography of How She Moves is absolutely breathtaking. Although some scenes are a little slow, the acting by Rutina Weasely and the rest of the cast is very polished and believable. in its depiction of the urban neighborhood. For that reason, the storyline stands strong all by itself, and doesn’t rely on dancing as a cover. How She Moves escapes from being “just another dance movie.


Kusina Cuisine

2. Stay c l a s s y, not snobby. if Maybe you treated us as kings once in awhile, we’ll treat you just as well. PS- Don’t slap us.



Stepping Into the Spotlight A review of How She Move By Mishu Sharma

Rating :★★★★✩



1. Smell nice. If you wear a sexy perfume, your man will be on his knees wanting for one more night out. ( Note, Shawn Li will not, in any circumstance, get on his knees for anyone, not even Jessica Alba)


By Salman Qasim Does anyone remember the 11th Commandment? “And only women shalt dress nicely and look good”. Yeah, me neither. But for some reason, if a guy cares about his looks and tries to dress nicely, many will deride him. What’s wrong with being metrosexual (NO, this has nothing to do with orientation)? If you ask me, they’re the wave of the future. Gone will be the days of the guy who cannot tell the difference between a sweater and a pair of pants. And let’s banish the stereotype of metros losing their masculinity. Just because a guy looks good doesn’t mean he’s low on testosterone. Metros give off a vibe of success and ambition, and being stylish always exemplifies one’s good looks. Just look at the likes of Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, and Orlando Bloom. Even if they’re not successful or ambitious, they look the part. Metros are also good for designers and stores, who now expand their efforts to include men. Eventually, the insecure, “too macho for cologne” badass will be extinct, and metrosexuality will be the norm.




By Shawn Li


By Yu-Hsuan Lin As the world rushed into the modern age, we experienced a rapid change in convention—women are no longer restricted to conservative clothing, bare limbs are now tolerated, and men can wear skirts without getting a second glance. Oh, wait. We’re not quite there yet. I’m all for good-looking Seriously. men. Concern for one’s is appearance normal, especially for young people. With that said, of mention m e t ro s e x u a l i t y an conjures image of a young, man indulgent with a mirror in his pocket and Photo: nary a hair out of place. If we’re not careful, the current trend of the fitand-handsome man can spiral into the media-driven epidemic of bulimia and anorexia so common among young women. In this age of glamour, it is difficult to look past superficial beauty. In North America, men between 14 and 24 spend over eight billion dollars a year on beauty products, and are one of the fastest-growing consumer Maintaining good groups. hygiene is always important, but excessive pampering is not only narcissistic but wasteful.




Varsity Girls Basketball Crush Logan Colts

For the first time after many years, the ballin’ Girls Varsity B-Ball team defeat the Logan Colts By Raji Ramanathan Junior Teasara Thompson hits the ball to her teammate. The Logan Colts fiercely come running after the ball. After three minutes into the game, the Colts had the ball rolling. At the last minute though, freshman Katie Lopez rebounded and stole the ball. Five minutes later, the score was 10 to 2, with Logan in the lead. Even in such a complicated situation, the Vikings did not give up! Freshman player Michelle Lee said, “We w e r e really catching up. I had the


confidence. Our team’s main weak point is defense. And that, Logan excelled in. We brought out the best in ourselves and played a great game!” Lady Vikings proved themselves right with their stupendous shooting skills. After twenty minutes into the game, the score was 15 to 12, and Logan was once again in the lead. Vikings kept their heads up and played their hearts out.

A c r e t t s i

Fr e s h m a n Nicole Boatley, who made the basket, and the rest of the players, stared in awe as the ball revolved the rim, and scored! J u n i o r Te a s a r a Thompson and freshman Katie Lopez contributed many points for the team. Into the end of 2nd quarter, the score had reached 26 to 24, with Logan in the lead, but Vikings were just a shot away. Fo u r minutes later, the Vi k i n g s were really invigorated with the score of 28 to 28. Soon, with the shot by

B y the end, Logan attempted to score but Katie Lopez ran down the court, stole the ball from her opponent, and easily made a shot for her team. With twenty fouls overall in the game, Vikings grandly won the Colts with the score of 77 to 64, beating them by 13 points. Way to go ladies!

Teasara Thompson, the score was successfully 30 to 28, with the Vikings in the lead this time. Junior Jessica Lai said, “We never expected it. Logan was extremely good every time we p l a y e d against them, but t h a t evening, we seriously brought them down!” The send of the game resulted in a tie. The tie breaker began with Katie Lopez snatching the ball right away from the opponents. The team played with such ferocity and endurance, it was a complete game of speed and sweat.

Above: Junior Teasara Thompson takes on her Logan adversary. Photos: Raji Ramanathan

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The Tran sisters wrestle to win By Annie Lee A select few girls have been on Irvington’s wrestling team over the past decade or so. Senior Chrisy Tran and sophomore Renee Tran are two of them. For the first time, these sisters have decided to try wrestling instead of the other common sports, such as basketball and soccer. Renee was first drawn to the sport just as a way for her to stay in shape until track season started. After making her decision, she convinced Chrisy to join with her to stay fit in the months between cross country and track season. They had both played the other winter sports and decided that they were too common; the sisters wanted to try wrestling because it was unique. Over time, however, they have grown to love wrestling as a sport and not a method of conditioning themselves. “They treat the girls the same as guys so it’s pretty good,” said Chrisy. “We get to wrestle guys and we get to go to they guys’ tournaments.” Being females on the team has not given them a leg up, nor has it caused them to receive different punishments or different ways of conditioning. Outside of guys’ tournaments, the girls are able to wrestle with other girls from other schools.

Photo: Annie Lee

Difficulties that a majority of wrestlers have come across involve managing their weight in order to be right below the next weight class. Oftentimes, many wrestlers, including the Tran sisters, have to eat smaller meals for a couple of days in order to weigh in at a certain weight class. However, the sisters constantly support and critique each other in order to become stronger wrestlers. “I thought wrestling was like WWF fighting but there are so many rules and so many things that you cannot do in this sport,” said Chrisy. When the sisters first became involved in wrestling, they had no idea what to expect and what the sport was all about. “It was a very drastic change to go from running in cross country to wrestling.” “Cross country was such a cardio sport; I didn’t expect wrestling to require my heart to beat even faster,” said Renee. “The amount that I sweat while I wrestle does not even compare to that from running.” Renee plans to continue wrestling until she graduates. She would like to continue to learn a lot more about to sport. According to her, there is never a way to learn every move in wrestling.

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Vikings battle it out next season... Thursday, March 6: Boys tennis vs. Kennedy (away) Wednesday, March 12: Track & Field @ TAK vs. Washington Thursday, March 13: Badminton vs. Kennedy (home) Friday, March 14: Swimming vs. American (home) Tuesday, March 18: Varsity softball vs. Newark Memorial (home) Wednesday, March 19: Varsity baseball vs. Newark Memorial (away)


So Close Yet So Far

Photos: Tuan Dang and Salman Qasim

Boys’ Soccer was only one goal away from the playoff round By Tuan Dang The Vikings players left team, rather than based on TAK stadium after the game certain individuals’ skills. “This year we have against Washington on Feb. 1 with pride. They ended their a better connection,” said season with an intense game Rodriguez. “We played more as a against Washington where the family and as a team.” However, the Vikings Vikings put all their effort into the last minutes, before accepting an still had trouble finding their way to the goal. unfortunate loss of 1-0. Washington’s defense With this result, Irvington was unable to make it to was strong, so many of Irvington’s the play-off, because it needed to passes were lost in the field. Washington, yet, had tie Washington in order to do so. The game was full of controversy, a very early penalty goal of the especially the unaccepted goal of game in the 15th minute. Despite senior striker Daniel Garcia in the the very early lost goal, Irvington still maintained a focused 55th minute. Irvington made character against Washington for some small position changes. the rest of the game, with frequent Sophomore Eric Bettencourt attacks from Rodriguez, Lovejoy, played central defender. In the Garcia, as well as impressive saves front, seniors Robert Meyers and by goalie, senior Jose Herrera. Hope, followed by Daniel Garcia, with substitute Lewis Braxton, played as the disappointment, could be seen on Irvington’s players. Irvington central strikers. In this game, Irvington players knew that they were used both central and wing only one goal from the play-off; attacking strategies. Junior they tried all possible attacking Pepe Rodriguez still proved to methods. The game became even effectively attack Washington, while senior Sean Dahl showed more intense after the Irvington his major improvement by goal in the 55th minute, which controlling the ball skillfully and the referee did not accept. Daniel winning many balls in the left made a skillful header to the upper left corner of Washington’s wing. As usual, goal, but he was said to be in the Irvington’s right wing was still offside position. This still could strong with the presence of not prevent the Vikings players midfielder junior Sean Lovejoy from attacking, until the referee and defender senior Sammy blew his whistle to signal that the end of the season’s last game. Gonzales. “We didn’t win but we Irvington showed a clear difference from played our heart out,” said junior the way they played last year striker Oscar Leon. “In the end, by playing the game as a whole it’s all that matters.”

Rain or Shine


These girls light up the field through By Salman Qasim Controversial calls are the tie for a good majority of the almost as old as organized sports game, until the aforementioned themselves. Remember the 2006 Washington goal put a clean World Cup final between Italy end to the varsity Viking ladies’ and France, with the notorious season. Zidane red card? Aside from their match Or the 2001 AFC against Washington, the girls also championship game between the played two wins, one loss and two Raiders and the Patriots? ties in January. Well now add the They had to battle Jan. 31st varsity girls’ soccer harsh conditions all throughout match between Irvington and the month. Rain and freezing Washington to the ranks. weather made games increasingly The conditions made difficult to play, but the team for an epic setup; floodlights were played through rain or shine. bursting through the dark, the After this season, the rain was coming down hard, and team will lose a lot of seniors, both teams were ready to play including its four captains. That’s their hearts out. where the junior varsity members The girls needed to come in; they will be the future of win this game to make it to the the team. playoffs, to top off a 4-3-4 season, The JV girls also had and it looked like a realistic goal a good run with a 5-7 record. as they maintained a 1-1 tie Although they struggld at times, throughout. the team held together and But as the game neared walked off the field with wins and a close, a Washington forward many great matches. received a controversial and “The team hasn’t always purportedly offsides pass to make had amazing talent. All it takes is the final goal of the game, ending heart,” said Kayla. “One thing we the varsity girls’ great run. could’ve done better is bonding. “Well you can’t change We didn’t bond soon enough.” it,” said senior Kayla Kleinsasser, Playing in the same one of the co-captains. “Sure, the conditions as the varsity girls, play was controversial, but we the JV team braved unpleasant played really well, and the score weather conditions as well. does not necessarily reflect that.” They should be ready to The first goal came lift the mantle that many of the early when a Washington forward varsity girls are leaving behind, broke free and scored a one on and lift it up high. one goal. Soon after, forward As sophomore Meena Stephanie Lloyd equalized with Kaushik said, “Our team worked a slide kick after an assist from together better this year so our captain Liz Martin. performance a lot better. I think The Vikings maintained we all improved a lot as a result.”

Boys’ Varsity Basketball Battles it Out with the Huskies Irvington vs. Washington; the ultimate showdown; the boys close out the season with a memorable performance. By Mishu Shama The bleachers were Leading 13-15 within the first Basketball, Mr. Sinott was given During fourth quarter, packed as the Vikings prepared few minutes of the quarter, the a plaque and flowers. He gave a however, the Huskies’ score began to take on the Huskies on Jan. Huskies hiked up their energy. speech in which he thanked his to creep up on the Vikings. Once 31. Senior basketball players and Irvington offense was weakening, wife, Susie, for putting up with again, it was a comparison of cheerleaders were given flowers despite the efforts of junior him. The Irvington High School defense that brought Washington to mark the last home match they John Lang, senior Eric Yang, cheerleaders pumped up the on top. would ever participate in. The first half of fourth and senior Keegan Aspelund to crowd with their halftime routine, At the start of first penetrate through the Huskie as well. As soon as halftime was quarter was filled with fouls quarter, the Vikings were able defense. over, however, the focus shifted made by Washington, which gave to pick up momentum and Irvington opportunities to make a Just as the quarter was back to the courts. demonstrated great footwork. rounding up, Irvington stepped Third quarter proved to few baskets. The first basket of the game was up their game as well. In the be favorable for Irvington as the With three minutes made by junior Viking John Lang. last three minutes, Washington Vikings maintained great defense. left on the clock, Irvington The Huskies were passing the started having trouble keeping Both sides played aggressively, maintained a 41-37 lead. Within ball well, but they were unable to the ball and Irvington was able to but Irvington came out on top. the next minute, however, the convert their shots into baskets. pull out a 24-21 lead. Baskets made by Eric, Keegan, Huskies’ offense picked up and By keeping their defense strong, During halftime the John, and senior Cleophus Davis the score read 41- 42. As pressure the Vikings were able to create audience was surprised with a IV widened the gap further to mounted, Irvington started a 12-6 lead by the end of first ceremony honoring Irvington 35-27. fouling, and with only a minute quarter. coach Bill Sinott, who is retiring However, at the this year. Having coached many beginning of second quarter, the of Irvington’s sports teams such rhythm started to change. The as Girls’ Tennis, Swimming, Huskies kicked up their offense. Cross Country and Boys’ Vikings vs. Colts: how it all went down By Rebeccah Warmack The IHS wrestling match against Logan last Wednesday proved to be an exciting night filled with halfnelsons and switches. It began with a tough match between the Irvington wrestler and his Logan opponent with the first period ending in a tie. The crowds were thunderous during the third period as he nearly pinned the other wrestler to the the score was 18-59, with the mat. As the night progressed Colts in the lead. After School Special At the end of the JV there were impressive performances from sophomore match, the varsity wrestlers 2:30 P.M. - 4:30 P.M. Raymon Farin, junior Robert entered and began warming up in $10.99 for large single topping pizza Glemann and others. In the end, preparation for the competition.

left on the clock, Washington gained another four points. Even with only three seconds left, the teams did not relax their game; in fact, a player had to be taken off the court after being slammed to the ground. As the buzzer sounded, the Huskies won 41-48. As Washington’s supporters cheered, Irvington’s fans congratulated the Viking players and coach on a close game and a great season. “In the beginning of the year, we didn’t come together as a team, but by the end of the season we did,” said John. “Our team is young, but by next year, we will much better.”

Wrestlers Pin Competition to the Mat

Photo: Rebeccah Warmack

The varsity match also started with a balanced match between sophmore Jimmy ThongKam, and a Logan wrestler. The round ended with Jimmy losing by one point. Seniors Bradley Cartier and Brittley Tringali won their rounds, Tringali with a forfeit. The end score was 18-58. The wrestling team’s current standing in the Mission Valley Athletics League is 1-6. Irvington Beat Kennedy in an impressive match, the end scores being 42-18 for junior varsity and 48-15 for varsity. “Everyone is very proud and is working very hard,” commented Coach Jackson.

Humor 12 | The Voice 16.4

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Iran�Develops�Giganto�Laser� The Beam�for�Peaceful�Purposes Madrigals Photo:

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News That Actually Matters

By Various Voice Staffers Teenager Mauls Tiger

MORP Theme Changed to Beauty and the Geek in Space

Between Genders, Bathrooms Now Segregated Red Speedos Out of Style

MORP Cancelled Due to Lack of Cute Irvington Guys

Osama, Obama, Mama Unite

98% of Students Still Writes “2007” on Assignments

Hilary Clinton Wins Irvington Mock Election

Spring Olympics Cause Tension

Irvington Mock Election Rigged

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By Yu-Hsuan Lin After receiving international condemnation for research in laser technology, Iranian officials have stepped forward to clear any misconceptions about its purpose. “The paranoid West falsely criminalizes our unstoppable death-dealing doomsday weapon,” says Iranian diplomat Mohammad Khazaee. “Our mighty photon cannon of destruction exists only to peacefully enhance our nation.” According to Khazaee, the 200-ton diamond-powered plasma-projector will be used to point out key facts on whiteboards, solder broken mp3 players, and slice pre-packaged meats. It will also be used for tattoos and corrective eye surgery. This is not the first time Iran’s scientific aspirations were deemed threatening. In 1973, “Project Judgment Day” was shelved, despite Iran’s insistence

that it was solely to raise religious awareness. Cultural programs such as “Jewish Cleansing” did not fare much better. The success of newly constructed laser, christened DETH2SATEN, is a hopeful sign to many Iranians. “This great annihilator of worlds can make our lives much easier,” says Iranian citizen Abu Khomeini. “No longer do we have to use microwaves to heat our omelets, or go to the beach for a tan.” “If only my cousin Osama were here to see this,” Khomeini added, wiping a tear from his eyes. The laser will be unveiled in Tehran next week, where it will demonstrate its capacity for peace by incinerating a piece of land the approximate size and shape of Israel.

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Dr. Salman Gives Advice to the Hopeless

Photo: Marlo Yonocruz

From the Mind of a Guy 10. They all love “The Notebook” 9. They all love chocolate 8. They watch “America’s Next Top Model” 7. N/A 6. N/A 5. N/A 4. N/A 3. N/A 2. N/A 1. Basically, nothing

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Someone finally volunteers to help you and the other hopeless with your insignificant complications By Dr. Salman once had the same problem, my accepted my heterosexuality, I lost sassy pickup lines on you. He’s friend. The solution is very simple. BOTH of my family heirlooms. just pretending to be straight. You cannot just tell people you Yeah, those family heirlooms. Q: Tu eres mis hombre Q: Hey, Dr. Salman! I’ve taco, pancho? Mis pantalones are straight; no one will believe you. You have to walk the walk. had my eyes on this one guy in a fuego de la enchiladas. Y tu Make a note of bringing Sports my history class for a long time, tambien un poco pollo y arroz. Illustrated Swimsuit Edition but then I found out he was gay! Taquitos en la telemundo a magazines to school and reading I thought he liked me, and I was tu mama en mi casa hacer. them in advisory. Secondly, make going to ask him to Sadie’s, but Escribir en que yo tengo sed. strictly heterosexual comments now I feel like I can’t trust my Porquuuueeeee!!!!! Q: Hi Dr. Salman. I’ve been when you see a hot girl walk feelings on guys anymore. What A: What the....never pretending to be homosexual for by, like “If you were a booger, if the next one I like is gay too? mind. Let me just use this online the past several months, to the I’d pick you first!” NOTHING What do you think I should do? translator: “Your you are my man A: Well it’s obvious that plug, pancho? My pants to fire of point where now everyone thinks arouses a girl more. Hopefully, I am gay. However, I have a crush these methods will work for you, you have a thing for homosexual the enchiladas. And you too a little on this girl in my history class, and you won’t have to resort males. That means you must be chicken and rice. Small cubes in and I want to make a move. How to extreme measures like, say, a lesbian. I advise you to start the telemundo to your breast in does a straight guy come out of grabbing a girl in the hallway and seeking female companionship my house to do. Writing in which making out with her. I made that and never ever go back to guys, I am thirsty. Whyyyyyy!?!?!?!” the closet? A: Believe it or not, I mistake, and though everyone even if one of them uses witty and Uhhhh. . . . yeeeaaahhh.

Top Ten Things Guys Know About Girls

Yes. . . the WORLD.

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