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Well, we got through Large Group and IEs! Most people in November would have given us less than 50% odds of having a contest of any style this pandemic year. In fact, there were many states that cancelled their events this year. District contest started on Feburary 22nd and ran through the 3rd of March. In that time period we saw our COVID positive rates drop in Iowa, and more schools came together in person. More schools ran their own in-person con* Contest site information test rather than doing virtual. We still had many that chose either option. * Spring Meeting Info I received my 2nd vaccine shot on Friday, * 2021-2022 Calendar * NFHS Award Recipients March 26th, and to celebrate I went to IE District contests on the traditional date of Feburary * Award Info 27th. I took off bright and early heading to And so much more! Grinnell. There were two schools at this site with 2 rooms running in-person and virtual preBe sure to attend the District sentations in both of them. When I arrived at the site I was greeted at the door by Ex. Committee meetings in April and May. President Kevin Seney, principal of Grinnell See the dates inside! schools. He was door keeper, ballot tabulator, and donation box guard. Now that is a President and principal who knows how to help out! Also that day at the Grinnell site was HOF member Gary Zmolek judging via zoom. In fact, in a down moment I was able to give him ‘my presentation’ and received a II rating for not being prepared! It was wonderful to have Gary there judging in this new way during the pandemic. Kevin Hosbond was the contest manager and did a terrific job of hosting this special day for his students and the other school present. I also ran into a former student of mine who is working at Grinnell College and was an All-state performer. Her child was performing that day. What a treat to see IHSSA passing down the line! My State contest travel was to NE Iowa on the traditional State IE day, and my first stop was at Dubuque Senior. In the parking lot I met HOF Coach Mike Peitz. What fun to catch up with him! He spoke about how he was able to judge so many contests this year with the format we used, and how the virtual format was great not only for the students but for him as a judge, too. Please see the pictures of this site, and especially notice the judge’s room. Judges Room at state contest in Dubuque, spaced and masked up, ready for a great day of speech in Iowa!


A PRIL 20, 2021

The contest, hosted by Aaron Dean, Greg Ernzen, and Megan Schumacher was wonderful! There were 4 schools there, everyone socially distanced, and they even had a concession stand. Each room was set up acccording to safety guidelines. Plus, every 45 minutes the rooms were sanitized. Then it was off to the contest at Maquoketa Valley, hosted by Team DeVore. This is the couple who was named national award recipients last year for their outstanding work with speech students. I was greeted at the door by Matt and Debbie, both working hard to make this a special day for the students. What a treat to see HOF coach Dan Putz judging at this event. He judged at another local State site just the night before. Again, a great, safe environment for students, judges, and even parents. Plus, a concession stand, too! I was then on my way to Waverly-Shell Rock and the contest hosted by Lisa Phyfe. This was Lisa’s 4th contest she had hosted this year, each one growing in size as the conditions improved. HOF coach Marilyn Shaw was there judging and gave truly wonderful comments to the students. So, the travel for another year has been completed and what a year it was for all of us. But you have hung in there and made it happen for the students! I have seen the best that Iowa has to offer from students who present performances that move me to tears and make me laugh so much you can hear me in another county. Kudos to the coaches who celebrate the success with their students and are the first ones to give them a hug when the performance did not turn out like they wanted. I am a very fortunate person to witness this each year and I want to say... I AM SO VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS! IT IS AN HONOR TO WORK, CREATE, AND PERFORM TOGETHER! YOU MADE IT!!!


ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Information regarding the Academic Achievement program for the IHSSA is in the online area of the IHSSA web site. Please remember the “AA” award is for the entire Large Group, Debate, and Individual Events entries and not separate individuals or groups. Example: not Readers Theatre only, but all Large Group entries. If you have any questions concerning this award, please call the State Office.

CONTEST DATES FOR 2022 Be sure to check the page in this issue of SWIFT that has the dates of IHSSA events. Make copies and give them to your Activities Director, Principal, Superintendent, Counselors, office staff, fellow teaching staff, and, most importantly, your students. If we plan for these dates now, there will be less conflict in 2021-2022. For those of you who like to plan ahead, the IHSSA has the calendar set for contest dates through the year 2026. Give us a call for those dates or talk to your Activities Director.

JUDGES CERTIFICATION MEETINGS If you are interested in hosting a Judges Certification meeting at your school next year please contact the State Office or your district’s representative on the Judges Certification Committee. All you have to do is provide a place for the meeting. A Judges Certification Committee member will run the meeting. It is important that we all work together in recruiting individuals who would be great judges and keeping those who are superior. We need your help in finding that new great judge from your community.

AWARDS Please remember all awards will be shipped directly to your school from the factory. Therefore, we ask that you allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. It is important to know that the State Office will have no awards on hand for emergency requests. After May 1st no PO#s will be accepted for an award order. However, you still may order with a check or cash after the 1st of May. We hope this change will help in getting your awards faster. Please plan ahead for your award ceremonies. Be sure to buy the IHSSA award for the extra official look! POSTING ON YOUTUBE Please remember that the royalty agreement you have for contest does NOT cover posting on YouTube. If you have students or parents who are posting their events or performances on YouTube, be aware that you are not covered under the IHSSA royalty deals. It is strongly advised that these postings be taken down.

SPRING MEETING DATES 2021 Southeast: April 26 @ 1:00 p.m. Grinnell High School Northwest: May 3 @1:00 p.m Orange City Prairie Winds Event Center Northeast: May 4 @ 1:00 p.m. Independence High School Southwest: May 5 @ 1:00p.m. Creston High School ALL INFO (Place, Time, Costs) are posted on the web site: www.ihssa.org Be sure to attend your respective District meeting. These meetings are essential for a coach to attend. If you want to express your thoughts about a particular category, rule, or any aspect of the IHSSA, this is the place to do it. It is important to remember that this year is a rule change year to the constitution. This is your time to review and participate in a discussion regarding the rules for our contest series. FAMILY WEEK DATES 2021

The Iowa High School Speech Association, Iowa High School Music Association, Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union, in response to recommendations from our ad hoc committee, have implemented a "Family Week" on the Unified Activities Federation Calendar. “Family Week” is a week that prohibits any coach or teacher/student contact and any unified activity event from occurring. That period will include Sunday through Sunday of week 3 and Week 4 of the calendar, and will begin July 25, 2021 and extend through August 1, 2021. The Iowa High School Speech Association supports “Family Week”, and there can be no speech, theatre, or debate activities within the IHSSA member schools during that week. All high school students, including incoming 9th graders, are covered under the rule and are not to have contact (on or off school premises) with teachers nor use school facilities during the eight day period.

Simpson College Public Forum Debate Camp

To help you hone your skills, Simpson College is again pleased to offer the Public Forum Debate Camp in 2021. The camp is held virtually from June 20th through June 25th. The camp is open to students who will be in grades 9-12 in the fall of 2021. We cater to both experienced debaters, as well as first-timers with no experience.The camp will include five days of direct instruction, practice rounds, and a camp tournament. Students and coaches will be taught by some of the top debate instructors in the country. Small lab groups will be capped at eight students per instructor, assuring that each student receives plenty of one-on-one attention. Novice Students Welcome Contact Spencer Waugh @ spencer.waugh@simpson.edu for more information. Online Registration Here (below) Who? This camp is ideal for debaters of all experience levels. It's open to students entering grades 912 in the fall of 2021. Where? Virtually. You will be in the comfort of your own home. When? Sunday, June 20th through Friday, June 25th, 2021 How Much? $365. This includes the camp t-shirt as well. https://simpson.edu/academics/beyond-classroom/speech-and-debate/virtual-public-forum-debatecamp Summer Camps and Info

Please check out the May issue of SWIFT for many more summer camps and classes for both students and coaches. The Simpson College Public Forum camp is just one of many opportunities for your students. AWARDS

Please take note that all awards will be shipped directly to your school from the factory, therefore, allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. It is important to know that the State Office will have no awards on hand for emergency requests. Please use the form from the ON-LINE AREA for ordering awards. You will need your password for this area. Read the order form carefully. Plan ahead for your award ceremonies. After April 30, you will not be able to use a purchase order for buying awards. You will still be able to purchase awards with a check after the 30th of April. Please remember that the IHSSA Logo is a trademark symbol and cannot be used unless you have permission from the IHSSA State Office.

Summer Judges/Coaches Workshop

Be sure you plan to attend this virtual FREE workshop August 14th in West Des Moines on the IHSSA website. Three outstanding sessions are planned for that day. Plus, Judge Certification will take place through this. Look in the May issue of SWIFT and on the web site for

more info.


Please take a moment to make sure your fees are paid. At this time, we have several coaches / schools who still have not paid for their membership fee from the fall. Pleaes take a moment to e-mail Deb in our office and ask what you still need to pay so you can stay current with the IHSSA. Please contact Deb in our office via e-mail: deb@ihssa.org

Apply for The IHSSA Hall of Fame Scholarship!

Each IHSSA member school is entitled to one applicant for the $1,000 scholarship offered by the Association’s Hall of Fame. The speech coach of a member school should give the application form to a student who best exemplifies a candidate who, in his/her estimation, would benefit from such a scholarship and meets the stated qualifications. Qualifications 1. The applicant must be a senior in good standing. 2. The applicant should have participated in various speech/drama activities during high school. 3. One applicant per IHSSA school. FORM WAS IN FEBRUARY ISSUE OF SWIFT Form must be returned by April 30th.







Get these dates to your students, parents, and administration so you can plan for these dates next year! Web link for all Unified Dates for 2021-2026 http://ighsau.org/calendar/

RLŸŸ LŸ LŸŸ LŸŸ Ÿŗ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭžƈŷĭûǓ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭžƈŷĭû ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭžƈŷĭ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭžƈŷ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭžƈ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭž ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ'ĭ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ' ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞžǓ ŸŗƏƈħĆÞž ŸŗƏƈħĆÞ ŸŗƏƈħĆ ŸŗƏƈħ ŸŗƏƈ ŸŗƏ ŸŴ ŸŴŷĭŎDžnĆĆƈĭŎDž ŸŴŷĭŎDžnĆĆƈĭŎ ŸŴŷĭŎDžnĆĆƈĭ ŸŴŷĭŎDžnĆĆƈ ŸŴŷĭŎDžnĆĆ ŸŴŷĭŎDžnĆ ŸŴŷĭŎDžn ŸŴŷĭŎDž ŸŴŷĭŎDž ŸŴŷĭŎ ŸŴŷĭ ŸŴŷ


ÊL,pϠŴŷĭ Ê ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζ ÊL,pϠ ÊL,p ÊL, ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡεϠδδŴ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡεϠδδ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡεϠδδŴǎ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡεϠδ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡεϠ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍζκƈLJϡε ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍ ÊL,pϠŴŷĭǍ ÊL,pϠŴŷ ÊL,pϠŴ ÊL,pϠ ÊL,pϠ L CŷĭŎŎĆŅ CŷĭŎŎĆ CŷĭŎŎ CŷĭŎ Cŷĭ Cŷ C CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħŗŗǍϡ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħŗŗǍϡ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħŗŗǍϡ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħŗŗǍ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħŗŗ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħŗ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸûħ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸû CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJŸ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞLJ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭĞ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍLĭ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍL CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍ CŷĭŎŎĆŅǍ ÊL,˜, ÊL,˜,Ϡ ÊL ÊL,˜ ÊL, ÊL,˜,Ϡ εηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷĭŎŎĆŅǍ ηη ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷĭŎŎĆŅ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷĭŎŎĆ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷĭŎŎ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷĭŎ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷĭ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡCŷ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡC ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷϡ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ'ŷ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ' ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ ηηηŸƏŎžĆǓ ηηηŸƏŎžĆ ηηηŸƏŎž ηηηŸƏŎ ηηηŸƏ ηηηŸ ηηη ηηη



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The IE All-State Committee, consisting of Manda Thomas, Laurel Olsen, Cynthia Koster, Kim Carlson, and Megan Young who put in many hours of hard work and effort to organize the All-State nominations for this year. This group worked very hard to gather the All-State nominations from each site and then tabulate them like we have done before. During this pandemic year this was a very difficult task and yet this committee took it on and did an oustanding job. Medals and an All-State certificate for each school were sent out of the State Office by US Mail. If you do not receive your medals within the next month please let us know.

212 schools earned Outstanding nominations at State IE contest this year. It is a tremendous testament to the fine work being done by the students and coaches in our state. We congratulate all those who participated in the Individual Events contest season this year and were awarded Division I ratings as well as the All-State nominations.


Every year we receive calls at the State Office about which schools have the most entries in the contest series. These are the numbers for the top schools in the IHSSA as to participation in categories. Special note this outstanding honor occurred during the pandemic, too!!

Large Group Events

The following schools had entries in every category and every available amount they could take to the Large Group District: NW NE SW SE No school Dubuque Senior* WDM Valley No School Cherokee - 2 shy Decorah * CR Washington - 2 shy

Individual Events

The following schools had entries in every category and every available amount they could take for the Individual Events District: SW NW SE NE Waukee Sheldon No school West Delaware CAM Denison-Schleswig Monticello - 2 shy Maquoketa Valley West Lyon Dubuque Senior* Waverly-Shell Rock Hampton-Dumont Decorah *

* Denotes school that filled every category and spot available for both Large Group and Individual Events at the District level. 2 schools worked for this honor: Dubuque Senior and Decorah. NOTE: Special congratulations to these schools for their comprehensive participation in IHSSA events. We make it our mission to get as many students involved in speech activities; to prepare them for their lives. Plus, this year during the pandemic this is even more special.


These are the sites we have at this time. We still need a few more for 2022. If you would like to host a contest next year, or the year after, please contact the state office. LARGE GROUP IE DISTRICT SE DISTRICT Montezuma Marshalltown Pella Central City Monticello Tri-County North Scott Ottumwa STATE STATE CR Kennedy Grinnell SW



DISTRICT Centennial Clarke CB ALHS Could use another STATE WDM Valley

DISTRICT Manson NW Webster SC East Denison-Schleswig STATE Spencer DISTRICT Cascade Hampton-Dumont Need a Site STATE Decorah

DISTRICT Shenandoah Earlham CAM Could use another STATE ADM

DISTRICT Kuemper Sibley-Ocheyedan Newell-Fonda STATE Woodbury Central DISTRICT Mac Valley Union Forest City STATE Clear Lake

Teresa Lawler Selected for National NFHS Speech, Theatre, Debate Award

Teresa Lawler, Ankeny Centennial High School in Ankeny, has been selected by the National Federation of State High School Associations to receive the National Federation State Speech, Debate, and Theatre Award for the nation. There are only 13 recipients of the State award in the United States this year. Ms. Lawler was selected as a State recipient from recommendations made this past fall from the Iowa High School Speech Association. Ms. Lawler has been involved with IHSSA activities for over 30 years. She has managed district and State LG, IE, and conference contests many times. She has also been involved with many aspects of the IHSSA such as being State Officer and a topic presenter at the IHSSA convention several times. She has hosted Judge Certification at her school and continues to be a leader in the SW District. She has been presented with many teaching awards over the years including the Golden Apple award.

Teresa has been an exceptional leader in her present school system, as well as the other schools she has taught in. She has worked as a mentor to young teachers in her role as supervising teacher, and a state leader for teachers of English. She is a very positive leader, always willing to take the time to work with any coach and give a helping hand. She has made a huge difference in the entire educational program of Ankeny Centennial High School as well as many other schools in the SW District.

The National Federation Interscholastic Speech, Theatre and Debate Educator Award was first given in 1988 when seven individuals received sectional awards. Since that time, 237 sectional and 381 state awards have been presented. Nominations for this award are solicited from all fifty states. Awards for state and section are not automatically given. The IHSSA has been very fortunate to have had a state or sectional recipient for this award every year since its inception. Past inductees have been: 1989 John Burke, Anita 2005 Mary Campbell, CR Prairie 1990 Helen Slattum, Lake Mills 2006 Brad Nesbitt, Alta 1991 Frances Hedeman, Dubuque 2007 Nancy Libke,Sumner-Fredericksburg 1992 John Gibson, Council Bluffs 2008 Marty Bangston, Shenandoah 1993 Beverly Weseman, Sioux City 2009 David Wendt, Keokuk 1994 Jay Shelp, Sheldon 2010 Terry Coleman, Fort Dodge 1995 William Hultman, Keota 2011 Scott Bertelsen, Forest City 1996 Karen Tilton, Maquoketa 2012 Cary Shapiro, Ankeny 1997 Jerry Laffey, Onawa 2013 Lynn Jacobsen, Danville 1998 Robert Galligan, Carroll 2014 Ann Williamsen, Okoboji 1999 Susan Cantine, Decorah 2015 Aaron Dean, Dubuque Senior 2000 Denis Hildreth, Des Moines 2016 Timothy Sheaff, Dowling Catholic 2001 Elizabeth Hansen, Grinnell 2017 William Myatt, Pleasant Valley 2002 Larry Untiet, Spencer 2018 BJ Schuller, Sibley -Ocheyedan 2003 Dan Putz, Independence 2019 Debbie and Matt DeVore, Mac Valley 2004 Kennon Balster, Clarinda Special congratulations to Teresa for being selected for the award this year. It is with a great deal of pleasure that the IHSSA welcomes Teresa Lawler into this prestigious group.


incere thanks to these individuals and schools for their willingness to host an Individual Events contest this year. They made sure materials were gathered and sent to all the local sites, gathered the ratings, and made sure they were official with the State Office. Some of the sites even hosted both virtual and inperson contests for other schools so everyone could perform in Individual Events this year. In this very unusual year these individuals made it happen for over 7,000 students in the IHSSA IE Events. Southwest: CAM, Manda Thomas; Earlham, Ashley Maiers; Shenandoah, Amy Toye; Urbandale, Shaun Knapp; ADM, Jacque Seidl.

Southeast: Marshalltown, Jocelyn Frohwein; Central DeWitt, Brianne Magill & Carrie Viel; Northeast Community, Rachel Pasker; TriCounty, Vince Hrasky; Grinnell, Kevin Hosbond & Jennie Flinspach.

Northeast: Maquoketa Valley, Debbie DeVore & Matt DeVore; North Fayette Valley, Tracy Nuss & Kari Straube; Waterloo Columbus, Cristina Ortiz; Waldorf University, Julie Keely & Brian Keely.

Northwest: Woodbury Central, Denise Heiman; Newell-Fonda, Jen Tovar & Nikki Schubert; Sheldon, Jodi Grant; Denison-Schleswig, Laurel Olsen; Fort Dodge, Lindey Krug. All these sites managed many schools and different dates reporting to them, and answering many questions, especially how to deal with COVID-19 issues.

Also, this year we had several schools who hosted statewide virtual sites Those managers were: Derek Friederich, Postville; Carrie Tinkham, CR Washington; Matt Schmidt, CB Thomas Jefferson; Deb Gute, Kuemper Catholic; Staci Kintigh, North Scott and Tyler Stough, Johnston.

There were many more sites that invited others to participate with them this year, too. The work by many made this contest season happen for everyone.

Without their help the IHSSA contest series would not be able to run as effectively as it does. THANKS from all of us!

If you are interested in hosting a contest in the future please contact the IHSSA State Office. At this time we already have many sites for the 2022 and 2023 contest seasons. Please call to host in the future.

Web site e-mail



craig@ihssa.org deb@ihssa.org

phone # 515-288-9741(main) Toll Free (new) 888-985-6547 Direct Craig 515-401-1834 Direct Deb 515-401-1833 Address IHSSA 5000 Westown Parkway Suite 150 West Des Moines, Ia. 50266 Office hours 8 - 4:30 M-F Deb will take lunch from 12:00 -1:00

and Craig will take lunch from 1:00 - 2:00.

IE All-State Performance Fee

There are NO fees for All-State this year. Medals and certificates were sent to your schools free this year. If you have not received your medals or certificates for All-State please contact the State Office ASAP.

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