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WHAT IS IN THIS ISSUE OF SWIFT * Copyright Compliance updates *Riggleman Award Recipient *Judging Requirement for State IE *E-mail Address Form Info *IHSSA Mentoring Info * Special Request Deadlines *On-Line Registration for IHSSA contests *State Debate Tournment Info And so much more! 2019 IHSSA Hall of Fame inductees Dr. Dennis Doyle, Pella & Ms. Marilyn Shaw, Cedar Falls


O CTOBER 31, 2019



ow! Did you go for the gold at Convention this year? We had a great Coaches Convention this past October! We had many, many new coaches attending, and that is a positive note to begin the year on. Several professionals were able to join us, along with leading IHSSA coaches with lots of positive sharing. Be sure to put the Convention on the calendar for next year - October 9-10, 2020 - in Ames. You do not want to skip next year and miss something you will never get to see again. Convention is the place to be ‘in the know’ as a coach. UNI provided graduate credit for the convention. If you bypassed the Convention you missed one of the best opportunities to become a better IHSSA coach! It is also a wonderful time to make new, or renew friendships. Comments such as, “I learned so much and now I know what to expect. I will never miss this”, “Such great ideas shared by all”, “I wish my PD days were as good as this!” were shared. One of the best aspects of that weekend is the sharing of ideas and tips from one coach to another. As I said in my Saturday morning talk, “You are found when you are with the IHSSA family” We’ll see you there next year! Special thanks goes to the Convention Committee for their outstanding work this past month. They are: J’Kalein Madison, Russ Adam, Jacki Pleggenkuhle, Kevin Hosbond and Jaylene DeVos. A special thanks to chairperson Jaylene for all of her hard work creating a memorable 47th IHSSA Coaches Convention. What a wonderful theme to use because we all want to find the gold that we have with our students each year as Jaylene stated. We appreciate the Judge Certification Convention Team Committee of Debbie using the ladder DeVore, Dirk Waller, correctly??? Mark Morehead, Vince Hrasky and Stacy Hansen. Please remember that our judging improves when you, as coaches, fill out the evaluations and let the Committee know what areas need improvement.

Special thanks to Steven Hydeen for his entertaining and insightful keynote. It is great to have someone like Steven to share his insights into the importance of what we are doing with our students each year. We benefited from hearing his experiences as a professional in the field. Also, Steven and his wife joined us for the entire convention! They were so impressed with your passion for this activity. We also thank Dr. James Weaver, from the National Federation of State High School Associations, for coming to our convention this year and speaking, especially addressing the very important topic of Copyright. Be sure to take the copyright course on the NFHS learning web site. You will find it most helpful. The importance of gaining proper rights for doing material is the RIGHT way to do material for contest. (Dr. Weaver speaking at convention on copyright compliance)

The IHSSA Hall of Fame members (pictured in this SWIFT) meet prior to the convention banquet. This group provides two scholarships to IHSSA students, and makes a huge difference with their continued support of our collective mission. They continue to judge, coach and even provide sessions at the coaches convention every year. Some provide invaluable support as mentors to younger coaches in their areas. One of the best meetings we have each year at the convention is the contest managers meeting. This meeting takes place on Friday morning and brings all of the contest managers together for a time of sharing and mentoring. Stacy Hansen, Coach at Large, very capably directs this meeting and covers what is important in running a successful contest. Later in the meeting the managers break out to IE and LG contest manager groups. Thanks to Robert Mitman for his excellent help in the breakout. If you are considering running a contest please know that guidance is there, and we provide a meeting and a book to help you through the successful experience of hosting a contest. So put Oct. 10-11, 2020 on your To-Do list for next year’s IHSSA Coaches Convention!

CONTEST NOTES SPECIAL REQUESTS By direction of the Executive Committee of the IHSSA, all special requests must be called in to the State Office by the dates listed below: District Large Group - January 9, 2020 State Large Group - January 29, 2020 District Individual Events - February 13, 2020 State Individual Events - March 4, 2020 Special requests after these deadlines will only be accepted on an emergency basis. Do not e-mail or FAX special requests in to the State Office, you must call for a special request. Do not call the contest manager for special requests in scheduling as they cannot accept any calls of this nature. ACT/SAT testing will not be accepted for a special request. This policy will be strictly enforced! ENTRY CARDS All coaches should use the online program for cards this year since it will transfer your events, titles, and all contestants directly from the entry registration form to the cards now. Please note on the eligibility form that the area of Group Improvisation, Solo Mime and Group Mime have a #1, #2, and #3. Please indicate this on the entry card also. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS This was NOT a rule change year so all the rules in your Constitution and By-Laws are the same from last year. You will NOT be receiving any updates to rules this fall. The rules from last year are correct and still in place. Also, there were no changes to any of the comment sheets. All changes were made last year. MENTORING PROGRAM The IHSSA would like to help any fellow coaches who believe they would benefit from a mentoring program. All you need to do is give the State Office a call and indicate that you would like to have a fellow coach as a mentor. The State Office will then contact a coach in your area and set up a mentoring program between the two coaches. If you would like to have more information on this subject, please call the IHSSA. JUDGING DIRECTIVE FROM THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Members of every district will be part of a program that provides the name of a judge for the State IE contest. Every school in the IHSSA that qualifies 5 or more entries for the IHSSA State IE contest on March 14, 2020 must provide the name of a certified judge on behalf of their school for that state contest site. This program will only be put into effect if the state contest managers in any district have trouble locating judges for that state contest. Then said judge from each school will be called upon to judge at the state contest. This is a constitutional item. Therefore, to participate in the IHSSA contest series all schools must follow this directive. This requirement is also in effect for the SW district in LG State contest. More information on this can be obtained by calling the State Office at 515-288-9741. CONTEST SITE ASSIGNMENTS A few schools have had questions regarding how the district site assignments are made for contest each year. Our major goal is to have district sites equal in size. Sometimes this will make the drive a bit further than we would like, however, we believe that it is important to give each student the same opportunity at every contest. Without doing this, some contest sites would have 60 schools and others would have only 15-20 schools. Contest site assignments will be made in early December after the membership closes on the st of that month. Contest locations will be posted on the web site after December 16th. Be sure to check the web site for your contest site location. That will be the only communication for your assignment for the IHSSA contest series. DO NOT REGISTER FOR CONTEST UNTIL YOUR SCHOOL IS ASSIGNED A SITE. IF YOU REGISTER EARLY YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES AND MAY HAVE TO REGISTER ALL OVER AGAIN!! 2019- 2020 IHSSA MEMBERSHIP Check the web site (in November) to see if your membership has been paid for 2019-2020. Membership closes for the 2019-2020 contest year on December 1, 2019. If you do not see your school name then call the State Office ASAP!!! As of today, there are several schools that have been members that have not sent in their membership for 2019-2020.

In Memoriam


Our speech family lost a friend and colleague with the death of longtime Hall of Fame coach and judge Dennis Hildreth of Des Moines on October 10, 2019. Since 1974 Mr. Hildreth was involved in every aspect of the IHSSA. He was a masterful coach and made such a lasting impact in the lives of his students. He also was a superlative coach for us in the IHSSA. I am sure most everyone in the IHSSA can point to a time where Denis made a difference for them from being a District Officer, member on many committees, running both District, State, All-State LG contests in the same year many times, to being inducted into the IHSSA Hall of Fame in 2009. He made a life-long commitment to the IHSSA and what a wonderful gift that was. Denis was what we hoped we could be like in the IHSSA. He always stated how others made his life better, but didn’t he make all of our lives better? I will always remember how he made sure every student was given the best possible experience, and every coach was always listened to. His famous phrases like, “Craig, it is only a speech contest”, always was a comfort and brought me back into perspective. For 40 some years Denis Hildreth was one of the brightest stars of the IHSSA galaxy. While some of those lights have cooled a bit, Denis’ light will continue to shine, and the light will be so bright it will continue to glow and warm your heart. Remembering him may make your eye glisten and you will think of what a gift Denis was to all of us in the IHSSA. We will know how we were blessed by that smile, and cherish a comforting thought of this wonderful man. Rest in peace, dear friend.

IHSSA CALLBOARD Iowa Thespian State Conference November 15 & 16 UNI Contact Wm. Myatt Iowa State Thespians Dowling Catholic Paradigm December 13-14 Speech events will follow IHSSA rules Dowling Catholic High School Contact Tim Sheaff DEBATE INFO: Debate Topics To get Policy, LD, & PF topics go to: (please remember we use the January PF and LD topics for the state tournament) STATE DEBATE ENTRY MATERIALS: State Debate entry materials and info will have a link on the web site. All entries for State Debate are done via another web area on the IHSSA web site. If you have questions or concerns please let us know. That link will be live on November 18th...It is at : Remember -- Student Congress intent and at least two bills or resolutions must be in by November 15. The intent form is on the web site and will be sent from the State Office via mail, too. If you need more please go to the web site for another copy. Debate rules updates were sent to all IHSSA schools. . Debate coaches - be sure to get those rules from the IHSSA coach that receives the constitution in your school, or call and we can send those rules to you. State Debate will be on the campus of DMACC in Ankeny this year on


Handouts from Coaches Convention and Powerpoint presentations On the front page of the IHSSA website is a link to the page that holds handouts and powerpoints to many of the presentations at the IHSSA Coaches Convention. This is a great resource for you as coaches. Check it out!!

A Call for all to participate in Student Congress from HOF Coach Bob Galligan Dear Speech Coach, I would like to share with you a thought about the exciting IHSSA Student Congress event. And, if you believe your time is already limited, you could pass the thought to your English staff, Talented and Gifted, Honors, or Advanced Placement instructors. Student Congress offers an exciting critical think activity that could easily fit into a classroom project. It develops the key skills of research, writing, speaking and defending one’s ideas. By passing along the IHSSA rules for Student Congress to the other instructors, they could prepare students for a fun learning experience that will not break the department budget. The students could research, write and submit two bills by November 15 to Bob Galligan at for the January tournament. Then, by December 1, receive the full slate of bills for the tournament, and prepare to join in the congress discussion on January 10 and 11, 2020 at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny. Note you can still attend without submitting any bills. Should you, or any of your fellow instructors, have any questions as you prepare for the tournament, you can always e-mail Robert Galligan at . I hope you will consider, and share if it works better for you, attending the IHSSA State Debate Tournament Friday and Saturday, January 1011, at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny. Bob Galligan, IHSSA Hall of Fame Coach

RICHARD RIGGLEMAN AWARD The 25th Richard Riggleman Young Speech Coach Award was presented at the IHSSA Coaches Convention to Liz Meier. This $1,000 award, renewable for three years, is the first of its kind for the IHSSA. The Riggleman Young Speech Coach Award was established by Hall of Fame coach Richard Riggleman of Denison, who now lives in Iowa City. The IHSSA is grateful to Mr. Riggleman for his support of young IHSSA coaches. This award is now available to any 2nd or 3rd coach from the IHSSA. This year’s recipient, Liz Meier, is in her second year of teaching/coaching at Valley Southwoods (a 9th grade only building). She is currently involved in managing IHSSA Large Group Events. Liz has been a successful coach of Valley Southwoods IHSSA students with her school receiving Outstanding nominations in Group Mime and State Division I awards in Musical Theatre. In her first year she took over 8 events to the Large Group District contest using just 9th graders in all 9 events. It is with pleasure that the IHSSA congratulates Liz Meier as the 25th recipient of the Richard Riggleman Young Speech Coach Award.

the Friday afternoon ice cream break was sponsored by Poetry Outloud

Iowa High School Musical Theatre Awards sponsored the Friday afternoon soda break

Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau provided the opening day giveaways.

Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union for their support of the entire IHSSA program. Please take a moment to be aware of those groups above who provided special services for the IHSSA Coaches Convention. Their support is the reason convention fees remain low. Thanks!!

CONTEST SITES FOR 2020 LARGE GROUP SITES: DISTRICT SOUTHWEST NORTHEAST Fremont-Mills Cascade Johnston Decorah Creston Hampton-Dumont Woodward-Granger LARGE GROUP SITES: STATE LeMars Community Waukee Dubuque Senior INDIVIDUAL EVENTS SITES: DISTRICT NORTHWEST SOUTHWEST NORTHEAST OABCIG Mt. Ayr Maquoketa Valley Sibley-Ocheydan CB Thomas Jefferson MFL-MarMac MansonNWWebster(this is a change) Panorama Osage Woodbury Central Madrid Charles City INDIVIDUAL EVENTS SITES: STATE Kuemper Catholic Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln Starmont STATE DEBATE SITE DMACC, Ankeny NORTHWEST Fort Dodge Spencer Sioux City East Storm Lake

SOUTHEAST Monticello Ottumwa Montezuma Lone Tree Cedar Rapids Washington SOUTHEAST Wapello Pekin Vinton-Shellsburg Central City Grinnell


Dr. Dale Crozier receives IHSSA Fine Arts Administrator of the Year.

The Iowa High School Speech Association presented the IHSSA Fine Arts Administrator of the Year award October 11, 2019 at the Gateway Hotel and Conference Center in Ames. It is presented to a distinguished individual of statewide reputation and outstanding accomplishments. This is the highest honor the Iowa High School Speech Association may confer on an administrator. The contribution and service given by the inductee stem from dedication and commitment to the IHSSA and other arts activities in their school beyond normally expected and superlative identification. This year's recipient is Dr. Dale Crozier, Superintendent of MFL MarMac and Eastern Allamakee school districts. Dr. Crozier has been involved with school activities in both districts for many years. He is a passionate believer in the Arts and Activities at MFL MarMac and Eastern Allamakee and a true support for all programs in his schools. He has the belief that speech, music, drama, and all activities teach students valuable lessons they can learn no other way. Dr. Crozier has helped to maintain a healthy balance with the fine arts and sports programs in his districts, making it possible for students to participate in both, as well as stressing that not one or the other is more deserving of praise or support. He practices what he preaches. When hosting a speech contest, he was right there helping to make things easier. From his nomination letter by IHSSA coaches in his districts it was stated, “Dr. Crozier makes IHSSA better in our school districts and our NE District because he advocates for students to be able to be involved in fine arts activities and supports us as educators and coaches. Specifically, he takes time after school hours to attend rehearsals, musicals, plays, concerts, and speech contests. He recognizes the speech program in his monthly “Crozier’s Comments” newsletter and newspaper publications. He recognizes the importance of students experiencing education in the arts and makes SURE they have that opportunity..”

Presenting the award to Dr. Crozier is IHSSA President Mr. Russ Adams of the IHSSA Executive Committee.

IHSSA Hall of Fame at the 2019 IHSSA Coaches Convention

This guide was provided to all coaches at the Spring meetings in 2017 by Ms Stacy Hansen IHSSA Coach At Large. Just a helpful reminder when you are speaking to your students about their events.

This is the flyer Dr. Weaver spoke about for membership in this association. Every IHSSA Contest Manager is given free membership into this group for hosting contest. The IHSSA encourages all to join for the liability insurance that is provided with this membership as well as many other benefits.

Short Film, TV Newscasting and Radio Broadcasting Presentation at Contest Please read your Constitution - you must provide your own media formatted presentation. The contest site will have a backup just in case something happens to your projector or computer, however, it is your resonsiblity to bring your own equipment. DO NOT PLAN ON USING THE CONTEST SITE EQUIPMENT IN SHORT FILM, TV NEWSCASTING, and RADIO BROADCASTING. This was discussed at the contest managers meeting and they asked us to speak to this issue again. Each school should bring their own projector to show the Short Film and TV Newscasting. The contest sites will have speakers for you to plug into but you need to bring your own equipment to show the Short Film and TV News. If you bring your own equipment you will have no problems showing these events. We had some issues with this in the past, and the District Officers suggested to contest managers that all Short Film and TV Newscasting entries bring their own equipment to show their presentations. What each site will have is a cart to set your equipment up in the hallway before each presentation. When your event is then ready to go you wheel the cart in and your presentation will be set. There will be no setting up of equipment in the room any more. This should help those events run much more smoothly than before. If you are using music for short film, tv

news, or radio broadcasting you must get rights from the copyright holder and get synchronization rights for that music. DO NOT USE MUSIC WITHOUT THOSE RIGHTS!!! NOTE on timing of the Short Film... credits ARE A PART OF THE TIME. If you show credits they count as part of the time!!

IHSSA CONTEST ENTRY DEADLINES FOR 2020 CONTEST SEASON STATE DEBATE December 18, 2019 all forms due DISTRICT LARGE GROUP January 8, 2020 STATE LARGE GROUP immediately after district contest ALL-STATE FESTIVAL immediately after notification of performance DISTRICT IE February 12, 2020 STATE IE immediately after district contest Be sure to send this in. Last year we had several schools that did not send in their monies until we called. Just getting the PO does not send the money in. You must work with your business office on this issue. Please remember these deadline dates. Late entry penalties will be enforced per constitutional rules. All late entries will be placed at the end of the day! That will be the only time a late entry will be allowed to perform per directive of the Executive Committee. Do not be late!!!

STUDENT CONGRESS INTENT FORM Full size copy is on the web site. Please download and enter by November 15 for the State Debate Tournament this year. Please contact the State Office if you have any questions about entering State Debate or would like to try that activity let us know!

IHSSA Convention Team back row: Russ Adams, Kevin Hosbond, Deb Robbins, and Craig Ihnen ,front row: Jaylene DeVos, J’Kalein Madison, and Jacki Pleggenkuhle




When you fill out the registration form online the name(s), titles, and events that you type on the registration form will be placed directly into the pink and/or green cards. After you submit your online registration to the PLEASE SEND THE INFO IHSSA and print your hard copies of BELOW that form, go back to the main menu VIA E-MAIL TO THE IHSSA of the online registration and print off the pdf using the line that states print all cards, or you may print each indiSCHOOL, LG COACH, IE COACH, DEBATE vidual entry card separately. Please remember green card stock must be COACH e-mail addresses used for large group and pink card stock for individual events. Pink and PLEASE SEND TO IHSSA BY green card stock will be provided to you. The printed contest cards must be NOVEMBER 15 We will print only those e-mails that sent to the contest site by the deadlines we receive in the November issue of that are listed in this issue of SWIFT. YOU STILL MUST SEND YOUR SWIFT ENTRY CARDS AND REGISTRASend to: TION FORM TO THE CONTEST SITE VIA MAIL! For the sake of the contest manager... PLEASE cut the CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PAID cards to the proper size. FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE WEB SITE!!

Web site

e-mail phone # 515-288-9741(main) Toll Free (new) 888-985-6547 Direct Craig 515-401-1834 Direct Deb 515-401-1833 Address IHSSA 5000 Westown Parkway Suite 150 West Des Moines, Ia. 50266 Office hours 8 - 4:30 M-F Deb will take lunch from 12:00 -1:00 and Craig will take lunch from 1:00 - 2:00.

Card Stock Card Stock for contest cards will be sent from this office in mid November. Be looking for that packet to arrive in your school. If you do not have your card stock by the end of November call the State Office ASAP.

Permission to do Material or Music in all IHSSA events Please remember you must have permission to do ANY MATERIAL that you use for contest events. We now have agreements with many companies to use their materials for IHSSA contest. For example, if you use some recorded music for background in mime or One Act, unless it is ASCAP music or you have purchased the BMI license, you have to receive permission to use it. If you are using music for short film or tv news you must get rights from the copyright holder and get synchronization rights for that song or songs. If you are reading an interp selection from a book you must receive permission to read that selection or cutting at the contest. In Musical Theatre you cannot do cuttings unless you have permission to do so. You can NEVER cut or rearrange material without receiving permission or using material from the companies we have agreements with. Receiving permission to perform at contest is just that. It does not cover performing for other events. Also, NEVER allow contest selections to be placed on YouTube or the internet. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO THAT! It is the responsibility of the local school to secure all performance rights for contest selections. Be sure you have permission to do material before you start a selection for contest. The IHSSA will NOT support any school that does not secure performance rights for selections at contest. Do not put your school district in financial danger by not finding the rights to perform material. Please remember all of your titles are posted on the web and those groups will see what you are doing. Get the proper rights to do material for contest. You as a coach/school must do this!

NFHS Learn Course Center Here is the link for the NFHS Learn Course on Copyright compliance... please take this course before you start your contest work!! courses

PERFORMANCE RIGHTS FOR MUSCIAL THEATRE AND OTHER AREAS USING SHEET MUSIC AND NOT TRW OR MTI From Dr. James Weaver of the NFHS If you are wanting to perform a work of music for a contest you will need to follow the guide below: If you are using sheet music from.... ASCAP – With a national agreement for high schools you can perform any piece in the ASCAP catalog and not have to write for permission. BMI – Must request and receive permission to perform or purchase the high school license that many schools have done. We have a copy of that for you here at the IHSSA. SESAC – Must request and receive permission to perform. A fee might be required. With all of these Performing Rights Organization permissions you cannot make an arrangement without the proper permission from the copyright owner. However, you may make cuts for timing purposes only, but the piece must remain in the same order and the cut must keep the integrity of the musical work.

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SWIFT - October 2019  

October 2019 edition of IHSSA SWIFT

SWIFT - October 2019  

October 2019 edition of IHSSA SWIFT

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