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Folc-Industrial dir. Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, 2011, digital, 8 min.

Friday, October 25 at 10pm Halloween Celebration

In Caxias do Sul, mega-factories with 4,000 workers in one site have changed and re-structured the image of work, the worker, and lately, that imagined threshold in which a worker leaves the factory, and becomes an individual subject in public space among other workers. Commissioned by the Bienal do Mercosul in Porto Alegre, two public events were organized in which musicians with experimental affinities improvised a live soundtrack to images of workers leaving the factory.

IHP is throwing a hair-raising Halloween bash this year! Gather with Young Friends, residents, and the best-masked and costumed partygoers in Philadelphia for a scary, spooky, and riotous night filled with ghoulish themed snacks and drinks, a costume competition, an MC that will have your jaw dropping, and a DJ worth travelling for. Don’t miss it!


Saturday, October 26 at 12pm EXHUMED FILMS presents 24 Hour Horror-Thon, Part 7!

dir. Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, 2006, digital, 18 min.

The town of Frontera Corozal was created in the ‘70s as a modernization and urbanization project in Mexico. 601 Chol families were relocated to identical plots of land by the Usumacinta River. Citizens of the town were asked to physically draw in space the contours of an imagined natural landscape or of their own constructed space. Muñoz worked with the community council (18 comuneros, all men) to make an inventory of all that exists within the town. The inventory was then narrated by a town council member through the makeshift speaker system that serves as the town’s preferred method of public communication. Esto es un mensaje explosivo dir. Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, 2006, digital, 16 min.

A film in two parts, about the construction and meaning of an event which persists in unofficial and rumored histories of art in Puerto Rico. In 1979 Carlos Irizarry, a Puerto Rican artist, boarded an American Airlines plane and threatened to blow it up in support of the liberation of Puerto Rican political prisoners. The event is sometimes referred to as a work of art, as a political-symbolic action, or as terrorism, and at yet other times the event is stretched around the hazy figure of national hero, or artiste maudite. Free screenings.

Tickets on sale soon!

To celebrate the joyous Halloween season, Exhumed Films proudly presents the seventh annual 24 Hour Horror-thon: a full 24 hour marathon of nonstop horror mayhem! As always, the lineup of films is being kept secret–people who come to the show will only find out what the features are as they unspool onto the screen. The show will feature some of the biggest horror titles of the last 30 years mixed with some really rare gems. Plus, we’ll run tons of classic trailers, shorts, and other oddities, all projected on 16mm or 35mm film. Sold out! Follow us on Facebook and sign up for our emails to get up-to-date info on special events and on-sales.

Tuesday, October 29 – Saturday, November 2 New Middle East Cinema The Cinema Studies Program, the Jewish Studies Program, the Middle East Center, and the Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations Department at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival and International House Philadelphia, present the 2013 edition of New Middle East Cinema. Recently released feature films, which represent a large number of countries in the region, have been selected as the best to be presented and discussed to further the understanding of current Middle Eastern societies and cultures through cinema. Free admission.


IHP Magazine, Fall 2013  

International House Philadelphia's program of events for Fall 2013.

IHP Magazine, Fall 2013  

International House Philadelphia's program of events for Fall 2013.