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Discovering the Heart of Abba Reading the Bible for All It's Worth Featuring Dr. Chuck Metteer

A Personal Journey in Prayer








Discovering the Heart of Abba





Reading the Bible for All It's Worth

A Personal Journey Into Prayer




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Letter from theEditor The Communications Committee is proud to introduce the Fall '12 issue of the Messenger Magazine. It is our desire to encourage and exhort the student body by showcasing various ones gifted in writing and the arts. We invite you to celebrate student life as we take a moment to appreciate all those in the prayer movement. Since prayer is the topic of this edition of the Messenger, we hope that the following articles will refresh you. With Christmas break upon us it is important to remember to keep our hearts alive so we hope that you will enjoy this brand new issue of the Messenger.

- Communications Committee

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Discovering the Heart of Abba by Mallory Weyman


believe one of the greatest gifts to the Body of Christ is the ministry of inner-healing and deliverance. We see that this is the out working of the ministry of Jesus Himself in Isaiah 61, and this is the desire from our Father who is the very one anointing His Son for this ministry. “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me… He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound… to comfort all who mourn, to console those who mourn in Zion, to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness…” (Is. 61:1-3) What a GREAT exchange! This is what Jesus gave His life for- that you and I would walk in great depths of freedom and then be empowered to bring freedom to the lives of others.

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FALL -2012 -

Before I came to IHOPU I was working for 2 years with children in one of the worst neighborhoods in the inner-city of Cincinnati, Ohio at an afterschool center. I got to help these kids with homework, love on them, have fun with them in creating things and playing games, and I taught them about Jesus and what it looks like to follow Him. Partway through my time working there the Awakening began in November of 2009 here at IHOPU. Little did I know how much the move of His Spirit would dramatically affect the course of my life. I began to watch the web-stream each night and deliverance from self-hatred was the main testimony I kept hearing again and again from men and women. As I watched night after night I began to realize I had hatred towards my own life and I had no idea that what I had felt for so many years was actually a deep rooted lie- a stronghold of the enemy- and not only that, I had no idea that freedom was possible. Jesus truly began pulling on my heart. I came out for the Onething conference a couple months later and settled it in my heart that I wasn’t leaving Kansas City until I got total freedom from hating myself. Like the woman with the issue of blood I was determined to touch even just the hem of His garment that I might be healed (see Mark 5:25-34, Luke 8:43-48). Each night of the conference I experienced a glimpse of freedom as I received prayer, but then suddenly on the last night the Lord broke into my heart with major deliverance. I encountered the love of my Father for what truly felt like the first time. The Lord tore down so many lies that I had believed about myself and about how God feels about me. He spoke to my broken and orphaned heart and truly lifted me out of the ash heap (see 1 Samuel 2:8). Only the Lord truly knew how much my life would change after that night. I returned home after the Onething conference, back to my usual life and my work among the children, and I noticed a major difference in how I ministered. I no longer was walking in fear of being reject-

This is what Jesus gave His life for - that you and I would walk in great depths of freedom...

ed by them but I was confident in my Father’s love! I used to shy away from them in fear and I was unable to call them forth in who God created them to be because I had no idea what God thought about the worth of my own life. I also had never been able to discipline them effectively because I would always shrink in timidity when they would get belligerently angry with me as I attempted to discipline them. Those broken kids could read me like a book and knew when I was not a stable leader who was able to be firm with them. I had become a doormat to them and because of this I was actually harming them more than I was helping them. BUT NOW God had set my heart free. Confidence in leading them came naturally and the children noticed the difference in me. After just a couple of weeks they began to respond to me and a good handful of the older children began to actually open up to me and the other leaders. Not only that, but several of the

...then the Lord broke into my heart with major deliverance

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FALL -2012 -

kids began telling us that they now truly wanted to follow Jesus and “do good”. Amazing! As I saw the vast difference in life before the breakthrough versus life after, I only wanted more freedom and greater depth. This set me on a course to get better equipped for my calling; if I felt called to broken people, then I myself needed to first be more whole so I could have more to offer them. Several months later, I found myself here at IHOPU, running alongside a company of people who were running after the same thing- the heart of Jesus. I found myself in a community that loves discipleship, training and deliverance, a community that LOVES “the process” and believes in the transforming power of the place of prayer. What a gift! In my time here at IHOPU I have been astounded at the Lord’s leadership in bringing me here. He truly ambushed me and has done so much more in my heart than I could even imagine. What I have found since that powerful night at the Onething conference is that DAILY I must set my heart again before my Father, Abba, the One who formed me and fashioned me, the One who knows me by heart. I must daily realign my heart with His heart and with the truth of what He says about me as I come to Him in the place of prayer. He is my confidence. On a very practical level I choose to meditate on and read scriptures like Romans 8, Ephesians 1, and John 14-17 that speak of God’s heart toward me and what He feels and thinks about me. Oh, and the glory of Song of Solomon! If we could all truly get into the depths of that book I think we would get hit with another wave of His presence at a whole other level. His love is so great for us and we have only begun to get our toes wet in the shallows of the ocean that is our God. My exhortation to you is to set your heart before the all-consuming fire of God’s love- His nature and His character- and let all unbelief melt before His presence. Let God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3:4). Let the love of God conquer your heart. He gives only abundance and He is FOR YOU. Talk to Him like a real Person because He really is YOUR Father- this will change everything. Let Him win over your heart and tear down every wrong idea about Him and about you, for here you will find life.

Mallory Weyman

Junior IHOPU From Cinncinati Ohio

She is a Discispleship Coordinator, a student, and also co-leads a women’s ministry here at IHOPKC called, “On the Rise”. She loves her family, friends, devotional worship, reading provoking biographies, and of course, she loves Jesus. Her heart comes alive in discipleship, and she feels a burden for unreached nations and the poor. She especially enjoys children. She misses the Cincinnati-style chili quite often.

“Lord, to whom else shall we go? You alone have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68) - 5 -


FALL -2012 -

Reading the Bible for All It's Worth Dr. Chuck Metteer

Long ago, God disclosed to mankind over time a living document that was not prepared by human intellect or inspiration. Although written by human hands, every word contained therein was, and still is, God-breathed - they forever emanate from the depths of the Godhead. These words possess eternal relevance and spiritual power because they literally come forth from God’s own divine essence. Truly, the Bible is like no other book, for its words are actually living words; they are alive with the very Life of God. The writer of Hebrews described God’s Word with astonishing vividness:

For the Word of God is a living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and is able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 You might initially conclude that such a book would prove easy to read. After all, it is as alive today as when David wrote his psalms or John his Gospel. Moreover, its inherent truth and

power are able to penetrate to the depths of our being, exposing everything within us that is in rebellion to God and yet imparting His Life to our spirits. But this is not the case. Over nearly four decades of reading the Bible, I have experienced many roadblocks along the way. These include “dry times” while reading, the seduction to read for infor...there is a mation rather than frequent inspiration, a slowly developed famildisconnect iarity with Scripture that has led to mindbetween this lessly glossing over supernatural, the words, and the pull of denominaliving tional doctrines that document and have sometimes led our full reception of to incorrect conclusions about what a its divine passage is actually saying. I have also message heard literally hundreds of Christians say that reading the Bible is boring, that they generally do not under-

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FALL -2012 -

stand what they read, and that they simply do not have the time to sit down and read the Bible every day. Because there is a frequent disconnect between this supernatural, living document and our full reception of its divine message, is there anything we can do to overcome our resistances and make the connection? The answer may surA re-evaluation prise you. It is true that a good biblical comof your mentary may help you better understand what priorities and you read. A reevaluation of your priorities daily schedule and daily schedule may also motivate you may also to spend more time in motivate you to the Word. Developing good study habits spend more time may even improve your grasp of the Bible (e.g., in the Word. understanding context, historical setting, who a book of the Bible was written to, and why it was written). These things, however, are short-term Band-Aids. Something deeper is at issue here that is not addressed by supplemental books, daily planners, or skilled exegesis. There is really only one thing that can prepare our hearts day after day to effectively receive the living Word of God. It is humility gained through prayer. This God-given virtue enables us to encounter spiritual Life in a book that we are to read over and over, day after day, for the rest of our lives. More than any other quality of character, humility helps us discern spiritual revelations embedded in the written words. It is the door that opens in us a passionate desire to meet Jesus Christ in every page of Scripture. The contemporary Church has pretty much cast this virtue aside when teaching members how to read the Bible. Nonetheless, I have learned that humility best overcomes the inner problems I often confront when reading God’s Word. James, the brother of Jesus, strongly emphasized this point: In humility receive the word implanted, which is able to save your souls. James 1:21b

Note carefully this exhortation. The way to receive Scripture deeply is to approach it humbly. Indeed, the more we humble ourselves in prayer before reading God’s Word, the deeper He will impart His Life into our spirits. There are no exceptions to this truth - ever. God emphasizes the gravity and glory of this divine/ human connection by revealing - in no uncertain terms - what the consistent, humble reading of Scripture does: it saves our souls! We are not in need of divine help, as though we can find our way through the minefields of life with Jesus’ mere assistance or our casual Bible reading. To the contrary! Although it is extremely difficult to admit it with conviction day after day, we all are desperate. Yes, we can usually get through the day on our own ingenuity and sweat. But spiritually, today, we need God to save us, not help us. This is done by humbly receiving His living Word and allowing it to penetrate our souls. This reality is humbling enough to come to grips with, but Scripture forces us to do so:

For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. I Corinthians 1:18 Consider the example of King Josiah of Judah (II Samuel 22:1-20; see also II Chronicles 34:8-33). When the long-lost “Book of the Law” (Genesis-Deuteronomy) was found in the Jerusalem temple, the scribe Shaphan read the document to Josiah. The words were an eye-opening shock; Judah had long ago stopped following God’s Law! Even so, Josiah could have acknowledged the authority and

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FALL -2012 -

challenge of the words and then gone his way. After all, he was king, life was good, and he was ruling over God’s people. There was no serious need to bow to God’s Levitical requirements. He certainly could learn more about God’s ways through repeated readings from Shaphan, which surely would help him on a personal and royal level. But why humbly allow the words to penetrate his very being and, in so doing, change his course and the course of his nation? This, however, was precisely what happened. He passionately tore his clothes from personal conviction, humbly sought the counsel of Huldah the prophetess, and meticulously set out on a course to reinstall Scripture as the authoritative rule for life and conduct in Judah. His personal humility connected with the living Word and saved a nation! In contrast, Jesus exposed the deceptive, deficient reading of Scripture by the people of His own time:

You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me; and you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life. John 5:39-40 Jesus contended that the peoples’ reading of Scripture was simply to substantiate their spiritual positions in God, affirming what God had done and would do for them. The words were not necessarily to convict or break them, but to ratify their spiritual presumptions and religious traditions, validate their ways of life, and assuage their insecurities. In short, it was to help them, but not save them. Whereas they wanted assurances when reading His Word, God wanted broken, contrite hearts that were desperate-

ly searching for their Messiah when they read His Word. Only this inner, prayerful breaking of the soul alone would make it possible for them to connect with His divine presence in Scripture. Jesus also warned us that life in this world can deaden our ability to receive his Life-giving words if this is not humbly confrontYou search ed. Again, there are no exceptions:

the Scriptures because you think that in

them you have eternal life; it

The worries of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things enter in and choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful. Mark 4:19

Such a statement elicits many is these that personal questions. Do you often read Scripture with little testify about moving in your heart? Do you Me John 5:39 ever avoid time in the Word, or read it while your mind is a million miles away? Do you ever pray for a receptive heart before reading Scripture? Do you avoid sections of Scripture because you have determined that they are uninteresting? Do you tire of passages that you have read numerous times? Do you increasingly study the Bible, yet come away with fewer and fewer spiritual insights? Do you consistently settle for spiritual nourishment when reading the Word rather than inspiration or conviction? Do you ever weep over what you have read, or stop dead in your tracks because the Spirit of God is resting so heavily upon you that you cannot read any further? Are your “dry times” in the Word increasing in length and frequency? Do you find that

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FALL -2012 -

the concerns of your life consistently squeeze the Life of the Word out of your heart or keep it from touching your soul? If any of these questions expose the state of your heart, then you might try humbling yourself before God in prayer prior to reading His Word and admitting that your heart feels hard and unreceptive. This is no easy task, but it is absolutely necessary if you are to know Jesus Christ through His written revelation of Himself. We can play around with the Word of God in the outer courts of our hearts for the rest of our lives if we choose, or we can press in to the holy of holies by sincerely and prayerfully humbling our hearts as we read Scripture. This connection is not a one-time event that will keep our spirits meek, gentle, and contrite. No, we must make this connection daily. Our knees must bow, our wills must acquiesce, and our hearts must be humbled before the revelation of His authoritative and eternal Word. We must not kid ourselves. There is no other way to have the Word of God so deeply implanted into our hearts that it daily renews and saves us.

Dr. Chuck Metteer Associate Director, Forerunner School of Ministry Chuck Metteer (B.S. University of Redlands; M.Div., Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary) taught at Fuller Theological Seminary, Vineyard Leadership Institute, and Harvest International School, before joining the International House of Prayer University team. His research and teaching specialty is in desert spirituality and practical theology. Additionally, Chuck is preparing a new version of the Bible for World For Jesus Ministries. He also pastored in the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard movements for over fifteen years. He and his wife Karen moved to Kansas City in 2010 from California. Chuck’s burden is to train students in spiritual formation from an end-time ministry perspective.

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JOURNEY INTO PRAYER Isaac Smith As someone that grew up in the church and was raised in a christian family, much of my life I had an unclear perspective of what prayer was. Prayer was something we did as a family before meals, at bedtime, as well as what extended our family breakfast another 20 minutes every week as we went around the table and each prayed.

I don’t think I knew what

I was getting

myself into...

Through the years of growing in my relationship with the Lord I understood my need for time spent reading the Bible, I would engage in fasting from time to time but prayer still remained somewhat of a mystery. Even as I moved to Kansas City in 2009 to spend 3 months in Fire in the Night, I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into. I was fresh out of high school with a desire to ‘go deep’ in the Lord, whatever that meant, immediately faced with my lack as we would spend 6 hours a night, 6 days a week in the

prayer room. I would spend a good portion of every night wondering if it was time to engage in corporate prayer or individual communion with Jesus? Was there a difference? Why are we praying the same thing three hundred and fifty million times a night? It was through the steadiness of night after night, day after day, continuing to pray the 5 to 10 second prayers that my heart was slowly transformed. Instead of allowing my lack of understanding of prayer paralyze me, I began to let the Lord meet me in my frail and weak words. I would take small phrases and prayers in the Bible and make them my own, praying them back to the Lord again and again. Slowly but surely my heart began to be transformed by the power of His truth. Though mostly un-anointed, boring, non-emotional prayers, now as I look back on the months and years I can clearly see the power of praying and singing the Bible! I find it amazing that as I offer the Lord my weak prayers, He comes and begins the process of transformation.

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The Lord is so aware of our capacity, He knows the frailty of our heart and what will keep ...not only us steady in love. As we take the Word of God is He shifting and pray/sing it back to Him, whether in inter- things in the cession for a region or on a personal level, not atmosphere, only is He shifting things in the atmosphere, He He is also is also writing that same truth over our heart! In writing that the process of agreeing with the LORD’s heart same truth in prayer, especially in a context where we are over singing our prayers, transformation is hapour heart! pening as we sing. “He who sings prays twice.” St. Augustine. Whether we are engaging in corporate intercession or personal prayer the power of prayer is still the same; our position in prayer is using our legal right (because of Jesus' sacrifice) to step before the throne of grace and ask the LORD to act. If our request is for the benefit of another or solely for our own, we can have confidence that He hears us and delights to answer. How amazing will it be the day we see the book recorded in heaven with all the requests we submitted and how the LORD acted on behalf each one. I think we will be amazed at the measure to which the LORD responded!

Isaac Smith

Senior FMA From Michigan

Isaac was raised in Michigan from a family of 7 kids. He grew up playing music with a strong desire to serve the Lord. He moved to IHOPKC to do the Fire in the Night internship. In January 2010 he then transferred to FMA and now plans to finish his 4th year. After graduating, he hopes to help fuel the prayer movement at some capacity in the future.

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Artist Spotlight

"Nature's Proclamation" Rachel Korhonen

This digital painting, done in Adobe Photoshop, was the result of a fantastic time of worshiping the Lord for the splendor of His creation. Two brilliant songs by Phil Wickham ("Cannons" and "Beautiful") both declare the majesties of God's created world--the brilliance of galaxies, the glory of the skies and the 'music of the universe' that inspires worship.  This piece is an attempt to glimpse the grandeur of this worship and join in with this heavenly melody. The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship. Psalm 19:1  Rachel Korhonen, a native of Minnesota, is a FSM sophomore.  The Lord has put in her deep desires to teach the body of Christ, which she does by blogging and creating meaningful artworks that inspire those around her to worship.  Her art can be viewed at, where she can also be reached regarding prints and commissions.  

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