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2013 Annual Report

Educating Engaging Empowering

Dear Friends, When I was 13 years old, a stranger saved my life with just four words. Upon arriving at Auschwitz, he whispered to me, “Tell them you’re 15.” I did and was considered old enough to work—and my life was spared. I promised to tell the world what happened, and as president of the Illinois Holocaust Museum, I am proud to convey this essential history to help transform the future. It is with great pleasure that I share with you our first Annual Report. You will see many of our 2013 accomplishments highlighted in these pages. We’re especially proud that this year we attracted a national and international audience to our Museum exhibitions and programs—more than 100,000 children and adults from across the Midwest and beyond, representing diverse ages, races, religions and backgrounds. While education is at the heart of all we do, we know it takes more than awareness to enable real change. Our exhibitions and educational programs all serve to educate, engage and empower youth and adults to speak out for justice, fairness and respect within their own communities. Diversity and inclusiveness are central to the way we honor the legacy of the Holocaust.

Yes, the world has changed dramatically from the time of the Holocaust, but unfortunately, human nature has not. The genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur are chilling reminders. Closer to home, online and offline bullying is far too prevalent among our youth. As we approach our fifth anniversary, the Museum is on a path to growth. We will continue to fulfill our mission to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust by honoring those who were lost and by teaching universal lessons that combat hatred, prejudice and indifference. With your help, we can continue to make a difference today and for generations to come. Best regards,

Fritzie Fritzshall Holocaust Survivor and Museum President


Teacher & Student Education Highlights 2013 Educating, Engaging, Empowering Education is humanity’s most effective tool to create meaningful, lasting change. Our innovative educational programs enable teachers to powerfully connect the history of the Holocaust with human rights and individual responsibility, inspiring students to want to make a difference.

Educating teachers onsite More than 250 Midwest educators participated in our professional development workshops and seminars at the Museum, which served to deepen their understanding of the Holocaust, genocide and human rights, and demonstrated to them how to connect these complex topics in their classrooms. This is a critical part of fulfilling our mission as Illinois requires that all teachers include Holocaust and genocide education in their curriculum, but does not provide guidance in fulfilling this mandate.

We provide a diverse offering of educational resources to not only satisfy these requirements, but to make it a truly personal experience for their students. One accomplishment of this past year was formalizing our partnership with the Chicago Teacher’s Union, resulting in a sizable increase in both the attendance of Chicago Public School teachers in our trainings and in student field trips.

“i loved this workshop! it really made me rethink my teaching methods and redirect my strategies. i now plan to teach the holocaust in a totally different way.” 7th Grade Teacher, William C. Goudy School

Reaching teachers offsite Our Teaching Trunks help educators create meaningful, age-appropriate lessons on the Holocaust, human rights, genocide and character education. Using award-winning fiction and non-fiction, historical reference materials, as well as engaging DVDs and teaching posters, the Museum’s literature-based Teaching Trunk program provides K-12 educators with a wide array of innovative classroom resources. All materials are carefully chosen to align to state and national learning standards.

4,863 2

Students used our Teaching Trunk resources at 51 Midwest schools

“i learned how to become a leader and have courage. if i see someone bullying someone else, i will step in and tell them to stop.� 6th Grade Student, St. Giles School

Sponsoring field trips for all A visit to our Museum is the most personal way that students can learn about the history of the Holocaust and how to apply its essential lessons. The opportunity to interact with creative exhibits, take a docent-led tour, view historical artifacts and hear eyewitness testimonies creates a transformational hands-on learning experience.

Many schools, however, lack the funds to support these trips. This year we were pleased to award Opportunity Scholarships to subsidize the admission and transportation expenses for over 10,000 children from 151 schools. More than half of these schools were located in low-income areas in Chicago.

45,000 Students

from 556 schools participated in field trips



of Teachers said their field trips enhanced student knowledge


Teaching universal lessons We hosted hundreds of students from across the Midwest at our on-site Student Leadership Day programs, teaching today’s generation how to prevent the past from becoming their future; engaging them in discussions about perspectives other than their own, and facilitating the creation of action plans to promote greater acceptance and understanding in their communities. In Make a Difference! The Harvey L. Miller Family Youth Exhibition, children ages 8-12 learned important life lessons in a highly interactive, creative space. Here they built skills that prepared them to be global citizens, learned the values of empathy, respect and celebrating differences, and how to be compassionate and take a stand against injustice.


“i was extremely impressed when i got to meet one of the survivors of the holocaust. she was standing right there in front of me and i got to ask her questions! that was an honor to me.” 6th Grade Student, Edward J. Tobin Elementary

66,547 Students/Adults

heard firsthand survivor testimonies


Survivors/Eyewitnesses in our Speakers' Bureau

347 Students

participated in the 2013 Leo & Antonia Gershanov Memorial Student Arts & Writing Contest

Speaking from the heart Our remarkable Speakers’ Bureau comprises 57 Holocaust survivors and eyewitnesses, making it one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Older children and teachers visiting the Museum have the opportunity to meet with survivors and learn core lessons of the Holocaust from their personal stories of resistance, resilience and courage. This year we expanded the reach of our Speakers’ Bureau by increasing visits to schools throughout the Midwest and by Skyping with classrooms throughout the United States and Europe. The power of hearing a firsthand account from a survivor can change hearts and minds forever.

Encouraging student creativity Each year we provide the opportunity for middle and high school students to express their creativity, knowledge and core values. The 2013 Leo & Antonia Gershanov Memorial Student Arts & Writing Contest, Beyond the Inner Circle: Expanding My Boundaries of Caring, challenged them to create a poem, story, art or musical composition that reflected on this theme by drawing from the Holocaust or other modern genocides. The 12 prize-winning entries can be viewed online at


Public Education Highlights 2013 Educating, Engaging, Empowering Our dynamic public programming is designed to reach diverse audiences inside and outside our walls. This year’s schedule of insightful programs, films, lectures, and rotating exhibitions was incredibly powerful, bringing attention to critical issues and drawing media accolades.

Commemorating a pivotal event Over 750 people were in attendance when we commemorated the 75th anniversary of the first organized act of Nazi violence, the November pogroms known as Kristallnacht. The program featured remarks from dignitaries and religious, academic and community leaders on the implications of Kristallnacht for contemporary society. Congressman Brad Schneider, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan along with the Honorable Alex Goldman-Shayman, Deputy Consul General of Israel to the Midwest were some of those that shared remarks. Two world-renowned cantors–Albert Mizrahi and Benjamin Warschawski–performed with a choir adding beautiful, moving harmonies to the program. The event was webcast live and watched by thousands worldwide.

“Events such as Kristallnacht have their roots in both exclusionary legislation and bullying, from schools to the workplace. Acts of cruelty can lead to mass persecution. Kristallnacht destroyed not just shops, but minds.” Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan


Documenting a defining moment The winner of two prestigious 2013 Chicago/Midwest Emmy awards for Outstanding Historical Documentary and Outstanding Musical Composition, Skokie: Invaded But Not Conquered was produced by the Museum in partnership with filmmaker Todd Whitman. This original documentary examines the personalities and issues connected to the attempted neo-Nazi March in Skokie, Illinois in the 1970s, then the home to many Holocaust survivors. These events echoed around the world and spurred local survivors to create an educational anti-hate organization in a small Skokie storefront—the precursor to our Museum’s inception. First broadcast in January on Chicago’s WTTW/Channel 11 to more than 150,000 viewers, the documentary is slated to air nationally in spring 2014.

“the holocaust happened in our recent past. humankind said ‘never again,’ yet the north korean prison camps have been in existence for almost 60 years.” Shin Dong-hyuk

Highlighting one man’s fight to stop

Bringing light to one of North Korea’s

the Darfur genocide

darkest crimes

One of the year’s most riveting programs featured Dr. Mukesh Kapila, the author of Against a Tide of Evil, who detailed his fight to stop the genocide in Darfur during the time he was serving as head of the United Nations in Sudan. When his reports of genocide were met with silence from UN headquarters, he broke the news to the world media, and was subsequently dismissed from his position. As Mukesh stated, “One person’s actions can make a difference. It is possible to stand in the face of unconscionable evil. It is possible to stand alone; it is possible not to be one of those good men who choose to do nothing.”

A groundbreaking forum co-sponsored with the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea brought awareness to one of the gravest human rights violations in the world today: North Korea’s hidden gulags, described as “modern day concentration camps.” The program featured dignitaries, renowned journalists, scholars and the only North Korean escapee to have been born and raised in a prison camp, Shin Dong-hyuk. Translated simultaneously in Korean and English, the event served to mobilize opinion and actions calling for the dismantlement of the camps and protection for the survivors.


Public Programs including films, book discussions, and lectures


Police Education Highlights 2013 Educating, Engaging, Empowering Our acclaimed Law Enforcement and Democracy Initiative was launched in 2009 to use the lessons of the Holocaust to help local police recruits better understand the crucial role they play in shaping society. This year Mayor Rahm Emanuel mandated that all Chicago police recruits attend this full-day training, a testament to its effectiveness.

“this reminds us that we need to stay true to who we are. once we compromise what we believe in, not only do we harm ourselves, society suffers.” Sergeant, Chicago Police Department

Examining the role of police Nearly 800 police recruits participated in intensive day-long trainings in 2013 due to a significant increase in new hires, far exceeding our expected goal of 150 attendees. All recruits learned about the role of the police in Nazi Europe through docent-led tours of the Museum and discussions with survivors. They also examined how to respond to hate crimes and bias incidents on the job, and explored the challenges of balancing the rights of people with the protection of society.

Reviewing the program’s impact Our police program was lauded on Chicago’s NBC 5 News this year, and police recruits gave it high marks in their post-program evaluations.


Police Recruits received training, exceeding the 2013 goal by 500%


of Officers


said they would definitely recommend this training to their peers



Museum Highlights 2013 Educating, Engaging, Empowering Our Museum creatively bridges the history of the Holocaust with modern day genocides and inspires visitors of all backgrounds to take a stand against intolerance and hatred. We further enriched the visitor experience in 2013 with the addition of diverse special exhibitions, an enhanced theater gallery, new and unique artifacts and an expanded cadre of docents.

Building bridges to diversity The Museum offered a number of well-attended special exhibitions designed to appeal to a broad cross-section of the Chicagoland community and create new partnerships with cultural organizations. Courage: The Vision to End Segregation, The Guts to Fight for It, explored a little known, but remarkable civil rights victory: the inspirational late-1940s journey of Reverend J.A. De Laine and the brave citizens of Clarendon County as they fought to put an

end to a separate, unequal school system. Fire in My Heart: The Story of Hannah Senesh received tremendous praise from the Chicago Sun-Times, The Reader and Skokie Review for its poignant portrayal of an exceptional soldier/poet/author in the time of the Holocaust. Keep Calm and Carry On: Textiles on the Home Front in WWII Britain offered a rare glimpse into this period of history when fashion was used to boost morale and support the wartime effort.


Creating a lasting impression

Guiding with knowledge and passion

The Zev and Shifra Karkomi Permanent Exhibition’s moving summary film, which links the Holocaust to contemporary genocides, is now presented in a beautifully re-imagined gallery space. Sepia-toned portraits of victims and survivors from global genocides merge artfully across the Pritzker Theater’s curved walls, providing a personal and relevant backdrop for the film and leaving visitors with a powerful lasting impression.

This past year, 39 docent volunteers joined this valuable cadre, increasing our ranks by almost 40%. These dedicated men and women undergo intensive training and must meet stringent qualifications before they can conduct Museum tours for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Knowledgeable and passionate guides, our docents help visitors to connect the dots and make connections on both personal and historical levels.

“if at the end of the tour there is one person who has changed their perspective about the importance of respecting differences, then i have done my job!” Docent of 4 years

Sustaining a better environment We were honored this year to be only the second Chicago-area museum to receive the prestigious LEED Gold® certification designation for our building’s sustainable design, construction and operations. By using less energy and water, we save considerable money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthier environment for our staff, visitors and the greater community. 2013

LEED and the related logo is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used with permission.


Guided Tours led by our cadre of docents, which grew by 40% in 2013 to total 143


‘The Power Of One’ Survivor Highlights 2013 Educating, Engaging, Empowering Nothing compares to the strength of hearing the stories of the Holocaust firsthand from an actual survivor. Our cherished Holocaust survivors exemplify the Power of One by sharing their personal stories, and providing an unforgettable experience for all who hear them.

Dr. Max Epstein Max Epstein was born in Lodz, Poland in 1925. At the age of fourteen he and his family were forced into the Lodz Ghetto. Upon the final liquidation of the ghetto in August 1944, Max and his mother were deported to Auschwitz, where they were separated. Max was sent from Auschwitz to several other camps. In 1945, he was liberated while on a transport through Czechoslovakia. Later that year, Max learned of his mother's survival and met her in Italy, where they boarded an “illegal” ship to Palestine. A fishing boat built for 50, the ship contained 950 passengers, mostly survivors. In 1952, he immigrated with his mother to the United States. As a member of the Museum’s Speakers’ Bureau, Max emphasizes the importance of education and learning as a lifelong experience. This past year, he reached hundreds of Polish students through Skype teleconference, inspiring them with his story of survival and positive outlook. In Max’s words, “Since it was very dark, the few acts of kindness did appear as very bright sparks. I choose to concentrate on the sparks.”


Cipora Katz On the morning of November 2, 1942, Cipora’s uncle entered his family’s home in Semyiatich, Poland, and instructed his wife to notify the rest of the family that they were to assemble immediately, and flee the ghetto. Cipora, at the tender age of four, was wrapped in a blanket and carried by her father through a hole in the fence surrounding the ghetto. They ran with their family towards the neighboring forest. After sundown, Cipora’s uncle made his way toward the house of the Luchinski family, where they were placed in the family’s potato silo below ground. After almost two years of scarcely clinging to life, the Russian army liberated the family. In April of 1945, Cipora, her aunt and two cousins left for Israel and arrived in October of 1945. A tireless advocate for peace and hope, Cipora is an active member of the Museum’s Library and Speakers’ Bureau volunteer community. In 2013, Cipora shared her story with thousands of local school children. One 10th grade student shared these words with Cipora after hearing her story: “Your strength is unstoppable, your courage is remarkable, and your hope is unbelievable. Meeting you was one of the greatest honors and you have shown me that at the end of any struggle, there is a door for happiness that you must open in order to start living again.”


Walter Reed Walter Reed was born Werner Rindsberg in 1924, in Würzburg, Germany. On Kristallnacht, Walter, age 14, was jailed for three days in nearby Kitzingen. In June 1939, while keeping his two younger brothers at home, Walter’s parents put him on a Kindertransport to Belgium to save his life. After living in a boys' home near Brussels, in 1940, Walter and over 90 other boys and girls were able to escape to southern France, where the children (aged 6 to 17) lived in a barn and later in an abandoned old chateau. They became known as the Children of La Hille. Through the efforts of his mother’s American siblings, he was able to leave France for New York in August 1941. Two years later he was drafted into the US Army and changed his name to Walter Reed when he became a United States citizen in 1943. Back in Europe in 1944, he was transferred to the Military Intelligence Service and served in the 95th Infantry Division under General Patton. His MIS team's main task was to interrogate German prisoners and civilians near the front lines. A dedicated supporter and volunteer for the Museum, Walter shares his story with thousands reminding us all of the rare courage and resilience of one of history’s greatest generations. This past year, Walter’s story was the inspiration for one of our Power of One advertisements. This integrated campaign features stories of survivors or individuals who helped aid in the survival of Jews during the Holocaust— written as though they were taken from today’s headlines to bridge past and present.


Financial Highlights The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is committed to effective and efficient financial management to ensure that this organization will fulfill its worthwhile mission for years to come. For a copy of our most recent audited financial statements, please contact the Development Office at 847.967.4821. Thank you for your continued support.

Operating Summary

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Other Business Income

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Expenses Special Events 10%

Development 11%

Programs, Education, & Exhibitions




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Andi & Jim Gordon The Irving Harris Foundation Ilene & Jeffrey Hechtman Norbert Heimann* Adam & Denise Hoeflich Illinois Tool Works Foundation JPMorgan Chase Susan L. Karkomi & Marvin Leavitt Fred Latsko The Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation Thomas J. & Rachel Muenster National Material LP/Michael Tang Nicor Gas Northern Trust PNC Bank Tom & Cece Ricketts Michael & Andrea Rosengarden Michael Rothman John W. & Jeanne M. Rowe Richard & Ellen Sandor Ellen & Ronald Saslow Theodore & Chris Schwartz Rob & Jill Selati Ilan & Rebekah Shalit Takiff Family Foundation Taproot Foundation Tawani Foundation/Colonel J.N. Pritzker Mark A. Tebbe

$10,000 – $24,999 Allstate Insurance Company Ariel Investments Arnstein & Lehr LLP Jeffrey & Lisa Aronin/ Paragon Pharmaceuticals Ann & Brian Balusek/ The Mammel Foundation Marshall & Abbe Bauer/ Jay & Claudia Bauer Richard & Eve Biller Neil G. Bluhm The Bluhm Family Charitable Foundation BMO Harris Bank The Boeing Company David A. Bradley William & Joan Brodsky Paul & Pearl Caslow Foundation Charter One - RBS Citizens Chicago Board Options Exchange Chicago Mercantile Exchange Congregation Beth Shalom Tony & Laura Davis/ Linden Capital Partners The Duchossois Group/ Craig J. Duchossois Raj Fernando Fish & Richardson PC Douglas C. Gessner Philip L. & Ellen V. Glass Glenview State Bank Toby Glickman/Elements The Golder Family Foundation/ David & Carol Golder/Joan Golder James & Ann Goodman

Greenberg Traurig LLP Grund & Leavitt PC John & Stephanie Harris The Harris Family Foundation Skip & Meg Herman Horwood Marcus & Berk Charitable Fund Illinois Arts Council Agency Loretta & Allan Kaplan The Morris A. Kaplan & Dolores Kohl Kaplan Fund Jack & Terese Keenan Richard & Susan Kiphart Kirkland & Ellis Foundation KPMG LLP Colby Lamberson Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation Eric & Liz Lefkofsky Herbert A. Lippitz James Litinsky Matter, Inc.–A Daniel J. Edelman Holdings Company Larry & Donna Mayer Robert R. McCormick Foundation Ward McNally/McNally Capital LLC Lois & Hugo J.* Melvoin Mesirow Financial MetLife Foundation Glen & Wendy Miller Family Foundation Jack & Goldie Wolfe Miller Fund Judy & Albert Milstein Nordstrom Michael & Nicole Nortman George & Sarah Ohlhausen Foundation Barbara & Matthew Owens Jeffry & Caroline Pfeffer/ CapX Partners Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation The Lisa & John Pritzker Family Fund The PrivateBank John & Jennifer Puisis James Rabinowitz Reyes Holdings LLC Rivers Casino Abbey Romanek & Eli Fishman David C. & Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation Harvey & Yetta Saltzman Schiff Hardin Foundation Dr. Scholl Foundation Chris & Karen Segal Charles & M.R. Shapiro Foundation The Slomo & Cindy Silvian Foundation Inc John & Diana Terlato UBS Financial Services Inc United Airlines Valiant Capital Wells Fargo Private Bank Herbert C. Wenske Foundation Francis Wisniewski


$5,000 – $9,999 Aileron Communications Dr. Kris J. & Trisha Rooney Alden Anonymous Associated Agencies Inc AT&T Jeremie Bacon Jon & Susan Ballis Bank of America Merrill Lynch Bartlit Beck Herman Palenchar & Scott LLP Baxter International Inc Eric & Lisa Belcher Diego Berdakin Betsy Bergman-Rosenfield & Andy Rosenfield Sam & Jennie Berk Judith Berlin Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Abram Bluestein & Ilene Gordon Craig & Elliana Bondy Scott & Rona Borre David & Cheryl Bradford Johanna & Garry Brainin John & Jacolyn Bucksbaum Bulley & Andrews LLC Canyon Partners LLC Catamaran Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz John Challenger Ronald L. Chez Martin Clifford Clint Coghill Michael Cole & Elizabeth O'Connor Cole Cole Taylor Bank Lewis & Marge Collens Commune Hotels & Resorts Connect Search LLC Carey & Cheryl Cooper Crain's Chicago Business Deloitte LLP Richard & Gail Elden John & Jeanne Ettelson Fifth Third Bank First Bank of Highland Park Foley & Lardner LLP Robert & Barbara Fremont Frenkel, Hershkowitz & Shafran LLP Albert & Suzanne Friedman/ Friedman Properties Philip M. Friedmann Family Mike Gamson Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP Bruce Gilbert/Merrill Lynch John Gilbertson M.E. & Chris Girgenti Rodi & Marvin Glass Goldman Sachs Gladys & Mitchel Greenberg Scott Greenberg H5 Sheila Handwerker Jeffrey & Penny Hecktman David Helfand & Leslie Bluhm David G. Herro & Jay Franke

David D. Hiller Scott Hodes & Maria Bechily Holland & Knight Integrys Energy Group Diane S. Israel JHL Capital Group LLC Josephine M. Pintozzi Foundation Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Brad Keywell Koret Foundation Harley Korman Kovler Family Foundation Julie & Jeffry Kreamer Liam Krehbiel Beth Kronitz Trust Peter Krupp William Kunkler & Susan Crown Ron & Fifi Levin Mark Levine & Andrea Kott Elaine & Donald Levinson Richard Levy Lifeway Foods/Julie Smolyansky Linn Thurber LLP John Lyons Richard & Monica Magid Scott Matrenec MB Financial Bank

Matt McCall McGladrey LLP Paul & Jill Meister Richard Melman Kenneth W. Miller Steve Miller Miller Cooper & Co Ltd Andrew & Nancy Mills The Miniat Companies John H. Moulton Much Shelist Frank Muscarello Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP Northwestern Memorial Foundation OCA Ventures The Options Clearing Corporation Cathy & Bill Osborn Marc & Jamie Pasquale Sanford & Jody Perl Philadelphia Stock Exchange Foundation Plante Moran Michael P. Polsky Family Patrick Wood Prince The Pritzker Group Rappaport Reiches Capital Management Audrey & Albert Ratner RBC Wealth Management


Ralph & Enid Rehbock Mike Reschke Linda Johnson Rice Larry & Corinne Richman The RLJ Companies LLC Abbey & Daron Romanek Edward & Renee Ross Howard Sachs Richard & Jacqueline Salomon Laura & Jim Schallman Skip & Lynn Schrayer Marc Schwartz Joe Scoby Matthew & Jennifer Seidner Marc Shiffman Alejandro & Amelia Silva Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP Sportvision SS&G Financial Services Inc State Farm Sterling Partners Stout Risius Ross Inc Pamela & Russ Strobel Sullivan & Cromwell LLP Howard J. Swibel * Of Blessed Memory

Chris Tarui Lori & Gary Thalheimer Mario Tricoci Byron Vance Scott & Joni Wald Eric Wanger Wells Fargo Advisors Marvin & Susan Wenger Bruce & Elizabeth White Kevin Willer William Blair & Co. Donald and Laurie Wilson Randall & Karen Winters Wintrust Financial Corporation

$1,000 – $4,999 Abt Electronics Brant Ahrens Mona & Andrew Albert Anonymous (5) Aon Foundation David L. Appel Judith L. & Robert D. Appelbaum Michael & Helen Arkes Daniel Aronson Cheryl & David Auerbach Aurora University Bruce Bachmann Beach Street Educational Films Foundation Lisa & David Bemoras Joel & Bonnie Bergstein Janna & Keith Berk James & Diane Berliner Judith Bernhaut Howard M. Bernstein Beth & Gary Birnbaum Stacey Kruger Birndorf Ellen Block M.A. Salomon B'nai B'rith Lodge BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Brian & Gail Boorstein Nina & Marc Boorstein Charles R. Borrok Bob & Marjorie Breisblatt Barbara & Brent Brotine Stephen Brotman Francine & Tony Brown John Bryan/Crab Tree Farm Foundation Thomas & Jennifer Cafferty Raymond G. Carey Randi & Barry Carr Brendan Carroll Eric Chez Chicago Bulls Chicago White Sox City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events Code Family Foundation Mark & Shari Coe Aaron & Natalie Cohen Michelle Collins Sean & Nora Conroy Consulate General of Croatia Graham Cook John & Barbara Cooney Robert & Loretta Cooney Cooper Hosiery Mill Inc Bob Crawford Jr. Darryl & Ruth Davidson Jeffrey & Karen Davis Ted & Phyllis Davis Mitchell & Elizabeth Dayan DeJames Builders Inc Dr. Daniel Derman Discover Financial Services Mike Domek Shawn M. Donnelley & Christopher M. Kelly Robert Donnelly Dan Drexler


John Edelman Eli's Cheesecake Company Bruce I. Ettelson & Missy J. Bundy Lori Fagenholz & David Multack Tyrone C. Fahner Honorable Roger G. & Susanne Fein Larry & Marilyn Fields Mark Filip Mark & Sharon Fine Dr. & Mrs. Sanford Finkel Daniel R. Fischel & Sylvia M. Neil David Fisher Neal & Diane Fisher Harry Fishman & Allison Aarons Flow Entertainment Jay K. Footlik & Grace Moses Natalie Frank & Tim Hanson Frankenthal Group Foundation Herbert & Eileen Franks Representative Jack Franks Mike & Patti Frazin T. Bondurant & Hollis French Judy & Abel Friedman Friedman & Huey Associates LLP FT Cares Foundation Gary & Samantha Gabriel Helene Galen & Jamie Kabler Ron & Lily Garfield GCG Financial Barbara & Mark Gelfeld Lisa & Scott Gendell Anne Gendler & David Leib Glauberman & Pollak Ltd Kerry & Kris Glicken Jeffrey & Ellen Gluskin Mindi & Howard Gold Steve Gold Phillip Goldberg Joan Goldstein Ilanit & Steven Goodman Howard Gottlieb Grace United Methodist Church Stephanie Gray Sandra & Robert B. Greenberg Bill & Ellen Greengoss Kimbery C. Gregory Jacqueline & Anthony L. Greis Michael & Ellen Gross Donald J. Grossman Kurt & Nancy Gutfreund Barry & Donna Hafft David & Amy Hafft Marilyn & Harry O. Hefter Lawrence Heimlich Hillsboro High School Jill & Douglas Hirsh Laurie & Andrew Hochberg Hochberg Family Foundation Rosalie Platt Hoffen Dovie & Mike Horvitz Hyatt Hotels Corporation Mike & Laurie Jaffe Shirley H. & Richard M. Jaffee Family Foundation/ Oil-Dri Corporation of America

Bob & Janey Jakubowich Barry & Jenniffer Jaruzelski Jasculca Terman & Associates Phyllis & Stanley Jaspan Jewish Council for Youth Services Jewish Federation of the Quad Cities JMB Insurance Jocarno Fund Annie & Gregory K. Jones and Family Eric & Ellen Joss Melissa Kahn Bob & Nancy Kalman Greg & Gail Kenton Dr. David & Mary Keren Sandra Schon Kiferbaum Lore Baer Kirchheimer Klaff Family Foundation David & Amy Klein Marilyn Klein Gwen & Jules Knapp Jim Knepper Susan Knepper Knoxville Heart Group Mike Kocourek Joseph & Helen Komarek Foundation Martin & Susan Kozak Ron & Karen Krefman Larry & Tracie Kugler Eileen & Brent Kugman Al Lachman The Ronald & Mary Ann Lachman Foundation LAMB Partners Doris & Ron Lazarus Elaine Leboff-Ries & Michael Ries Betsy Levin Lawrence & Carol Levy Michael & Stephanie Levy Liam Ventures James & Catherine Liggett Jon & Danielle Loevy Frederick & Lynn Lowinger Steven Lustig & Jessie Groothuis Judith A. Mack Marylin Malkin & Larry Wolf Lloyd Mandel Dr. Eugene & Rochelle Mandrea Hanna Marx & Family Masters Transportation Inc Rita & Sid Mathias Bret R. & Marjorie S. Maxwell Family Marjorie & Bret Maxwell Frederic H. Mayerson David Meitus Maurie & Ethel Meltzer Family Foundation Andrew & Violetta Merin Mervis Family Foundation Mesirow Family Charitable Foundation Mark & Elyce Metzner Constantine Mihas Brian Miller Sharon A. Miller Minkus Charitable Trust Modestus Bauer Foundation Monroe Capital LLC

Matt & Lucy Moog Ted & Karen Muenster Muller & Monroe Asset Management Steven B. Nasatir & Carolyn H. Rosenberg Langdon & Jeanette Neal Negaunee Foundation Felice & Richard Nelson Niles Township Government Northwestern University Sheila Olshansky S. Michael Peck & Mary Catherine Greco-Peck Perkins Coie LLP Ira Pfeffer Stanley & Christine Pfeffer Polk Bros. Foundation Richard W. Porter Brian & Stacey Price Neal H. & Laurie K. Price Quarles & Brady LLP Rachal Rapoport Rauch Family Foundation II Inc RBC Wealth Management Zippi & Paul Reisman Richards, Layton & Finger Dr. Anita Bressler Robbins Desiree Rogers Sigmund A. Rolat Michael & Wendy Rosen Donna & Richard Rosenberg Walter & Dr. Chaya Roth Mitchell Rothstein Rothwell, Figg, Ernst & Manbeck Saul Rudo Pat & Lydia Ryan Lowell Sachnoff Savant Capital Management Morty & Mimi Schapiro John Schmidt Schmidt Financial Group Michael J. Schoenbach Ira & Beverly Schulman Josef Schuster Eric & Jill Schwager Segal Family Foundation Michael & Lynn Serota Lee Shapiro Scott Sheridan David & Susan Sherman Dmitry Shteynberg Rose L. Shure Shure Incorporated Sidley Austin LLP Judy & Jeffrey Silverman Karyn & Bill Silverstein David & Robin Small Arnold I. & Bette Sobel Foundation Solot Family Foundation Daniel & Natalie Spungen Debbi Spungen Tim & Effie Stojka Roger & Susan Stone Karen Adelson Strauss Monte C. Strusiner Rick & Lynda Strusiner


Seena Swibel Kenneth & Katherine Tallering TCF Bank Temple Chai Eva Thalheimer Michael H. Traison Transwestern Glenn & Trish Tullman United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Christopher Valenti Keith Vanderveen Victory Park Capital Advisors Dr. Jeffrey & Barbara Weinberg Weinberg Family Foundation Olga Weiss & George Honig Wendy & Ron Weiss David Welch Mordy Wider W. Rockwell Wirtz Richard & Stephanie Wohlner Yolk Dennis & Geena Zaslavsky David & Karen Zucker Neal Zucker

$250 – $999 3D Advisors AA Service Company David & Gail Abrams Adlai E. Stevenson High School AEG Partners LLC Aggregate/Alison Byrne Fields Jerome & Estelle Agrest James L. Alexander Michael Alper & Helyn Goldenberg Beverly Alpern Katie Altenberg Sheldon & Gela Altman Alverno College Am Shalom American Chartered Bank, Schaumburg Dr. Gordon Wood Anderson Anonymous (10) Henry & Elizabeth Appelbaum Stacey & Michael Applebaum Lia Arber David & Rick Ascher/Ascher Brothers Association of Descendants of the Shoah Aurora Jewish Welfare Fund Ken Bagan Marcia & Bruce Balonick Michael & Judith Balter Keith Bank & Family Philip Bareck George F. Barnes Dolores & Ralph Barnett Teri & Steve Barnett Bruce & Jacki Barron Esther Barron Barron Area School District Ivy Baruch * Of Blessed Memory

Bruce & Shari Bauer William & Elizabeth Bauer Donald & Donna Baumgartner Dr. Stephen Becker Bradley & Colleen Bell Betty Beller Betty J. Berg Howard & Leonie Bergman Gershon & Suzanne Berkson Debbie & Elliott Berman Penny Berman Sharen & Marc Berman Ronald & Theresa Bernardi Helene Berns Barry & Barbara Bernsen Henry & Leigh Bienen Jeff & Melissa Bleiweis Neil & Chris Blitstein Vivian & Nathan Bloch Nancy L. Bloom Marc & Margaret Blum Abraham & Judith Bohrer Ronald & Barbara Borden Carole & Richard Boron Emily & James Borovsky The Boulder Group Darryl Bradford Noreen B. Brand Dr. Sydney and Carole Ann Brandwein Berton Braun John Bremen & Lara Frohlich Linda Bressler Rabbi Neil Brill Lauran Bromley Jonathan Buchbinder Michael Burg Howard & Judy Burnett Michele & Bill Burnett Darren & Jill Cahr Denise Caplan Dr. William A. & Joan Caro Carret Asset Management Catering by Michael's Cathedral of Saint Raymond School Center for Athletic Medicine Inc Central Junior High School Terry & Susan Chapman Lorraine & Norman Chase Chicago Botanic Garden Chicago Cut Steakhouse Lois & Donald Chudacoff Citizens for Viverito Brian Cochrane Arthur M. & Lynn Cohen Edwin Cohen Marvin & Sheila Cohen Pamela & Michael Cohen Sam & Barbara Cohn Douglas A. Colby The Columbus Foundation Frances Comer Curt Conklin Ken & Rana Cooper Cooper Middle School Arthur & Judith Coren

Council on Foundations Aimee Cousino Ludmilla Ross Coven Dr. Kenneth & Deborah Crane Edward L. Croman Foundation Meghan Curran Robert & Linda Cutler Cy Fredrics Daniel Wright Junior High School Stan & Suzanne Danzig Max & Mariya Dayan DePaul University Tedd & Audrey Determan Dine Amic Group Dr. Irving & Rochelle Distelheim Divine Savior Parish Elaine & Jay Dolgin Robert Donnelly Jr. Dr. Peter & Carole Doris Philip & Mimi Dray Chris & Nancy Dreher Gail & Gabriel Duran East Valley JCC Janet V. Ecker Helene Eicoff Donald P. Eisen Barbara & Elliot Eisenberg Isidore Elbaum The Elegy Project Inc Vera Eliashevsky Judge Richard J. & Marilyn Elrod Hal & Geri Emalfarb Emanuel Family Foundation Drs. Ervin & Sara Erdoes Ernsteen Family Foundation Bruce I. Ettelson & Missy J. Bundy Evanston Township High School Bruce Everakes Exelon Employee Giving Campaign Dr. Harold & Selma Feder Pamela & Andy Federbusch Al & Carole Feiger Family Foundation Joel & Randi Feiger Ronald Feinberg Sheila Finnigan & James Feldman Richard Firfer Flores & Mihevc LLC For Papa's Sake Home Care for Families Hershall Ford Bonnie Forkosh & Dick Cohen Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center The Fortnightly of Chicago Alan & Elaine S. Fox Henry & Rhoda Frank Marla & Ron Frankel Lisa Fremont Nancy & Gary Friedlander Lawrence & Pamela Friedman and Family Marla W. Friedman Neil & Paula Friedman Howard & Loren Friend Ernest & Ursula Fruehauf Donald & Sheri Fuller Andrea Bloch Gabanski David & Laura Garfield


June & Alan Garland Evan & Darla Gast Dr. Mark & Lynn Gendleman Geneva Investment Management of Chicago LLC Peter & Ann Gershanov Barry & Sandy Gershenson Gibsons LLC George & Judith Giddens Steven Ginsburg Robert N. Giovannoni Give with Liberty Glenview New Church School Scott & Alana Glickson Ethel & William Gofen Dr. Salmon & Judy Goldberg Joseph H. Goldberg Family Foundation Lionel Goldblatt Samuel & Paula Golden Robert & Roberta Goldman Asha Goldstein Jay L. Goldstein MD Lyn Goldstein Sandor Goldstein Scott & Taryn Goldstein Tom & Jenny Goldstein Goldstein Financial Corporation Mrs. Thomas Goldstick Mary & Michael Goodkind Bunny L. Goodman Joel & Nancy Goodman Brad J. Gordon Dana & Lee Gordon Greg Gordon Sylvia G. Gordon Annette & David Gorenstein Dr. Douglas & Sherry Gorin Roberta & Howard Goss Christine & Andy Gottesman Iris Gradman Arny Granat Graycor Inc. Amy Beth Green Alan & Carol Greene Rebecca Greene Joel & Judith Greenman Jason Grossman David & Rachel Grund Raj Gupta Jon & Sue Gutstein Michael & Joanna Hakimi Joshua & Virginia Hale Stuart & Cindy Hamer Jeffrey Hammes Burton & Sheila Handler Alton & Andrea Harris Harrogate Family Health Care Gwen G. Hartsell Rachel Hayman & Edward Michael Barbara & Robert Hayskar Judy & Mel Hecktman Michael & Denise Heimlich Rabbi Sidney Helbraun Ross C. Hemphill Eric Henschel

Annlee & Art Herbstman Hinsdale Middle School PTO Kenneth M. Hirsch Richard & Joyce Hirsch Allen & Nancy Hirschfield Cathy & Rick Hirschmann Shelly M. Hirschtritt Jackie & Steve Hirsh Ann S. Hoenig Jim Hofheimer Adrienne & Ira Holtzman Lev Holubec Joel & Carol Honigberg Allan Horwich Steve & Donna Horwitz Hostmark Hospitality Group Iron Holdings LLC Irv's Luggage Donna & Steven Isenberg Sue B. Ish Lynn & Doug Jackon Elaine & Cort Jacoby Eric Jaffee Keith & Caryl Jaffee Robert & Phyllis Jaffee Robert Jaman Family Henry Jelen & Toby Ehrlich Kim Jenson & Tom Elsen Howard Jeruchimowitz & Wendy Seltzer Jewish Federation of Greater Rockford Jewish Federation of Omaha Alan & Ursula Jonas Sharon & Michael Joseph Sibyl R. Josephson Kabr Management LLC Annie & Mel Kahn Judy & Sanford Kahn Lori & Mitchell Kahn Michael & Nona Kahn Evelyn & Mark Kalter Arnold & Krystyna Kamen Suzanne & Daniel Kanter Myron Kantor Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kaplan Emile Karafiol & Virginia Robinson Gayle Karhanek Lori & Gary Kash Richard & Lucinda Kasperson Andrew & Susan Kassof Cipora & Marty Katz Claudia A. Katz Ira & Jill Katz Jack & Nancy Katz Karie Katz Dr. Larry & Resa Keer Martin & Jacque Kelinson Ida Paluch Kersz Lisa Kieres & Frank Salathe Jacqueline & Sheldon Kimel Samuel Kirshenbaum Judy & Dick Klaskin Michael & Renee Klass Kenneth Klassman Judith F. Kolb Marlene & Stan Konik

Dr. Jeffrey Kopin Richard & Leslie Korengold Bradley Korman John F. Krawiec M. T. Krieger & Gordon Ziols Jeffrey & Adrienne Kriezelman Clint Krislov Susan Kromelow & William Spiro Richard H. Kruger The Leo J. & Roslyn L. Krupp Family Foundation Rabbi Vernon & Bryna Kurtz Nancy & Robert Kushner Gerald & Sharon Laderman Laner Muchin Dombrow Becker Levin & Tominberg LaSalle Capital Group LaSalle Elementary Schools – Lincoln Junior High Ross & Lori Laser Gloria & Donald LeBoyer Paul Lehman & Ronna Stamm Robin Lehrfeld-Subar Kenneth & Carolyn Leonard Rabbi Charles & Dr. Sandra Levi Carolyn S. Levin Jonathan R. Levin Jordan & Elise Levin Michael Levin Sandra & Jack S. Levin Joseph M. Levine Foundation Jeffery M. Leving Alan & Marilyn Levinson Donna & Robert Levitz Donald & Susan Levy Faye Levy Hezi Levy James & Gina Liautaud Liberty Junior High School Myron & Eleanor Lieberman David Lindner Charlotte & Elick Lindon Lee Lippman & Wendy Rubin Toby & Seymour Lipton Jeremy & Stephanie Liss Cecilia Litovsky John W. Loeb Loevy & Loevy Bruce Lubin Leslie, Sheila, Jared, Melissa & Lauren Lustbader Wendy Maier-Sarti/Oakton College — Jewish Studies Jed & Miranda Mandel Sheldon & Nancy Mann Manteno Middle School Bettye J. Marcano Sheryl Marcouiller Michael R. Marcovici Nancy & Harvey Margolis Sheila & Jack Marks Judy & Donald Martin Ron & Cathi Marx Talia Mashiach/Eved Services Inc Shirley Massey


Mart McClellan Ashok & Anne Mehra S. Isaac Mekel Michael & Jacqueline Melinger Meritage Properties Phyllis & Edward Merkin Honorable Barbara Meyer Ethel Meyer Naida P. Meyers Daniel Miller Elliot & Lynn Miller Ron Miller Susan Miller Norman Miller Family Foundation Inc Michael Miselman Cantor Alberto & Deborah Mizrahi Kimberly Mor Jacob & Susanne Morowitz Steven J. Morton Dr. Martin & Chava Mozes Mary Mumbrue Debra & Bradley Nahrstadt Nassimi Family Foundation Inc. Joanne Nemerovski & Marc Brown Ronna & David Ness-Cohn and Family New Prospect Foundation Michael Newberger Gordon & Toby Newman Drs. Sara & Steven Newman Susanne & Steven Newmark Milton Nidetz & Naomi Yale Steven Nisenholz Doris Notarius Janine, Alain, Dan & Mark Oberrotman Morry Olenick Steven Olson Oscar Isberian Rugs David Oskandy & Martha Garcia Barragan Reed S. Oslan Oswego Community High School Pagano Real Estate Ellen Palestrant Michael & Diane Paley Park Ridge Womens Prayer Breakfast Group Eleanor Parker Harry & Peggy Pascal Michael & Kathleen Passman Family Pasternak Family Foundation Jackie & Norm Patinkin Jeffrey Patt Eugene & Lois Pavalon Bob & Amy Pearl Jason & Jacqueline Peltz Ralph Perez Harriette & Theodore F. Perlman Perritt Capital Management Inc John & Janet Petrovski Henry L. Pevitz Brian J. Phillips Maurice & Sheila Pickard Michael Pierce

* Of Blessed Memory

Betsey & Dale R. Pinkert Lora & Otto Placik Allen & Rita Pomerance Rich & Sue Pomerantz Dr. Richard & Lucy Port Joel M. Press & Gayle M. Rosenthal Helene Hoff Price Dennis B. & Phyllis D. Propp Suzanne Prysak Lois & Harvey Pyes Dr. Vathsala Raghavan Ted Raichel & Donna Melkonian Michael & Fran Rappaport Marc & Wendy Raven Allan J. & Lynne Reich Andrea & Tom Rein Merle Reskin Michael & Margaret Revord Albert J. Rigoni Bernard & Gloria Rinella Stephen & Miriam Ritchie Charles & Marilynn Rivkin Helen & Richard Rivkin Cathy & Mark Robbins Glenn Robbins & Fran Weinstock Sue & Wally Roberts Susan Rock Steven & Ellen Rogin Susan & Richard A. Roman David Rosen & Amy Zisook Louis & Vivian Rosen Alan M.* & Helene H. Rosenberg Rochelle Rosenbloom Harold & Linda Rosenson Joel Rosenthal Warner & Judy Rosenthal Hal & Nancy Roseth Kevin & Tamara Rosner Mrs. Donald I. Roth Jerry Rotter & Jan Gross Rotter Burton & Linda Ruder Fred Rudin Mally & Alan Rutkoff Biff Ruttenberg Foundation Jerrold & Ann Salzman Abe Samansky Elliot & Deborah Samuels Mitchell & Linda Saranow George & Arona Sarfatty Sarles & Ouimet LLP Kimberley & Robert Savin David & Judith Schiffman Alice & Donald Schindel Robert & Julie Schlossberg Terri & Howard Schneider Dale & Walter Schoenberg Michael Schofel & Pete Schofel Brigitte & David Schore Sherri & Willie Schorsch Steve & Judy Schraiber

Janice & Michael Schrimmer Kathryn Schubert Martin Schulz Zachary & Shayna Schulz Caryn & William Schuman Angela & Gary Schwartz Betty & Kenneth Schwartz Norman & Arlene Segal Jeffrey & Michelle Seifman Jerry & Naomi Senser Frank Serrino Richard P. Shapiro Sam & Jessica Shapiro Linda Rae Sher Nancy & Richard Sher Lawrence A. Sherman Jill Sider Arnold G. & Judith W. Siegel Shael & Myrna Siegel Dianne Siekmann Mr. & Mrs. Michael Silbert David & Sharon Silver Phyllis Silver Barbara & Richard Silverman Barry & Ilene Silverman Masha & Michael Silverman Evette Simon Stuart Singer Lisa Skolnik M. E. Slodki Mitchell & Valerie Slotnick Marc & Barbara Slutsky Dr. Sarah L. Small Charles Smith Michele Smith Shelley Smith Mary A. Smothers Alisa & Alan Snider Anne & Eugene Solar Andrew Spector William D. Spizman Alan & Barbara Sporn Rebecca A. Sporn James & Tracy Sprayregen Norma & Kenneth Spungen Richard Squires Debbie Starr Avy & Marcie Stein Amy Steinback Allan & Jill Steinberg Barbara Steiner Robert & Sue Steiner Russell Steinweg Hilda P. Stern Phillip Stern Dr. Donald M. Stewart Beth Stolberg & Tom Hedgecoth Richard Stone Judith & Henry Straus Studio 41

Jim & Merle Styer Larry Suffredin & Gloria Callaci Honorable Rhoda Sweeney & Fred Drucker Sandra H. Sweet Ron & Julie Thalheimer Susan M. Thompson Deborah Thorne Cynthia & Neal Toback Steven & Amy Topel Thomas M. Tyndorf David & Maxine Unger Mira Jedwabnik Van Doren Dr. Sara Vegh & Ken Ziejewski Marion Viner Diane M. Viverito Giorgios Vlamis Stanley & Graciela Wallach Roberta & Robert Washlow Dr. Margaret R. Wein Audrey & Daniel Weinberg Rabbi Eitan & Mrs. Dawn Weiner-Kaplow Linda Weinrib Bruce & Jenny Weinstein Jerry & Sue Weinstein Sam & Edythe Weinstein Weinstein Family Services Lois M. Weiss James & Minerva Weiss Foundation Alan S. & Elaine B. Weisz Kalman & Enid Wenig Family Philanthropic Fund Bruce & Tammy Werner Westby Area School District Wheaton Drama Inc Patricia White Roger & Julie Wilen Matthew E. Winter Phyllis & Richard Winter Lisa Wise/Wise Family TheWit Hotel Chicago Eric & Jackie Witmondt Roger & Eileen Wolf Reverend Noah Wolff Liz & Peter Xilas Jonathan & Amy Yaffe Mark & Barbara Yeager Susan Schaalman Youdovin & Charlie Shulkin Mark & Wendy Yura Lawrence & Julie Zachary Marty Zak Michael & Barbara Zaransky Bruce & Lauri Zessar Steven M. Zivilik Lawrence & Eileen Zoll Lois Zoller & James Mills Burton & Eleanor Weiss Zoub

* Of Blessed Memory

We regret any omissions or errors. While we appreciate all gifts, this list includes donations from 1/1/13 to 12/31/13 totaling $250 or more. If you have any questions, please call the Development Office, 847.967.4821.


2013 Speakers’ Bureau Yvonne Aronson Henry Baerman* Margrit Baerman Eric Blaustein Lisl Bogart Dov Boros Johanna Starkopf Brainin George Brent Magda Brown Lilo Cohen-Sharon Aaron Elster Max Epstein

Gitta Fajerstein Mark Fintel Fritzie Fritzshall Ernest Fruehauf Peter Gershanov Ruth Gilbert Rodi Glass Ben Goldwater Kurt Gutfreund Samuel Harris Joseph Hausner Ernst Heimann Sia Hertsberg

Cipora Katz Ida Paluch Kersz Lore Kirchheimer Joseph Koek John Krawiec Estelle Glazer Laughlin Sala Lewis John Macsai Ellie Merar Steen Metz Marguerite Mishkin George Levy Mueller Janine Oberrotman

Rena Olenick Eve Perkal Helen Rappaport* Walter Reed Ralph Rehbock Zev Rogalin Serge Ross* Regina Samelson Agnes Schwartz Adina Sella Larry Shelton Barney Sidler Sharon Pitluk Silver

Barbara Steiner Frank Stern Henry Stone Henry Straus Judy Straus Sharrel Titlebaum William Wagner Mitchell Winthrop Adele Zaveduk *Of Blessed Memory

2013 Docent Volunteers Sara Akerlund D. Paul Alfassa Terri Argentar Judy Balter Cheryl Banks Shari Bauer Rosalyn Berlinger Riva Blechman Denise Bleichman Vivian Bloch Susan Block Ruth Blonder David Blum Emily Borovsky Cheryl Bradford Johanna Starkopf Brainin Mimi Brin Donna Burt Audrey Cantor Stuart Channon Carol Cohen Linda Cosby Brandy Counselbaum Gail Dallas Jil Deheeger Marla Dembitz Nanci Dobkin Francine Dell Ellstein Rita Fisher William Fisher Marla Frankel Annette Frankenthal Mark Gelfeld Muriel Glick Bonnie Glickman Gail Goldfarb Roberta Goldstein Barbara Gordon Sandy Greenberg Joel Greenman

Herbert Hafft Burton Handler Sheila Handler Dede Harris Laurie Hasten Rachel Hayman Penny Herbst Herb Hibnick William Himmelmann Ann Hoenig Helene Hoff Price Dalya Horowitz Dovie Horvitz Marla Horwitz Steven Isenberg Robert Israel Elaine Jacoby Pearl Kagan Marcy Kahan Carol Kain Barbara Kaplan Judith Kaplan-Weinger Candice King Richard Korengold Charles Kramer Lana Lake Essie Landsman Doris Lazarus Linda Levinson Jerry Lidsky Cecilia Litovsky Sheila Marks Judy Martin Rita Mathias Sharon Mell Phyllis Merkin Bobbi Michaels Wendy Miller Harriet Nathan Sara Newman

Karen Nolan Janine Oberrotman Barbara Owens Helen Peters Maurice Pickard Helen Pinsky Kathy Pozzi Andee Rein Susan Reingold Elaine Rieger Sandra Rockwell Allan Rohr Helene Rosenberg Janet Ruchim Carissa Russell Elizabeth Sandler Cliff Saper Laura Schallman Julie Schlossberg Sari Schoen


Barbara Jo Scott Judy Shiffman Shael Siegel Anne Solar Carol Sorkin Daniel Spungen Stanley Stein Frank Stern Linda Usheroff Marion Viner Lyn Walter Donna Weichselbaum Helen Weisman Fay Weiss Wendy Weiss Elaine Weisz Lynn Weitz Lyn Wise Harry Zoberman

2013 Visitor Services Volunteers Gloria Apfel Carol Arkin Gregory Aronov Sandra Ashman Vivian Baizer Debbie Behrman Roberta Berkowitz Rosalyn Berlinger Bernice Bloom Fern Bloom Aileen Blum Adrienne Bornstein Hilda Braun Sandra Brostoff Frieda Brown Eileen Chapman Naomi Chase Sherry Chedeck Carol Cohen Harlene Cohen Diane Colwyn Maxwell Connelly Sandra Cowen Liz Dimond Norman Dimond Susan Dvora Audrey Edidin Toby Ehrlich Zelig Falevits Vivien Falk Bobbie Feinstein Nancy Fertig Shayna Fertig Gail Fisher William Floyd Norman Frankel Zellmer Fromm

Chelo Frost Bobbi Garfinkel John Garner Barbara Gelfeld Lisa Gendell Ann Gershanov Andrew Gertz Ruth Gilbert Marvin Glass Rodi Glass Bobbie Glick Lionel Goldblatt Ilanit Goodman Joel Goodman Elizabeth Gottlieb Robin Gould Norman Greenberg Ina Grodzin Natalie Hall Joanne Hamer Karen Hill Cinda Horwitz Steve Isenberg Marc Kacyn Melissa Kahn Linda Kates Betty Katsaros Cipora Katz Lori Kenward Ida Kersz Julie Khoper Sherri Kirk Sandy Kite Lynne Kleiman Beverly Klein Joseph Koek Joe Koenig

Loryn Kogan Judith Kolb Robert Kravitz Sharon Kreiter Israel Kushnir Judy Laxer Ellie Leib Jordan Leitman Carol Letofsky Laurel Letwat Natalie Levin Peggy Levine Faye Levinson Faith Levitt Marcia Levy Mike Levy Rochelle Lichterman Bruce Lipstadt Ruth Loewenstein Cassandra Londo Sondra Lorig Ina Lurie Judi Mack Alisa Marks Florine Marks Henry Marks Sidney Mathias Ellie Merar Elyce Metzner Raymond Miletich Susan Miller Joyce Mlodinoff Kathleen Mullen Scott Near Robyn Newman Rena Orlov Jack O'Sullivan

Barbara Palatnik Jessie Pearl Lois Perlman Barbara Pevitz Barbara Pomper Samantha Potashnick Enid Rehbock Harriet Reifer Eloise Reimer Helen Rivkin Marty Rockwell Fern Roseman Diane Rosenfeld Morris Rosman Luba Rothblatt Gabrielle Sacco Fran Sachs Florie Sagett Jacquie Salomon Fanny Sampson-Cohen Richard Sawislak Toby Sawislak Gert Schachtman Betty Schraiber Jolanta Scott Shirel Shapiro Matty Shechtman Nancy Sher Myrna Siegel Phyllis Silver Steve Simkin Carol Simon Sarah Small Janet Smith Anne Solar Ryan Spector Alyce Stanton

Jerry Stanton Joe Star Roberta Star Debbie Starr Richard Steele Shirley Stein Judi Steinberg Neil Steinberg Nancy Steinfink Ruth Stern Millie Teeman Eva Thalheimer Saul Thomashow Myrna Urkov Marion Viner Ursula Walter Ruby Warso Sherman Warso Bella Weberman Shauneen Weininger Renee Weintraub Sheryl Weissman Lynn Weitz Francine Werdinger Myrna Wernick Larry Williams Paul Williams Tem Williams Helen Winer Alisa Winston Susan Zelmar Delores Zemsky Jill Ziegler Ilene Zucker

Nicole Nortman Helene Price Rachal Rappaport Enid Rehbock Cathy Robbins Abbey Romanek Rochelle Rosenbloom Jacquie Salomon Yetta Saltzman Sherri Schorsch Betty Schwartz Kim Schwartz

Judy Silverman Rebekah Shalit Anne Spector Melissa Spellman Lynda Strusiner Robin Wasserman Helen Weisman Liz Xilas Suzanne Zweig

Women’s Leadership Committee Chair Toby Glickman Vice Chair Helene Berns Education Chair Rita Mathias

Sue Baker Renee Bloom Francine Brown Fern Carlin Simona Citron Gail Duran Fritzie Fritzshall Aviva Ginzburg Ellen Glass Ann Goodman Asha Goldstein Carol Hillsberg

Diane Israel Laura Schallman Sari Karbin Susan L. Karkomi Marlene Konik Julie Kreamer Jill Kron Eileen Kugman Doris Lazarus Cecilia Litovsky Judi Mack Leslie Meisner


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The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is a partner in serving our community, supported by the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation.

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Photography credits: Shin Lim Photography James Schnepf Photography Ron Gould Studios/Chicago Robin Subar Photography

Illinois Holocaust Museum 2013 Annual Report  
Illinois Holocaust Museum 2013 Annual Report