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29 | GBD 2010

Figure 12: Percent of DALYs attributable to the 14 dietary risk factors, both sexes, all ages, US, 2010

Diet low in fruits Diet low in nuts and seeds Diet high in sodium Diet high in processed meat Diet low in vegetables Diet high in trans fatty acids Diet low in seafood omega-3 fatty acids Diet low in whole grains Diet low in fiber Diet high in sugar-sweetened beverages Diet low in polyunsaturated fatty acids Diet low in calcium Diet low in milk Diet high in red meat







DALYs (%)

Cancer Cardiovascular and circulatory diseases Chronic respiratory diseases Cirrhosis Digestive diseases Neurological disorders Mental and behavioural disorders Diabetes, urogenital, blood, and endocrine Musculoskeletal disorders Other non-communicable diseases HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis

Diarrhea, lower respiratory infections, & other common infectious diseases Neglected tropical diseases and malaria Maternal disorders Neonatal disorders Nutritional deficiencies Other communicable diseases Transport injuries Unintentional injuries Intentional injuries War and disaster

Note: The size of each colored portion of the bars represents the number of DALYs from a particular cause attributable to a given risk factor. DALYs from each risk factor should not be added together.