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2013 Issue 3: Sept 2013

UTLOOK Featuring New Resident

Naj Alhawsawi

Featuring IH’s Acting Deputy Director

Amy Wan

Movie to watch in SEPT


MAJOR event in SEPT


TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 | Execs 4 | Food

Sugar Cravings Satisfied

4 | Socials

The IH Ball is Coming Up!

5 | Env. & Welfare Save the Children!


6 | Feature Amy Wan

7 | Feature Naj Alhawsawi

10 | What’s up in Sydney 11 | Recommended Movies and Music


Events happening in September:

Thu, 5th Sept - Palladian Ensemble Vocal Sun, 8th Sept - IHMA Volleyball Tournament Thu, 12th Sept - Palladian Art Exhibition Sat, 14th Sept - iNight Mon, 16th Sept - Leadership Info Night Sat, 21st Sept - Moon Cake Festival Mon, 23rd Sept - USyd Rotaract Club Presentation Thu, 26th Sept - Palladian Ensemble Drama Fri, 27th Sept - Spring Break Disco Cover photo by Shun Yang Ch’ng

EXECS emester Two started with a beaming group of 30 new residents to add to our family of ever-awesome returning residents from Semester One. Re-O-Week featured memorable activities that brought everyone even closer together. Some highlights were Rooftop Stargazing Party, Crab Racing, Glebe Markets, Sports Afternoon, Bushwalking, city tours, IHMA Intro and the traditional Open Door Night. IHMA would like to thank everyone who have organised and participated in these events for their instrumental roles! This semester is undeniably a very busy semester (that’s in an entertaining way). Going back to the first week, our Social Coordinators got everyone started with a very enjoyable Pirate-themed disco, which attracted a wave of creative dressups. Dessert Fair and Eid Al Fitr were as sweet as ever, thanks to our enthusiastic Food Coordinators and residents who contributed. In the Intercollegiate field, IHMA has been continuously represented in seven rounds of Palladian Cup Debates by our dedicated debating team. We also greatly appreciate our Advertising Officers for all the great posters and notices, our talented Photographers for consistently beautiful pictures, our Sports Coordinators for organising a variety of weekly sports games, our Shop Coordinators for a great stock of yummy snacks and our humble Environment/Welfare Officers for maintaining Meat-free Mondays and Recycling bins. We thank everyone for all their great work so far! As a final note, we are delighted to remind you that there are so much MORE to all the fun IHMA events that we’ve had so far. Some highlights are Volleyball tournament, iNight, Saladbar Masterchef, Mooncake Festival, Spring Break Disco, Oktoberfest, IH Ball, Charity Night and some more Palladian Cup competitions to join and watch. Make sure you are also on the lookout for our delicious Restaurant Nights and Sports activities regularly organised by our Sports Coordinators, and of course more of our stylish IHMA Outlook issues by our very own creative Publications Officers.




Sugar Cravings Satisfied I

by Tess B, Evan V, & Bella D

f the study-blues were already getting you down by week 3 – fear not, Dessert Fair to the rescue! In this year’s Dessert Fair, ten teams of IH residents put their sweet-tooth sugar-cravings to work, creating a fantastic night of wicked confectionaries. We saw everything from monster cupcakes and cotton candy trees, to homemade tiramisu and vegan brownies. Our three judges (Sasha, Annika and Julia) had a tremendously difficult task on their hands due to the outstanding originality, deliciousness and presentation of the desserts. After much taste testing and deliberation, the judges announced their two favorites. The best taste went to VD and Bitches for their delicious chocolate mousse and layered dessert, and the best presentation went to Sugar Princesses for their magnificent chocolate castle surrounded by a blue jelly moat and candy fortress. As IH residents also went to vote, the People’s Choice award was tied between two teams, Goon Goggles and Smexy. Congratulations to all the participants for their wonderful desserts, and thank you to all the residents who brought their appetites!

The IH Ball is Coming Up! S -Jess, Katie, Amar and Neil

o far this semester us socials have had heaps of fun planning parties for everyone. Our first party of the semester was a pirate spectacular and was great to see everyone dressed up in shabby clothes and eye patches. We’re looking forward to hosting the spectacular IH Ball at a fancy venue to be announced and of course another 2 great parties for everyone. We really hope that you can all come and dance away the night with all your fellow IH friends and we’d love any feedback about anything. Thanks guys!




Save the Children! C

by Ashan Dias and Mai Nguyen

harity Night is around the corner (and maybe down a few lanes) and offers all of us a breather towards the end of semester! All funds raised will go to Bo Children Hospital and Starlight Children Foundation so why not start thinking about items or services to auction and donate now? Anything and everything can be put on auction and a community as diverse as IH should certainly be able to put up a good show. Last year we had cakes, drawings, wardrobe hire, tutoring and even romantic outings auctioned. There's no reason why we can't do as well or even better this year! Your talents could surely be put to very good causes on the 19th of October so why not be a part of the Charity Night spectacle?

Posters by Jun Ming Kong




Last issue we featured Katy Cuthbert, our deputy director last semester. In this issue, we are featuring Amy Wan, our current deputy director. And yes, we did ask her who the best looking IH resident is! Questions by Jieyang Low/Shun Yang Ch’ng Q: If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be? Fair Q: Any favourite ways to pass the time other than working and studying? Jogging around Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is one of things I love to do in Sydney. The other is cooking a nice dinner for friends. Q: Why did you decide to work at IH? What was your first impression of IH? I’m following Katy’s footsteps! (We have both worked in the same job previously). On a serious note, an amazing career opportunity was offered to me so I grabbed it with both hands. Both staff and residents at IH have been incredibly welcoming and friendly since my first day and I am really grateful for that. Q: Now that you are working here, what do you think of working at IH? Is it different from what you had imagined? I love IH! What surprised me the most is how quickly new friends become family at the House. There’s a lovely community vibe here and residents genuinely look out for each other. This place is more than just a university college- it’s a home away from home. Q: What has been your favourite thing so far in IH?

Hard to say as I’ve only been here for two month. The Faculty Dinner was pretty awesome with everyone all dressed up and country flags flying above the tables. The pirate-themed disco following dinner was hilarious. Great effort from IHMA! Q: On a completely different note, what has been the craziest thing you’ve seen at IH so far? Giant furry animal slippers in the Dining Room. And broom-dancing… Q: What is your favourite thing on the IH menu? (You’re going to say ‘Noodle Day’, aren’t you?) Sorry, but I prefer the cottage pie. Wished it came with a vegetable other than bok choy (?!?) though… Q: On a completely different note, what has been the craziest

thing you’ve seen at IH so far? Giant furry animal slippers in the Dining Room. And broom-dancing… Q: Are you looking forward to the coming elections? Why/why not? Do you mean the Federal election? It’s a joke. Q: Do you have any life/personal advice for the residents of the house? Keep in touch with the people you meet at IH. Networking is a powerful tool. Q: Lastly, who is the best-looking IH resident that you have met so far? Jonathan Choo? Q: Any bands/artists to recommend to residents of the house? Please listen to Portishead!

Amy (front: second from left) with the Senior Resident Team




Naj is a new member of the International House family this semester coming all the from Saudi Arabia. Interview by Shun Yang Ch’ng


Tell us a bit more about yourself Naj. Where is home, and how is home like? I’m very honoured to say I’m from the city which every Muslim under the sun wish to visit and pray for. Home to me is where I can fulfill my spiritual needs and be surrounded by the people I know will always be there for me and love me the most. What made you come to Sydney? How are you finding it? Is it really different from home? The warm weather, the university’s good reputation and that I got the offer! Do you miss home? What do you miss most about home? How are you handling that? As I mentioned, there is no place like home. I mostly miss my family and my mam, I miss my friends, the holy mosque (Alharam), being in a Muslim society and particularly hearing Alazan (prayers call) 5 times a day. Yes, I do miss that very much. I try to call home at least once every week, and keeping myself busy and socializing really helped to handle my homesickness. Why did you apply to stay in International House? What’s your impression of International House so far? I was living in Unilodge for almost 2 years with my younger brother. One day I opened my eyes and realized that I had been here for two years but I still didn’t have much to tell about my experiences. Perhaps mostly because my classmates in uni were just classmates, and all the friends I hung out with were Saudis. And so I decided to search up enriching my university experience and fortunately I found International House!

“As I mentioned, there is no place like home. I mostly miss my family and my mam, I miss my friends, the holy mosque (Alharam), being in a Muslim society and particularly hearing Alazan (prayers call) 5 times a day.” - Naj, on missing home

What are you studying and why did you choose to study it? I’m doing a Master of exercise physiology. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. Before I started the course, I used to give a random answers when someone asked me why I chose it. But now I know that I needed it to help me make the difference I dreamed about.


With so many IHMA events coming up – iNight, Charity Night, IH Ball – which one are you most looking forward to? Are you looking to participate in iNight and Charity Night? YES for iNight and Charity Night. I’ll participate in the fashion show, but I’ll be wearing an African national dress instead of a Saudi one and don’t ask me why. It is the only one I have and it’s going to be my first time wearing it, and so naturally I’m a bit nervous about it.

Naj’s home in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. On the left is Alharam, the holy mosque. On the right is the Watchtower. Naj inside Alharam (the holy mosque) during the flu pandemic in 2009.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you like about it/them? Well… after immersing myself in doing an undergrate degree for 5 years, and a Master’s degree for almost two, I kind of lost my old hobbies of reading and writing short stories. I’m now all into exploring new ideas, getting new experiences, and learning about different things that I didn’t think about before. If you remember the feeling of doing something for the first time, you’ll know what I mean. Do you have any particular dreams for your bright future? My dreams might not be huge, but I want to leave a good fingerprint and share the knowledge I acquired with as many people as I can and help to build healthier tomorrows. Last but not least, anything else interesting you’d like to share to the House (this can be about your background, your experiences, your thoughts, your insights, your outlook on life, etc)? I knew before moving to here that I’m going to like it and I was so excited that I didn’t even think about making an appointment for an inspection till my friend insisted because she thought I might not like the rooms. I told her before I moved in that I already felt good about IH. Let me tell you now that despite not meeting all of my expectations, I feel at home at IH and this can only make me happy and satisfied.

Naj (left) enjoying herself at International House.

MISC 9 Poster by Jun Ming Kong

Things to do in SYD

What’s up in Sydney? So, you’re bored in Sydney (completely understandable) and you are wondering what you can do. Fortunately, there is actually quite a bit to do in Sydney...

Malaysia Festival 2013 : So you’ve been to

Festival of the Winds: On the 8th of

Cabramatta Moon Festival: Cabramatta was

once so densely populated September, you should Mamak, or Malay Village. with forest that the moonmake your way down to Or Mamak Village. And Bondi Beach to treat your- shine couldn’t penetrate you thought, “Eh, Malayself to a visual treat. Expect the trees, and it was once sian food is pretty good.”. DAMN STRAIGHT IT IS. to see the skyline filled with known as ‘Moonshine Run’. Malaysia Fest is an annual a variety of colours, endless- Head by over on the 15th event celebrating the cuisine ly occupying the sky. From this month to celebrate the normal kites to fighter kites, festival, which is one of Sydand culture of Malaysia, organized by the Malaysian it’s the sand, wind and the ney’s largest multicultural Student Community of Syd- beach. There will even be a festivals, with the streets ney. Attend it for the food, demonstration by pro kite morphing into a food lover’s dream. Pop by the noodle flyers. cultural experience and the eating competitions as well! good company. CLEAR Ready your chopsticks! YOUR BELLIES FOR THE 22nd OF SEPTEMBER, BECAUSE IT IS MALAYSIA FEST 2013, BABY.

Photo by Timothy King


Produced by DreamWorks Animation Studios for release on the 19th of September, it is a 3D animated film. The plot is basically about a snail who acquires powers that enable him to go fast… like, you know, turbo speed. A heartwarming tale for the kids, as well as the young at heart.


Movies-to-watch in SEPT


The upcoming science-fiction film and third installment in the Chronicles of Riddick film series is scheduled to be released on the 12th of September, with Vin Diesel returning to reprise his role as the title character. Although always a wildcard with the critics, Riddick is a must-see for science-fiction fans, and fans of the previous films.

Recommended Music 1

Vance Joy - The Melbourne-based singer has gained significant fame

following his breakthrough single Riptide. His music is folk music with pop influences. His songs capture the familiar pulse of everyday experiences in a unique and celebratory manner. His lyrics will reach out to you and hold on for a moment. Emmylou is another good song of his, having a slower vibe than Riptide.

1. Vance Joy 2. Love Outside Andromeda


Have some music recommendations to share for IH residents? Contact the IHMA Publication Offices: Shun Yang Ch’ng or Jieyang Low.

Love Outside Andromeda - The Melbourne-based band (we’re doing Melbourne-based bands this month, people) was an indie rock group, on a hiatus since 2007. However, such is not a reason to not give their music a listen. Their songs play out slowly, with soothing acoustics, and the occasional electric riff, accompanied by the slow, soothing voice of their lead singer.


if you guys have any questions, comments, opinions, recommendations, suggestions

Shun Yang Ch’ng Jieyang Low

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Tess Bennetts - Food Coordinator Elaine Xue - Intercollegiate Rep. Shannon Tay - Intercollegiate Rep. Shun Yang Ch ng - Publications Officer Jieyang Low - Publications Officer Mai Nguyen - Environmental/ Welfare Officer Ashan Dias - Environmental/ Welfare Officer Julie Chow - Photographer Timothy King - Photographer Fei Xue Jin - Advertising Officer Karina Sathar - Advertising Officer Jun Ming Kong - Advertising Officer

IHMA Outlook Issue 3 (September 2013)  

Check out IHMA's initiatives in September and the things to expect in October.

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