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International House World Organisation Directors’ Conference 2007

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OPEN DAY at IH OBOLON!!! IH News ... p.1 IHWO - Directors’ Conference 2007 ...... p.1 Get to Know More about Your Teacher - Simon Armitage .............................. p.2 NEW IH Schools in UK .......................... p.2 Travelling with IH to Torquay ................. p.3 Travelling with IH to Torquay (part 2, continued from p.3) ........................... p.4 IH Masterpieces ................................ p.3 Cooking with IH ............................... p.4

on bol


OPEN DAY (Day of “Open Doors”) at IH OBOLON will take place on 4th JUNE. There will be presentations of new IH offers for adults and children, lottery of prizes from IH and testing from 15.00 to 19.00. Don’t forget to tell your friends to come and get acquainted with us on 4th JUNE. Offers for Children: Wonderkids and Wonderville will open at Obolon from 4th June. These are special offers for children 3-6 y.o. and 9-14 y.o. Children improve their English, have fun and learn more about the world through different activities. Read more about YL projects on IH Workshop in Lviv: Simple & Effective. It was a huge success with interesting presentations. Participants from IH Kyiv: Graham Holderness, Lena Lysytsa, Vika Shelest, Natalia Romas and Sveta Sushko. Participants discussed the question of exams and how to teach examination courses, how to teach the meaning of words and how to teach very yong learners. Teachers shared their experience and, as usual, had a wonderful party in Ukrainian folk style. Yes, our teachers are good and efferctive not only at working but at partying too:))) New Courses at Obolon: English for Lawyers (from Intermediate to Advanced levels). This is a new course developed by IH Kyiv that will include specialised topics necessary for laewyers’ practice and work in the legal sphere. Also, now we offer 1-day trainings in Contract Law, Corporate Law, European Union Law, etc. Preparation for Cambridge exam in English for lawyers (ILEC) can be offered as an optional module. More by request on IH Book Centre will get new useful books from 21st May: new academic professional dictionaries (medical, law, science), Exam Excellence and many others. Visit our Book Centre and get to know more!!! Summer in England (10-17y.o): Study Abroad department gathers groups of children for educational and leisure programmes in England from 8th, 22nd July and 5th August.

This year International House Prague hosted the IHWO Directors Conference from 4th May till 9th May. The Conference was very productive, with a great number of useful presentations, workshops, excursions and dinners in beautiful locations in Prague. It was a truly international meeting with the Directors and guests from more than 30 countries. Well known external speakers such as George Pickering, George Zhang from the Confucius Institute, Christine Nuttall from Cambridge ESOL and Jonathan Salisbury from Aviation English made the conference very interesting. All sessions were enlightening, stimulating and enjoyable. IH organisation continues to grow steadily, both in size and in the range of markets served. Since 2000, IH has added over 40 schools and 15 new countries to its membership. IHWO year in statistics: number of schools - 140; countries - 50; languages taught intensively - 16; languages taught worldwide - 25; number of students - 200,000; number of staff - over 6000; number of exam enrolments over 16,000. Significant progress has been made in important strategic areas: online learning, innovation in teacher training; a renewed focus on Languages other than English (LOTE); brand development & achieving high visibility in key markets; new premises & devolution of support functions; outreach to student alumni worldwide; new language testing systems. After the Conference the school Directors are able to put some of the information that they gain into practice back in their schools and we will do our best to implement the brightest ideas from this conference in the educational Ukrainian market.

Tanya Oratovska IH Kyiv Director


IH Compass will be published bi-monthly during the summer period as well. It is available on our web-site, so even during the holiday period you will have a chance to be informed about what is going on in the IH world:)Your comments are always welcome to Hanna K., IH Compass Project Coordinator


Simon Kent, UK 1,5 years


my name is Simon Armitage, I originate from the county of Kent in the south-east of England and I have been working for IH in Kyiv for just over a year, although I have been living and working in Ukraine for the past seven years. I hold a degree in Philosophy and Art History and trained to be an English teacher in 1994. I worked teaching English for six months at the University of Trnava in Slovakia, before returning to Britain to study for a Master’s degree in Film and Art Theory. Upon graduating I took up a post as a Secondary school teacher in St. Petersburg. From 1996 to 1999 I worked as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Warsaw, Poland, before moving to Kyiv. My main interests are connected with the arts and I enjoy reading, visiting art galleries and the cinema. If I had to name my favourite writer it would be the French author Marcel Proust, although I am fond of philosophy, modern and ancient and classical authors. My favourite film director is the Romanian born, contemporary Ukrainian filmmaker Kira Muratova and I am anxiously waiting for her masterpiece “Asthenic Syndrome” to be translated into English.

I asked some staff and students their opinions.

Do we need these special days? Katya Zharova, IH student“It’s a great opportunity to give presents to your friends and to get lots of presents as well”. Lis, IH teacher“Probably, yeah. You need to get away from the dreariness of winter”. Sasha Kantor, IH student“I think all these days are total nonsense. Maybe the only good thing is that we have a holiday”. Anon, student“The first thing is it’s an opportunity to get drunk. The second thing is, . . . , um, . . . (?)” Ajay, IH teacher“If it’s a day off work, yes we do. The more public holidays we have, the better! In a world filled with frantic obligations, it’s important to have moments to pause”. Graham, IH DoS“It depends on whether we’re commemorating a cultural characteristic (St. George’s or St. David’s Day or the Ukrainian National Day, Mothering Sunday as opposed to ‘Mother’s Day’), in which case, it should be celebrated more positively, or whether it’s a mere flippant marketing tool, in which case it should be deeply buried (e.g. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc.)”.

Hello Covent Garden – a New Home of IH London! International House London has changed

its location. Now it is pleased to welcome you in the new 5-floor building at Covent Garden, which was the first example of a planned public square; now it is surrounded by numerous shops, bars and restaurants. Everything under one roof: classrooms, cafeteria, library and a large Self-Access centre with 60 brand new computers! There is a roof garden where students and teachers can take in breathtaking views of London. Here you can both improve your English and immerse yourself into English culture and lifestyle.

“International House London looks forward very much to welcoming you at our new home in Covent Garden”, - Steve Brent, Director of IH London. New IH School in Northern Ireland - IH Belfast! The best way to learn more about Northern Ireland


is to undertake an English language course in International House Belfast, which has been set up by a group of language teaching professionals with over 30 years experience in the field. IH Belfast is located in University Street, which, as the name suggests, is in the heart of the city’s university district. The area is full of bars, restaurants and shops catering for a large student population and is just a 10-minute walk from Belfast city centre. Needless to say, Belfast is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe! The School organises an interesting and varied programme of social activities including welcome parties in the school, guided visits to places of interest in the city and excursions outside the city at weekends. You won’t be bored in International House Belfast!









Continuation of the article by Jonathan published in the March Compass issue

In March Tamara, our head accountant, headed to the picturesque seaside town of Torquay in Devon, South West England to study at the IH school there. Jonathan interviewed her about her impressions and found out whether she tried a cornish pasty* there:)

to... Torquay

*Cornish Pasties are a traditional type of food, originally from Cornwall, the next county to Devon. They come from the days when miners needed to take food down the mine with them, and the original Cornish Pasties were a whole meal inside a piece of folded pastry, including meat, potatoes, vegetables and sometimes even dessert! Pasties are now ‘fashionable’ and can be found even at expensive cafes in London. Modern pasties are a bit more refined and have even been exported to places such as Spain and Germany.

The area is famous for, among other things, having a milder climate than elsewhere in the UK, which has lead to it being dubbed ‘The English Riviera’. Palm trees are planted here and there as if to try and prove the point. Not a bad place to head for during the late Ukrainian winter. To an Englishman it seems an odd place to go to learn English. The thick Devon accent is regarded with much amusement, and frequently made fun of at football matches by opposing teams. Some of the most difficult listenings in Headway involve people with these accents! My uncle’s wife is a Devonian however and insists that the slow Devon speech is a mark of people who think carefully about what they want to say. This maybe tells us though that it is one of the most traditional parts of the country. As an example, a McDonald’s in the nearby town of Totnes was forced to close recently because the locals preferred to buy local food. So we decided to ask Tamara about her impressions about the South West, IH Torquay, and whether she tried a Cornish Pasty*! So what did you expect before you went? “I expected it would be interesting for me”, she said, she was looking forward to meeting new people but “of course I was afraid”, she admitted. So what was Torquay like? “Very nice”, she told me enthusiastically but “everything’s different”. To begin with, it rained all the way from Heathrow to Torquay, so the signs weren’t good for two weeks on the English Riviera, but actually she said the weather was beautiful for the two weeks she was there, apart from the last day. She very much liked the flowers and commented on the large numbers of people happy to just wander in the street. “I’ve never seen so many retired people in my life”, she says. What about the school and the accommodation? She stayed with a friendly host family and attended classes at IH Torquay together with students from places such as South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Spain and Mexico, as well as a group of four industrious older ladies from Denmark. She was pleased with the good teachers and friendly local staff. What did you see? E Torquay is the birthplace of the legendary crime writer Agatha Christie, and UK Tamara told me about visiting the museum there and the interesting photos of Christie’s early life. It is an amazing fact that Agatha Christie never attended




school, and her parents were quite surprised when they found out she had actually taught herself to write! The group went on trips east to Bristol (to see the old wooden ship SS Great Britain), and Exeter, where they saw, among other things, the famous gothic cathedral. Tamara also travelled to Cornwall, the neighbouring county, where they visited the spectacular Eden Project, a collection of giant glass domes containing many plant


IH Masterpieces

Enjoy the masterpieces created by our young learners:)

This is my Super Hero. His name is Super Cheburashka. He lives in Ukraine. He’s very big and strong. He can make a shield with the help of his ears. He likes to eat oranges and drink orange juice. His favorite sport is jogging. He is brown and eighty four years old.

The famous EdenProject in the UK species from around the world. Also in Cornwall she visited the pretty fishing village of Polperro, with its tightly-packed houses (only very small gaps between some neighbours’ windows!). They also visited local manor houses with their paintings, grand fireplaces and the odd suit of armour. And what about the food? Tamara tried the pasties and the traditional English afternoon tea with scones (a kind of small cake) with jam and cream.

Nikita Tokovenko, 9 y.o.

This is MONIKA

Oleg Sviridov, 9 y.o.

Mary Bragon, 9 y.o.

“I recommend everyone to go to Torquay”. The article is written by Jonathan Hibberd, a teacher of English and our Volunteer IH Compass Journalist







INGREDIENTS: Salsa Guacamole Sour Cream Peppers (7) Onions (5) Chicken (4 breasts) Garlic (at least 7 cloves) Salt and Pepper Marble Cheese (500 grams) Lavash (3 large slices)


These pictures were created by children from Lena L. group YL5a

How to make your own salsa 7 fresh tomatoes, 3 coarsely chopped onions, 3 coarsely chopped green bell peppers, 3 coarsely chopped Jalapeno peppers (or Tabasco sauce), 4 cloves of garlic, Salt and pepper to taste Finely chop all the vegetables and mix in the bowl. Press garlic and add to veggies. Add salt and pepper to taste. Mix and press just a bit so that the mixture is a bit wet. If you like your salsa creamy, add a ½ tin of tomato sauce Mix and your salsa is ready. How to make your Guacamole 1-2 avocadoes (soft), 2 cloves garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper Peel and mash your avocado. Press the garlic and add it. Squeeze in juice from ½ lemon. Add salt and pepper to taste. Your Guacamole is ready. Now for the good stuff Slice 4 chicken breasts length wise into strips of about 1 inch wide. Slice 2 green, 1 red and 1 yellow pepper length wise. Slice 2 medium onions. Toss it all in a frying pan with a bit of oil until the chicken browns. Spread the lavash on a baking pan. Then spread a thin layer (1/3) of salsa. Add ½ the veggies and chicken. Add 1/3 of the grated cheese. Cover with another piece of lavash. Repeat and cover again. The final steps. Your last piece of lavash should be covered with salsa and grated cheese. Put it in the oven for 5 minutes.

Remove cut and serve with a healthy portion of sourcream and guacamole on the side. NOW ENJOY!!!

This recipe has been offered by Natalia Romas, a Teacher of English, IH Kyiv Dear IH Compass readers, please let us know what other sections or nformation you would like to see in our Compass. We are waiting for your thoughts and opinions at THANKS A LOT! See u in July! Your Language Guide:)

IH Compass 3rd Issue  

IH Compass is the IH school newspaper that was first published in January 2007. It was designed to highlight major events of IH Kyiv and kee...

IH Compass 3rd Issue  

IH Compass is the IH school newspaper that was first published in January 2007. It was designed to highlight major events of IH Kyiv and kee...