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HAITI Emergency Relief Works

In 2010, Haiti collapsed by the most powerful 7.0 quake in its history. More than 250.000 people died, 300.000 injured and 1 million are left homeless. In the following days around 4000 people lost their lives due to cholera epidemic. IHH emergency team reached to Haiti right after the disaster. Here is a report of the relief works that IHH team conducted in Haiti. Health Screening • %90 people who went under the health screening detected with several serious health problems • Some of the health problems stems from malnutrition and unhygienic living conditions: o Throat Infection o Digestive Troubles o Anemia o Skin diseases including scabies o Headache, stomachache, gastralgia and other types of diseases. Health Screening Figures: Region 1- Lamartinier 2- Delmas 24 3- Delmas 32 4-Miragone 5- Delmand 33 6- Clersine 7- Delmand 33

Institution Orphan Other Total Ecole Fondamentale al-Islam 70 70 Delmas 24 School 100 100 Delmas 32 School 100 100 Villagers 100 100 Tent City 30 30 La Main Tendre Orphanage 32 38 70 Tent City near the church 70 70 Total


Food Aid - 4 orphanages and 3 schools have been provided one-year food supplies. - We showed up at the door step of the Nadine Orphanage with a truck load of food. When she saw us, the mistress of the orphanage said "You knock on our door on the day that we run out of everything that we can cook for the children. May God help you." The list of the schools that are provided food aid that will suffice a year long: Region 1- Caffefour 2- Clersine 3- Bon Repos 4- Carrefour 5- Lamartinier 6-Delmas 24 7-Delmas 32

School Nadine Orphanage La Main Tendre Orphanage Melissa's Hope Orphanage OCODEDI Ecole Fondamentale al-Islam Delmas 24 School Delmas 32 School

Supply Dry Food Dry Food Dry Food Dry Food Dry Food Dry Food Dry Food TOTAL

Cost Orphan Other Total $6,730 36 0 36 $4,095 32 10 42 $3,129 18 62 70 $7,403 160 160 $8,163 230 230 $2,980 220 220 $2,960 200 200 $35,460 246


Orphan Clothing Aid -32 orphans from La Main Orphanage, who were nearly naked, provided clothing according to their age, seize and sex. - 2 pairs of underclothing, shoe, t-shirt, trouser and huge amount of diapers for babies are provided to the orphanage. -Totally $2.200 costs of money are spent for the orphan clothing aid. Cholera Awareness Posters To raise awareness against cholera epidemic which takes lives of thousands and another thousands suffering from hospitals, IHH published posters in French and post them on the various public places to warn and educate people. Toilet Cleaning in the Delmas 24 School -Due to the inefficient sewer system and the damage of earthquake on the existing ones, it has a huge necessity to empty out the cesspool often. -IHH emergency team, empty out the cesspool of the Delmas 24 School, that would keep them good at least for this educational year. Medicine Donated to Hospitals -After our health team finished health screenings and provided the necessity medicine drugs for the patients, the team donated the extra medicine to General Hospital to help the treatment of cholera patients. The drugs will suffice for thousands of patients.

IHH Haiti Emergency Work  
IHH Haiti Emergency Work  

IHH Haiti emergency work report.