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we know how to have fun here SPECIAL THANKS TO THE GLOBE TEAM

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The Globe is published weekly by Rosie Marsland on behalf of the International House Student Club. The material here is edited but uncensored and therefore the views expressed here do not reflect those of the editor. Please share your ideas, opinions, ads and skills with us by emailing us at The Globe acknowledges the Wurrundjeri people as the traditional owers of this land. We pay our respects to their

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International House Globe


Hola amigos, Holay molay, well it’s been another killer week here at Casa Internacional! I hope that you’ve all recovered well from the amazeballs Halloween Party and are ready for the last week of proper uni (ermahgawd… exams.. howdidthatevenhappen) Props to Vishnu and his team for bringing us yet another awesome party! I for one was amazed by the high standard of costumes you crazy IHers brought out, as always. And no one can deny the extreme fun that was had at IH Day, with the wide array of things to bounce on and things to shoot. Of course, we can’t forget the brilliant Music Night (kudos to Mr. Darcy and the crew that put it all together) that we had on Thursday, in which many mad IH skills were strutted. And (at the time of writing this) we have the excitement of GM and O Week Auditions to look forward to! No stopping around here anytime soon. Till next week, Love Rosie

IH Viewed from the Iron Throne A lot of great events have happened in this past week: we had music night, where the best and worst musicians of IH performed…. Oh wait, Rahul didn’t perform… So only the best then. The variety of acts was almost as great as the variety of free food provided! And of course, there was also IH day, Halloween party, GM, and O Week auditions! *This article was written on Friday, the following represents our expectation of what happened*

& ____________ & __________ our new Café, Ball, and Play coordinators, may you go about your duties responsibly, bearing in mind that your job is to make the President (and VP) look good. OWEEKAUDITIONSOMGHOWAWESOMEWERETHEY!!!! We applaud everyone who tried out, I (Rahul) cannot imagine what it must be like to get up and make a fool of yourself in front of everyone whilst I (Tom) can. I would

like to congratulate our new O-Weekers on their success; you should all look forward to working with us. Finally, winter is coming….. I meant exams; exams are coming, so good luck surviving that battle. A little something to cheer you up, CaterCare will once again be providing chocolate during SWOTVAC. Otherwise, it’s been a great year, we’ll stay awesome, and we hope you will too.

Wasn’t IH day great?! There is no better way to celebrate our community than dressing two people up in sumo suits and having them slam into each other. The Halloween party was a great success; shout out to Vishnu for setting it all up, and a shout out to everyone who helped us make a record profit through the bar. Let’s raise one last shot to the future… May the parties be just as good. Let’s not forget GM! Or actually, it’s probably for the best that we do, it’s over, and that’s all that matters. But congratulations to ____________ OCTOBER 21, Issue 4


WHAT GRINDS MY GEARS You know what grinds my gears? Big boobs. Those things that girls aspire to have, straight men aspire to hold, and gay men... still aspire to hold... yeah, those things – they suck. Here is a list of reasons why you would hate having large breasts: Rahul Ingle: Whatever is yours is actually mine. I’m just letting you have it. Caitlin Kaine: It’s kind of sad you have to buy your dates Mitch McCan: Yeah, I’ll give you that one

1. Having to apply deodorant underneath your boobs. It gets deodorant residue all over your pretty bras, and the boob sweat still shows up sometimes! 2. Not being able to run. All the sports bras you have ever been fitted with have cut into you, given you bruises, made your boobs look weird, and haven’t aided the whole bounce thing. To all bra technologists: try eliminating bounce on something more than a C-cup, mkay? 3. Stretch marks and sagging from the age of 13. STRETCH MARKS AND SAGGING FROM THE AGE OF 13.

Minutes in a Minute -

GC budget passed.


Review of the house guidelines is ha

ppening between P, VP, PC, and Jane. -

Reviewing the House Calendar, set-

ting all the dates for next year’s events. -

Looking at getting a pharmaceutical

vending machine which can hold 80 items. -

GM this Sunday- Wooh!

For those of you who don’t know what this is, “Minutes in a Minute” is a very brief overview of some points which were brought up at both

4. The fact that K-Mart, Target, and most other reasonably priced stores do not actually stock anything above a D-cup that is not a) maternity, b) fugly, c) for old women, d) minimising, or e) designed for a smaller cup but they just sell them in a larger size, meaning your boobs WILL fall out. 5. The amount of money you have to spend on well-fitting bras. Other things that would cost the same amount: a ticket to see a big-name band; two bottles of Jack Daniels; a return flight from London to Amsterdam; over 250 packets of mi-gi at Shop. 6. Having to buy shirts that make your stomach look fat, just so they fit over your boobs. Also, having too much cleavage in EVERYTHING. 7. People complimenting your outfits not by saying that your clothes are nice, or that you’re pretty (always welcome), but saying how it makes your boobs look amazing. 8. People looking down at your boobs mid-conversation. You think you’re sneaky, but we can see you, since we’re looking at your face.

the Activities Committee and General Committee Meetings. If you want to know more, have a look at the full minutes on Nexus or ask any of the committee members who can tell you more. WRITER: Maggie Greenham

9. Not being able to wear backless dresses, strapless dresses, button-up shirts, or anything with slogan/words on it. 10.

11. Constantly spilling drinks, or dropping food, down your shirt. How does it happen so much even? 12.


International House Globe

Bikinis. Oh god.

Back problems. ‘Nuff said.


The Davis Project aims to promote peace in communities in a sustainable way. The grant is an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Our project proposal for the 2014 Davis Project is something a bit different to previous years at IH... Within Australia, we have a long way yet to go on the road to reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. I believe that a lot of the prejudice and racism that still exists towards Aboriginal Australians stems from a lack of understanding, awareness and respect. This is where the idea came from to create a project that would involve integrating both cultures to facilitate learning for both parties and encourage mutual respect. The actual project itself comes from the understanding that there is not always a lot for children in Aboriginal communities to do during the school holidays. There are some government programs, but these are very limited and do not run in all communities. This can leave the kids bored during such extended breaks, which can lead to social issues. Therefore, we are proposing that the 2014 Davis Project would be a two-week trip to an Indigenous community during the winter break to run a holiday program. The first week would involve working with senior students or potential young leaders within the community to workshop different ideas and activities. This is how the project would be sustainable, as we would be working with students to create a program that they can conti-

Genevive Kroussaniotakis : Do they speak Spanish in Mexico? I thought they spoke Mexican... Tae Noppakun Wongsringnoppakun: What time does the party start? Vishnu Sachidaran: 8:30. Michael Elliot-Jones: Wrong answer. You’re supposed to say, ‘the party don’t start ‘til I walk in’.

nue to use in the future and teach others to do the same. The second week would be the actual holiday program, which would be facilitated by the students we had worked with. We would stay on merely as extra support for the students. This project would be an incredible opportunity for IH students to learn about Aboriginal culture, and share this learning with their friends and family. It is also an opportunity to create an empowering and engaging program in a community that can be used again in

future school holidays. We are hopeful to gain the support of you, our student body, for this project proposal so we can continue to run with it and submit the final proposal. I am currently in discussion with a lady from a community ‘up north’ who is helping to find out the best way this project could work and which community would be willing to have us on board. She sounds very positive towards this idea! Stay tuned for more details this week!

OCTOBER 21, Issue 4


WRITER & ARTWORK: Maggie Greenham


With so much happening at IH this week, are you all wondering what some good ideas are for getting out of college for a bit? Then this is the column for you! From 25 October- 26 October at Queen Victoria Women’s Centre there is a pop up shop of pre-loved designer clothing, with the proceeds going to disadvantaged women. Diwali (a HUGE Indian festival) at Fed Square is happening on 26 October, with Indian films screened from 21 October - 25 October in build up to the festival. Diwali in Melbourne will be a colourful, six-day cultural extravaganza of Bollywood movies throughout the week, and Indian dance, music, and food, along with a bazaar and fabulous fireworks on Saturday. Who wants to be a millionaire? Or an audience member? Millionaire Hot Seat Studio Audience is calling for members on October 28 at the Docklands Studios - you can see Eddie live in action and be part of the ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’ studio audience. There is a Scarecrow Making at the Fed Square Pop Up Patch until the 31st of December, Federation Square. Fed Square Book Market is on each Saturday from 11am to 5pm at Federation Square. You can join Melbourne’s bibliophiles at the city’s largest weekly book market. Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion is on at the National Gallery of Victoria from 18 October – 2 March. This stunning show at the NGV showcases the sophistication and elegance of this golden age of fashion and photography. A Bicycle Forum is happening at the Melbourne Town Hall on the 23rd of October. Have fun and keep an ear out for some more CC outings!


Do It In A Dress- Did you know that a girl born in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually assaulted than to attend secondary school? This is such a terrible and grossly unjust reality. In response to learning this, a team of IHers have taken on the challenge to Do It In a Dress! We have chosen the challenge to do exams in a dress, from Monday 4th8th of November! The challenge will involve wearing a school dress for the entire week. As a team we will aim to raise $300, the cost to send one girl in Sierra Leone to school. Please support the crew as you see them around, whether it be with words of encouragement or by donating any pennies you can spare! Better yet, you can join us! The challenge is open to both girls and guys, so jump onto our team page and get on board! Movember - guys, this one is for you! For those of you who haven’t heard of Movember before, it’s a campaign which asks men to rock a moustache for the month of November to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. Specifically, the campaign supports research for prostate and testicular cancer and to help improve the physical and mental health outcomes for men. It’s a great cause to get behind and I will soon start collecting names of those who are interested in participating. Come on guys - let’s see who can grow the best mo!

- Larnie Hewat - Maggie Greenham


I awoke on IH Day as excited as a small child on Christmas morning. I ran to my window, quickly opened the blinds, ready to see the jumping castle that was promised.

from last year (the name escapes me, it holds memories of burns and pains) it was good that it was not wet this year. While writing this, a picture emerged of George, in the sumo suit, on the thing. Nicely done.

It was not there. It was also only 6am. I knew that this as my 3rd and final IH Day was going to be special. The first to not also coincide with Quidditch, the whole day was set aside for super special fun times! Starting with the bouncy castle, which I’m pretty sure has gotten more exciting the older I get (bouncy bouncy, ooo such a good time, bouncy bouncy, everybody somersault, somersault, SOMERSAULT. Everytime I bounce, I feel I touch the SKYYYYYY). Moving on to the sticky wall, with the suit that now contains half of Inika’s hair. I’m sure we all enjoyed watching PC personally attack the wall, then Mingkai who literally climbed to the top, only to fall off. From those who remembered that running-pulling-back-thingie

Onto the sumo suits, this new addition was incredibly exciting. A true battle to the death, then the battle of trying desperately to escape from the suit. The tradition of playing laser tag reached a new level for me, using my room as an excellent stakeout point to be an assassin. Kudos to Peng Tiong whose skills in this game have reached an entirely new level. No IH Day would be complete without the traditional Halloween party, and party we did. I don’t think any detail needs to go into that… A super big thanks to Vishnu for the awesome job he did organising the day. Totes brillerz. #yearofthepanda

OCTOBER 21, Issue 4


gen-Kibble boson – but only three people can receive the Nobel Prize. However, Englert and Higgs seemed to have contributed enough to get them over the line for a Nobel Prize, so congratulations to them! I feel that the Nobel Prize for physics seems to be the most glorified of all, as I often hear less of the recipients of the other fields, so here they are if you are as uninformed as me! The Nobel Prize for chemistry was awarded to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel for their work in the computer simulation of complex chemical systems. Basically, their work comprised creating computer models for systems of large compounds in which inaccurate but simple CLASSICAL physics is used to model region with little reactivity occurring, whereas the more accurate but computationally more intensive quantum physics is used in calculations to model regions where more interactions between molecules take place.


So it’s that time of year. It’s the 8th of October. Yes! The Nobel Prizes for 2013 have been announced, giving us another year of people whose prowess in these important fields we must both admire and envy. First of the prizes was physics. Last year the tentative discovery of a theorised fundamental particle of nature, which some of you may well know is the Higgs boson, was finally announced after its theoretical inception by Peter Higgs and other theorists in the 1960s. This was a powerful result as its discovery marked the experimental observation of the final fundamental particle of nature as described by the standard model of physics. I remember my physics lecturer, the valorous Lloyd HollenBerg, noting the difficulty of choosing who should get the Nobel Prize, as it should have been called the Englert-Brout-Higgs-Giralnik-Ha-


International House Globe

“But Globe, what about the literature prize?” Well, that was awarded to the Canadian short story writer Jane Munro. No, she’s not related to Jane Munro. Referred to as the “Master of the Contemporary Short Story”, the name is really self-explanatory about her achievements. Upon searching, one of her works that peaked my interest and I hope to check out in future is her book Too Much Happiness, a text about a Russian female mathematician trying to find her place in the world. The Prize for physiology and medicine was awarded to James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Sudhof for discovering the machinery of a transport system in cells. Unfortunately, I have to plead ignorance to what exactly that means. Finally, Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller were awarded the Prize for economic sciences for their work in the empirical analysis on asset prices. You’d have to ask one of our lovely commerce students for elaboration on what that may mean, as I once again defer the explanation due to ignorance. So that’s the Nobel Prize. It’s good.

"SERIOUS SHIT YOU MISSED in the time since the last serious shit you missed this week" WRITER: Riley Metcalfe

The Australian Labor Party’s great experi-

many Labor insiders. The campaign was

Albanese has promised to help ‘discipline’

ment in democracy has ended, not with a

not negative and did not destroy the

those who step out of line. Shorten has

bang, but with a whimper. Bill Shorten has

party. Both candidates introduced them-

three years to beat the odds and attempt

won – the clear choice of the caucus, while

selves to both the party and the public,

to win the 4% swing that Labor will need

his opponent, Anthony Albanese lost, des-

allowing them to introduce themselves

to regain government in 2016.

pite being the clear choice of the rank and

to the public. This helped to overcome

file. Shorten was elected under new rules

an exposure problem often faced by new

On Friday, Shorten announced his new

implemented by Kevin Rudd during his

Opposition leaders, and gave both can-

shadow ministry. Chris Bowen – the inte-

previous stint at Leader of the Labor Party.

didates the chance to introduce them-

rim leader (and future Labor PM), kept his

Under these rules, the Labor membership

selves to the public.

Treasury portfolio. Andrew Leigh, a rising star is Shadow Assistant Treasurer. Treasu-

and the caucus are given an equal say. The results of both votes are announced at the

Shorten now has the unenviable task of

rer Joe Hockey is clearly intellectually out-

same time (so the caucus cannot influence

rebuilding a party which has been gut-

gunned (although I can’t say the same for

the popular vote, and vice versa). Shorten

ted by three years of leadership turmoil

Assistant Treasurer Arthur Sinodinos, who

won due to the support of his colleagues,

and the worst primary vote since the Se-

has previously debated Leigh in a Canbe-

while Albanese was kept in the running

cond World War. Here, Shorten has the

rra pub). Tanya Plibersek is Deputy Leader

due to his support among the rank and file.

clear support of the majority of his cau-

and Foreign Minister, Albanese has kept his

cus – which will hopefully make this task

portfolio of Infrastructure and Penny Wong

easier. Additionally, true to this word,

has retained the position of Labor leader in

The election was very well run – despite the predictions of many people, including

the Senate, as well as being Trade Minister.

The results of the Labour Leadership election

OCTOBER 21, Issue 4






In the lead-up to Diwali (The Indian Festival of Lights) on Saturday, there will be a free screening of the Bollywood movie: TAAL at 5:30pm at Federation Square.

PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD Free, on-campus vegan dinner hosted by the Environment Department at North Court, Melbourne University. Starts at 6pm.







Come and raise questions about cycling projects with City of Melbourne Councillors and staff at Melbourne Town Hall.

The Call Up, a four-piece Indie-Rock band is playing in North Court today! If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, The Drones LEAD UP TO DIWALI or Grinderman, these Free screening of the guys are supposed to Bollywood movie: I, Me sound similar, so check and Mein at 5:30pm at them out! Federation Square.



Free screening of the Bollywood movie: Tar Jame Head over to Geelong and Par at 5:30pm at Federa- immerse yourself in the racing atmorsphere for tion Square. the day! Who knows? You might win something... Tickets $30 general admission.

International House Globe



Free screening of the Bollywood movie: Jab tak hain Jaan at 5:30pm at Federation Square.








You do not want to miss At Alaysa Turkish on this enormous Indian Sydney Road - it’s close Celebration! Fed Square by, cheap and delicious. will be lighting up with all Most importantly, it’s not things Indian: food, jeweCaterCare food! Sign up llry, fashion, music, dance on Nexus! and more! There will also be fireworks and lamps POP-UP SHOP to light up the night! A pop-up shop of pre-lo- From 12pm-9:30pm at ved designer clothing Federation Square. with the proceeds going BOOK MARKET to disadvantaged women! At Queen Victoria A fantastic book market for all you bookworms Women’s Centre, 210 out there at Federation Lonsdale St. Square, The Atrium from 11am-5pm.



For those of us with exams coming up, this is the last chance to be free. SWOTVAC begins tomorrow!

SCARECREOW MAKING Exactly what it sounds like! Fun to be had for all, at the Pop Up Patch, Federation Square from 12-12:30pm.


PRESENTS RENT 7:30pm throughout the week at the Open Stage, University of Melbourne! It looks AMAHZING.

MELBOURNE FESTIVAL One of the world’s leading arts festivals - LAST WEEK!

NATIONAL GALLERY OF VICTORIA Edward Steichen and At Deco Fashion at the NGV showcases this golden age of fashion and photography. 180 St. Kilda Road.

OCTOBER 21, Issue 4


CUlture Vulture

cal Panis Angelicus, to the cover of Me-

take a lot of time to master the egg-sha-

tallica’s Enter Sandman and everything in

ker, master it though, I did). Speaking of

between. To the joy of everyone who lives

egg-shakers, the ukulele-wielding ani-

in Greycourt, Mason finally had an oppor-

mals made a grand reappearance, this

tunity to showcase his drumming skills (he

time with a sick percussion section (also

practices ALL the time). As one of the final

not propping myself. I am definitely re-

events of the year, Music Night provided

ferring to Jordi’s raging bongo beats). At


a welcome respite from all the study that

the end of the official proceedings, we

WRITER: Emily Vearing

suddenly appears at the end of semester.

were treated to an encore performan-

IH appears to have more talented people While Rick and On got their tech stuff

ce from another one of IH’s favourite

than anyone knew, Austin sings? Dan is

together, Joel and Frank set the stage

groups, The Honeybadgers, who brou-

good on guitar as well as everything else

and Amanda meticulously laid out the

ght it home with their rendition of Hey

he ever does? Zoe is pretty much Nala from

delicious snacks, musos, ‘wannabes’ and

Jude and I Will Wait. I am sorry that I

the Lion King? Furthermore, we learnt that

punters alike started rocking up to the JCR

haven’t mentioned absolutely everyone

Jenna is really good at multitasking. See-

in anticipation of a musical feast. Music

who performed, even though you tho-

ing as her fellow sluzzatrons (look up last

Night coordinator, Darcy and his crack

roughly deserved it. Anyone who missed

year’s music night) weren’t there to back

committee put on a wonderful evening

Music Night missed out on a lot. Hope-

her up, our ex-pres became a one-woman

with a splendid array of IH talent. Those

fully we will have many opportunities in

show. We also learnt and that tuning your

who secured couches early sat smugly

the future to hear from new talents, such

guitar on-stage doesn’t have to be tedious

while everyone else filled the JCR finding

as Shortlist and Etienne, Mason, Rowan

and awkward thanks to Raph (Why are you

everywhere and anywhere to sit or stand

and Sameer’s band (do they have a

so amazing??? Please tell us mere mortals

to watch. Once the VIP guests, Peter Cole

name? They need a name) and many

how you do it). A lot of crazy talented IHers

and Sylvie were seated, the lovely ladies

others. However, I do feel that the Wan-

made multiple appearances on-stage. I’m

in overalls, Jam Sammich, kicked off the

nabes are probably going to quit while

not going to name you because there are

proceedings and the place was jumping

they’re ahead and are not going to be

actually too many. Kudos to your time ma-

and jiving from then on in. There were

doing too many Spice Girls impersona-

nagement skills, as well as musical abilities

a huge variety of acts from the classi-

tions in the near future.

(I am not propping myself here. I didn’t

When there’s no Coco Pops at breakfast:


International House Globe


As SWOTVAC draws inevitably closer and we find that our daily caffeine intake begins to multiply proportional to the workload, this week’s DIY project will focus on creating your very own personalised mug so you may enjoy your performance (study) enhancing drugs in style. What you will need: • A ceramic mug – the cheaper the better as the glaze will melt and bond with the marker more easily. • Sharpie pens to draw your design – most colours fade when baked and some even change colour. It’s best to fire a test run on a small plate first. • An oven – I hear Greycourt has one! If not, find a buddy with an electric oven or do it when you get home. • Gloves (recommended). The principle behind this is that, once drawn on with sharpie, your mug will be ‘fired’ in the oven so that the protective glaze coat melts slightly, incorporating your design permanently into the glaze layer.

A step-by-step approach: 1. Clean your mug. – It is important to get all oils off your mug or the design may not become permanent. It is also recommended to use gloves to handle the mug from now on to prevent getting skin-oils on it. 2. Plan out and draw on your design. – If writing, it is best to mark out lines to write on with tape first (and remove after drawing is finished) as it is hard to write straight on curved surfaces. If drawing a picture practice on a piece of scrap paper pushed against the mug to get a feel for the effects of the curvature. 3.

Leave for 24 hours to dry (recommended).

4. Place mug in oven BEFORE turning it on. – It is paramount that you put your mug in the oven before you turn it on or else you risk cracking it. 5. Set the oven at 180 C and allow to heat up with mug inside. – This allows the mug to expand slowly and adjust to the heat preventing cracking. 6. When at 180 C leave the mug in the oven for 30 minutes. – Check regularly to make sure your mug is not ‘browning’ if white. 7. After 30 minutes turn off the oven. DO NOT REMOVE MUG!

dOllie Doctor Dear dOllie Doctor, This burning question plagues me at night, especially as our beloved milo may soon disappear. Please explain the difference between milo and hot chocolate, and why can’t we live without it.

8. Once completely cool, remove mug from oven and test by running a wet cloth over it. – If the design stays then it worked! If not, try again. Congratulations on your new personalised sharpie mug :D

A: In essence Milo is a hot chocolate (coco) and malt blend whereas regular hot chocolate powder lacks a number of additional ingredients, the most essential of which being a crack-cocaine like substance that instils a state of addiction and dependency on the subject. This will obviously have severe repercussions if International House’s supply of this vital substance were ever removed, most likely resulting in hoards of addict’s angry protesting, reduced productivity and a hangover like state in all residents seeking their next milo. Yours faithfully, dOllie Doctor OCTOBER 21, Issue 4


WRITER: Alexandre Guérin

ALEX's PLAYLIST OF THE WEEK 505 – The Arctic Monkeys (a.k.a. 404 – Maggie) Best song of the decade, especially Maggie Greenham’s cover – “I’m going back to 404…”


Get Low - Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz Very deep and meaningful lyrics. Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz leads us to ponder the true meaning of “all skeet skeet”. Escape – Asta Amazing young singer from Tasmania is back with a new single! I had the chance to see her live and I think I’m in love with her. Avenger – The Bamboos Chilled summery song by the funk Melbourne-based band the Bamboos. Catch them on tour soon! Three Headed Woman – Boy & Bear Great song about a cheating girl (can relate). See Boy & Bear live in Melbourne November 2 and 3!

SNAPCHAT OF THE WEEK AND WE CAN’T STOP. AND WE WONT STOP. Keep on sending those Snapchats to ihglobeyo!

Borderline & Aliens – Grouplove Grouplove is back with a new album and playing at Big Day Out – don’t miss out, tickets are selling fast! Step – Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend playing at Falls Festival for NYE, get around it, as they say. Skin To Bone – The Jungle Giants Great song about love (it’s about sex). Catch them in Melbourne on the 29th November. xoxo Alex Girl.

Find this playlist online at


International House Globe

IH Globe Issue 4 - 21 October 2013  

Covering off on your week of crazy events here at IH!