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Special submission from Jacob Trethowan on a dining hall napkin. Thanks so much, Jacob. We really appreciate it! #sarcasm #youcantsitwithusagain

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Emily Vearing The Globe is published weekly by Rosie Marsland on behalf of the International House Student Club. The material here is edited but uncensored and therefore the views expressed here do not reflect those of the editor. Please share your ideas, opinions, ads and skills with us by emailing us at The Globe acknowledges the Wurrundjeri people as the traditional owers of this land. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present.


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A Week Of Having A Ball / page 6 Dreamtime Story / page 8 Minutes In A Minute / page 8 Rowing Regatta 2014 / page 9 Building Reviews / page 10 Culture Vulture: Little Shop of Horrors / page 12

FROM THE EDITOR XV Dearest my fabulous pandas, Now don’t get jealous, but I’ve been feeling the intercollegiate love this past week since last we spoke. From the ridiculously hilarious Theatre Sports on Sunday night (where we discovered that Cindy didn’t know what lentils are), to the ICAC musical Little Shop of Horrors all week (where we discovered that Jon can do an extremely convincing Southern accent), to Saturday’s rowing regatta (where Panda got a little aggressive towards the other mascots, notably that dastardly Ormond Bee), it’s been a good one for affirming our place amongst the ranks of Melbourne Uni Colleges (although not on the Crescent) and meeting loads of awesome people. As for this week, well, I’m sure I don’t need to mention it but I will because I’m so excited – BALL! Iron your suits and choose your heels, ladies and gents, cos shit’s gonna get classy (and messy) this week. Who knows? You might even end up in a taxi with some Monash kids, as an ex-IHer famously did last year. Anything can happen at Ball, and with this year’s theme being Welcome to Wonderland, it’s sure to be a great night of madness and frivolity. Hold on to your (beautifully decorated by the Deco Team) hats, Xoxo Rosemary.

Cheers to you all Gather around, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, to another PVP Report! On this week’s edition we look back at what was a quieter week (for some) after Café but no less important. We hope that you are all now fully rested and have caught back up on any work that you may have missed out on during Café week. Now a round of applause must go to Alex, Miguel, Rosie, Bridget, Jon and Mahalia who went straight from Café Week to production week for the ICAC musical, Little Shop of Horrors which was a fantastic and funny show when I (Tom) went and saw it on Friday night. Also great job to our

rowing teams who have been waking up extremely early in the morning for the past few weeks. It was also great to see so many people up and down at the Yarra River cheering on our teams. For those who weren’t there, you missed out on some excellent action both on and off the river. Looking forward to next week, we have the IH Ball to look forward to on Friday Night. If you haven’t bought a ticket yet then you’re going to miss out on a wonderful night in Wonderland. There’s still tickets for you and your friends from other colleges to buy so get around it!! Just one final note from the PVP; as the semester winds down (or gets busier depending on your perspective), just be aware of those who are trying to get assignments done and prepare for the upcoming exams.

May 19, Issue 15




Live Below the Line It has been just over a week since our team of eleven completed the challenge to Live Below the Line, that is to live on $2 a day for five days. This was a huge effort to everyone involved, admits the chaos of Café week, ball preparation, rowing training and assignments, but was well worth it. As a team, IH has currently raised a total of $4,847. This has placed us as the third highest fundraising college in Australia and the first highest in Victoria. This is an incredible effort and is overwhelming to think of the impact this will have for young people living in poverty in Timor-Leste, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea. On behalf of the team, a huge thank you to everyone who supported us, whether it have been through words of encouragement or generous donations. We would not have made it through the week without you all! Head to the IH team page to check out some of the insightful blogs written by various team members and if you’ve got some loose change feel free to donate to the team - online donations are open until June 30th! international-house-melbourne

What’s a lentil again??? Last Sunday, ICAC’s theatre sports event took place at Melbourne Uni North Court! An absolutely sensational night, full of improvisation, fun and non-stop laughter! The night had an awesome kick start performance by Alex and Lou with their character improvisations of a Russian rabbi guy and Wally (from Where’s Wally)! Then, there was the event that all of us had been excited for... the commercial, in which Millie, Lou, Harley and I were to be given a product to sell, and be given 20 seconds to plan how to successfully advertise the given product. Out of all of my experiences in drama and theatre, out of any product that you would likely want to hear the commercial of... just out of the blue, an audience member screamed out the product, “LENTILS”, and at that moment, the time when the host agreed with the idea, LENTILS – it dawned on me that I had no idea what they were!!! BUT, as awesome ‘improvisationalists’ do, we successfully advertised the lentils! PHEW…! Throughout the night, we acted and watched the amazingly talented actors from IH and the other colleges do their thing. Creating story lines for the acts in 20 seconds, followed by having to stand up on that stage and act was an adrenaline-filled, hands-down brilliant experience! Acting along with students from other colleges is not only a good ice-breaker but also a great way to get together as a big group and played NINJA! That’s right. This is the most epic game, full of speed, agility, reflexes, and every man for themselves. Do you think you’re ninja enough? ;) All I have gotta say: THEATRE SPORTS IS AWESOME!!! IT’S THE BEST THING EVER! :D

Environments Committee A reminder that the IH Environments Committee meets each week at 8:30pm in the dining hall. The dedicated team have all begun to undertake various projects but new members are always welcome. Please speak to Indah, Jacqui or myself if you have any questions regarding the environments committee or would like to get involved! Some food for thought: “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal” Albert Pine


International House Globe

ILO UPDATE: EKIDEN By Maggie greenham Much sushi was consumed and much running was done! For those of you who don’t know what Ekiden even is (aside from the posters around college with all the spelling mistakes) it’s a long distance relay race that began in Japan in 1917 from Kyoto to Tokyo (508kms) to mark the change of capital city. The historic IH event from Royal Park to Prinny Park (with 8 loops making marathon distance) marks the many parks in our fair suburb of Parkville. Not really but it gives IHers the chance to learn about a really cool Japanese tradition and eat sushi, run together, play sudoku and listen to J-Pop. Ekiden this year was awesome. We had 7 teams run and Thon run a marathon all by his sweet self! This year also marks the first time we haven’t lost an IHer along the way. No man gets left behind! It was great to have such a mix of IHers come down to the day including all the runners, uke clubbers and general food-eaters! Big thanks to my cultural committee for doing such a good job!

Births, Deaths & Marriages By Evie Dowling Births: The University of Melbourne and the exam coordinators would like to announce the birth of Stress 19/05/14 The University is quite pleased with the timing of the baby, however everyone else thinks it’s the ugliest baby they’ve ever met. Deaths: Evie Dowling and Charleton Glenn would like to announce the death of The International House Female Boat Crew. 18/05/14 The Crew had an amazing three week season culminating in third place in the B final. Marriages: Lou Wall and the Panda Cup proudly inform the community of the commitment to food by Harley Brackley 16/05/14 Involving wheatbix, chilli, peanut butter, cinnamon and lamington cake, this marriage has no boundaries. In other news, a close source of the power couple, Phoebe Frost and Michael Elliot-Jones, tells Globe that they have announced their engagement to friends and family. SNAPCHAT


Classic IH internet,, always working 100% Send more snaps, yo! Add ihglobeyo :D

May 19, Issue 15




19 TESTING AND 20 NATIONAL TAGGING OF ELECNIGHT COUNTRY TRICAL EQUIPMENT NOMINATION Nominations for Semester 2’s National Night country will be closing at midnight, so get yo national pride on and check out the Nexus signup. Rules are that there has to be at least one current IHer from that country and nominators will have to make a 30-second speech next week on why their country of nomination should be chosen!

UMSU Op Shop At North Court today at 12pm, check out the UMSU op shop!


If you are a resident of the Scheps, please leave the items to be tagged unplugged and near your door or on your bed. Tagging will be from 10am4pm today.

CREATING SYNERGY BETWEEN INVESTORS AND ENTREPRENEURS Come along to the JCR at 7:30pm for a coffee and cake session with Philip Nyssen. Using examples from Singapore and Brisbane, the presentation will be focused on property and agriculture joint ventures and collaborations.

International House Globe





FESTIVAL STARTS For all you film enthusiasts, the St. Kilda Film Festival is starting today and will be running until the 31st of May, so make sure to check it out.

having a ball FRIDAY




Suit up, kiddies. t’s time for the annual IH Ball. If you haven’t already bought your ticket, make sure to do so ASAP. See you at 7pm today for what is going to be a crazy fun night! Oh, and try not to get into any taxis with Minash kids tonight.


To raise funds for the David Project, there will be a Mini Music Night on tonight. More information to be released soon.





Ball is on Friday and there is still lots to do in the way of decorations, so please see Julia or Ollie on how you can help out in creating Wonderland!

FOUND FESTIVAL A festival with a difference, Found Festival is dedicated to the millions of women living in torture, slavery and abuse around the world. Running from the 17th to the 25th of May at the Abbotsford Convent, this festival features performances by over 80 artists, comedians, performers, musicians and academics! Check it out!

May 19, Issue 15


dreamtime story: the southern cross by chris zhao In the very beginning when Baiame the sky king, walked the earth, out of the red ground of the ridges he made two men and a woman. When he say that they were alive he showed them such plants as they should eat to keep life, then he went on his way. For some time they lived on such plants as he had shown them; then came a dought, and plants grew scarce, and when one day a man killed a kangaroo rat, he and the woman ate some of its flesh, but the other man would not eat though he was famished for food, and lay as one dead. Again and again the woman told him it was good and pressed him to eat. Annoyed, weak as he was, he rose and walked angrily away towards the sunset, while the other two still ate hungrily. When they had finished they looked for him, found he had gone some distance, and went after him. Over some sandhills, over the pebbly ridges they went, losing sight of him from time to time. When they reached the edge of the coolabah plain they saw their mate on the other side, by the river. They called to him to stop but he heeded them not; on he went until he reached a huge yaraan, or white gum tree, beneath which he fell to the ground. As he lay there dead they saw beside him a black figure with two huge fiery eyes. This figure raised him into the tree and dropped him into its hollow centre. While still speeding across the plain they heard such a terrific burst of thunder that they fell startled to the ground. When they raised themselves they gazed wonderingly toward the giant gum-tree. They saw it being lifted from the earth and passing through the air toward the southern sky. They could not see their lost mate, but fiery eyes gleamed from the tree. Suddenly, a raucous shrieking broke the stillness; they saw that it came from two yellow-crested white cockatoos flying after the vanishing tree – Mooyi, they called them. On went the Spirit Tree, and after it, flew the Mooyi, shrieking loudly to it to stop, so that they might reach their roosting place in it. At last the tree planted itself near the Warrambool, or Milky Way, which leads to where the sky gods live. When it seemed quite still the tree gradually disappeared from their sight. They only saw four fiery eyes shine out. Two were the eyes of Yowi, the spirit of 8

International House Globe

death. The other two were the eyes of the first man to die. The Mooyi fly after the tree, trying always to reach their roost again. When all nature realized that the passing of this man meant that death had come into the world, there was wailing everywhere. The swamp oak trees sighed incessantly, and the gum-trees shed tears of blood, which crystallised into red gum. To this day to the tribes of this part, the Southern Cross is known as Yaraan-doo, the place of the white gum-tree. And the Pointers are called Mooyi, the white cockatoos. So is the first coming of death remembered by the tribes, to whom the Southern Cross is a reminder.

Minutes in a minute BY rosie marsland

1. No complaints from anyone from Café afterparty yay! 2. Speeches for Satadal and MN coordinator next Wednesday during dinner. 3. Did really well in Theatresports (came 6th! Compared with coming last last year) but pretty poor support (come on guys) 4. Potential IH Battle of the Bands to choose the band for ICAC BOTB, to possibly tie in with Davis Project. 5. Netball training to start this week. 6. LBL has raised $4000+ so far!!!! 3rd in Aus and 1st in Vic wohoohohooo. 7. Enviro Committee: may get subsidized keep cups for everyone that stay in the Dining Hall and start phasing out paper cups - to be trialed in the coming weeks. 8. Got another $3000 grant for Davis Project from Melb Uni. 9. Bounce to happen on 25th, Sunday after ball, sign-ups to come. 10. Will talk to Rosemary about idea of email for late meals...? 11. During exams, breakfast will open at 7am to accommodate for 8.30 exams. 12. Greycourt party can’t be held on Thursday due to Friday classes - so Greycourtians shall reconvene and decide a new day. 13. Cleaning out of the SC Office in Week 12. 14. Ball is making money now, sold 201 tickets. 15. Bought 4 weights for the gym, less than $400 in total. Online poll on facebook soon for new equipment, 16. Pharmacy items to be sold at Shop. 17. New merch coming! Shorts for roughly $35, scarves and maybe trackies. 18. PC wants to amend the IHSC/House guidelines to be proposed in October - House will pay for it then invoice Student Club except for personalised things.

Rowing regatta 2014 dawn broke. all was quiet on the Yarra river... WRITER: Chris Zhao

Dawn broke. All was quiet on the Yarra River… But then… Friends. Comrades. Pandas. The seductive aroma of PC’s sausages. The tension. The atmosphere. The cheering. These are just some of the things that you missed if you missed the biggest river-based sporting event of the year. To the casual bystander, all they would’ve seen would be an unusual collection of college students chilling by the river and having good old ‘barbie’. This could not be further from the truth. For underneath what seemed a serene river setting, a clash of titanic proportions raged on. Decked in the colours and banners of the collegiate forefathers, trumpeting cheers and war chants could be heard for miles either side, emanating from the respective colleges, some of whom were more inebriated than the others. Oars slicing through the water to perfection, rowing crews synchronized to the tee, this was no joke. Our boys rowing crew came particularly prepared for war, garbed in traditional camouflage and army helmets; they certainly had an edge over the rest of the colleges. Unfortunately,

due to equipment malfunction, and suspected intercollegiate sabotage, our boys faced extraordinary circumstances, yet nothing stopped them from rowing their hearts out. The girls’ crew also did amazingly well, smashing colleges north, south and centre. Professionally attired, the girls meant business, yet also faced equipment faults and unexpected challenges. Despite this made it all the way to race in the Group B finals of the seconds in which they placed third! Even the collegiate mascots could not contain themselves, engaging in many a physical joust with the occasional WWE – style elbow drop thrown in from time to time. It is my pleasure to say that the valiant International House Panda held his own, winding up on the top of the many dog piles that transpired. Quickly establishing itself as the alpha, the IH Panda proved that certainly deep inside the university jungle, the International House ‘rumble’ is a force to be reckoned with. Thank you everyone for coming out to the river and supporting our college and our rowers! Special thanks also goes to our Deputy Head of College Peter Cole for coming out and providing us the finest sausages in the seven kingdoms. Thanks mate! Be sure to congratulate everyone involved and everyone who got out on the water. They went out there and they made us proud!

May 19, Issue 15


building reviews the 'what’s hot and what’s not’ of ih buildings Clunies (Sapan Bhanot) Pros - The only advantage of having a room in Clunies is that it’s close to the dining hall and the JCR, which is something you get from living in Wadham anyway. Cons - We don’t have basins in our rooms like Scheps. - There’s no central heating. We have to use the portable 17th century heaters. - It’s noisy at times because of the “thinner” walls. You can hear the person in the next room playing music, making a phone call, etc. - The rooms are the smallest in IH (From what I’ve seen). - There is just one socket in each room. That too, it’s right on top of the desk, so you can’t connect most plugs without an extension cord. - It doesn’t matter much, but the wardrobes are also smaller.

Scheps (Rob Soh) Pros - Spacious rooms. - A SINK so it’s easy to get water and brush your teeth. - Decent walls so you can blast your embarrassing music all you want. - The lift (and the possibility of getting trapped inside). - Conveniently placed Scheps gate. Cons - The lift (especially for those residing in the “library” - 5th floor). - You will get lost eventually. - Far from the dining hall. - Either boiling hot or freezing cold showers and dodgy water pressure at times. - Construction early in the morning. - Construction workers possibly being able to see into your room.


International House Globe

Dimmick (Alexandre Guérin and Tom Soh) Pros - Real kitchen. Nice “real life” apartment vibe. - The apartments are nice and cosy and big for 2 or 3 people. - Can stalk people in the other buildings (Hello Caitlin!) - Out of the 5 people living in the two apartments, 3 of us have double beds - No one knows where it is so its easy to sleep (even though no one sleeps in college). Cons - No one knows where it is so it makes explaining it to people a pain. - No pantry and a smaller fridge makes it harder to store food.

Hilda’s (Caitlin Kaine) Pros - Quiet – many people don’t know that Hilda’s has rooms or where they actually are, so it’s very peaceful. - Close to the dining hall and tute rooms – food AND quiet study areas, what more do you need? - Cold. No overheating in this building! - You get to know all the secret back areas of IH. - There’s a garden! - Knowledge of Dimmick’s top-secret location (Hi Tom and Alex!) - Amazing people, obviously. Cons - No one knows where the rooms are or how to get there - Running into Jane in your towel on the way to the shower is always awkward… - The cold is not always a good thing - The shower takes ages to warm up - Thin walls (almost as bad as Clunies)

New Building (Zoe Moorman) Pros - Best soundproofing in college! Zac and I tested this, and even when people are blasting music with the door open or have friends over, closing your door mutes all sound from the rest of the apartment. - Kitchen!!!!

- Lounge room!!!! You can study on a couch without having the brave the noise of the JCR, woo! - AIR CONDITIONING!!!! - Ironing board AND iron permanently in the apartment, with the best washing machines in college on the ground floor. - Living with friends - Ability to host epic parties and mass viewing sessions without straying far from your snacks/tea/whiskey. - desk cork board!!! (Editor’s note: Scheps and Greycourt have these too, hate to rain on your parade) Cons: - THE MOTHER FLIPPIN FIRE ALARMS. Due to the enormous amount of people cooking in New Building in comparison to other parts of the college, it naturally follows that the builders gave New Building not only the most sensitive fire alarms, but also the loudest and most self-defecation-inducing. - You have to go outside into the cold/wind/rain/hail to get anywhere, including the dining hall. #firstworldproblems - Slowest elevator known to humanity. - On the north side, courtyard noise, and on the south side, construction noise – the latter will be done next sem, and they are both dampened by the epic soundproofing, but still!

Wadham (Gabriel Haines) Pros: - Decent size room. - Large wardrobes and heaps of storage. - FLOOR HEATING!!!! - Warm hallways. - Great views of the courtyard and Wadham lawn. - Hot showers (even that time when they said we would have lukewarm water). - Thick walls if all your doors and windows are closed. - Lift! With added art exhibition all the way to the 4th floor. - Easy access to dining hall, JCR and vacuum cleaner. Cons: - THE FUCKING CHAIR (the bane of many people’s existence). - The desk is a weird shape and too short (my poor knees). - Power points and Ethernet on one side of the room. - It’s forever hot. - Awkward views into Jane’s house (she could probably see us too).

- Courtyard parties are heard by all. - Not entirely soundproof… (wink wink, nudge nudge) - Entrance goes through reception area (no sneaking guest in easily without someone noticing). - Stairs.

Greycourt (Rosie Marsland) Pros: - The biggest rooms in college, if you got da points to get em. Also some nice smaller rooms with 2 sections -- deco options are infinite! - In between the Dining Hall and the Scheps Gate, so you get the best of both worlds. - Kitchen with stove! - Close to the Games Room and TV Room! Never miss a party again, primo access to the TV and Wii, and many couches for you to laze around on. - Often alcohol is left in there for you to sneakily claim in the morning. - You get to run your own party! (hello Greycourt party Week 12, woot woot) - Random table in the upstairs kitchen - can be used for studying or for drinking... - Really nice architecture and character-full building with nice moldings, doors, windows, and other pretty details. Just imagine the shenanigans that Greycourt has seen in its life..

Cons: - Frequently trashed - no space is safe. Can’t leave your door open most nights for fear of being invaded by drunk people (Zack experienced this first hand). Vomit in the bathroom, bottles in the Games Room, hallways full of rubbish.. It gets pretty old pretty fast. - Pretty average soundproofing, especially when people hang out in the hallways (although surprisingly enough I usually can’t hear noise from the Games Room) - No bathrooms on the ground floor. - Dodgy cracks in the walls in some rooms (though Gary assures us it’s all fine...)

So which building seems the best to you? Keep all these things in mind for when you’re looking to upgrade next year!

May 19, Issue 15


CULTURE VULURE: Little Shop of horrors By Emily Vearing

Matinées are renowned for being the worst performances during the run of almost any show. After a big production week, the cast, orchestra and crew of the second ever ICAC musical must have been exhausted. With two shows behind them and without the adrenaline rush that accompanies closing night, I was thoroughly impressed with Little Shop of Horrors Friday matinee performance. To see people perform so well, at their supposedly weakest time, was a pleasure. Little Shop of Horrors is a favourite of mine. The songs, the setting and the characters who, let’s face it, are really just caricatures, are put together so well. It’s such a funny, sassy show and the folks from the crescent and beyond proved that they have the talent to do it justice. To our IH darlings of the stage, Bridget, Jonathon made sure that their moments in the spotlight truly were shining ones. The Union Theatre is a great asset to the uni but sometimes I do wish that it had an orchestral pit in front of the stage, just so the audience could see the conductor and musicians responsible for putting the music in musicals. I might be admitting a weird fetish that I have and share with no one else when as I write this but I really enjoy watching an orchestra, seeing the individual musicians play their own little parts and hearing how it all forms the score. That’s not that weird, is it? Forgive my digression; my point is that, although


International House Globe

we couldn’t see the orchestra play, I sure enjoyed listening to them. Well done to Mahalia for bringing honour to your panda family with your clarinet playing skills! Last time I saw this show live I was quite young, and something that never comes across in the film is just how complex some of the songs in Little Shop are. Watching the ICAC production made me realise just how much work these singers were doing, especially to keep in synch with one another. The songs are often split into two or more melodies, with different timing, which require different tones, different choreography, etc. It has to be done with a fair bit of accuracy to be pulled off. A lot of musicals have one or two songs like this in the entire show. Little Shop of Horrors has heaps of it. I have a lot of respect for the cast because of this. That includes the plant and its puppeteers because they can’t even see what their onstage counterparts are doing. They just have to trust that everyone is in time. To make a criticism, because it is part of being a critic, Audrey’s costume was actually too classy to make the jokes about her lifestyle, particularly about her previous job at The Gutter relevant.

IH Globe Issue 15 - 19 May 2014  

ICAC funtimes - rowing, theatresports and musical say what now?!

IH Globe Issue 15 - 19 May 2014  

ICAC funtimes - rowing, theatresports and musical say what now?!