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Monday February 27, 2012

Issue 5 Volume X


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On this week’s cover: Austin Carroll (left) wears Eggshell Sheet by his mum, necklace and ring are vintage. Aya Haruyama (right) wears White Sheet by her mum, headband is vintage. Sign is by O-Weekers.

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THE GLOBE: February 27 2012

the top two Hello Freshers and Welcome back Seniors! As this is written, O-Week is coming to a close with only the Toga Party left. What a great O-Week it’s been! Freshers attended pretty much every event in massive numbers having a great time and it was great to see that everyone is becoming friends with everyone else, not just in little groups! O-Week was a great success and we’re sure all you seniors will have a great time getting to know the new faces around college. Coming up in a few weeks there will be a couple of elections at our first General Meeting for the year. Positions available include the fresheronly position of General Member B, more info about that will come around in the next week or so. “General Member for the General Committee” (in charge of Food and Asset-Management) and “IH Report Editor” are also up for election. Jack has been our Interim VP since last October, and an election will be held for “Vice President” to fill this position permanently. This Thursday we have Commencement Dinner which kicks starts our high table dinners for the rest of the semester. Make sure you dress up and wear your robes! More info will be posted about this during the week. Lastly today is the first day of P-Week! This is a great chance for freshers and seniors to meet each other and introduce yourselves! Check out our new Globe Calendar for more info. That’s all from us, P and VP

JACK mC’Q & Bec D

editor's edict Hey everyone To those of you I know, how was your summer? To those of you I don’t know, we better not stay that way for long. O-Week has been crazy, and you’re probably pretty bollocked after 9 days of partying, room crams, and getting woken up via pots and pans. But wait - the fun’s not over yet. Today we kick of P-Week, aptly named as the week after O-Week. Dave Sullivan is your P-Week Coordinator and he’ll be running events every arvo/night for the next seven days. Here’s a nugget of wisdom for all you freshers out there - we, the students of IH, are the ones who get stuff done around here. All the activities we have, be they parties, National Nights, Cafe, sports, ICAC stuff, or whatnot, are run for and by students. And if you want us to have kick-ass events, we need your help. Over the coming weeks you’ll be assaulted with sign-ups on Nexus, notices on the Facebook group and announcements at dinner. Pick and choose the activities you can really put time and effort into, and that way we can share the load around and have phenom (yes it’s catching on) year!! Saying that, definitely join the Globe team. We need writers, photographers, designers, sub-editors. If you’re into sports, how about writing a sports column? If you’re into arts, how about a culture column? This year is the Globe’s 10th Anniversary and we’re gonna make it the biggest and best edition yet. A quick note from SCC: Shop (the room Freshers will currently only know as Bar) will not be opening during PWeek. If you require a quick hit of Mi-Gi however, you are able to call on your trusty Member for Shop James Johnstone who will be pedling his wares in the Grey Court Kitchenette every night between 7:30 and 10pm. Oh and guess what? The Globe is now printed on Carbon Neutral paper - yay for us!! Happy devouring of this Carbon Neutral issue, Johnny Ware find us on your iPhone or iPad at:



PS: congrats to Austin Carroll for Fresher King and Aya Haruyama as Fresher Queen!! THE GLOBE: February 27 2012


what's happening this week?: Febru

Monday TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THUR 10am: LABOUR leadership ballot


An internal Labour Party vote will be held in Canberra today to determine who will lead the Labour Party. Julia Gillard, the current PM, is picked to win, even with a swing to Kevin Rudd, her opponent. Watch ABC1 from 5am.

You know that spacey “ooooo” sound from the Doctor Who theme, and the Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations. That’s a theremin, and Melbourne’s got its own one. You can create your own music with your body, but today’s the last day. Flinders Walk @ Northbank

12pm: 84th Academy awards Hollywood’s night of nights has finally arrived. Look out for fake smiles on all the losers, lots of posing on the red carpet and Billy Crystal hosting for the ninth time. Ch9 are live from LA at midday.

12:45pm: Lunchbo ALL DAY: LEAP DAY Today is a one-in-four-years occurance and as such make sure you are extra crazy - anything you do doesn’t count cause the day doesn’t actually exist. Oh and a big Happy 18th Birthday to all of you born in 1940. Everywhere all day

Every Thursday th tre brings in wo ers and philosoph half-hour lectures cakes afterwards t FREE @ The Whee Little Londsade S

10am-5pm: MAD S 5pm: Dodgeball The game that turns even the softest of us into raging furies, dodgeball is part of P-Week. Join in to relive primary school terrors whilst meeting new peeps. Basketball Court @ 5pm.

1:30pm: INFINITY

The hit exhibition this is the last we ebration of all thi public. Get along $10 Student Tix t NGV, St Kilda Rd,

Celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary, The Australian Ballet performs three Aussie-made World Premieres in this exciting programme of modern dance. $35 Student Rush. Until March 6 at State Theatre, The Arts Centre.

COMMENCEM One of the bigge

8PM: BYOM The first event in P-Week is the inappropriately named Bring Your Own Mug. An IH tradion, this one does not require you to bring a mug so come along care-free for crepes and meeting randoms. Be in JCR from 8pm.


THE GLOBE:February 27 2012

8:30PM: Giant Twister Wanna get up close and personal with randoms? Tonight P-Weekers are organising a Giant Twister game for us all to get to know each other that little bit better. Get ur ass to the JCR at 8:30pm

AFTER DINNER: FUTSAL Come and partake in IH’s iconic sport, take on our limbre Futsal regulars and test your mad skills. “Futsal Court” after dinner till late.

IH Year, Comme first High Table d Kicking off with JCR from 6:15, w Dining Hall at 6 dinner. Afters sta for a few pints w head to Puggs’ deals and rowdy

uary 27 - March 4

brought to you by



he Wheeler Cenorld-class thinkhers to give free s. There’s yummy too!! eler Centre, 176 St

2pm: AUSTRALIA v. SRI LANKA The last regular match of the ODI Tri-Nations is today. Can Australia beat top-of-the-table Sri Lanka to secure a place in the finals? Student tickets are $26. 2:20 start at Melbourne Cricket Ground, Jolimont.

guys’ cricket & girls’ softball

The first chance for you all to show your IH spirit by busting a gut playing in the teams or cheering your mates on from the sidelines. Times and dates still TBC, but this weekend is the first round for both Guys’ Cricket and Girls’ Softball. Keep your eyes peeled to Facebook and your ears peeled to Dinner Annoucements for details as they come in.


n of the summer, eek of NGV’s celings Weimer Refor a culture hit. today only. , Southbank.



How has your brain held up after O-Week revelry and the first week of uni? Prove your mental prowess at the P-Week Trivia Night. Dining Hall from 8pm.

Join us for a “leisurely stroll” down Sydney Rd, Brunswick to observe and provide patronage to some of the other fine historical establishments not covered on the similar walk during O-Week. Leaving from the Foyer at 3pm

Grab this chance for a cool chilledout time. Numbers are limited to 40 people so sign up at BYOM on Monday. $12 (half price) @ Icehouse, Docklands. Meet in foyer at 2pm.

10pm: Midnight picnic

till 11pm: LUNA PARK


MENT DINNER est nights of the

encement is the dinner for 2012. h Pre-Drinks in we move into the 6:45 for a formal art at Union Bar with PC, then we for good drink dance moves.

Rest your brain after Trivia by heading over to Royal Park for another innappropriately named PWeek Event - the Midnight Picnic. Leaving from the Foyer at 10pm.

With extened opening hours during Summer, there’s never been a better time to head down to this Melbourne icon. Free entry, then $9.50/ride. The Esplanade @ St Kilda.

5:30pm: Carlton v. bulldogs IH’s local AFL team Carlton take on the Western Bulldogs in Rd 2 of the NAB Cup. Catch 2010 Brownlow Medalist Chris Judd in action. Student tix are $15.15 @ Etihad Stadium, Docklands.

THE GLOBE: February 27 2012


photos: O-Week


THE GLOBE: February 27 2012

columns Gossip Goat Gossip Goat here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of IH’s elite. Well, well, well, my darling lambs, it would seem this year has started off with a big bang.. Or two. With one hundred and sixty shiny new faces infiltrating the college, I will be watching with beady eyes to see how those first impressions from O-Week transgress into reputations throughout the year. Don’t disappoint me! From what I’ve heard whilst chewing on the grapevine, a lot of these young’uns took their kit off and ran around in their birthday suits last Sundy, at the first IH party of the year. In the interest of the seniors who have now returned, freshers: please continue this practice so we can all have a look. No-one can love anything more than a streaker at a college party. Spotted: A certain F seemed to have found some romantic interest on the dancefloor with at least three victims/ willing participants/girls at different times on the same night, or so reports tell me. No photographic evidence yet, but I’m waiting patiently… The same F seems to have turned himself into quite the ladies’ man over the week, with one source going as far to speculate that half the female population at college has now locked lips with this sexy foreign beastie, or at least, they’ve dreamed about it. A little birdy has told me that there is a new coveted OWeeker in town. Having interviewed Sven*, the much admired O-Weeker, Gossip Goat has the pleasure of exclusively revealing that he, firstly; is flattered, and secondly; will accept all gifts, donations and tokens of affection, however cannot guarantee a long-term commitment, let alone any form of reciprocation. There have been quite a few speculations and wild guesses at newly forming relationships from this past week. A few cuddles, and ‘drunken kisses on cheeks’ and arms around shoulders (which could merely be bromances, but who knows?) have all hinted towards various individuals becoming closer and closer. Only time will tell, and when it does, I’ll be waiting with an icecream container to get the news scoop. I’ll end this week with a plea for information. Share your secrets (and anyone elses’ you can find out) at

Money and More

with Jonathan Regan-Beasley Welcome and welcome back to all my dearly beloved fellow residents of International House. We begin the academic year this week with a fascinating political climate. As I write this, Ms Gillard and Mr Rudd are gearing up for a rather predictable leadership ballot. By the time you read this, I’m sure you’ll be aware of the outcome, largely because I’ll be running around screaming about it like a twelve year old girl at lunch. So let’s make a few things clear. Firstly, Julia will still be Prime Minister of Australia by the time you read this. There’s little doubt about that. Secondly, this whole saga is in my eyes a non-issue. There are interests in the media who want nothing less than the replacement of the admittedly imperfect Labor regime with an Abbottesque autocracy. Unfortunately, our alternate leader is so hungry for power that he has, as of yet, failed to expand his vocabulary beyond the word “no”. As a result, these political puppeteers are having a rather difficult time. But let’s just imagine that the media achieves their purpose. Let’s imagine that Kevin replaces Julia, and all the Labor heavyweights who said they could not work under Mr Rudd resign, forcing an election within the next couple of months. Let’s imagine that all the opinion polls are wrong, and that Labor’s vote under Kevin absolutely collapses, with Mr Abbott taking the helm in a landslide. What happens then? Let me tell you what happens then. Political paralysis. Abbott has run his campaign on all the things he’ll undo, like the Mining Tax, the Carbon Tax and the National Broadband Network. Unfortunately for him, this won’t go down particularly well with the Greens, a party who is likely to hold at least 12 seats in the Senate – a strong balance of power. Abbott doesn’t have a chance of enjoying a majority in the senate until 2017, by which time all three of these will be so engrained into the national consciousness any attempt to undo them will be unconscionably expensive and useless. This could be food for thought for anyone thinking of switching his or her vote as a result of this crisis. The phrase “best of a bad bunch” has never been truer.

You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Goat *not actual name THE GLOBE: February 27 2012


photo of the week:

trivia box

1. Which Aussie cricket star was recently dropped from the One Day side? 2. Which television show, after becoming the most watched TV program in history, aired its last episode on this day in 1983? 3. What is the name of the Syrian President, who is currently under threat of being overtaken?

“Jyosheel and Jenna saddened by the horribleness of their fresher-made Mi-Gi” photo by Fiona Robertson

meet your sCC: Every week we’ll be introducing you to a member of your Student Club Committee. First cab off the rank is somebody all you Freshers know really well, your representitive to the InterCollegiate Activities Committee, Ben Gray.


THE GLOBE: February 27 2012

5. How many people are anually killed by vending machines? 6. After winning his first Golden Globe Award, who thanked every American who had never sued him? 7. Which country recently tried, unsuccessfully, to join NATO? 8. Who won the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup? 9. Which celebrity power couple recently gave birth to a baby girl named Blue Ivy?

TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1 - Ricky Ponting. 2 - M*A*S*H. 3 President Bashar al-Assad. 4 - Nelson Mandela. 5 - 10 (on average). 6 - Sascha Baron Cohen. 7 - Georgia. 8 - Japan. 9 - Beyonce and Jay-Z. 10. Kevin Rudd.

Hey IHers, I’m Ben Gray, your InterCollegiate Activities Committee representative, better known as the ICAC Rep. You’ll be hearing a lot about ICAC this year. ICAC is made up of one representative from each of Melbourne University’s colleges. As a committee, we set, organise and run events that people from every college paritcipate in. These events are EPIC, so get involved by either participating in or attending these awesome events. Just to warm you up, the first event on the ICAC calendar is Trivia Night, which will be held at Ormond College on Sunday 11th March from 7:30pm. More information coming soon ... Keep it fresh IH!!

4. Who was once quoted as saying “Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will”?

10. Which Australian federal politican in the news recently bears an uncanny resemblance to the Milky Bar Kid?

The Globe Volume X - Issue 5  
The Globe Volume X - Issue 5  

The first issue of 2012 - check out O-Week photos, a new pull-out weekly planner and the regular columns are back!!