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Monday April 2, 2012

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International House Student Club The University of Melbourne

IHSC Distillations of the week starting Monday 2nd April 2012 Issue Easter Egg Hunt! Girls Soccer EASTER BREAK Cafe Play

Description This Good Friday at 8pm. See Aya for more details! Tryouts are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 5pm! a change? Silent Auction!!! Applications for Director, Producer and Production Manager for the 2012 IH Play are due Tonight! (Monday Night)

Cultural Committee Mondays at 6pm in the JCR Meetings Student Club AC: 9.30pm Monday @CDR Committee Meetings GC: 9.30pm Wednesday @CDR More Sports... Listen out to Gemma Kenna & Phil Tan on facebook! For a more detailed report of the IHSC matters, please read the GC or AC minutes. GC and AC minutes can be found on Nexus.

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The Globe is published weekly by Jonathan Ware on behalf of the International House Student Club. The material here is edited but uncensored and therefore the views expressed here do not reflect those of the editor. Please share your ideas, your opinions, your ads and your skills with us by emailing us at THE GLOBE acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the traditional owners of this land. We pay our respects to their elders past and present. © 2012 The Globe. All rights reserved.


THE GLOBE: April 2 2012

the top two Hi guys! We are pretty much half way through Semester One, and thankfully this week has been a relatively quiet one so hopefully everyone has had a chance to catch up on their studying. Congratulations to everyone who got out of bed for the photo, you were quite a good-looking bunch!! Order forms for the photo will be distributed soon! Congrats to the swimmers on Friday, and well done everyone for supporting! Speaking of sports, we will be selling the old sports uniforms after dinner next week. Hopefully soon we will be able to order more personalized new uniforms, just in case you were wondering. On a slightly less positive note, we must remind you to read the IH Handbook for party and sound guidelines. The NN After-Party went off with a bang but its unofficial continuation caused numerous problems around college. We ask you to respect your community and keep the noise to a minimum at nighttime. On a much happier note, staff are extremely happy at how clean IH is being kept! Thanks for picking up your bottles and cleaning up your mess guys! Finally we wish you a happy mid-semester break, and hope you all take the time to have some fun and spend some time NOT STUDYING! That’s all from us, P and VP


editor's edict Ah IH, the time has finally come. The last column has been edited, the last picture placed. The final fonts set and the calendar respaced ... woah, that wasn’t supposed to rhyme. Anyways, this is the final Editor’s Edict I will write to you all. Tomorrow I am off on a five week adventure to the other side of the world, travelling across four continents and six countries. Not that you should be jealous or anything. Seriously though, with my resignation from THE GLOBE also come my resignation from the Student Club Committee here at IH. I have loved my time on SCC, speaking up for what I believe in and always trying to get the best result for all involved. As a Committee we have worked through a tough period in IHSC history and we should all be very proud of where we are at now. Sometimes shit gets cray cray, but most times we’re all the better for it afterwards. I will miss having a voice at IH, but don’t worry fond readers - I’ll still be around to have a say on the really important things. This week saw the passing of a big mantle at IH - a new IH Panda was sought and discovered. Although anonymous, I can say with much pride that he went through strenuous and back-breaking tests of endurance and strength, rigorous dance-move sessions and the IH test to surpass even the dreaded O-Week test. Give him a pat on the back whenever you see the Panda next. Finally, please give your full support to the new GLOBE editor who will be elected this Wednesday at a GCAC at 9:30pm. Go along to the Constance Duncan Room to make sure the Student Club Committee know who you want as the Editor. With much sadness but absolutely no regret, Johnny Ware xoxo


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.com/IHGlobe THE GLOBE: April 2 2012


feature: South African National Night Saturday before last, the Dining Hall was turned into a wild and dangerous savannah. Steph Rogers reports on the goings-on during and after National Night. Sawubona! Molweni! Goeie môre! Hello! An impressive backdrop of the South African flag started us off last Saturday night, with a symphony of sweet voices singing the South African national anthem. And an impressive display it was! Between delicious courses of bobotie and custard melkkos we were treated to a plethora dances. One such dance was the traditional gumboot dance, starring the likes of Jenna, Upeksha, Nom Nom and myself. The Shakira-esque performance of Waka Waka was a spectacular sight to behold, and one definitely not to be forgotten. Of course all the freshers were waiting with bated breath for the time when they could finally do what they do best..and get drinkin’. South African classics such as Amarula, Big 5 shots and good old Budweisers (cough cough) were ridiculously cheap and in plentiful supply resulting in an awesome, albeit messy AfterParty. South African National Night was a huge success, with our very own South African Ian Potgieter saying “it was so nice to see everyone at IH getting involved; it really made me feel at home!” Thank you to everyone, the amazing set painters, dancers, singers and waiters, you all did a great job in creating a little bit of South Africa right here at IH!


THE GLOBE: April 2 2012

meet the kitchen THE GLOBE thinks we should all get to know the CaterCare Kitchen Staff a little better. To help this process, we’ll be profiling a member of the staff each week. Our first cab of the rank is IH old-timer Sally.

THE GLOBE: So what’s your full name? Sally: Sally Louise McGrath. TG: and how long have you worked at IH? S: 3, maybe 4 years. Not sure anymore. TG: Why IH? S: I love the people, both in the kitchen and over the counter too. TG: Where are you from? S: Kyneton in the Macedon Ranges - nearly 100kms away. TG: You drive 100kms every day? S: No I drive 200kms every day. Nearly 1000kms a week. I’d have to love what I do to keep driving here. TG: What’s your favourite type of food? S: Mexican. TG: Would you like to see more of that on the IH menu? S: Not the way they cook it ... don’t put that in. TG: Oh I won’t. (wink wink) So moving on, do you have any pets? S: Yep two pussycats called Dennis and Louis. Oh and an 18 year old boy Thomas, who finished Year 12 last year and although getting into uni, now spends his life sitting on the couch saving the world killing aliens. TG: Haha, sounds like a fair few IHers. How about footy? Do you have a team? S: Yeah Collingwood (ducks for cover) TG: Awww, I’m not sure if I can talk to you anymore knowing that. (awkward pause) Last question - in 5 years where do you want to be? S: Still working at IH, but doing Vassi’s job. VASSI: It’s all yours Sal. Starting Monday. THE GLOBE: April 2 2012


what's happening this week?: April

Monday TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THUR 7pm: lomond hotel 10:30am: winnie the pooh ACMI’s cheap kids’ screenings provide another chance to see one of last year’s most underrated films - the sweet and witty Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore will break your heart. ACMI @ Fed Square 10:30 till 1.

5pm: girls soccer tryouts Get out there and show them what you’ve got girls!! Princes Park from 5pm.

Gather ‘round at this family-friendly event, where everyone from opera singers to traditional Irish musos gather to play. A half-pint is free if you show up before 7pm. 225 Nicholson Street, Brunswick.

opening tonight the pirates! Ban

A new animation fr team (Wallace & G of British humou family.


9:30pm: Activities committee As always, you’ll find that group of rowdy active crazies gather for their weekly “lets tell each other our feelings” session. Constance Duncan Room, 9:30pm.

MIIDNIGHT: BEST OF BOTH SIDES Bimbos and Lucky Coq will come together for a huge festival of music, food, drink and giveaways to celebrate both sides of the Yarra. FREE @ Bimbo & Lucky Coq till 3am


THE GLOBE: April 2 2012

5:30pm: YOGA Find a little serenity and tone that delicious body of yours at IH yoga, instructed by ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ herself, Erin. FREE @ JCR from 5:30pm

7pm: BOB DOWNE Australia’s clown prince of polyester has been making the world laugh for more than 25 years and he’s funnier than ever in his brand new solo show. Tix $25 at the Arts Centre.

The new editor of THE GLOBE will be elected at a GCAC Meeting tonight. Although only the committees vote, get along to support whomever you want. The cheering and applause after speeches can definitely swing votes. Constance Duncan Room @ 9:30

4:30pm: WINE SHO


ALL NIGHT: sausa

And after THE GLOBE election, stick around the see how this new edition to the GC will make his or her voice heard. Constance Duncan Room @ 9:45

Heading out to ing for some no home? Check ou BBQing snags on Between Puggs

Try the best Victoria crown the ‘people’s Square Wine Show The Atrium till 8:3

2 - April 9

brought to you by


t nd of misfits


Starting with Good Friday, this weekend is either the holiest weekend of the year, or just another excuse for a long weekend. If you’re the latter, make the most of the first few days of your Easter Break by resting and just hanging out. If Jesus is your homeboy however, you’ll find services all over Melbourne - head to St Patrick’s Cathedral on the corner of Swanston and Flinders Streets for the biggest service at 10am.

rom the Aardman Gromit) with plent ur for the whole

ALL DAY: FLEA MARKET One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Get excited by old things and an abundance of food stalls. @ Docklands Drive. Farmers’ Market till 2pm, Vintage till 4pm.


an wines and help s choice’ at the Fed wcase. 30pm. $27.30

age boyz

8:30pm: easter egg hunt

o Puggs? Lookosh on the walk ut these dudes n their verandah. and Queens.

And if you’re staying in for the night, Aya will be organising a traditional Easter Egg Hunt around IH. Good luck finding those eggs in the pitch black.

7:40pm: pies v tigers

Two of Melbourne’s biggest teams with two of Melbourne’s loudest fan bases take on each other in this David v Goliath (how fitting for Easter) match at the G tonight. @ Melbourne Cricket Ground, grab a tix for 15.

4:30pm: Saints vs suns

Head on down to Etihad to catch St Kilda trample all over Gary Ablett and the Gold Coast. Etihad Stadium @ Docklands. Tickets from $20.

THE GLOBE: April 2 2012


fresher of the week

Congrats to Isabel Lothian who crushed midget Sarah Griffith 15 votes to 8. Below besides lots of Isabel goodness you’ll find this week’s competitors for the title. Don’t forget to vote at FACEBOOK.COM/IHGLOBE.

Fresher of le Week #2: Alexandre “Oh La La” Guérin Fresher of the Week #1: Madi “Goon is God” Nicholson As much as we all appreciate the immense greatness and deliciousness that is Fruity Lexia, otherwise known as G-O-O-N, there is an IHer amongst us who can beat us all. I am talking, of course about Madi Nicholson, first floor Wadham-er and all round goon enthusiast. Hailing from Wodonga, this lady loves bio-med camp and long walks on the beach ... but only with a glass of Golden Oak’s finest in her hand of course. But seriously, this brainy bio-med student can do more than scientific-y things. She can bake too! Amazingly, in between baking delicious chocolate cake, partying and um, spooning (I wasn’t at bio-med camp, but I heard things got a little... steamy), she STILL finds time to do her bit for her country (I am talking of course, about her enthusiasm for Australia’s armed forces...if you don’t understand I suggest you ask her ;) An extremely well travelled individual, this girl can speak some serious German, although she tends to sway to the saucy side, so if you’re looking to learn some German phrases, you have been warned...


THE GLOBE: April 2 2012

POSSIBLE FRESHER OF LE WEEK This beau gosse wears his nationality with pride, dressing almost exclusively in red, white and blue. However, he also has a distinct international flavour, having lived for four years in China and completing high school at the Tianjin International School. Now he hails from ground floor Scheps, where he’s hard at work studying Biomedicine, excelling in Chem and Bio. However, the old saying “work hard, play hard” rings true for this one, and on nights off, you can find him hitting the clubs with all thrusters set to party. On the party note, he’s also an excellent dancer, which you should already know after seeing him tear it up on National Night in the Waka Waka Dance crew! If you ever compliment him on anything- his dancing, his dress sense or his delicious aroma, he’ll give one of his two standard replies: “It’s cuz I’m French!” or “Cuz I’m cool like that!”. Rumour has it he only wears Chanel perfume... la classe! According to an inside source, his favourite word is “kupu-kupu”, meaning butterfly in Indonesian. And just casually, everyone knows the French are the best kissers... say no more!

cafe update with your Cafe Coordinators Shannon Boland & Kate Garrett As Café Internationale looms ever closer, you can eat another cheap chocolate from your Café Advent Calendar, as we are only 34 SLEEPS away from the night itself. This week our Café Committee have been slaving away over a hot stove, cooking up what is to be a surely spectacular and positively delicious night of talent. The work our committee is doing is highly important and it is rumored that a full explanation of Café organization can take up to 4 weeks to complete. So, as we do not have enough time, I shall compress all our doings into a few short sentences. Whilst our decorators have been decorating, our tech person has been lighting. Our waiting staff have been waiting (literally) and our menu has been created. Wine has been tasted, scripts have been written, acts have been finalized, officials have been met with and somewhere in the middle we received a box of biscuits. However, now I have a question for you. Yes, you. Are you going home for Easter? Yes? Well then whilst you are there, ask your parents, friends, family friends, bosses, acquaintances, relatives and anyone else you might know for SILENT AUCTION DONATIONS!!!! Do it! With that random painting that you have never been able to find room for, or that jewellery that your Aunty makes, we can raise money for both IH and The Alola Foundation in Timor Leste. So all I have to say to you now is, SILENT AUCTION, SILENT AUCTION, and SILENT AUCTION! Thank you, and goodnight. Ex oh ex oh, Your CoCaCo-Lahs P.S CoCaCo= Co-Café-Coordinators

columns Serious S#*% You Missed This Week with Riley Metcalfe

America is divided over the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Martin, an African-American teenager, was shot by George Zimmerman, a man of mixed HispanicWhite decent, in a gated community in Florida. The shooting occurred in late February but has only recently become national news. Zimmerman, a community watch officer, has not been charged with any crime, despite the fact that Martin was unarmed at the time of the shooting. The shooting has divided America, with many prominent figures weighing in on the issue. The lack of action on the part of the local police has caused the FBI and Florida state police to become involved. Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman and writer of occasional terrible poetry, has upset unions over her plan to bring semi-skilled workers to Australia. Her plan, which relies on new migration agreements with the Government, will bring in 1,500 new workers from the developing world to work on Rinehart’s mining projects. This is not the only news that the miners have been making this week. Clive Palmer is pressing the Government to allow him to build a new coal export facility in the Great Barrier Reef, which would have obvious environmental consequences. Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Spain in a general strike to protest the country’s austerity package. They are protesting deep spending cuts in response to the current European financial crisis. Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the EU (23%,) with over half of people under 25 unemployed. The strikes are the first event to challenge the new Spanish government, sworn in 100 days ago. The BBC and Australian Financial Review have alleged that Rupert Murdoch has been involved in the sabotage of British and Australian competitors. More specifically, they have alleged that News Corporation hired a hacker to steal the smart card codes of ITV Digital (News Corp’s major UK rival.) The Financial Review has accused News Corp of doing the same against Austar and Optus in Australia. Murdoch has hit back on Twitter (accusing both of libel) with News Corporation issuing a tense response. This is more bad news for the company, still troubled by accusations of phone hacking from last year. Hell froze over this week when Tony Abbott admitted he agreed with Germain Greer over the PM’s choice of jacket. THE GLOBE: April 2 2012


columns Money and More

with Jonathan Regan-Beasley I’d like to dedicate this week’s column to the smokers of this fine community. You guys put up with a lot. Most of you don’t have much of a choice in your consumption patterns, you probably picked up the habit well before you were legally responsible for your own decisions as far as consumption of drugs is concerned and you’re now at the rather brutal mercy of an extremely addictive substance. You smokers are a thick-skinned bunch. When the government raised taxes on packs of cigarettes to over 200% of the market-clearing price, you kept on buying them, lining the government’s pockets. You put up with the consistent increases in price whenever the government needed a bit of extra dough in the piggy bank too and didn’t really complain much at all, all things considered. You watched rather idly as they threw text warnings on your packets, then graphic warnings. You didn’t complain much when they decided to enforce anti-advertising laws so strictly that you cannot even see the product you’re buying before you purchase it. And you stood by without action as they banned you from smoking in private premises across the country and the world. So the government, seeing a bit of a pattern here, has decided to screw you all one final time. Plain packaging laws that have recently passed both houses of parliament dictate that you no longer get to enjoy the pleasure of a pack of M*****o L****s or B****n and H****s (censored for fear of breaking advertising restrictions – yes, they’re actually that strict). Instead, you must derive as much joy as possible from a rather drab and boring packet which looks the same regardless of whether it’s one of the aforementioned brands or Old Papa Smurf’s Fun Sticks. Now you might think it’s rather unusual that I’m sticking up for either smokers or cigarette companies. I’m certainly not for the latter and only have limited sympathy for the former. However, I do recognise the impact of having more and more restrictions on the rights of legitimate companies, regardless of how evil I think they might be. This simply pushes a drug like nicotine further and further into the black market. In the black market there are no regulations, no quality standards and a whole lot of evil bastards – arguably more than in the legal tobacco industry. So despite my absolute hatred of the tobacco industry, I’ll be praying this legislation gets overturned in the High Court. There is such a thing as too much regulation – even a greenie like myself recognises this. Enough is enough.


THE GLOBE: April March2 52012 2012

Overheard in the Courtyard

Well hello there IHers, and welcome to the new column kid on the block, Overheard in the Courtyard … oooOOooo. Pretty cool right. This column will be proudly brought to you by those sneaky individuals who don’t sleep, but lie awake with their ears pressed to the window of their courtyard facing room ... people like me. So this week was pretty boring actually. Our friend B was caught in an unfortunate situation when her support for our swimmers at the Swimming Carnival took a tragic turn for the worst. One bottle of olive oil, a handful of cotton buds and two hours later she was presented with a lovely small brown beetle for a memento. Delicious. Some of us had a MUCH more eventful night on Friday. One overheard that our Singaporean friend got a little down and dirty on a bus party. It’s rather hard to function with all that movement but hey, friction makes for a better time. Meanwhile heard a certain Wadham Fresher enjoyed a Sunday brunch of the best variety ;) no food was included...if you catch my incredibly-obvious-and-full-of-sexual-innuendo drift. Little wench. A break-in by a particularly frisky Queener on Saturday night was met with great excitement, and a certain Scheps-ian seemed mighty interested…oh to be young! And inebriated! Overheard yesterday - IH’s hottest squealing and wearing a LOT of convenient white clothing. Supposedly celebrating Thai New Year, it seemed more like a unisex Wet T-Shirt contest to me. Not that I’m complaining about the view - there was just a LOT on show. The kingdom was lacking a queen this past week, with little M apparently spotted canoodling with yet another IH little’un. Lock it down little M, lock it downnnnnnn. There you have it people, I kept it PG. If YOU hear anything that I happen to miss, make sure you repeat it very loud over lunch or dinner - I’ll definitely be listening. Ps: Did YOU go to Asian club night?? Wish I did :-(

photo of the week:

trivia box 1. Where is 99% of the solar system’s mass concentrated? 2. What is the only type of fish that can blink with both eyes? 3. How long can an iguana stay underwater? 4. When was the only recorded month to not have a full moon?

caption by Jenna Morgenstern-Gaines photo by Sita Carolina

Mad props to all of you who submitted a “Caption of the Week” this week, and congrats to Jenna on her winning witty caption. Tomorrow morning the next “Caption of the Week” will be uploaded so make sure you log onto to check it out, along with all our other online stuff.

fiona gets moist-ed

6. What is the only bird that can see the colour blue? 7. How many bones are people born with? 8. If an English horn is not actually a horn, what type of instrument is it? 9. How many national languages does South Africa have? 10. What place IH come in the Pool section of last Sunday’s ICAC Pool and Darts?

TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1 - The sun. 2 - A shark. 3 - 28 minutes. 4 - February 1985. 5 - 6. 6 - An owl. 7 - 300. 8 - Woodwind. 9 - 11. 10. SECOND!!

Cherisha: JJ, I can smell that from over here ...

5. How many people were injured in the Great Fire of London?

THE THEGLOBE: GLOBE:March April 52 2012


ih sports

all things footy

Swimming Report

Round 1 Round-Up

On Friday night 12 courageous swimmers took to the MSAC pool to contest the prestigious Inter-College Swimming Carnival. While preparation was seen not to be needed, a little extra notice and swimming training would have had the hearts less pumping after events. Despite this, IH held there own in the pool with some excellent swimming by Fiona Robertson and Lucy Cumming. All in all, the night was seen as a success, with great thanks to a large cheer squad making the journey to witness college Olympics at it’s best. IH finished a respectable 9th.

Last weekend saw only one game of AFL played, between newcomers Greater Western Sydney and cross-town rivals, the Sydney Swans. The Swans spoiled the opening party of the Giants with a resounding 63 point win, in front of 38,000 fans. All wasn’t lost for the Giants in their inaugural game, showing courage and spirit, especially in the first half, and taking many positives away from the game. Thursday night saw Carlton take on Richmond at the MCG, and although Carlton looked to control the game all night, 5 unanswered goals late in the third quarter brought the game back to life. However after Carlton’s Chris Yarran produced a contender for goal of the year, the momentum swung in favour of the Blues, eventually running away with the game and winning by 44 points. Hawthorn and Collingwood took the field on Friday night, for one of the games of the round. In a fiercely contested game that swung in favour of both teams during the night, the Hawks kicked the last 6 goals of the game to run away 22-point victors. Other Games: Brisbane 17.17 (119) defeated Melbourne 11.12 (78) Adelaide 19.23 (137) defeated Gold Coast 10.8 (68) Fremantle 16.9 (105) defeated Geelong 15.11 (101) Essendon 14.20 (104) defeated North Melbourne 15.12 (102) West Coast 21.10 (136) defeated Western Bulldogs 12.15 (87) Port Adelaide 13.11 (89) defeated St. Kilda 13.7 (85)

with Ross Wettenhall

with Tim Burns-Francis

IH Footy Tipping SPORTS NEWS Guys’ Hockey Listen to Dinner Announcements or check the Sports Notice Board in the Dining Hall for trainings. A Captain is needed - any volunteers? Girls’ Soccer Try-outs are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday all at 5pm.

Supercoach Superstars 1. Stanton (180) 2. Pendlebury (167) 3. Ryder (165) 4. Black (152) 5. Tippet (150)


THE GLOBE: April 2 2012

Congrats to Ross, Fiona and Johnny on coming out top of the IH Footy Tipping comp after Round 1. To help you all with your tipping this week, here are Tim Burns-Francis’ Tips for Round #2: Brisbane Lions v Carlton - Thurs 7:40pm, Gabba, Brisbane Essendon v Port Adelaide - Sat 1:45pm, Etihad Stadium, Melbourne Sydney v Fremantle - Sat 2:10pm, SCG, Sydney Adelaide v Western Bulldogs - Sat 7:10pm, AAMI, Adelaide West Coast Eagles v Melbourne - Sat 7:40pm, Paterson Stadium, Perth Collingwood v Richmond - Sat 7:40pm, MCG, Melbourne North Melbourne v GWS – Sun 1:10pm, Blundstone Arena, Hobart St. Kilda v Gold Coast – Sun 4:40pm, Etihad Stadium, Melbourne ***Geelong v Hawthorn – Mon 3:10pm, MCG, Melbourne*** (Game of the Week)

Rookie of the Week Western Bulldogs’ Clay Smith had a debut to remember kicking 4 goals and collecting 13 dispotals before being subbed off after 3 quarters.

The Globe Volume X - Issue 10  

The final Globe with Johnny Ware as Editor - featuring a whole page of footy, new colums and the regular calendar.

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