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Thursday August 30th 2012

IH's Adventures in Wonderland!

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Issue 20


Globe Team Editor Stephanie Rogers

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International House Student Club The University of Melbourne

IHSC Distillations of the week starting Monday 27th August 2012 Issue

Description Training for the Tutoring Program will be happening this Tutoring Program Thursday 30th of August at 7.30pm. Winery Tour This Saturday! Listen out to Aya for more details! ICAC Music Soiree This Sunday! Listen out to Ben Gray for more details Student Club Position Sunday, 2nd of September (Time TBC). Student club members will Information be available to come and ask questions about positions, etc. Student Club GC/AC: 8.30pm Monday @CDR followed by AC Committee Meetings GC: 9.30pm Wednesday @CDR For a more detailed report of the IHSC matters, please read the GC or AC minutes. GC and AC minutes can be found on Nexus.

International House 241 Royal Parade Parkville, VIC 3052 AUSTRALIA

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THE GLOBE: August 30 2012

the top two Hey guys, To all the cast and crew involved in this years play, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, what a success it was! We sold out on two nights and the other two nights were just as full! On behalf of everyone another huge congratulations to Georgia as the director, Hayley as the coordinator, Kyle as the producer, Tom Soh for lighting, Gemma for the costumes, and Bec and Eunice as production manager for their hard work to make play work and run as smoothly as possible regardless of the tight time restrictions. A round of


applause to all the cast, but especially Jyosheel and Afif!! For all of you who didn’t come to watch, you really did miss out! It’s that time of the semester where mid-terms and a sudden load of assignments have magically been dumped in front of us… and without play, there’s no more “productive procrastinating” that can be done. RMIT has started their mid-semester break and it’s not long before Melbourne Uni and ACU students are too! AGM will be held on Sunday, September 9th so if you’re considering a position, keep stalking (or if you haven’t started yet, start today!) Student Club members and ask them about what it’s like!! Enjoy the rest of your week and keep studying! That’s all from us, P and VP

editor's edict

Steph rogers

Hi everyone! My apologies for the Globe being a couple of days late. However it was only due to the fact that we have a whole bunch of great new articles! That’s right, with fun facts from Susie and a new column starting up on countries around the world, as well as our regular contributers, I hope you enjoy this weeks edition :) In other news, IH play was definitely worth seeing, featuring the

outstanding performances from IH talent, if you didn’t go you missed out ;) That’s all from me this week, hope ya enjoy! Steph find us online, on your iPhone or on your iPad at:

.com/IHGlobe or

.com/IHGlobe THE GLOBE: August 30 2012


new this week!! Susie’s Completely Useless Fun Facts! By Susie Tindall

- Vegemite was the first item in Australia to be electroni-

cally scanned at a supermarket. - There are 52 toilets in IH.

- 1560 grams of Milo are consumed by IHers after dinner every evening. - The Australia classic, ‘The Castle’, was filmed in 11 days. - Switzerland has been neutral since 1815. - Victoria women were unintentionally given the right to vote in 1863, as they forgot to write ‘male’ in the legislation. - The song, ‘Come What May’ from the movie Moulin Rouge was initially written for Romeo and Juliet. - There were at least 8 revolutions/civil wars in individual countries in Europe from the French Revolution and WW1, but no conflict between countries. - More people were killed in the American Civil War than in every other American-involved war combined. - Wednesday, 16th April – The day IHers discovered the stamina of Ormond boys. Over time this statistic has been reduced from half a minute to twenty seconds. Fail Ormond...


THE GLOBE: August 30 2012

new** COUNTRY OF THE week! By Madi Nicholson This week...


Home of our best friend, or maybe worst enemy… TEQUILA!

By Madi Nicholson

Mexico is an amazing country; the third largest in Latin America and rich in history, tradition, natural beauty and culture. The people are vibrant and welcoming and the food is to die for! From the natural delights of the pristine beaches to archaeological wonders, the country boasts diversity in touristic destinations and attractions. Mexico is home to the largest population of Spanish speakers in the world and has the world’s second highest number of Catholics. FUN FACTS! - Tequila is a national drink (liquor) - Mexico introduced chocolate, corn and chillies to the world - Hot chocolate is a sacred drink of the Aztecs, who also brought about the word ‘tomato’ and who also decorated their shields with turquoise – as they believed it would protect them - The three colours of the flag represent; green – hope and victory, white – purity, red – bloodshed - Mexico is the largest salt producer in the world … (for all that tequila maybe?) - During the two equinoxes when the sun sets, the pyramid ‘El Castillo’ shows a shadow of a serpent moving down the structure - The country’s capital, Mexico City – ‘the city of palaces’, sinks about 8 inches each year - The 2011 population statistics: 114, 793, 341 people

THE GLOBE: August 30 2012


IH's adventures in wonderland! This week, producer of this years IH play Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland gives a shout out to the cast and crew... By Kyle O’Neil Hey everyone! First up, well done to everyone involved! The show turned out to be a huge success with two sell out performances on Friday and Saturday night. A massive thank you to Hayley as the IH Play Coordinator for allowing the event to run smoothly :) The team were put under a lot of pressure to put together the whole show in just over four weeks of rehearsals. Under the guidance of the amazing director Georgia Martin, and with the support of the cast, the show was a big hit. It would not have been possible without the skills Georgia contributed. The set design was fantastic and really brought out a sense of the wild craziness that is Wonderland! The extensive props also added to the overall enjoyment of the performance. A special thank you to Bec and Eunice for all their efforts. The sound and lighting effects in the theatre were very appropriate and only intensified the feeling of the play, and so a thank you goes out to both Alexandre and Tom Soh for their expertise :) The make-up and costumes were so creative and colourful and suited the show perfectly. Thank you Gemma and Emily for all your time and patience, we couldn’t have done it without you! And often the neglected backstage crew are overlooked, but if it weren’t for your consistent work and dedication, headed by Cherisha, the show could not have flowed as smoothly as it did ;) Finally a massive congratulations to the entire cast of the IH Play 2012. All the performances were spectacular, and it was an amazing end to such a fast paced production. Jyosheel as Alice did an incredible job, with her commitment to learning all her lines and perfecting her acting abilities. And an overall thank you to the entire cast, all the way from Alice to the Citizens of Wonderland. Everyone involved in the play contributed so much and it was the combined effort of the whole play team that saw us have such great success this year! Well done IHers!


THE GLOBE: August 30 2012

THE GLOBE: August 30 2012


Living the values of International By Rebecca Dutton house International House was established in Melbourne at a time when the Australian government first began inviting students from South East Asia to come and study in Australia. Known as the Colombo Plan, the aim was to break down prejudices and misunderstandings between nations. At this time still Australia adhered to a strict immigration policy, known as the ‘White Australia’ policy, which limited non-white immigration. For the newly arrived Asian student, life was hard. They were a long boat journey from their homes, had limited contact with their friends and family, and many faced prejudice, ignorance and even racism. A group of students at the University of Melbourne were interested in assisting the new arrivals, welcoming them and building friendships that resulted in the view that the establishment of International House serve in the best interests of both international and local students. International House offered a safe and caring environment, and a place of mutual respect. To me, the most important value that International House has always supported is to understand, appreciate and respect the principles, cultures and differences of others. I spoke once with a student who had attended IH in it’s earliest years, and he told me of a time when he was refused entry to a country pub on the basis of it not allowing entry to Asians. He spoke of International House being an amazing home, a place where everyone was considered equal. Although this disgusting display of racism is unlikely to be found in Australia in the present day, other prejudices still exist. We at International House are lucky to live in a place that values difference that is accepting of every person regardless not just of where they come from, but also of their beliefs, their political views or the way they chose to live their lives. In order to reap the benefits of living in such an amazing and diverse community, we must respect one another regardless of difference. We must take the time to talk to someone new, to learn about who they are and where they come from. It is up to us to develop and nurture a community that upholds the principles, attitudes and activities of an equal and global world.


THE GLOBE: August 30 2012

Life. For more college stories visit www. Picking a major By College

Two of the most stressful things in college are picking a major and deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life. As of now, the hardest decision you’ve probably had was picking which college you wanted to go to, and that wasn’t even that hard. (clearly IH). As you can see the future is bleak in this economy. And in this case, the phrase “less is more “ actually does apply. So my advice is to stop worrying about what major will help you in the long run, because they all lead to the same job. Enjoy college for what it is, an excuse to be drunk and have fun all the time. Trust me, understanding this flow chart will better prepare you for the real world than any other major will.

THE GLOBE: August 30 2012


columns Serious S#*% You Missed this Week

palm oil free products!

This week’s list of palm oil free products is all about biscuits, or cookies, if you Anders Breivik, the man responsible for the terrorist prefer americanisms. Just think, not only attack in Norway last year, killing 77 and injuring 242 has been sentenced to 21 years in jail (a minimum of 10 are these products delicious and ethically years,) the maximum punishment allowed in Norway. responsible but you know palm oil free Breivik’s sentence is a special type of sentence called products contain far less saturated fat containment – it can be extended indefinitely. As part of the ruling, Breivik was also declared sane. Breivik will not than products containing palm oil! Buyappeal the sentence – as he does not accept the legitima- ing palm oil free is better for the envicy of the Norwegian court. The trial has raised eyebrows ronment and better for your body. overseas as it granted concessions to Breivik that would Love, The IH Environments committee. with Riley Metcalfe

be unusual elsewhere –such as allowing him to spend five days elaborating on his ideology to the court.

Apple has been awarded one billion dollars in damages, after Samsung was found to have violated their patents. Apple initially sought between $2.5 and $2.7 billion dollars in damages and a freeze on the sale of Samsung products that had been found to have violated Apple patents – including the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones, and Galaxy Tab tablet. Similar claims by Samsung against Apple have been dismissed. Ironically, Apple is Samsung’s largest customer, as they buy components from them. Samsung will appeal the decision, and similar cases are ongoing in various countries, including Australia. A rough week for Julia Gillard, as a front page story in the Weekend Australian resurrected a decade-old controversy over the circumstances regarding Julia Gillard’s resignation from Slater and Gordan (a legal firm.) Her then-boyfriend was accused of syphoning off money from a company that was to provide education and training to workers. Gillard had provided legal advice while the firm was being set up, but was cleared of all wrongdoing by an internal investigation. The allegations had been aired again in The Weekend Australian this week, which, as a result of an angry phone call from Gillard, prompted the Australian to unconditionally apologize. In a later press conference, Gillard lashed out at the “misogynists and nut jobs on the internet” that circulate such rumours. Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, died Sunday morning after complications following heart surgery. He was 82 years old. He is survived by Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon, Michael Collins, the command module pilot, and John Glenn, first American to orbit the Earth. Armstrong was described by Barack Obama as being “among the greatest of American heroes – not just of his time, but of all time.” THE GLOBE: April 16 2012


Aldi Stores - Parkwood butter shortbread Goodman Fielder - Paradise cottage cookies More-ish Macadamia Old colonial cookie co Butterfingers pure butter shortbread Woolworthes select - choc chunk, choc and macadamia, ginger cookies Hampden trading - Artisse dark chocolate crepes Weightwatchers - Butternut cookies, raspberry tartlets THE THEGLOBE: GLOBE:August March305 2012

11 10

funny stuff

columns Jon forces his political opinion onto International House By Jon Regan-Beasley

I love elections, I really do. To me, there’s nothing more exciting than the idea of millions of people coming together to have their say on the future direction of the country. It’s fascinating to watch the results come through and watch where the swings are, seeing political dreams made and broken along the way. So you can imagine my excitement yesterday when we had – unbeknownst to most down here – two separate elections taking place in different parts of the country. The Northern Territory went to vote in their quadricentennial general election, in what is always a bizarre, unpredictable affair with huge, non-uniform observed swings. In contrast to this, the people of Heffron in inner-city Sydney went to vote for a new state Member of Parliament following the resignation of former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally – a vote which delivered a clear victory to the Labor Party. The Northern Territory’s election was a fascinating affair. Overall, it appears the final result will be fifteen seats to the Country Liberal Party (one of four members of the federal Liberal-National coalition), nine to the Labor party and one to an independent. The three additional seats the CLP stands to pick up have delivered a decisive win to the Liberals – the fifth state or territory government to fall to the conservatives in recent years. The swings were far from uniform. A number of seats swung towards the Labor party, while others – such as the remote seat of Arnhem – saw an incredible 30% swing towards the Liberal Party. Resoundingly, however, it appears our Territorian friends have rejected the incumbent Labor government. The reasons behind this are numerous, but many suspect the federal government’s racist intervention – which involves sending military forces to ‘protect’ the local population – in Aboriginal communities is primarily to blame. On that front, it appears our Territorian friends are a little short-sighted, as it was in fact the Liberal Party under John Howard which first drafted the racist policy back in 2007. Regardless, it appears the people of the Northern Territory solidly associate the intervention with the Labor Party, so much so that NT Labor was forced to campaign under the pseudonym “The Henderson Team” – after outgoing Chief Minister Paul Henderson – and not mention party’s actual name in any election material. After seeing the results, one might think the ALP would be rethinking their strategy before branding the next federal campaign “The Gillard Team”. In other election related news, down here in Victoria we have local government elections coming up. The good news is that here in the City of Melbourne, anyone living here can vote, not just Australian citizens. If you’re keen to have your say on who should be the next Lord Mayor of Melbourne (*cough* Alison Parkes *cough*), make sure you grab a form from the front office and hand it in to Town Hall by the 31st of August!

THE GLOBE: August 30 2012



with Peng tiong

What does trigonometry have in common with a beach? Tan Gents How do hearing impared people greet one another? They sine waves

Question time! Brought to you by Riley Metcalfe

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Who made the decision to sack the Whitlam government in 1975? Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia? Who wrote the pamphlet The Age of Reason? What was the first eukaryotic organism to have its genome sequenced? What was on the first CD ever pressed? Answers in next weeks edition!



THE GLOBE: August 30 2012

Globe Issue 20  
Globe Issue 20  

20, new country of the week and fun facts!