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Monday August 6th 2012

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IHSC Distillations of the week starting Monday 6th August 2012 Issue Description th Party Planning Party Saturday, 11 August 2012 BYOM Bring your own mug! This Sunday, 12th in N201 Student Club AC: 9.30pm Monday @CDR Committee Meetings GC: 7.30pm Wednesday @CDR For a more detailed report of the IHSC matters, please read the GC or AC minutes. GC and AC minutes can be found on Nexus.

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THE GLOBE: August 6 2012

the top two Hey guys, semester one has come and gone and it looks like everyone’s settling into the new semester! A new semester means even more IH events heading our way but more than that, a new semester brings us new freshers to welcome and a chance to welcome back all returning students. We’ve jumped back into where we left off with the Olympics party! Bringing together the old and new students, the night was full of very athletic-looking people. CIA week continued to be a blast as activities including dodge ball, theatre sports, and movie night eased us into what was going to be a week of betrayal and backstabbing as soon as Assassins began. Things heated up during the infamous River Cruise, where a number of kills were made throughout the night. I can proudly say that IHers are some of the most creative people I’ve ever met, from the outfits for River Cruise to the sneaky tactics they employed to make their kill. To formally begin semester two, the Winter Dinner welcomed all students back to IH. The tutors had a bit of a surprise lined up for everyone as they along with the Mini O-Weekers danced the night away to the one song IHers can never get enough of... Set It Off.


From the first weekend back, IHers have gotten straight back into their sports, including boys footy and girls’ netball. Sadly, girls’ netball didn’t go quite as flash as we would’ve liked it to but the boys’ footy’s still going strong! So for all you IHers who need something to do on Sundays, keep your eye out for the next game! On that note, Tutorials will also be up and running starting tonight so be sure to check the board at the back of the dining room to see when your tutorials are held! It’s great to be back at IH with all of you and let’s make the most of the rest of the semester! That’s all from us,

editor's edict Hi everyone! The first few weeks back at IH have been super busy, with mini-oweek a great success, (welcome new freshers!), and CIA week following that, booze cruise definitely a night many will not forget (or remember probably). We have a new edition to the globe...the environments committee are starting up a regular column, this week their article on palm oil makes for some very interesting reading..turn to page 8 for more. Hope everyone’s holidays were amazing, as always enjoy this week’s issue of the Globe :) Until next time! Steph

Steph rogers

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Mini o-week!

By Austin Carroll

Mini –Oweek…. What can I say…Pub-crawls…bowling…dancing… magical mystery tours… tests…intense couple of days to say the least…The whole new bunch of fresher’s are such a great group of people really, always participating in everything and enjoying all the crazy antics that were thrown at them. But the faces on the morning of the cavalry charge were priceless. All you freshers were looking fine, damn fine. The fact the majority of you got up and did the charge itself was spectacular. And then we came to the IQ test. At this point in time some of the crafty fresher’s were able to sniff out our lies and had a feeling that the test wasn’t real…well done guys. Really its not like we lied about other parts of o week as well….(Room Cram). The meet the seniors party…well that was an occasion in itself. Some of you were still able to do the dance after one or seven drinks…props goes to all you new fresher’s on staying alive during mini o-week...Hope you enjoyed it as much as me and the rest of the mini o weekers did.


THE GLOBE: August 6 2012

THE GLOBE: August 6 2012


YOLO drinks

By College Town Life. For more college stories visit www.

You only live once. Thanks for the update, but seriously? So while you’re going out screaming YOLO at the top of your lungs, doing stupid shit and proving that you really do only live once, here’s some shots that’ll take you straight to blackout. #YOLO bitches.

Pitbull on Crack: Well, goodbye dignity. 1 part Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequila 1 part Jaegermeister herbal liqueur 1 part Jim Beam bourbon whiskey 1 part Bacardi 151 rum

Rocky Mountain Bear Ucker Double Shot: I think the title gives you a little preview of what you may do later on. Be prepared to have a lovely day after filled with erasing all the evidence on Facebook. 2/3 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey 2/3 oz tequila 2/3 oz Bacardi 151 rum

Three Wisemen on a Farm: Set up shots four in a row and sit down to get aquatinted with the floor. I suggest sucking down a cold brew immediately after and screaming YOLO at all the idiots staring at you.

1 shot Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey 1 shot Jim Beam bourbon whiskey 1 shot Yukon Jack Canadian whisky 1 shot Wild Turkey bourbon whiskey

If these don’t prove that you actually only live once then you may have been granted with multiple lives.


THE GLOBE: August 6 2012

cia week! Trivia, pub crawl, assassins and booze cruise..the highlight of CIA week and apparently the only event where photos were taken...CIA week was a great success, and a massive thank you must be said to all the organisers!


THE GLOBE: August 6 2012


columns columns

Presenting the new column by the environments committee..this week, what IS palm oil

and why does it matter? By Emily Vearing Surely many of you already know about palm oil and what is forfeited for the sake of its production but for anyone who doesn’t, or who needs a refresher on the facts, the IH Environments committee has decided to run a series of articles and lists of palm oil free products over the next few weeks. Palm oil, also known as palm olein, elaeis guineensis and elaeis oleifer, is a cheaply produced oil that is used in around half of all packaged products available to us at supermarkets. Palm oil is used in baked products such as bread and biscuits, fried products like chips, confectionery like chocolate, and cosmetics including shampoo. The biggest downside to using palm oil in these products is that most of it is unsustainably produced. According to WWF Australia, it is suggested that the equivalent of up to 300 football fields of ancient tropical forests are cleared every hour, to make way for new palm olein plantations. The main cause of the destruction of Malaysian and Indonesian rainforests, which are the homes of various endangered species such as orang-utans, is for the development of oil palm plantations. WWF believes that this is completely unnecessary because there approximately 300-700 million hectares of abandoned land throughout the world that could be suitable for oil palm plantations, 20 million hectares of which is in Indonesia alone. Not all palm oil produced in the world is unethical. Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) entered the market several years ago. Products containing CSPO are most likely to be labelled as such, because companies will want to show off the responsibility they are taking to create sustainable products. However, it is very difficult for consumers to determine whether other supermarket items contain palm oil or not because under Australian law, it is only necessary for companies to list ‘vegetable oil’ in their ingredients list. They do not have to specify from whence the oil is sourced. As a rule of thumb, if the saturated fat content is about 50%, there is a good chance that the vegetable oil will in fact be palm oil. Another thing to watch out for on the ingredients list is margarine. If the product contains margarine, it is highly likely that the margarine will have been derived from palm oil. Additives and agents such as emulsifiers (E471 is a common one), while a small component of the overall product, can also be derived from palm oil.


THE GLOBE: August 6 2012

Other names to keep an eye out for that could be or be derived from palm oil are cocoa butter equivalent (CBE), cocoa butter substitute (CBS), palm olein and palm stearine. In non-food products like soaps and detergents, the list includes elaeis guineensis, sodium lauryl sulphate, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, isopropyl and other palmitates, steareth-2, steareth-20 and fatty alcohol sulphates – all of which may be derived from palm oil. So, while it is difficult to avoid palm oil altogether, each week the environments committee will be including a list of different products that are palm oil free in The Globe each week, so that making an informed decision is clearer and easier for you as a consumer. This week’s list is from www. and is one of almost every student’s staple foods, chocolate.

Manufacturer Aldi Stores

Brand Choceur, Just Organics

Product Chocolate blocks

Cadbury’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Dairy Milk, Old Gold, Dream

Chocolate blocks -

Cadbury’s Green & Black’s (except Butterscotch; Raisin & Hazelnut)

Chocolate blocks

Chocolate Mill Chocolate Mill bars and filled chocolates.

Chocolate blocks,

Haigh’s Chocolates Haigh’s Chocolate blocks (Note that nougat and fudge fillings contain some palm oil) Koko Black ucts

Koko Black

Chocolate prod-

Lindt & Sprungli Lindt Excellence; Lindt Creation Chocolate blocks (Note that filled products such as Lindor do contain palm oil) Nestle


Chocolate blocks

Wesfarmers Ltd (except mint)

You’ll love Coles

Chocolate blocks

Information sourced from WWF Australia: and Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia: THE GLOBE: August 6 2012




with Peng tiong

Serious S#*% You Missed this Week with Riley Metcalfe

Fighting has continued to worsen in Syria over the past month, with the year-long uprising apparently drawing to a bloody close. Rebel forces have (according to their own sources,) nearly taken the city of Aleppo, and are currently weathering a government offensive against the city. Despite pleas from the Syrian rebels and Turkey, there has been little international action on the side of the rebels, although there is some rumoured clandestine American support. There have been reports of massacres and summary executions as the rebels gain more control over Syria, in addition to the past and current human rights abuses by the Syrian government. This has lead Kofi Annan, former UN Secretary General and Special Envoy to Syria to resign, stating that the militarism in Syria, along with the blocked UN Security Council is making his job ‘impossible.’ Police in the United Kingdom are considering launching criminal proceedings against News International, as they could be liable for phone hacking offenses. Police actions would almost certainly target Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of News, and possibly Rupert Murdoch (chairman.) The largest blackout in history has recently affected 20 Indian states, much of the north of the country. The blackout affected 620 million people, or 11% of the world’s population. This has led to serious allegations of corruption, resulting in the purchase of inferior electrical equipment. Incompetence on the part of authorities has also lead to inadequate distribution on the grid. President Obama currently has a large lead over Republican contender Mitt Romney in polling for the presidential election, to be held later this year. New York Times political blog FiveThirtyEight gives Obama a 70% chance of winning, with 297 electoral votes. A slowly improving economy means an Obama victory is likely, but this is quite a wildcard. Additionally, Romney is unpopular due to his Mormonism and his wealth, making him seem out-oftouch to many Americans.


THE GLOBE: April 16 2012

Argon walks into a bar. Bar man says, “We don’t serve noble gases.” Argon doesn’t react.

How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, that’s a hardware problem.

Three statisticians go hunting. When they see a rabbit, the first one shoots, missing it on the left. The second one shoots and misses it on the right. The third one shouts: “We’ve hit it!” ..

THE THEGLOBE: GLOBE:August March 56 2012

11 10

columns Jon forces his biased political opinion onto International House with Jon Regan

Hello, IH. Welcome back to my regular, permanently renamed column, the name of which is entirely original and definitely not a tongue-in-cheek swipe at anyone. Today, I’d like you to take a moment to imagine a world not unlike our own, but with just a small difference. Imagine that in this world, there was a social and cultural expectation that you were romantically and sexually attracted to your own gender. Imagine that marriage was defined under law as a union of two people of the same gender, to the exclusion of all others. Imagine that popular culture and social expectations revolved around the promotion of same-sex relationships. Imagine that childbirth was conducted exclusively through In vitro fertilisation, and that much of the population could not imagine or comprehend the idea of a relationship aside from that between two members of the same gender. Now imagine that you were different. Imagine you were heterosexual – that is, you were attracted to people of the opposite gender. Imagine that you couldn’t explain or even understand why you felt that way, but you knew that this was simply how your brain and body functioned. Imagine that you faced severe discrimination for your sexuality. Imagine it was treated as a mental disorder for many years and you were locked up. Imagine people bullied and beat you for the way you were. Imagine your parents disowned you. Imagine the dominant religion of the land had a holy book which – in some ancient, irrelevant verse – said that you should be put to death for your heterosexuality. Imagine that vast swathes of the population used this verse to justify their hatred of you. Imagine that your heterosexual friends faced the same discrimination, and many of them committed suicide as they couldn’t handle the bullying. Imagine there were eighty countries which criminalized heterosexual activities, many of which were perfectly happy to put you to death for expressing your love. Now imagine that there was a movement to make things better, but it faced severe opposition as homosexuals who simply didn’t understand or accept the way you feel tried to claim that they needed to stop you loving the person you loved because they claimed the need to stand up for the “traditional family unit” of two people of the same gender and their children. How would you react? The above scenario is horrifying. But even more horrifying is that the attitudes detailed are fundamentally aligned with the issues faced by millions of same-sex attracted people right across the world. Eight years ago, the Howard government legislated to discriminate against samesex marriage couples, and the truth is that no level of equality can truly be achieved until these discriminatory clauses are removed. This is why I ask you, International House, to join your fellow IHers at the Equal Love rally this Saturday, August 11 at 1pm. I plan to leave from the foyer at 12:30pm on the day, and encourage as many of you as possible to join me. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents have stood up for the rights of women and racial minorities – even in the face of intense and well-organised opposition. It’s time for us, knowing what we know now, to stand up for the rights of those who are brutally discriminated against every day. I hope and pray that I will see you there. THE GLOBE: August 6 2012


drink of the week! You never grow too old for Scooby Doo. Just instead of it being your favorite childhood TV show, it is now your favorite adult shot.

Scooby Snacks:

1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum 1/2 oz creme de banana 1/2 oz Midori melon liquor 1/2 oz pineapple juice 1 1/2 oz whipped cream

Pour all the goodies together and shake over ice. Add whipped cream, shake more, and serve chilled.


THE GLOBE: August 6 2012

First issue back!  
First issue back!  

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