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Monday May 14th 2012


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Feature: Cafe Internationale!

Also: Pg 8 Money and More Quotes of the week!

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IHSC Distillations of the week starting Monday 14th May 2012 Issue IH Ball!! Games Night

Description The night we have all been waiting for. BALL. This Thursday, 17th of May 2012. To wrap up the semester, Aya organised a games night! Friday, 19th May 2012.

Cultural Committee Mondays at 6pm in the JCR Meetings Student Club AC: 9.30pm Monday @CDR Committee Meetings GC: 9.30pm Wednesday @CDR More on Sports... Listen out to Gemma Kenna & Phil Tan on facebook! For a more detailed report of the IHSC matters, please read the GC or AC minutes. GC and AC minutes can be found on Nexus.

International House 241 Royal Parade Parkville, VIC 3052 AUSTRALIA

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THE GLOBE: May 14 2012

the top two Hello everybody! What a fantastically busy, crazy, hectic and exciting week its been! We don’t have much official business to report on as AC and GC were postponed for the week due to Cafe, but GM on last Sunday was a success. Congrats to our newly elected committee members! If you had any questions from GM don’t hesitate to ask us! Likewise, if you have suggestions on what you would like the funds raised during Cafe to be spent on, send an email or hunt us down to let us know. IH had an impressive week of sporting achievements, with the boys winning one of their soccer games and both the boys and girls row-


ing teams making it not once, but twice to the finishing line!! Unfortunately, the turn out for spectators was dismal. Thanks to those who came, we recognise that most of you are the busiest people around college and the rowers appreciated you giving up your time! Lastly, humongous amounts of congratulations go to everybody involved in Cafe! It was a fantastic night for everybody involved and the audience loved it! The after party was a huge success - thanks to everyone for keeping the noise and chaos to a minimum so we could continue until 3 am! We would like to remind everybody though, that if you damage property or deliberately make a mess, you may incur a fine. If the damage/mess is made by a non IHer, the fine may be passed on to whoever signed them in to the party or to whoever was responsible for them being there. We don’t fine people because we want to, but because it is not fair other people to be covering the costs. Thanks everyone for another fantastic week. We hope you aren’t too inundated with assignments and study and look forward to chatting to you all around IH.

editor's edict

Steph rogers

Hey Everyone! It’s been a pretty hectic week at IH, what with exams slowly (but surely) approaching, Cafe afterparty recovery and boys soccer to support (yay for 7am starts)! Did everyone go and see the ICAC musical, Anything Goes?! Because I did, possibly one of the best decisions in life so far, as it was AMAZING (obviously because it featured the talents of our very own Ben Gray, Richard Toh, Erin Bourne and Johnny Ware)!! For all of you who didn’ missed out.

aaaaaand BALL IS COMING UP ON THURSDAY! That’s right, I hope you have all bought your tickets, but if you havn’t...HURRY UP! You really cannot miss this event. Plus if you don’t go, you will be left wondering what everyone is talking about on Friday morning...a truly terrible prospect.

find us online, on your iPhone or on your iPad at:

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.com/IHGlobe THE GLOBE: May 14 2012


columns Overheard in the Courtyard So overheard in the courtyard is back...but it’s not permanent. Since it has offended some people in the past, we want to know what YOU think. Go to the poll on the student club website and let us know. In the meantime, I would like to introduce our new Globe contributer...who for all intents and purposes shall remain anonymous.

Whaddya Hear? Whaddya Say? I tell ya what, my ears are burning. And no, that’s not an invitation to set off the GreyCourt fire alarm again. With Cafe and it’s extremely eventful after-party done and dusted, and now a very eventful Mothers Day weekend over – I don’t know how I’m going to fit this all in one little paragraph. With smaller font! Much better. Now let’s get down to business.

Let me take you Cafe After Party. I know you all thought you were in the clear but, like an elephant, I never forget. Seems among the large party crowd, an ex-IHer or two (or 17) snuck back in for a bit of fun. I know he was an ex-IHer (and not from Ormond) due to his impressive stamina ;) Three hours playing tonsil hockey on the dance floor with a certain clumsy kitchen hand with absolutely no sign of slowing down before the lights came back on. That’s the IH way! Among these ex-IHers, there were a few UFOs. They came down briefly to Steele a kiss and departed. I can confirm the FBI has been in contact, and if anyone asks us, we didn’t see anything. The Pope has also been in contact, but it’s all good. He was just making sure our little preacher wasn’t Catholic, and his “random mistake” wasn’t with a young boy. It wasn’t, and he isn’t. So all good. Congrats again to all the people in Cafe and all the hard work you put in. No need to buy them chocolates though guys, I hear one in particular has already been given a very special “thank you” ; ) :P Now we go Back to the Future (aka: Friday) when quite a few of the IH population went down to Maze to wish Phil Tan a Happy Birthday. Timomatic was there singing the fresher dance and that one other song he may have (nobody seems to know for sure). But that’s not all, there was so many juicy happenings here I’m rolling in it. Literally. I printed it all out on several pages and have been rolling around on the floor for hours now. And yes, my ears are that big I can hear what happens at Maze. It was loud. Speaking of ears, someone with not so big ears was seen getting very friendly with our own two eared Van Gogh. *Gasp* Scheps continues to get incestuous with a little bit of inter-floor loving ;) and an O-Weeker smashed through the fresher/ senior divide with a little tonsil hockey game out West. As the night rolled on we moved into Dionne D’Silva’s Birthday. Happy Birthday Dionne! But it’s not all good news I’m afraid. There was a little drama during the night when a triangle of the non musical kind appeared for a fleeting second...but just as quickly disappeared..let’s put it down to drunken revelry shall we? Speaking of drunken revelry, little P was on her game, seen getting quite cozy with a certain football star..who certainly appeared popular with the ladies ;) In World News: The Aussie continent kept itself pretty busy by invading multiple mouths during the night and … wait wrong column. And so we come to the end of our time together for this week, but before I go, I want to say that it’s not all laughs guys. Outside Maze our sweet little Rockstar was sexually harassed when a random person decided to pinch his (admittedly nice) buttocks. That’s just not cool. He’s ok thankfully, but keep your eyes peeled! Take care everyone and keep up the good work. I hope you called your mother for Mothers Day! THE GLOBE: May 14 2012




funny stuff

That’s right people! Last Friday night TIMOMATIC performed not only this y ear’s fresher song, SET IT OFF but also, in a happy coincidence, last year’s too!

Thank you for the picture Alexandre..

THE GLOBE: May 14 2012


feature: Cafe internationale a success! Last Saturday night was Cafe Internationale, and it’s safe to say it was a huge success! A massive well done to the organisers, Shannon and Kate, as well as all the performers, sound crew, behind the scenes people and our two stars Zac and Emily, who all helped make the night a great one! Afterparty pictures coming soon... ;)


THE GLOBE: May 14 2012

THE GLOBE: May 14 2012


columns Money and More

with Jonathan Regan-Beasley

quotes of the week Introducing our new segment.. quotes of the week!

It absolutely astounds me, time and time again, that people in Australia are so disengaged from politics. I don’t quite understand it, to be perfectly 7am Friday, Boy’s Soccer honest. Think about this for a moment. You have an opportunity to shape the world the way you want to see it. You have an opportunity for real change. You have democratic privileges that globally, bil- ‘But why is there a girl playing for lions and billions of people are deprived of. Peothe Ormond boys team?’ ple fight for their right to vote. People die for this right. And just because it’s been thrown into your hands, you’re perfectly happy to simply disengage (This quote was overheard approx. four and let people make decisions who don’t even re- times by various people...but really, with a motely represent your interests or your opinions.

ponytail like that, what did he expect?)

I’m not saying that everyone should be a social activist, go to every rally, campaign for their favourite candidate or run for government. It’s true that it takes a certain type of person to do these things, and people have different priorities. But you have an opportunity once every few years to have a genuine say in the way your country, your state or your community is run. You get to say who will stand up there in parliament and either support or oppose the sitting government. Yet most of you will be astoundingly apathetic at this prospect. You know what the most common reason for voting for one candidate or another is in Australia? “My family votes for this party”. That is an outrageous and unacceptable excuse for voting one way or another. Your vote should be your own, not your family’s! Worst of all, the major parties’ positions have changed substantially over time. You should be able to pick up a paper or do a quick Google search on the candidates and see which one stands for what you believe in. It really is not that hard. In the state seat of Melbourne, a by-election will be taking place soon. This is a massive opportunity to have your say in how this place is run. The rolls are closing extremely soon, and if you’re an Australian Citizen, you have a right to be enrolled here and have a vote. All you need to do is go to and follow the prompts. It’ll take all of five minutes. Do yourself a favour. Get out there and have a say. Stop this place being run by a bunch of self-interested dogs.


THE GLOBE: May 14 2012

Person 1: But seriously M, Trinity boys would never go for a girl in an IH jumper... M: Maybe, but when this jumper comes off they’ll be all over me... lol.

Sure thing Harry.

columns Serious S#*% You Missed this Week with Riley Metcalfe

funny stuff

Factional turmoil in the Victorian Liberal party (not a typo) has come to heed this week. Michael Kroger has accused the former Deputy PM Peter Costello. Kroger publically renounced his 30year old friendship with Costello over a series of events, including a supposed attempt by Costello to re-enter politics, and Kroger’s attempt to keep his ex-wife’s position on the Victorian liberal senate ticket (she had recently been demoted.) This is bad news for the Liberal Party, both federally (Abbot wants to take several Victorian lower house seats at the next election,) and at the state level (considering the troubles of the Baillieu government.) A by-election has been called for the state lower house seat of Melbourne, after the retirement of state MP Bronwyn Pike. Labor will face a strong challenge at the election from the Greens, who may pick up the seat (their first in the state Lower House.) The Greens already hold the seat of Melbourne at a federal level. A date for the by-election has not yet been set. A reminder for all Australian IHers that it’s a legal requirement to vote in such elections – enrol now, as writs will be issued very soon. The 2012 Budget was announced on Tuesday. It would be impossible to cover everything – but the major additions to the new Budget are the ‘Schoolkids Bonus’ (providing money for children attending school to families, replacing the Education tax rebate,) a reduction by 3000 jobs in the Federal public service, and the scrapping of a 1% tax cut in the company tax. The budget has been accused by Tony Abbot, with typical understatement, as being an act of ‘class warfare.’ The post-budget poll has shown that Abbot’s approval rating has risen, although budgets are never good for governments. Barack Obama has come out as supporting gay marriage this week, a few days after his Vice President, Joe Biden did the same. As Obama is facing a tough re-election battle against the presumed Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, his support for gay marriage is a surprising move. Romney himself has been under attack this week, over allegations that he was involved in homophobic bullying when young.

THE GLOBE: May 14 2012



with Peng Tiong Special Chemistry Edition! What do you do when a chemist gets injured? Helium What if he gets infected? Curium What do you do when a chemist dies? Barium What do you do when a chemist gets out of control? Pin him down by putting your Neon him Who do you call when that doesn’t work? Coppers What do you call a chemist from India? Indium What do you call him when he tries to trick you? Silicon What does a chemist say when he’s tamed the toughest bull of the rodeo? Iridium! How do you stop a chemist from reciting the table of elements? Tell him he’s Boron you. What’s the best way to steal a chemist’s supplies? You Radium What do you say when he asks where they are? The materials Argon What do you call a chemist who hates capitalism? Antimony What did the restaurant owner say to the chemist? Iodine-ing in? Or take away? How do you trick a chemist? Ask him the atomic number of Jerconium. What do you say when you’re tired of these chemistry puns? Stop it, I’ve sulfured enough THE GLOBE: April 16 2012


THE THEGLOBE: GLOBE:March May 145 2012

11 10

Article rebuttal! In response to last week’s ‘“Arts Degrees Deemed Worthless” (by Peng Tiong).

Yes, we need arts degrees. But how many do we need? By Jon Regan

I’d like to offer a rebuttal to the article written by Mr Peng Tiong last week titled “Arts Degrees Deemed Worthless”. In this article, Peng makes the argument that Mr Andrew Norton of the Grattan Institute’s article on arts degree funding being too high is unjustified, and that this funding must expand in order to increase externalities not existent within the private sector. Unfortunately, Peng has failed to take into account a number of economic principals, and as a result his argument is flawed at best. Peng argues that economists “only think about money”. This is simply not true. Economics is not simply about making as much money as possible, it’s about delivering optimal social outcomes. Now, it is true that Mr Norton is a classical economist, which generally means he believes socially optimal outcomes are correlated with maximizing domestic output. However, as I will argue, the argument Mr Norton makes is justifiable from a more socially-conscious perspective. As it stands, without funding it is likely that a number of more passionate – and arguably “better” artists – would undertake an arts degree regardless of whether the government funds their studies or not, based on non-intervention supply and demand curves. While an externality may exist up to the point of private-sector equilibrium, it does not necessarily continue beyond that point. It is easy to imagine an externality exists, it doesn’t necessarily continue forever. As a Green and an economist, I do believe that there are externalities which can be generated through government intervention. However, the current system of simply funding anyone – effectively regardless of their talent in the relevant field – is not the most efficient way of maximizing positive externalities. A much more effective method would be through the use of selective, talent-based scholarships. For proof of the ineffectiveness of the current system, one only needs to look at the abysmally low retention rates for first-year courses. A second area Peng argued generates significant externalities and as a result needs an extension in funding is the area of teaching. Teachers are a special case. The government could choose to We know for a number of reasons this is not a socially optimal outcome, which is why we have government intervention to provide education to young people on a social equity basis. It is true that we have a shortage in the teaching sector at the moment. This is not a sign that that we need to further subsidise the education of teachers. The fact that there is a shortage of teachers tells us that the government has failed – as governments tend to do – in determining the market-clearing price for the employment of teachers. We can see this clearly through the fact that private sector teachers are paid substantially more than public sector teachers. The answer to the teacher shortage is to increase the salary of public school teachers so that individuals who would otherwise enter other industries have a higher incentive to teach. Otherwise, we are left with a number of competent, good-willed individuals essentially “volunteering” a portion of their salary away in order to teach, inevitably resulting in a shortage based on the predominance of less charitable individuals. The final point on which I simply must seize is the use of the words “minimising deadweight losses” in Peng’s article. A deadweight loss implies the loss in the combination of producer and consumer surplus from the equilibrium point. By definition, government intervention cannot minimize deadweight losses, as the privatesector equilibrium is the point where deadweight losses are minimized at zero. As government intervention increases, we actually see an increase in deadweight losses to the economy through the increase in taxation which is inherent in the increase in expenditure. Taxation is the single highest generator of deadweight losses in virtually any economy. Increasing government intervention will not, by any means, minimize deadweight losses. THE GLOBE: May 14 2012


just kinda weird Note: This will only make sense if you’ve seen the movie Taken...

sudoku! One for the morning people...


THE GLOBE: May 14 2012

and one for those who take a little more time to wake up...

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