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I vy g en W

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Editors’ Note

Hey there IHers! Long time no see! Hope you all had an absolutely fantastic holiday and enjoyed the time off! We, as the globe team, would love to welcome the 180+ new faces and hope they can find a home here at IH as so many of us IHers have. We hope that University hasn’t been too stressful and that you are all ready for another fantastic year! Hope you enjoy this FIRST ISSUE of Globe for 2018 and hope that we can continue to inspire and delight all of you with your very own talents!




P/VP REPORT Hey hey lollies, Hope it’s not too choco-LATE but we didn’t want to wait until AFTER EIGHT to welcome you all for a new year at IH! Life at IH will bring you a BOUNTY of opportunity and although we don’t want to reveal too much (sorry for being such a malTEASEr), make sure to keep up to date with the dinnertime announcements and posts on our Facebook page! The mintest boii around, Adrian GO-lo (polo, like polo mints?), has got you pampering your angels so make sure to pay it forward and take care of each other – we’re all capable of becoming LIFE SAVERS! We hope you’ve had a good opportunity to explore the uni GALAXY by now, and you’re all settled in. Hopefully you’ll soon get by an entire day without having to say, ‘DO U KNOW DE milky WAY?’ Such is wishful thinking (dw we still get lost– we just really wanted to include the punny meme reference). Make sure to have fun, and don’t cadBURY yourselves under a mound of uni! Find your perfect balance between work and play, and remember, we’re always here to support you and we’ll never FLAKE on you <3 Hopefully this report wasn’t too bad for your health and you understand we’re starBURSTING with enthusiasm and trying to tell u we’re super sweet, because we are. Plz believe us. Lots of love and sugar,

PEZ thana and Bell 4


Upcoming Mandatory General Meeting: March


On March 25th we will be having one of three General Meetings for 2018. Each general meeting is mandatory to attend, as it is a legal requirement of the International House Student Club. If you do not attend without a valid apology you are subject to a fine. More information about how to submit apologies and general details will be released on the IH Student Club 2018 facebook page and put up on posters around college (so keep your eye out)! At the general meeting we elect positions such as: Fresher Representative, Male Sports Representative, Satadal Coordinator, Music Night Coordinator and next semester’s National Night country. If you have any questions about this you can talk to myself, or Prarthana. There will be free donuts, first come first serve study tables, and the opportunity to express your opinions through voting (yay democracy)!


Hello IH! Your Resident Shop Keeper is here! What is SHOP? It’s late at night you’re in the midst of writing a 2000 word essay and you’re getting mad cravings, ubereats is too expensive, the walk to 7/11 is too long, what do you do? Don’t worry SHOP is here! SHOP is the student run kiosk that is located in the JCR. Throughout the semester it will open regularly. What does SHOP sell? You name it and SHOP might sell it – there is a 50% chance. Chocolate, we got that! Chips - we got those! Noods, of the spicy kind – we got those! Drinks, yup. Ice-creams – defs. Paper – yasssss. Tampons – 100%. Need to freshen your pits, we have deodorant too! If you need something don’t worry, SHOP has got your back honey Boo Boo. When will SHOP open? Starting next week SHOP will have a grand opening, from then on it will open from 10:00 – 10:20 pm most nights of the week.



If you’re interested in anything arts and music happening around college, please join the ARTS & MUSIC 2018 Facebook page!

IH also has a Instagram fashion page, send through your best outfits and follow @commedesih for some fashion inspo.

Follow the IHSC Spotify page for some student curated playlists and submit your playlists if you want them to be featured throughout the year during meals in the dining hall!

Hey IHers! Music Soiree is coming up in a couple of weeks so if you plan on performing start prepar-

ing, and make sure you sign up to perform on the Google Doc (the link is posted in the IH Student Club 2018 and ARTS & MUSIC 2018 pages). Sign-ups will close a few days before Soiree, so make sure you get onto that as to not miss out! Everyone is invited to come and watch fellow IHers perform at what will be a really chilled night - you're also more than welcome to bring friends from outside IH, the more the merrier.

LAN PARTY - SATURDAY 10TH MARCH, 8PM@JCR Hey IHers! This weekend we have our first LAN party for the year. Bring your computers and laptops, and if you can’t don’t worry; we’ll have a console set up so everyone will get to have a good time. We’ll also need help setting up and packing up tables and chairs, so if you’d like to lend a hand send me a message. See you then!


LAN PARTY Saturday 10th March from 8pm in the JCR Overwatch Mario Cart Just Dance Plus more


Be there or be square. Harold didn’t attend and he turned square. Don’t be like harold.



HELLO!! I AM ADRIAN GO, YOUR CURRENT FRESHER REP!! My job is to bridge the gap between seniors and freshers in IH. However, as I am not a fresher anymore, I must leave the role and pass it on to someone new. That someone new could be YOU! If you are interested in student leadership at college, the Fresher Representative position is the perfect first step. You will be the sole Fresher on the student club committee, and you will represent Freshers in General Committee and Activities Committee meetings. The Fresher Rep gets to host Panda Cup, which is a tournament between the residence buildings in IH. The role is very flexible, so you can plan any event that you think the college will enjoy!


If you think youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re the right person for the job, watch out for the post in the Student Club page regarding the next General Meeting, where you will run for the position. I hope to see many of you aspiring to be the next fresher rep and I wish you all good luck! Fresher rep out.

World’s G r e at e s t



There are many reasons to join the World’s Greatest Shave, beyond causing untold changes to someone’s struggle with Leukaemia. If you shave your head it’s a quick super easy way to lose weight. This has the added benefit of streamlining your head which will turn you into an immediate speedy boi, no matter what sport you compete in. This is actually common practice in swimming according to Olympic swimmer Millie Ribeiro ‘boys shave their heads for speed so they don’t need to wear a cap … quote away homie’. You won’t have to worry about hat hair, shampoo or haircuts; from my personal experience people will derive huge pleasure from rubbing your bald head.

If you instead elect to dye your hair, you have similar unforeseen advantages- the most obvious of these is that if your hair is a distinct shade you will be easier to find. This is applicable in everyday life as well as life threatening situations, for example being lost in a crowd or lost at sea, and you don’t want to be lost and thinking “damn, I should have dyed my hair a distinctive colour so that I can be easily found to avoid this socially awkward situation / premature burial at sea”. For the waxing element I have had to use some secondary sources, however I am looking forward to experiencing these situations. I have been told that getting into a clean bed with waxed legs is a sensation only akin to achieving nirvana. Gym freak, and all round big dude, Darren Tan said that ‘waxing your chest pretty much makes you a bodybuilder, this is a fact I read it on the internet’ [he may retract this statement]. While this may be your motivation for participating in the World’s Greatest Shave you will still be contributing towards a charity which can completely change someone’s life. Leukaemia is a form of cancer which affects white blood cells and cause negative affects all over the body; it also disproportionately affects children, so seriously fuck Leukaemia.

Finally just some shoutouts to people who have already volunteered:



Prarthana Kanagaratnam

Conrad Gustini

Kelvin Lim

Anaf Andalib

Andrew Waddell

Prithvi Bhatia

Gina McIntosh

Aradhea Massi

Nathanial Brady

Adrian Go



March 17 - 25 Applications For Committee Open

March 29 - 4 Applications For Cast Open

April 6 - 8 Singing & Acting Auditions

April 11 - 13 Singing & Acting Callbacks, Dance Auditions

April 15 First Cast & Committee Meeting

April 16 Rehearsals Begin

June 24 - 30 Production Bootcamp

August 20 - 25 Tech & Production Week Hi guys! We’re Karolina & Stacy, and this year we are so excited to be directing and producing our 2018 musical production, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. This Tony nominated musical comedy is full of spelling (obviously), fun tunes to bop along too, Jesus, juice boxes, and unfortunate erections(it’s all about the context)! This year’s musical will take place from the 23rd - 25th of August, and will be performed at the University of Melbourne’s Union House Theatre. The production is fully facilitated by you guys, and we are so excited to see what amazing talent will be brought along on our journey. So who are we looking for? We are in search of passionate, committed people, ready to have a super fun time, more specifically, organisers, committee members, musicians, singers, actors, and dancers! We encourage every single one of you to step forward and apply, we can promise you an incredible time! Applications and more updates will be coming very soon, but for now, here are some key dates you can keep in mind! Feel free to message or chat with me and Stacy if you’re keen, we can’t wait to hear from you!





In a community where it is easy to accept archetypal behaviours, I have respect for anyone at IH (staff and students, female and male) who is willing to make the effort to change their thinking around diversity and equality and those who advocate for change. I believe many of the people at IH embrace and embody these values and are prepared to take leadership roles in order to forge new thinking. Being at IH is incredibly stimulating intellectually for all of us and my experience allows me the opportunity to reflect on my own understanding of difference. I admire my daughter’s spirit in taking a strong view on sustainability and my wife’s passion for diversity, reconciliation and inclusion in the workplace. Heritage fun fact (I’m proud of): in the early 1960’s, a very different name in England, my mother and godmother fought and won a long battle to become the first female members of a fairly exclusive men’s golf club!!! BY NICK HILL

Crashed Darkness permeates my soul, Renders it blank. Leaves me so despondent that I wonder 'What is there to life?' My belief system, shaken. Repeatedly, I curse at the heavens. Then, I curse myself. A lesson learnt, Soon to be forgotten Back-up storage, the path to a peaceful life.







Bird of the Week

BY SOPHIA BOOIJ Resident Bird Enthusiast

THE RAINBOW LORIKEET Latin Name: Trichoglossus haematodus Some Stats: - One screechy birb - Lives in a crazy big flock - Eats both native and non-native fruits and berries, along with nectar! You can see this bird heaps around Parkville, especially on the walk to Uni and in the park.

Levels of Bird Spots Level 1 – Easy Level 2 – Medium Level 3 – Difficult Level 4 – Get your goddamn binoculars out this bird is hardcore secretive Level 5 – Impossible cause its extinct but cool to think about 16

Birding: A Handy Guide

Birding, or recreational bird watching, is a great way to learn more about the wildlife around IH and Australia – it’s also super fun.

Tips for Birding

- Don’t talk loudly - Slow movements - Just resign yourself to the fact that you will very rarely get a good photo of a bird cause they’re fast little buggers. - Have fun : )))))))))

Grandma Guidance Welcome to IH youngens,

We are your resident grandmas here to guide you through your turbulent undergraduate degree. These answers are completely accurate and peer-reviewed. *Answers may not be true. We take no liability for your stupidity.

How do I borrow a book?

The staff at the library are very friendly, they enjoy a good carrot tree. Take a carrot that is bendy, bendy to the point that you can shape it into a penis- this must be obtained only while intoxicated and from the CaterCare ‘fruit’ basket. Plant this carrot outside the library in the garden, only then will it grow into a carrot tree rather than a regular carrot-root-thing. Then the resident library gremlin called Potih who can be found next to the printers, will take a ripened carrot and deliver the book that represents the deepest, darkest longing of your heart. For example, one day Adrian Go was delivered a book on black panthers, much to his chagrin.

What does the MPSR stand for?

My Penis Slants Right Many People Store Reptiles (it’s normal) Magic Programme for Students Richmond Nerds Many People’s Sex Room

How do you access the Greycourt music room?

You don’t. It will only open to those who participate in the iconic Royal Park wolf-howl which takes place on the full moon of every 42 year.

Does the Hilda's building actually have a dark past?

Well, I’m glad you asked young one, sit down, strap into your boots, and before you read this empty your bladder in case you get a bit too excited. There was once a young boy called Reginald, Reggie for short. Reggie was a Childish, Uneducated, Naughty Troll. He regularly cut the line at meal times, he used many paper cups that went on to kill dolphins and cute puppies, and he also posted aggressive messages on the IH Random Page. He had almost finished the 7 Wonders of IH, his last stop at the Head’s chair proved fatal. For his actions that went against the IH way, the spirit of Heads’ past STRUCK HIM DOWN and bid him to haunt Hilda’s for the rest of ETERNITY. Only those who have forgotten the IH way will meet Reggie in their travels.

What is the lizard master race?

The lizard master -race does not exist. It does not exist. It definitely does not. NO. It doesn’t. NONONO. CONSPIRACY. There are no lizards here. STOP SEARCHING. STOP IT! Only skin beings here with delicious toasty blood. Thank you dearies,

Granny Smith & Nonna C. Hugs and kisses,

*You may submit any questions or queries you have to the resident IH Grandmas by placing your written morsel into the submissions box at the back of the dining hall. NO LATE SUMBISSIONS.



I heard that you sang Part of Your World during Karaoke Night. How did you get interested in singing? I really enjoy singing karaoke with my friends in Japan because it’s everywhere. Before coming to Australia, I sang karaoke several times a week since karaoke isn’t as common and cheap like it is in Japan, and I knew I was going to miss singing karaoke a lot. What’s your favourite song? I love Disney songs from movies like Tangled, Frozen, Little Mermaid. I also like to sing Katy Perry songs during karaoke. But my favourite Disney songs are Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid and Let It Go from Frozen. Do you miss Japan? The food is Australia is alright, since they have the basic Japanese food like miso soup. But I miss Japanese food too, since everything back home is miso-flavoured. And they don’t have it here in Australia, but I’m loving Australia so much! What other talents do you have other than singing? I enjoy learning languages, so I’ve learnt Japanese, English, French and a bit of Arabic. I think Arabic language and its poetry is so beautiful, and I love the written language of Arabic. I also love travelling, although it’s not exactly a talent. I’ve already visited places like USA and Taiwan, and I wanted to travel to the Southern hemisphere, so now I’m here in Australia. After learning Arabic, I really want to travel to the Middle East, especially Egypt! Final words … I always wanted to be on such a page like the Humans of my university back in Japan, but there are so many other people in my university who got interviewed instead. So I was so happy that I’m going to be on Humans of IH. It’s like a dream come true!



To claim that the existence of men’s rights activist (MRA) movements are justified or legitimate is wrong. That is not to say that some of the inequalities and biases highlighted by the movement are not valid – they most definitely are. Bias against fathers in custody cases, male victims of sexual assault and toxic masculinity are all very real issues and deeply harmful towards men. However, while on paper the MRA movement is all about solving these problems, the systems of gender bias that cause them are often overlooked. In other words, MRAs emphasise the need to be anti-feminist (and sometimes even anti-female), rather than pro-male. To clarify, however, it is not the fact that MRAs exist solely in opposition to another activist movement that delegitimises their cause. Rather, it is the fact that they purposefully, misguidedly and often viciously direct their rage towards the group of people who are most likely to be their strongest allies – feminists. This fundamentally undermines their stated aims and stops them from being considered justified in principle.




This is an extract from the Political Warren Farrell, widely considered to be the “Father” of TRUM – if you’d like to hear the oth the MRA movement, initially became involved in gena wide range of topics you can grab der studies while at university, even joining the National Organisation for Women’s New York chapter in the 1960’s before publishing his 1974 book “The Liberated Man”. His work argued that women were not the only ones hindered by sexism – gender roles hurt men too. It is important to note that his work was vastly popular with feminists of era, including Gloria Steinem and Barbara Walters. Female feminists were not threatened or hurt by Farrell shining a light on the hurt faced by men in an unjust society – they embraced it. However, when (after a nasty divorce) Farrell’s work shifted to claiming women were only after power, not equality, feminists began to distance themselves and wronged men began to flock. They engaged with the notion of having somewhere to focus their overwhelming disenchantment with the state of the world and their own lives, as well as feeling strongly about the issues faced by men. As the movement grew it found a voice in online forums, internet chatrooms and other dark corners of the web. There it seemed to mutate and multiply, becoming a source of harassment and online abuse, targeted at outspoken women. MRAs, in some instances, even take their bullying to the next level by releasing the personal information of their victims (“doxing”) and even confronting these women in person. This is not to say that MRAs are all inherently misogynistic internet trolls. However, this is the tone often adopted by its more prominent voices, to the point where the entire movement is so warped and incoherent that the opposite of their espoused goal of “equality” is being furthered by their practices.

This is caused by the movement’s unwillingness to recognise an essential fact – men’s issues are feminist issues, just as much as women’s issues. However, due to the increasing social visibility of female empowerment movements, and the increased sharing of female narratives in all forms of media, it feels to a lot of MRAs that women are being prioritised over them. In other words, they feel that the gains made in women’s rights mean a decline inthose afforded to men. This is incorrect. A triumph against the patriarchy is very much a triumph for both men 20



and women. Enormous strides have been made with regard to dismantling toxic masculinity and reducing the shocking statistics around male suicide, but there is still a long way to go in fully addressing these issues. Conversely, it can often feel as if women are the only group benefiting from feminism, as they have had so much farther to climb. It is undeniable that historically women have been far more disadvantaged by their sex than men, and when looking at mainstream media it can feel as though the women’s movement is making daily strides forward, while the progress in male spaces may feel slower and deprioritised.

It is not unreasonable that MRAs feel this way. Men have been placed in an extremely long historic shadow, being expected to solely bear the burden of being hypermasculine, stoic and emotionless in the face of being the sole breadwinner, in what is currently a rapidly changing and often unpredictable economy. Not to mention the small injustices faced every day, such as the emphaA HORTON sis on “women and children” casualties in a tragic news l Interest Society’s magazine SPECstory,the satirisation of both hyper-macho and overly her side to this debate or read about effeminate males alike in popular culture, and the imb a copy of the magazine from me. plication that young boys are less emotionally intelligent than females – MRAs have a lot of material to work with. However, every injustice raised by the MRA movement is related to gender bias and patriarchal attitudes. This essentially means that on the other end of every male-centric issue is a female-centric one and vice versa. For instance, when looking at the bias against fathers in Family Court, you can weigh it against the historic pressure placed on women to take on home duties and be the primary nurturer in their respective household. The purpose of this exercise is not to have a dick measuring contest over who is the most oppressed, but rather to show how male issues are inextricably linked to feminism. By dismantling inequality, gender bias and patriarchal oppression, which are the core concerns of the feminist movement, you are consequently solving the issues raised by MRAs. This means that, every time a MRA tries to delegitimise or undermine feminist discourse, they are effectively shooting themselves in the foot. Feminists aren’t against the valid issues raised by MRAs regarding gender bias - they fundamentally strive for equality of the sexes. Giving women’s issues increased publicity does not mean there is not enough spotlight left for male problems. Dismantling the patriarchy and questioning male privilege does not rob men of anything. Feminists loving women doesn’t mean they hate men, only the systems which cause inequality. The current form of the MRA movement also largely lacks the diversity and intersectionality that has become a hallmark of modern feminism. Yes, it is accurate to say that men are far more likely to end up in prison than women, but it is not the whole picture. Factors including income, education, ethnicity and mental health also need to be considered and advocated for. Fundamentally, the causes of male discrimination are the same as those that cause female discrimination, and that feminists try to dismantle. Therefore, the MRA movement cannot be considered legitimate, as a movement that works against its own aims cannot then justify its own existence. 21



On the March 1 full moon, don’t let imagined or fantastic money plans or concerns disturb you. Things are fine. Make big plans, but keep your actions modest and solid for now. The new moon on the seventeenth brings the power to make a bold step toward a financial target. Maybe don’t buy that house now, but visualize that future. On March 28, Venus conjoins Uranus in Aries. Love isn’t getting stale, but it might want some freshening up. On the full moon, and blue moon, of the month’s last day, the world will feel much calmer and more beautiful no matter what happens. Make it contagious.



The March 1 full moon says to tweak your happy place, be more comfortable, and have better health. Shine from within and be happier than ever. The new moon on the seventeenth could let you begin to fulfill a dream. Dream big. On March 20, the sun enters Aries. This is your time of the year to tackle the biggest challenge. You aren’t easily discouraged. Love shines bright with the full moon, a blue moon, on the month’s last day. Don’t worry about coming on too strong or scaring away someone promising. The right person will be drawn to your flame. Be sincere and sensational.



Be a dedicated stay-at-home for the March 1 full moon. If work or a social group gets over-the-top demanding or ambitious, let home embrace you with custom-made peace and quiet. Career and social standing are impacted by the new moon on the seventeenth. You may choose something else, but you’ll see what’s possible one way or another. Have faith in your many abilities and talents. On March 22, Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. This gives you permission to take things more slowly. Be elegant and exquisite for the full moon, a blue moon, on the last day of the month. Others may prefer brash and exciting. Let them.





Love and romance come naturally with the March 1 full moon. You are not the lacklustre partner. No. You are the axle on which the wheel of love turns and depends. On the fourth, the sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces. This could make a romantic fantasy irresistible. Celebrate a bright, bold new you on the March 17 new moon. You may think you’re the same, but people will know better and value you more. Appreciate this and live up to it. On the full moon, and blue moon, on the month’s last day, be the arbiter or peacemaker for some argumentative people. It will be easy.



Get artistic and daring on a small scale for the March 1 full moon. Do miniature needlepoint or scrapbooking just for an hour or two. Get big fun from small efforts. The new moon on the seventeenth is all about social life, connections, and parties. The joy, love, and luck of the Irish are all in the air now. On March 30, Venus enters her home sign of Taurus. Attract all the attention that you could possibly want and enjoy every moment. Get motivated with the full moon, a blue moon, on the last day of the month, and take better care of yourself. Eat, sleep, and dream better, too.



Let friends and neighbours keep you running during the March 1 full moon. Your own inclinations might lead you off in a glorious but dead-end direction. The new moon on the seventeenth could show you how big the world really is. It won’t be scary, and it may not last long, but welcome every “ah ha” moment that you have. You may want these insights later. On March 29, the sun squares Saturn in Capricorn. Learn a valuable lesson from someone else’s difficulty. Think quality downtime for the full moon, and blue moon, on the month’s last day. Perhaps invite over an exclusive few.



Big money concerns and other people’s big plans come with the March 1 full moon. Trust your instincts and then fully commit to a new project or work already in progress. At the new moon on the seventeenth, let the outside world make its mad demands and requests on your time and attention. You don’t have to comply. You’ll be nice about it, however. On March 20, the sun enters Aries. If you have plans on tap, start them now. If not, make those plans! The full moon, a blue moon, activates your peeps and the neighbourhood scene on the month’s last day. Don’t know your neighbours? You may soon.





The March 1 full moon starts your month off with a flash bang of self-confidence and fully deserved self-importance. Be modest, but be fully you. The new moon on the seventeenth is for love and romance. You may not meet your soul mate, but you could clearly visualize such a person. Bask in the romantic glow of the day. On March 22, Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. Re-examine something you’ve recently started. You could probably improve on it. The full moon, a blue moon, brings moneymaking opportunities on the month’s last day. It could also bring a valuable gift or reciprocation of a favour done long ago.



On the March 1 full moon, focus on your daily life or home space. Make one tiny change now and turn an okay place into a haven from the blustery world. At the new moon on the seventeenth, enact your resolution to be healthier and more active. Or to vacuum or clean the litter box more often. Good intentions may lead nowhere, but they’re still good. On March 28, Venus conjoins Uranus. Love could come out of nowhere and surprise you that day. The world loves you on the full moon, a blue moon, on the month’s last day. Be clever and tactful. No one can resist you now.

For the March 1 full moon, romp on the big stage without having to be in the spotlight all the time. Steal the scene - or the whole show. Mercury enters Aries on the fifth. A great, wild new idea could strike at any time. On the new moon on March 17, luxuriate in all your favourite, wonderful, even crazy dreams. Be outrageous, feel romantic, and make no apology. Go for the peace and quiet during the full moon, a blue moon, on the month’s last day. Even if you go out, be quiet within yourself and be happier. Absorb the beauty around you that is usually overlooked.




At the March 1 full moon, be the go-to person at work or in your social group. Perform well and deserve all the rewards. Jupiter goes retrograde on the eighth. Look more closely at what is really lucky for you. On the new moon of March 17, home is where the biggest and most luscious dreams are. Unless there’s a compelling reason to go out, don’t bother. On the full moon, and blue moon, of the month’s last day, smooth out any social rocky roads or appease a difficult but important person. Ingenious solutions will come out of nowhere, making it effortless. Be someone else’s magic.


Appreciate the details of your world on the March 1 full moon. Pay exquisite attention to the small scale as well as the big. On the thirteenth, Venus squares Saturn. A friendship or love relationship could develop some superficial complications. The new moon on March 17 is packed with fun and fantasy with your peeps. Let them come up with the witty ideas. Be gleefully surprised and entertained. Career and social image light up at the full moon, and blue moon, on the month’s last day. Rock that interview, write that resume, relate well with co-workers, win points with management.












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Issue 01 10.03.18  
Issue 01 10.03.18