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Streaming Depending On Your Requirements, Widevine Enables You To: Extend services to Internet-enabled CE platforms Extend content delivery to internet connected TV sets, Blu-ray players, DVD upscalers, mobile internet devices and more. See a list of currently available platforms.


PVR Enable secure delivery to PCs & Macs Secure content delivered to PC and Mac based platforms, for online and offline viewing. Ensure protection post-DRM against screen-scraping and stream scraping software tools.

From encryption to watermarking, Widevine’s multiplatform DRM provides the capability to license, securely distribute and protect playback of multimedia content on any consumer device. Content owners, MSOs and Internet digital media providers can utilize Widevine’s solutions to ensure revenue generating services keep flowing to whatever device consumers desire. Widevine adds an additional layer of post decryption copy protection for monitoring and responding to stream recorders and screen scrapers which pirate content.

License and Acquire Premium Content Widevine’s multiplatform DRM enables Internet video providers to license and acquire premium content for distribution to the CE platforms your customers want. Secure Streamed Media, Progressive Downloads, File Downloads Protect, store and super-distribute H.264, Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media and more over a CDN, P2P or partner network. See supported distribution and usage models.

multi Platforom DRM

Tv Everywhere: Total Access, Whenever A Consumers Wants It, For Life Today’s consumers want to watch movies and television at the time that is most convenient for them and on their preferred device. To answer those demands and stay competitive with free online services, video providers need to implement a TV Everywhere experience that is higher quality, has more premium content and is available on more devices. And that’s where Widevine comes in. Widevine’s video optimization and digital rights management (DRM) solutions enable Internet content services and cable,

satellite and telecommunication companies to provide a TV Everywhere or an over-the-top environment for the ultimate customer experience. For video optimization, Widevine adaptive streaming dynamically adjusts video quality to available bandwidth, for a smooth consistent broadcast TV experience. Video optimization also enables a Blu-ray like user experience by supporting full trick play, chaptering and bookmarking. Widevine multiplatform DRM enables licensing of premium content across a range of CE platforms that traditional DRM solutions don’t, including STBs, PVRs, PCs, Macs and internet enabled: Blu-ray players, TVs, home media gateways, gaming platforms and mobile platforms. Designed to support global or regional distribution, Widevine layers multiple geo-filtering mechanisms to minimize the impact of proxy attacks used to access content outside of a licensed geography. From ad-supported to subscription business models, Widevine enables you to provide customers all of their digital entertainment needs, for life. Manage, deliver and monetize a consumer’s total access to broadcast TV, Internet digital media, music and more.


Widevine’s intuitive DRM management tools offer total control over the encryption, key management, distribution and consumption of digital media. Preconfigured policies, digital rights and encryption are applied to inbound assets, automatically registered with Widevine and the CMS, then uploaded to a destination partner network or CDN. Subsequent delivery to CE devices is secured using Widevine’s multiplatform DRM client on each device. As bandwidth conditions change, Widevine’s adaptive streaming adjust the bit rate to the highest quality video. For an added level of protection the Widevine client monitors, detects and responds to tools that pirate content even after content has been decrypted.

Widevine designed its digital media solution for end-to-end protection of digital media, regardless of video format, network delivery or consumer device SUPPORTED DISTRIBUTION AND USAGE MODELS: Widevine supports a wide variety of video content distribution and licensing models, including: Streaming File download Progressive download Live/linear streaming Burn to Flash drive Upload from physical distribution (USB, SD card, etc.) Peer-to-peer (P2P) superdistribution DLNA Widevine also supports a wide variety of usage models, including: Electronic sell-through Rental (PPV, VOD, metered, time-based, etc.) Subscription Ad supported Online or offline playback Place shifting

these tools copy content while it’s in the clear—typically after traditional DRM systems have done their job. Digital Copy Protection monitors, detects and protects content on any internet connected device, preventing this method of piracy from occurring. This addition level of protection is a necessary requirement for preserving the revenue streams of content owners, Internet digital media providers and payTV operators. Here's How It Works: Content is encrypted, stored and distributed to the user who then watches it in a browser or video player. During playback, encrypted content has been decrypted and the video is now vulnerable to piracy simply by downloading a free software tools such as screen scrapers and stream recorders which can pirate the video stream to a DRM-free file. Prevent Screen and Stream Recording Piracy Widevine's Digital Copy Protection adds an additional level of protection against the hundreds of software tools available on the internet that record content and enable piracy. Known as stream recorders and screen scrapers,

In the background, Widevine’s digital copy protection solution monitors for the acceptable usage of content. If a user attempts to use a screen scraper or other piracy method, Digital Copy Protection will detect this and produce a number of customizable responses from silent monitoring to revocation of viewing rights.

DOWNLOADABLE CONDITIONAL ACCESS AND DIGITAL RIGHTS MANAGEMENT FOR DELIVERY OF PREMIUM TELEVISION SERVICES OVER ANY NETWORK TO ANY DEVICE Widevine Cypher is a downloadable conditional access, digital rights management and digital copy protection solution that secures linear broadcast, VOD, file downloads, progressive downloads and streamed media. Unlike other solutions that require multiple decrypt and re-encrypt steps to support downstream applications, Cypher’s selective encryption capability secures content once and keeps it that way through the entire distribution chain—so that digital ads, programs and critical VOD ingestion processes are possible on encrypted content.

Maintain High Quality Live & On-Demand Entertainment Experiences over the Internet Widevine’s suite of video optimization tools enables content owners, Internet service providers and MSOs to provide the best possible live and on-demand entertainment experiences affordably.

Adaptive Streaming Widevine adaptive streaming introduces QoS controls which adapt internet video quality to match a consumer’s available bandwidth. The solution enables consumers to bookmark, fast forward and rewind internet video—just as if they were watching a DVD or Blu-ray disc in the living room. Capabilities include:

Single head-end and security architecture for delivery to any Widevine Secure device With a single head-end and security architecture to support multiple network environments operators can install a single Widevine Cypher system to support Telco, Cable, Satellite and Digital Terrestrial environments. With the Cypher Virtual SmartCard client integrated on STBs, PVRs, PCs, retail consumer devices, mobile devices, gaming platforms and the Widevine CableCard, operators have the flexibility, choice and control to deploy a single solution for all of their content protection needs. Solve the challenge of delivering existing TV services to PCs, Macs and more. CYPHER BENEFITS Comprehensive. Single broadcast and VOD encryption system for Telco, Cable, Satellite and Digital Terrestrial TV Flexible. Secures content to a wide range of STBs, PVRs, PC, retail consumer devices, mobile devices, gaming platforms and Widevine CableCards Scalable. Architected to grow and support an unlimited number of subscribers Renewable. Combats piracy with downloadable, renewable security client

Smooth dynamic bandwidth switching Supports live (linear) and file-based content Only downloads the bit rate required for the optimum video experience at a low cost Instant channel change and fast video start up, no buffer Full screen DVD-like trick play such as rewind and fast-forward, no buffer Chaptering and bookmarking Stream, download, progressive download, P2P and super-distribution support using the same packaged content Low-footprint client designed for embedded consumer devices Works with legacy decoders common in consumer electronics as well as with software players (Flash, QuickTime, Windows, etc) Standards based: HTTP 1.1, MPEG2TS, MPEG2PS, H.264 Frame aware enabling seamless play listing and advertisement insertion CDN independence Patent protected HTTP Progressive Download in Streamed Media Experience Widevine enables secure delivery of HTTP-based progressive downloads at the fraction of the cost of regular streaming technologies. Widevine’s HTTP progressive download capabilities offer: Ability to use any HTTP server Streamed media experience Lowest cost video delivery available Optional download manager


Digital Right Management : DRM Support OTT platform


Digital Right Management : DRM Support OTT platform