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MEG KEEPER SAN storage solution OVERVIEW New efficiencies Storage with special design technologies such as low-power SATA drives, and multiple drive operation for cost effective storage system. Full support virtualized technology such as VMware integration with high availability and software functionality required. Using protection technology including local snapshots, clones; synchronous and asynchronous remote replication.

ADVANCED DATA PROTECTION With Advanced Data Protection Suite delivers improved hot spare performance (RAID 5EE) and a patented RAID 6/60 technology allowing for up to two simultaneous drive failures. Optimize network Load balancing performance: Process of load balancing hundreds or thousands of virtual machine network and storage connections. RAID configuration levels: RAID level can be configured by difference array system list by follow 0, 1, 1/0, 3, 5, and 6.


support up to 3 tb drive usable capacity

simple configuration and monitoring

supports read and write

non-disruptive integration

Support Low-power SATA II drives, adaptive cooling and drive spin-down: •

Using low-power SATA II drives to deliver

the highest density at the lowest cost with traditional 7.2K rpm SATA drives •

Lower spin drive so the customers can set

policies at the RAID group level to place inactive drives in standby mode. • Proactive hot sparing enhances system robustness and delivers maximum reliability and availability • Redundant data paths, power supplies, drive connections, storage processors—all with non-disruptive field-replacement capabilities • Continuous cache and data integrity error detection/correction, automatic diagnosis


Storage Management service can also be used to remotely monitor, view and configure storage solutions for Open Source and Windows environments. It runs locally and remotely on Microsoft Storage Server platforms. Because Adaptec Remote Management services are built into popular third-party vendor solutions, SMS can also be used to remotely manage those solutions. MONITOR

Easily monitor and display all logical and physical device properties, and receive alerts if problems arise. Receive problem notification via email, SMS display, alarms and OS logging. SMS provides SNMP get/trap support for DAS for identifying problems across Windows, Linux and NetWare. It also quickly identifies faults and uses color coded status icons to display faulty components. Take advantage of enclosure support to monitor the physical view, fans, power, temperature and other details. Searchable, context-sensitive help provides detailed information on warnings/events.

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Storage Processor Storage Cache memory Ethernet Interface RAID Controller

Fiber Channel Optical Drive Form factor Cooling system Power supply

Intel Xeon Core7 Technology dual processors Support Intel Hyper-Threading Technology 8 GB support dual controller Two Intel Ethernet interfaces for 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX Connection DUAL RAID configuration standard 24 internal Harddrive 24 x 1 single RAID configuration 12 x 2 Dual RAID configuration Dual 4-Gbps Fiber Channels FC data rate : 4/2/1 Gbps auto-negotiation 24X DVD Multi-format DVD Writer Rackmount 4U/5U Chassis *U-Size depend or HDD configuration 44000 RPM FAN system with Redundancy 600watt Power Supply Redundant AC Voltage 200–240



RAID 0: Virtual Single drive configuration RAID 1: Mirrored pairs RAID 1/0: Data mirrored, then striped across four to many RAID 5: Independent data access RAID 6: Dual parity distributed across

• Supports up to 128 SAS or SATA devices (depending on server design) • Dynamic caching algorithm • Online Capacity Expansion • RAID Level Migration • Optimized Disk Utilization • Quick initialization • Native Command Queuing (NCQ) • S.M.A.R.T. support • Up to 512TB array sizes • Dynamic sector repair • Hot spares – global, dedicated and pooled • Background initialization • Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spares • Configurable stripe size • Multiple arrays and types per disk drive • Bad stripe table • Bootable array support • Hot-plug drive support • Redundant path failover • Staggered drive spin-up • optional lithium ion battery module provides 72 hours of cache memory backup


Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), Novell NetWare, HP-UX*, Sun Solaris*, SCO OpenServer*, UnixWare*, Sun Solaris 10 x86*, FreeBSD* *Available in VM version


Adaptec Storage Manager™ (ASM) • Java-based GUI Management Utility • Remote configuration, monitoring and notification • ASM OS Support: Windows, Linux, SCO, Solaris, NetWare • Microsoft VDS Support • SNMP, SMTP • Simultaneous remote firmware updates

Digital Media Interface Co., Ltd. 223/416 Mu 2 Seri Bangna, Bangpreng, Bangbo, Samutprakarn 10560 TH Tel : 66 2 313 4562 Fax : 66 2 708 5064 E-mail :