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DMLnetwork Dynamic Media Living Systems

organizing files and folders by date or by name and displaying a thumbnail image for each clip. supports common video types including standard avi, .mpg, and .wmv files.

oers access to your personal and online music collection. Now it's easier than ever

a simple way to browse, watch, and record TV, even on multiple channels at the same time (both analog and over-the-air digital). TV features work with an antenna, cable, or satellite TV signal and have a fast and easy setup

provides a fun new way to instantly enjoy and share your digital photos. Download pictures from your digital camera, view your pictures and graphics, create a near-instant slide show @ March 2009

DMLnetwork Dynamic Media Living Systems

IP set top box

Features * Embeded TV Browser * Support DLNA * Video Codec - WMV - MPEG 2 - MPEG 4 * Support multicast and unicast receiving Specification * Video out - Composite (RCA) - Component YPbPr (RCA) - HDMI 1.3 * Audio out - HDMI audio embeded - Stereo L/R (RCA) * LAN * USB * Dimention 230mm x 173mm x 40mm * 12 V DC external AC adapter * S/PDIF


Specification * CPU : Intel Core i7 Processor * RAM : 8 GB * HDD : 1 TB * Gigabit Ethernet port * LCD 19 inch monitor @ March 2009