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Interactive Tv Digital Media Interface

Present Luxury Hotel especially in Thailand and international are turning themselves in the way more Entertainment the ever. These to create an image, and value add to the hotels themselves. IPTV service is first choice for room entertainment service in additional to free internet service. This is easy to integrate IPTV to existing hotel infrastructure. Since the internet is already provided hotel itself. This is just only upgrade service, because nowadays Hotel cabling already designed to support Internet connections in every room. However, for new constructed hotels, tend to increase IPTV service to replacing existing MATV system even more. These they can add value over existing MATV system by IPTV service.


Special point for IPTV services for the hotel is we can overlook all boundary in network configuration so this can make IPTV service possible to Implement and success. Because it is internal IP network, we can do Hi-Definition IPTV service with Video on demand application with no trouble at all. This solution is not only available for this hotel, but also can be applied to business projects. The apartments or condominiums, including cable TV service provider. TV network is starting to replace by Fiber so coaxial is past because Fiber can provide high speed internet access to the house whole. As well as video on demand services as add value, which generated more than the monthly membership fee as in the past.

ENTERPRISE MIDDLEWARE The reference IPTV Middleware solution for Enterprise applications. Versatile, modular and cost effective solution for all Enterprise audiovisual fields: Corporate, Hospitality, Healthcare & Education

ADVANTAGES SIMPLE : Octopus is a simple solution to install, maintain and manage by non-technical but trained personnel. MODULAR & EVOLUTIVE : Being fully modular, you can start deploying with basic “Light” package and evolve towards advanced “VIP3 version by software key. STANDARD & OPEN : Based on a standard web based software architecture, specific deployments and interfaces are simple and cost effective. 100% CUSTOMIZABLE : Your TV, Your User Interface ! Each piece of the user interface is replacable by any graphic designer in a few minutes UNIVERSAL & INDEPENDANT : Already interfaced with the most popular Set-top boxes of the market and also PCs and Macs. SCALABLE : Deployed from several dozens of users up to several hundreds of thousands to achieve more than a million endusers over the world.



Television & Pay TV Enable TV within your premises LAN. Regroup TV channels by category or languages. Master your own channel offer

Manager Manage your network, your headend assets in a single unified interface

EPG - Guide TV XML TV based Electronic Program Guide to offer enhanced program content

Content Management Octopus offers a complete Content Management System for all modules TV, VoD, etc…

Timeshift - nPVR Pause or rewind live channels and record TV shows on a centralized infrastructure.,

Provisioning Target and refine your commercial offers by using our provisioning system.

VoD Put at your personnel’s disposal all the company videos for internal communication and training. Offer latest movies to your hotel’s customers.

Commercial Offers Create Commercial offers and promotion through embedded Sales Tool. User Interface

Multilingual Portal Unify access to all content modules through a customizable portal Radios & Music Listen to streamed content and stored MP3.. Informations Publish dynamic information items through pre-programmed templates. Internet , RSS & Podcasts TV Access Internet and web services through the TV : RSS, podcasts TV Dynamic Signage Create your own Tv channel and display it on all public screens in your premises.

Customize 100% of your user interface by using our templates or your own design. Sales and Stat report Adapt the offers with an embedded ratings module for all offered content. Messaging Send target messages to all or one users Asset Management Unify the management of your headend : IPTV gateways, Switches, VoD Servers and control Set top boxes remotely ( reboot, channel change). Interface Third parties apps Based on open standards, Octopus is easily interfaced with third parties applications such as Encryption, DRM, Billing systems, OSS, etc...

Hospitality – Healthcare – Corporate - Education Choose your package to define specific modules such as prepayment, PMS Interface,PCMac Player, etc…..

Hospitality – Healthcare – Corporate - Education

LIVE CHANNEL : FEATURE MAIN TV CHANNELS OVER IP IN ONE BOX In the context of digital TV transition, Digital Terrestrial Television channels are replacing progressively analogue TV, bringing a higher number of channels and a better user experience. To address this evolution, Anevia launched the Flamingo 660 range gathering 5 equipment in 1 box; receiver, demux/remux, descrambler, IP streamer. Flamingo 660H,C,S & T series are hospitality gateways fully designed to receive and stream a mix of 6 multiplexes or transponders over IP.

APPLICATION • Live digital or analogue TV streaming • Broadcasting of main national TV channels in one box • Complement of existing head-ends for channel encoding • Event retransmission over IP network Key benefits

Facing IP and digital rise, analogue content needs to be encoded for archiving or broadcasting purposes. Flamingo 660E is an analogue IP encoder for 6 TV channels. It is built to stream analogue TV channels encoded in MPEG-2 SD inside buildings with reception on IP set-top boxes or PC. It provides also an admin-friendly web interface for easy management.

KEY FEATURE DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-C OR ANALOGUE TO IP GATEWAY • Up to 6 multiplexes or 6 transponders (C,S&T series) or up to 6 encoded channels • Encrypted channels support through 6 CAM slots • Off-the-shelf ecosystem integration: CAS/CAM, Set-top Boxes, Encoders, Network Devices COMPACT 5 IN 1 BOX • 660H/C/S/T: 5 box in only 1 -receiver, demultiplexer, descrambler, remultiplexer, IP streamer • 660E: 3 box in only 1 -analogue receiver, encoder, IP streamer • 4RU equipment with low power consumption HIGH VALUE-ADDED SERVICES OPTIONS • Mix possibilities between satellite, terrestrial, cable or analogue channels in one box • DTT channels auto scan • Easy configuration & management

VIDEO ON DEMAND : FEATURE VOD/NPVR SERVERS FOR THE HOSPITALITY & CORPORATE MARKETS A range of video on demand (VoD) and network Personal Video Recording (nPVR) streamers. They have been designed for the hospitality market such as hotels, hospitals, residential sites and cruise ships. They also suit a large number of corporate needs. The servers stream "on-demand" video content to IP set-top boxes or software players (RTSP) that deliver the services to TV and PC screens. They are designed for easy installation and easy integration with third party solutions. Deliver added value video services such as personal recording, video-on-demand, Catch-up TV, playlist and content archiving for on-demand streaming.

BENEFITS • Plug & stream: immediately operational • Storage: easy access to uploaded content • Mass delivery: up to 5000 users and 600 simultaneous sessions per Toucan • Open interfaces and ready-to-use APIs : can operate with any third party solution

KEY FEATURE THE MOST ADVANCED VOD FEATURES ON THE MARKET 5 essential VOD features are merged in a single rack unit: VOD: On demand content that users can watch, pause and record at anytime nPVR: Record and play without using a personal hard disk Start Over: Rewind to the beginning of a live TV program Pause TV: Pause, instant replay, fast rewind and forward, TV + N hours Catch-Up TV: Watch TV programs after they have been broadcast




IP Set top box

Mobile VoD

PC / Laptop

• Media Playback (Music, Photo and Video) • Home Media Networking • Web TV and Widget Apps • HD/SD decoding and display • Simple software upgrade by Ethernet • Simultaneous 576i standard resolution SCART output • Power save mode (below 0.5W in standby mode)

full High Definition IP Set top box

PODCASTS • YouTube • Jamie Oliver TV Chef • CNN News • Revision 3 • Sesame Street • Sky Sports Boots and All • Autocar

WIDGET APPS • Facebook • Twitter • Weather • FlickR

LIVE : Service channels. The signal from the satellite or cable service can be rebroadcast within hotel. VIDEO ON DEMAND : Your choice of viewing, video lists provided on demand program on the TV screen. IP SET TOP BOX : In addition to the basic ability to watch live TV and video on demand , it can display weather or watch the YouTube video on the TV screen with Hi-Definition quality through HDMI (audio embed). MANAGEMENT : Management system for integrate with Billing systems in the hotel itself. You can check your total spend cost on TV screen or order other services such as laundry or food service car and so on. In addition, the management system with the Administrator section, The hotel's staff can check the amount of spend of each guests in each room, send information by messages Through the TV screen.

Hotel IPTV  

Solution IPTV for Hotel interactive TV integrate with PMS

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