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hindenburg disaster version 2 elizabeth post

university of kansas typographic systems - spring 2013

It’s starting to rain again. it’s... the rain had ... uh... s l a c k e d up a little bit.

The back motors of the ship are just h o l d i n g


u h


justenough to keep it from

It’s burst into flames! Get this, Charlie! Get this, Charlie!

It’s crashing terrible!

Oh my! Get out of my way,


r n s bu t i g It’s burning and into flames and the...

and it’s

af l l i n g on the

mooring mast.

And all the folks agree that this is terrible —­

WORST This is the w o r s t of the

c a t a s t r o p h e s in t h e w o r l d .

It’s flames!

it’s crashing! Oh!

Four or five hundred feet into the sky and it....

It’s a

terrific crash ladies and gentlemen.

It’s smoke, and it’s in flames now.... and the frame is


to the ground, not quite to the mooring mast.

HUMANITY! oh the

Andallthepassengers screaming around here

I told you... it—I can’t even talk to people

theirFRIENDS areonthere!

Ah! It’s... it... it’s a...


I....................................... I can’t talk, ladies and gentlemen.

Hindenburg Disaster report  

A typographic look at Herb Morrison's dramatic report of the Hindenburg Disaster.

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