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Orkin faces serious competition in the extermination market. Our team researched, strategized and brainstormed to position Orkin as the brand with the most added value. Orkin’s competition not only includes Terminix but also mom and pop shops and DIY-ing consumers. Orkin was looking for a way to reach further into the existing market by tapping recent home movers. My team approached this full-service campaign head on, digging into secondary and primary research, working through a strategy, and passing off a polished creative brief to our creative team members. Research As a result of secondary research and one-on-one interviews, I fleshed out and finalized a survey that we distributed to members of our demographic. I worked with two other teammates to put the results through SPSS and analyze the data using built-in filters. Our insights pointed us toward the emotional connection homeowners feel toward their home, down to its details. After all, many homeowners purchased-

based on the small things they love about a house. Creative The creative team took our brief and morphed it into an amazing campaign. Moving boxes (top right), billboards (bottom left), print ads (right page), and TV spots united in a smart message: pests love the same things about your home that you do but for different reasons. It played off of the “pest control down to a science” tagline that Orkin currently uses. Presentation Three team members and I presented our findings and the resulting creative to the chief creative officer of Orkin; the creative director of the Richards Group; and other high- profile members of Orkin’s current ad agency. Our team pulled off a smooth presentation with a backdrop of materials that a homeowner might pay attention to: shutters, wood flooring, tiles, and more. Our team was awarded “best creative” and “best overall campaign.”

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