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12 of the Biggest and Best Easter Facts Celebrate Easter from the comfort of your couch!

Largest Chocolate Bunny Duracell—yes, the battery company competing with the Energizer bunny— holds the current record for their 12 foot, 5 inch (3.8 m) chocolate rodent. At 12 feet, 5 inches, Duracell’s South African branch made it.

The giant weighed just over 6,635 lb (3,010 kg) and took 3 days to put together. Source: Guinness World Records Tallest Chocolate Easter Egg There’s some debate as to which egg wins the title, but the current Guinness record holder is Italian chocolate maker Tosca, for its 34 ft 1 in (10.39 m) creation.

The 15,783 lb wonder was donated to local prisoners by Pope Benedict XVI. Sources: Guinness World Records, Herald Sun Australia Largest Easter Egg Hunt Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Florida was the hiding spot for 501,000 eggs in 2007.

The eggs were hunted for by 9,753 children. Sources: Guinness World Records Most People Dying Eggs Bulgaria claimed the title when around 1000 residents of Sofia showed up to dye eggs.

Participants succeeded in dying 2700 eggs using 200 liters of dye. Fattest Rabbit Ralph currently holds the record for world’s largest bunny—and maybe the cutest, too. At 55 lbs (3.5 stone), he chomps through 50 pounds worth of food every week.

Ralph is a Continental Giant rabbit who overtook the title from fellow British bunny, Darius.

Most Expensive Chocolate Egg Props go to William Curley, the British chocolatier behind the Golden Speckled Egg.

This elaborate chocolate sculpture was auctioned off for charity for 7,000 pounds ($11,107). If you were wondering, yes, that’s gold leaf. Sources: Guinness World Records, LA Weekly Jelly Belly’s Most Popular Flavor Very Cherry overtook popcorn as Jelly Belly’s most popular flavor.

Good to know, considering that 16 billion beans are produced for Easter— enough to circle the earth three times. World’s Tallest Statue of Jesus If you count the crown he wears, Christ the King is the tallest statue of Jesus in the world. But without the crown, Christ of Peace in Bolivia takes the crown (pun intended).

Christ the King is located in the city of Świebodzin, Poland, and measures 120 ft tall (36 m) with the crown. Christ of Peace measures 112.2 ft tall (34.2 m). World’s Most Gruesome Easter Celebration Zealous worshippers take part in mock-crucifixion in the Philippines each year on Good Friday. Some participants whip themselves with self-made whips while others carry their cross.

Devotees only hang for a couple of minutes before being taken down and given first aid. As an extra precaution, the nails used are sanitized. Source: The Huffington Post Most Popular Non-Chocolate Easter Candy Our sugar-covered marshmallow friends, Peeps, take the cake at 700 million produced each Easter.

Most Viewed Religious Easter Video Celebrate the Resurrection with Because of Him, which has garnered over 800,000 views since April 12.

Most Viewed Easter Prank Watch the Magic Clerk “rehydrate” a baby chick from a pellet. At over 4.5 million views, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

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