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Oversized chain restrains suction hose In model and mold The company Trima (Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH in Zeulenroda-Triebes, Thuringia) has firmly established itself as a making, high demanufacturer of CNC machining centers for woodworking, among mands are placed other things. A Trima customer from the foundry pattern construcon workpiece mation sector ordered a chining, which can three-meter high, custom-made 5-axis maoften only be fulfilled chine. It runs in 24-hour with special maoperation, and the machine concepts. In chine works at night withese cases, the verthout an operator. Since the machine is used for satile energy supply wood working, the exsystems from igus®


show their benefits. Even a large volume suction hose can be safely routed.

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traction system plays an extremely important role: the wood dust is a fire risk and must be ÇThe "E4/light" Series energy chain® oversized removed. A complete version accommodates a bulky suction hose with a diameter of 300 mm. enclosure would be the safest, but also the most expensive solution. Therefore, Trima opted for a suction hose with a length of over 6 m and a diameter of 300 mm. In order to do this safely, neatly and compactly, it was housed in a special oversized version of the “E4/light“ energy supply system

E2/000 E-CHAIN®

“Making more out of wood: Innovative, efficient, future-oriented“. That was the leading theme of this year‘s LIGNA in Hannover. And the record shows that the “more“ was fully justified. Visitors, who accounted for 13% more than in 2009, were able to get information on the latest machine concepts and trends in wood working in 1765 companies. In the process, more energy efficiency and productivity played an important role in light of capacity, high energy prices and dwindling resources. The machine manufacturers responded with comprehensive, optimized manufacturing solutions from a single source and compact machine layouts. igus® presented over 80 new products for the wood industry in the areas of energy chains® and plain bearings. There the focus was on lubrication-free, inexpensive and low maintenance components to extend the service life of machines and reduce the consumption of resources. Everything configured online in minutes and delivered from stock in 24-48 hours. In this newsletter you will find suitable application examples and information on the use of igus® products in the wood industry. Visit our industry website There you will find more practical examples and about 30 online tools that help you to reduce development times and processing costs.

Snap-open oversized crossbars for more space The E2/000 carries power and signals reliably even under heavy loads of chips and dust. The new snap-open, cable-friendly oversized crossbars can be used instead of standard crossbars for the series 2400, 2600 and 3400 and make the E2/000 secure for routing larger hoses with a maximum of up to 80 mm outer diameter. Â

Michael Blass

ÅMore space for large hoses in the E2/000 with snap-open oversized crossbars

Enjoy reading! Yours Michael Blass Authorized Signatory Sales Director e-chainsystems®, readychains®, chainflex®


01|2011 3000° ROTATION

Circular motions in very narrow spaces Modern wood processing or handling machines are increasingly becoming more compact. In energy supply systems, the shrinking installation spaces demand a compact and very easy-to-fill micro-solution. The new TB30 twisterband from igus® allows rotary motions up to 3000 degrees or more at rotary speeds of up to 720°/s, and the energy chain system® is thereby safe to use in Compact, modular, inexany installation position (horizontal, pensive for rotary speeds up to 720°/s vertical or “upside down“). Without opening and closing of the chain links, the cables can be easily pushed into the chain from the outside by hand. The modular, highly flexible, complete package is available from stock with a 12mm inner height. Additional sizes are planned. The “twisterband“ is the specialist for applications with rotary movements in a confined space in handling, lifting and mounting devices of any kind and in trial and test rigs.


Protection from chips and dust

Wood chips, dust and dirt can affect the service life of cables and hoses significantly. The energy supply systems must therefore be absolutely tight, especially in the immediate chip area. The plastic energy tube “RX“ from igus® repels all chips by almost 100 percent by virtue of the curved outer contour. Maintenance and machine downtimes are reduced considerably or do not arise at all. The special design – without undercuts, edges, openings and interfering contours and with internal fasteners and stop dogs, ensures this. The “RX“ tube systems are still very easy to open, so that the cables remain accessible at all times. The IP40 tested (TÜV Saarland) “RX“ tube is available in four sizes (42, 52, 62 and 72 mm inner height) with cable-friendly, abrasion-optimized internal separation and an „RBR“ version for applications with two-side bending radius. Â


From stock: Low-priced chainflex® data cables with 30% smaller radii To increase efficiency in wood processing, highly dynamic machining and handling systems are required. igus® supports design engineers and users with its new chainflex® data cables for energy supply systems at once in two respects. Smaller bending radii allows space-saving machine layouts and high speeds. In addition, the cables offer a high service life despite this extreme bending stress. Thereby not only more compact but also more dynamic solutions are possible without compromising. Extensive series of tests in the igus® test laboratory certify “chainflex® CF11“ a permissible bending radius of 6.8 x d (-32%) and the flame retardant, UL-approved PVC option “CF211“, of 7.5 x d (-25%). Â


...woodworking @



The igus® newsletter about wood working & processing


Resistant to chips To reliably execute movements in the long run, classical solutions with lubricants are frequently used even in woodworking machinery. However, these face an insurmountable challenge particularly here. Wood chips and wood dust that adhere to lubricants reduce the lubricating effect, thus causing damages, repair costs and downtimes. This applies to wood lathes which can, for example, be used to manufacture banister rails. To make the machine setup as robust as possible lubricant-free iglidur® Q plain bearings are used. Thereby users save the cost of maintenance, lubricants, and not least through reduced downtimes. The plain bearing solution has another advantage: the required drive power of the motor remains the same. Contribution to manus® 2011 (igus® competition for plastic plain bearing applications) by HOMAG INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, Sreedhar R, Bangalore, India


pikchain®, the intelligent conveyor chain for non-stop pick & place

A trip without cargo is lost time and thereby lost money. What is true for transportation, is also true for production: for example, in the handling and processing of wood and wood components. Conventional conveyor solutions often operate with unnecessary empty runs. With the new intelligent conveyor chain pikchain®, you can stack, glue, clamp, turn, drill and test, besides many other possible applications. Each conveyor chain link accommodates about 5 kg load and can be controlled individually. The new system moves easily and vibration-free at a continuous speed of 2 to 3 m/s.


drylin® E - linear axes with NEMA step motors With the new lubrication-free drylin® E series, igus® offers a smart alternative to manual adjustment in handling and automation applications. They consist of the igus® step motor (NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 sizes) in different types of connections and the linear axis. The new extremely lightweight drylin® SAW is used as standard for drylin® E. Flanges, couplings and spacers are available for individual adjustment of the linear unit on the motors of other manufacturers. You can also order the linear axes of the series SHT, SLW and ZLW along with the step motor. The systems are delivered ready for installation in 3-4 days. . Â


...woodworking @ The igus® newsletter about wood working & processing


Low priced, durable, versatile: igus® linear guides Lubrication- and maintenancefree positioning, movement and much more in wood applications – thanks to the low-priced drylin® linear guide systems from igus®. Lightweight and compact drylin® W profile guides offer the perfect solution for virtually any application: 14 profiles and over 50 carriage options make drylin® W applicable in various ways. drylin® T can replace conventional ball bearing guides, as the dimensions match. drylin® T is lubrication-free, adjustable and has a high static load capacity. . Â Â BACKLASH – REDUCED TO THE MAX

Lubrication-free drylin® TR anti-backlash nuts for clearance-free leadscrew drives The greatest possible positioning accuracy can be critical for the quality of end products by the use of leadscrew drives, for example, in size adjustment or lifting applications in the wood-working industry. With the integrated anti-backlash function of drylin® TR, backlash or reversal error is no longer an issue. With a slight radial pretension, the trapezoidal leadscrew drive is pressed into the pitch of the screw thread. The backlash of the nut is thus reduced to the maximum, and both directions of movement are free of clearance. Like all igus® leadscrew drives, the nuts are made of iglidur® J. Therefore they have particularly low wear and low friction. Lifetime lubrication-free drylin® TR anti-backlash nuts also dampen vibrations and noise. Â




iglidur® Q2 – Defying heavy loads and extreme conditions Where existing iglidur® plain bearing solutions must fit in the extreme load range, the iglidur® Q2 goes one up. With high wear resistance and shape stability, the new material easily masters heavy-duty pivoting applications. Even when dirt and harsh conditions are added, you can rely on iglidur® Q2. The new bearing material also offers the igus® standard of freedom from lubrication and maintenance and a good value for money.. Â


Everything for wood working IIn the new igus® industry flyer for the wood working and processing industry, you will find the suitable solution for many of your applications. Chip-resistant igus® plastic solutions reduce logistics, assembly and processing times and make maintenance virtually or absolutely superfluous. IMPRINT

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