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Green automation: Saving drive power Energy chains® for green gantry robots and storage and retrieval machines - quiet, fast and economical

The situation is common in many production plants. If heavy items are to be transported for long distances, then it should be done quickly and quietly while saving power. This also applies to storage systems, like storage and retrieval machines (SRM) or gantry robots. What does this have to do with energy chain systems®, cables and hoses? The energy chains® belong to the engineering items that can make a significant ÇThe comparison shows how much energy can contribution to redube saved cing the consumption of the gantry or SRM drives. Because these drives have to muster the push-pull forces to move the energy chains® with all their heavy cables over many meters. That‘s where we come in with our profile roller energy chain system® “P4“: “P4“ allows long travels at a speed of 10 m/s and more with high fill weights up to 10 kg/m. In the “P4“ energy chain® kit there are now even smaller sizes – the “P4.32“ and “P4.42“ – for “green“ machining processes and storage systems. Com- ÇThe savings potential is particularly high pared to gliding applications, in manufacturing processes (here in sheet metal processing) roller chains offer 75 percent less friction. That‘s up to 57 percent less drive power! In addition, many handling processes are now faster, without increasing the noise level.

The expenditure of energy in transporting machinery is often neglected. But even here significant power savings are possible, as our tests have shown. Thus it is possible to save up to 57% power. A large and important step for energy efficiency.


ÇThe abrasion-resistant and lownoise profile roller energy chain® „P4“ allows savings of up to 57 percent in drive power

Markus Fuchs Everywhere there is talk of a change in energy production and the sparing use of resources. Rising energy costs also ensure that this issue comes into focus. Not only in manufacturing, but also in everyday use - especially during the entire lifetime of a machine spread over many years. Because operating costs are a major factor in the profitability calculation of an investment. Energy efficiency is therefore increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. Fact is: The suppliers with their innovative products also contribute toward meeting the requirements of machine tools in process safety and resource consumption. At the EMO 2011, we demonstrate our contribution to greater efficiency with many new products and range extensions. With our plastic energy chains® and chainflex® cables, machines can save energy and money. Specifically, the roller energy chain® P4 can be used with up to 57% less drive power. Also the chip-proof “RX“ energy tube, and the energy chain® “E4.1“ offer a wealth of possibilities. In addition, our iglidur® plastic plain bearings ensure a positive eco-balance. They are free of lubricants and increasingly replace metallic plain and roller bearings. We prove that an optimal design of individual components leads to a perfect interaction – true to the igus® motto “configured online in minutes, delivered in 24 hours, built for years.“ Find out more: Yours

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Markus Fuchs Industry Manager, Machine Tools



New size RX32 - even for hot chips up to 850°C Introduced in 2009, the RX family has grown gradually and is complete with the new size RX32. The energy tube with 42 mm inner height has the known advantages of the RX concept: all the chips simply roll away on the smooth, curved outer contour of the energy tube. It is completely free of undercuts, edges, openings and interfering contours. The connecting elements and stop dogs are covered, so nothing can get stuck there too. The “RX“ energy tube is easy to open and has a very large filling space with abrasion-optimized interior separation. The “RX“ has proven its absolute tightness (IP40 TÜV Saarland) in extreme tests under water. Optionally, the new size is available both as high temperature version resistant to hot chips up to 850 degrees and as version with reverse bending radius (RBR). Â Â

product design award 2010


Ç Keeps all kinds of chips out by its special contour: The RX-Tube


For circular motions up to 7000° * in minimum space Ideal for the continuous supply of energy and media in machine tools. The compact and modular energy chain system® “twisterband“ is flexible and easy to fill. It carries energy, data and media cables with low wear and low cost in a confined space. At high rotary speeds (up to 360°/s), all cables are held compactly on the axis. Any mounting position is possible. Without opening and closing of the chain links, the cables can be easily pushed into the chain from the outside by hand.

All-round e-chain® for high dynamics

ÇSnap-open separators can be opened quickly and easily with one hand

The E4.1 system was consistently enhanced, thereby adopting the proven benefits of E2/000 series and combining with the advantages of the E4 series. The new E4.1 light e-chains® are the perfect problem solver. Their crossbars can be swung open on both sides in the inner and outer radius for easy filling. The low weight enables highly dynamic applications. Â

product design award 2011 Ç Turns easily in confined spaces


* * In horizontal installation up to 3000° is possible, in vertical mounting 7000° and more

...machinetools @ The igus® newsletter for the machine tools industry




Special data and control cables for mechanical engineering We have the suitable cable for many applications in machine tool construction. “CF240. PUR“ is the new, inexpensive PVC- and halogen-free data cable with high stressing capacity for the energy chains® in machine tool construction. Their PUR outer jacket ensures abrasion resistance and stability against oil and coolant. Moreover, the shielded cable is notch-proof and resistant to hydrolysis and microbes. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of control, data, bus, servo and motor cables with UL-CSA approvals – available from stock. You can configure all the cables with connectors online via QuickPin. Drive cables are available as readycable®, pre-assembled according to 20 manufacturers‘ standards. eplan users can also configure with QuickPin. Connector-cable configurator Ready assembled drive cables

ÇOil and coolants – no problem for “CF240.PUR“


From control panel to the sliding door of a magazine Machine tools have to work precisely all the time even at high loads to manufacture products of consistently high quality. For this purpose, a maintenance or even repair of the machinery is required ® sooner or later. To keep maintenance times as low Çdrylin W hybrid: Rolls and glides, lubricantfree and durable as possible from the start, designers should focus on maintenance-free solutions. igus® offers two lubrication- and maintenance-free products that reduce maintenance costs: “iglidur®“ polymer slewing ring bearings for the pivotal mounting of control panels and drylin® W hybrid bearings for the safe guidance of machine doors. The extremely rugged PRT bearings are wear-resistant; low friction coefficients provide a low operating force during the pivoting of the panel. Four models in hardanodized aluminum are available for all six sizes of the ÇMachine tool doors move easily PRT-01 installation option. drylin® W hybrid bearings in and permanently free of mainte® nance with drylin W hybrid bearing three sizes 10, 16 and 20 mm display their strength in the safe guidance of machinery doors. By the combination of gliding and rolling, they ensure low driving forces. This enables an easy manual operation ÇPivoting, turning, clocking without compromising safety. no problem for PRT


01 ...machinetools @ The igus® newsletter for the machine tools industry




Rugged, reliable, energy efficient Horizontal turning machine with “guidelok“ energy chain® The Spanish machiThis horizontal turning machine for a customer in the wind energy sector has been equipped with two parallel running “guidelok“ energy supply systems. The two unsupported energy ne constructor Tor® chains are connected with the carriage over a length of 13.5 m. The system has proven itself from nos Gurutzpe S.A. day one, because in addition to its durability and easy installation, the “guidelok“ system offers many rely on our “guideadvantages in the application in machine tools: “gui® For higher unsupported lok“ energy chains delok“ guides the upper run of the energy chain® on lengths in machinig areas pivoting roller holders, which can retract in the moving for their horizontal radius of the e-chain® and guarantee that the system turning machine moves unhindered. Guided in a light trough channel, “A-2000 4G CNC“ . the energy chain® at first moves past the roller holders. They are designed It swings in and then swings out after the radius. Thereafter, the upper run settles again on the roller holders. especially for unsupThe separation of upper and lower ported long travels runs minimizes friction and wear. up to 50 m in the As higher unsupported lengths (up to machining area. 50 m) are possible with “guidelok“,


smaller size and thus cheaper e-chains® can be selected. Thus igus® makes an important contribution to lower energy consumption: smaller, unsupported energy chains® save drive power and thus reduce energy as well as costs. This means clear advantages for you and the environment – fully in line with the “green automation“.


EMO 2011 – igus® in Hannover ÇTolerates quite a bit

In September, the EMO opens its doors in Hannover. You may look forward to many new igus® products and the “igus® green surprises“: nine major trends for machine tools – we look forward to your visit in Hall 25 at Stand F32! At you can get an overview of our solutions for your machine. Do you have any questions or comments? Write to me or give me a call at: oder 02203-9649-693.

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